Can I lose weight during menstruation? How to lose weight during menstruation?


The female organism is a complex, unpredictable system. You can not podgresti all one size fits.

About the diet during menstruation, many women do not even bother. Since their appetite completely disappears these days.

Changes in nutrition passes by itself. I want to drink a lot, nothing climbs into your mouth.

Occasionally pulls to eat an apple, drink a glass of kefir. After the critical days, everything returns to normal.

There is no extra weight, and useful pounds are not lost. In principle, the body itself tells what it needs.

Fruits, vegetables, liquid, dairy products - what you need.

The other half of women experience menstruation and a week before their appearance, a brutal appetite. I want to eat all the time, even at night during sleep.

Begin night trips to the kitchen. It becomes tasty and attractive that does not cause interest in ordinary days.

And after the end of critical days, a woman cannot look at herself in the mirror. Extra pounds on the face, on the sides, on the stomach and other parts of the body.

Weight increased. So, is it necessary to stick to a diet for menstruation? Of course yes.

So that after 2 weeks of gluttony, do not exhaust yourself with fasting.

All women know that the menstrual cycle is divided into 2 phases. In the first part of the egg maturation occurs.

In the second, the organism prepares for the adoption of a fertilized egg. This process regulates the hormone progesterone with the assistance of the central nervous system.

Progesterone prepares the genitals and the whole body. A woman begins to stock up with nutrients through food, to save the pregnancy, its further development.

From here there is a brutal appetite, excess weight. The nervous system sends the urge to receive the next portion of food.

Psychological factors

Subconscious fear of pain. In some ladies, the recurrent pains reach such strength that one thought of the imminent repetition of the nightmare is terrifying.

Being superimposed on lack of self-control, a bad mood causes cravings to pamper yourself with something tasty and high-calorie. People add fuel to the fire, noticing the condition of the ladies, they often present chocolate and other sweets as a gift - then weight gain is inevitable.

Monthly Diet

Can I lose weight during menstruation? During the first phase of the cycle (directly during menstruation), any dietary courses are strictly contraindicated. The fact is that on such days a decrease in the level of progesterone is observed and a large number of prostaglandins are produced, which irritate the uterine mucosa.

This decreases the level of estrogen - a hormone involved in the production of serotonin, also known as the mood hormone. All this perfectly explains why many of the fair sex are prone to depressive conditions during menstruation.

As a result, the girls lean on sweets, trying to somehow compensate for the decline in mood. Of course, it does not benefit the figure at all.

The solution is simple: teach yourself to replace sweet with fresh fruits and berries, natural honey, cereals, etc. Thus, you simply give up the "bad" carbohydrates in favor of the "good." They will help to improve the mood no worse, but they will not turn into a few extra centimeters in the waist.

During the first phase it is better to exclude the following products from your diet:

  • rich broth,
  • Coffee and tea,
  • chocolate.

To get rid of negative symptoms in the period of menstruation you need to follow the diet. A balanced diet will help a woman not only to saturate the body with the necessary substances, but also will not allow to gain weight.

To find out what products can not be consumed, a woman needs to consult with a doctor. Usually the girl is recommended to follow simple rules:

  • It is necessary to abandon the use of animal fats. They increase pain, promote rapid weight gain. Fatty and spicy foods provoke hormonal fluctuations.
  • During menstruation, doctors recommend eating fish. Today in the store you can find a large assortment of different fish that compensates for the loss of calories due to bleeding and will maintain good health.
  • Waiver of butter. It is better to fill all prepared dishes with linseed or olive oil. They contain the maximum amount of nutrients with microelements that will not allow gaining extra pounds, will provide the dish with a refined taste.
  • Vegetables and fruits are the basis of a healthy, balanced diet. Products should contain large amounts of calcium, magnesium and vitamins. Eating a banana that is normal and accessible to everyone can greatly improve your well-being.
  • Eat more soy. It is rich in phytoestrogens, which normalize hormonal levels, facilitate the flow of PMS.
  • And, probably, the most important thing is to eliminate sweets, drinks with a high content of caffeine, alcohol and tobacco products, smoked, salty foods from the diet.

The question of weight loss during menstruation should go to the last plan. At this time it is important to maintain the normal functioning of the body.

Forcing yourself to eat through the "I can not" in the period of menstruation should not be. If the appetite is not lost, you need to eat properly.

Monthly for each woman are different. Someone gets off with a slight malaise for 3 days, a brief pain on the eve of menstruation.

For some, the monthly torment with headache, severe weakness, dizziness, nausea, lasting 5-7 days. In this case, the woman loses strength, with blood comes out iron and other useful substances necessary for the body.

There is a need for immediate replenishment of these stocks to help the body recuperate. Diet with monthly means healthy food.

First, do not fall for the temptations of the world. In the period of critical days with some women to communicate difficult.

Tears, scandals, cavils, tantrums - all this spoils the life of not only the lady, but also their loved ones. The latter, in order to appease the sufferers, as a rule, begin to treat them with all sorts of goodies.

Colleagues at work put candy on the desktop, the husband comes home with a chocolate, children share cakes. Well, how can you deny your caring environment, especially since your hands are reaching for a sweet gift? Meanwhile, the statistics says that most of the chocolates and chocolates consumed by the young ladies are eaten by them during their periods, as you know, by settling the excess folds of fat on the hips and waist.

Secondly, train yourself to strict control. Watch not only for the quality of food, but also for its quantity. After all, even eating only one fruit, you can begin to recover. Do not overeat.

Third, shift your attention. Try not to focus on the manifestations of menstruation and hunger. Do the desired things, allow yourself to lie with your favorite book, take time to hobby. In general, be distracted, then it will be easier for you to go through a difficult period.

As you can see, you can lose weight during menstruation, but it's worth it to do it wisely.

Dear ladies, tell me, are you familiar with such phenomena as: increased, and sometimes bestial appetite, especially awakening in the middle of the night, mood changes, constant thirst? If so, it means that you are from a number of women who are familiar with premenstrual syndrome (PMS).

And even if you treat those girls who are completely unfamiliar with PMS, this does not mean that you will not have to face him, because with age (according to statistics), about ninety percent of women face these or other manifestations of PMS.

Due to hormonal changes, women who are most susceptible to fullness usually suffer. All these ICPs increase not only the appetite of appetite in them, and sometimes cause bouts of gluttony. Therefore, excess weight and periods - usually always walking alongside. So is it possible to lose weight during menstruation, or will it still gain weight? Let's understand ...

The increase in body weight on critical days is associated with the hormone progesterone, which, before the onset of menstruation (from three to twelve days), increases significantly in the body. Progesterone is a hormone that is responsible for pregnancy.

A woman to make a healthy and strong baby, be sure to eat well. Therefore, before critical days and on critical days, an increased level of progesterone promotes weight gain, so that the body continues to receive all the necessary vitamins and minerals.

Hence, all these phenomena, like: constipation, swelling, weight gain or bloating. But are there women who lose weight or not during menstruation ?.

Yes, indeed, not all women gain extra pounds, and all because they know that before menstruation and the beginning of the cycle, weight should not increase by more than nine hundred grams. All these grams will be gone after the critical days and the weight will remain the same.

It is worth being afraid of women whose weight exceeds more than one kilogram. Take into account also have a brutal appetite, which also adds its kilos.

So what to do in this situation?

Sweet and weight gain

No matter how desirable, to lose weight during menstruation is quite difficult. Not only does the appetite increase, it also draws on the most harmful - all kinds of sweets, especially chocolate.

Many of their illiteracy explain this craving by lowering hemoglobin and try to compensate the body for a lack of a pair of tasty tiles. The fact that hemoglobin is better to support iron-containing drugs, few recall.

In fact, the culprit is a hormonal swing: with the onset of menses, pretty much grown up progesterone suddenly begins to fall, but prostaglandins are vigorously produced. The purpose of these substances is to provide detachment of the mucous membranes of the uterus.

The amount of female hormones estrogen, supporting the secretion of serotonin, the hormone of happiness, is also rapidly decreasing. Against the background of such metamorphoses, mood inevitably deteriorates.

In an effort to fill the deficit of serotonin through the sweet, the body pushes a woman to another candy. It is very easy, yielding to the temptation, to forget about the increase in weight, to gain a couple of pounds.

Limiting yourself completely is not the best solution. Sweet will want more. A pair of slices of dark chocolate does not cause significant damage, but will kill the obsessive desire. Otherwise, fast carbohydrates should be replaced with slow ones: cereals, vegetables.

Diet with monthly

For the full-bodied girls, overweight is sometimes delayed for long months of sports effort and diets. However, doctors strongly recommend not to reduce the calorie intake during menstruation. You do not want to interrupt the process - how can it be, is it possible to lose weight during menstruation?

Some women are extremely keen to lose those extra pounds, to get a slim figure. Just fixated on losing weight.

Do not pay attention to dizziness, lack of vital energy, poor condition of the skin, hair, nails due to a strict irregular diet. These include exhausting diets with full starvation for 1-2 days.

Fruit diet, dairy, diet based on heavy drinking. Etc.

If on the remaining days of the menstrual cycle, a strict diet can affect your well-being, then during the menstruation period it faces serious problems.

Continuing the wrong diet with menstruation leads to exhaustion. Recover after menstruation is much more difficult. Moreover, an unbalanced diet leads to disruption of the cycle, menstruation may not start at all on time. If a woman chooses such a diet for herself, she should be abandoned during the critical days. Weight loss will wait, most importantly, health!

Proper nutrition on critical days prevents the emergence of excess weight, has a beneficial effect on internal organs and systems. Diet with monthly provides some restrictions and rules. From something will have to give up. Although for those women who adhere to the correct diet all the time, do not have to change anything, just adjust.

Diet with monthly forces to abandon:

  • marinades,
  • conservation,
  • fatty foods
  • salty foods
  • sweets with cream
  • coffee,
  • chips, crackers,
  • mayonnaise, ketchup,
  • alcohol
  • acute.

Such foods violate the metabolism, prevent the release of fluid, contribute to the accumulation of excess weight. Affect the work of the digestive tract. Cause a deficiency of essential trace elements.

Diet during the month provides for the use of steamed, baked, boiled dishes. It is necessary to eat in small portions. Make sure that there is no overeating.

General recommendations

Regardless of why weight increases on the eve or during menstruation, the rules for reducing it are the same:

  • Temporarily remove all fat, fried, salty and mayonnaise from the menu. Minimize the dose of vegetable oil. And forget about alcohol, canned vegetables, baking. All this detains water, which means it increases the weight,
  • Substitute the excluded products for more useful ones: vegetables, grain bread, fish,
  • Limit fluid intake, especially in the evening. Afternoon tea, coffee, just mineral water are drunk, they risk turning into edema,
  • It is noticed that the appetite increases significantly due to the lack of nutrients. Significantly alleviate the symptoms of PMS calcium and magnesium, taking medications containing them reduces swelling, swelling of the chest and abdomen. The pharmacy chain offers special vitamin-mineral complexes that help normalize the work of all body systems, reduce weight: do not neglect the advice of a doctor to drink away one of them,
  • Do not forget that weight loss goes faster in the first half of the cycle, slowing down or stopping in the second. Reduction of performance is not a reason to quit, just the task is changing: now the main goal is not to get better,
  • Do not forget about physical exertion. Unfulfilled exploits are not necessary, the marathon races are best left for later. But gymnastics, swimming, dancing during the month will bring a lot of pleasant sensations, relieve stress. Moderate loads increase the adrenaline involved in the breakdown of fats, and reduce appetite. If the state of health does not allow even light training, you can just walk in the park,
  • It will be useful to discuss the diet with your beloved man: let him give apples, dried fruits instead of chocolates. This sign of attention will not be deposited on the hips,

Efforts aimed at health and weight control should be constant, then the monthly will no longer be a critical period, it will become much easier to endure them.