How to take Acyclovir with genital herpes?


Today it has already been proven that the herpes virus is in the body of 90% of the world's population. It can manifest itself in different parts of the body during a period of weakened immunity. A complete cure for such a disease is impossible, but it is quite possible to remove the symptoms with the help of properly selected medical devices. In our article we will look at how the drug “Acyclovir” works in case of genital herpes, what are its features, method of use and contraindications.

About herpes

Today, a large number of types of the herpes virus have been identified. In particular, the genital form is caused by the HSV-2 virus, which is sexually transmitted. Please note that a person’s infection can occur not only in the acute phase, but also in the case when the symptoms do not disturb the carrier of the virus. According to statistics, genital (or genital) herpes ranks second in terms of frequency of occurrence among similar diseases.

Symptoms of genital herpes

The main manifestations of viral disease are:

  • an increase in the size of the inguinal lymph nodes,
  • the appearance of small bubbles filled with light turbid liquid,
  • itching and pain, burning in the area of ​​the appearance of bubbles,
  • after the bubbles burst, weeping sores remain in their place,
  • tingling and itching when urinating,
  • increase in basal body temperature.

Note! Bubbles with fluid can appear on the external genitals, on the inside of the thigh, near the anus, in the cervix and vagina, in the urethra.

All of the above symptoms can occur only with exacerbation of genital herpes and manifests within 1-1.5 weeks. In people with strong immunity, the disease is asymptomatic.

The composition and pharmacodynamics of the drug

"Acyclovir" from genital herpes comes in the form of tablets that are packaged in a blister. One tablet contains 200 mg of acyclovir. The active substance exhibits high activity in relation to the following types of virus:

  • 1 and 2 types of herpes simplex,
  • shingles,
  • Epstein-Barr virus.

The antiviral effect of the drug is due to direct interaction with viral thymidine kinase and subsequent phosphorylation, which results in the formation of di-, mono- and triphosphate. Embedding instead of deoxyguanosine in the DNA of the herpes virus, acyclovir triphosphate inhibits DNA polymerase, while suppressing the replication process.

Please note that in the process of using "Acyclovir" with genital herpes, the formation of new lesions is minimized, the risk of skin dissemination and the appearance of visceral complications is reduced. Regular use of "Acyclovir" significantly increases the rate of formation of crusts, reduces pain even in the acute phases of viral diseases.

Rules of use of the drug

In order to achieve the most positive results of medical treatment of genital herpes, you should follow the basic recommendations that are indicated in the instructions, namely:

  • Three times a day, take 400 mg of "Acyclovir", while taking the tablets with plenty of water (course duration - 7-10 days). This variant of the drug is recommended at the first stage of the disease.
  • With the formation of lesions on the mucous membranes, it is necessary to take 200 mg of "Acyclovir" five times a day (course duration - up to 10 days).

Important! Upon detection of genital herpes, you should immediately contact a specialist, as small rashes tend to increase and form an ulcer. With self-selected improper treatment, intractable pathologies can develop.

Doctors recommend to use the drug after a meal, due to which the intestine will be protected from the negative aggressive effects of the drug. If after the course of treatment of genital herpes with “Acyclovir” symptoms are slightly present, then it is recommended to prolong the therapy by an additional 2-3 days. For the best effect, it is advisable to use in parallel the B vitamins and ascorbic acid (vitamin C), which are able to support the human immune system.

Ointment "Acyclovir"

An effective tool in the treatment of genital herpes at different stages is the acyclovir ointment. The difference between the ointment from the tablet form of the drug is that it is considered less toxic and more benign drug. Ointment is inherent immunosuppressive property, however, the treatment is increased to two weeks. The dosage and duration of treatment with ointment "Acyclovir" of genital herpes is determined only by a specialist.


It is not recommended to take the drug if there is an individual intolerance to the components of "Acyclovir". Care should be taken when treating such an antiviral agent in cases where:

  • kidney, liver and neurological disorders were previously diagnosed,
  • during pregnancy and lactation.

While taking the drug should refrain from sex and wearing lenses. "Acyclovir" for genital herpes during pregnancy can be used only if no negative effect on the fetus has been identified. Depending on the form of the disease, the doctor determines which type of drug will be prescribed for pregnant women:

  • in severe forms - tablets,
  • in mild forms - ointment.

Side effects

In most cases, patients rather well tolerate treatment with "Acyclovir" for genital herpes, however, overdose can cause negative side symptoms:

  • severe headaches and dizziness,
  • nausea and vomiting,
  • reduced vision
  • rapid fatigue and drowsiness,
  • anaphylactic shock,
  • lowering blood pressure
  • stomach ache,
  • anemia and fever.

How to take "Acyclovir" with genital herpes, will be able to tell the venereologist, dermatologist, therapist, gynecologist and other specialists.

Similar in pharmacological action and indications for use are such drugs as "Gerpevir", "Atsigerpine", "Herperax", "Medovir", "Zovirax". All medicines belong to a single pharmacotherapeutic group - antiviral, antiherpetic drugs.

Prevention of genital herpes

To avoid the recurrence of genital herpes in the future, you should follow simple rules and recommendations:

  • should be tested annually for viruses / infections that can be sexually transmitted,
  • you need to regularly visit the urologist, so that later you can identify a disease at an early stage,
  • It is important to follow the rules of personal hygiene,
  • it is recommended to abandon promiscuous sex life, which will eliminate the risk of re-manifestation of herpes.

It is necessary to carry out additional therapeutic measures in case of genital herpes manifested more than six times in one year. With frequent relapses, the doctor can increase the daily dose of "Acyclovir" to 1600 mg per day. In addition, the patient must adhere to the rules of healthy eating, take a vitamin complex, give up bad habits. In the course of treatment should wear loose clothing from natural materials. Antiseptic treatment of the affected skin will avoid re-infection.


With untimely antiviral treatment in patients increases the likelihood of developing prostate cancer, urination problems, a significant deterioration of the immune system. Frequent pain can be felt, which go to the lumbar region, the rectum and the stomach.

Reviews of treatment "acyclovir"

According to the reviews, the drug has the maximum effect only when used in the first stage of the disease. A high result is visible only when the dosage and duration of the course of treatment have been chosen correctly. It was noted that when applying the ointment to the mucous membranes, a burning sensation was observed, which disappeared after a certain period of time. According to the reviews, "Acyclovir" for genital herpes can only be used in short courses, otherwise the body becomes addictive, and the result of this treatment is ineffective.

In practice, the dosage of the drug is chosen more often according to this scheme: 5 mg / 1 kg of patient weight. However, there may be exceptions to the rules.

"Acyclovir" tablets with genital herpes or ointment can quickly stop the spread of infection in the body without deterioration of health.

For starters about herpes

There are many types of this virus. We will dwell on the genital form in more detail (marking of HSV-2). The disease belongs to the STD group. The insidiousness of the disease lies in the fact that it can be transmitted from person to person even at the moment when the patient does not feel the symptoms. That is why herpes is one of the most common among all STDs.

When a virus enters the human body, it will never leave it.

After infection, the patient may experience the following symptoms:

  • blisters on the genitals, and sometimes on the thighs and buttocks,
  • gradually bubbles expand and connect with each other,
  • when the capsule ruptures, pain and itching appear,
  • general malaise and headache may occur.

It is important to know! You can become infected with genital herpes during oral or anal intercourse, and not just vaginal. The fact is that the herpes virus exists in the human body is not local.

Many people carry the virus asymptomatically, but those who have blisters and ulcers are at great risk to their health.

Against the background of this disease develop:

  • infertility,
  • deterioration of the immune system,
  • the emergence of other pathologies of the reproductive system,
  • mental problems due to deterioration of appearance and fear of infecting anyone.

The herpes virus is particularly dangerous during pregnancy and lactation. It can complicate the condition and cause pathology in the fetus. A child may also become infected during childbirth.

The disease looks quite dangerous, and it really is. Do not underestimate the "little sores." But, fortunately, timely treatment of genital herpes with Acyclovir is very effective, so if you find the first symptoms, go to the hospital and pharmacy!

Acyclovir in the fight against genital herpes

Unfortunately, you will not be able to completely get rid of the virus.. Even if you apply the most powerful therapies. However, to cope with the symptoms and reduce the number of relapses you succeed. It is enough to drink Acyclovir with genital herpes and do it correctly.

This drug contains in its composition a substance that blocks the virus at the DNA level, as a result of which the disease acquires positive dynamics, and herpes loses activity. This property of Acyclovir makes it important to take the drug in tablets, but there are other forms (ointment, cream).

The tool begins to act immediately after penetration into the blood. With it, it spreads through all organs and tissues. Thus, Acyclovir suppresses herpes at all levels: in the blood, in tissues and cells. If herpes on the genitals is treated with Acyclovir, the blisters almost immediately disappear and new ones no longer appear. With local use of ointment Acyclovir effect is enhanced. Ulcers heal faster.

Features of proper reception

Immediately warn. All the information in this section is only part of general practice and may not be appropriate in your case. Consultation with a specialist is necessary before taking the drug. It is worth remembering that there are strains of the virus that have already adapted to the action of Acyclovir and can resist it. In this case, there are other drugs of similar action.

How to take Acyclovir with genital herpes? Imagine the classic treatment regimen:

  • 400 mg of the drug Acyclovir three times a day. The course of treatment should not exceed 10 days. Doctors prescribe such a procedure in the event that the disease manifested itself for the first time. It is recommended to adhere to this regimen, if the herpes of the oral cavity is affected,
  • Take Acyclovir tablets 200 mg 5 times a day at regular intervals.

Try to take the drug strictly after a meal to avoid the risk of irritation of the digestive system. Be sure to drink plenty of water. To improve the result, use the complex intake of Acyclovir and other drugs from the group of interferons, which will not allow the herpes virus to multiply.

Stick to two more rules so that the disease does not prevail over the medicine. First, at the time of treatment, refrain from the use of alcoholic beverages. This can not only negatively affect the treatment process, but also worsen the state of vision. Secondly, you do not need to visit a solarium, sunbathe on the beach and generally expose your skin to ultraviolet radiation. Wear long sleeve clothes.

To prevent a relapse, resort to the following measures:

  • Maintain immunity at a good level. This is true not only for herpes, but also for other diseases. Observe a healthy lifestyle, eat right, eat vitamins,
  • Avoid stress. Nervous diseases often recur,
  • Be protected during intercourse. It is very important to avoid infection with other STDs.

If the number of relapses exceeds 5 times during the year, it is necessary to resort to suppressive therapy. This means that it is necessary to take the drug daily for six months or even a year, 200 mg 4 times a day.

Remember that Acyclovir is not a universal remedy. This is a good antiviral drug, but it is better to consult a doctor before starting treatment. It is possible that your own diagnosis is inaccurate.


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Herpes Features

According to WHO, more than 90% of the world's population is infected with the herpes virus. Among viral diseases, he keeps unconditional primacy. Penetrating into human cells, the pathogen is inserted into its DNA and then lives there. How to remove herpes from cells, scientists have not yet come up with.

With good immunity, the body binds it and keeps it in a latent (sleeping) state. When a person's defenses weaken, herpes is activated, there are painful watery acne on the face, body, genitals, chickenpox, shingles and other manifestations.

Signs of genital herpes

Genital herpes causes type 2 virus. Its manifestations are similar to the symptoms on the nasolabial triangle:

  • the occurrence of redness and pain at the site of acne formation,
  • painful watery acne,
  • the formation of crusts in place of the opened bubbles,
  • drying out the pimple contents and secondary infection.

All symptoms occur in the groin area, on the large and small labia, sometimes on the edge of the cervix, the inner side of the thighs, around the anus, in men - on the penis, scrotum.

The acute form is accompanied by severe pain associated with unbearable itching, difficulty urinating.

Genital herpes is transmitted sexually and is considered the second most common of these diseases.

Among other transfer methods:

  • from sick mother to baby
  • during blood transfusions.

It is impossible to recover completely from the disease, frequent relapses provoke nervous disorders, disruption of the reproductive organs, diseases of the genitourinary system, up to infertility and the complete absence of sexual desire.

Drug properties

Acyclovir refers to a limited number of drugs that can influence the development of viruses. It is effective against herpes, few other viruses (against influenza and HIV does not work). Its structure is similar to the components of human DNA that herpes uses for replication. Penetrating the DNA of the virus, it disrupts its division, which significantly slows down the process of formation of new molecules and stops reproduction.

Acyclovir has an analgesic effect. At reception of a preparation pain decreases, old bubbles dry up, and formation new is reduced. Aggravation is much faster.

How to take Acyclovir

At one time, the creators of Acyclovir for this discovery received the Nobel Prize. Today, newer drugs have been released, but still Acyclovir remains the most effective for herpes.

The pharmaceutical industry produces medicine in several forms:

  • Powder for injection (lyophilisate). It is used for large areas of damage, severe disease, and is also prescribed to newborns.
  • Tablets of 200 mg and 400 mg. They are used in the treatment of genital herpes Acyclovir.
  • Eye ointment 3 percent in tubes of 4.5 g
  • Cream or ointment for external use, usually 5 percent, in tubes of 30 g.

From genital herpes, doctors prescribe Acyclovir tablets and ointment for external use. If the disease is severe or the area is large, intravenous fluids can be given.

Acyclovir for genital herpes is also indicated for the prevention of relapses as a means to prevent exacerbation.

Treatment regimen

The treatment of genital herpes depends on the form of the disease and the severity of the course.

Among the general recommendations will be:

  1. Take plenty of fluids during the period of treatment with Acyclovir.
  2. Drink pills after meals, it will reduce the load on the digestive tract.
  3. Wash down the drug with clean water without gas, non-acidic juices. Do not drink carbonated drinks. The amount of fluid consumed while taking the medicine should be at least 100 ml.

For severe forms, prescribe:

  • intravenous, 10 mg of the drug for each kilogram of weight, but not more than 1.5 g per day, the introduction after 8 hours for 10 days,
  • smear skin rashes with cream for external use, without affecting the mucous membranes.

In the acute stage, if bubbles are observed with the formation of crusts, or during the initial appearance of lesions, it is shown:

  • take 400 mg tablets, after 8 hours 1 tablet, drinking plenty of clean water in large volumes,
  • lubricate the rash 5% ointment, you can not apply ointment to the mucous membranes,
  • drink ½ tablet (200 mg) after 4-5 hours (5 times / day) with a volume rash.

The course of treatment of extensive lesions is 10 days, small - 7.

For the prevention of recurrence, Acyclovir is prescribed when itching and redness occur (without waiting for the formation of acne):

  • Take 8 hours ½ tablet (200 mg).
  • Place the redness smeared with ointment for external use.

Adverse events

Among the adverse events, doctors refer to many signs of poisoning:

  • diarrhea,
  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • pain in the intestine,
  • headaches and sleep problems.

Among the more dangerous symptoms:

  • concentration disorder,
  • hallucinations,
  • liver and kidney dysfunctions,
  • changes in the composition of the blood (reducing the number of red and white blood cells).

special instructions

The use of Acyclovir implies a total ban on the use of alcohol. This drug with alcohol has a common liver utilization regimen.

When combined with treatment, there is a high probability of poisoning and the occurrence of undesirable symptoms.

During therapy it is recommended to be engaged in caution in potentially hazardous activities and work requiring high concentration of attention.

Among antiviral drugs, acyclovir has a significant therapeutic effect in the treatment of genital herpes. Therapy should be carried out only under the supervision of a gynecologist or urologist. Self-medication can do more harm than good.

Forms of release

In pharmacy chains you can find the following forms of release of the drug "Acyclovir":

  • in bottles on 250 mg, packed into a box on five bottles,
  • 200 mg tablets, of which there are a hundred and 20 pieces in a box,
  • three percent ointment applied to the eyes, which in tubes of five and 4.5 g,
  • cream in tubes 5 percent to five grams.
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Antiviral drugs

The use of antiviral drugs against genital herpes aims to suppress the symptoms of the disease:

  • Acyclovir
  • Valaciclovir,
  • Famciclovir and others

Important! The line of products based on Acyclovir is recognized as the most effective. The active ingredient in combination with various kinds of additives is the best remedy for genital herpes today.

These funds - pills for genital herpes. These tablets are often prescribed for the treatment of genital herpes: they have an excellent effect on the viral cells from the inside, suppressing the infection "from the rear".

Pharmacy chains offer consumer and ointment on the basis of Acyclovir. The advantage of their use, together with the pills, is the possibility of influencing the infection from the outside: applying the formulations to the affected areas will not allow the formations to grow and will have a suppressive effect on herpes.

Let us dwell on the consideration of Acyclovir, as one of the most effective drugs for treatment.

Treatment of herpes in the genitals with immunomodulators

The most effective immunomodulatory agents are:

In order to productively treat herpetic eruptions in the groin area, immunomodulatory agents are prescribed at the stage of remission. Often, the implementation of the impact of this group of funds may require prior consultation and delivery of the necessary tests: this will help determine the degree of sensitivity of the organism to certain drugs of the group.

Prevention of genital herpes infection

Transmission of viral cells occurs during unprotected sexual contact, regardless of the nature (oral, classical or anal sex). A feature of the virus is the possibility of being in a latent state after transmission and injury to a healthy person, without any manifestation.

As prophylactic agents that would be good to use in case of unprotected sex or suspected to have a disease in a hidden form with a partner, will suit:

  • Miramistin solution. This tool can be used to treat the genitals by swabbing. Pre-recommended to take a warm shower with soap. Girls and women are encouraged to use a special dispenser to introduce a small portion of Miramistin into the vagina and urethra. The frequency of the procedure and the time of exposure will be determined by the doctor,
  • Panavir spray form. This tool is especially effective and will help protect against unwanted contamination. The best results are demonstrated in conjunction with other contraceptives - condoms.

Important! In order to protect yourself and your own health from the adverse effects of the manifestation of a herpetic infection in the groin area, it is better to ask the partner about his health condition, to eliminate promiscuous sex and to be checked regularly, passing all necessary tests.

Effective cure for herpes in intimate places

Today, unfortunately, such pills for genital herpes that could cure humanity of this virus once and for all have not been found. But there is a list of effective means capable of suppressing viral activity and eliminating undesirable manifestations of the disease as much as possible. In each case, individual therapy is prescribed, which will provide partial control over the development and progression of the disease.

About herpes virus

The virus can live in the body for years, not showing up and not interfering with the person. Today, this disease infected more than 95% of the entire population of the Earth, but it does not appear in all. This is due to various factors, primarily the protective functions of the body.

With weakened immunity, the body is difficult to fight the disease, and the virus can be activated.

Herpes itself is considered a non-dangerous disease and with timely treatment does not lead to serious violations in the work of internal organs. The disease causes discomfort and inconvenience.

Its clinical symptoms can also cause psychological problems, which leads to a decrease in working capacity, a decrease in libido and a general depressive state. Against the background of such emotional problems, a general weakening of the body occurs, which can aggravate the situation and cause a relapse. That is why during the treatment of genital herpes therapy should be comprehensive. The designation of appointments will be determined by the degree of the disease.

Treatment of genital herpes during exacerbation

At the first signs of infection, you should immediately consult a doctor, in this case, therapy will be more effective. Early treatment will help avoid widespread localization, and the disease will pass more easily.

During exacerbation, complex therapy is usually prescribed, which includes effective antiherpetic drugs. It can be any medicines on the basis of acyclovir 1st and 2nd generation. Tablets, ointments, gels, suppositories, or injections can be used to treat herpes. At the first manifestation of the course of therapy will be the longest - about 10 days. When relapse drugs take for 5 days.

In addition to acyclovir-based products, treatment for herpes exacerbation may include:

  1. Antiviral and immunobiological preparations.
  2. If the disease is expressed by exudative components, then the doctor may prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs.
  3. A vitamin complex (vitamins E and C) and enzymes to restore the intestinal microflora are also assigned.
  4. If the exacerbation is accompanied by high fever and severe malaise, it is prescribed antipyretic - this can be Paracetamol or Ibufen, which will relieve inflammation.

Used drugs are designed to deal with the symptoms. If the patient was diagnosed with genital herpes, then it is for life. Fully cured of the virus can not, but with the observance of preventive measures can reduce the likelihood of relapses or even prevent them.

Today, acyclovir, valacyclovir and famciclovir products are the most common and effective antiviral drugs for the treatment of genital herpes.

Acyclovir for herpes

Acyclovir (and all its analogs) is the standard of herbal therapy. The active substance is a synthetic analogue of one of the components of DNA, which explains its high efficiency.

The substance through the interaction with the enzyme of the virus inhibits its reproduction, while the human acyclovir practically has no effect on the human DNA cell. Such an effective remedy is produced in tablets and prescribed in the case of exacerbation, and with relapse. Dosages depend on the age of the patient. Children older than 2 years of age are prescribed Acyclovir in the same way as adults. For children younger than the dosage will be 2 times less.

Using the drug, it is possible to facilitate the course of the disease: new rashes no longer appear, and old ones heal faster through the formation of crusts and the drying of wounds. Suppressed pain. Drugs based on acyclovir have a positive effect on the protective function of the body, which is very important for people who have a disease manifested in connection with disorders in the immune system.

The strategy of therapy with Acyclovir is chosen by the doctor and occurs in one of the directions:

  • episodic treatment
  • prolonged suppressive treatment
  • intravenous treatment (with severe genital herpes).

Each direction will have a different dosage and duration of exposure. If the regimen prescribed by your doctor is exceeded, the following side effects may occur:

  • rash on the skin in the form of urticaria,
  • nausea and vomiting,
  • diarrhea,
  • headaches and weakness.

Acyclovir is the best remedy for genital herpes, but cannot be used in case of intolerance of one of the components. During pregnancy and lactation, the drug is taken only as prescribed by a doctor.

Valaciclovir and Famciclovir

Valaciclovir preparations (valine ester of acyclovir) are also used against genital herpes. It may be drugs such as Valtrex, Valavir, Valtrovir. The essence of their action lies in the fact that the active substance valacyclovir, entering the digestive tract, under the action of enzymes goes into acyclovir, which acts according to the already known scheme.

This is the so-called prodrug for genital herpes. Its advantage lies in better digestibility by the body, which determines a higher impact on the virus and higher efficiency. In comparison with Acyclovir, the dosage of drugs will be less, which will make the therapy convenient. The most popular cure for herpes in intimate places that contains valacyclovir is Valtrex. Side effects from its use are very rare, well perceived by the body.

Famciclovir preparations are another effective cure for genital herpes. The main representative is Famvir. Being by their chemical nature penciclovir diacetate, the agent is associated with a group of acyclic analogs of guanosine.

Absorption when released into the body occurs in the small intestine, where the drug quickly turns into an active compound. Penciclovir bioavailability is quite high - about 80%. The substance acts similarly to acyclovir. There is a suppression of growth and reproduction of the herpes virus at the cellular level.

Famciclovir preparations are more effective because their selectivity for virus-infected cells is higher. This means that the effectiveness of therapy will depend less on the concentration of the substance in the blood than in the treatment with acyclovir. The course of treatment for genital herpes is usually a week.

Preventive measures in remission

Remission may occur 7–14 days after the onset of the disease, so it is important to react in time and prevent recurrence. After the end of the first course of antiviral drugs, the body must rest and gain strength to fully recover. This will allow you to prepare well for the next stage. It is very important to treat herpes in the intimate zone during remission, only such treatment does not always involve the administration of antiviral drugs.

  1. Therapy at this stage should be based on proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle in order for the body to gain strength.

  2. It is necessary to eat food rich in vitamins, walk a lot in the open air, get enough sleep, try to avoid stress, anxiety and negative emotions.
  3. At this time, psychological problems and their solution come to the fore. For the patient will be important the support of relatives and friends.
  4. It is necessary to take natural immunity stimulants to activate the protective functions of the body. It is necessary to drink and such medicines, which will restore the broken intestinal microflora.
  5. If necessary, therapy is prescribed for other inflammatory diseases that were caused by herpes.

Herpetic vaccination and medical supervision

The third stage of therapy for genital herpes involves vaccination, which forms the protective functions of the immune system from this type of virus. Such protection is developed within a month after the procedure. Vaccination is the newest remedy for the manifestation of this disease. This procedure will reduce the likelihood of relapse, reduce the development of exacerbations and complications.

If herpes in the intimate zone has passed into remission and no longer causes anxiety, you should not stop treatment. At this stage, you need to be seen by a doctor, periodically passing the necessary tests. As a prevention, you can continue to receive probiotics and immunomodulatory drugs.

The use of the presented treatment regimen and the administration of the prescribed medication for genital herpes will help to control the negative manifestations of the virus.

Effective Herpes Treatments

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It is known that it is impossible to completely kill the herpes virus in the human body, but recent developments have made it possible to get good anti-herpes medications that can not only relieve symptoms, but also reduce the frequency of recurrences of the pathology. The best, effective remedy for herpes is a new drug that can suppress the vital activity of the pathogen at any stage of manifestation, increase the efficiency of local immunity. At the same time, side effects and contraindications should be minimal.

Today, pharmacology produces a large number of drugs for the most rapid and safe treatment of the herpes virus.

Action on the virus

Each modern drug demonstrates an integrated approach to combating a herpetic infection. They work at the DNA level of the pathogen, destroying the protective membrane of its cells. As a result, suppression of the division function and the ability to reproduce occurs. The loss of protective properties causes the virus to go into a latent form and not show itself for a long time. Due to the immunomodulatory properties of these drugs can improve the natural immunity of the human body by stimulating the production of its own antibodies to herpes, which will further enable protection in a timely manner as the activation of the pathogen in certain conditions.

Strong modern medical preparations against herpes are offered in the form of oral tablets and solutions for broad-spectrum injections, in the form of ointments, sprays and creams for the local treatment of localized rashes. Each new remedy for herpes is endowed with certain features, advantages.


The action of immunomodulators is aimed at enhancing the natural protective function of the human body in the fight against herpes of any form. The indications for prescribing this group of drugs are the presence of symptoms of immune deficiency, for example, frequent recurrences of colds with herpes sores of different localization. The most popular immunomodulators with antioxidant effect.

Inexpensive interferon antiviral medication, which is available in the form of rectal suppositories and gel. Contains:

"Viferon" blocks the reproduction of pathogenic flora affecting the skin.

  • главный ингредиент — искусственно выведенный аналог человеческого 2b-альфа интерферона,
  • витамины Е, С,
  • вспомогательные вещества — аскорбиновая кислота, токоферол.

The action of the drug is based on the suppression of the synthesis of pathogenic protein and the activation of the production of its own interferon. This is achieved by generating microphages that destroy herpetic DNA.

  • ability to resist the ability of the virus to adapt to the action of interferon,
  • effective reduction in the frequency of relapses,
  • relief of symptoms and course of illness,
  • reducing rash,
  • strengthening the immune defense of the whole body,
  • no side effects and allergies,
  • stabilization of the functions of leukocytes and lymphocytes in the blood,
  • acceleration of wound healing.

Inexpensive modern tool is available in different concentrations of the main substance, which leads to the possibility of its use during pregnancy and in children.


"Polyoxidonium" restores the protective functions of the body and disinfects viral skin.

A good remedy for herpes, which is endowed with properties:

  • improve and restore immune status
  • have a detoxification effect, cleansing the body from harmful decay products formed during the progression of infection,
  • increase the body's resistance to the pathogen in prophylactic use.
  1. the effectiveness of a new drug does not depend on the severity of the pathology,
  2. does not have a mutagenic effect
  3. does not cause allergies
  4. does not accumulate in the body, removes toxins,
  5. no side effects.

Dosage forms - powder, tablets, candles. The dosage is selected according to the following parameters:

  • patient weight
  • diagnosis,
  • the severity and severity of the disease.

Prohibited for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Be wary appointed children up to six months.


"Cycloferon" has an immunomodulatory effect.

The main ingredient is acridone acetic acid, endowed with the ability to stimulate the production of its own interferons with antiviral, anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory properties. The medical drug easily eliminates the severe forms of herpes. Available in several dosage forms, in the form of tablets, injection solutions, ointments for the local treatment of lesions.

  1. does not contain foreign proteins
    2. does not cause side effects.

Not recommended for such conditions:

  • individual intolerance,
  • pregnancy, lactation (ointment is allowed),
  • decompensated cirrhosis,
  • GI pathology, endocrine system.

"Amiksin" - an immunomodulatory drug that eradicates the herpes virus.

Antiviral immunomodulator starts the process of synthesis of its interferon. Does not contain artificial immune cells. The active ingredient is tiloron. It is injected in the form of tablets in an enteric coating. The drug acts in the intestine, stimulating epithelial cells to the production of interferon, T-lymphocytes, hepatocytes, granulocytes, neutrophils. Indicated against labial and genital herpes, cytomegalovirus.

  • no side effects
  • antibiotic compatibility
  • the possibility of using in the unexplained causes of pathology,
  • no need to restore the microflora after treatment.

“Amiksin” is more often prescribed for adults (tablets with a concentration of 125 mg), but it is possible to use it in children from 7 years old (concentration - 60 mg). Children's drug can be used as a preventive measure. This newest drug is contraindicated during pregnancy, limited during lactation.

Other newest drugs

No less effective for the treatment of recurrent forms of herpes are the following newer medications: "Reaferon", "Neovir", "Kagocel", "Ridostin". Immunomodulators for stimulation of cellular and humoral immunity, synthesis of cytokines and activation of redox processes - “Alpizarin”, “Galavit”, “Imunofan”, “Imunomax”, “Likopid”.

List of the most effective antiviral pills for herpes

Natalia Vershinina Editor-in-Chief, Dermatology

Herpes is a skin disease of viral etiology. 90% of the inhabitants of the planet are infected with herpes simplex virus. At the first herpetic eruptions on the body (often they are the lips, the paranasal zone, the stomach, the back), many people use antiviral ointments. This is quite an effective and correct approach.

In addition to the means of external use, widely used pills for herpes. Antiherpetic drugs tablets are recommended in the following cases:

  • Strongly depressed human immunity.
  • Frequent recurrences of herpes virus infection.
  • The treatment was not started immediately.
  • The rash has formed in places inaccessible for the use of ointment or on the internal organs.

You should also understand that the ointment acts only on the surface layers of the skin, without penetrating into the body. Tablets are able to penetrate the body, spreading the active substance of the antiviral agent throughout all affected areas, which has a stronger effect on the disease. However, tablets, unlike ointments, have much more contraindications due to internal penetration into the body.

Attention! Ordinary papilloma or wart at any time can become cancerous melanoma! If papillomas are not treated, then further development of the disease occurs and spreads through the body, up to the appearance of lesions on the mucous membranes. Interview with a doctor of medical sciences on how to effectively treat warts and papillomas >>>

How to properly treat herpes pills?

Herpes pills should be taken as prescribed by your doctor.

Each of us must understand that it is impossible to completely cure herpes virus. Properly compiled complex therapy, including the use of antiviral drugs, will relieve the symptoms of the disease, prevent relapses and possible exacerbations.

Herpes pills are a local therapy. Tablets, ointments, creams, drops against herpes effectively eliminate very painful symptoms and accelerate the healing of damaged tissues. Comprehensive treatment, which consists of drugs with different effects on herpes virus, has good results.

  • Combined therapy consists of receiving antiviral and immuno-reducing drugs. This combination is much more effective to eliminate the herpes virus.
  • The tablets, once in the body, spread the active substance through the general bloodstream, which carries it through all the necessary organs.
  • Having penetrated into the cells affected by the virus, the antiherpetic drug blocks its reproduction.
  • The drug tablet form against herpes on the body should be taken with extreme caution, because this pharmacological group has many contraindications and side effects. Take should only be prescribed by a doctor.

A remedy for herpes which company to choose

In every pharmacy you can find a wide selection of medicines for herpes. Many herpes medicines have the same active ingredient, but the effect of the intake may vary. It is all about the concentration of this substance in the medicine, the presence of auxiliary components, and, of course, in the technology. Each pharmaceutical company has its own unique prescription drugs and its own production features.

We have prepared a ranking of the best companies that produce high-quality remedies for herpes:

1. Novartis Pharmaceuticals

3. Arterium Corporation

4. Fleet Laboratories Limited

These firms have long won the pharmaceutical market, because produce medicines that are highly effective, safe and have a lot of positive feedback from doctors and patients.

Acyclovir ointment

This remedy is most often used at the initial stage of the herpes simplex virus (HSV type 1 and type 2), which manifests itself as irritation on the lips, then develops into blisters with lymphatic fluid. The active substance, acyclovir, is inserted into the DNA chain of the virus, terminates and prevents its replication. It is necessary to apply 4-6 times a day until the symptoms disappear (usually no more than a week).


  • the drug blocks the spread of the virus,
  • prevents the emergence of a new rash,
  • has an immunomodulatory effect,
  • accelerates the appearance of crusts
  • reduces the likelihood of skin complications,
  • prevents visceral complications (on internal organs),
  • reduces pain in the acute phase of herpes.


  • in case of systematic use, the active substance loses its antiviral activity, therefore, it is necessary to use it only when necessary,
  • contraindication: individual intolerance.

Cream erazaban

This antiviral agent is prescribed for an early stage of recurrent HSV in immunocompromised patients. The active ingredient, docosanol, prevents the virus from merging with the cell membrane, after which the intracellular uptake of HSV occurs and its replication is prevented. For use, apply a thin layer of cream to the affected area. Use up to 5 times a day until the symptoms disappear.


  • interferes with skin dissemination (limits the spread of the virus over the skin),
  • protects healthy cells
  • quickly relieves such unpleasant symptoms as burning, itching, soreness,
  • reduces affected areas
  • low skin absorption
  • early application prevents the appearance of crusts.


  • the drug is effective only at an early stage of herpes development,
  • propylene glycol, which is part of the drug, can cause redness and irritation of the skin in the application,
  • contraindications: age up to 12 years, hypersensitivity to the active substance.

Famvir Tablets

The drug is prescribed in severe cases, incl. for the treatment of herpes in patients with immunodeficiency. The active ingredient, famciclovir, is metabolized inside the cells to penciclovir and inhibits the spread of the virus. Indications: zoster virus, herpes eye, primary infection or recurrence of HSV, exacerbation of infection, treatment of herpes in immunodeficient states, chickenpox. The effectiveness of the treatment is noticeable in the first days of use. Method of treatment: the dosage depends on the state of immunity.


  • high clinical efficacy
  • quickly relieves acute symptoms, significantly reduces discomfort and pain in the affected area,
  • long lasting antiviral effect
  • reduces the possibility of relapse by 80%,
  • does not have a detrimental effect on healthy cells,
  • prevents the spread of the virus, blocks the development of new symptoms,
  • reduces the healing time of rash,
  • The drug is effective against resistant strains of the virus to acyclovir.


  • adverse reactions after use: headache, nausea, jaundice, drowsiness, itching, thrombocytopenia, hallucinations, vomiting,
  • contraindications: minor age, hypersensitivity, lactation, pregnancy.

Vectavir Cream

The mechanism of action of the active ingredient, penciclovir, is very similar to acyclovir. The first one penetrates into infected cells and is retained in them for 12 hours, preventing viral DNA from being synthesized. Unlike Acyclovir, Vectavir is effective at all stages of infection and is more effective against acyclovir-resistant strains of the virus. Indications: recurrent HSV with localization on the face, lips. Apply to the affected area for 4 days, 5 times a day.


  • prevents the appearance of painful vesicles,
  • unlike acyclovir, it has a longer lasting effect and less toxicity,
  • quickly stops the multiplication of the virus
  • effective at all stages of herpes development,
  • reduces the intensity of pain,
  • reduces the time of the disease, promotes rapid recovery.


  • undesirable reactions: paresthesia, numbness in the area of ​​application,
  • contraindications: hypersensitivity, age up to 16 years,
  • use with caution during lactation, during pregnancy.

Fenistil Penzivir Cream

The drug is among the safest and most effective means among antiherpetic medications. The active ingredient, penciclovir, inhibits and blocks the spread of the virus. Indications: treatment of HSV of any stage of development with localization in the lips. It is necessary to apply with a thin layer on the affected area up to 8 times per day for 4 days.


  • stopping acute manifestations of HSV,
  • drug excipients facilitate penetration of the active ingredient into the skin,
  • effective against some acyclovir-resistant virus strains,
  • accelerates clinical recovery
  • does not affect healthy cells
  • copes well with the virus even with a late start of treatment,
  • slight toxicity.


  • undesirable reactions: discomfort and burning sensation in the application,
  • apply with caution during pregnancy and lactation,
  • contraindication: intolerance to penciclovir or other components of the drug.

Valtrex Tablets

The drug is suitable for episodic (with relapse) and suppressive (relapse prevention) therapy of HSV. The active ingredient, valacyclovir, entering the body, turns into L-valine and acyclovir, so the mechanism of action is similar to the latter. Indications: shingles, infections caused by HSV, cold sores, prevention of recurrent herpes.


  • accelerates the healing process
  • prevents the spread of infection
  • reduces pain, its duration,
  • quickly blocks the reproduction of viruses,
  • prolonged action
  • well absorbed from the digestive tract.


  • high price,
  • adverse reactions: headache, leukopenia, nausea, dyspnea, rarely gastrointestinal disorders,
  • use with caution in immunodeficiency states,
  • contraindication: hypersensitivity.

Tablets Minaker

The drug is an analogue of the antiviral substance penciclovir. Effective at any stage of herpes development. The active ingredient, famciclovir, is immediately converted into penciclovir after ingestion. The substance is retained in the affected cell for 12 hours and inhibits viral DNA replication. Indications: herpes zoster, postherpetic neuralgia, HSV (types 1 and 2), recurrence of genital herpes.


  • effective against some acyclovi-resistant strains of the virus,
  • quickly and almost completely absorbed
  • reduces healing time by 1-2 days,
  • prolonged action
  • effectively relieves the unpleasant symptoms of herpes,
  • reduces the duration and intensity of postherpetic neuralgia.


  • high price,
  • adverse reactions: violation of the gastrointestinal tract, in the elderly - hallucinations, confusion,
  • Contraindications: renal failure, breastfeeding, hypersensitivity, minor age, childbearing period.

Ointment Gerpevir

This antiviral drug is recommended for use at the onset of infection. The active ingredient, acyclovir, acts as a substrate and inhibitor for viral DNA polymerase, while preventing viral replication. Indications: infections of the lips caused by HSV, chickenpox. It is necessary to apply 5 times a day for no more than 10 days.


  • minimal toxic effect on healthy cells,
  • reduces pain,
  • prevents the formation of a new rash,
  • quickly penetrates the body tissues
  • accelerates the formation of crusts
  • has an immunostimulating effect.


  • leaves greasy marks on the skin,
  • with regular use, antiviral activity loses its effectiveness,
  • contraindications: allergic to substances that make up the ointment, age up to 12 years.

What is the remedy for herpes buy

1. If herpes is just beginning to manifest as redness, soreness, tingling, one or more small bubbles with lymphatic fluid, then you need to purchase: Acyclovir, Valtrex or Gerpevir. These drugs have the same active ingredient and are effective in the initial stage of infection.

2. During pregnancy and lactation, Erabazan will save you from recurrent herpes. But it must be remembered that the drug will not help at the stage of bursting vesicles and the formation of ulcers.

3. In advanced stages (leakage of fluid from the vesicles, the appearance of crusts, ulcers), with acute painful symptoms, it is better to use Famvir tablets.

4. Drugs that will quickly stop the reproduction of HSV at any clinical stage - vectavir cream, Minaker pills.

5. If viruses are resistant to Acyclovir, then it is necessary to purchase Fenistil Pentsivir. The latter is more effective and safer.

Rules for the selection of drugs for genital herpes

The choice of drugs for the treatment of genital herpes depends on the stage of the disease and the patient's state of health. The main effect is achieved through the tablets of genital herpes, other types of medicines are used additionally.

  1. Antiviral drugs - this is the main tool for genital herpes. At the advanced stages, a complex of antiviral drugs is used.
  2. Outdoor facilities. Used to consolidate the effect of tablets, as well as to remove and mitigate discomfort. These are candles, capsules, creams and ointments.
  3. Immunostimulants. Their purpose - the activation of the body's defenses. Used to prevent relapse during remission. Especially immunostimulants are recommended for people with chronic diseases - HIV, diabetes.
  4. Injection solutions. Potent drugs are injected by heavy stages and with exacerbations of diseases. Also used for herpes vaccine.
  5. Means for prevention. These are antiseptics. Intended to prevent infection.

Vitamin complexes and tranquilizers are prescribed as concomitant medications for genital herpes. In the event of an increase in temperature and with severe consequences, anti-inflammatory and antipyretic drugs are prescribed.

The use of tablets for future mothers is contraindicated, with the exception of cases where there is a threat to the life of the fetus or patient.

Preparations for genital herpes

Antiviral drugs for herpes in intimate places

List of main herpes cures in intimate places. Tablets drink a short course (10 days) and long (30-60 days). A course up to 10 days is standard, if the result is unsatisfactory, the treatment is prolonged. Prolonged therapy is used for relapse and in severe disease. These are chemical drugs that inhibit the action of pathogens:

  1. "Acyclovir" - this drug has earned a reputation as the best remedy for genital herpes, it is discharged first. The active substance destroys the synthesis of viruses. Available in tablets and capsules (high concentration injections, used in the later stages). The dosage and frequency of admission for adults and children over 2 years old - 3-5 times a day for half a tablet, for kids - by quarter.

  2. "Valaciclovir". The active element under the action of liver enzymes is transformed into acyclovir. Dosage for adults - from half to 4 tablets per day.

  3. Famciclovir. Effective remedy, has a wide spectrum of action. It is used in the period of remission and for prevention. Dosage - 250 mg tablets three times a day (primary manifestation), 125 mg tablets twice a day (relapse).

Taking pills for genital herpes is combined with the use of external agents.

Ointments and creams

Medicines of this form of release prevent the appearance of rashes in an intimate place. The composition differs in the content of active substances.

With the content of acyclovir: "Acyclovir" (in different variations), "Zovirax", "Cyclovir", "Citivir", "Supravirand", "Virolex", "Gervirax", "Gerpferon".

Acyclovir and Zovirax

Means for herpes in the intimate zone on a plant basis:

  1. "Panavir" - based on the extract of potato shoots.
  2. "Alpizarin ointment" - extract of mango leaves.
  3. "Helepin" - based on Canadian desmodium.
  4. Mirtopleks is the essence of the myrtle tree.

Phytopreparations have almost no side effects, but less actively fighting the herpes virus.

Panavir and Alpizarin ointment

Other ointments and gels:

  1. Oxolinic ointment - is indicated for use in children and pregnant women, practically does not cause irritation.
  2. “Devirs” is a new effective remedy, copes with those strains of the virus against which acyclovir is powerless, the active substance is ribavirin.
  3. "Phenistil Penzivir" - based on penciclovir, does not accumulate in the body, is allowed for use by expectant and nursing mothers (under the supervision of a physician).
  4. "Viru-Mertz Serol" - quickly absorbed, resistance to the drug does not develop, the active element is tromantadine.
  5. "Levomekol" - is used when the rash is accompanied by suppuration.
  6. Zinc ointment - pulls out the liquid from the bubbles, safe, low toxicity.
  7. "Viferon" - contains interferon and tocopherol ─ the latter multiplies the antiviral effect of the first, can be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Apply to the affected area 3-5 times a day for 10 days.

Viru-Mertz Serol and Viferon

Candles are rectal and urogenital preparations for the treatment of herpes. Can be used both independently and in combination with other drugs. Much increase the effectiveness of therapy.

Have no side effects from the digestive system and pronounced allergic reactions. Allowed to use during pregnancy.

They are divided into 3 types:

  1. Antiseptics. These are broad-spectrum drugs. Prevent the spread of herpes infection on the mucous surface. These include betadine candles containing iodine, hexicon.
  2. Candles with interferon content. As a rule, they are all included in the line of drugs for various applications - rectal, oral, vaginal. These are “Genferon”, “Viferon”, “Kipferon”. The joint use of two similar means (suppositories and tablets) is not recommended in order to avoid overdose. The drug "Laferobion" also contains interferon.
  3. Immunostimulants. Increase immunity, are used to prevent relapse. This polyoxidonium, imunofan.

Also, the application depends on the severity of the pathology:

  • with acute form, Panavir is prescribed,
  • at relapse - “Genferon” and “Kalavit”,
  • at primary - "Viferon" and "Betadin".

Topical remedies relieve burning and itching, promote the rapid healing of ulcers and vesicles, multiply the antiviral and immunological effects of oral medications.

Introduction - 1-2 candles throughout the day.

Panavir and Genferon

Immunostimulants for genital herpes

The list of drugs for genital herpes that stimulate the immune system is quite extensive. These include drugs containing interferon.

Interferons are protein compounds produced by the human body. They resist the action of harmful pathogens. Preparations with the content of these elements are produced by genetic engineering.

Interferons are often applied externally and by injection. Interferon stimulants are antiviral and immunostimulating agents.

Immunostimulatory drugs are prescribed during treatment, but more often pills for herpes in the intimate area are prescribed during remission to prevent relapse. A list of pills for genital herpes that correct the body's immune defenses.

Preparations with interferon content

  1. "Amiksin" - appointed at any stage of the disease, prevents the emergence of new foci affected by genital herpesvirus, reduces immunodepression.
  2. "Neovir" - has a wide spectrum of action, fights against many infections, which makes the body less vulnerable to diseases.
  3. “Kagocel” is also a vast spectrum drug, side reactions are rare.
  4. "Ridostin" - capsules for herpes in intimate places, injected intramuscularly and subcutaneously.
  5. "Cycloferon" - is acceptable to use for patients with a deficiency of immunity (HIV, long-term antibiotics).

Amiksin and Neovir

Other medicines

  1. "Galavit" - eliminates the symptoms of intoxication, reduces pain, swelling and inflammation, has an antifungal effect, which prevents the spread of adhering secondary pathogens.
  2. "Imudon" - also conducts detoxification.
  3. "Timalin" - when it is used, leukocytes and red blood cells are formed faster.

The course of reception is usually up to 10 days.

Galavit and Imudon

Means for prevention

These include sprays, solutions, gels for personal hygiene with an antiseptic effect. They are used for the treatment of the mucous surface after sexual contact with a potentially infected partner (even if personal protective equipment was used), and for daily washing of the intimate zone.

  1. "Miramistin" solution. It is applied with a tampon for 2 minutes, it does not urinate for an hour. Women using a nebulizer is inserted into the urethra and vagina.
  2. "Betadine" solution. The application is similar.
  3. "Panavir" spray. Used with condom.

Betadine and Panavir

This is the most comprehensive list of drugs used for the medical treatment of genital herpes. Despite the fact that not a single remedy for herpes at intimate places can cure the disease completely - now existing drugs make its manifestations much easier, prevent herpes from becoming more severe, fight secondary infections, increase protection - which has a general positive effect on the patient’s quality of life.

Treatment of genital herpes

About the disease

When herpes type 2 viral particles once in the human body, stored in it for decades, as they have the ability for a long time located in the cells of various tissues. When conducting research, herpes infection of this type is detected in 90% of people of different ages. However, the clinical manifestations of the disease are observed in a small percentage of the virus carriers, due to the ability of the immune system to suppress the infectious disease.

The usual course of herpes does not represent a danger to human health and life, in particular when the patient receives adequate therapy. In this case, the patient has a rash in the intimate area for several days, accompanied by itching and burning. It is important to note that such clinical manifestations lead to the development of depression in a person, as well as reduce his ability to work.

In the absence of timely treatment, on the background of herpes there is a significant decrease in the activity of immunity, which can cause the development of severe viral and bacterial infections. In this regard, in case of genital herpes, it is very important to start early therapy with the use of effective drugs. At the same time, the approach to treatment and the drugs used are always chosen only by the attending physician.

Treatment of genital herpes with relapses

When herpes in the intimate area should immediately begin treatment. Early therapy can reduce the number of lesions on the genitals, as well as alleviate the course of the disease due to the weakening of subjective symptoms. Effective remedies for the recurrence of the disease require complex use, with the mandatory inclusion of antiviral drugs in the course of therapy.

The most commonly used acyclovir for genital herpes and its derivatives. It is possible to use tablets from genital herpes on intimate places, ointment Acyclovir, as well as forms of drugs for injecting. The optimal duration of treatment for the initial occurrence of the disease is 8-12 days, depending on the severity of the clinical symptoms.

If the patient has a relapse of genital herpes, then the therapy should last for about 5 days. In each case, the duration of treatment with Acyclovir is determined by the doctor after examining the patient.

Remedies for genital herpes also include the following groups of drugs:

  • antiherpetic agents and immunomodulators, allowing to increase the activity of a person’s own immune system,
  • anti-inflammatory drugs that reduce the intensity of inflammation, cope with fever, headache and other symptoms of intoxication,
  • vitamin therapy can improve the patient’s condition and accelerate the onset of recovery,
  • antibiotics can be used in cases where the patient has signs of a bacterial infection on the background of a herpetic disease.

It is important to note that with genital herpes, full recovery is impossible, since viral particles are permanently stored in the human body. In this regard, of great importance is the prevention of recurrence of the disease, which may be minimal or not occur at all during the whole subsequent life of the patient.

In addition to Acyclovir, Valaciclovir is widely used in relapses of genital herpes, Zovirax and other antiherpetic drugs, which allow the destruction of viral particles and lead to a stable remission of the disease.

Use of Acyclovir

Acyclovir is the best remedy for genital herpes, which is the gold standard for treating this infection. The drug belongs to the synthetic class and allows you to influence the genetic material of the virus, without affecting the human cell. Such a mechanism of action causes the widespread use of the drug in patients of different ages.

Doctors know well how to drink acyclovir. The treatment regimen is determined by the person's age. If the patient is less than two years old, the dosage of Acyclovir should be reduced by half to prevent the side effects of the drug.

How to take Acyclovir with genital herpes? All patients older than three years should take the drug five times a day at a dosage of 200 mg. The duration of therapy in this case reaches 5-6 days, and can be continued if indicated. If the drug is used to treat children up to two years, then it is necessary to reduce a single dosage to 100 mg.

On the background of the use of Acyclovir, the patient noted a decrease in the intensity of clinical symptoms, as well as an acceleration of the onset of recovery. Significantly decreases the number of elements of the rash and symptoms of intoxication. As a rule, a full course of drug use allows you to completely suppress the multiplication of viral particles.

Depending on the course of the infection, the doctor chooses a certain strategy of using Acyclovir as a remedy for genital herpes:

  • episodic approach
  • suppressive approach aimed at long-term suppression of infection,
  • for severe forms of infection, intravenous administration of medication is possible.

If the instructions for use of the medicine are not followed, the patient may experience various side effects. The most frequently observed allergic reactions, dyspeptic symptoms such as nausea and diarrhea, as well as headache and fatigue.

If the drug is planned to be used in a pregnant woman or during breastfeeding, then its use should be prescribed only after consulting a gynecologist.

Antiviral tablets

In addition to Acyclovir, can also use other antiherpetic tablets. A large number of positive reviews about Valaciclovir and Famciclovir are related to their high efficiency and safety. These medicines have different trade names, however, the overall effectiveness of all analogues is the same.

When it enters the human body, the active substance Valaciclovir is converted into acyclovir, which blocks the reproduction of viral particles. It is important to note that the use of these drugs requires a lower dosage, which allows to further increase the safety of therapy. Side effects of Valaciclovir are extremely rare.

Famciclovir, the trade name Famvir, refers to analogs of Acyclovir and has a similar mechanism of action. Also refers to prodrugs, i.e. turns into an active drug in the patient's body. It should be noted that Famvir has a greater selectivity for infected cells than healthy cells, which allows the use of lower therapeutic doses of the drug.

Ointments and other external products

Despite the high efficacy of tablets for genital herpes, treatment of infection should be comprehensive and include local effects on the elements of the rash. This allows not only locally suppress the reproduction of viral particles, but also speeds up the regeneration processes of damaged mucous membranes and skin. The following ointments and gels are actively used for these purposes:

  • ointment with antiviral ingredients, for example, acyclovir, containing a small dosage of the active substance. Such dosage forms locally inhibit the reproduction of viral particles and prevent infection of nearby healthy skin and mucous membrane,
  • Panavir gel is widely used in patients of different ages and belongs to herbal preparations. Doctors recommend applying the gel from five times a day. The course of treatment is 5-7 days. If symptoms persist, the duration of treatment can be extended to ten days,
  • 5% alpizarin ointment, used six times a day for 4-5 days. In severe cases of herpes infection, treatment can last for 20-30 days under the supervision of the attending physician.
  • Fenistil, which has antipruritic action, helps to relieve the itching and burning sensation in the patient, returning the quality of life to a higher level,
  • Levomekol refers to local medicines that accelerate the regeneration of damaged tissues, thereby accelerating the onset of recovery from the patient.

In addition, other topical preparations may be used, including anti-inflammatory ointments and gels that alleviate the symptoms of the infection.

The most important cause of recurrence of genital herpes is a decrease in the activity of the immune system. In this regard, effective therapy involves the mandatory use of immunomodulators and vitamin-mineral complexes. The most frequently used drugs are interferon and its inducers (Viferon, Reaferon, etc.), contributing to the rapid destruction of viruses.

Disease prevention

The use of antiviral drugs and other groups of medicines, allows you to cope with the acute period of the disease. The most important task of the doctors and the patient at this stage is to prevent repeated relapses of genital herpes. As a rule, for this purpose not only tablet preparations are used, but also a number of recommendations regarding lifestyle:

  • the patient should exercise regularly and also ensure proper nutrition with the exception of fatty, fried, spicy foods. Preference in the diet should be given to vegetables and fruits, lean meats, fish, etc.,
  • минимизирование стрессовых ситуаций в личной и профессиональной жизни,
  • природные иммуностимуляторы, например Эхинацея, Элеутерококк и другие экстракты растений, позволяют улучшить работу иммунитета без применения лекарственных средств,
  • при необходимости может производиться орошение половых органов после полового контакта. To this end, use such tools as Hexicon, Miramistin, etc. It is very important to consult about their use with your doctor,
  • It is necessary to treat concomitant diseases, as they may provoke the development of a herpetic infection or be complicated on its background.

These recommendations, with constant supervision by the attending physician, can significantly reduce the risk of recurrence of genital herpes. With the recurrence of infection, you should always consult a doctor, even with mild clinical symptoms.

Valaciclovir (Valtrex)

Antiviral drug Valtrex is a package of 10 and 42 pieces. The tablets consist of 500 mg of Valaciclovir (another form of Acyclovir). This form is better absorbed by the body.

Valtrex is available only in tablet form. In pharmacological forms, this drug is not inferior to Acyclovir, the virus is also suppressed under the action of valacyclovir. However, Valtrex has several advantages:

  • Antiviral Valtrex is better absorbed. Accordingly, positive results should be expected more quickly (5-7 days).
  • More convenient reception - 2 times a day, regardless of the meal.
  • Can be used for prophylactic purposes - 1 tablet per day prevents the transmission of genital herpes to a partner.

As for the price, here acyclovir wins significantly. For a package of 10 tablets will have to pay 900-1300 rubles.

How do antiherpetic pills

Herpes pills are a whole group of remedies that are used to treat an ailment in its different localization. Today there are a lot of them on the pharmacological market, although it is fair to say that not a single modern medicine can completely destroy this virus - this is due to the fact that the pathogen lives inside nerve cells. Therefore, the pills used to help relieve symptoms, reduce the period of the duration of its active phase, as well as prevent the occurrence of relapses. The drugs increase the degree of body resistance, especially if they have an additional parameter - immunomodulating properties.

Taking pills works according to the following scheme:

  • getting into the stomach, they dissolve, and the active ingredient is quickly released, penetrating into the general circulation,
  • then the agent penetrates the affected cells, where it blocks viral replication, that is, it interferes with its ability to multiply and spread through other cells.

This group of products has rather large lists of possible side effects, therefore, they are only taken on prescription.

Types of pills against herpes virus on the lips and body

The main group of drugs for herpes, which has proven efficacy, is relatively small; it includes four nucleosides with similar effects - acyclovir, penciclovir, valacyclovir and famciclovir. The bulk of medicines of all forms has as an active ingredient one of the listed substances. Moreover, the latter for the component are inactive, that is, they are activated only when they enter the digestive tract, where they are transformed into the active form: valacyclovir - into acyclovir, and famciclovir - into penciclovir. All of them block DNA synthesis in a replicating virus, but they do not affect the inactive pathogen.

Depending on the characteristics of the composition, tablets for herpes can be classified not only by the active substance, but also by properties. So, can be used such drugs:

  • the agent can be positioned as a highly targeted antiherpetic (these are Acyclovir, Zovirax, Valtrex),
  • remedy for herpes with an immunomodulatory effect (Anaferon, Galavit, etc.),
  • interferon preparations can also be used, but their ability to suppress the activity of the herpes virus in some specialists is seriously in doubt (Reaferon),
  • pills that stimulate the production of interferon in the patient's body. This action allows you to increase the intensity of the body's immune response to the development of a herpetic pathogen (Arbidol, Lavomax, Cycloferon).

Review of effective drugs

Preparations for dealing with the problem under consideration are diverse, although it is possible to distinguish their groups by the active component, since this component is repeated in many. However, each tool manifests itself as an effective drug, and therefore deserves special attention when choosing the relevant in a particular situation. Therefore, we suggest to get acquainted with the list of the most effective pharmacological products used in the treatment of herpes.

Antiviral drug Valtrex

Antiviral agent based on valaciclovir hydrochloride, is implemented in the form of tablets with an active substance concentration of 500 mg each. This drug is used to treat lesions of the skin and mucous membranes, including genital and labial forms of herpes. After taking the tablets, the active ingredient is quickly sucked out of the digestive tract, and excreted from the body in 6 hours. A big plus of the product is a limited number of contraindications: hypersensitivity to the components and caution in use for severe forms of the human immunodeficiency virus.

Famciclovir latest generation

The drug is available in tablet form and has a substance with the same name as the active ingredient. It is offered to patients in various dosages - 125, 250 and 500 mg. After ingestion, the component is transformed into penciclovir, which is pronounced with respect to the herpes simplex viruses of the first and second types, cytomegalovirus, Epstein-Barr and depriving herpes medicine, against which it is applied. I take the pills inside, regardless of the meal, just drinking clean water. The doctor prescribes a specific dosage, since it depends on the patient's condition and his immune status.

Zovirax medicine for the treatment of herpes

The tool is available in a large number of various pharmacological forms: capsules, tablets, suspension, injection, cream, ointment and eye ointment separately, thus, can be used for external application, and for oral administration. The main component of all forms is acyclovir. Scope of the drug: herpes zoster, simple and genital herpes, both primary and difficult flowing and recurrent. With the help of this product often prevent the development of infection in patients with impaired immune plan.

The effect of this component on the herpes virus is produced by a substance called valacyclovir. It is offered to patients in different dosages in the form of coated tablets. The tool is used as a tool for the treatment of herpes, depriving, and also as a preventive product to prevent the development of herpes and cytomegalovirus. Depending on the situation the person has encountered, a certain dosage is prescribed. So, with herpes simplex, it will be enough to take one tablet (500 mg each) twice a day for 5 days.

Acyclovir tablets

The considered drug has in its composition the same active substance, which ensures its action. Acyclovir has a standard list of antiviral activity: herpes of the first and second type, cytomegalovirus, Epstein-Barr and versicolor. The pattern of influence on cells is also standard - suppression of viral element DNA replication. The regimen is determined by the existing problem. So, with herpes simplex, 200 mg is prescribed (this is one tablet) 5 times a day, but prevention means taking 3 tablets a day for one week. The manufacturer indicates that the best results will be achieved if treatment is started at the first symptoms of the problem.

This tool is an analogue of the previously described drug Famciclovir and has the same active ingredient as well as similar dosages. After penetration into the body, the components of the composition of the medium are transformed and attack the affected cells, suppressing in them the DNA replication of the virus. The dosages and duration of the course are determined individually, but there are general recommendations. So, for example, with a normal level of immunity and taking 1500 mg of a remedy at a time, or by breaking the dose into two doses, you can get rid of the manifestations of labial herpes (what is formed on the lips).

Anaferon is a very popular drug today, as it combines antiviral, immunostimulating, immunomodulating effects, as well as good compatibility with other medicinal products. It is used to treat all types of herpes virus. With the activation of the problem, take 8 tablets per day for the first three days, and after about two more weeks, 4 tablets per day. Prevention of relapse involves the use of only one tablet per day, but for 6 months.

Antiviral tablets produced in 10 and 20 pieces with a dosage of 200 and 400 mg under the names Aciclovir, Acyclovir Acre, Zovirax, Cyclovir, Vivorax and others. Approximate price of the drug 200 mg - 35-60 p., 400 mg - 150-200 p.

It is used against the herpes virus 1 and 2 types of 5-10 days in the standard dosage (800-1000 mg / day) and with an increase in the dose during infection with Zoster (2000 mg / day) and Epstein-Barr. Take the tablets after meals with plenty of water to drink.

The main advantages of Acyclovir:

  1. This is the only drug of this group of drugs, tablets which can be prescribed to pregnant women and children.
  2. The most common and well-known - its effectiveness was confirmed for many years before the development of other means.
  3. Classic Acyclovir (with the exception of that produced by individual firms) is the cheapest and most affordable antiherpetic drug available.

The disadvantages of these pills include only low efficacy in herpes 7 and 8 types and a weak effect on the Epstein-Barr virus. For the treatment of these diseases prescribe other drugs.

Famciclovir (Famvir)

Famvir tablets are available in three doses of Famciclovir - 125, 25 and 500 mg. The package can be 7, 10, 14, 20, 21, 28, 30 and 40 pieces. In the body, the drug is converted not to Acyclovir, as Valtrex, but to Penciclovir. However, its action is aimed at combating the same herpes viruses.

The advantages of this antiviral agent:

  • selective activity (does not affect healthy cells),
  • suppression of acyclovir-resistant herpes strains,
  • improvement in postherpetic neuralgia (after shingles),

The disadvantage of Famvir is the high price. For packing of the drug will have to pay from 1200 to 4500 p., Depending on the number of tablets and brand of manufacturer.

Famciclovir is more often prescribed for herpes type 3 and ophthalmic herpes, as it is most effective against it. The dosage is 250 mg 3 times a day or 500-750 - 2 times during the week or 10 days. With simple herpes (labial or genital), it is enough to take 250 mg thrice 5 days. For relapses are treated with a dosage of 125 mg.

Immunostimulants and immunomodulators

Pharmacists produce a large number of immunity stimulants to force the body to defend itself. Many drugs belong to the latest developments of scientists and have unproven efficacy.

It is not recommended to take such drugs for the treatment of herpes diseases without a prescription, so as not to disrupt the work of the endocrine organs.

Immunologists can treat herpes simplex using powerful stimulants that work as immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory agents.

  • Pills for herpes on the body Galavit prescribed with a strong defeat by the virus of the body. Sublingual tablets contain 25 mg of sodium aminodigidroftalazindione.
  • Once in the body, it affects the activity of phagocytic cells and stimulates the production of endogenous interferons.
  • As a result of treatment of herpes with tablets, phagocytosis is enhanced and non-specific resistance of the organism to infectious diseases is increased.
  • This medicine is prescribed for adults and children from 12 years. The tool is considered non-toxic and in rare cases causes an allergic reaction associated with intolerance to the components.

When herpes pills Amixin often prescribed to stimulate the protective functions of the body. The active ingredient in this drug is tilaxine. Its single dose per tablet can be 60 or 125 mg. Packaging contains from 6 to 20 pieces. The active substance quickly suppresses the activity of the virus and promotes the development of antibodies to the causative agent of the disease. Other drugs are prescribed with Amixin so that the combined treatment will give the best result and prevent relapses.

Treatment in other areas of the body

The herpes virus is found not only in the area of ​​the lips and genitals, it can "go" further on the body - hitting the arms, legs, stomach. In the case of its massive growth can not do without pills. What means are most effective? Dermatologists most often prescribe Acyclovir, these pills are allowed not only for adults, but for children from a year on.

The drug is effective against:

  • herpes formations, scab,
  • itching in the affected places
  • burning sensation.

Analogues of Acyclovir - tablets Zovirax and Virolex. All of them are united by the same active ingredient, the drugs differ in the duration of the course of treatment. These medicines are by far the best in their niche.

One more pill from herpes, whose external signs appeared on the body, is Foscarnet. The medication is based on phosphorus, it has a toxic effect on the virus cells. The drug is intended for adult men and women.

What is fighting

Foscarnet fights not only with the visible symptoms of herpes, the medicine prevents further development of the virus in the body. It is effective against infections of type 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. Good effect give antiviral drugs with immunomodulatory properties.

Their main features are:

  1. symptoms completely pass in a period of 2-3 days,
  2. the likelihood of soon relapse is minimal,
  3. prescribed for men and women of different ages, most drugs are allowed for children from 3 years old,
  4. fight against many signs of herpes - relieve tumors, itching and burning.

The most popular drugs of this group are Kagocel, Arbidol, Cycloferon and Immunal. These medicines can not only suppress herpes infection, but also reduce the likelihood of recurring illness.
All drugs should be selected by a dermatologist on the basis of a complete diagnosis, taking into account the individual characteristics of the patient. Self-medication can be dangerous to health.

How to take medicine in pills?

The range of preformed tablets is very large, and you have to choose according to several criteria. Drugs that include valacyclovir as an inactive form belong to the means of a new generation and are considered safer for humans (although their cost is much more expensive). Regardless of the selected drug, it is worth remembering only one thing - it should be taken in accordance with the recommendations given by the attending physician. Tablets are not always prescribed; a specialist can prescribe them in such situations:

  • primary infection, occurring in severe form, or cases of frequent recurrence of viral activity (usually 3-4 times a year),
  • prevention of the occurrence of herpetic ailments in patients with immunodeficiencies,
  • nonstandard localization of herpetic eruptions.

On average, the therapy lasts for 5 days, and the patient receives about 1000-1200 mg of the active drug component per day divided into several doses. In certain situations, the dosage can be doubled. But It should be noted that each of the drugs has its own characteristics of admission. For example, products based on valaciclovir are usually recommended as a total of 125 mg twice a day for 5 days. Tablets are swallowed whole, just with clean water, usually regardless of the meal.

Any remedy for herpes pills should be taken in doses indicated by the doctor. The specificity of the pills lies precisely in the fact that this means for the treatment of severe forms of herpes. If herpes is not so dangerous as to show it to the doctor, then you need to prescribe the pills to yourself and then you don’t need to drink them.

Conversely, when pills are required, consultation with a specialist is required.

So, herpes pills are sometimes prescribed in the following situations:

  1. Primary infection or recurrence of genital herpes, including in maternity hospitals,
  2. Treatment of herpes zoster,
  3. Preventing herpes virus infections in immunocompromised patients,
  4. Severe herpes on the face with damage to large areas of skin,
  5. Non-standard localization of lesions in case of simple herpes - herpetic stomatitis, felon, sycosis,
  6. And also too frequent recurrences of infections caused by the herpes simplex virus - more often than 3-4 times a year.

Treatment of herpes with acyclovir usually lasts 5 days. During this time, the patient takes the drug every day 200 mg 5-6 times. Возможно увеличение разовой дозы до 400-500 мг при сокращении числа приемов. В тяжелых случаях и при первичных инфекциях врач может продлить курс лечения.

  • Таблетки Валтрекс и Вайрова принимаются при инфекциях, вызванных вирусом простого герпеса, по 2 раза в день на протяжении 5 дней. Дозировка таблеток – по 500 мг. При опоясывающем герпесе дозировка повышается до 1000 мг, а кратность — до трех раз в день, продолжительность лечения — до недели.
  • Famciclovir tablets are prescribed to receive 500 mg 3 times a day for a week with shingles and 125 mg twice a day for 5 days - for herpes simplex viruses.
  • In cases of pregnancy, the presence of renal dysfunction, immunodeficiency states or complicated herpes virus infections in a patient, the doctor prescribes the schedule and duration of taking the pills individually.

Children are prescribed herpes pills only in cases where the disease is life threatening or is likely to lead to disability. Such cases include the treatment of herpes in HIV-positive children, as well as after organ transplantation and upon receipt of immunosuppressants. In other cases, the use of these tools in children is not justified.

The use of interferon inducers and agents with this protein is justified only in cases of severe herpetic infections. The course of antiviral therapy in such situations is sometimes supplemented with Cycloferon, Neovir, and some other drugs. Only a doctor should prescribe them.

Feedback: “When the small bubbles first appeared on the lips, I felt bad. This is herpes, nothing helps from it! I also know that my friends had a child like that, and some kind of very serious one, so he was treated for crazy money for half a year. She went with her to the pediatrician, showed. She calmed me down. He says that this is normal, half of children with herpes go, and severe cases occur only in those who have AIDS. She said that there are medications, she said the names, but somehow she added that there is no particular sense from them, and if the child has normal immunity, then they are not needed. She said that if the next time there are problems, then immediately call her. But a year has passed, even ARVI was twice, and the herpes did not appear. Pah-pah-pah ". Marina, Butovo.

What will definitely help

Definitely useless in the treatment of herpes tablets of the following types:

  1. Antibiotics - they are not active against viruses in general and herpes in particular,
  2. Homeopathic remedies, including Anaferon - many experts believe that their effectiveness does not exceed the effectiveness of a placebo, and no study has confirmed that they allow you to influence the course of herpes,
  3. Any pills based on plant materials - today there is no known herbal preparations that are capable of killing herpes viruses in the body during systemic use (with the exception of Panavir preparations, in which the extract from potato shoots is the active ingredient, but these funds are not produced in the form of tablets).

You should also be careful with the advice to take various immunomodulators. Along with really effective (and very expensive) products of this type, the market today is filled with pacifiers, which cannot affect the course of the disease or the state of the immune system.

Should I drink pills for the prevention of herpes?

First of all, it is necessary to understand that if it would be necessary to prevent herpes with the help of tablet preparations, they would have to be taken continuously. For example, Valtrex for prophylaxis is prescribed to patients with normal immunity in the amount of 500 mg once a day for a year, and patients with immunodeficiency receive 500 mg twice a day without interruption. Similar schemes for taking other pills for the prevention of herpes.

  • Thus, it is impossible to drink away the prophylactic course of herpes remedies for a week or two and be sure that the whole year will be protected from infection.
  • The active ingredients of tablets are rapidly excreted from the body and cease to influence the virus particles that are constantly produced by infected cells (for the same famciclovir, the half-life is 24-48 hours).
  • In order for the body to constantly contain substances that destroy viral particles, the tablets would have to be drunk constantly.
  • And therefore, such prevention is justified almost exclusively for people with immunodeficiency. In other situations, the immune system successfully fights viruses, and in case of “failures” it is quite possible to start an effective treatment in time.

For truly effective and safe prevention of herpes, it is much more important to lead a healthy lifestyle and competently (efficiently) to eat for the natural support of immunity.

Improper prevention

In the matter of preventing herpetic diseases with the help of tablets, it is important to understand that this is advisable only in certain cases. Considering the fact that the virus is not completely destroyed, and the components that combat the reproduction of substances are rapidly removed from the body, the main burden falls on the immune system. Thus, with a normal level of immune protection, the problem may never manifest itself at all, and it does not require drinking antiherpetic drugs. If a malfunction occurs, it is more expedient to undergo a short treatment of the symptoms that have arisen.

  • Manufacturers in the instructions indicate that the pills can be used for prevention, but this approach requires a very long course.
  • So, it is usually either half a year or a year of daily intake of the minimum dose of the drug.
  • Such measures are relevant only for those people who have immunodeficiencies, since their protective system simply cannot resist the reproduction of the virus itself.

Herpes on the lips

Herpes on the lips is quite common. Using the correct and effective pills for herpes on the lips, you can avoid the formation of very painful rashes.

  • Zovirax - used as a treatment and for the prevention of herpetic eruptions.
  • Acyclovir - effective in herpetic eruptions of different localization.
  • Valtrex is effective for genital herpes and on the lips.

Tablets against genital herpes

Genital herpes can affect both men and women of any age. Most often manifested in the external genital organs, in the anus, perineum, mucous membranes of the genital organs.

Before the doctor prescribes treatment, the patient must pass certain tests to determine the form of genital herpes. After that, the patient may be prescribed the following drugs: Acyclovir, Famvir, Valtrex, Epigen-Intim. These drugs are considered the most effective, popular and affordable drugs.

In the treatment of any type of herpes infection, one thing should be understood that only combination therapy will give the best, fast, and reliable result, preventing frequent relapses.