Dispelling myths about the use of nighttime tampons


Many women are afraid to use tampons, believing that it is unsafe for health. Is it so? We asked Elena Vitalievna Uvarova, a gynecologist, a doctor of medical sciences, a professor, a member of the o.b. expert council, to debunk the most common myths about critical days and the use of hygiene products during this period.

Myth 1. Daily use of tampons is unsafe for health. For example, they can block the release of menstrual blood.

Do not worry. The laws of physics, fully confirmed by medical research, indicate that a tampon cannot block the release of menstrual blood. When it is completely soaked, the liquid begins to flow through it or flow around it outside. A well-positioned tampon does not interfere with menstrual flow, ensuring effective absorption. That's why you can use tampons every day on critical days.

Myth 2 Tampons cannot be used at night.

In fact, a tampon is the ideal form of protection at night. Whatever you dream, no matter how you twist, it is always in place and reliably protects against leaks. Unlike pads, the tampon does not wrinkle and does not move, therefore it provides protection in any situation. The size of the tampon is selected depending on the amount of discharge, and not on the time of day.

It should be borne in mind that on the first day of discharge it is more abundant than at the end of menstruation. But all individually.

Myth 3. Tampons adversely affect the bacterial flora of the vagina and harm the vagina or cervix

During menstruation, the pH of the vaginal environment is shifted to the alkaline side due to menstrual flow. In addition, changes in the chemical, hormonal composition of the vaginal environment and in the cells associated with menstruation can actually affect the rate of growth and reproduction of bacteria in the vagina. But scientific studies prove that tampons are not related to these changes.

In addition, numerous clinical studies and many years of experience with tampons show that they do not cause major changes in the vagina or uterus, as these are elastic structures with an incredible ability to adapt.

Myth 4. Tampon can get lost inside

Do not worry: physically it is simply impossible. Even the smallest tampons can not slip into the uterus, because the hole in the neck is too small (usually no more than a pinhead). Also, do not be afraid that the tampon will be too deep. If you follow the instructions for use, the lanyard will always remain outside, you can grab it if the tampon is inside.

Myth 5. The lanyard may come off the tampon.

In the production process, the lanyard is well attached to the absorbent part of the tampon, which reduces the chance of breakage to almost zero. To ensure that the cord is properly attached, pull it in with a strong, sharp movement before insertion. You will be convinced that it is impossible to tear it off.

Myth 6 After pregnancy for a long time can not use tampons

In fact, there are no strict regulations as to when a woman can start using tampons after giving birth. The healing process takes place individually. Since pregnancy and childbirth can cause changes in the intensity of menstrual bleeding, only a doctor can recommend a timeline for the resumption of sexual life and the use of vaginal means, including tampons.

Myth 7. Virgins can't use tampons

This is not true. Girls who have not yet lived sexually can use tampons. In one study related to tampons, two groups of girls participated. In the first group, the girls never had sex life and did not use tampons. In the second, they did not live sexually and used tampons. The study did not reveal significant differences in the state of the hymen in both groups of girls.

In addition, the hymen has a natural opening through which the vaginal secretions and menstrual blood pass. During puberty, it becomes especially elastic, and its edges are easily stretchable. Because of this, inserting and removing a tampon is quite easy and safe. To achieve optimal protection and minimal discomfort, girls should choose small-sized tampons.

Myth 8. Using tampons may cause toxic shock syndrome.

Toxic shock syndrome (TSS) is a very rare disease that affects men, women and children. It should not be afraid, just need to know that it exists. Menstrual toxic shock syndrome occurs with or without tampons. Sensitivity to Staphylococcus aureus (it forms the toxins - the cause of TSS) may vary depending on the phase of the menstrual cycle and changes in the immune system. In special studies it was established that there is no relationship between the use of tampons and the increase in the growth of Staphylococcus aureus. TSS remains a rare disease, its development depends on the specific situation.

Myth 9. During the period of menstruation can not play sports, swim and take a bath

This is probably the biggest misconception. Doing sports and maintaining an active image during menstruation is not only possible but necessary. Slight exercise during critical days is even recommended by doctors. As for swimming and other water procedures, they also should not be abandoned. The main thing is not to overcool and choose the right remedy.

By the way, tampons are the only possible and effective hygienic means when interacting with water, because they absorb blood even in the vagina, and thus they reliably protect against leakage. And, of course, there is no connection between taking a bath and critical days. The main thing is not to overdo it with the temperature of the water and the duration of the procedure.

Popular myths

The use of tampons at night is considered unfavorable due to the prevalence of the following myths:

  1. This means of hygiene with a long stay inside the vagina creates favorable conditions for the reproduction of pathogenic bacteria.

In fact, there are no official studies that would prove that tampons in this regard are more dangerous than pads, which in the same way absorb spotting throughout sleep and can become a breeding ground for pathogenic bacteria.

  1. The tampon will penetrate deep into the genitals, and impossible to extract.

Such assumptions are the result of a lack of awareness of how the female reproductive system works. The cervix is ​​too narrow a channel that is not capable of missing a tampon even in its original size.

  1. The person does not control the movements made in the dream, so there is a risk of taking an incorrect posture, due to which the vagina injuries may occur.

With the introduction of the tampon is tightly covered by the walls of the body, which prevents it from moving freely. Absorbing bleeding, initially a small cylinder of pressed cotton or viscose begins to swell. As a result, the product is fixed even more thoroughly.

  1. This remedy is not sufficiently absorbent, so when using it there is high probability of leakage during sleep.

In order to avoid a similar situation it is necessary to give preference to products of the larger size.

Regarding the latter problem, it should also be noted that during sleep a person moves less actively, so the volume of discharge, as well as the probability of leakage, decreases.

How to choose a tampon at night

Of all the currently existing varieties, special products for sleep are produced only under the name o.b. Thanks to the features of its design, they provide maximum comfort during use.

These tools are more hygroscopic structure. Each product is equipped with special wings of absorbent fibers that collect the liquid and guide it into the central part of the structure. They fit the body of a woman, reducing the likelihood of leakage to almost zero.

This series of tampons is produced under the name o.b. Procomfort night. They are presented in three sizes:

  1. Super Plus Comfort.
  2. Super.
  3. Normal.

The latter option is considered optimal for girls who have not yet begun to have sex.


Using hygiene products in this category should take into account that they may have contraindications. The ban is often due to:

  • the presence of infectious genital diseases, as well as foci of inflammation in the reproductive organs,
  • stay in the postpartum period (until such time as the complete healing of all tissues begins and the natural menstrual cycle is restored),
  • rehabilitation after surgery on the pelvic organs.

In addition, it may appear individual intolerance to the componentsused when making a tampon. And also it is necessary to take into account the possibility of anomalies in the structure of the vagina, which is checked only at the reception at the gynecologist.

Rules for the use of night tampons

To the use of such funds does not bring harm to health, you must follow the rules below:

  • put the product into the vagina before you go to bed,
  • take all hygiene measures prescribed for the standard use of such a product,
  • use only those types of products that are suitable in size and absorbency,
  • remove the tampon immediately after sleep (preferably, the time interval between the moment of introduction and removal of funds was not more than eight hours),
  • in case of heavy discharge, gaskets should be used additionally.

It is necessary to choose a means of hygiene, focusing on their preferences and feelings.


In the absence of contraindications, the use of nighttime tampons during menstruation is considered quite acceptable. About how this option provides personal hygiene for women, she must decide for herself. However, we should not forget that the use of tampons should occur in strict accordance with the instructions and after prior consultation with the gynecologist.

Common Misconceptions

The danger of using this hygienic product at night is due to several reasons:

"Overnight, with this product inside the vagina, a favorable atmosphere can be created for the reproduction of microorganisms."

In fact, this fact is not supported by any official study. Moreover, the same can be said about the use of gaskets. The excreta that remain on their surface all night can become a similarly favorable atmosphere for the activity of pathogenic bacteria.

"We do not control movement in a dream, and the wrong position can cause injury to the vaginal walls or allow a means to penetrate the genitals."

The inserted object is firmly held by the walls of the vagina. As the liquid is absorbed, it increases in size, which contributes to an even better fixation. There are also erroneous opinions that in 8 hours it can get lost inside the genitals. Such rumors are caused by an elementary ignorance of human anatomy: the hole in the cervix is ​​too small and will not let a similar object through.

"The hygienic object will fill up too quickly, and the rest of the blood will flow out."

For use at night you need to choose a larger product. Once it is full, there is indeed a possibility of a small flow, but this can be avoided by placing a daily gasket. By the way, while you sleep, the amount of discharge decreases due to low body activity. Therefore, this problem has a low chance of occurrence.

Tampons for night time

Among the many famous brands, only one produces special night tampons - Ob (Ob). Their structure makes them comfortable to the maximum. The products are more hygroscopic in structure and have special wings that provide additional protection against leakage. The latter are designed for maximum copying of the anatomical shape of the body with the help of absorbent fibers, which quickly collect the liquid and direct it into the interior of the hygiene product.

Ob "ProComfort Night" is presented in the form of absorbing abilities Normal, Super and Super + Comfort. Products tested by gynecologists. Leaving the tampon at night can be completely without fear. Normal size can be used for girls who do not live sexually.

With similar products, the question of whether it is possible to sleep with tampons at night simply disappears. However, it is not necessary to choose the products of Ob for this purpose, because if certain rules are observed, any product will be safe for the woman’s health.

Rules for using the tampon at night

For the correct use of this hygiene product at night there are a number of recommendations that must be followed in order to avoid health problems:

  • it is necessary to insert a tampon immediately before going to bed, while observing all the hygiene rules described in the instruction,
  • it should be used in accordance with the appropriate size and level of absorption,
  • immediately after waking up, it is necessary to remove the used means, it is desirable that this should happen after a maximum of 8 hours,
  • in case of abundant secretions, gaskets should be used additionally, which are most suitable for the amount of liquid.

The selection of the products themselves should be made on the basis of their own preferences Allowed to purchase and conventional products of the appropriate size, and special night tampons.

Learn also about the proper use of pads in the days of menstruation.

The danger of using tampons at night

Most women still prefer not to put on tampons for the night, preferring their pads.

Many of them believe that using this personal hygiene product for the night is harmful and even dangerous to health. The use of tampons in the dark is associated with the following risks:

  • Most gynecologists believe that if a tampon is left inside the body for a whole night, then in this case, as a result of the decomposition of blood absorbed in it, active reproduction of pathogenic bacteria will begin, which can cause inflammatory processes in the internal genital organs. In spite of the fact that no serious research has yet been conducted on this topic. This group of experts, when answering the question whether tampons can be placed at night, will give a negative opinion,
  • For the entire duration of sleep, a complete tampon filling is possible and, as a result, a leakage may occur. In general, this development is unlikely, since at night, our movements are less active and therefore the amount of blood released is significantly reduced.

In general, leaving the tampon all night is not worth it. Especially when it comes to conventional tampons that are intended for use during the daytime. Few know that night tampons also exist, although they are much less common.

Important: the version that a tampon can be lost in a woman’s body during a night's sleep is only a myth. In fact, such a tragedy will not allow the structure of the cervix, which is always tightly closed and does not let anything inside the cavity.

Special night tampons

If we are talking about a specialized means of personal hygiene, designed specifically for this time of day, then these tampons can be used at night. In the Russian market there is only one brand that produces night tampons - Obi. This means of personal hygiene is capable of absorbing a much larger amount of moisture, which is a reliable guarantee against possible leakage.

Also, night tampons are equipped with special wings, designed for their stronger fixation inside the body. They are imperceptible inside, as they repeat all the internal anatomical bends of the female body.

Products designed for use at night are marked with “ProComfort Night”. There are three variants of this product. In the Russian market they can be found by the following notation:

  1. Normal,
  2. Super
  3. Super + Comfort,

Normal products can be used by non-sexually active women. All Obi brand tampons passed all possible gynecological tests and were approved by doctors. That is why they can be used without unnecessary fears.

Instructions for use of tampons at night

To use tampons at night does not harm sensitive women's health, you need to follow a number of simple rules. If you stick to them, usually there are no problems.

So, when using tampons at night, it is advised to do the following:

  • Rinse your hands thoroughly and wash before inserting the tampon.
  • Выбирайте тампоны в соответствии с количеством выделений,
  • После сна тампон следует извлечь. Желательно, чтобы это произошло не позднее, чем через восемь часов,
  • Если все же месячные сильно обильные, то все же в качестве дополнительной защиты лучше всего применять еще и прокладки.

If you follow these easy rules, no health problems should arise. Also, there should be no pollution of bed linen as a result of leakage. Convenience of tampons is indisputable, therefore they and were liked by the majority of women.

🗓 Tampon for the night - for and against

Each representative of the beautiful half of humanity once a month is faced with special days that cause a lot of inconvenience and care in terms of personal hygiene. Menstrual flow is characteristic of all women of childbearing age. For hygienic care on critical days, many tools have been invented. Hygienic tampons used for this purpose have been recognized and especially widespread since the beginning of the 20th century. Their advantage was stealth, combined with comfort and reliability. Since then, on critical days, this hygiene product is used by the weak sex both day and night. But, over time, suspicions began to appear, is it harmful to leave tampons at night, can this lead to health problems? Isn't it better to switch to gaskets?

The horizontal position, taken during sleep, allows menstrual blood on critical days to drain down from the body. If a pad is used to collect it, excretions can pass by this hygiene product, even when using large, bulky products. However, some gaskets are wrinkled or twisted. In this form, they cannot provide protection against leakage.

But most of the women have doubts, it may be worth sacrificing stained laundry if it is a health hazard. Many discussions on this issue are now on the Internet. Opinions expressed buyers, gynecologists, manufacturers. The subject even has acquired some myths.

To figure out where the truth is, which is fiction, you need to more accurately represent the features of these hygiene products and the rules for their use.

The purpose of the tampons

The blood released during menstruation is pushed through the cervix into the vagina. The swab, like a sponge, incorporates all of these secretions. The material of this product is very hygroscopic. Any liquid is easily absorbed by it without residue. Blood is retained in the product until it is removed. This allows you to conveniently and securely collect the secreted during menstruation, do not soil the laundry, the outer part of the genitals, and keep them clean and safe. Thus, tampons, or rather their hygienic variety, are intended only for hygienic purposes. Their task is to help the body, including at night, to get rid of menstrual secretions.

Within a day, it is necessary to change any hygiene product several times. Sometimes you can combine the use of different products. For example, if you use a pad during the day, you can use tampons at night. In other situations, perhaps the best solution would be the choice of products of different sizes at different times of the day. Means for sleep are suitable in a special nightly performance - with increased absorbency and slightly longer. If in doubt, you can try for the night the same product that was used during the day.

All kinds of speculation about the means of hygiene disturb customers of this product. Among the main myths about tampons are the following:

  • these products can not be changed for 8 hours or more,
  • it is harmful to leave a tampon at night
  • these hygiene products can be lost in the body,
  • they can not be removed if the cord is torn,
  • tampons change flora, toxic, irritate the mucous,
  • possible loss of the product
  • these hygiene products do not allow blood to flow from the uterus, blocking its neck,
  • they are contraindicated to use from day to day,
  • products are uncomfortable.

All these assumptions and statements arise because of problems associated with the wrong choice of the type or size of the product, violation of the rules of application, ignoring contraindications.

This hygiene product is designed to absorb any moisture. Therefore, when there is not much discharge, the fibers of the product dry the mucous surface and particles can stick to it. If menstruation comes with abundant and normal secretions, the blood constantly washes the vaginal walls, the hygienic means does not overdry them and does not damage them with its particles.

The blood flowing in critical days, having left the uterus, begins to change. Microorganisms, receiving a nutrient medium in a comfortable, humid and warm conditions, multiply at high speed. In order not to disturb the balance of the body's defenses and prevent the development of pathological microbes, it is necessary to remove the menstrual flow as often as possible. If you "forget" about the tampon and wear it for more than 12 hours - you can put yourself at a very high risk of developing an infection in the body.

Thus, if you choose and apply hygienic products correctly, you cannot get any harm from them.

Selection rules

The first thing you should pay attention to when picking up a hygiene product is the profusion of menstruation. Depending on the amount of discharge, it is necessary to choose one of the sizes of tampons:

  1. Mini - for the most meager discharge. Usually it is used only during the day, as its absorption capacity is very small.
  2. Normal - intended for average monthly volume. Also used mainly by day.
  3. Super - a great choice for heavy menstruation. May be suitable for night use.
  4. Super-plus (or even with the Night prefix) - designed for super-abundant periods, as well as for night use.

Violation of these recommendations can harm a woman. Especially should be careful to use hygienic means with a high absorbency when there is not much blood. Wanting to save on the number of product changes, assuming that a large tampon can be kept longer, the customers of this product are greatly mistaken. Any product should be used only in accordance with the recommendations. The maximum time for which all such hygiene products can be left inside is the same and does not depend on their size. If necessary, tampons can be changed more often, but not less than the instructions prescribed.

In order not to receive irritation of the mucous membrane, it is desirable to use hygiene products from reliable manufacturers. Tampons can be made of cotton or viscose. In the second case, the products may be somewhat aggressive towards the mucous. If they do not fit, it is worth trying cotton option.

The right choice depends on the anatomical features of the woman. Tampons can be used by everyone, regardless of age and weight category. But it is very important to stop in the choice on the size suitable for the specific woman.

Can I use at night

The fact that the use of tampons at night is allowed is known to all. But you can meet the recommendations to refrain from such use of hygiene products. The prerequisites for such a judgment are as follows:

  • hygiene changes should be every 3-4 hours or more often, otherwise decaying blood and breeding bacteria become dangerous for the body,
  • from night use of tampons there is a toxic shock.

A tampon left overnight is considered to be the cause of irritation of the inner surface of the genitals, the development of diseases. There are cases of the onset of toxic shock syndrome from the use of these hygiene products. One of them is when the tampon was “forgotten” for 24 hours. In another situation, shock came after the first hour of using the product.

If you follow all the recommendations, the harm is practically excluded. Hygienic procedures before and after the nightly use of tampons, changing products one hour after awakening allow you to avoid a possible negative. Pathogenic bacteria die in sterile conditions, so the main thing is to keep clean.

The presence of toxic shock does not depend on the duration of the tampon inside. This is an individual reaction of a specific, specific organism. In such situations, you can try to find a different hygienic means.

Opinion gynecologists

Opinions of medical specialists are divided. Some of them speak out against keeping the tampon inside all night. But it depends on the case.

Indeed, every woman is unique. Consultation with a gynecologist will allow you to protect yourself from possible negative consequences. He will take into account the characteristics of the body who applied and will tell you if there are any contraindications for the use of tampons in general. You can also consult with him if you can use tampons at night.

In general, gynecologists leave this question to the woman’s discretion, the main thing is that she should be healthy and hygienic means be convenient for her.

Common Myths

Of all the prejudices about tampons, two stand out, the most frightening.

The first - tampons prevent the flow of menstrual blood. Completely erroneous opinion, which is easily refuted by anyone who is at least a little familiar with the basics of physiology. Cotton wool is used for the production of such hygiene products. Even being tightly compressed, it can in no way prevent the outflow of blood from the uterus, as it only absorbs secretions. When the cotton is soaked completely, the blood will simply crush the tampon, flowing out.

The second myth - these hygiene products contribute to the development of pathogenic bacteria. This is partly true, but only under the condition that hygiene products are not replaced in time, that is, they are in the vagina for more than 6 hours during the day or 8 at night, although a delay of 1-2 hours will not be too critical. If you follow the rules for their use, there is no risk to health. Including when using at night.

You can use tampons

And this is a fact confirmed by many gynecologists. Indeed, why not? It is more convenient than the use of gaskets, even special "night". Nothing shifts, does not deform, does not interfere, you can sleep peacefully, knowing that in the morning the bed will be clean. A tampon for the night is convenient and effective. And most importantly - completely safe if you know some of the rules for its use. By following them, a woman can safely use tampons without worrying about her health.

Several selection rules

Every woman should choose hygienic products based on the characteristics of her menstruation, such as the duration and profusion of bleeding. The second indicator is especially important - the type of tampon depends on the amount of discharge (Normal, Super and Super Plus).

It is clear that for poor bleeding it is worth choosing “Normal” night tampons, and if there is a lot of blood, then it is better to use the “Super Plus” category. The use of Super Plus tampons is not recommended if Normal or Super are needed.

The reason is simple: for the recommended time of use, the fibers will not have time to get soaked in blood. As a result, the tampon, being dry, may stick to the vaginal wall, causing discomfort. Well, you should not use such tools longer than the recommended time, as this may contribute to the reproduction of pathogenic bacteria in the vagina. By the way, any tampons are recommended to be changed every 4–6 hours.

The type of products must be chosen, and proceeding from the physiological characteristics of a woman, Normal means are recommended for virgins, since they are smaller in size and, if used properly, do not damage the hymen. If the bleeding is abundant, then you need to change the tampon more often, but do not use large sizes. At night, the tampon is selected according to the same rules.

If we talk about the choice of specific brands, then among all manufacturers only “Obi” produce exactly night tampons. Such "Ob", in addition to increased hygroscopicity, have small wings, which additionally protect against leakage. But, in principle, it is not necessary to buy exactly “Obi” - if you choose the right one, then any tampon can be used for the night.

Contraindications to use

Yes, there are contraindications to these hygiene products. These are individual features of the body structure, the period after childbirth (the first two periods are recommended to use pads). In some cases, a contraindication may be a disease of the internal genital organs, including infectious - in this case, the entire period of treatment should avoid introducing something into the vagina.

The exception is a medical gynecological swab, for example, garlic remedies, which are used to treat thrush, inflammatory diseases of the vagina. But garlic, like other means of traditional medicine, pharmaceuticals, should be used exclusively by doctor's prescription.

Natalia Evgenievna Pokhodilova

Psychologist, Kinesiologist Online consultant. Specialist from the website

Well, I definitely would not.

You can if you know for sure that at night no one prisunet you without pale, or else you have to pull a tampon from the throat with a rope :)

No, take him home

No, take him home

if you have not heavy discharge (end of menstruation, for example), then you can. but just do not more than 8 hours, it should be a maximum!

Yes you can. I was standing for 10-12 hours, normally.

Can I put a tampon at night

With a tampon, you can sleep at night, but this requires the correct selection of hygienic means, given its absorbing abilities. There are opinions that using a tampon at night is harmful, but they are incorrect.

Many women are sure that leaving tampons for the night, they create a favorable environment for the reproduction of pathogenic microflora. However, this statement is not supported by any medical research.

Also, some of the fair sex believe that in a dream a person is not able to control their movements, which can cause the tampon to go inside the uterus or get lost in the vagina. This is not true, since during the filling of the product with menstrual flow it increases in size and is fixed by the vaginal walls, moreover, the opening in the cervix is ​​so small that it is not able to miss the tampon.

The opinion that it is impractical to use such hygiene products at night due to their quick filling and increasing the risk of leakage is also erroneous. If you follow all the rules of using tampons, this will not happen:

  1. Leaving products for the night can only be those that differ in large size.
  2. It is recommended to choose feminine hygiene products intended for use at night. Currently, these are only produced by Ob.
  3. The woman should not have an allergic reaction to the materials from which the tampons are made. To do this, you need to test the product for a short time, to observe the reaction of your body. If itching or burning occurs at this time, such hygiene products should not be used, and even more so should not be left overnight.
  4. If a woman uses daily hygiene supplies at night, she should adhere to the tampon change schedule, otherwise the risk of leakage increases significantly.

When a night-time product is used, the likelihood of leakage is small, but it can occur on days of heavy discharge. To eliminate such a nuisance, it is recommended to additionally apply daily pads.

Which tampon to use at night

Hygiene products for use at night are only available from Ob. You can find them by name: Pro Comfort Night. Such products are presented in 3 variations:

Their structure allows you to comfortably use hygiene items at night:

  • the structure of the product is hygroscopic,
  • the tool is equipped with wings that protect against leakage,
  • The recommended shift period is set within 8 hours.

Wings of night means are necessary for fast absorption of moisture and its direction inside the product. For girls who do not live sexually, it is recommended to give preference to the size of Normal.

For more information about what kind of tampons, you can learn from our article on the site.

Why tampon is advised to change every 3 hours

Different types of such products require a change after a certain number of hours, which makes them difficult to use at night: daily hygiene products are recommended to be changed every 4 or 3 hours, nightly ones can be left in the vagina for up to 8 hours. Such restrictions are caused by the absorbency of the tampons.

Introduced material is filled with menstrual blood, directing it to the center of the product for subsequent retention. Daily means absorb discharges much faster at night, therefore, to eliminate the risk of leakage, it is recommended to change them every 3–4 hours.

If the monthly period is already running out, the amount of discharge has decreased to a minimum, and the product does not have time to fill with blood during this period, doctors also recommend replacing the item after the time allotted for its use has passed.

This is due to the fact that, in addition to blood, the fluid supporting the mucous membrane in a moist state is released in the vagina. The injected material begins to absorb all the moisture, because of which the mucous membrane is dried, and pieces of fiber can stick to it.

Therefore, putting a daily tampon at night during the end of menstruation, it is necessary to consider the likelihood of discomfort during its removal or the development of the inflammatory process due to damage to the integrity of the mucous membrane.

Более подробно о том, почему больно вставлять и вытаскивать тампон, читайте в дополнительной статье на нашем сайте. Скорее всего, не соблюдается техника введения гигиенического средства.

Еще одна причина, из-за которой не рекомендуется ночевать с дневным гигиеническим изделием, связана с тем, что выделяемая кровь, оказавшись во влагалище, начинает видоизменяться, формируя благоприятную среду для размножения патогенной микрофлоры. therefore the use of tampons at night when menstruation can be harmful: if you put one remedy for more than 10–12 hours, the likelihood of infection increases.

Pros and cons of tampons

Women who have used these hygiene items at least once during their menstruation, highlight the pros and cons of using them. Among the advantages:

  • external and internal invisibility: no discomfort with proper placement, the ability to wear tight clothes,
  • reliable protection against leakage: with heavy discharge, super tampons help avoid stains on clothes and underwear,
  • no unpleasant smell of menstrual blood,
  • comfort when used correctly, allowing you to lead an active lifestyle, including swimming, fitness, the possibility of taking a bath.

In addition to the advantages, some are wondering whether tampons are harmful not only at night, but also during the day. In this case, there are the following disadvantages:

  • at the first application it is difficult to correctly place the tampon in the vagina, for some time there will be a feeling of its presence,
  • there may be a feeling of discomfort when removing an insufficiently soaked product,
  • with diseases of the urogenital system, accompanied by inflammation, this tool can not be used,
  • in the case of very strong discharge increases the likelihood of rapid filling of the material, flow,
  • With long-term use of a single object, an infection may develop, the vaginal microflora may be disturbed,
  • some women claim that frequent use of these hygiene products will increase the duration of menstruation.

There are contraindications to the use of this hygiene product. You cannot insert a tampon:

  • in the presence of infections and inflammation of the urinary organs,
  • in the postpartum period until the complete healing of the skin, restoration of the natural menstrual cycle,
  • during rehabilitation after surgery on the pelvic organs.

Among the contraindications to the use of tampons at night may be the individual features of the structure of the woman’s body. To determine the safety of such funds can be at the reception at the gynecologist. Also, this doctor will provide information about the rules for the use of products in the dark, based on the individual characteristics of the organism. Recommendations for their use help to preserve the health of the woman, as well as provide comfort and protection during menstruation.

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C'mon, I always leave. It happens more than 8 hours and nothing terrible.

If not the height, the selection is not so abundant, then it is possible. And in 1-2 days it is not necessary, it can leak.

I use two at night for 1-2 days .. among the nights I wake up and change .. and what do-sleep with gaskets unpleasant, they are sticky ..
or as an option - one tampon and for secure-laying.

Blood begins to decompose after 2 hours. Inside arrange a repository of rotting flesh.

Well, I always leave and everything is OK.

all my life I use only tampons. and for the day. and for the night. all OK.

Fu, tampons should be changed every 4 hours. How can you walk with him for 8? when you get sick, then think what for it kept him the whole night.

No, take him home

do not want thrush - do not leave

every girl faces thrush, you can’t roughly avoid her, and the tampon doesn’t affect her either ..

can! pads is fuu!

Well, in general, you can use tampons, but at night everybody needs to get up and change, you do not want any bacteria in your body to curl)

I wanted to get bad, after an hour I started nachel zadahatsya tachnit stalemate removed spruce how can you pachemu

I really do not advise! I have never had any problems with gynecology, and as one month I tried tampons at night, I immediately found an infection. I am treated here, I have to postpone the long-awaited pregnancy :(

Well, leave the gasket overnight. And nothing. I watched the program in which the gynecologist said that you need to set the alarm and change the pads at night. That's it

do not want thrush - do not leave [/ quote
It never happened. With tampons 20 years

You are sick here all over the head.

Sure you may. All my life I put and 10 hours and more happens. And nothing. All OK! What kind of nonsense for 8 hours? Possible and more! Do not listen to anyone put and do not worry.

I wanted to get bad, after an hour I started nachel zadahatsya tachnit stalemate removed spruce how can you pachemu

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I personally use tampons extremely rarely, because at the price they are much more expensive than gaskets.

But when in the summer the beach season and you want to sunbathe, they help me very much.

  • Gynecologists recommend using tampons for the night, but I use gaskets for the night because it is cheaper.
  • Well, there is one small but important nuance, tampons need to be changed every 3-4 hours, and we sleep longer.

In the early days, when menstruation is very abundant, you can use it, but when not, from my point of view, it is better to do without them.

It turns out that when a tampon is long inside, it is very harmful, because the temperature inside is higher and is very hygienic.

So if you are ready to get up and change a tampon 2-3 times at night, then you can use it, if not, then of course laying is better.