Sex life during menopause: Does the desire to have sex disappear?


For many women, the word menopause sounds like a sentence. They automatically record themselves as old women and cease to enjoy life. Intimate communication is an essential element of every full-fledged life, and the onset of menopause is not a reason to deny yourself such joy. However, having sex with menopause will need to be somewhat different.

Sex and menopause period

There is an erroneous opinion that in the period of menopause a woman loses sex drive. It's not like that at all. For many, it only increases, and the desire to experience regularly intimate closeness flares up with a new force.

If the sexual desire during menopause is still reduced, this suggests that estrogen has fallen seriously - the main female hormone of the reproductive system.

A psychological role also plays a significant role in this issue. After 45 years, a woman may suddenly think that she is no longer young and not as beautiful as before. This is due to the natural processes that the body undergoes during menopause. This is the appearance of some fatness, poor health, hair loss, deterioration of the skin, chest sagging, forms are not so seductive as before, and much more.

Some women generally have a stereotype that having sex is only for the young, and it is indecent and inappropriate for the grandparents to do this, and having sex with climax is something shameful. Anyway, for couples who live together for a long time, sex becomes not a holiday and enjoying each other, but a real routine.

However, sexual desire does not disappear abruptly and by itself. If we pay attention to this question in time, then the process is completely reversible in the direction a woman needs, and you will not have to give up sex life after menopause.

What you need to pay attention during menopause?

Most often, intimate life during the menopause period collapses because a woman feels physically ill, and having sex with menopause, she does not always have enough strength. In addition, there is dry mucous membranes, including the vagina, which also significantly undermines a woman's confidence in herself and her attractiveness. Intimate life is becoming less and less, because during sexual intercourse a woman is in pain. However, not everyone knows that this problem is solved.

Do not deny yourself in an intimate life with menopause, but in order for sex to bring real pleasure, and for it to be wanted, you need to follow some rules:

  1. Drink plenty of water. Water is the most important component of the human body, which contributes, among other things, to the release of lubricant from the vaginal area.
  2. Take a vitamin-mineral complex with a high content of vitamin E, since it is this vitamin that is responsible for the production of the hormone estrogen.
  3. Use herbal remedies specifically for menopause. They contribute to increased production of sex hormones and the normalization of sexual desire.
  4. Try to remove bad habits from your life once and for all. They will only worsen the condition of the mucous membranes and the appearance of women in general. With such a woman is unlikely to want to go to bed.

Attention! Refusing sex with menopause is not worth it, since sex is an excellent warm-up for the body, in which all organs are involved. And if it is abandoned altogether, then the vagina will stop producing lubricant. The same applies to men. Without regular sexual activity, erection disappears.

Why do you need to have sex during menopause?

It goes without saying that making love through power and without a corresponding desire will not give anyone pleasure, and the woman should decide for herself whether she needs sex at all, and if so, how often she will be engaged in it. However, every beautiful woman should keep in mind that regular and truly high-quality intimate life is a source of not only good mood, but also health. This is a real way to prolong youth and avoid some diseases that are at risk during menopause.

By the way, during a climax, you can and should experience an orgasm, and most often it happens, as the frames, barriers and complexes that could have prevented this in their youth, disappear.

Why you should not deny yourself sex during menopause?

  1. Regular sex affects the production of endorphin and serotonin, and these hormones can significantly improve the well-being of women. Of course, they will not return to the previous level, but the result will be noticeable.
  2. Signs of menopause disappear, and this is especially true for hot flashes, insomnia, and night sweats. Having sex helps you feel much better.
  3. Muscles are tightened, the skin becomes firmer and younger.
  4. Circulation is improving, including in the genital area of ​​those who regularly have sex.
  5. Stop bothering the pain in the abdomen, which is characteristic of some women during menopause, if the woman at least occasionally has sex.
  6. The woman’s mental attitude improves, apathy and depression disappear, self-esteem rises. That is, the quality of the influence of sex in menopause on female psychology is the most positive.

Do menopause need to be protected?

Menopause occurs when a woman's reproductive function disappears completely. If this happens, then according to the logic of things, it is no longer necessary to protect oneself, since there is no need for this: the eggs are still not produced, and the conception of a new life is not possible.

All this is exactly what happens, but rarely in which woman's periods end one day, once and for all. There is a certain period in which they can still return. That is, the egg matures, ready for fertilization.

Therefore, while the initial phase of menopause lasts, at which the menstrual periods have not yet stopped, although they are unstable, it is still necessary to protect themselves from unwanted pregnancy during sexual activity. That is, until a year has passed since the last menstruation, the probability of getting pregnant is, and she is rather big.

What methods of protection from unwanted pregnancy are optimal during menopause?

In the period of menopause, not all methods and means of protection are suitable, even if you used them very successfully before. Also, do not choose a contraceptive yourself, consult a doctor, even if you have a lot of experience in this matter.

Which method of contraception can no longer be used is a calendar one. Such a method is simply impossible for the climacteric period because the menstrual periods are irregular, and it is almost impossible to calculate the dates of their arrival. Already, therefore, this method can be considered insolvent.

If you come to an appointment with a gynecologist and ask him to help with the choice of means of protection, he will be able to offer you the following:

  1. Oral contraceptives. This drug contains substances that do not allow the egg to connect with the sperm when the semen enters the vagina, which is why conception when taking such drugs is impossible. In addition to getting rid of unwanted pregnancy, oral contraception prevents the growth of the endometrium and the occurrence of uterine bleeding. As for the contraindications to the reception of these funds, they are. Oral contraception is contraindicated in women who suffer from diabetes, as well as chronic hypertensive patients.
  2. Intrauterine device. Protection during menopause using such a helix is ​​convenient and safe. The helix provides both the effect of contraception, and contributes to the normal functioning of the endometrium, prevents its growth. For those who have very heavy flow during their periods, the helix is ​​also shown because it helps to make this flow less voluminous.
  3. Barrier contraception. The condom is suitable for those who can not decide on the choice of contraceptive method and for those who do not want to constantly drink pills. The advantage of a condom is that you do not need a doctor’s consultation to use it. This method of contraception is convenient for both partners, and you can buy condoms literally at every corner. The condom reliably protects against genital infections in menopause, protects the vagina from small cracks, scratches and other mechanical damage. In addition, each condom on the surface contains a certain amount of lubricant, which is also not superfluous during menopause. It helps a woman if she has little natural lubrication.
  4. Surgical method. In order not to protect themselves and not to spend money on contraception, many women decide on a rather radical method and agree to the operation of dressing the fallopian tubes, which leads to the complete absence of pregnancy for the rest of their lives. This method is reliable for women in menopause, but it is stressful for the body, since the operation is performed under general anesthesia, and during menopause, it is better to save your body from this kind of unnecessary stress. Such an operation is contraindicated for those who have heart problems, hypertensive patients, diabetics.

Thus, the problem of how to have sex with menopause is completely solvable. Do not drive yourself into some kind of non-existent framework, and deny yourself the pleasure, especially if you want sex. However, even in the period of menopause, sex must be dealt with wisely: not to change sexual partners like gloves, to observe hygiene of the intimate sphere, to be protected, since conception is still possible in menopause.

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