The secret of the monks? Recipe and rules for the use of the monastery collection of Father George


Monastery collection of Father George, the composition of 16 herbs - a universal tool used to treat various diseases, improve vitality. The drug is recommended for women, men of any age, children. It has a pleasant taste, it is allowed to drink, like regular tea with added sugar, honey.

Basis Monastic collection of father George - medicinal plants with different healing properties. The recipe was selected for a long time by a priest from Kuban, who calls himself Father George. Herbs are well known to all, grow in our area. But the correct combination of them allowed us to get a unique result. Decoction helps cleanse the body, strengthens strength, adds energy, helps to cope with chronic fatigue, malaise.

There is another belief that the priest's monastic decoction also works because it is prepared on the territory of the sacred temple, absorbs healing energy, and is pre-programmed for the person to recover. For example, a similar collection of pharmaceutical flowers collected will not give as solid a result as Father George’s decoction.


  1. Immortelle. A powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, choleretic agent. It improves the functioning of the digestive system, liver, gallbladder, removes toxins and slags. Immortelle helps to cope with worms, dysbiosis, chronic fatigue, impaired stool, symptoms of intoxication. It improves blood circulation, cleans blood vessels, lowers cholesterol levels. Due to this property, it eliminates stagnant processes, improves the work of almost all systems, organs.
  2. Sage. As part of almost the entire periodic table. A lot of micro, macronutrients, vitamins, acids, tannins. Acts on the body comprehensive. Drink for any diseases, pathologically weak immunity. Natural antibiotics kill pathogens, increase protective functions. Strengthens the heart, blood vessels, normalizes blood pressure, stops inflammation.
  3. Yarrow It has choleretic properties, facilitates the work of the digestive tract, normalizes the intestinal microflora. It is actively used in gastritis with low acidity. The herb stimulates metabolic processes, improves muscle tone, promotes tissue regeneration, and has rejuvenating properties. Women are often used in skin diseases, acne and acne rashes. A decoction treats diseases of the throat, nose, and lungs. Used for pneumonia, tuberculosis, protracted cough. Facilitates the excretion of sputum, kills pathogens.
  4. The moth swamp. It has a pronounced anti-inflammatory, anti-edematous, antitumor property. Used for the treatment of cancer. Grass stops cell mutation, prevents tumor growth, stops growth. Used to treat female diseases of an inflammatory nature.
  5. Bearberry Natural antioxidant, antibiotic. Cleans the body from disease-causing fungi, bacteria. Normalizes the intestinal microflora, vagina. Rejuvenates, stimulates cell renewal, tissue regeneration. Heals wounds, sores. It is used for inflammation of the bladder, gall, kidney, liver pathologies.
  6. Linden. Flowers with a pleasant smell of honey are a strong anti-inflammatory agent. Used for diseases of the throat, nose, lungs, respiratory tract. Help to cope with the flu and its complications. Lipa treats inflammation of the digestive organs, genital, urinary. It activates the production of insulin, cleans the blood. An indispensable tool for diabetes, heart disease.
  7. Buckthorn. Contains a huge amount of iodine, phosphorus. It is actively used for endocrine system pathologies, hormonal disorders. Normalizes the work of the digestive tract, strengthens the immune system, increases energy potential, copes with chronic fatigue, treats ulcers, erosion.
  8. A succession. Heals wounds, stops allergies, cleanses the skin from rashes, inflammation. Improves blood microcirculation, eliminates stagnant processes, removes toxins. Used in diseases of the adrenal glands. Stops the development of a tumor, prevents the formation of cysts, erosion, women are also recommended for uterine myoma.
  9. Motherwort. With pronounced sedative property. The herb normalizes the nervous system, relieves muscle spasm, relieves pain. Used with colic in the stomach, kidneys, gall bladder. Motherwort helps to cope with impotence in men associated with impaired blood circulation in the pelvic organs. Treats insomnia, restores psycho-emotional state.
  10. Rosehip Choleretic agent, immunostimulant, antioxidant. As part of a huge amount of vitamin C, which helps to cope with viruses, fungi, inflammation. Increases the protective functions of the body, stimulates the flow of bile, eliminates heartburn with low acidity, regulates the liver, improves appetite, digestion.
  11. Chamomile. Universal remedy with a mass of useful qualities. Soothing, healing, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, disinfecting, rejuvenating, disinfecting. It is actively used in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, colds, intestinal infections, nervous tension, insomnia, diseases of the genital organs. It has no contraindications, it is allowed to use children from birth.
  12. Cat's paw. It has an effect on the circulatory system - cleanses the blood, strengthens blood vessels, eliminates stagnant processes. Interferes with the formation of blood clots .. It has an antitumor property, it is used for the prevention, treatment of oncological diseases, neoplasms of different etymologies. The herb has antispasmodic, analgesic properties. It is recommended for diseases of the heart, circulatory system.
  13. Birch buds. Strengthens the immune system, enhances the protective functions of the body. It is used for kidney and gallbladder diseases. Cleans toxins, harmful substances, increases energy potential, normalizes liver function. Helps to overcome stress, depression.
  14. Sagebrush. Universal remedy with antimicrobial, antifungal, antiparasitic properties. The herb improves the functioning of the liver, gallbladder, pancreas, eliminates intestinal dysbacteriosis. Used to treat gastritis, gastroduodenitis, stimulates the flow of bile.
  15. Nettle. Affects blood circulation, increases hemoglobin levels. Used for uterine bleeding, heavy menstruation, hemorrhoids, internal bleeding wounds. It has anti-inflammatory, analgesic effect. Eliminates vitamin C deficiency, strengthens the immune system.
  16. Thyme. Expands blood vessels, normalizes blood pressure, eliminates headache, weakness, malaise. Copes with chronic fatigue, helps to cope with the effects of various diseases, pain relief, relieves muscle spasm. Prevents, stops the development of a tumor, stimulates tissue regeneration, cell renewal.

The monastery collection of Father George is used for the prevention of diseases, the treatment of various ailments, and also simply to increase the energy potential.


Natural remedy recommends to women, men of different ages, as well as children from 12 years. It has no contraindications, except for individual intolerance to the components. Manifested allergic skin rashes, deterioration of general well-being. It is extremely rare. Overdosing is not possible if the instructions are followed; there are no side effects as such. However, care should be taken about the time of pregnancy, breastfeeding. It is advisable to first consult with experts.

Indications for use

The monastic collection of Father George is used for any diseases of internal organs, systems, as well as to strengthen the immune system, increase energy potential.

  • Colds, viral diseases,
  • Headache,
  • Diseases of the digestive tract, liver, kidney, gallbladder,
  • Disruption of the nervous system,
  • Hormonal disbalance,
  • Climax,
  • Premenstrual syndrome,
  • Bleeding,
  • Pathologies of the heart, blood vessels,
  • Violation of the monthly cycle,
  • Dizziness, weakness,
  • Reducing the protective functions of the body,
  • Oncology,
  • Benign tumor
  • Female diseases
  • Pathology of the musculoskeletal system,
  • Dermatological diseases,
  • Avitaminosis,
  • Diabetes,
  • Phlebeurysm,
  • Cystitis and more.

It is recommended for insomnia, chronic fatigue, emotional instability, heavy physical exertion.

How to make a monastic collection of Father George

The application instruction is extremely simple, but requires strict adherence. Pour a tablespoon of the collection of 500 ml of boiling water, cover with a lid, leave to infuse for half an hour. Dishes should be glass or clay. Do not cook herbs on the stove, because their useful properties are lost. It is advisable to put a decoction to insist away from direct sunlight. Thermos can be used. Cooking proceed in the evening. In the morning you can already drink ready-made medicine.

The broth is saturated, so it is allowed to dilute with boiled water. If you drink a glass, boiling water is added to 1/3 part. If there is no time for long preparation, the process can be accelerated. Pour boiling water over the grass, leave for 5 minutes. in this case only 200 ml is prepared, it is not further diluted.

To use the monastery collection of Father George should be warm after meals. 500 ml of funds divided into 3-4 doses. Every day you need to brew fresh broth, so it will be more good. The course of therapy depends on the complexity of the disease, but not less than 14 days. The maximum term is 3 months with a short break every 10 days for 2 days. To enhance the effect, the priest recommends initially reading the prayer of Our Father or another.

How to cook yourself

There is nothing complicated about it. All herbs are sold in pharmacies. Mixed in approximately equal proportions. For the best effect, the collection of herbs should be further crushed. The cost of each individual tea is on average 70 rubles. To collect the full composition of the collection of Father George, will have to pay 1120 rubles. In this case, the packaging of the finished product 50 mg costs from 700 rubles. up to 1000 rubles If you wish, you can prepare a healing tool yourself.

However, product distributors emphasize that the collection collected on the territory of the monastery has special healing properties. That is, in this case, energy is also important. Of course, you can do so — make tea, read prayers over it, or go to church to consecrate. To make or buy is an individual decision.

Can children drink it

In the official instructions of the Monastery collection of Father George there is an age limit of up to 12 years. In this case, manufacturers are reinsured once again. As individual intolerance to one of the components may occur. Moreover, in childhood there is not a large number of chronic diseases that need to be dealt with, everything is in order with the energy potential. However, with frequent respiratory diseases, pathologically weak immunity, a natural remedy is allowed, but not more than 200 ml per day. The maximum course of therapy is one month.


A child, 5 years old, began to get sick very often. At first it was an anal cold with a runny nose, cough, no fever. Then everything turned into bronchitis, then purulent otitis. Were treated for about two months. We went to kindergarten, a week later, cough, throat, snot again. They did not have time to recover from this, they got infected with the flu. As a complication - purulent otitis. It lasted about a year. My strength was gone. I bought the monastery collection of Father George for myself and the child. They drank with him in parallel for a whole month, only he was given 1 glass per day. As a result, the son stopped being ill, the immunity strengthened. I also felt better, chronic fatigue passed, my nerves calmed down, my digestion was in tune.

Irina, Moscow

Can I use pregnant

After conception, hormonal changes are observed, which lead to a weakening of the immune system. In the first months of pregnancy, a woman experiences symptoms of intoxication, and in the latter, she suffers from heartburn, constipation, and digestive problems begin. The herbs that make up the collection, affect the circulatory system, can help to increase the tone of the uterus, changes in blood pressure. Therefore, you need to use the tool with extreme caution, under control. If after 200 ml of broth the state of health worsens, further treatment is not worth it. There is no need to drink Monastic collection, if the pregnancy proceeds well, the woman feels satisfactory.


Being pregnant, began to get sick often. First there were symptoms of a cold at the end of the summer, then she fell ill all autumn. Nose laid so that she could not breathe. I was not allowed to take medications properly. Insisted on safe means, national treatment. I chose for myself Monastic collection. I liked the name. Began to drink. Means pleasant to the taste, is drunk, as usual tea. Per day 500 ml, according to the instructions. She noticed that she felt much better, until the end of her pregnancy - 6 months, she was not sick. In the last trimester, I suffered from heartburn, tried to drink again, but this time the potion did not help.

Tatiana, St. Petersburg

Efficiency according to reviews


“Problems with the stomach began with 20 years. By 30 there were already several chronic diseases - gastritis, sinusitis, osteochondrosis of the cervical region. Periodically decreased pressure, headache, tortured heartburn, increased acidity, violation of the chair. Plus, she started to get sick with colds often, and after them sinusitis worsened. Some kind of vicious circle. I did not have time to cure one, something else appeared. Then he discovered inflammation of the uterus. It was treated, as expected, a bunch of medicines, antibiotics, no sense. They advised me to strengthen my immunity, and everything else would follow. I bought the monastery collection of Father George, to immediately from all ills. As a result, she began to feel better, inflammation passed, she did not get sick with sinusitis in the autumn, gastritis did not let itself be felt for half a year. The head stopped spinning, not so often sick. Saw means month, but every day. "


“I decided to strengthen the immune system, improve my health, clean the body in spring. Long chose what to buy, chose the collection of Father George. Tea smells good, cooks quickly. It is not necessary to keep half an hour, enough to brew for 5 minutes. Immediately I felt some kind of lightness, my stomach stopped pressing, my appetite improved, my stomach stopped rumbling. A week later, the head cleared, more energy appeared, increased working capacity. Saw hard for 14 days, then began to take short breaks, but did not throw the treatment completely. As a result, in 2 months I became much lighter, better, calmer, chronic fatigue passed. ”


“This remedy appealed for help in violation of the monthly cycle. The whole year was hard for me. Often the children were ill, herself, then the husband was operated, family quarrels, nerves, great emotional, mental, physical exertion. Simply the body was exhausted. Monthly passed only 1 day, just anointed. In the next cycle did not appear at all. I waited a month. I went to the reception, I was advised to drink hormones. I always have strong side effects from them. Accidentally stumbled upon an advertisement of the Monastery collection, decided to buy. After a week of taking menstruation. And after it there was no weakness, malaise, as it was lately. Gradually the state of the nervous system improved, I began to sleep normally. No headache, increased efficiency. "


“Herbs became better treated after treating gastritis with medicines, but they did not help. Then he drank a course of antibiotics for antritis, a month later he fell ill again, and this time Chlorophyllipt helped me. After these cases, began to carefully study the action, the properties of herbs. At one time I bought a collection for the treatment of the stomach and intestines. It became easier in just a couple of days. Gradually came to the purchase of the monastery collection father George. I treated them all - the stomach, head, back, genitals, weak immunity. The result becomes noticeable after. When you notice that your head has ceased to hurt, there is no chronic fatigue, you are not disturbed by a runny nose and other troubles. ”


“Took with menopause. Menopause experienced hard. The stomach ached, the intestines, the head, the weak state tortured, insomnia, irritability, of course, hot flashes. About hormones it did not go, it was necessary to buy phytopreparations. It was a long time to decide which means to choose. All of them are expensive. Then she found a site where they advertised the collection of Father George. I decided to try it. Especially. That the effect of some herbs had to experience myself before. After 2 weeks of therapy, I felt better. She stopped hurting her head, her digestion improved. Chronic fatigue, weakness has passed, she began to sleep better. "


“The broth helped me to normalize the hormonal background.The cycle was broken, I felt bad, digestive problems appeared, my stomach rumbled, my stomach sank, the discharge was yellowish. I went to the gynecologist, in principle, everything was fine, no special treatment was prescribed. I decided to drink weed, bought Monastyrsky collection. My condition improved after a week, in the next cycle my periods came as expected. Increased sexual desire, sensations during sex. And painful feelings passed. ”

Why is it important to correctly accept the monastery collection of Father George?

The therapeutic effect of tea is affected the correctness of its preparation and frequency of use. If you do not comply with the proportions of herbs, you get a completely different means, the use of which does not bring the desired effect.

If you drink tea less oftenthan what is written in the instructions, the useful components will accumulate very slowly, with the result that the treatment will be delayed for quite a long time.

To drink tea more often designated quantities are also not recommended, as it will be very quickly excreted from the body in a natural way. When using the tool according to the instructions, you can completely avoid possible side effects.

What is required to prepare a collection at home

Should take 10 grams of chamomile, linden flowers, birch buds, dried flowers, motherwort, thyme, buckthorn bark, rodents of marsh and yarrow.

To add 15 grams of wormwood, by 20 grams of bearberry, immortelle, train and rosehip and 35 grams of sage. All components are taken in dry form.

How to brew

For the therapeutic effect of collecting it is important to properly brew it. It is best to take a small ceramic teapot, but you can use a simple cup.

The selection of such dishes is due to the fact that for the safety of all the nutrients that are present in the composition of the collection of herbs, during brewing must have access to oxygen.

Picking up the dishes, you can proceed to the procedure of brewing:

  1. Grind collection: required 1 tablespoon of herbs, therefore, they must be smashed or crushed with a pestle.
  2. 1 tablespoon brewed in 500 milliliters already some cold water (pouring boiling water is strictly prohibited).
  3. Tea is infused for 30 minutesDuring this period, the water will absorb all the useful components that are present in the herbs, and the taste will become more saturated.

Brewed in this way, the drink is stored in the refrigerator. for two days. When you re-take it can not be heated, but you can add boiling water. If desired, the prepared collection can be stored in a thermos, then it will be hot all the time.

The second method is more complicated. Take 3 tablespoons of herbspoured two liters of water and put on very small fire for two hours.

Excess water during this time should evaporate. After this solution is filtered and stored in the refrigerator.

You can prepare the collection in the form of tincture. For this take part of herbs and four parts of vodka or alcoholmix and insist during the month in a dark place.

When can I drink

The collection, brewed in the usual way, take 150 ml three to four times a day thirty minutes before meals.

The collection, prepared by the second method, using evaporation, drink one tablespoon four times a day one hour before meals.

Tincture should be taken three to four times a day. She is bred in a teaspoon of water.

Attention! If the organ for treatment, which is used by the monastic collection, is placed above the waist, it is recommended to use tea after or during the mealif the body is placed below the waist, then they drink tea before meals.

The collection is taken throughout of the monthmake for 12 days break and repeat the course again. Treatment has a cumulative effect and positive results can be expected. a week later.

Important! It is not recommended to take during the course other herbs and fees, as the permissible dosage can be broken, which is not very useful for the organism. If desired, tea is given a flavor by adding 1-2 tablespoons of sugar, the use of lemon should be abandoned.

That herbal tea does not lose its medicinal qualities, it should be stored only under certain conditions.

Photo 1. It is best to keep the collection in such glass jars with a lid; herbs should not be kept in a plastic bag.

In a sealed package means stored until opening. Then the collection is poured into a glass jar with a lid and removed in a dark place. It is impossible to keep the product in the light, otherwise, a stale smell will appear, and the healing properties will disappear.

Optimum storage temperature - 15-20 degrees shelf life - 2.5 months. Herbs are not stored in a plastic bag.

Upon expiration shelf life The remedy cannot be taken, since no useful properties will remain in it.

What distinguishes “Father George's collection” from hundreds of other herbal teas?

Hundreds of techniques have been developed to support the immune system, and herbal medicine is just one of them, which is the most proven. We invite you to review and compare the recommendations of two well-known doctors. One of them is David Agus, a highly paid popular therapist from Silicon Valley. The second is a brilliant cardiac surgeon N. Amosov, who during his life spent more than 40 thousand operations. We provide you the right to make conclusions.

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David Agus Tips

  • Breakfast should be a mandatory meal. Coffee - no more than 2 cups per day and only natural. The diet should include foods that have undergone minimal heat treatment - meat, not sausage, fruit, not juice, vegetables, and not salads from them.
  • A smile, even a causeless one, contributes to the release of endorphins, hormones that reduce pain and improve mood. Positive prolongs life.
  • For good health, 15 minutes of charging every morning will be enough.
  • A few tablets of aspirin during the week reduces the risk of cancer by half, it saves from heart attack and stroke.
  • Do not take nutritional supplements and multivitamins.
  • Avoid x-ray exposure.
  • Wear only comfortable shoes. Potentially dangerous shoes include: stiletto heels, flat sandals, soft sneakers, ugg boots.

Tips from Nikolai Amosov

  • Medicine is not omnipotent. She can cure the disease, but further health will have to earn yourself. How? It is not simple. Constant stress, patience to heat, cold, fatigue. Hour training and 3 km of daily walking will keep your acquired immunity in decent shape.
  • Try to keep fat intake to a minimum. Make it a rule to eat at least 300-500 grams of raw vegetables or fruits daily.
  • If you have an adrenaline rush (panic, excitement, fear) focus on breathing and try to relax your muscles. And at the first opportunity turned up - move. Exercise will burn a surplus of adrenaline, which causes spasms of blood vessels.
  • Select antihypertensive drugs (lowering blood pressure). It can be both herbal teas and pills - it all depends on the state of health and the picture as a whole.
  • Avoid bad doctors and try to find yourself a good one.

A century and a half ago, people were treated exclusively with natural substances of plant and animal origin. Later appeared opiates, ether, aspirin and insulin, antibiotics. Herbal medicine was not forgotten - it was simply pushed into the background. Later, when the admiration for new, super-effective drugs subsided, the negative aspects of drug therapy appeared - addiction and side effects. Herbal medicine is devoid of these shortcomings, but one should not think that herbs can be drunk uncontrollably: an accurate diagnosis, treatment regimen, dosage, contraindications - in naturopathy, as in official medicine, one should strictly adhere to the recommendations, otherwise what you considered a blessing can turn to harm. For those who do not want to be trapped, advice - buy the Monastery collection of Father George only on the official website. Since the manufacturer works directly without intermediaries, the package of the original collection “From Father George” of 16 herbs will cost you much cheaper than its counterparts.

Father George for many years was the governor of the monastery. The miraculous recipe of the monastery collection of Father George and recommendations for its use were handed down from generation to generation to other herbalists.

The longer the collection is kept, the less benefit it brings. Essential oils evaporate, ascorbic acid decomposes, it becomes less vitamins, a collection of fungal microflora may develop. Each herb has its expiration date. For example, buckthorn and wild rose can be stored for up to 5 years, and sage, rich in essential oils, after a couple of years, becomes as useless as straw. "Father George's collection" contains only fresh medicinal raw materials collected during the flowering phase, when the concentration of biologically active substances (BAS) in plants is maximum, therefore, the body is cleared as efficiently as possible.

The more classes of biologically active substances have plant materials, the higher its value. "Russian roots" states that the "Collection of Father George" helps from all diseases. This is confirmed: tannins, essential oils, flavonoid compounds, coumarins, organic acids, bitterness, alkaloids ... Almost all groups of chemical compounds used in phytotherapy that can cure even oncological diseases are presented in herbal tea.

Where are the herbs collected? Very many companies that sell drug fees, do not indicate where the raw materials were harvested. Many, but not the tea producers Monastic collection of Father George. The IP Limareva farm, located in the north of the Rostov region, is one of the few places where industry has not reached. The herbs collected in the meadows near the village of Karginskaya increase the body's immunity, and do not poison it with nitrates and radionuclides. Modern clinical trials have confirmed the exceptional naturalness and safety of the composition of the product.

The composition of the "Monastic tea of ​​father George"

Salvia officinalis Tinctures of a sacred herb, namely the sage in the Roman Empire (II century AD), were called so, diseases of the liver, intestines, and female infertility were treated. Later, in the Middle Ages, this herb was used by alchemists to obtain a philosopher's stone, magical properties were attributed to it, it was believed that sage tea prolongs life for dozens of years. In Latin, sage is translated as Salvia, which means “to save,” and this is completely true. Tannins, essential oils, organic acids, alkaloids - rich chemical composition allows you to use a decoction of sage leaves to strengthen the hair, improve cell regeneration, relieve inflammation of the upper respiratory tract, enhance brain activity, reduce sweating.

Stinging nettle This queen of vacant lots is a great friend of humanity. According to legend, she drives away evil spirits and insects, is used as a powerful love spell. Nettles are put in borsch, shampoo is made on its basis, dye is made of its pigment. But its main advantage is its numerous healing properties. Nettle extract treats thrombophlebitis, strengthens the immune system and improves metabolism, restores strength after serious diseases, is used for the treatment of radiculitis and osteochondrosis. A decoction of nettle cleanse oily skin, strengthen the hair roots.

Rosehip As early as the 16th and 17th centuries, whole expeditions to the Orenburg steppes were equipped for the fruits of this thorny shrub. The berries were kept in the Pharmaceutical Order and were given to the nobility by special permission of the king.

A decoction of this useful berries prescribe:

  • To increase resistance to infectious diseases. 100 grams of rosehip flesh contains a monthly dose of vitamin C.
  • When conjunctivitis, stomatitis, zaedah, gastritis. The high content of B vitamins protects the mucous from drying out, improves eyesight, strengthens hair.
  • For healing wounds, burns, frostbite. Tannins, vitamins PP and K accelerate the coagulation of protein and the formation of a protective film on the wound surface.
  • In diseases of the liver and gallbladder. Rosehip refers to plants with a choleretic effect: it increases the secretion of bile, has an antimicrobial effect, relieves painful spasms.

Immortelle. This plant has many names: Cmin, dried flowers, cat's paws, misfortune. A powerful bodyguard, a means to search for treasures, a guardian of the peace of the dead - this plant is shrouded in a veil of legends. But the mystical side of the question does not interest us, let's talk about the practical application of the immortelle. A decoction of flower baskets drunk with cholecystitis, hepatitis, gallstone disease. Flavones and phenolic acids, with which this plant is so rich, enhance the formation of bile, reduce bilirubin, increase the content of bile acids. Immortelle removes toxins from the liver, reduces cholesterol, has anti-inflammatory and bactericidal action. And the immortelle is a part of the fees that they drink for vegetative-vascular dystonia - a disease of modern youth.

Bearberry or bear ears. Any woman who has had inflammation of the bladder - cystitis - knows about this herb. Arbutin and methylarbutin (glycosides), which are part of the bear ears, have a strong antibacterial effect, flavonoids increase the amount of urine excreted, tannins have a binding and anti-inflammatory effect. Because of the diuretic and antiseptic action, bearberry decoctions are so beneficial to the kidneys and the bladder.

Yarrow On a tall, up to a meter, stem, a white cap rests from a multitude of small inflorescences, so that, rather, this plant can be called a “thousand-leaved plant”. If you set a goal and count the number of seeds that one such plant can produce in its life, the figure will be impressive - up to 25 thousand. And the yarrow reproduces not only by seeds, but also by processes of a long creeping rhizome. In the people, this herb is deservedly respected - for the sixth century, yarrow tincture has been healing wounds and stopping blood in case of intestinal, gastric or uterine bleeding. Broth rinse sore throat, put enemas for hemorrhoids. Compresses from crushed yarrow treat boils and nasal bites, bruises and sprains. Herbalists claim that the extract of this plant can stop the growth of malignant tumors.

Chamomile. No in the expanses of our country, plants are more popular than pharmacy chamomile. But for all her fame, this natural antiseptic is often confused with his twin brothers: chamomile, odorless, field chamomile and dog. This pharmacy chamomile is easy to recognize by its rich, pleasant smell, because the concentration of chamomile oil in the baskets of the plant reaches 1%. And the flower is rich in useful microelements, bitterness, mucus, gum, apigenin, caprylic and salicylic acid. Broths and infusions are used for hernia of the spine, with angina (rinse), vaginitis (douching), dermatosis. Chamomile tea soothes nerves, removes headaches, reduces swelling of the mucous walls of the gastrointestinal tract, is used as an antipyretic and immunity-enhancing agent.

Thyme (Thyme). If you hang a cloth bag with thyme in the room, then the thymol contained in the essential oil of the plant will clear the air of microorganisms and chemical impurities. Thyme extract restores the ciliated epithelium of the bronchi, dilutes the sputum and accelerates its excretion. Thyme is a natural stimulant that is drunk with stress and depression, migraines and neurasthenia. Infusion of this aromatic herb, when combined with alcohol, causes a persistent gag reflex. This property is used in folk medicine to treat people with alcohol dependence.

Kushina (bark). If you drink a decoction of the dry bark of this plant, then after about 10 hours you will urgently have to look for a place for solitude. The oximethylanthraquinones and anthraglycosides of buckthorn cause a mild laxative effect, remove uric acid salts and sand, minimize edema. And if you add a protein diet to the cleansing effect of the plant, then the chances of losing excess weight increase dramatically.

A succession. "Stilled" grass was prescribed to people with skin diseases - dermatosis, seborrhea, boils. Preparations on the basis of a train clean the blood vessels, stabilize metabolic processes. The series will protect against hypertension, and also activates the production of the adrenal hormone (hydrocortisone), which suppresses allergic reactions.

Sagebrush. Did you know that every fourth person in this world is infected with parasites? If ascaris and tapeworms can still be realistically calculated from their remains in feces, then even analyzes can not show the presence of liver lamblia. An ordinary wormwood in the composition of the Monastery Collection of Father George will help to rid the body of parasites. The anthelmintic, choleretic, anti-inflammatory and sedative effects of wormwood made this bitter herb a frequent component of medicinal fees.

How to brew and drink the healing fee of 16 herbs of Father George:

If you drink the collection of father George for the first time, then to prevent allergies in the first days of reception, brew yourself a half dose. In the absence of itching, rash, dry skin, allergic rhinitis, you can safely move on to the reception in the usual way.

Brew healing drink can be in any container, but it is best to do this in a clay or porcelain teapot. The cover can not be covered - herbs need free access to oxygen. The composition of the collection is balanced, so adding anything other than sugar or honey to tea is not recommended.

When to drink herbal tea? There is a general rule: fees for organs above the waist - heart, lungs, throat, nervous system - are drunk before meals, for organs of the gastrointestinal tract - during meals, but if the decoction is intended for the reproductive system or joints, then it is better to drink them after meals. But what to do, because the herbs that are part of the collection of Father George, are fortifying? It's simple: brew a tablespoon of raw 0.2 liters of boiling water and drink half a cup 4 times throughout the day (before or after meals - it does not matter).

For thrifty people there is good news. While boiling water is painted in a light yellow color, the extraction continues. Therefore, after the first drain collection can be brewed again. If the healing qualities of tea at the same time and suffer, then very little.

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If you brewed Father George's collection right away for a day, then find a cool (not higher than 20 ° C) and dark place for him. Tea is best kept in a ceramic or glass container, but if you prefer a thermos bottle, then the lid does not need to be closed tightly.

Doctors reviews

My patients are at first incredulous about the advice to start taking this herbal tea. But what is their surprise when, after some time after taking the drug, they themselves notice visible improvements in health, an increase in strength and energy. Universal collection will strengthen the immune system and allergies, and diseases of the nervous system, and even solve the problems of a sexual nature. There is nothing surprising in the action of the remedy - its composition is completely natural, it contains herbs, whose properties and effects on the human body have been proven many years ago. This is not a placebo effect, but a real cure for the disease.

Victor Zvyagin, a specialist in homeopathy

As an immunologist, I advise my patients to collect Father George as an additional means. I am skeptical about the treatment of non-traditional methods, but the properties of this herbal collection confirmed by numerous studies. The composition is really valuable: nettle, for example, relieves intoxication, which is verified by me personally. If my patients follow the directions and accept the collection, then I state significant improvements that are not noticeable without the use of herbal tea. This is not an isolated case; therefore, as an professional, I don’t categorically consider recovery as a matter of chance and coincidence.

Nikolay Aleshin, immunologist

Real customer reviews

I love this collection very much. It consists of yarrow, and this is a very strong herb. My state of health is 5+, I drink tea at least 3 times a day, instead of the usual coffee before, enjoying the pleasant taste and aroma. I bought the collection, inspired by real feedback from people about the monastery collection of Father George. Naturally, before buying, I studied the composition and prescriptions.

Mariana, 52 years old, Tula

There is a cottage near Moscow. The terrain is meadows and fields, so every year I collect all kinds of weed sacks. St. John's wort, mint, sage, nettle, currant leaves, raspberries, cherries. Then in the winter I drink myself and treat my neighbors. And then he lay all summer in the hospital and did not have time to collect anything. I had to buy. Granddaughter helped - searched the Internet, ordered a dozen fees. “Father George's collection” I liked the most - very much he reminds me of my family fees, and I know a lot about this.

Nikolay, 65 years old, Moscow

Monastery collection father George - true or divorce?

It is unlikely that an offer to buy a herbal collection, consisting of plants that were used to treat our great-great-grandmothers, will be considered by someone as a fraud or another divorce. Even the most inveterate skeptics recognize that herbal medicine is the most reliable and effective method of alternative medicine. Some universities even provide training in the herbalist profession. But there are some points that a person should know who wants to join naturopathy.

The active substances of herbal slowly affect the body. This is a minus, since there is no need to wait for a quick effect, and plus - the surplus of active substances are constantly being removed, making overdose impossible.

Do not self-medicate and do not make fees yourself - there are specialized shops and phyto-pharmacies. In Moscow, the monastery collection of Father George can be bought at the Russian Roots pharmacy at a price not higher than the network. Do you live in another city? It is possible to order the original Monastic collection of Father George on the official website of the manufacturer. You leave a request on the site, and after a while an employee of the company calls you back to clarify the order. Within 1-2 weeks you will receive a notice from the post office saying that you can pick up the package with the medicinal collection.

Live healthy! Unusual Immunity Breakers

Herbal Treatment Benefit

Someone thinks this is a panacea, but also phytotherapists and doctors have no doubt that a properly selected and regularly taken herbal drink can cure many ailments. After all, many centuries ago, people healed, mainly with herbs. And the number of people on earth was constantly increasing, which cannot but speak about the success of such events. And in many villages, herbal medicine is still considered the main way to prevent and treat diseases. And some of today's long-livers just from childhood used to brew herbs instead of purchased tea. So is a divorce or truth all talk about herbal medicine?

The main advantage of herbal medicine is safety. If even a herbal drink does not help (provided that the disease is neglected, or the person uses it incorrectly), then the common good will still be present. Each plant is a source of vitamins or minerals, many of which are simply indispensable. And an oversupply (overdose) simply can not be, because the body absorbs as much as you need, and all the excess is quickly eliminated.

Order monastic collection of Father George in the online store makes sense not only to those who are plagued by any disease. The drink will be useful and healthy person who wants to extend this state for a long time. After all, the healthiest is not the one who has safely recovered, but the one who has never been ill.

Who is Father George?

In the world of this amazing man called Yuri Y. Savva. Unfortunately, he has already passed away. But his recipes exist to this day and help people. Father George received his rank in the Holy Spirit Timashevsky monastery. He devoted almost all his life to worship. And his hobby was herbalism. With his amazing combinations of herbs, he saved not one life, sometimes taking people out of the hardest states.

Father George worked on his universal collection for many years, bringing it to perfection. He wanted to create such a tool that would relieve from the most common diseases, and at the same time would have a minimum of side effects and contraindications. The result was a collection of 16 herbs, which has a special instruction for use and a specific selection of each component. Such a mixture cannot be prepared at home, because the secrets of harvesting, fermentation, and the percentage of herbs are known only to those who continue the good work of Father George. Previously, it was possible to get the collection only in a special shop near the Timashevsky monastery. Today it can be purchased through the Internet, so a person from anywhere in Russia and even the world can get the coveted remedy for all ailments.

What does the gathering of Father George help?

The tool is really universal, because it eliminates diseases of the very different nature and origin. Consider what helps the monastery collection of Father George:

  • insomnia and other sleep disorders,
  • weakness, stress, depressive syndrome, physical exhaustion,
  • weight loss,
  • reduced immunity
  • intoxication of all kinds,
  • headaches, migraines,
  • metabolic problems,
  • arthritis, arthrosis, osteochondrosis,
  • blood and vascular diseases, atherosclerosis,
  • catarrhal infections
  • pressure surges
  • manifestations of diabetes (if you start to use the collection at an early stage of diabetes, you can cure it),
  • disorders of the genitourinary system, including prostatitis,
  • gastrointestinal diseases (gastritis, ulcer, pancreatitis),
  • respiratory diseases (asthma, bronchitis),
  • mastopathy, infertility in women,
  • obesity,
  • liver diseases (cirrhosis, cholecystitis, hepatitis),
  • rehabilitation after surgery
  • oncology (there are cases when the collection, acting as an adjuvant therapy, helped people get rid of cancer).

Someone will surely doubt whether this is all true or false. But each case was not taken from the ceiling, but had a place to be. The universal action of the collection lies in the fact that it cures various diseases. But do not wait for instant results. To make tea work, you need to drink it for a long time, because you need a cumulative effect.

Many, feeling the beneficial effects of the drink, stop drinking it. But it's not right! It is necessary to complete the treatment, because the results can only be indicative of a reduction in symptoms.

What is the unique herbal collection?

Surely everyone is already interested to know the composition of the herbs of the monastic tea from Father George. What does this mixture consist of?

What herbs are included in it?

  1. Immortelle. Its powerful choleretic effect helps to stimulate the functioning of hepatocytes and reduce cholesterol levels. Another important feature of the immortelle is to protect the liver from the effects of chemotherapy for tumors.
  2. Birch buds. People who have had to fight cancer know that there are many recipes for birch buds. As part of the collection of Father George, they are also present, because they increase the body's resistance to cancer cells.
  3. Nettle. Known to all perennial medicinal plant. As part of the collection, it performs the functions of cleansing the body of toxins, normalizing hemoglobin, stimulating the metabolism, and activating blood formation.
  4. Buckthorn. An indispensable source of iodine, which is necessary for the synthesis of thyroid hormones.
  5. Sagebrush. Together with the immortelle make up an excellent tandem, which has a beneficial effect on the work of the gastrointestinal tract and additionally has an antimicrobial effect.
  6. Motherwort. Everything here is trite: it calms the nervous system, helps to reduce blood pressure.
  7. Dried flower. Suppresses the development of bacteria, favorably affects the work of the heart.
  8. The moth swamp. Normalizes pressure, helps to cope with physical exhaustion, contributes to the restoration of the kidneys.
  9. Bearberry The source of antioxidants and flavonoids, which actively fight the growth of malignant tumors in the body.
  10. Yarrow Its powerful anti-inflammatory effect allows you to enhance choleretic processes, contributing to the normal functioning of the liver.
  11. Linden flowers. Contains copper, which is important for blood formation, as well as for insulin production. Also improves metabolism at the cellular level.
  12. Chamomile flowers. Strengthen immunity, help resist allergies. Inhibit the growth of cancer cells.
  13. Thyme. Favorite by many aromatic herb with strong antiseptic characteristics. Slows the growth of tumors, relieves acute inflammation.
  14. A succession. The extract of this plant has a positive effect on blood formation, inhibits the development of tumor processes.
  15. Sage. Herbal antibiotic, the source of a huge number of the most valuable trace elements (chromium, manganese, magnesium and others). Normalizes digestion and intestinal function, improves the functioning of the heart and blood vessels.
  16. Rosehip The source is not only vitamin C, but also vitamins, flavonoids and valuable for the human body acids and trace elements.

Now you know what is included in Father George's healing collection, and you can appreciate the approximate effect of the drink. Cooking it at home alone is useless, because the exact proportions are unknown. Yes, and gather all the herbs in the holy places, so it makes no sense to try to repeat the collection on their own.

How to brew and drink the monastery tea of ​​Father George?

This is also a very important nuance that needs attention. First, let's figure out how to brew the monastery collection of Father George according to all the rules. We start cooking it in the morning.

  1. Harvesting grind. It comes in a rather large fraction, which guarantees the quality of herbs (not dust, namely, dried plants). For brewing, exactly 1 tablespoon is required. Therefore, it is necessary to break dry twigs and leaves with your hands or rub them with a pestle.
  2. Boil the kettle. Remove it from heat.
  3. Prepare a small enamel or glass (not plastic) kettle.
  4. Rinse the teapot with boiling water.
  5. Take 1 tablespoon with a small slide and brew it with already slightly cooled water in a volume of 500 ml (its temperature at this point will be approximately 95-96 degrees). Cool boiling water can not be poured.
  6. Insist 30 minutes.

It seems that everything is clear in how to make Father George’s monastic tea. It is important to observe the entire algorithm, without missing anything. Departure from the method of brewing can lead to the fact that you will not get the drink that is needed.

Now to how to take Father George's monastic tea:

  1. Received 500 ml of tea should be drunk during the day, dividing intake by 3-4 times.
  2. Store the drink at room temperature (do not put it in the fridge).
  3. It is allowed to add honey or lemon to tea to improve the taste. But many like the aromatic herbal taste of the drink.
  4. The duration of the use of the monastery tea of ​​Father George is 1-3 months. In general, you can drink it constantly, but for the treatment of specific diseases will be enough from 4 to 12 weeks.

The method of application is simple and clear. Every morning you should brew a new portion of tea for the whole day. If you go to work, pour the drink in a bottle and take it with you. Or enjoy a fragrant cup of healing monastic tea in the evening.

What to expect from Father George's tea?

Regular and consistent application of the monastic collection of the herbs of Father George makes it possible to feel the first improvements after a week. Especially positive changes are noticed by those who are going through an acute phase of the disease or are feeling very bad.

Of the main collection activities, the following are distinguished:

  • recuperation and immunity,
  • normalization of metabolism
  • cleansing the blood and improving its composition,
  • improving overall health
  • normalization of the digestive tract,
  • stimulation of the liver,
  • cleansing the intestines from toxins,
  • strengthening of the heart and blood vessels
  • elimination of the effects of stress, long loads, the negative impact of the environment,
  • reducing the toxic effects of drugs or chemotherapy,
  • the body's supply of vitamin and minerals,
  • decrease in tumor activity.

The result of the use of tea will appear brighter with each passing day of healing drink. Skipping days is undesirable, because the body must receive a dose of a useful product regularly.

The benefits of using monastic tea

Not only phytotherapists, but also many medical specialists speak positively about the gathering of Father George and recommend him as an auxiliary therapy in the treatment of certain diseases. And in some cases, the tea of ​​16 herbs of Father George will be good as an independent drink. And all thanks to its advantages:

  • absolutely natural and safe product
  • herbs are collected in ecologically clean and holy places, where within a radius of 1000 km there are neither industrial structures nor negative human energy,
  • recipe collection was chosen over the years,
  • contraindications and side effects (except for an allergy to components) are absent,
  • is a highly effective product with a certificate of quality,
  • it is a universal therapeutic and prophylactic agent that absolutely anyone can buy, even a completely healthy person.

Where and how to order Father George's tea?

You can not buy the monastery collection of Father George in the pharmacy. But you can always order it online. Even if you have not done this before, then do not worry. Everything is very simple, and you don’t have to leave your “secret” data like a series of passport or credit card numbers on the web. You just need to find the form at the end of the main page of the seller’s site and enter your full name, country of residence and telephone number. Specify the number especially carefully, because the manager will call him. He will take an order from you and form it, and then send it to the address you provided. Payment can make cash on delivery.

By the way, for payment. How much is the monastery collection of 16 herbs of Father George? 1980 rubles - this is the usual price at which you can buy tea any day. But if you get to the action (when it passes - it is impossible to predict), then you can buy as many as two packages of a healing drink for this amount. Or purchase 1 pack for just 990 rubles. Discounts of 50% are not every day, so you need to seize the moment.

Buy a collection of Father George "16 herbs" on the stock with a 50% discount for 990 rubles.

What is the monastery collection of father George

Father George's monastic tea is a natural herbal composition of 16 healing ingredients that has a positive effect on all systems of the human body.The use of monastic tea activates recovery processes, is the prevention of diseases, provides a positive trend in the treatment of many acute and chronic diseases. It is known that Father George was the rector of the Timashevsky monastery, collecting herbs at a specific time and with prayer. He treated herbal drinks to seriously ill parishioners of a nearby church.

The basic composition of the monastery collection of Father George is a series of medicinal herbs that have a healing effect on all organs of the human body. Among the healing herbs:

  • Birch buds,
  • nettle,
  • Linden,
  • sagebrush,
  • chamomile,
  • sage,
  • dog rose
  • immortelle,
  • cudweed,
  • buckthorn,
  • dried flowers
  • yarrow,
  • a succession
  • thyme,
  • bearberry,
  • motherwort.

Only 16 natural ingredients. All components of the herbal drink perform their inherent functions, and the strict observance of proportions provided by the recipe explains the effectiveness of the use of monastic tea.

Instructions for the use of the monastery collection of Father George

The effect of taking monastic tea will be noticeable only after a course of treatment. The first course should last at least three weeks, but the improvement in health can be felt after the first week. If the desired result is not achieved, the treatment should be repeated. Prepare tea strictly in accordance with the recipe, take only hot, without sugar, at the same time, 3-4 cups per day 30 minutes before meals. So that the trace elements contained in the herbs are well absorbed, it is better to follow a light diet during the herbal treatment period.

How to store

In order to preserve the healing properties of grass collection of father George is recommended to be stored under certain conditions. The package in which the monastic tea was purchased is suitable for storage only until it is opened. After opening the package, its contents should be poured into a dry glass jar, tightly closed with a lid, placed in a dark place. The optimal storage temperature is 15-20 degrees. It is not recommended to keep the composition in a plastic bag.

The price of the monastery collection of Father George

You can buy a monastic drink either in the pharmacy or in the online store. The offer in the pharmacy is cheap, but in the form of this tea, this tea does not have such a refined taste and smell, as purchased on the official website. Ordering at an online store is expensive, including delivery by mail from Moscow or St. Petersburg, but the quality of the drink will not disappoint. The offer price in the pharmacy and in the online store can vary almost in half.

"A miracle wonderful and marvelous"

Monastery collection of Father George passed a lot of clinical trials at the end of 2014. In the experiments and tests attended by 1000 patients with a variety of diagnoses. Over the course of the month, they used this remedy in the form of a decoction. And the results impressed not only the subjects themselves, but also the doctors. Monastery collection of father George collected completely enthusiastic and positive reviews. Regardless of the disease and its severity, it was possible to observe a positive impact on all patients without exception. Someone got rid of the ailments completely (even “formidable” diabetes was retreating), someone just had a promising dynamic. The conclusion can be made only one: the monastery collection of Father George is as effective as the strongest chemical preparations. But its main difference from them is complete safety and harmlessness.

Monastery collection of Father George (16 herbs): main actions

What can help this tool? What happens in the body after taking it?

  • Improving the patient's condition, regardless of what the diagnosis.
  • Cleansing the blood.
  • Improved metabolism.
  • Normalization of all internal organs.
  • Enhance immunity, recuperation during the postoperative period.
  • Stimulation of the liver.
  • Activation of enzyme systems.
  • Purification from toxins and carcinogens.
  • Strengthening of blood vessels, heart.
  • Stabilization of blood pressure.
  • The disappearance of the effects of stress.
  • Reducing the harmful effects of toxic drugs after their long use.
  • Supplying the body with vitamins, its renewal.
  • The growth of antitumor activity.

All these facts concerning such a medicinal product as the monastery collection of Father George, the reviews of doctors confirm reliably.

How to take the remedy

Monastery collection of Father George (16 herbs) reviews are recommended to take a special scheme. After all, any, even a folk remedy, can cause side effects with improper dosage. Experts recommend taking the broth up to 4 times during the day, with a maximum of a tablespoon. The course of treatment, regardless of the diagnosis, must be at least a month. Reception is allowed for three months in particularly difficult cases. It is best to drink broth about an hour before meals. You can add a lemon or a spoonful of honey to the finished drink to improve the taste. If you use this remedy by course, then it is undesirable to use other herbs at the same time. In general, the dosage may be different, with each illness you need to consult with the doctors separately.

Help with oncology

This terrible disease - cancer - can trap anyone. Too not studied until the end of the mechanisms of its occurrence. Therefore, desperate people by any means are looking for a miracle remedy that would save life for them or their loved ones. Monastery collection of father George from cancer is actively used, and managed to establish itself well in this regard. But not only he can save. Father George himself says that in the presence of such terrible ailments it is necessary first of all to prepare a general confession. That is, a person must confess before a priest, as well as take Communion of the Body and Blood of Christ. It is very important during treatment with this tool not to stop being observed by a specialist. The number of courses is not limited - the fee must be taken until cure occurs. Do not forget to undergo follow-up examinations (ultrasound, roentgen) to find out in what condition the tumor. Father George also recommends that when brewing, add holy water (optimally - baptismal) to the finished product.

What is the collection of Father George

Initially, the collection of 16 medicinal plants, widespread in our country, was first used as a cure for serious diseases in Ancient Russia, but over time the recipe was lost for a long time. Only at the very end of the last century, Archimandrite Father George, the rector of Holy Spirit Monastery from the city of Timashevsk, the famous herbalist, restored it and after much research began recommending it to be used in the treatment of severe ailments.

What herbs is the collection of father George

Father George's collection is a blend of common medicinal plants known for their beneficial health effects.

  1. Nettle - thins the blood, cleans toxins and slags.
  2. Sage - a plant that helps from a variety of diseases that can destroy infections, contributes to the normalization of blood circulation and digestion.
  3. Immortelle - helps cleanse the liver, gallbladder, treats liver diseases, helps to restore its cellular structure, reduces cholesterol levels.
  4. Rosehip is a source of a complex of vitamins and microelements, it is used for many health problems - from cold to hepatitis, it is used as a general tonic, especially rich in vitamin C.
  5. The series is known as an excellent remedy for skin diseases and allergies. In fact, it has a much wider application - from a general strengthening and normalizing metabolism to antitumor effects.
  6. Bearberry - a plant resorted to for the treatment of kidneys.
  7. Yarrow is a choleretic and liver repairing agent.
  8. Wormwood is a well known antiparasitic. But in the healing collection of Father George, it has a beneficial effect on digestion, has a choleretic and analgesic effect.
  9. Thyme - a beneficial effect on the bronchopulmonary system, the gastrointestinal tract.
  10. Birch buds - a remedy for the treatment of the urinary system and kidney disease, it is also known for its antitumor effect.
  11. Krushyna - cleans the blood and digestive tract.
  12. Linden color - affects the production of insulin, strengthens the immune system.
  13. Marsh susanitsa - removes excess fluid from the body, reduces swelling, regardless of their origin. In the broth from the collection of Father George increases the overall tone of the body.
  14. Motherwort - normalizes blood pressure and heart function, has a calming effect on the central nervous system.
  15. Chamomile is an excellent antiseptic, it has a beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal tract, reduces inflammation in it, helps with cough and cold, strengthens the immune system.
  16. Dried flower (cat's foot) - a beneficial effect on the digestive tract.

What effect does Father George tea have on the body?

The properties of the collection of Father George are such that all the ingredients reinforce each other’s actions, therefore the cumulative result from taking the drug significantly exceeds the therapeutic effect of each component taken separately. In the instructions for the use of the monastery collection of Father George it is noted that those who use it can expect the following results:

  • increase immunity and recuperation,
  • saturation with missing vitamins and microelements,
  • cleansing from slags and toxins accumulated over the years,
  • normalization of metabolism and cholesterol,
  • elimination of the effects of chronic stress and physical overload,
  • relief of depression
  • cleansing of blood and lymph,
  • strengthening the cardiovascular system
  • normalization of blood pressure,
  • reduction of inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract,
  • cleansing the liver and bile ducts,
  • restoration of liver cells,
  • normalization of enzyme production
  • improving the quality of life in diabetes,
  • help in the fight against cancer.

What diseases apply

The effectiveness of tea from 16 herbs, used according to the instructions, has long been tested, as evidenced by many positive reviews. Clinical practice also confirms the beneficial effect of the collection of Father George on the condition of patients.

Father George’s gathering, if drunk properly, has a significant range of effects on a wide variety of health problems:

  • hypertension, headaches, migraine,
  • depletion, vitamin deficiency,
  • diabetes of all types
  • recovery period after chemotherapy,
  • disruption of the liver and biliary system,
  • diseases of the cardiovascular system
  • oncology,
  • diseases of the bronchopulmonary system
  • atherosclerosis,
  • infertility,
  • mastopathy,
  • depression, stress, insomnia, chronic fatigue syndrome,
  • vascular dystonia,
  • problems of the musculoskeletal system,
  • diseases of the genitourinary system
  • poisoning, general drug intoxication, slagging, the consequences of being in environmentally disadvantaged areas,
  • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

How to brew tea from the collection of Father George

Properly brewing monastery collection of Father George is not at all difficult. In addition, if you do not plan to prepare it yourself from herbs purchased separately, but prefer to buy a ready-made blend, the description and instructions for the monastery collection will be attached to the tea package.

Broth Cooking Recipes

  1. Brew 1 tablespoon of the mixture as ordinary tea in a glass, ceramic or enameled container of 0.5 liters of very hot, but not boiling water (a temperature of about 95 ° C is recommended). Close the lid, insist about half an hour. The dishes can be wrapped for the time of brewing, like ordinary tea, so the infusion will quickly take the necessary concentration, and the herbs will better give their healing power to the drink.
  2. The second method of preparation, which offers instructions for tea of ​​16 herbs, is used in the treatment of cancer. It is necessary to brew 6 tablespoons of the mixture (25 g) in 2.5 liters of hot water in an enamel saucepan (note that there are no chips of enamel inside the container). Put the container for languishing on a very small fire, constantly controlling that the liquid does not boil, keeping the required cooking temperature of 95 ° C. In the description of the preparation of the instructions for the monastic collection is recommended to prepare the broth in this way for 3 hours.

Important! After cooking, the resulting tea must be drained, and after cooling, close the lid, put in storage in the refrigerator.

How much and where can you store the finished decoction

Ready tea from the herbs of the monastery, if it is prepared according to the second recipe, is obtained in sufficient volume, so it will not be possible to use it quickly, unless you decide to heal your whole family. Whether parents drink Georgy’s children’s tea is decided by parents, but it will not bring harm to their health. Of course, it is more expedient to hold a health tea party with the whole family, but this is not always possible. A few days, the decoction can be stored in the refrigerator in a closed glass or enamel dish. Nevertheless, one should not forget that the effectiveness of any freshly made herbal tea, including the monastery tea of ​​Father George, is always higher than that prepared beforehand.

How to take Father George's collection correctly

Instructions for the use of the monastery collection of Father George are universal, but the rules of admission are directly related to the diagnosis, the characteristics of the course of the disease, the general condition of the patient.

How to drink the collection of Father George is definitely difficult to say. The duration of treatment is adjusted in the process of reception - it is enough for someone to conduct tea drinking with the healing gathering of Father George for 3-4 weeks, others will need regular repetition of the course, alternating with short breaks (usually 10 days is enough). For the treatment of serious diseases such as diabetes mellitus or oncology, Father George offered a more thorough recipe for making a monastic collection, therefore, in order to achieve a tangible result, you need to be patient and properly brew it.

Properly taking the monastic collection of Father George follows this: with standard treatment, freshly prepared broth should be drunk per day, divided into 3-4 doses - approximately 1/3 -1/2 cup each.

In the treatment of oncological diseases, it is necessary to drink Father George's tea warm three times a day, 1 tablespoon. With advanced cases of the disease with metastasis, the dose of the medicine is tripled, using 3 tablespoons at a time.

There are no obvious contraindications for the medication, but people who are allergic to certain herbal ingredients should not start herbal tea treatment according to the monastery's prescription without consulting their doctor. It is necessary, even if agreed with the doctor, to begin therapy with small volumes of decoction, carefully observe the reaction of the body, and in the event of an allergy, stop immediately.

Attention! In pregnancy, the use of collection should be treated with caution, not engaging in self-treatment, due to the presence of wormwood in its composition.

The decoction from the collection of Father George is a tool that has found many adherents in folk and traditional medicine, which has collected a huge amount of approving feedback. This is due to its harmlessness, with the exception of episodes of individual intolerance, and repeatedly confirmed positive effect. It is important that Father George’s tea can be given to children to drink. In addition, the recipe attracts ease of preparation and use, naturalness, availability of ingredients, mild effects on the body and low cost of treatment. However, despite the usefulness of the monastery collection of Father George, it is strongly recommended to follow the rules for its reception and use set forth in the instructions.


Since ancient times, was considered an indispensable tool in the fight against cholesterol. Antioxidants, with which the plant abounds not only improve the quality characteristics of the blood, but also have a choleretic effect.

Natural "periodic table". The abundance of trace elements such as chromium, manganese and magnesium allow the plant to successfully combat heart and gastrointestinal diseases. Indisputable antibiotic properties determine the use of sage as an anti-inflammatory, immunomodulating agent.


Plain weed, taken by many as a weed, is capable of treating both sore throats and laryngitis, as well as more serious lesions of the respiratory tract and lungs - tuberculosis and pneumonia. Young beauties resorted to the help of yarrow for skin diseases, because it affects both the external side of the disease and the inside, normalizes metabolism and restores the intestinal microflora. Due to this property, the plant has earned the title of helper in gastritis and gallstones in the kidneys.

Swamp cudgel

Not by hearsay is familiar to all who have had to face such a terrible diagnosis as cancer. Sushenitsa helps prevent growth and stop cancer cells that already exist. Anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor properties of the plant helped to enlist him with love and recognition among people suffering from inflammation of the articular tissues.

Linden flowers

It has long been used in the treatment of cough of various etymologies. Perfect as a first aid for bronchitis and whooping cough. Попадая в организм человека, цветки липы активизируют выработку инсулина, необходимого при сахарном диабете.

It is widely used in herbal medicine due to the huge amount of phosphorus and iodine in its chemical composition. This combination is necessary to cure diseases of the thyroid gland, maintain the overall hormonal balance and balance the gastrointestinal tract.

It is applied everywhere both externally and internally. When ingestion improves the functioning of the adrenal glands, improves the composition and quality of blood circulation, slows the growth of tumors, which allows its use in auxiliary anti-cancer therapy.

Actively used as a sedative and to cure pain caused by psychosomatic disorders and neuralgia. Perfectly established himself as a fighter against renal colic.

Indispensable as an immunomodulator. The champion among plants on the content of vitamin C, has an antimicrobial effect. Recommended for hepatitis and herpes of various etymologies.

Actively used both externally and inward. It starts the process of tissue regeneration, is an anti-inflammatory, antibacterial agent.

Birch buds

This component is an indispensable immunomodulatory agent. Quite actively used in maintenance and rehabilitation therapy.

Especially effective in tandem with immortelle. In herbal medicine is used as a painkiller. Perfectly relieves pain in the back, indispensable in the complex treatment of hernias of various parts of the spine.

Recognized as one of the best blood cleansers. It is indicated for anemia, as it increases hemoglobin levels. It has a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect, has long been used to improve the quality of hair and skin.

Prevents the growth of tumors, is actively used in the treatment of mastopathy. Daily use of tea based on thyme is useful for stabilizing hormonal levels and improving the general condition of the body.

The collection of 16 herbs according to the unique recipe of monk George is a truly unique product in its composition.A wide spectrum of action, providing a mild effect on the body at the cellular level, helps to remove not only the symptoms of diseases, but also cure the disease itself.

Find out the current price of the product on the website:

Indications and contraindications for use

Father George's tea gained respect among both patients and doctors. Herbal components affect the root of the problem, providing not only a point effect, but also normalizing the work of the whole organism. Therapists and naturopaths identify a number of diseases in which the use of the collection is particularly effective:

  1. Diabetes.
  2. Diseases of the musculoskeletal system, including arthritis, arthrosis, hernia, osteochondrosis.
  3. Diseases of the genitourinary system in both men and women. Clinical experiments have proven the invaluable contribution of the Monastic collection to the treatment of female infertility.
  4. Bleeding of various etymologies.
  5. Pathology of the liver and kidneys.
  6. Diseases of the gallbladder.
  7. Lesions of the upper respiratory tract.
  8. Neurosis, neuralgia, psychosomatic pain, vegetative dystonia.
  9. Pathology of the thyroid gland.
  10. Heart failure.
  11. Hormonal disruptions and climax.
  12. Avitaminosis.

Despite its healing properties, the product has a number of contraindications:

  1. Individual intolerance to the components of the drug.
  2. Pregnancy.
  3. Lactation.
  4. Age up to 12 years.
  5. Acute allergic reactions.

Based on the results of clinical studies, the use of tea has no side effects on the body caused by the influence of components in the composition due to overdose.

Application method Monastic grass collection

Recommendations for the preparation of the infusion and permissible dosage are detailed in the instructions for use, which is in each package. Let us highlight the main stages of the brewing process:

  1. For a start it is worth considering that this tea is distributed in fermentation, requiring additional splitting. This phenomenon is due to the desire to convey to the consumer as much as possible whole vitamin elements and essential oils. Therefore, before brewing tea, the plants must be further crushed.
  2. In order to prepare an infusion, pour herbs with boiling water based on the formula: 1 tablespoon of product per 500 ml of liquid.
  3. It is not recommended to “boil” healing collection. Following the original recipe, herbs are prescribed to cook by infusion for 30 minutes.
  4. It is recommended to choose glass or earthenware as a container, and in the cooking process do not cover it with a lid. The infusion should react with oxygen. If it is a transparent container, it should not be exposed to direct sunlight.
  5. After the tea is infused, pour it into a thermos or simply dilute it with hot water before taking it.
  6. Store ready infusion advised in the refrigerator for no more than 48 hours. Note, an open bag with fermented herbs is recommended to store no more than 2.5 months.

Dosage and frequency of use?

To achieve the greatest effect, tea is recommended to use the courses according to the prescribed dose. Depending on the severity and burden of the disease, treatment can last from one to three months, in accordance with the recommendations of the attending physician. Between courses is recommended a break for 2 months.!

Most often, doctors recommend drinking monastic tea 3-4 times a day after meals in an amount of 200 ml for 1-3 months.

Remember, Father George, advised to combine herbal therapy with healing of the soul and thoughts through Communion, Fasting and enhanced Prayer!

Is it possible to prepare the collection yourself

Based on the availability of herbal ingredients, many ask the question: "Is it possible to make a monastery collection of Father George at home?". With a strong desire, nothing is impossible, but phytotherapeutist practitioners, like traditional therapists, do not advise doing this. After all, the components that make up the composition are assembled in an ecologically clean area, which is important to achieve the desired effect. As well as in the manufacturing process, strict proportional consistency is observed. Deviation from the original formulation even per gram can change the properties of the drug. Yes, and why such difficulties, because to order a finished product is easier through the official website.

Make a purchase will be a few clicks by filling out the order form, or simply by contacting the phone managers.

A pleasant surprise for buyers will be promotions and bonus offers, presented in abundance in the online store of the official supplier.

Delivery is carried out not only within Moscow and St. Petersburg, but also throughout Russia.

Negative reviews

Mikhail V., Ulyanovsk: “I ordered a collection as an aid to a sick thyroid gland. The parcel arrived, and there the usual daisy looked and tasted. Extremely disappointed, do not believe this deception! ”

Arina F., Arkhangelsk: “I have a bad heart, blood clots. A friend shared that drinking Monastic collection, they say, helps from everything. I ordered. I have been drinking for a week, I do not feel any improvement yet. Yes, and he is golden. Considering that you cannot refuse the usual medicines right away, it is very expensive! ”

Positive reviews

Elena D., Saratov: “I found out about the monastery collection of George in the ward, when she departed from another cleansing after bleeding. About him told the nurse, putting a neighbor's dropper. She said that it helps many women. I decided to try, ordered. And not sorry! The bleeding did not recur, my doctor noted that the inflammation was almost gone. I spent on drink only two weeks! Became much more cheerful! I'll drink! ”

Marina B., Khimki: “I suffered from anemia since childhood. Constantly tormented by low hemoglobin, fainting, dizziness. I decided to try this tea. The taste is pleasant and the analyzes have become much better. I will definitely continue to drink! ”

Ksenia U., Bryansk: “Both I and the teenage child often suffered from colds. From one type of antibiotics already sick, and they did not help, in fact. The neighbor advised the monk George to take the collection, as there are many useful herbs that raise their immunity. We tried and really helped! For the past year, we have never been ill! They drank just like tea, infusion used instead of tea leaves. I take it to the permanent composition of the first-aid kit!

Interesting features

On the Internet, you can purchase monastic collection of herbs for weight loss, which has been unprecedented for several years now. It can be found under various names: 16 herbs, herbal tea from Father George, herbal tea according to the recipe of the Holy Elizabeth Monastery, herbal collection No. 26, a monastic recipe from the old man Archimandrite George (Sawa). Say, which of the original packaging, is quite difficult.

The second feature is that in the pharmacy this tool is not for sale. But to find it on the Internet is very easy. And still it is realized by some temple monasteries. This fact is alarming to many, as it shows that the monastic herbal collection did not pass the required certification. Indeed, there are no scientific facts about its effectiveness and safety. One can only hope for the natural composition and honesty of those religious organizations that are engaged in dissemination.

A few words should be said about the person whose name is on the package. Schiarchimandrite George (Sawa) - the former governor of the Holy Spirit Monastery in the city of Timashevsk, Krasnodar Territory. At one time, pilgrims from different parts of the world flocked to him, not only for spiritual healing, but also for physical healing. After all, the priest was a famous herbalist and healer who gave people a huge amount of recipes from almost all diseases. In 2011, the abbot was gone. This is not a mythical image, but a very real person, with a very positive and causing only trust.

The classic composition of the monastery collection of Father George includes 16 herbs, although there are packages that indicate a different amount. We need a multi-component preparation, which consists of the following plant extracts.

It promotes the removal of excess fluid, toxins from the body, activates metabolic processes, is a known anti-inflammatory agent, increases hemoglobin.

This plant is often called a natural antibiotic: kills infections, reduces pain. It has many trace elements. Improves digestion, normalizes blood circulation, helps with heart disease.

Included in the collection, as it is a potent choleretic agent. Cleans the liver, normalizes the level of hepatocytes, reduces the risk of hepatosis and even treats it. Immortelle is also prescribed to put in order cholesterol indicators, which play a significant role in weight loss.

This plant has a unique composition: here there are vitamins, organic acids, trace elements, flavonoids, and pectins. All together it works in two directions: it promotes weight loss and strengthens the immune system. No wonder the infusion of rosehip is prescribed for colds for a speedy recovery and is recommended as the main drink in many diets.

For weight loss is useful because it normalizes and metabolism, and digestion, as well as well satisfy hunger (as it activates the adrenal glands). It is of much greater importance for general health promotion: it has a positive effect on blood circulation, prevents and stops the development of tumors.

The well-known popular diuretic, which perfectly removes excess fluid from the body - and weight loss is achieved. In addition, bearberry has a calming effect, beneficially affecting the nervous system. It helps with compulsive overeating. She is credited with anti-cancer properties.

Acts as a choleretic agent, relieving the liver from harmful toxins and toxins. Promotes rapid tissue regeneration.

Strengthens choleretic immortelle action. It improves digestion, calms the nervous system, helping to withstand diets without interruption. In folk medicine, it is often used as an anesthetic.

Corrects metabolism, has a positive effect on the gastrointestinal tract. However, its main properties are antiseptic.

  • Birch buds

In the composition of this plant extract there are many trace elements. They accelerate the metabolism.

The herb is unique in that it is a natural hormonal remedy. It has a direct impact on the thyroid gland, on which overweight depends on women. The buckthorn also updates the blood plasma.

No need to treat lime blossom only as an antipyretic and immune-strengthening agent. Here it is present for another reason: it affects the pituitary gland and regulates the amount of insulin in the body, and also activates metabolic processes at the cellular level.

  • Swamp cudgel

Diuretic traditional medicine, normalizes the work of the kidneys. There is no excess fluid in the body - there is no weight gain. As a bonus, there is a decrease in pressure and an energy effect (it increases efficiency and improves mood).

In its action is similar to wormwood, as used in traditional medicine as a powerful sedative. In addition, it has a positive effect on the work of the kidneys, reduces pressure.

Chamomile - a unique response of nature to all human diseases. It strengthens the immune system, treats allergies, activates the metabolism, satisfies hunger.

This herb is aimed primarily at normalizing digestion, blocking the deposition of fat in the stock and contributing to their active conversion to energy.

These herbs are part of the monastery collection from Father George. The lack of chemical additives in the form of preservatives is captivating and such an abundance of nature's gifts are really useful for the body.

Based on the beneficial properties of herbs that make up the collection, it has the following effect on the body:

  • diuretic: the excretory systems are activated, the kidneys begin to function several times faster, which contributes to the removal of excess fluid from the body, and toxins with toxins are sent along with it - such purification leads to a slight, but still losing weight,
  • choleretic: freeing the excretory system from bile, collecting activates and improves the functioning of the liver, cleansing it, which also contributes to a more efficient functioning of the body,
  • metabolic:metabolism at all levels accelerates
  • soothing: It is no secret that one of the main causes of overweight is a constant stressful state and experiences. By eliminating this factor, the monastic collection makes you forget about the attacks of hunger and not to fill up the heap, as before, especially in the evening hours,
  • hormonal: influencing the thyroid gland, adrenal glands, pituitary, herbs regulate the synthesis of hormones responsible for weight loss and weight gain,
  • improved digestion: leads to the fact that food is digested and absorbed faster, carbohydrates and fats are not deposited, but serve as energy fuel.

So the collection of Father George can really contribute to losing weight. In addition, as a bonus, you can get a general improvement of the body, since the effect of plant extracts is very many-sided.

The proof of the last statement may be the presence in the sale of the monastic collection with the same composition, but for the treatment of various diseases:

  • diabetes mellitus
  • to cleanse the body
  • gastric and hepatic,
  • like cancer prevention,
  • decongestant
  • for the removal of bile,
  • for the kidneys.

The web also disseminated information that the monastic gathering for weight loss (!) Led to the complete cure of such serious diseases as cancer, infertility, diabetes, etc. True, there is no concrete evidence. And the question arises: why are seriously ill, say, oncology, to lose weight on this tea, if they already have a persistent weight loss as the main symptom? Unclear. Therefore, we omit such moments as improbable.

Truth or lie

And finally, we will try to answer the most common question. Quote: "Is it true that he helps or is this a divorce?".

  • 100% natural composition,
  • all 16 herbs included in it, one way or another, but contribute to weight loss,
  • among them there is no doubtful exotics such as Alexandrian senna, or guarana, or goji,
  • all herbs really grow in the mountains of the Caucasus,
  • is a medical complex that can facilitate the course of many serious diseases,
  • the identity of Schiarchimandrite and the famous Herbalist Father George is a real fact.

  • no side effects: and in the reviews appear dizziness, and nausea, and deterioration in diseases of the kidneys and liver,
  • recommended by doctors: more like an advertising ploy,
  • Efficiency is confirmed clinically: information about this is purely theoretical in nature, and there is no information about specifically conducted studies.

The following facts are also alarming:

  • too many variations of the monastic collection with different names, in different packages, with different purposes,
  • ambiguity with the manufacturer: the Holy Elizabeth monastery in Minsk, the Holy Spirit monastery in Timashevsk, then some other church monasteries from the Krasnodar Territory and Moscow,
  • very few contraindications
  • не продаётся в аптеках.

Никто точно не расскажет вам насколько он эффективен. Нужно либо пробовать самому, либо найти и использовать сертифицированное аптечное средство. Think, decide, put your weight in order.