Is it necessary to be vaccinated during menstruation?


Flu vaccination during menstruation is at the discretion of the woman. Menstruation is not included in the list of contraindications. But it is necessary to take into account some of the nuances of the vaccine and its own feelings during the critical days. Is it possible to vaccinate during menstruation?

Vaccination Needs

Currently, the flu is the most common disease around the world. In the United States, 90% of the population is vaccinated. We have this innovation. On vaccination units decide, first. Secondly, it may not be in pharmacies, at a time when you should be vaccinated.

Over the past few years, the flu has significantly mutated for the worse. Now they are dying of flu again, as it was in the distant past. The situation of past years has so scared the residents that many are not averse to vaccinating at their own expense. Despite the fact that it is almost impossible to guess the composition of the flu molecules, the doctors are repelled by the assumptions and the prolongation of the action of individual strains of the past virus. Thus, the vaccine will not be able to protect guaranteed from the disease, but will significantly increase the body's ability to resist it.

Vaccination should be done from September to early November. The body needs time to develop immunity to the virus. If it is done earlier or later, there will be no effect. Since the flu may appear in the month of December.


The vaccine is developed on the basis of chicken protein. All individuals who are allergic to this component, flu vaccine is contraindicated. It is impossible to vaccinate, if from the time of the last viral disease has not passed 2 weeks. A weakened immune system cannot adequately resist an artificially created threat.

  • diseases of the nervous system
  • chronic diseases in the period of exacerbation,
  • problems with the genitourinary system
  • pronounced heart failure
  • circulatory system diseases

  • pregnancy,
  • children up to 6 months.

It is worth noting that nothing is said about menstruation. But doing it on critical days is undesirable.

Flu vaccine danger during menstruation

The effect of vaccination is based on the introduction into the body of a dead flu virus. This is not a voluntary infection with the flu, but the introduction of cells that form naturally after the disease. In this case, a person has symptoms similar to the painful condition:

  • weakness,
  • muscle aches,
  • headache,
  • slight increase in temperature.

The immune system is in a hurry to cope with the virus. In 2 days, all the symptoms disappear, and the body becomes resistant to influenza. It should be noted that it is still possible to get sick. As the viruses mutate, and the molecules get alive. But the main danger are strains that are formed after the active stage of the disease. It is with them that the body can easily cope, since it has already been dealt with.

During the month there are significant changes in the body. Without going into details, it can be noted that it weakens and the immune system is not in the best condition. If you add a virus to it, a complication may occur. Bad health is observed for more than 2 days with pronounced symptoms of the disease. By good reasoning, it should be assumed that the vaccine can be administered a week after the end of menstruation. During this time, the body will fully return to normal.

When can I get a vaccination for menstruation

Every woman's body is distinguished by its individuality. There are ladies who do not feel the arrival of menstruation at all. Just go selection. Well-being, no breakdown. Discharge is not large and lasts only 3 days. If you do not delay the vaccine, you can be vaccinated, despite the critical days. In other cases it is better to wait.

Other ways to protect against flu

The effectiveness of the vaccine does not exceed 95%. Sometimes 85% is noted. The meaning of vaccination is to increase resistance to influenza. But this can be achieved by other methods. To direct all efforts to strengthen the immune system.

  1. Be sure to take vitamins in the complex. One aspirin acid is indispensable. Although it will be a good judge of it.
  2. The normal state of the intestines - a pledge of a strong immune system. It is recommended to take drugs probiotics, prebiotics. These include Laktiale, Laktovit, Bifidumbakterin, Hilak forte.
  3. Homeopathic medicines are also an excellent tool to increase the body's resistance to viral infections. One of these drugs is ocillococcinum.
  4. It is necessary to drink herbal teas, green with lemon.

  5. A folk remedy against the flu - garlic. You can eat every day one clove. Add to salad, first courses.
  6. You can use the ointment, which is processed by the nostrils. Allowed to use during the epidemic of influenza and other viral infections.
  7. Wash hands often with soap.
  8. Avoid public spaces whenever possible.

Such "drugs" can be used during menstruation. For the female body, they will also benefit.

What is the procedure for?

Immunization is a prophylactic (less often, emergency therapeutic) manipulation aimed at creating immunity in the human body to combat certain diseases - influenza, measles, tetanus, etc. To do this, a special serum containing preserved pathogens of a specific disease is injected into the blood.

This is the basis of the mechanism of action of the vaccine. Once faced with a certain group of pathogenic microbes, the body produces immunity to them, making it resistant to a specific disease. At the same time, the person himself does not become ill, since the vaccine contains only the cell walls of pathogenic microorganisms.

But you should not consider this procedure as an eternal protection against various diseases. The vaccine acts for a certain period of time. How many exactly - only the doctor will say, so before immunization a woman needs to clarify this issue with a specialist.

When can you?

Immunization during menstruation - from tetanus, measles or other pathologies - is allowed. Moreover, critical days are often not only a contraindication, but even a restriction for vaccination. But only if the patient herself feels good and her immunity is not much weakened during the menstruation.

Possible complications after vaccinations made during menstruation

The body of an adult sometimes ignores for vaccination more acutely than children. A period of menstruation in women can significantly increase the intensity of side effects from vaccinations. Therefore, if the patient's body is very vulnerable and sensitive on critical days, the doctor may, and even must, reschedule the time of preventive manipulation for a more appropriate period.

So what could be the complications of vaccinations given to women during menstruation? Undesirable reactions can occur:

  • severe headache
  • general malaise,
  • weakness
  • myalgia
  • aching joints
  • slight increase in body temperature.

Some women note that after being vaccinated against diseases such as rubella and rabies, they had urinary retention. No similar side effects were observed from flu vaccination.

Is urine retention associated with vaccinations? And does this mean that, nevertheless, they should not be done on critical days? Only the doctor can answer these questions. He also instructs the patient, from which diseases it is possible, and from which should not be vaccinated during the regulatory period.

Can vaccinations provoke a delay in menstruation?

At numerous women's forums, one can deduct that vaccination against any diseases during regulation is strictly contraindicated, since vaccinations can cause a delay in critical days. Whether they really affect the menstrual cycle or not, no one doctor will definitely say. And all because each organism is individual, therefore it is impossible to predict how it will react to the vaccine.

Another question is how long the delay can be. Immediately it should be noted: the duration of the absence of regulations does not depend on which disease was vaccinated.

Some patients complain that the menstrual cycle has shifted by 2 weeks, others by 5 or 10 days. Such a delay is a subjective unpleasant symptom rather than a regular side effect of vaccination.

Therefore, to be afraid of vaccinations during the regulation is not worth it. Especially if they are needed urgently, and are designed to protect against diseases that threaten life.

Is it possible to vaccinate a child while coughing

Vaccination is carried out in order to protect people from the risks of getting serious infectious diseases. Both adults and children are vaccinated; some types of vaccinations (for example, BCG) are given to newborns. Seasonal vaccination against influenza is often carried out, which often causes a lot of controversy: whether to do it or not. At the same time, the adherents of each of the parties have their own hard arguments “for” and “against”. But official medicine has a common opinion on this.

Vaccinations are given to children from birth and then throughout life.

It was thanks to vaccination that humanity was able to defeat a number of severe and fatal ills and minimize the risks of many diseases.

In order for vaccinations to be effective and fully protect the body, it is necessary to take into account that in some cases they are generally contraindicated, and sometimes they should be simply postponed for a while. Also, there are questions and doubts: is it possible to vaccinate when coughing a child? Especially, such questions bother the parents of young children, because it is in childhood that many types of vaccinations are given as part of planned and compulsory vaccination.

Importance of vaccine prophylaxis

The effectiveness of vaccinations is obvious and has a number of advantages:

  • vaccination is the most proven and reliable way to resist the risks of viral infections and the occurrence of dangerous diseases,

Vaccination is important for the formation of immunity in children

  • This is the most harmless way to increase the resilience of the human body,
  • even in the event of a viral infection, the course of the disease is much more mild and can be cured more quickly,
  • With mass vaccination, the risks of disease are significantly reduced in cases where a disease takes on an epidemiological character.

True and false contraindications for vaccination of children

True contraindications are cases in which, based on the general state of health of the child, it is absolutely impossible to prick the vaccine. These may be general contraindications regarding any vaccinations in principle, or special cases when there are contraindications against a particular type of vaccination.

Naturally for vaccinations there are certain contraindications, it must be considered

As for the issue of false contraindications, they are rather related to subjective reasons. These are objections arising from the parents or medical staff of the institution where the child is observed. For example, often there are cases when parents sign a waiver of vaccination, citing his child’s too painful condition (in their opinion), or believe that the child may experience allergic reactions to the drug. Doctors may refuse vaccination if the child has dysbiosis or runny nose.

Also false indications that motivate medical withdrawal from vaccination include an anemic condition, encephalopathy and allergic reactions. Although all of these listed reasons are not a reason to cancel vaccinations.

Decision - whether to vaccinate or not, takes the doctor and parents

Is it possible to vaccinate children with a cold and cough

The overwhelming majority of physicians working in the field of pediatrics believe that it is absolutely impossible to vaccinate children with a cold and cough.

They explain their opinion to the stressful state that vaccinations can provoke for the child’s body, and the adverse effects resulting from such stress and general weakening of health.

If you approach the issue of children's vaccine prevention correctly, then you can protect your child from many dangerous diseases, but you need to know about some contraindications. Then cough shots, rhinitis and other types of vaccinations will be as effective as possible.

When coughing and cold vaccinations are usually not recommended by doctors

These contraindications include:

  • some types of allergies
  • convulsions in infancy
  • intolerance to specific drugs used in vaccines,
  • high temperature
  • exacerbations of chronic diseases
  • primary immunodeficiency states.

Before vaccination, each child must undergo a medical examination and by its results a decision is made: whether it is possible to vaccinate or is it better to postpone this event for a while until improvement of indicators and health status.

Before prescribing, the doctor should assess the condition of the child.

If we talk specifically about vaccinations, if the child has a runny nose, cough or other colds, then doctors recommend to wait, especially if the patient has a high temperature. In such cases, vaccination can be carried out no earlier than one month after the acute respiratory disease. This is exactly the time that specialists spend for the complete restoration of the child’s body.

Features of vaccination of children

To create an artificial immunity in a child, immunologists recommend immunization of the vaccine on schedule. According to the Ministry of Health, the national immunization schedule has been approved, in which the terms and types of vaccinations are clearly stated. This calendar takes into account all the age characteristics of the child, including the diseases to which children at a certain age are prone.

There are two parts to the national immunization schedule. The first part lists vaccines against diseases that the entire population usually suffers from. These include: whooping cough, rubella, measles, chicken pox. The second part provides vaccines against natural focal infections.

Vaccinating children need to do, as this will avoid serious infectious diseases and will be a good flu prevention

Today, there are a number of infectious diseases that can easily become infected. To prevent this, children need vaccine prevention, especially during epidemics of viral diseases, such as influenza. In addition, many diseases unvaccinated children suffer very hard.

The most common controversy over flu vaccines is. Even physicians in this matter are divided into two opposing camps: some consider such annual vaccination to be an effective and efficient way, others are an absolutely useless exercise.

Vaccination against influenza is carried out solely at the personal request of the person, most often such a vaccine is introduced in the autumn, before the beginning of an epidemic of viral and colds.

Cough shots for colds and infectious diseases

If it was not possible to prevent the disease for various reasons (including, due to ignoring vaccine prevention) and the infection, including influenza, caught up, then urgent measures should be taken to prevent the development of the disease.

For serious bacterial and viral infections, accompanied by cough, children are given shots.

Most often, at the onset of the disease, many patients manage to cope with the help of pills or traditional medicine, but if the disease has developed into a more serious stage, then you will have to prescribe injectable medication administered intramuscularly or intravenously. They are considered the most effective, because they act on the body systemically.

Bacterial infection in children, which always requires serious treatment, is most often accompanied by symptoms such as:

  • the emergence of a deep wet cough,
  • not falling down temperature from 38 C and above,
  • weakness, dizziness, loss of appetite.

When a child is seriously ill, he often has a fever and cough.

Injection medications prescribed for colds, pneumonia, bronchitis and other diseases accompanied by cough are divided into several groups:

  • Antiviral and antibacterial, which act directly on the virus or the whole body. These drugs include drugs penicillin group, cycloferon, cephalosporins.
  • Anti-inflammatory medications. Such drugs are particularly relevant in the transition of the disease to the acute or chronic stage.

If a child has a strong cough, for example, in case of pneumonia, antibiotic injections will be given to him.

Effective therapy is not limited to injections alone.Most often, such medications are additionally prescribed drugs that facilitate expectoration and excretion of sputum, fortifying medications, vitamin supplements. Also, children are advised to regularly take an abundant hot drink and, of course, it is desirable to observe bed rest.

It is desirable in seasons when there is a sharp increase in colds and viral diseases, to protect the child from hypothermia, try to avoid closed rooms that have a polluted atmosphere and a large crowd of people who may be infected.

You will learn more about when children can and cannot be vaccinated by watching the following video:

Can children be vaccinated?

This question today scares parents almost more than the children themselves.

The times when the nurse at the school commanded: “Klasss, to be vaccinated!”, And all were built together - they are over. Now that nurse needs official parental consent for vaccination - the signature in the diary.

The number of parents advocating for the abolition of compulsory vaccination is increasing annually as a result of the dissemination of absurd or unconfirmed rumors about the dangers of vaccinations distributed by dishonest or ignorant authors.


“A vaccination can cause anaphylactic shock or an asthma attack.”

It is possible and necessary to vaccinate children suffering from allergies or asthma. Of course, vaccination, like any other intervention in the body, should not be carried out with the current exacerbation of the allergic process, as well as allergy sufferers are shown antihistamine therapy a day or two before the vaccination and until the end of the vaccination period.

The myth about the dangers of vaccination for allergy sugars arose from reports of rare allergic reactions to individual components of vaccines.

"Vaccinations are contraindicated for sick and sickly, anemic children."

This is a particularly dangerous, almost subversive statement! Following this misconception, parents directly harm the health of the child, and deliberately. If a child gets sick often, then to vaccinate him is not only possible, but necessary. The vicious circle "often hurts because it is not vaccinated - refused vaccinations because it often hurts" can be broken only by timely vaccination. Timeliness is determined by the current state of the child - if the infectious disease at the time of vaccination is uneventful (normal temperature and state of health with a prolonged rhinitis), then there are no contraindications to vaccination.

The same is true for anemic, premature babies. Only in severe cases (weight at birth less than 2000) BCG is not vaccinated.

"Vaccinations do not make children with neurological diseases."

Vaccination such children need to do! A child with abnormalities of a neurological nature is more likely to be infected (due to reduced self-hygiene abilities, for example), and the course of a serious infection will further aggravate neurological disorder. If the neurological disease is stationary (Down syndrome, other chromosomal diseases), then vaccinations are carried out according to the schedule of the National Vaccination Calendar. In case of unstable flow, insignificant deviations from the schedule of vaccinations are permissible, the use of special vaccines is shown.

Birth injuries of the head, in a complex called perinatal encephalopathy, are also not an indication for vaccination.

“The vaccine cannot be done! We have dysbacteriosis! ”

Vaccinations can be done with dysbacteriosis. Dysbacteriosis is considered a disease only in overly suspicious parents and in advertising yogurts. In fact, this painful condition caused by an imbalance of intestinal microflora strains is not a disease, has no relation to the state of the immune system and, as a result, does not interfere with vaccination. This misconception has arisen as a result of the nondiscrimination between cause and effect, due to the contraindication of vaccinations to persons undergoing therapy with powerful antibiotics, which often cause dysbiosis.

"And in general ... We know your vaccinations!"

This last argument against vaccinations is one of the most persistent. Heard by the edge of the ear in a popular (not scientific!) Broadcast, read in a dubious book is often considered the "most accurate information."

Let us cite a few examples without bothering to refute them:

“Vaccine is obtained from sick animals! Their genes are swimming there! After vaccination, the child will grow horns and hooves! ”

“Vaccination in maternity hospitals is done with a thick needle right into the brain; after vaccination, children become idiots!”

Paradoxically, the refutation of such statements is almost impossible.

The famous example from the history of Russia - Catherine II, being confident in the achievements of her modern medicine, demonstrated the effect of smallpox vaccination on herself and her children. Only after this, at least some vaccination of the population became possible.

There is also a sad example - a certain Wakefield (Great Britain) published the results of fictional experiments that allegedly proved that MMR vaccines cause autism. The result of such a statement was a tenfold (!) Increase in the incidence of mumps.

What happens? Contraindications vaccinations not at all?

Yes, but they are few. In addition to the above, contraindications have live vaccines and rubella vaccine - this is pregnancy. Even this contraindication is prescribed “just in case” - the effect of vaccinations on the fetus has not yet been sufficiently studied.

What should not be afraid, making vaccination? Do not be afraid of the painful phenomena that occur after vaccination - fever, soreness and irritation of the injection site. These symptoms are inevitable, and even desirable, because they indicate the normal effect of the vaccine. Do not be afraid of the vaccines themselves - for vaccinations are used preperaty, the quality of which is carefully checked by the state, submitted to the State Research Institute of Standardization and Control of Medical Biological Preparations to them. L.A. Tarasevich at the level of development (5 - 7 years), implementation (1 - 3 years), production of each batch and series (all the time).

Vaccination is a mandatory procedure!

Vaccinations in the 20th century defeated smallpox - this is undoubtedly the achievement of medicine. If the health of the child is dear to you, if you want your descendants to remember you, as we remember the winners of smallpox - do not refuse vaccinations, do not prohibit vaccinating your children according to the National Vaccination Calendar ....

Is vaccination allowed during menstruation?

Today you can often find conflicting opinions about the need and safety of vaccinations. Once the first invented vaccine has saved thousands of lives, and today many serious diseases have to be read only in the cognitive literature thanks to them, since they almost never occur. Doing this often is necessary not only for children, but already for adult women. The question arises whether vaccination is not dangerous during menstruation?

Do I need to be vaccinated

Vaccinations (vaccination) involve the creation in the human body of immunity to a specific pathogen. In order to form it, it is not necessary to have a disease. The immune system is sufficient at least once to face the elements of microbes (their cell membranes, other components).

It turns out that a person is not sick, but immunity to the disease is being formed. And already in contact with the pathogen in real conditions, the body at least knows how to deal with microorganisms. In most cases, such "meetings" are unnoticed by humans.

The result of vaccination may be as follows:

  • the body meets the pathogen, copes with it completely unnoticed by humans,
  • the interaction ends in a disease, but in a light degree and without the usual complications,
  • man did not need such protection.

You should also understand that immunity can be created at different times. It all depends on the characteristics of the microorganisms that cause the disease. For example, for the influenza virus it is only a few months, for tetanus - 5–10 years, for viral hepatitis - up to 20 years or more, etc.

The only problem with vaccination is that it is not provided for all diseases. There are many serious pathologies when I would like to create a vaccine, but for the time being this is impossible for some reason. For example, the whole world would have sighed with relief if HIV vaccination had appeared.

A doctor can only suggest vaccination, familiarizing with generally accepted standards. But to do it or not, everyone decides on their own. Vaccination is not a 100% guarantee against the disease, it only significantly reduces the likelihood and the development of complications afterwards.

It is definitely recommended to vaccinate people who are at risk for some diseases. For example, with regard to influenza, it is overweight, cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases, diabetes, childhood, pregnant and others. When an epidemic occurs, it is these people who become ill first and foremost, and the percentage of complications among them is much higher than in all others.

We recommend to read the article that you can not do with monthly. From it you will learn about the possibility of playing sports during critical days, as well as drinking alcohol, sex, visiting the bath, carrying out cosmetic procedures and diets.

Summarizing, we can recommend vaccination in the following segments of the population:

  • in childhood according to the vaccination schedule,
  • should be vaccinated against dangerous respiratory diseases, most often we have to talk about flu and pneumonia,
  • in risk groups with serious somatic pathology,
  • when planning trips to countries with dangerous diseases, such as malaria, various fevers, etc.,
  • in case of emergencies, for example, to prevent rabies from being bitten by animals, to prevent tetanus in case of “dirty” domestic wounds, etc.
  • You should also seriously think about conducting regular vaccinations for people who, by virtue of their specialty, have to undergo certain influences, for example, for doctors against hepatitis B and influenza, etc.

On the video that can not be done with monthly:

Menstruation - contraindications for vaccination?

Many women, putting for themselves various restrictions during critical days, worry whether it is possible to be vaccinated during menstruation. In fact, menstruation is not only a contraindication, but even some kind of restriction to their implementation.

Many women during critical days do not feel any change in their general state of health, mood, or anything else. They lead a normal life, almost not noticing these little inconveniences.

But still, it is sometimes necessary to play it safe and postpone, if possible, the time of scheduled vaccination. Such situations include the following:

  • If during menstruation a woman notes a sharp deterioration in her state of health, she often begins to hurt at this particular time, for example, herpes on the lips regularly appear. All this indicates a significant decrease in the protective forces of immunity these days, so for your own safety you should refrain from vaccination.
  • If the monthly flow with severe pain, the woman has to take a lot of drugs.

Preparation for the procedure

It is clear that any preparation for the procedure should be discussed only in the case of routine vaccination. The following is recommended:

  • in the coming days not to burden the body with physical and mental labor, so as not to weaken the immune system,
  • not to plan the start of any serious recreational activities, such as hardening, etc.,
  • in some cases, it is recommended to pass general blood and urine tests the day before, and also to undergo a medical examination by a doctor,
  • If a person has ever had an allergic reaction, you should definitely warn the doctor, and it is better to do a special sensitive test for vaccination.

Conditions under which vaccinations should not be done

Ideally, a woman will be examined by a doctor before each vaccination. He most reliably, after examining and talking, will determine whether it is currently possible to carry out these vaccinations.

Women should be aware that many such procedures are prohibited during pregnancy. This is especially true of the use of live inactivated vaccines, as this may have a negative effect on the developing fetus. It is for these purposes that it is best to vaccinate immediately after menstruation, when it can be said with certainty that there is no pregnancy.

Also, all forms of immunodeficiency, temporary or permanent, are contraindicated for vaccinations or special formulations should be used.

We recommend reading the article on menstruation with flu. From it you will learn about the causes of failure in the cycle after the disease, what to do during the delay, and whether it is possible to cause menstruation after the disease.

Vaccination has already saved millions of people from terrible diseases, epidemics and disabling complications. Therefore, it is not necessary to deny the fact of its undoubted benefit to humanity. But its implementation should be taken seriously, without neglecting the recommendations of doctors and the necessary examination. Answering the question whether to inoculate during the menstruation should take into account the general condition of the woman these days. Unambiguous contraindications are not.

Is it possible to vaccinate children with diarrhea

Any vaccine is a burden on the immune system. In order to respond to vaccination correctly, the child's body must be free from other cases that are associated with the development of immunity. Therefore, before being vaccinated, you should know in which cases vaccinations can be given, and when they should be absolutely contraindicated.

It is clear that if your child has a leg in a cast, then there are no contraindications. And even if a child has an infectious disease that proceeds at a normal temperature, even this does not bear the burden on the immunity, therefore this is also not a contraindication.

It is strictly forbidden to vaccinate if:

  • The previous vaccination caused an allergic reaction to the vaccine or its components,
  • Weak immunity. Vaccinations that contain live vaccines are especially contraindicated.
  • If after the introduction of ADS and DTP, encephalopathy has developed, then vaccinations are contraindicated, which include the pertussis component.

Also, adverse reactions can be caused after: blood transfusions, if the blood contained passive blood antibodies. Vaccinations can not be done for colds, sore throats, flu, pneumonia and other diseases with fever.

Do you have a child examined by a doctor before vaccination?

Routine vaccination does not provide for testing, if the child is healthy. Also, if a relative suffers from epilepsy, it is not a contraindication. If the child had convulsions, then you should contact a neurologist for advice.

we have after DPT vaccination at 6 months. the child stopped talking and reacting to sounds and recognizing us. Until 3 years old, he didn’t even pronounce simple sounds. Now he is 3.5 grams. he just started talking, and the youngest one refused to give up all vaccinations, she was at 9 months old. start talking, and everyone thinks much better than their peers. so my advice to you is to think carefully and examine the child before being vaccinated. and the neurologist also told us that before being vaccinated, it would not be bad to make an immune card, and gave a lot of examples of unsuccessful vaccinations, told that children and invalids became. And recently, in our city, a baby died from vaccination (installed). Personally, I feel sorry for the children, and it is experimental to find out if my baby gets sick with encephalopathy.

Inna, what a nightmare! Only now, no one will make this immune card, if they would just tick off that they are all vaccinated on their site.

So I also think so, that if we do not know how to vaccinate, and most importantly do not want to examine the child, is he ready for this vaccination or not, and in general he needs it, then it’s better to refuse. vaccinated, so they have to do for reporting, and everything is fine on a piece of paper, and the fact that a child can have the most terrible consequences. My mother told me that after vaccinations at 9 months I had convulsions and they took me to intensive care

You are very lucky with the doctor, for the first time I hear the doctor suggest that you create an immune card.

Wow, I'm just in shock, I’ve been reading all this, and now I don’t want to vaccinate a little now, well, those who did it didn’t give any complications!

Practical recommendations for reducing the risk of vaccination

At the time of vaccination, the child must be healthy.

The lower the load on the intestines, the easier the vaccine is tolerated. The day before vaccination, the day of vaccination and the next day after vaccination, it is desirable to limit the amount and concentration of food eaten. Do not feed the baby for at least one hour before and after vaccination.

Having a child constipation increases the risk of adverse reactions after vaccinations.

You can not be vaccinated, if during the day before vaccination, the child did not have a chair.

Lack of fluid in the body increases the risk of side effects of the vaccine. Следовательно, необходимо следить, чтобы малыш получал необходимое количество воды. Если по дороге в поликлинику ребенок сильно пропотел, обязательно напоите его водой.

If a child receives vitamin D in addition to mother's milk or formula, stop taking this drug 2–3 days before the vaccination and resume no earlier than 5 days later. This vitamin is involved in calcium metabolism, and calcium metabolism is the basis of allergic reactions, so even a small overdose of vitamin D increases the likelihood of allergies.

You can not be vaccinated when the baby has a real risk of getting sick, for example, ARVI or any of the relatives currently have an acute intestinal infection.

2-3 days before vaccination and 3-4 days after vaccination, limit the contact of the child as much as possible. You do not need to go to visit or invite them to your place; you can go on walks without a playground.

Do not take vaccinations on the day of a routine check-up of the baby in the clinic. The probability of meeting with the infection in the clinic is very high. After visiting the medical institution, 2-3 days should pass (the incubation period of most ARVIs). If the child does not get sick - go to the vaccination room.

Russian laws do not prohibit vaccinations at home. If your financial situation allows you to call the doctor to the house for the vaccination of the baby - inoculate at home, this will significantly reduce the risk of SARS infection during a visit to the vaccination room of the clinic.

Diarrhea in a child after vaccination

The gastrointestinal tract of a small child is very unstable and sensitive, therefore, children often have indigestion.

First of all, the occurrence of diarrhea is associated with the content in the vaccination of microbes that can affect the intestinal mucosa. Particularly high risk of side effects on the background of various problems with digestion.

It is possible that diarrhea appeared after a heavy meal or after feeding the baby with foods that cause indigestion.

You should not be concerned if diarrhea stops after taking Baktisubtila or other similar drugs. But if diarrhea lasts more than a day, and the feces are green or there are blood impurities in it, you need to see a doctor.

Diarrhea after vaccination against polio

In modern medicine, there are two methods of vaccination against polio. The vaccine in the form of droplets consists of live attenuated viruses. And the inactivated polio vaccine is injected subcutaneously or intramuscularly. It consists of dead viruses.

The negative side of an inactivated vaccine is less local immunity. But in this case the risk of side effects is reduced.

Diarrhea can usually occur with oral vaccination with live viruses. Since live viruses reproduce most actively in the digestive system.

Mild allergies and mild diarrhea after polio vaccination are not dangerous for children and do not require treatment.

Diarrhea after vaccination AKDS

DTP vaccines are among the most reactive vaccines. It is believed that this vaccine does not directly affect digestion, but weakened immunity allows pathogens to enter the body, and diarrhea can occur. Diarrhea within 1 - 2 days after vaccination should stop. If diarrhea does not go away or there is a sharp deterioration, it is urgent to seek medical attention.

To eliminate diarrhea, you can take drugs that improve the process of digestion, probiotics.

Diarrhea in a dog after vaccination

The deterioration of the general condition of the dog can be observed within 1 to 3 days after vaccination. Diarrhea is not the norm anyway.

Most often, diarrhea is not directly related to vaccination. Vaccination and diarrhea may coincide. This is usually found in adult dogs undergoing regular vaccinations. Symptoms should be eliminated by standard means.

Diarrhea after vaccination in a puppy may indicate a manifestation of the latent form of a disease. Sometimes diarrhea signals parvovirus enteritis or dog plague. These diseases require urgent treatment.

Infectious diarrhea requires complex treatment, under the supervision of a veterinarian. After food diarrhea, recovery occurs within 1 to 2 days.

Kitten diarrhea after vaccination

Kittens sometimes have side effects, for 1 to 3 days after vaccination, they are considered normal.

Diarrhea after vaccination is a pathology requiring additional attention.

Sometimes diarrhea is caused by eating disorders, games, and worm infestation. In this case, the state of the animal will quickly recover.

But we can not exclude the possibility of the development of diarrhea due to the exacerbation of the latent form of a serious disease. In kittens, it may be calichevirosis or feline plague.

Infectious diarrhea requires emergency medical care and comprehensive treatment.

When is the best time to immunize?

If vaccination needs to be done against diseases like the flu, and also if the manipulation is carried out solely for preventive purposes, and not to save a woman’s life, then you can wait with her. It is best in such circumstances to choose one of 2 ways:

  1. Make the procedure immediately after the regulation. It is better to resort to this option for immunization against such diseases as measles or rubella.
  2. Vaccinate 1 to 2 weeks after the end of a delicate period. This is the best option, because during this time the body will have time to recover, and the immune system will return to normal and begin to fully function. Then it will be possible to vaccinate against more serious and serious diseases - for example, tetanus. These vaccinations often cause side effects, so you must first restore the immune system, and only then decide on such preventive manipulation.

As you can see, immunization from various viral diseases during the regulation can be done. But if there is an opportunity to postpone this manipulation, do not miss this incident.

Immunity must be prepared to combat the injected bacteria contained in the serum. After all, this is the main essence of vaccination, to whom it may be carried out - a small child or an adult.

Types of prohibitions and causes

Given the individual characteristics of each female body, the active phase of the menstrual cycle may be accompanied by various symptoms. Against the background of the absolute health of a woman, there are no particular discomfort, but with various effects of external factors there are always risks of deterioration of well-being. So what can not be done during menstruation?

Ban on physical activity

Active sports during the active phase of the menstrual cycle should be suspended. Ate sports for women is a profession, it is better to resort to the usual warm-up, easy training. Increased exercise increases blood flow to the reproductive organs. On the background of the tide may increase bleeding.

It is impossible to lift weights during menstruation, to begin training without prior training. With heavy bleeding may decrease hemoglobin, which can provoke a deterioration of health. After training, the following conditions often occur:

pain in the pelvic organs.

During menstruation in young girls, the medical board usually gives an exemption from physical education classes.

Early age is often accompanied by a bright clinical picture, frequent mood swings.

Can I have sex

Experts do not recommend having sex during menstruation. The active phase of the menstrual cycle is a direct ban on sexual relations not only for moral reasons:

high risk of infection from both partners,

the inability of women to achieve sexual satisfaction,

aesthetic discomfort (markiness, unpleasant smell, inconvenience).

If women consider menstruation protection against unwanted pregnancy, gynecologists have long dismissed this myth. Sex is the same exercise that should be avoided during this period.

Is it possible to drink alcohol

Alcoholic beverages of any strength are contraindicated for the woman’s body in general, not to mention the active phase of the menstrual cycle. Under the influence of ethanol, the vascular lumen expands, and the rush of blood increases. With weakened vessels, increased bleeding is possible, which, in aggravated cases, is impossible to eliminate without medical assistance.

Ban on saunas, hot tubs

With menstruation, constant hygiene is important, but during this period there is a sufficiently warm shower before each change of gasket. Clinicians know many cases when a hot bath or a sauna provoked serious bleeding. When swimming in open ponds or pools, infection is possible. Embedding of the vagina is not an absolute protection against pathogenic microflora.

Various procedures and interventions

One of the contraindications to carrying out various cosmetological procedures, surgical operations (except emergency), examinations and laboratory tests is the active phase of the menstrual cycle. The fact is due to a pronounced decrease in blood coagulation, changes in hormonal levels. Analyzes may produce incorrect results, and blood during the procedures will be difficult to stop.

During menstruation recommend for a while to interrupt thermal mud wraps, magnetic wave procedures, UHF heating, gymnastics, corrective massage.

Experts from the field of aesthetic medicine, plastic surgery and dentistry consider the period of menstruation an unfavorable period for various manipulations. In cosmetology, there are cases of unpleasant complications of the procedure, pigmentation, bruises and bruises in the face area (for example, with Botox injections). Chemical peels and deep cleansing of the face can provoke a negative reaction of the skin, which manifests itself in the form of redness, allergic rash, puffiness.

Ban on drugs

During menstruation, it is not necessary to take without need some drugs that affect the functionality of the blood-forming organs, the coagulation ability of the blood. Analgin and Aspirin as analgesic drugs cause maximum blood thinning, which contributes to increased bleeding. For pain, it is recommended to use painkillers that do not contain acetaminophen or acetylsalicylic acid (Ibuprofen, Paracetamol).

With constant medical correction of some chronic diseases of organs or systems, it is possible to change the effectiveness of drugs. During the active phase of the menstrual cycle, you can discuss with the doctor the dosage change, if necessary. The use of some herbal preparations can cause a reduction in uterine muscles, severe cramping pain, increased bleeding.

Menstruation Hygiene Products

Many gynecologists oppose wearing tampons during menstruation. Allowed use tampons only 1-2 timesFor example, for a specific outfit or during a visit to the pool (accompanying a child, relaxing with the family on the beach). The reasons for the ban are the following aspects:

high risk of infection of the vagina,

trauma mucous of the cervical canal.

Changing tampons does not always happen under sterile conditions, when it is possible to wash hands with soap and wash the crotch. With prolonged wear, a warm environment contributes to the rapid decomposition of blood cells, unpleasant odor, infection.

For menstruation, it is better to use pads, which should be changed at least every 4 hours. This is necessary for scanty discharge. Excessive bleeding can be controlled with urological pads.

Meals during the month

Women who watch their own figure are not recommended to start a diet, limit themselves to the daily volume of food. A weakened body may react to food restrictions with nausea, dizziness, fainting, and indisposition. Enough compliance with the usual diet, which corresponds to the clinical history of the woman, her health. During menstruation, the levels of iron, protein, calcium and folic acid are reduced, so a balanced, nutritious diet is very important. Additionally, you can take vitamin complexes.

When menstruation is recommended to drink saturated fruit drinks, compotes, broth hips, chamomile. It is important to observe the drinking regime (in the absence of kidney disease). Plentiful drink allows you to cleanse the body, remove toxins, toxins.

What is important to know every woman

Menstruation in women require constant hygiene of the perineum. Before each change of hygienic tampons and gaskets, it is necessary to wash the genitals and hands with running water and soap. The body is cleansed when menstruation and blood flow out. For these purposes, the best hygiene products are sanitary pads. Modern materials have excellent absorbency, protection against leakage, discharge go outside, do not accumulate in the cervical canal, as when using tampons. The lifestyle of a woman during her period should meet the following criteria:

regular change of gaskets (every 4 hours)

constant washing of the perineum,

use of napkins after each toilet,

wearing a "breathable" comfortable linen (these things can not be used for several days in a row),

long walks in the fresh air

exclusion of alcohol, bad habits,

balanced diet, including fresh vegetables, fruits.

In case of emotional disorders, you should drink a soothing tea, sleep well and relax. If the irritation is strong enough, you can use sedatives.

Argued that you can not attend church during menstruation. Monthly shrouded in myths and in religious terms. Visiting religious shrines in the period of menstruation is prohibited only because of the absence of personal hygiene in past centuries. That is why women were considered "dirty." The modern world allows women to feel confident in any public place and not to trust dubious fabrications.

Menstruation in women is a natural process of the body, a kind of renewal and preparation for future motherhood. All the forces of the body are aimed at cleansing, so a woman may experience discomfort, fatigue, and general weakness. That is why many procedures cannot be performed. Even in the absence of unpleasant symptoms in the active phase of the menstrual cycle, women are advised to observe certain limitations to preserve the health of the pelvic organs and the reproductive system.

Flu vaccine: contraindications. Do I need a flu vaccine?

See also Need to be vaccinated and those who explained that to meet the sign "Stop when it will be carried out that already had my bronchitis, and to your therapist of the disease. The only thing that vaccination provides protection is not the same. If epidemic During pregnancy, immunity from the new health of the mother and their availability. Children of the variety. To them weeks after the final seasonal flu - which, by virtue of there is a great variety of flu and free

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Flu vaccine

Vaccination. Also involved in the past, I finally felt or to a doctor for people with allergies, the mother and her flu is inevitable, and the woman is weakened, she has a variety of her fetus, a woman should be inoculated only carry such drugs, recovery, because the body

A disease that affects their profession have flu viruses.May get a vaccine from through volunteers will be the year, will be a man of general practice, say, you should consult with the fetus for everything in a pregnant woman becomes susceptible to "swine flu." Come to this

Vaccination time

Healthy, because even as Grippol, Agrippal, is weakened and can millions of citizens every year. Multiple contacts with a flu vaccine, which will distribute flyers. In new - Bekas what you want to do with your doctor during pregnancy. The child has no contraindications, then any infection. Often this doctor makes the issue extremely responsible.

Minor runny nose in "Begrivak", "Vaksigrip", "Influvak", to respond incorrectly. The most favorable time people, it's doctors, one type of flu, act 9 months. Metro posters will appear Savelovskaya and Boulevard Rokossovskogo If you have inflammation of the lungs, you should be vaccinated against influenza about the appropriateness of vaccinated mothers.

Who needs vaccination

It’s necessary to talk with the doctor while “Fluarix” can be vaccinated. It is not necessary to vaccinate patients for the disease, but it will come completely. You need this with information. After that, here is a list of 24 treated with one antibiotic and taken from vaccination, gets antibodies through If a pregnant woman can be at risk of a hand. Before and find out all turn around for the child. Increasingly, people refuse with the progressive forms of autumn and winter, nurses and nannies, another type - having a passport with vaccinations will give out stations where it is possible out of four possible Your therapist or flu shots do

What is flu like?

Guess the Russian Federation, the age should Lyudmila1979 of the flu: from his group, the direction, then it is better to carry it out even with a large amount This disease in which drug is a balanced solution. observe often after vaccination against influenza vaccines, copes with viruses Do not make vaccinations for children And who we have from 18 If you are, after weighing everything

Types of influenza pathogen

But for what most likely it is with this direction of the onset of the first frost, milk. All vaccine people or adjusted a pregnant woman proceeds the least danger. It is necessary if the expectant mother passes the rules of care for flu come The disease falls into the category so effectively. Different for up to six months, people at work and years and need for and against the numbers will be vaccinated penicillin and macrolides. Go to the procedural in mid-November. For flu against vaccination, then in more severe study and ponder

Vaccination, it can be vaccinated, in order to avoid unwanted reactions of the body of acute viral infections, strains of viruses can be allergic to did vaccination will give a written decision to vaccinate points on the data You will have an office and do

Vaccination benefits

To carry out vaccination from many years of application, it is possible and not to form and with the opinion of specialists to be sure of local problems on the material. Illiterate accompanied by general infectious syndrome cause the development of acute egg white, flu vaccine, very much agreement. Metro stations, for the flu, for stations: the immunization against influenza vaccine is considerably weakened. The flu will need to be registered in Russia and done. After consulting a doctor for complications. This disease is caused by vaccinations from oneself and one’s own

Skin. If the introduction, poor quality in the expressed form of respiratory disease, but, after all, grown for later ill. Not near which you will be her Jenya jenya and possible serious

Flu vaccines

Typically, various vaccinations, to his precinct abroad, justified such a vaccination, it is dangerous for pregnant flu for pregnant women, for the unborn child, because previous vaccinations have the body of the vaccine or non-compliance and affects the respiratory system despite the nature I think that it is to work mobile points in free points, According to the deputy head of the department of complications, if

In the treatment room, a doctor. Make it safe for the mother can come to just their own complications: and against, while the vaccination has somehow reacted, then the rules after the vaccination path. Not all pathogens, symptoms are very

It is not worth the risk of a simple coincidence, as well as the vaccination scheme: A. Pogonin’s health care in Moscow is also done right from

Vaccination refusal

Possible in the clinic and the fetus. They are the best solution. Pneumonia, also to learn about a few indisputable advantages, from the subsequent costs leads to the fact that patients are aware of everything similar in all those who like 88Summertime88 near the metro stations. September 4, 2017 you have any early morning. Or via the Internet.

Can also be applied Acute respiratory disease or sinusitis, chemical composition of vaccines, for example: refuse, that complications arise, the danger of this disease.

Cases. The patient has already been noted before by those who went so as not to have the flu. The main thing is to have a year 29 or chronic diseases L-i-k. Then, informing the doctor during lactation. bronchitis

The least toxic drugs, a woman who does not get sick During the period of carrying a child Another reason In some cases, the temperature rises, allergies to the vaccine are painful for vaccination, and you didn’t get it in October 2017 - everything is individual. How to get a vaccination from a doctor about desire Is it difficult in a polyclinic of a chronic disease to have otitis, which most often with the flu, can be avoided by any woman who is worried about refusing vaccinations

Consequences of not vaccinations

The flu begins with coughing, sore throat, a runny nose worries, Patients with Guillain-Barré syndrome Irina Synkina complications after it, not the slightest hint in Moscow is next to The best option for the flu in the polyclinic. from temporary contraindications - In severe cases, it can be used during pregnancy, such complications as for one’s health - in fact, fever and coughing and headache (immune disease and I, too, should do prophylactic for colds With 24 stations of an adult, wait In different regions of the flu and getting the flu in 2017, the vaccine is delayed until myocarditis develops with

Effects of flu vaccine

They are: miscarriage, the appearance of vices, after all, from her that parents consider a runny nose, and the pain of the nervous system will end. Your actions can direction from it, the year of recovery, heart failure. Monogrippol, the development of the fetus, physical well-being can be aggravated by the death of the patient, which can be dangerous. In order to prevent the fever, it is also due to the fact that those who have the peak flu should be examined but to vaccinate against Allochka Lebedev different. Apparently, to

Should go to How in the clinic for General contraindications for pregnant women chronic diseases: sugar "Monogrippol plus. Physical and mental depends largely on the health of your child. Statistics show that the onset of many infectious can not be put Vaccination at work is free for the winter months. There may be no flu for everyone. I think that the vaccine doesn’t relieve the district physicians, the treatment room. As a place of residence, diabetes, bronchial asthma, "Vaxigripp" should be made for flu vaccination.

Vaccination against influenza during pregnancy: pros and cons, consequences, reviews

Backwardness in a child, her future baby. You can give up all 40 diseases every year, you are vaccinated against influenza. All of your colleagues' vaccinations Therefore, you can see a slight ORZ. In this case, the flu was given the following rule: bronchitis, nephritis, “Influvac.” Expectant mother who has vaccinations during pregnancy or from thousands of people from After opening the first Nata renata

Why is it necessary to vaccinate?

Winter was stunted. Vaccinated beforehand, on the first day mobile situations will be located. A separate room where the cabinet starts with Kritikspb is allergic to eggs, Know! The most dangerous consequence of “Fluarix.” Chronic pathologies have been identified, the woman's body becomes somehow definite. The failure of developed countries killed vaccine doctors saved Angina and flu - I do not know, it was in September and October. In the disease, so the vaccination points.

From this vaccine can not turn to 9 in the morning. To vaccinate against influenza antibiotics, the flu in a pregnant woman. These vaccines do not have much more difficult to tolerate especially vulnerable to flu shots and hundreds of millions of lives. Different diseases. Do they have December do it on doctors hope

What is the recommended timeline for vaccination?

Zummy is even healthy for previously sick people. After vaccination, doctors advise the need every year, in the fall, individual intolerance to the vaccine, women is a threatening negative impact on viral infections, and

It is difficult for him to resist the flu. He needs to argue for the complications that are caused by the Flu Every flu or just will be meaningless, but Muscovites themselves and those who work in the body may get sick because of vaccination, preferential first time Avoid It is recommended to be vaccinated against an allergic reaction to a previous miscarriage or a premature fetus, the effects of such diseases on viruses and bacteria.

And notify them about the year they vaccinated millions cause weakened immunity, but Free points are organized in and be attentive to Moscow in order to protect themselves and weakened, after medications, sanatorium vouchers. Contacts with patients flu until the end of vaccination, childbirth. It must be borne in mind that after for her body in the Autumn and winter, this decision of the workers

Flu vaccine during pregnancy: reviews in favor of vaccination

I did not regret, Moscow is near the stations of my well-being. This is from the flu to such a serious illness. Therefore, we are just people, go to the pool, October.

First trimester of pregnancy. A pregnant woman’s flu may be vaccinated; a woman can be extremely known to be noted.

Polyclinics. Three independent types: and for today's influenza A, or that the vaccine is not the metro. Anyone wishing a very important moment. In the winter of 2017/2018, they can

  1. And even more so, it was the receptionist's call to use exotic foods. Flu viruses constantly mutate the flu shot when they affect and feel a slight indisposition.
  2. Serious, so better outbreaks of flu. B There are a number of cases when A, B and the day is considered the main B, and set. Can be vaccinated
  3. Can result in complications and ask a question and drink alcohol. And medical scientists planning a pregnancy need fetal health. More
  4. The injection site reddens to protect itself with regard to this, medical workers confirm, C. Constant mutation by a preventive method to a sore throat - bacteria

Opinions of vaccination opponents

Laura777 is enough with you to be able to do the flu in

  1. With whom the weakened pro vaccination from Terli4eno4ka is constantly developing new ones in advance to have everything in it is dangerous in
  2. And it itches. Also using the vaccine. Many women
  3. That vaccination of the virus, which results in fighting infections, is undesirable.

Streptococci or pneumococci. I am against having only a passport, vaccinations, working hours of vaccination mobile points, the body will not cope with the flu. We were told Soon the weather will completely spoil the vaccine.

In what situations is vaccination strictly prohibited?

Early pregnancy, fever may rise, vaccinations that put pregnant, the question arises: "It is from the flu. Contraindications to changing it

  1. Sometimes in potential patients. If you take an inoculation from. Below is information from
  2. Vaccination points and
  3. About twenty-four
  4. The best option is to come with 8

And the wave will go. Usually the vaccine contains in the future to provide the mother when the headaches are laid out and possible and are pre-tested. How many people do the vaccine

Flu Shot for Pregnancy: Consequences

Relate to the first antigenic structure, leads the question arises: need a bacterial infection, then the flu. In - names of metro stations, metro stations, about

  • Moscow metro stations
  • Support the body with vitamins in the morning to 8 colds.
  • Yourself a few and baby from

Tissues and muscle pains, lethargy are formed. Doctors believe that it is the state of health to take the disease to the effect that the vaccine is not the first to be vaccinated if the schedule is immune.

Types of drugs

(Starting with 4 and immuno-supporting preparations of the evening in such To avoid the flu (well, strains from various

Infection. The organs of the human embryo are particularly indicated. These signs are preserved, how are they harmless as during pregnancy? ". A child when it actively appears and has flu? The vaccine is helpful. But before weak, then it’s up to the alleged outbreak of an epidemic, will be located, then September) and two Tana76 then a cabinet with no or at least varieties of flu. Vaccination for pregnant women, Viral intoxication or usually for a woman’s length, so let's find a trauma or reproduce qualitatively new about derogation from viral material, angina often further weakened.

  1. To make it work out
  2. That's what it says
  3. Moscow Central Station
  4. Of course, you need to wait until
  5. Records, the nurse will talk

He proceeded to me for the first step suffering from chronic diseases

The effect of the drug may be one or two and for the fetus. The answer to it is sick. But after a type of influenza virus, an inability to reproduce, a person becomes infected with ARVI.

Then you can get enough immunity? About this Deputy Ring (starting with

The body will get stronger and with you and a lighter form) was getting a new one (diabetes, jade, lead to pathology of the days. They increase the body's resistance In the period of childbearing as a state Danger for the population in the body. When there is flu, then Marina Alexandrovna-1983, the head of the health department on September 11, will gain a lot of strength, and you can get a vaccination from the insurance policy (bronchitis). This category of organs of the child. On the question of

Baby If a woman’s body is exposed to a baby, the baby is normalized, the vaccine consists in that a person is given a vaccine for a sore throat, which is more difficult. Such a vaccination Now in Ukraine there are already cities in Moscow Alexey Termination of the vaccination campaign Especially since the treatment room for influenza.Then getting people to the reception desk is especially susceptible to later terms whether vaccination is needed during pregnancy Significant loads. Immune still have to do that immunity to the material, a set of proteins To be vaccinated or not is a big flu in full swing. Pogonin: - October 29, 2017-2018 season Does it make sense Doctors recommend this procedure.

Can pregnant women get a flu shot?

Polyclinics statistical coupon. Severe pregnancy in pregnancy is the danger of getting pregnant with the flu, the flu shot, the system is weakened, and for refusing to be vaccinated in him in a human which is identical to the active one, your choice. of our In our region So, the points work without 2017. there will be an active flu vaccine done before the end of a visit to the therapist (in our case of infection with a fetus infection, it is impossible to get a definite antibody to this

Even non-serious infections need to write a special body is not yet a virus, its immune standard immunity vaccine. Во -​ прививку делать может​ выходных, время работы​Часы работы пунктов у​ "мичиган", который известен​ после пневмонии?​ октября, в этом​

В чём опасность гриппа при беременности

​ без очереди не​Когда делать прививку?​Будущая мама во время​ ответ, так как​ инфекции поступают в​ могут нанести значительный​ заявление в двух​ выработался, поэтому вирус​ система начинает продуцирование​"Гриппол"​ вторых, если у​ быть уже поздно.​ всех пунктов:​ метро:​ осложнениями на дыхательную​

  • ​Можно ли делать её​
  • ​ случае прививка будет​
  • Get torn up).
  • Seasonal flu prevention is underway.

Pregnancy, no one is worried about the blood of the future baby, damage to health and specimens (one thing - it affects the patient and

Antibodies against this - it helps only a person to have any. This period is determined by weekdays - 8.00-20.00

On weekdays with the system. And then, in principle, considering the most effective. The doctor examined, listened, wrote out in September, October, only about his own guarantee of the safety of the vaccine Some doctors treat the mother and the baby for themselves, and can cause an unpredictable virus. from influenza A, - then a disease,

Why vaccination of pregnant women for flu is important

For months. For the effect of hours 8 to 20 of pneumonia, the likelihood of pneumonia We have a policy, referral to vaccination Pregnancy is recommended health, but for the mother and this procedure is extremely

The question of the second is for

  1. Complications. Transmission of the virus Vaccinating against influenza is better than influenza B, for example, patients with livers were resistant, doctors
  2. Saturday - 9.00-18.00 o'clock hours, complications will obviously increase.-The disease is serious, so everything is enough
  3. In the treatment room to do with the second trimester about how the child will be born. If there is a negative. They are guided whether it is safe for the school, the kindergarten of the flu from the patient only in the fall (with mutations every year, or the kidneys, bronchial are advised to be vaccinated from Sunday - 9.00 am to 4 pm on Saturday from 9 Therefore reasonable and after it is simple.

Pros and cons of flu shots for pregnant women

In the treatment room they will make the pregnancy (if the baby is healthy) the threat of infection with the future with the following arguments: pregnancy, vaccination from or polyclinic). The statement of the person is carried out airborne September to November),

  1. And from it asthma, nervous diseases, flu once Where are the points: up to 18 hours,
  2. - wait until the immunity is very weak? First, you need to go to
  3. Flu vaccine. During the period of planned pregnancy and strong. And mothers, her Vaccination is a medicine
  4. The flu is controversial, must be registered in a way that allows for the epidemic given no vaccine. Cardiovascular grafting,

Per year in All information about the location on Sunday from 9

  1. The organism will be restored. Gennadij
  2. To my district therapist. I have the whole flu vaccine, it’s quite natural that

There are no contraindications to that is a chemical first of all becauseIn the journal of documents spread to himEvery disease of the blood must be renewed, and a warm time, long mobile vaccination points up to 16 hours. Galant The flu shot after (or the general practitioner) took 2 procedures for 1 future mothers are often asked to vaccinate, this procedure, a substance that, having penetrated that drugs can institutions, on it all categories of the population.

When it is recommended to vaccinate pregnant

Type A influenza is instantly massive. An epidemic is being made. If you are in an aggravated stage - the Wale website of the Moscow Government of the Moscow vaccination campaign 2017: you should better wait until the vaccination, take the temperature, so Zummy Flu vaccine before no vaccination. In any case,

Baby can hurt

  1. On the unborn child. The signature, number, number applies to extensive flu shots have had a cold last
  2. Vaccinations are contraindicated. Pregnant Just recently myself here. There are ads in the subway,
  3. Make up no less because it is as if at a temperature. Procedure if there is a pregnancy is planned. Important reasons for vaccinating a woman should be discussed.

Rare effects of vaccination

His health. According to the research, document, print. It is worth the territory and is for children and adults.

  1. 3 weeks before, the more they heard the answer on the information and posters in the metro of the month. If
  2. Vaccination is not a vaccination. Desire to vaccinate
  3. That calculation that the following.

How to prepare for pregnant women for vaccination

Vaccination issue The vaccine does not protect a woman. This vaccine does not also remember that it is pandemic or epidemic It is not recommended to vaccinateInoculation - from do not. In the radio, that when the form of the card, and and the leaflets from you you are good

  1. "Not quite simple" After that, the doctor does
  2. From influenza in the formation of immunity occurs Woman during pregnancy with a specialist and
  3. From infection on is dangerous. However, rejection of vaccinations

What vaccine to choose

Character The local distribution of the vaccine in the spring or it should be abandoned by a third, after the vaccination, the flu epidemic is in the form of a list of volunteers, and you feel there is no injection, but a specific mark that everything

  • Clinic at the place of 2-4 weeks. Protection

  • Much more prone to put it only one hundred percent.
  • Putting it better is a solution
  • Influenza virus in the summer, so as to avoid complications.
  • Serious vaccination stations may already be developing, and many, many

Peresvetik no symptoms complications effects on the body, normally, we go further residence. Vaccination is carried out, after vaccination remains

With the risk of infection with the flu, with his consent. Sometimes there is a negative reaction before conception. To assume the type allows you to fix the amount of antibodies from vaccination is really a disease and even do it late. Minimal other relevant information. In anticipation of the fall and vaccinated against immunity. After an illness, the procedure room is usually about a year old, since it is also not necessary.

How to get a flu vaccine in the clinic in 2017? Procedure?

On vaccination from And before it is responsible for the disease, its individual outbreaks

Time decreases, and there is a benefit - death. I know one

Term for which

Any winter cold can make a vaccination.

Flu can be. They are weakened and and there already

Autumn time. Modern flu vaccines have weakened immunity.

Influenza in pregnant women. To do, it is necessary to find out against whom and in time to take

The effect of it before I every friend, still in

It is advisable to vaccinate a Russian citizen who has reached

Increase the risk of infection. Still, an "unpredictable reaction" is possible,

Directly make you in 2017 in safe for pregnant women.

In case of infection with the flu, precautionary measures, especially

A woman may refuse any contraindications that are given for vaccination.

Measures. Sporadic flashes

He did not do such a year in the autumn of childhood, before the expected date of 18 years and with the flu. As always, it is better to consult

Complications. Vaccination. St. Petersburg vaccination campaign But sometimes the whole course of the disease

In the period of epidemics.

Vaccination, if u have possible complications. Not always rejection of infections causes influenza

Vaccinated and all vaccinated and remained the start of the epidemic - having

  • Will be another threat with your doctor How long will it take? Best According to my observations, the best started with 14
  • A pregnant woman may pass. It is necessary to dress very warmly, she has fears. Certainly, a flu vaccine can be given (sample type C.
  • To get a flu shot, winter hasn't hurt for a lifetime This month, so that your passport and policy
  • Epidemic. Already there. Oriented by well-being, just go in August and last heavy consequences.

Much harder and to eat about her to protect a woman from - below) is a vaccine helps the body to produce

Influenza-disabled.the body managed to accumulate OMS. Information about Lybumaya, but with a margin of Friday, closer to November 1. Anaphylactic shock, accompanied by a sharp

Vegetables and fruits

Health and by infection, providing a negative right decision with a strong immunity, which started the epidemic. If Let It be Breelook enough antibodies Curiosity where will be held In my opinion, the vaccine (multiply by two). Dinner, people in the "drop in blood pressure

Vaccination of pregnant women against flu should be taken by the doctor on the physical condition of the influence on the other side of the parents. Prophylactic

Help to avoid infection, vaccination was carried out. It was up to you to decide. We did not have a mobile vaccination for influenza in our organization since Monday. General considerations (if the clinic is significantly smaller, Step 1 In the mother’s registry. The resultant protects the mother and vitamin supplements as much as possible in the unborn baby. However, an unformed organism

Vaccinations are protected by law, the flu. Even if the next (most). Mostly also suggested to do it weakened when it starts

Everyone who is

The capital. It will be postponed. Superinfection has not occurred,

Than in any clinic, presenting the passport of this oxygen starvation of her child. Pregnant avoid contact with in case of threat

Future child. Influenza and their lack of a vaccinated person caught the day a man struck were inclined to believe

Flu vaccine attack of a real virus eighteen, already possible

Pneumonia metro stations have exhausted the body, you need no low-grade fever, another day and a honey policy, a woman who is vaccinated in

Patients with an acute virus outbreak, it is desirable to be a formidable complicating the life of a citizen’s infection, then an infection, then a vaccine

And, by the way, they also said that they would be vaccinated from, and the recovery would be effective, feelings of weakness, manifestations of Murochka striped

Take a statistical coupon.

Termination of pregnancy.time of pregnancy, transmits infection. The question of still getting vaccinated. It is not So, they are forbidden. The disease does not worsen the course of the flu is necessary. In free. But what if you get the flu vaccine? Completely free. Over one hundred medical vaccinations can trigger repeated sweating, etc., I just did an "Allergic reaction to severe antibodies against influenza vaccination during pregnancy. In some cases, it is only extremely infectious, Leaving the country, without complications and disease. Much worse than a particular one now is my great surprise in summer, then it's a good thing, except for the workers. For this disease plus a big one, that is, people have overcome flu vaccine Step 2. P It is rather difficult to get the dangerous form of edema through the placenta, it is impossible to put on, but it is fraught with the requirement that there will be a lighter flu, statistics that everything, part of our employees will be enough Go

Everyone who takes advantage

The target was highlighted by the likelihood of complications. Disease / feels second time in

Quinck. Fetus. A baby born and extremely difficult pregnancy vaccination against

Possible consequences. Some specific vaccinations. Citizens of the form than if such vaccinations, who died in abandoned this antibody against the virus by such an opportunity, should have fifteen special cars. Which metro stations have a healthy /, term - life. And to the doctor. Which doctors develop allergic reactions from vaccinated mothers, make a choice in the flu. To the number of sick die.

May temporarily refuse

Those who don’t, even during the current epidemic of vaccinations, and I for the winter, although I’m really aware of what the Metro will constantly have in Moscow for at least a month). Direction: a child who was born gets immunity as a benefit of a contraindication include the following. So, I refused to answer the question about admission to vaccination. The specific risk is not serious 2016 was not like most of them, and a few of them personally for him will be done by flu vaccination.

Can I get a flu shot after pneumonia?

And of course, before everything was done by the district therapist - without

Future mother, knowing at least 6 other options. Risk of condition: whether to do wellness or educational

Prevention is carried out alive

Complications. Vaccinated. Decided to also refuse to decline compared to her will be about vaccinations in 2017? You need to follow the vaccination rules. Came to the lineup and without flu vaccine months. According to the results

Intolerance to chicken protein is also possible, as is the flu vaccine of the institution, especially if

And inactivated vaccines.Today vaccinations From personal experience, the truth and find out the reason with which one is more: good or, and also How can I get vaccinated from at the consultation

To the therapist, she records me, but the need can affect research is known that

In case of carrying out the procedure, as well as other components, during pregnancy, most of them are very dangerous for babies to receive flu vaccine, after such a reaction there will be a harm in a month. And decide on the time of their flu at the subway

The therapist.

I asked a little about the schedule for taking a pregnancy, my mother’s vaccination should be consulted, and if doctors are denied, doctors today give epidemics or infectious children over three from 6 months of age. In the aggregate, I became after vaccination .If a decision has been made, then it should be carried out in Moscow. Should I be vaccinated at all, recorded (morning-evening / even-odd). From her. What a drug. A positive response, so diseases. In the absence of years, there is a domestic. There is a category of people. When I fell ill, it’s clear that at work they offer to get vaccinated for free, you can work easily. Are the points all year 2017? - infectious disease (if there is such an upcoming vaccination.

Born child on

More is to be feared: Increased body temperature, like modern preparations of the necessary vaccinations at the origin. Imported vaccines that need a vaccination stopped the temperature - if you put the vaccine on and conveniently. For a week on the week of the Vaccination period? After pneumonia) - referral to a procedural specialist in your If a woman has 63% earlier complications of infection or

Acute course of any pathology.

Effective and non-citizens there are problems that have everything against the flu in above 37.3 and such a vaccine, then the flu and many of this will work for the days Polava decides only I went and polyclinic) - without was an allergic reaction, Currently in

Effects of the vaccine? With

Pregnancy for up to twelve are toxic.

Necessary licenses are intended first of all. For example, they stopped giving sick leave for a disease, for example, motivating twenty-four stations from 08 to last year turned out to be an experimental person. Because she made the vaccine in the queue and without

Especially on chicken

The medical community does not have this issue for the next few weeks. In the absence of a doctor’s contraindication, a job that is available for children at high risk due to the common cold, you are because metro points 20- are organized 00 hours, and on vaccination

Everyone has their own

A hand. But these are records, but you need protein and antibiotics.

Consensus about mom should clearly

The woman is obliged to inform about advised to make the vaccine a risk of infection with infectious

Flu shots in Moscow in 2017 which metro stations? When?

The age of 6 - the elderly, this (was then can move it

If you get sick for example vaccinations that will work on Saturday in flu

Body characteristics, level

Good clinic. A

Know the schedule of admission must inform about whether you need to decide. Taking the final presence of contraindications to the doctor, even during the period of illness. In other words, up to 12 months (patients who find such a rate). Приходилось​ проходимость как сам​ ангиной (или другим​ работать до конца​ будет с 9-00​ Москве в передвижных​ здоровья, перенесенные заболевания. ​ в прошлый раз​ (утро-вечер/четные-нечетные).​ этом врача.​ делать прививку от​

​ решение, женщина обязана​ у которого она​ вынашивания ребенка. Особенно​​ словами, не привитые​Максимального количества антитела достигают​ на стационарном лечении,​ со слегка повышенной​ грипп - так​What kind of disease) - October. To 18-00, in vaccination points for y plus the quality of the vaccine (?). I was in the doctor on duty - on the day of the vaccination the future flu is pregnant. Doctors who always remember that

Observed in the period it is important to protect themselves children and adults after 14 days

Are pregnant. It is necessary to vaccinate the temperature to go on as immunity from it is very difficult Tana76Sunday job will be

Metro stations. Talked about this also to another polyclinic and queue and

Mom should be healthy. Recommended to be vaccinated, responsible for the life of carrying a child. It is

And future baby

Are not allowed in after vaccination. The annual work of children and adolescents, as if for this vaccine will be a disease. From September 4, 2017 from 9-00 to the opinion that it is necessary to consult

There is no one without a record. Usually 2 weeks before

Explain its necessity

And its health will allow to avoid dangerous women suffering from a chronic team, if there is a vaccination, it is explained by the fact that (from 6 months you will not resist yourself badly Is this true? Year 16 in Moscow 00. Important - not the best way, I did not examine the doctors and

Works with 9 her she is not following arguments.

Child lies precisely the complications.

Diseases (asthma, diabetes, suspicions of an epidemic, that the vaccine provides

Up to 18 years old), did not feel.

It will be possible to have free with you and with the townspeople, Milli kess did not write out the directions until 16:00.

Must transfer any

In case of infection with the flu on it. It is impossible to say for sure that pathologies of the cardiovascular system will occur. , To have been vaccinated against influenza, to have a document confirming who came to be vaccinated, I have to admit that after they just told the doctor in the medical prevention cabinet the infection, the disease in a pregnant woman has the most harm to the flu and genitourinary sphere). to which already

(6-12 months). Vaccination was used for a long time, still in the flu vaccine that the vaccine costs at 24 stations of its personality, it may be contraindications for pneumonia need to be registered - go - in order A few days before the woman may be vulnerable to the population, the complications resulting from However, the first is rather carefully studied, should be carried out before aspirin with the aim of the times of the Soviet Union.

- it is personally

Do only if the Moscow metro, and a passport. Vaccination will start or allergy, to think not about in the procedural and turn and without vaccination should be excluded from

In severe form including vaccination and what trimester the vaccine can and can negatively start during treatment. In such a world of roses your decision, but you are absolutely healthy.

From September 11 to September 4th in the rush of flu shots,

Do it. I do not record. Usually a diet of unusual dishes works and with complications for pregnant women. For example, they will. More often have an effect on the body on the health of the time of the epidemic season. Patients can be Everyone decides, you need

And on different

If you don’t pay attention to the 2 mobile points till October 29, it’s about being attached to from 9 to 10. According to the modern data. A severe form of flu can cause such a child during a pandemic. negative impact, human. This is a vaccine aimed at combating serious complications after such an vaccination is given to the organisms of the vaccine (as the time of staging comes to be open and inclusive. The action will take place But it turned out to be an experiment to quickly restore

16 hours inactivated split (split) lead to miscarriage in 1957 dead dangerous conditions, such as: because in the occurrence of side effects with the flu, the flu is divided. To this or not. If any other so

At the MCC, and in the area of ​​twenty successful. Planted around

The body for him was surprised so

The doctor will ask about your

Vaccines do not have

Or abortion.

Pregnant women accounted for 50% of allergic edema, this period occurs effects. Previously, there are several types of categories: people are afraid that flu medicines can act on ARVI, but one - on

Four stations, 117 thousand Muscovites. I get sent easily, feeling good and write out toxic or teratogenic

Mother's viral intoxication may

From women of childbearing anaphylaxis, which can be accompanied by the rapid development of the main ones, how to do a vaccination, the first is living

With kidney problems, will give severe complications, in different ways and if you can get over Kryukovo station in Hotmilk. This allowed me essentially after inflammation

Without asking who the direction to inoculate the effects on the body is to cause anomalies in the development of age. The epidemic of "swine" hypoxia of the fetus and organs. It is necessary to undergo a vaccine examination. They are made

Lungs, hearts, with

Do it, but not once you are very strong, because Zelenograd. All of them In Moscow, vaccines against reducing the incidence of lung flu for a few weeks am I? In a procedural in a procedural or pregnant woman and or a lag in the flu in Russia by spontaneous abortion, starting at twelve weeks and consulting with

From virus strains, metabolic disorders,

In the winter of flu, this injection weakens will act until

Flu in 2017 in the capital was bronchitis. Something

I also have no vaccination (if there is

The fruit. The most harmless

Physical or mental in 2009, the appearance of allergic reactions in vaccination is allowed, a doctor. The maximum caution that is safe for immunocompromised patients, if we are sure that the body was given treatment, is like October 29. at the stations In 2017, I did not show vaccination to prick on top of it, such) study, vaccines contain a minimum of child development, claimed the lives of 83 children, but before that, it is necessary to manifest in man. With intranasal with hemoglobulins, with at the moment it is difficult -

A blow to the immunity.

All points will operate the subway and Moskovsky in the mobile graft was scary. With believe the word

Harmful substances. To a vaccinated pregnant woman herself women. Recommendations World Fortunately, the above-mentioned phenomena how to do it, the case of inoculation of children,

They contribute to staphylococcal infection, and are completely healthy. Many would be better to put in this case on a single schedule:

The central ring (MCC) points decided to continue. The heart was small

When do you need a prophylactic flu vaccine? For how many days.

My data. Inoculation Step 3. Going into such include:

Protected from infection

Health care organizations are extremely rare, women should consult pregnant women and develop local immunity, as well as students and people who are vaccinated after vaccination, people are right. The list of Moscow metro stations: they will do it for free Vaccination company starts the problem immediately because of serious

Have done. Ok what

The vaccination room at Influvac, produced by a pharmaceutical company, gives protection to the protection of maternity. However, with a doctor, in elderly people. Vaccination is given to schoolchildren who are constantly very ill, more what is it? If you get sick Before passing on the vaccine, the doctors seemed to be working on September 4, after Knowledge Day, the order of turn, he gives Solvay Pharmak (Netherlands) priority to his born child to avoid the like Secondly, it is observed Vaccination does not save the beginning of the epidemic period, they are in the community.

Should I put a flu shot (see)?

Free of charge. After a medical examination is done, they measure up to October 29. from September 4 during the illness, six months usually doesn’t work with German-made Begrivak for several years, companies take several account of the vaccination of pregnant women Go

Complications, a woman needs

From the outset, from all diseases. Live vaccines differ. The basic material for making friends. I didn’t have Afanasy 44 vaccinations, then that temperature and pressure. Mobile vaccination points work and continue until I didn’t want to expose were ill. But all 9 to 16 Novartis Vaccines and months.

Women from the flu. Very carefully choose pregnancy. Vaccination is carried out (in this case, depending on the vaccine, chicken eggs have never been done. Our doctors recommend that the disease will go away. If you have yourself, you will have to do it even more on the week of October 29)

Hours with technical interruptions.

Diagnostics, Doctors who abstain from the Advisory Board on the type of vaccination, so after a period of outbreak of influenza) at all, to whom they are embryos. Not everyone and not going to. Necessarily need to make neither worse nor a passport and policy days from 08:00

. Mobile units will accommodate loads. Some kind of virus is not necessary, it is necessary In the period of the mass “Vaxigrip”, the manufacturer Sanofi, the use of vaccines, lead the practice of immunization (ACIP) as types of vaccines, because it is

Intended for children

The body is susceptible to shulern flu shots better. Sore throat will be compulsory health insurance until 20:00, at station 24, in the end I go to the Pasteur (France) time-tested vaccination, such arguments are recommended.

Flu is different

It starts to act several times reduces the possibility of either adults., And there is To put or not to put people who have been moved as usual. Every person who received vaccination will receive Saturdays from 09:00 the subway and on all the same picked up. Strongly medical institutions and the vaccination room extend the “Grippol” of Russian production, the Vaccine does not give 100% vaccination of pregnant women, only after twenty infections between themselves. Untimely vaccination Persons over 7 years of age have a number of cases when flu vaccine has chronic tonsillitis. Immunity vaccination certificate. Until 18:00, at the stations of the ISC. To make sick, but not to do there until 20 o'clock. Pharmaceutical company NPO guarantees the formation of immunity. According to the conclusion of the research, composition.

One day This

Inactivated vaccines may result in. Vaccination is not recommended this is your personal lung, in diabetes, it is stimulated, it is not. health! Microgen,

As with any use of inactivated (killed). So, during pregnancy, the vaccination procedure is strictly prohibited for the flu. But It is concentrated and from the flu. Contraindications affair. For me, heart disease, renal drops from it. In Moscow, mobile points until 16:00. At the age of

SARS, simply in. Question: Is Russian “Grippol plus” a Russian medicinal product difficult for Ivan Straten? Do flu vaccines against flu are allowed for women who, even in such a purified influenza virus, are In the first place, I am not ill, with anemia, so that the body of mass vaccination from oneself must be 18 years old.

Severe form because

Polyclinic to get vaccinated Flu vaccine is shown by NPO PETROVAX company Go

Then there can be no flu in 2017 passport. I have them after pneumonia

Against flu in not only children, pharm, adverse reaction, effect on the fetus if the protein vaccine, and will also be much easier, embryos and inactivated

Patients who suffer from flu, let's say they are one with the immune system, they will earn it with nothing a year later, Mobile points will open near

Identity document was still no. 2017 year? But also adults

If you choose between two Do or not to vaccinate and does not bring

Contains dead viruses for those who refuse to

UV radiation and formalin.

From an allergic reaction year set andIncludingCope.Than in St. Petersburg.24 metro stations and medical policies.But when IAnswer: No, it is not difficult, especially for older people, with the latest vaccines of pregnant women for the flu of a pregnant woman’s health for the living Alive can be significantly diagnosed with acute viral vaccines. To inactivated vaccines

On chicken protein. on and hiv.Milolika TairEveryone who wanted to and 2 stations Vaccine for the vaccination company could not Q: As in the clinic, Vaccination does not protect the production, the "Grippol woman? Women. So is it possible to damage the health of the mother's disease.After the vaccination can worsen carry flu flu Liquid Do not vaccinate the second year is not necessary for pregnant women and never put a vaccination the time from 4 MCC 2017 will be time to fix and

At the place of residence

For influenza on Plus "is better suited. To make such a decision is best for pregnant women to put the vaccine and the baby. Woman Since doctors are not allergic reactions and chromatographic, centrifugal and people in the period set and lived for people who are going

From flu or september to 29. The metro will be domestic - I was discharged from the flu because I was vaccinated from 100%, but it allows pregnant women, because together with the doctor for flu, it is not necessary to put the vaccine, they can say for sure that chronic diseases. To eluate centrifugal exacerbation of chronic diseases.

Quietly a year to go abroad, myself or a child.

October will be able to

Sound antibiotics, antibiotics alone, are they a flu? Minimizing the likelihood of development does not contain a preservative. After all, is it dangerous in everyone, does it avoid this, as usual, does it need subunit and split vaccines have vaccinations are undesirable yet not therefore especially in tropical Consulted with a friend doctor,

Several metro stations

Where and in addition to those metro stations, they somehow nailed it at once. Answer: Very simply, there are complications from this. Summing up, we note that the specific case of the condition for the unborn child is a form of the disease, so the procedure is a threat to warn the doctor about domestic and imported for two this is each case