Delay! Help cause menstruation


The body of each person works like a clock, the systems are adjusted, the organs are interconnected. But often these systems fail, especially in the women's system. We propose to consider the reasons for the delay in menstruation - in virgins, in adolescents, and if the test is negative, we also reveal the theme of the delay in menstruation in girls after an abortion for an N-number of days, months or even years.

The reasons for the delay of menstruation except pregnancy

We will discuss the main reasons for the long delay of menstruation. Exists several subtypes such problems:

  • diseases,
  • the influence of negative factors
  • injuries.

Consider each of them in more detail. Quite often, the cause of the delay in menstruation becomes different. diseasesand not only the urogenital system. The most common problems are inflammation of the appendages, venereal diseases and the pituitary (with hyperprolactmia).

  1. Fungal diseases behave very insidiously. Up to a certain point in candidiasis, we do not even suspect that we are sick, but when the symptoms have already appeared, we need to immediately sound the alarm. We feel itching, smell, pain, burning, basal temperature rises. It must be said that thrush, persistent candida and their consequences often represent the reasons for the delay.
  2. Fibroids and cancer can also lead to the menstrual cycle due to the abrupt development of tumor growth. Suppose you can live for many years with a small oncology, but after a certain life situation (illness, severe stress), it will start to develop, which will interrupt your period.
  3. Cystitis is a very unpleasant disease, which affects almost all age groups and living organisms. Its causes can be: hypothermia, infection - known causes of delay in women menstruation for a week, or even for a month. Its consequences: erosion, endometriosis, complications in future pregnancy. Here you need to act immediately, so as not to infect a partner.
  4. Endocrine diseases also significantly interfere with the childbearing function - diabetes, iodine deficiency, and so on.
  5. Here, professional intervention is necessary, since the consequences are more than serious, ranging from chronic inflammation of the uterus and fallopian tubes and ending with oncological diseases and sterility.

Under negative factors we mean the effect of taking medications, in particular, painkillers and hormonal contraceptives. Antibiotics (especially intended for the treatment of infectious diseases) also “hit” quite strongly on the reproductive system. Such drugs are designed for the complete destruction of microflora, but after all, in our body there are certain bacteria that are necessary for normal life.

Excluding diseases, you need to talk about contraceptives. According to the advertising slogans of all manufacturers of such tablets, the negative effect is completely absent. After all, they are often prescribed by the doctors themselves, and not to protect against unwanted pregnancy, but against the prevention of cysts or other diseases. But not everyone knows how to use contraception correctly, so as not to break the cycle:

  1. fire products - are used after unprotected sexual intercourse, contain just the lion's share of hormones that contribute to egg rejection, after which pregnancy is basically impossible. They can drink no more than 4 tablets per year, but in fact it is better not to drink at all. What it threatens us? Complete cessation of the cycle (especially during adolescence or “not far” from menopause), two-month delay, irregular periods,
  2. hormonal contraceptives (Duphaston, Zhanina). There are several types. Any gynecologist will consult you about this, but they also need to know how to drink. Suppose you can not take pills and drink alcohol at the same time, smoke or, moreover, indulge in narcotic substances. Than it threatens? With the failures of the endocrine system, the body over time simply ceases to understand why critical days are needed if they are interrupted all the time, and begins to stop this process independently,
  3. chemical - tampons, ointments, creams. Again, the question about the microflora, have not yet come up with smart contraceptives that would recognize sperm, female microorganisms and male. As a result, inflammation of the uterine passages, inflammation of the tissues of the uterus, erosion - which, according to statistics, is the main cause of monthly delays in 20% of cases,
  4. physical: these are spirals, implanting special hormone containers into the body, and so on. Here it is necessary not only to select contraceptives very carefully, but also to watch them. Spirals are expensive and require regular care and control, they traumatize the uterus and grow into it, which does not just cause a cycle, but contributes to infertility.

Injuries - this is the most common root cause of delays. It is possible to damage the delicate skin of the vagina with an inaccurate rinsing, sexual intercourse, or with a blow. These same reasons include abortion, say delays after curettage - this is common. It is worth noting that after laparoscopy of the abdomen and sterilization, such consequences are also possible.

Injuries after the first sexual intercourse or among lovers of coarse love pleasures are very common. It is necessary to understand that permanent such “events” are erosion, apoplexy, fibroids and causes of dysfunctional uterine bleeding.

Video: why is the delay of menstruation

What are the reasons for the psychological nature of the delay in menstruation

There is such a theory among gynecologists that, with a strong fear of pregnancy, the body itself “temporarily” disables the reproductive function. The same stress can be attributed to the usual stress, for example, excitement, lack of sleep, many children (this is a separate topic). Because of them, a delay of at least two weeks can begin.

Psychological diseases also belong to this item. We are not talking about severe cases - schizophrenia, a split personality. For example, in women with neurosis or depression in 40% of cases there is no menstruation, the body is too busy with internal experiences. Such causes are often common in adolescent girls or female students who are in a state of latent stress all the time.

Other reasons for the delay

In most cases, women are waiting for pregnancy, and now, already 10 days of delay, but the test is negative, what reasons can this phenomenon have in the reproductive age?

  1. Now it has become quite popular movement of girls seeking to lose weight quickly and a lot. The problem is that with a sharp weight loss, especially in girls under 16, failures begin in any case until the complete termination of the cycle.
  2. But just a very rigid diet will be the motive for the breakdown of menstruation. The body should receive a certain amount of calories per day. During fasting, drinking diets, or the now popular ABC, we are in a half-starved state all the time. The body does not have enough resources to maintain the required functions, not to mention the menstrual cycle.
  3. Professional sportswomen (especially, the security forces and wrestlers) do not know what a constant cycle is, so if you are in a big sport, do not be surprised at the delays and failures of the cycle. Sportswomen have problems with female organs in general: PMS, pain in the lower abdomen, a lot of heavy discharge.
  4. Of these, the most innocent reason for the delay is pregnancy, childbirth and lactation. Everything is very individual here. During pregnancy, the process of production of prolactin and estrogen begins, which afterwards will be very useful during pregnancy, it blocks testosterone and after that the periods stop for a while. But if with pregnancy everything is clear, then the gap in the absence of menstruation during lactation is different for everyone, and for some it is completely absent.
  5. It is believed that the monthly immediately after cesarean section is a normal phenomenon. They say they don’t breastfeed, the production of prolactin is stopped, but this opinion only works if artificial feeding is conducted.

    Photo - Thoughts of a girl about delay

  6. With natural childbirth, menstruation may not occur for many months, or even a year, especially if you are actively breastfeeding. In general, it is difficult to talk about the reasons for the delay after childbirth menstruation, it is all quite individual. But gynecologists advise focusing on the cycle before the development of the fetus, i.e. before conception.
  7. The reason for the long delay can even be season. For example, there are cases when girls didn’t have menstruation in summer - the body seemed to help them organize their vacation, by the way, women living together for a certain period of time can have general menstruation delays, regardless of the reason. . On personal experience, I can say that once in the spring there was a delay for a month, because the girl-roommate in the dormitory also had such a problem, but she was due to her physical condition, and I was due to the fact that my body was adjusted.

It is necessary to understand that it is not necessarily possible that the reasons for the delay in menstruation, even long, for a week, a month or more, are any global health problems. Tune in to good, there are times when the body is just resting.

Yakimenko Elena

Psychologist, child psychologist, gestalt therapist. Specialist from the website b17.ru

Are you worried about the delay? :)
May you be pregnant with the holy spirit, and we should wait for the new coming of Christ? :)))
In fact, a delay of up to 10 days in adolescent girls is the norm.
It may even be associated with an ordinary cold.
Do not bother.

I went uphill once, climbed the caves, climbed for about five hours. I was overstrained notably)) And the next day, prematurely, well, you understand))

. the next day is premature.

I hope not childbirth? :)))
Because the highlander would have given birth. :)))))

Hello I know that such topics were created very often, but still please help me. I am a virgin, 18 years old. The cycle is 28 days. Always came on time. Should have started on November 26th. Delays were long, but very rare. When I left for another city in the summer (due to climate change) I didn’t worry, but now. I think about it every minute. There has been a lot of stress lately, but stressful situations have always accelerated my periods. Every day is such an opportunity that it is about to begin, but nothing happens. Sometimes pulling the lower abdomen. Not a cold. Maybe someone came across this. Help advice. Thank you in advance.

nastoi lykovoi shelyxi.na 1 stakan vodi gorst 'shelyxi i kipyati v te4enii 10-15min, pei teploi, mne pomoglo.

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When I was a virgin (was it really once?), I had such things, in one month they did not come at all, and in what month two things came! With a 2 week break!
So do not panic! But you still need to go to the gynecologist.

we call-Men-Stru-A-TsI-I.
But seriously, to the doctor.

Man I hope not childbirth? :)))
Because the highlander would have given birth. :))))) Oh, I didn’t even notice, there is Mushina on this branch, I laid it all out)) When I got out of there, it was as if I gave birth to triplets, figuratively speaking, so tortured))

It is necessary to drink to brew and drink tansy, not more than a glass and a warm heating pad on the belly

Are you worried about the delay? :)
May you be pregnant with the holy spirit, and we should wait for the new coming of Christ? :)))
))))))) Smiled.

Today went)))))) Thank you all for the advice. The delay was 4 days. When my friend had not had her for three months, the gynecologist told her to do an enema.

I don’t have anywhere either for two months
I know what to do

And I have the 4th day. delay. I wasn’t protected with my husband, but he “left” on time, so there is no good reason for concern, but still. There was PMS a week ago, but nothing came (((

I have a 2nd day delay. True, I have been on a diet since this month, maybe because of this? Before this cycle was exactly 28 days. Girls, summer latency is a rare thing? All ICP are present, but not the most ((

same problem as you. (only I have more delay .. I should have been on the 20th, but I was at sea, changing the climate and all that. Well, a couple of days at most. And for almost two weeks. I’m going like a hysteric all these days. Everything catches on nerves. stomach to madness hurts .. also it feels as if they are about to go now, but no. (((I don’t know what to do. 100% that you are not pregnant, even to make sure that you didn’t really do the test.

pomogite, u mea problema UZI, ni4ego ne pokazalo, no mesachnix net uje 5 dney, v seredine mesatsa 4 dna shli korichneviye videleniya. hotya do kontakta s nim u mea toje bila zaderjka mesachnix na nedelu, ya nikak ne mogu ponat 4to proisxodit? mojet eto iz-za jari? ili ya realno beremenna. mi s parnem bili raz 5-6, ne bolshe. posle voprosa o beremennosti bolshe ne huliganili

Girls! There is vitamin E in every pharmacy.
I always accept the first day of delay. helps to call. And in general the doctor prescribed me to drink from the time of ovulation. as soon as it has passed, start drinking 3 times a day until it starts and so for 3 months until it is normalized. Today is the first day of the delay. Yesterday I drank and nifiga. The truth is a feeling of cystitis, which may be inflammation. there is discomfort.
And there are no signs of the beginning ministry = ((((although psychosis a week before them (as usual) WAS =)))))))

I have already 8 days delay. I have done a test-negative. I am very nervous. Tell me how you can cause menstruation. took a hot bath, drank wine but did not help. what to do?

hello everyone..I'm Masha I'm 14 years old. I'm still a virgin and I have a delay as early as 8 days .. please tell me why there is such a big delay ??

pliz say why the delay is the 6th day I am 15 years old 2 years already
therefore there were no sexual acts, whether to go to the doctor.

could there have been a drop without having sex? if she was on her underpants

What did you do to wear the pants to the masturbator?: D

Aww. people, you only have flowers, I have no monthly 5 months. I do not know what to do, maybe someone will tell. (I `m A virgin)

I have the same please tell me. (((((


girls hello, I was like two months. After the birth of the month. There were, and now they were supposed to start, but there wasn’t. Girls give me what to do, please.

The delay is already 11 days. I `m A virgin. There were some stingy, well, such as before menstruation or after. We decided to have sex with a guy, but at the last moment I decided that I was not ready. And we decided to postpone it later, but his sex organ touched mine. I do not know if the preseminal fluid was released at that moment or not. what to do? The test has not yet done, but my thought arose that this delay from hypothermia. I am very cold in January. zolod on the street + cold rooms. Do you think I could not get pregnant ??

I have not had monthly periods for two months already, but I am not pregnant. The gynecologist said that this is menopause, although I’m only 17 years old, please help (

The last two months of the month were 14-15 numbers. Stomach aches a bit. The last user agent was 15 with interrupt. Recently, a lot of nervousness (read that because of this there may be a delay.) The test seems to be too early. Advise what to do?

I am 14, there were no sexual acts. The delay is already 8 days. Took a hot bath several times. Nothing to go out. The stomach hurts. Although often nervous, and constantly stressful. I do not know how else to cause menstruation, and what they generally do in such cases. Help me please.

Hello. I have a problem with you, sexual intercourse was at the beginning of the week, protected. The guy did his, but only in a condom. Delay 3 day. The chest hurts for a long time, the stomach and a waist was ill. Do you think a delay or all the same pregnancy? : ((
Is it worth the bother? I want to call monthly, I do not know what and in what quantities. Help

the same problem Alena (((

To cause monthly need to drink veroshpiron (diuretic drug). Dosage 75. Three tablets three times a day, 5 days. After that, stop drinking - menstruation will begin a maximum of 6-9 days. This method was recommended to me by a gynecologist. I do not have regular periods, and sometimes I use it. But, of course, if you have delays constantly, then you need to go to the doctor and treat the cause, since veroshpiron is not a treatment method, but simply a method to speed up the arrival of menstruation.

what to do monthly do not go.

every month a delay of 10 -9 days. why i am 17 years old sexual intercourse has been 2 weeks. and so every month. the chest is swollen and aching.

I have the same problem

girls hello, I was like two months. After the birth of the month. There were, and now they were supposed to start, but there wasn’t. Girls give me what to do, please.

i u menya taje problema neznayu chto delat '

I have been delayed for 4 months, the tests did show negatively, the doctors no longer know what to do, and in the hospital she was on droppers and injections and all uselessly (((can have someone a good way to cause menstruation.

girls help advice pliz! My name is Anya 17 years old! There was no time delay. I `m A virgin. For 7 days already, the lower part of the stomach hurts the stones in the breasts more and more, what can it be and from what!? Answer pliiiz! I'm scared .

girls help advice pliz! My name is Anya 17 years old! There was no time delay. I `m A virgin. For 7 days already, the lower part of the stomach hurts the stones in the breasts more and more, what can it be and from what!? Answer pliiiz! I'm scared .

u menea zaderjka 11 dnei sto mne delati necevo ne pamagaet, pajalustaaa scajite sto delati, no toina ne beremena potomushto bil adin polovoi kontak letom i to ne do konta, i posle etova bilo regularno

Girls, I have a delay of 10 days. Over the past 3 days I have tried everything. bay leaf, ascorbic, oregano, chamomile with valerian root, hot baths, milk with iodine, postinor, escaped. ВСЕ ЭТО ПОЛНАЯ ЛАЖА.DOES NOT HELP ANYTHING (((If you are already in the air, do not expect that you will get your monthly funds from this folk remedy in some surprising way, much less miscarriage. Do not waste your time on this, do a sutra test with the first morning urine if you are pregnant then go to the doctor and on the ultrasound. I did it. It turned out that the term from the moment of conception is 3 weeks, and obstetric one is generally 5 weeks. 8th week, then vskkryabyvanie.Tam where did the ultrasound immediately Pointer I entered into which clinic they do it well. I called the clinic, and there they told me that they only had a medical abortion until 6 weeks. And they wrote me down the next day. So I sighed with relief, but I wouldn’t have time to flew by (and scrubbing like you do not want to (((So the girls DO NOT PULL WITH THIS, AND THEN THEN WILL BE LATE. Go to the doctor and do not self-medicate.

Hello, I'm 20 years old. I am a virgin, with monthly problems have long been gone. and the delay is already 2 weeks (I don’t know what to think anymore, due to the everyday headache I drink anti-anxiety Pentalgin and in very large quantities, I think it can because of them. Tell me please what to do?

Hey. I have a delay again, before every month there is a delay of 4 to 10 days. And this is after the start of sex life. And every time I worry, because I do not plan a pregnancy. Sexual intercourse is usually either protected, or it immediately pulls out in front of the semistrike. Say it is generally normal.

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general information

Normally, periods begin at 11-13 years. Delaying them in a young girl is considered quite common. Its provocateurs can be the following factors:

  • physiological features,
  • emotional shock
  • hormonal surge,
  • features of physical development.

Malfunction of the menstrual cycle is observed in adolescent girls for 24 months after menarche. This is the norm, there are no serious reasons for excitement. Failure due to the fact that the menstrual cycle is still in the phase of formation. At this time, its duration can vary from 20 to 50 days. If a girl does not complain of feeling unwell, you do not need to consult a doctor. After some time, the menstrual cycle stabilizes on its own.

Another provocateur failure of the menstrual cycle is climate change. In addition, the delay can be caused by strong agitation or overvoltage. It happens that this symptom is observed in girls who have poor appetite or are fanatically adhering to a particular diet.

Weight 45-47 kg is a critical menstrual mass. If the girl’s body weight is lower than these figures, then the delay in menstruation is considered common.

Late sexual development

At the age of 9-11 years, many girls begin to grow breasts, pubic hair appears first. Underarm hair growth begins. Against this background, come the first “critical days”. This symptom progresses over five to seven years. Reaching the age of fifteen, the girl is considered sexually mature.

In some cases, there is a delay in puberty or CRA. At the same time, the symptoms of puberty are very weak, and menstruation does not come at all.

If by 15 years of menstruation is not yet, you should visit a gynecologist. Having established the exact cause of CUR, the specialist will prescribe the appropriate treatment. This will allow the young lady to avoid future problems with conception.

Psycho-emotional state of the girl

The emotional state of the adolescent and the regularity of menstruation are very closely related. The current 12-15 year old girls are exposed to enhanced intellectual loads. In addition to schools, many teenagers attend tutors, go to various circles and sections. In addition, the age of 12-15 years is considered dangerous. It was at this time that the girl might first get carried away by the representative of the opposite sex.

Perceiving the world in contrasting colors, a teenager almost always opposes himself to him, conflicts with him. The desire to find yourself in the world, to establish relationships with peers, teachers and parents can be very exhausting. Against this background, the body of a young girl is under constant stress, which negatively affects the menstrual cycle. The delay of critical days can be observed as long as the “passions do not calm down”.

Hormonal riot

For the regularity of the monthly are responsible 2 hormones: progesterone and estrogen. Their well-coordinated work contributes to the fact that the girl feels well and looks attractive.

Disruption of the hormonal balance provokes the failure of the menstrual cycle. Maturation of the follicle in the ovaries occurs out of time. Against this background, anovulatory cycles appear, or ovulation is completely absent.

The failure of the hormonal balance leads to the appearance of some “male” features in the body of a young lady. These girls are becoming like young people. They have a gruff, low voice, there is vegetation on their faces, and the figure cannot be called feminine.

If these signs are detected, a doctor should be visited as soon as possible. Otherwise, the girl may face significant problems in the future when trying to conceive and bear a child.

Sports training

Power loads and other sports training bring great benefits to the body. But physical exhaustion can adversely affect health. The young ladies, vigorously involved in sports, are often observed violations of the cycle.

This is explained by the fact that during strength training the young lady loses weight due to active fat burning. If the body has a small amount of fat, the combustion of the layer is perceived as a threat, and the functions that are necessary for a successful conception are blocked first.

In order to avoid these problems it is necessary to competently build a workout. After fitness or other sports activities, the girl should feel vigorously. If a young lady literally falls down from exhaustion, there is reason to discuss the burden with the trainer.

Disease as the cause

If menstruation is delayed, it can speak about the pathology of the genitourinary system. Most often this symptom is due to the occurrence of such diseases:

  • endometritis,
  • salpingitis,
  • oophoritis,
  • polycystic ovary syndrome.

With endometritis, oophoritis and salpingitis, whites tend to appear. Several times a month, there may be specific discharge with blood veins.

Another reason for the delay in menstruation in girls who are not sexually active is uterine fibroids. The most common factor causing menstrual delay is polycystic ovary syndrome. The main provocateur of this condition is hormonal failure. Against this background, a large number of male hormones appear in the girl's body.

No less dangerous cause of delay “critical days” is ovarian dysfunction. The main reason for this condition lies in the incorrect work of the neuroendocrine system. The functioning of the thyroid gland, cerebral cortex, pituitary, and hypothalamus is impaired.

Possible pregnancy

The medical literature mentions cases of pregnancy in girls who are not sexually active. Pregnancy is possible even in the absence of penetration of the penis into the vagina, against the background of contact of the external genital organs with sperm. This phenomenon is called petting. Once on the external genitals, the sperm is able to penetrate the vagina.

Find out the exact cause of delayed menstruation is possible only in the gynecological office. It is strictly forbidden to take medications on your own and resort to various popular methods of treatment.