How to speed up the arrival of menstruation for a few days at home


Before taking this or that medication, you should coordinate it with your doctor - it is important to establish the reason for the delay at the very beginning and make a decision after that. Most often, doctors prescribe hormonal drugs - they help to normalize hormones and this will be the starting point for the onset of menstruation.

Among hormonal drugs, doctors most often prescribe such as:

  1. Pulsatilla
  2. Duphaston.
  3. Oral types of contraceptives.

You should not choose them yourself, assigning a course of treatment to yourself - this can be harmful. In addition to the drug course to stimulate the onset of menstruation is possible with the help of folk remedies.

Herbal preparations

It is not 100% safe to call such drugs, although they are less harmful compared with drugs.

  1. Seeds of carrots - a great folk remedy to stimulate menstruation. It is enough to eat at a time, just chewing them and washing it down with warm water - this is how to do it 3 times a day, before the main meal. The duration of this stimulation course is 1-2 days.
  2. Regular onion peel will also help speed up the menstrual flow of a woman. It is enough to steam in a glass of boiling water 2 tbsp. with a hill of husk and let it brew for half an hour. Strain, take it to food before meals - as a rule, menstruation occurs in 5-6 hours, less often - a day.
  3. Decoction of field cornflower color - these blue inflorescences will help to provoke a premature onset of the menstrual cycle. Enough in a glass of boiling water to steam 2 tbsp. l raw materials and let stand for about an hour. After this, the volume is divided into two portions - one is taken at night, before bedtime, and if the next period is not menstruating, the second portion is also drunk.
  4. For premature stimulation of menstruation - you can use the bulb of gladiolus, or rather its upper part. It is thoroughly washed and cleaned, and then introduced into the vagina, leaving overnight. Menstruation occurs during the day - so you can provoke a premature offensive.

Folk means of stimulating menstruation

The following remedies from the arsenal of traditional medicine, although they seem to be safe, if used incorrectly, can provoke negative consequences. Therefore, before applying this or that remedy, it is necessary to consult with the gynecologist and take into account the individual characteristics of the body, the intolerance of one or another component.

  1. To stimulate menstruation for 2-3 days - it is worth a half to increase fluid intake. It can be juices and compotes, decoctions and herbal teas - this approach will allow to thin the blood and accelerate, increasing bleeding, the output of the mucous membrane. But it is worth remembering - if there are problems with the kidneys or the heart, then this method should not be practiced, creating an additional burden for them.
  2. A decoction of green nettle - an effective folk remedy that will accelerate the onset and completion of menstruation. It is enough to steam 5 liters of boiling water over half a liter. l dried and better fresh plant and boil over low heat for about 20 minutes. Then remove from heat, cool and take 5 times over 3 times a day. l - Day of reference is considered the 2nd day of the menstrual cycle.
  3. Accelerate the onset of menstruation and the shepherd's bag decoction - in the glass of boiling water steamed 2 tsp. dried plants and insist half an hour. Strain the broth and take half a glass in the morning and in the evening before bedtime.
  4. To accelerate the onset of menstruation can and a sharp increase in the level of hemoglobin in the blood - for this it is worthwhile to eat 2 bars of hematogen each day and 1 pomegranate fruit each. The result in the form of the onset of menstruation can be observed at 2-4 days.
  5. Tincture of water pepper - taking it to 40 cap. diluted in a glass of water 3 times a day, before meals and due to this, it is possible to accelerate the onset of bleeding for 2-3 days. Take this solution for half an hour before meals.
  6. The boat exercise will also help speed up the onset of menstruation - it gives an additional load on the body, more precisely, the peritoneum area, stimulating the discharge of the female mucous membrane. It is easy to do it - just lie on your stomach and stretch your arms forward and push your socks back with a strong will. Further, it is necessary to tear off the arms and legs on the surface and rest only on the abdomen - this is how you strain the peritoneal area and stay in this position for at least 8-10 seconds.
  7. Lemon juice is also an effective and effective means to accelerate the onset of menstruation. To provoke the last offensive for 2-3 days ahead of schedule - it is enough to drink a glass of lemon juice, diluted with water in equal proportions, in the morning. Drink juice in the morning and evening in a glass - as shown by medical practice, it is a slaughter dosage of vitamin C that causes the walls of the blood vessels to thicken and the onset of premature menstruation. This method has a limitation - it diagnosed problems with the digestive tract.
  8. Active sex - such a method is often advised for premature activation of menstruation. The essence of this method is that during active sexual life the uterus and its muscles are intensively reduced, which in turn provokes abundant menstrual flow.
  9. Sport - it is actively advised to practice it for the premature onset of menstruation. First of all, you should pay attention to those exercises that are aimed at training the press and peritoneum. It can be just cycling or a stationary bike, like jumping, just squats with a weight in your hands and rocking at home press. But in this case it is worth understanding - in case of pathologies of the heart and blood vessels such methods, namely, excessive loads on the body are prohibited.

When not to interfere with the natural cycle

Doctors say that in medical practice there are cases in which it is not worth interfering with the natural cycle and, it would seem, such a negative phenomenon as a delay or a desire to provoke it before an offensive. In particular, to experiment on one’s own body in such cases:

  • If the menstrual cycle has not yet been established - this situation is typical for a teenager or during menopause.
  • When diagnosed pathologies and diseases of the uterus and appendages.
  • With blood diseases, in particular, with a tendency to the formation of blood clots.
  • During the recovery period after childbirth, when the hormonal balance of the woman returns to normal.
  • When diagnosing the infectious nature of the disease and with increasing body temperature.
  • After stress and in diagnosing problems with conception.

In such cases, you should consult a doctor and not take any independent measures to stimulate the onset of menstruation.