Homeopathy for delayed menses


(An article from the journal "Homeopathy Today" of the National Center for Homeopathy, USA. June, 2003, Issue 23, No. 6, pp. 16-18)

Judith Reichenberg-Ullman, Doctor of Naturopathy, Diploma of the Homeopathic Academy of Naturopathic Doctors, certificate in classical homeopathy

If you are one of those women who suffer from painful and painful menstruation, then homeopathy can help you. Perhaps when menstruation begins, you lie down under a blanket and lie down until the pain subsides. Or lie in a warm bath, legs up. Or, more commonly, take a painkiller. Common situation? Perhaps the pain is missing you somewhere in the stomach or it affects your back more. Pain may be accompanied by mood swings, fatigue, headaches, irritation, or a whole host of other symptoms. In any case, this is not a joke.

I had one patient who could not believe in improving her condition during menstruation from homeopathy treatment. Debbie describes his torment: "I had twenty-five years of debilitating, recurring pain. From the very early gestation period, I literally felt exhausted every month from bouts of pain that caused me to bend in half, came to vomiting." The intensity of the pain in Debbie was so strong that her parents had to call the doctor every month to give him painkillers. It was not the usual menstrual cycle. Debbie had a great reaction to the homeopathic drug Lachesis. "I took the drug and the next month everything went completely without pain ... I can feel when I need a second dose of the drug, all the symptoms intensify and then come back. When I take the drug again, everything stabilizes again ... It seems that homeopathy affects the soul and affects the whole being - and that is real healthcare. "

Debbie underwent a constitutional homeopathic treatment, I chose a drug based on all its symptoms, not just those that accompanied menstruation. For such problems, I find constitutional treatment more effective than self-treatment, but if your symptoms correspond to one of the drugs listed in the table below, you may feel a significant improvement when taking it. If this is not the case, consult your homeopath. This is especially important if the pain is caused by some deeper problem, such as endometriosis, a uterine fibroid or an ovarian cyst.

Here are some guidelines for homeopathic self-healing of menstrual pain along with naturopathic tips. You have to understand that only 8 of the possible 2,000 are listed here. The table shows the most characteristic symptoms.

Notes to the above 8 drugs

· If the discharge is thick, bright red, the pain is rapid and pulsating, you should first think about Belladonna.
· If the pain improves from heat and pressure, first try Magnesium Phosphoricum and then Colozint.
· With a very strong pain that brings to scream, give Cactus.
· If the pain is strong and the woman becomes angry, it cannot be calmed down, try Hamomilla.
· For spasmodic pains, feelings of hopelessness, and frequent sighs, think about Tsimitsifug.
· If a woman feels better when she presses her knees to her chest, give Kolotsint.
· If the pain started after anger, think of Nux vomike, Kolocinte or Belladonna.
· For pain accompanied by severe anger that passes when menstruation occurs, try Lachesis.
· If pain comes from drinking large amounts of alcohol or heavy food, give Nux vomica.

8 homeopathic medicines to relieve menstrual pain

Pulsatilla (Pulsatilla) - backache

The drug is suitable compliant and gentle women who are willing to sacrifice themselves for the sake of others. They are conscientious, feminine, lovers cry. Show care and love, do not hesitate to show their emotions.

A little slow nature. Very afraid of poverty, disease, accidents and other troubles. They do not tolerate darkness, even at night they have a night light on. Very fond of walking in the fresh air.

Pulsatilla type tends to delay menstruation and amenorrhea. In women of this type, menstruation may disappear on the background of colds, nervous breakdown and sudden fright. Pulsatilla is often prescribed in adolescence for the regulation of the menstrual cycle and its formation.

During menstruation, nausea, diarrhea, chills and severe pain in the lower abdomen may occur. If the cause of the delay in menstruation is an imbalance of hormones - Pulsatilla is the No. 1 drug. Therefore, it is well used in the extinction of sexual function - the beginning of menopause.

Pulsatilla is the leading homeopathic remedy for delayed menstruation.

Graphites (Graphites) - natural graphite

Women of this type are characterized by inhibition and timidity. They are not able to make important decisions on their own. Their character is mild. Weeping and gloomy personages. Do not like to work. Often withdrawn and restless. They often have depression. Sympathize with other people's troubles and cry from watching dramatic films. When talking, show distraction.

Late periods, with constipation. Menstruation is scanty. Tendency to the appearance of cold symptoms during menstruation. Nausea during menses.

Kali carbonicum (Kali carbonicum) - potassium carbonate, potash

Representatives of this type of ardent bureaucrats. Have a changeable mood, often prone to a state of despondency and subject to fears. Very shy women, startled by harsh sounds. Do not like loneliness. Big dreamer. Often they are irritable and dissatisfied with everything. Stubborn.

Menstruation is often delayed, scanty, accompanied by pain in the back. After the end of the menstrual period, the ichor excretion is noted.

Tsimitsifuga (Cimicifuga) - black cohosh, klopovets

Excitable and emotional personalities. Impressive and nervous. They like to chat, jumping from one topic to another. There is no sequence in speech. Melancholic.

Prone to depression, despair and apathy. Fussy and anxious. Sometimes they have visual hallucinations (it seems that someone ran past: a mouse, a cockroach, etc.). Less common and olfactory hallucinations. Afraid of death and go crazy. Do not like confined space.

Irregular menstruation with an unpleasant smell and pain in the back. Irritability and migraine during menstruation. Before the start of discharge, loose stools or diarrhea.

Sepia - cuttlefish

Sad personality, sometimes there is a revival in the mood. Good wives, but do not always want to have children. Pay more attention to her husband than children. Always tell the truth, do not hide anything in the shower, do not gossip. They love to sit in a position, throwing one leg over the other.

Realistic, sober attitude to life processes. Irritable persons, do not want to work, show indifference to the household. Lazy. They are afraid of loneliness. Pronounced avarice.

Suffer from frigidity and hormonal disorders. Infertility due to adrenal pathology. Tendency to miscarriage. Diseases of the uterus with severe symptoms: pain, burning, heaviness, feeling of fullness.

Menses late and have a different character: they can be scarce or abundant.

Sulfur (Sulfur) - sulfur

Women are deprived of complexes - "the princess", a great opinion of themselves. They speak the truth and do not tolerate gossip. Erupt with anger, but quickly withdraw. Generous and vain. Selfish.

Untidiness, on the clothes of such persons you can often see spots and dirt. Bore. They like to philosophize, they have a large circle of interests, and sometimes they can be desperate drunkards. Adherents of sportswear and outdated things. Can not wash for a long time - they do not need it. Extroverts. Addiction to masturbation.

Menstruation comes with a delay and lasts a short time. Psychosis often develops during menstruation.

Gelsemium (Gelsemium) - jasmine yellow

Women of this type are indifferent to their illnesses, they want to be in silence and solitude. They are not interested in anything. Dullness and apathy. Afraid of heights. "Bear disease".

Any little things cause them to worry, during which time there is a tremor in the hands. With agitation, increased urination. They like to go to the doctors. Very gullible ladies. They want to rely on someone. Entropy.

Menses scanty and delayed. During menstruation, a voice sits down.

Dosage and administration time

Now talk about the methods of taking homeopathic grains. Should take five peas, dissolving under the tongue. Taking the drug should be at least 20 minutes before meals.

When buying a drug, ask the 12th or 30th dilution in a homeopathic pharmacy and take the drug 1 time a day (in the morning on an empty stomach) three times a week. The course of treatment is 3–6 months.

If during treatment you notice that the delay has become shorter, for example, it was two weeks, and it became 5 days - go to the 50th dilution twice a week.

For prophylaxis use the drug 1 time per week in dilutions: 200 and 1000.

Homeopathy is an exquisite healing, and sometimes it is difficult even for a professional to find the right remedy. Often it is necessary to change several drugs to get into the "top ten", but if the right medicine is found, then patients come to the delight of miraculous healing.

Consultations on the Internet or self-medication will not replace a personal reception with a homeopath. Do not waste your precious time in vain, for a long time, walking through the expanses of the Internet. Find an opportunity and take care of your health with the help of such delicate science as homeopathy.

Lebeychuk Natalia Vladimirovna, homeopath and herbal doctor

How is monthly impairment determined

Symptoms of gynecological disorders, in addition to the delay of menstruation, can be:

  • over-abundant or too scanty discharge while maintaining the calendar dates of the menstrual cycle,
  • the onset of menstruation irregularly - 1 time in 2-4 months,
  • less than two days or more than ten days,
  • the appearance of bleeding in the middle of the cycle,
  • menstruation pain, disturbances in the body as a whole, leading to disability.

Important: violation of the menstruation cycle is not a disease, but acts as a signal of an existing failure in the hormonal system of the female body.

What causes menstrual cycle disorders

The onset of menstruation is regulated by the endocrine glands, cerebral cortex, subcortical centers, and the slightest failure in these structures of the body can cause imbalance, which is expressed externally in the absence of regul.

Disorders can trigger the following factors:

  • inflammation in the ovaries or abnormal development of the female organs,
  • lack or excess of hormones - estrogen and progesterone,
  • Diseases associated with the formation of tumors,
  • disruptions in the thyroid gland, adrenal glands,
  • chronic stress,
  • prolonged dietary restrictions,
  • regular insomnia, especially in the early morning hours.

Regulatory failure may be due to arterial hypertension or diabetes mellitus, deficiency or excess of vitamins, the progression of bad habits.

Allopathic treatment of dysmenorrhea involves, first of all, the adjustment of hormonal levels. To normalize menarche progesterone drugs are used, oral contraceptives. In some cases, hormonal therapy is preceded by surgical manipulations - curettage, cauterization of the endometrial layer of the uterus.

To restore normal regulation, it will take at least three months of hormone therapy, which necessarily leads to various negative consequences - from the appearance of edema and allergy to the occurrence of problems with the spine and ligaments.

Treatment of menstrual disorders homeopathy

Unlike classical medicine, the homeopathic direction allows you to adjust hormones and normalize the cycle. Homeopathy does not cure the symptoms and manifestations of the disease, but promotes self-regulation of the body. The result from the use of homeopathic medicines is more persistent and deep.

Homeopathy with delayed menstruation is applied for several months with the help of natural ingredients and precisely calculated dosage. At the same time, hormonal balance is normalized in the body, immune protection is activated, the risk of infertility is eliminated.

For the treatment of the malfunction of the female body, homeopathic monopreparations and composite homeopathic remedies are used, which are gaining increasing popularity today.

When treating homeopathic medicines, alcohol, tea and coffee, products with the presence of preservatives are not allowed. Source: flickr (MurderWithMirrors).

Homeopathic monopreparations in violation of the menstrual cycle

Homeopathy has in its arsenal effective means for the normalization of menarche, among which stand out:

  • Pulsatilla(Pulsatilla). In homeopathy, it is used in the form of granules and drops, mainly in the division from 3 to 30. It actively affects hormonal imbalance, helps to restore venous blood circulation in the pelvic organs. Especially effective drug for young girls who have not yet entered the stage of puberty or women suffering from irregular periods.
  • Tsimitsifuga(Cimicifuga). The drug exists in the form of drops and granules, dilution - from 3 and above. To restore the menstrual cycle and relieve pain syndrome is used 2-3 times a day for six months. Contraindications are thyroid disease and diabetes.

Warning: when taking Tsimitsifuga (Cimicifuga) can not exceed the recommended dosage. The combination of drugs with allopathic drugs is prohibited.

  • Kalium carbonicum(Kalium carbonicum). Drops and granules in the first or second dilution can cause delayed menstruation, contribute to the removal of puffiness. Suitable for both young girls with unformed menstrual cycles, and mature ladies during menopause.
  • Sepia(Sepia). Available in drops and granules in a dilution of 3, 6 and above. In microdoses, it eliminates blood stasis in the uterus, helps to restore vital energy, eliminates whitening and itching, pain during menstruation. Helps with heavy or scanty regulations.
  • Cuprum Metallicum(Cuprum metallicum). Apply granules and dilution drops from 12 to 30 for late menstruation, lasting more than 5-7 days. Relieves spastic pain and cramps during the cycle.

A specific drug should be prescribed by a homeopath, on the basis of the patient's physical and psycho-emotional parameters, her constitutional features and the clinical picture.

Composite homeopathic medicines

To restore menstruation and improve the condition of a woman during this period will help composite preparations, which include the most effective ingredients. Many people believe that composite preparations are more effective, as they include several interacting components at once, which have a beneficial effect on the functions of the female body. They are considered to be the most universal, do not require individual selection and can be prescribed as independent means, and as an adjuvant therapy for drug treatment.

  • Gormel SN (Hormeel SN) - drops of production of pharmaceutical company Heel. Among the active substances are Sepia officinalis (Sepia officinalis), Calcium carbonicum (Calcium carbonicum), Acidum nitricum (Acidum nitricum), Aquilegia vulgaris (Aquilegia vulgaris), Strychnos ignatia (Strychnosus ignatia). The drug is prescribed at a dosage of 10 drops / 100 g of water 3 times a day for 1-3 months. It is used to normalize the functions of female organs, restore menstruation, can be appointed for early pregnancy by streamlining the level of estrogen.
  • Konium Plus (Konium-Plus) - available in granules consisting of homeopathic preparations - Hydrastis Canadensis (Hydrastis canadaens), Kali iodatum (Kalium jodatum), Thuja occidentalis (Thuja Occidentalis), Conium maculatum (Conium maculatum), Phytolacca Americana (Phytolitytitytite, Vititol, Phytolacum cititolumum), Phytolacca Americana (Phytolacite), which can be used to produce a common, natural, and phytolacca Americana (Phytolacca Americana) cititol, phytolacca Americana (phytolacca citic acid). . It is prescribed in a dosage of up to 8 granules 5 times a day, the duration of the course is up to 7-8 weeks. It promotes the resorption of mastopathy, the normalization of the cycle, the elimination of PMS. Not applicable for patients under 18 years old.
  • Dismenorm (Dysmenorm) - Available in tablets, which include Agnus castus (Agnus castus), Pulsatilla (Pulsatilla), Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis), Apis mellifica (Apis mellifica). Homeopathic components are used in dilution 2 and 3, are effective in functional disorders of the menstrual cycle. The term of treatment with Dismenorm is from three months, up to two tablets 3 times a day are taken daily.

Despite the fact that the basis of homeopathic medicines - only natural ingredients, the treatment schedule should be a doctor. Self-medication in the treatment of failure of the menstrual cycle is unacceptable, because it can cause negative consequences. Before starting treatment, make sure that there is no pregnancy.

Causes of pain

Pain during menstruation worry every fourth woman of the reproductive period. Часто выявить причину подобных состояний сложно, так как они могут носит функциональный характер. Например, во время месячных в миометрии может выделяться избыточное количество простагландинов. Вследствие этого матка чрезмерно сокращается, что приводит к болевому синдрому.

It should also be borne in mind that due to the peculiarities of the nervous and psychological state of the nervous system, a woman’s pain threshold can be lowered. Then even minor discomfort is perceived as a "terrible condition." In any case, the approach must be individual.

Inflammatory processes in the pelvic area

During menstruation, the aggravation of all infectious pathologies of the genital organs occurs, a slight decrease in immunity contributes to this these days. In the presence of an inflammatory process of a specific or other nature, its activation leads to pain syndrome. In this case, the effect of homeopathic medicines will be minimal. To exclude this particular factor, it is enough to pass an examination by a gynecologist and pass smears, PCR or ELISA.


This is one of the most common causes of pain, both during menstruation, in advanced cases, and on any other day of the cycle. The complexity of this disease is that there are no reliable non-invasive methods to confirm and detect it. The optimal solution is laparoscopy, during which you can detect lesions and remove them.

Pain in endometriosis can be very different in nature: from the lungs pulling to paroxysmal, giving into the rectum and the surrounding tissue, etc.

Ovarian cyst

Pulling and aching pains, often on the right or on the left, are characteristic of an ovarian cyst. Moreover, in cases of severe syndrome (acute attacks), one should immediately seek medical assistance, as the rupture and twisting of the legs of such formations occur. In this situation, you can call the monthly homeopathy and contribute to the reduction or even the disappearance of cysts.

Adhesion process

After surgery, as well as as a result of the inflammatory process, adhesions in different quantities may form in the small pelvis. Sometimes even after the removal of appendicitis, the pain can be given to the area of ​​the uterus and ovaries. The adhesions themselves do not hurt, but they can stretch and deform the sheets of the peritoneum (they cover the internal organs and the walls of the abdomen), and it is highly sensitive.

Pelvic neuritis

In osteochondrosis of the spine, intervertebral nerve infringement may occur. If this happens in the sacrum and lower back, the pain can be very similar to the pathology of the genital organs.

Even with a routine gynecological examination, it is often easy to distinguish the manifestations of these ailments. In the case of pelvic neuritis, treatment should be carried out by a neurologist or chiropractor.

Anomalies of the development of genital organs and especially their location

Sometimes a woman does not even suspect the developmental abnormalities that she has. It may be so in the case of abnormal location of the genital organs, as well as in case of pathology of their structure (two-horned or uterus with a septum, sharp bend backwards or anteriorly, etc.). At the same time, during uterine contraction during menstruation, also during sexual intercourse, there may be discomfort and pain of varying severity.

These are the main causes of discomfort in the lower abdomen during menstruation in women. The complete list includes dozens of pathologies. To establish the true problem can only complete a survey with experts. Properly selected homeopathy for painful menstruation and cycle disorders can help in most cases, the main thing is to believe in this treatment.

Watch a video about painful menses.

Ways to help the body with pain

In each case, there is the most effective treatment. The following methods and groups of drugs are most commonly used:

  • You can try to apply heat to the sacral area or lower abdomen. Sometimes a hot shower also helps; it is then desirable to direct the stream to a disturbing area. But the fact is that intense heat can cause some increase in the amount of discharge, sometimes even bleeding. Various patches provide a similar effect for pain relief of menstruation, for example, frauplast. Apply it on the region above the fold or on the sacrum. This thermoplastic heats up to 50 - 60 degrees for 20 minutes.
  • Rectal suppositories with anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect. However, it should be warned that they can irritate the rectal mucosa, causing loose stools. In the form of candles, you can use various drugs - indomethacin, ketoprofen (ketonal and others), diclofenac, etc. If one type of medicine did not help, there is a chance that the pain will relieve the other.
  • Painkillers, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic tablets. Sometimes pain relieves and citramon or analgin, and in other cases only strong NSAIDs, for example, ketones and others. The effectiveness of drugs also depends on the method of their entry into the body: injectable forms are more preferable for severe pain.
  • You can also deal with such unpleasant conditions by taking birth control pills. Especially well they help with endometriosis. The choice of the drug is for the doctor. More often the preference is given to mini-saws with a histogenic component. They have a minimum side effect and the most significant result.

Homeopathy and painful periods

Homeopathic treatment involves the use of selected groups of substances. But today there are ready-made drugs for those or other ailments. So, for painful menstruation, dysmenorm and mulimen are used. They include a large number of different drugs, are used for the treatment of many pathological gynecological conditions.

In the treatment of menstrual pain, the following medications are more often used:

Cycle recovery tools

In most cases, menstrual dysfunction occurs with ovarian dysfunction. Homeopathy for delaying menstruation can also be effective, but you must first eliminate pregnancy. It should be taken into account that the drugs should be taken regularly to restore normal menstrual function.

The most popular and effective are the following:

  • Cyclodinone. The action of the drug is based on the regulation of the formation of prolactin. It plays an important role in establishing the balance of estrogen and progestin.
  • Menonorm and feminus shown for violations of the menstrual cycle in women in the premenopausal period. The composition of the complexes is chosen in such a way that the preparations succinctly affect the work of the central nervous system in regulating the production of sex hormones, restoring their proper secretion.
  • Dismenorm It contains bee products in its composition, so with caution it should be used by women who are hypersensitive to such constituents. The drug is shown in functional disorders of menstruation with the predominance of acyclic bleeding.
  • Gormel contains about ten varieties of active homeopathic substances. Used with dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, various irregular spotting and bleeding. Regular intake of Gomel also helps to reduce pain.
  • Remens used for the treatment of disorders in young women, as well as in menopause. It normalizes the work in the system of the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal-ovaries. It also helps to reduce the manifestations of premenstrual syndrome. Remens normalizes the second phase of the cycle and has an anti-androgenic effect.

We recommend reading the article on menstrual irregularities. From it you will learn about the deviation from the norm, the causes of the violation of the cycle, possible diseases and treatment.

Homeopathic remedies, correctly chosen and taken regularly, are largely capable of normalizing the menstrual function of a woman. Ideally, the appropriate medications are selected by a homeopath after detailed questioning and visual examination of the patient. But success in treatment in this way is not always achieved, especially in the presence of organic and not functional disorders. Homeopathy, which causes menstruation or reduces pain, is much more effective in complex treatment.