Can there be a temperature before menstruation


The most common question that the gynecologist asks during the examination is, “Do you have a regular menstrual cycle?”.

For a woman, systematic and regular onset of menstruation is the main sign that everything is in order with her body.

Any disturbances associated with its duration, intensity and the presence of pathological pain causes anxiety and the need to seek help.

An increase in temperature before menstruation is also a deviation from the norm, because in the second phase of the cycle, basal temperature (BT), on the contrary, should decrease somewhat, but its increase in combination with severe pain and nausea is a clear sign of illness, inflammation or the onset of pregnancy.

The temperature before menstruation rises slightly, not higher than 37-37.1 degrees, so a woman may not even feel it. There are 2 types of reasons for which the value on a thermometer can rise:

Causes of physiological nature

A few days before the onset of menstruation, the temperature index of the body may change and this is normal.

Some representatives of the fair sex may have a feeling of the coming cold: chills, baseless lethargy, sweating.

In fact, this means that temporary hormonal changes occur in the body. The reasons why there is a high temperature before menstruation may be in the following conditions:

  • perhaps the body is preparing for the onset of menstruation,
  • pregnancy has come,
  • woman has premenstrual syndrome.

Normal onset of menstruation

Usually, an increase in the value on the thermometer to 37 before the menstruation is a normal individual response of the body to hormonal changes in connection with the approaching menstruation. Female sex hormones in different concentrations can affect thermoregulation:

  • progesterone before menstruation can raise the temperature value,
  • due to elevated estrogen temperatures drop.

In the second phase of the cycle, progesterone concentration usually increases, which means that body temperature 37 is normal. It is also not a pathology if the temperature rises for such reasons:

  • a woman can be pawned by nature with an increased production of progesterone in the post-sovulation period,
  • during menstruation, the organs of the small pelvis actively receive blood,
  • for women with hypersensitivity is the norm, if the low-grade temperature before menstruation for 3-4 days slightly rises.

Onset of pregnancy

If a woman does not know why the temperature rises before menstruation, then the simplest explanation is the onset of pregnancy.

If, in addition to subfebrile (stable body temperature in the range of 37-38 degrees), the basal temperature in the rectum is also elevated, and menstruation does not yet occur, then with high probability we can say that the egg is fertilized.

For this reason, women who want to get pregnant are recommended to control the basal body temperature, she predicts conception more accurately. The basal temperature can be measured not only in the anus, but also in the mouth and vagina. But be careful, because such factors can affect it:

  • drinking alcohol
  • taking sedatives
  • hormone therapy.

If the body temperature before menstruation increased, and the day before they dropped to baseline, then the egg did not fertilize and the hormonal background changed again.

For women seeking to become pregnant, it is very important to know what the temperature should be in one or another phase of the cycle in order to understand whether fertilization can occur on this day or better to wait for more favorable conditions.

Another clue for those who want to become moms: to increase the chances of conception, you need to wait until the basal temperature of the sutra has increased to 37.2 degrees, such a rise indicates the onset of ovulation.

Premenstrual syndrome is a sign of hormonal changes that take place throughout the entire menstrual cycle. Signs of PMS:

  • weakness and lethargy
  • unreasonable aggression,
  • bloating
  • chest hurts
  • poly back and back
  • headache,
  • slightly may increase the temperature index of the body.

Features of the premenstrual syndrome:

  • It starts from 25-30 years and only progresses in the future,
  • depends on the concentration of progesterone and estrogen,
  • aggravated in women with thyroid disease,
  • may increase with a shortage of zinc, magnesium, calcium and vitamin B6.

Usually, an increase in body temperature before menstruation due to PMS does not require additional treatment, even if its value reaches 39 degrees, after some time it will return to normal. If other symptoms occur, you should consult a gynecologist and an endocrinologist to alleviate the condition.

Diet, bad habits, regular exercise and active sex life will help to cope with PMS. Also avoid stress and bring back to normal day regimen.

Pathological causes

If the temperature is 37 before the menstrual period, this is not a pathology, but if the mark on the thermometer rose to 38 and above, you should immediately consult a doctor and find out the reasons for this behavior of your body.

The temperature may rise if there are the following diseases:

  • inflammatory appendages (adnexitis). The main sign of the presence of inflammation is a temperature value of 37.5-37.7 degrees, there are also aching pains in the lower abdomen, it can be nauseous, vomiting, excessive sweating and problems with urination appear. If there are also monthly periods with a temperature in the rectum above the norm, then there is no doubt that the woman has a gynecological disease,
  • inflamed uterus (endometritis). After and before the monthly increases the value on the thermometer to 37 and lasts a long period. In some cases, diarrhea was noted, as well as aching pain in the lower abdomen, increased concentration of ESR and the level of leukocytes in the blood,
  • infection in the vagina. Menstruation is a period that increases the risk of infection not only in the vagina, but also in the uterus,
  • inflammatory processes in the intestine. The temperature index rises to 38, diarrhea begins, the skin and mucous membranes begin to dry up,
  • ectopic pregnancy or spontaneous abortion during normal pregnancy. In such cases, the value on the thermometer jumps to 39. To confirm the presence of pregnancy, you need to do a test or test for hCG,
  • luteal phase deficiency. If the basal temperature before menstruation is high and does not fall, it may mean that progesterone production is low, while the second phase of the cycle is reduced to 10 days or less. This condition is very often the cause of infertility.

How to alleviate the condition?

Increased temperature before menstruation is not always a pathology, but if you feel unwell and lethargy, you can alleviate the condition by such methods:

  • make more movements. Physical activity causes fatigue to decrease and improves mood
  • you can take a shower. A shower at room temperature will help to relieve fatigue and weakness; excessively low water temperatures and too hot will not do. The best option for summer is a street shower,
  • to make a diet correctly. Before the onset of menstruation, you need to increase the presence of plant foods in the menu, include more vegetables and fruits. Even if you have not yet figured out why the temperature rises, the diet always brings relief to the body. You also need to give up alcohol,
  • observe sleep and rest. No matter how busy your weekdays are, take some time “for yourself”. Rest, sleep. Before menstruation, you do not need to go to the sauna and do hard sports,
  • reduce the amount of coffee consumed because this invigorating drink has an effect on hormones.

BT and temperature of the female body are important indicators that should be monitored, whether the temperature indicator rises or goes down. Such information will most reliably establish in the body the presence of an infection or will please a woman by the onset of pregnancy.

What should be the temperature before menstruation?

Increasing the temperature to the subfebrile level shortly before the critical days is normal for many women.

Before menstruation, the level of progesterone in the blood increases - this hormone affects the reproductive system and the thermoregulation center, which is located in the brain.

Therefore, the body temperature in the range of 37.1–37.5 without any other signs of deterioration is not considered pathology.

Why the temperature rises before menstruation

Increasing temperature indicators before the onset of menstruation is one of the frequent signs of premenstrual syndrome, which often occurs in women after 25 years due to hormonal imbalance, weakness, shivering, and other symptoms of the common cold. A slight increase in indicators may indicate a pregnancy. But if other unpleasant symptoms appear, the temperature lasts even after the onset of menstruation, it is possible that there are gynecological pathologists in the body.

The main reasons for the increase in temperature values ​​before menstruation:

  1. Endometritis - an inflammatory process localized on the inner surface of the uterus, it is this disease often provokes an increase in temperature values ​​before menstruation. The disease manifests itself in the form of prolonged pain in the lower abdomen of an aching and pulling character, discharge with admixture of pus, problems with bowel and bladder emptying.
  2. Adnexitis is an inflammation of the appendages, the temperature rises sharply to 39.5 degrees or more, there are severe sharp pains in the lower abdomen to the left or right, which give to the leg. Against the background of high temperature, vomiting, weakness appear, and the process of urination is accompanied by marked discomfort.
  3. Endometriosis is a pathological process that is characterized by the proliferation of the endometrium beyond the uterus, which leads to bleeding of other organs during menstruation. Blood accumulates in the peritoneum, inflammation develops, abdominal discomfort, nausea develops, and the temperature rises.
  4. Cystitis - inflammation of the bladder, in which the temperature rises to 38 degrees, there are cramps when the bladder is emptied, the number of urge to urinate increases, and the lower abdomen pulls. Before menstruation often exacerbation of the chronic form of the disease.
  5. Intestinal infections - temperature indicators reach 38 degrees, vomiting, diarrhea, skin and mucous membranes appear.
  6. Ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage - the temperature rises to 39 degrees, there is a sharp pain in the abdomen, bleeding, cardiac arrhythmia.

Cystitis causes fever during PMS

If the temperature rises to 37.2 a few days before menstruation, menstruation does not decrease even in time, in the late afternoon there is severe weakness, headache, appetite disappears - these signs of overwork, changing the situation and proper rest will help get rid of unpleasant sensations.

Which doctor to contact?

If the indicators of body temperature and BT are very different from the norm, there are discharge with blood, pus, unpleasant smell, you must visit a gynecologist. Since often diseases of the female genital and reproductive spheres develop on the background of hormonal imbalance, consultation with an endocrinologist will also be required.


Identifying the reasons for the increase in temperature during ICP begins with anamnesis, if a woman regularly records axillary and rectal values, descriptions of the position and structure of the surface of the cervix, this will help the doctor to quickly determine the initial diagnosis.

Diagnostic methods:

  • clinical analysis of blood, urine,
  • biochemical, hormonal blood tests,
  • Ultrasound of the pelvic organs,
  • CT, encephalogram.

Urinalysis helps to identify the causes of elevated temperature before menstruation.

If the temperature rise before menstruation is observed for the first time, there are no other alarming symptoms, the doctor will prescribe a hCG test to confirm or rule out pregnancy.

How dangerous is elevated temperature during PMS?

High temperature before menstruation is a frequent symptom of inflammatory processes, if you do not start timely treatment, the disease will go into a chronic stage, which is fraught with complications, the development of associated diseases, oncological processes.

Pronounced symptoms of PMS, a strong fever develops on the background of diseases of the digestive tract, nervous and endocrine systems, disorders of prostaglandin synthesis.

Low progesterone levels and fever with PMS may indicate infertility.

Lightening physical exertion, walks, proper nutrition, proper rest will help to alleviate the condition before menstruation, and preparations based on Eleutherococcus, Schizandra Chinese, help well. It is necessary to completely abandon coffee, alcoholic beverages.

Temperature indicators in the rectum and axilla should be changed during the menstrual cycle in women - this is a natural physiological process. But if sharp jumps of values ​​are observed, other unpleasant symptoms appear, it is necessary to consult with the gynecologist.

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Why does the body temperature change before menstruation?

Menstruation is a natural process associated with hormonal changes. The intensive work of the body on the synthesis of progesterone affects thermoregulation, which is why the body temperature before the start of menstruation jumps to 37 ° C, and this is normal. The physiological causes of this phenomenon are:

  • PMS. Premenstrual syndrome is a complex of symptoms that manifests itself to varying degrees 2 to 10 days before bleeding. Deterioration of general well-being and hyperthermia are associated with hormonal fluctuations, changes in metabolism and the nervous and cardiovascular systems. With fever, fever, flatulence, headache, swelling of the face and extremities, drops in blood pressure are observed. Excessive reaction to the troubles of life brings to depression.
  • Increased blood flow to the ovaries. Thermometer values ​​may deviate from the norm 2 - 3 days before the onset of bleeding, if the body reacts sensitively to the onset of menstruation. In severe PMS, a slight rise in temperature is observed 10 days before the menstruation, i.e. in phase 2 of the cycle.
  • Pregnancy. With the onset of pregnancy, the temperature of the body can change upwards. The woman still does not know about conception, but at the earliest gestational periods there is a delay of menstruation and a temperature of 37 degrees. Instead of menstruation, implantation bleeding opens, which occurs at the time of the embryo attachment to the uterus. An attentive woman will certainly notice not only hyperthermia and daub, but also rapid fatigue, frequent urination, engorgement of the mammary glands, a reaction to odors, nausea in the morning. If, in addition to subfebrile, the basal temperature in the rectum remains elevated, and the menstrual periods do not begin, in most cases this indicates successful fertilization of the egg.

If on the eve of critical days and in the process of bleeding the body temperature stays within 37 - 37.2 ° C, there is a headache, weakness and unwillingness to eat food, most likely, these symptoms indicate fatigue. Full rest restores the body and restores well-being.

An increase in body temperature under the influence of PMS does not require treatment, even if the thermometer reaches 39 ° C. After some time, the state normalizes independently. But if a woman is worried about other symptoms, you should be examined by a gynecologist and an endocrinologist.

Temperature 37 and above before menstruation: pathological causes

Knowing whether there can be a temperature of 37 degrees before menstruation and observing this phenomenon in yourself, there is no need to worry. When the level of hormones responsible for menstrual function stabilizes, the temperature index will return to normal.

But if the scale shows high marks, and the state of health is rapidly deteriorating, it is necessary to consult a doctor and find out the reasons for the rise in temperature, since this may indicate the development of the disease before menstruation.

Pathological causes of premenstrual hyperthermia:

  1. Adnexitis - inflammatory process in the appendages. The temperature rises to 37.5 - 37.7 degrees, worried aching pain in the lower abdomen, excessive sweating, nausea, vomiting, painful urination. High rates of basal temperature confirm the conjecture of the disease.
  2. Endometriosis - abnormal growth of the endometrium with the spread of the uterine layer on adjacent organs.
  3. Endometritis - inflammation of the uterus. Температура перед месячными 37°C и после их окончания, которая сохраняется в течение длительного времени и сопровождается поносом и ноющими болями внизу живота, в сочетании с высокими показателями СОЭ и лейкоцитов в крови является признаком гинекологической болезни.
  4. Инфекционно-воспалительный процесс. В менструальный период повышается риск инфицирования половых путей и матки.Hyperthermia with values ​​up to 38 degrees, diarrhea, dry skin and mucous membranes can be a sign of an inflammatory process that takes place in the intestine.
  5. Luteal phase deficiency. Maintaining a basal temperature at high elevations before menstruation suggests that progesterone production is low. The second phase of the cycle is shortened in duration, which leads to infertility.

If an ectopic pregnancy develops or there is a risk of disrupting a normal pregnancy, the body temperature may rise to 39 degrees. Diagnose the presence of pregnancy will help test and blood test for hCG.

What to do if the temperature rises before menstruation

If the body temperature rises insignificantly before the critical days and the woman feels a slight malaise that does not keep her from performing her daily duties, the symptom can be counted as PMS and just wait until everything passes. But if hyperthermia at the end of the cycle is not typical for a woman, this serves as a reason to consult a gynecologist.

Attention of the doctor requires such symptoms as:

  • Muscle aches.
  • Malaise.
  • Violation of MC
  • Bad smell of menstrual blood.
  • Unusual consistency of discharge.
  • Sharp pain in the abdomen and mammary glands.
  • Subfebrile condition lasts during menstruation and persists after.

The specialist will develop the course of therapy after the patient undergoes a comprehensive examination. Before getting results, you can feel better as follows:

  1. Increase motor activity. Moderate exercise reduces fatigue, distracts from unpleasant thoughts and improves mood.
  2. Change diet. In anticipation of critical days, you need to eat more plant food than animal. Benefit the body will bring fresh vegetables and fruits. From alcoholic products should be abandoned.
  3. To take a shower. Water from room temperature will help to get rid of weakness, fatigue and headache. It is undesirable to take a hot, cold and contrast shower. If you feel unwell water should be heated to a comfortable temperature. To visit the bath and sauna is impossible.
  4. Reduce coffee consumption. Abuse of the drink adversely affects the hormonal system.

Even with high employment, a woman should learn to allocate time for herself, sleep at least 8 hours a day and take short breaks during the working day. Before menstruation, as far as possible, you need to sleep more and rest.

Why women should monitor body temperature

Temperature measurement in different phases of the cycle helps to monitor the status of the reproductive function and timely detect deviations.

Control of basal temperature is important for those women who are planning a pregnancy, but can not guess the day of ovulation. Thanks to regular measurements, they easily calculate “dangerous days” and stop protecting themselves.

To determine the days on which conception may occur, experts recommend measuring the temperature through the anus, vagina or oral cavity. It interacts less with third-party factors and shows more accurate results. The most informative data, the name of which is the basal temperature, shows the rectum.

Measurements are recommended to be done daily in the morning at the same time, without getting out of bed. For the procedure, you must select one thermometer. The schedule drawn up on the basis of the results obtained will help the doctor to understand the situation and find out the cause of infertility.

Normally, BT is 36.9 - 37.2 degrees. During pregnancy and outside it is considered a normal condition. But when at different periods of the cycle a woman notes significant temperature drops to a greater or lesser side, this indicates problems in the body and the need to consult a specialist.

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I had a high one the day before
but on the day of the monthly dropped.

Yes, I have so often had .. and as soon as they start falling

this is normal. The first day will fall below 37.

Buy a pregnancy test. The result may surprise you ..

before the month the temperature is 37.2 why?

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Yes, it is a pregnancy. I also had.

Hooray. I am pregnant! The doctor said that already 9 weeks.

My temperature rose - at work everything fell out of my hands, 37.2 - 37.4 changed during the day. Monthly delayed. And today (zadezhka 2 days) test showed 2 strips. I'm going to the doctor!
Before monthly I did not notice any temperature drops

Hello to all. Tell me please, the week is nauseous, my head is spinning, my chest is somehow tingling, my mood is sluggish, tears, and the temperature is on the third day 37.2. Test afraid to do suddenly again negative. I really want my daughter.

I forgot to say that the delay until 1 day.

Before the menstrual period, the temperature rose 37, I felt muscle soreness and weakness. Is this related to early menopause, I am very afraid of that.

Hello everyone! I have the last half a year before menstruation for about a week for 37 weeks 37–37.2, now it’s the same again, plus + weakness and dizzy. Can this be a pregnancy? scary, saw pills that can och. bad impact on the child

I have the third month before the monthly temperature rises to 37.5 or even 37.7, the day before the monthly drops to 36.6. But not a pregnancy.

the temperature has passed, and there were no monthly periods as :(

My temperature during menstruation is 36.9-37.2! This is the first time! Tell me this is normal?

My temperature during menstruation is 36.9-37.2! This is the first time! Tell me this is normal?

I have a temper.37 the day before the menstruation and on the first day, and already weakness, tears, I don’t know what the second day will be, scary, there’s no desire to see someone, to communicate with someone. What should I do?

Read here that in addition to pregnancy can carry a change in temperature. there is clearly in the pictures, the first graph is the norm, then it is shown how the temperature can vary with different deviations.
I found answers to my questions there, maybe you will find it. And in any case to the doctor.

Olga K.
I have the same situation - the temperature has subsided, but there are no monthly periods.
Do you have any changes?

Hello! I always had everything in order with the monthly. But this time it's not like that. Before menstruation, the temperature was 37-37.1 weakness and bad mood. The delay was 3 days. On the first day, the temperature rose to 37.7 tears, terrible mood, terrible pain in the lower abdomen. Is it possible pregnancy?

Dasha. or so pass monthly. or. I do not want to frighten, began a miscarriage.

I have the third month before the monthly temperature rises to 37.5 or even 37.7, the day before the monthly drops to 36.6. But not a pregnancy.

I have the third month before the monthly temperature rises to 37.5 or even 37.7, the day before the monthly drops to 36.6. But not a pregnancy.

I always had monthly periods without any problems, but this time the fifth day the temperature, 37.2 breasts became so hard and heavy, and it still hurts wildly, today they seem to have gone monthly, although they don’t really look like, just smears, and even the lady My son is 4 years old, and 6 months of pregnancy, I had monthly periods, they said that the uterus is strong!)))))))

girls and I did a test today, and there cherished two stripes!

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Happy you girls! )) And my husband and I are trying to try and while all without results (((

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Good day! Tell me, and if the temperature rises to 37.2-37.6 on the first day of the month. and terribly bad. here today is the second day of menstruation and again in the evening the temperature. there was no such thing at all before, but this has been going on for the third year. all very bad and need to see a doctor? She had an abortion at 21, now 30, children can not conceive. long.

it is me again =) on the 8th day of the delay went to the gynecologist, took a smear, blood for hormones, a week later they recorded it on the ultrasound, in the evening the menstruation began. like that going to the doctor

Delay 3 days. Do not touch the nipples at all! Painful steel. Body temperature has been holding for a week 37-37.2, drowsiness. the test has not done yet. I think I will do it the other day. I really hope to . ))))

pliz help, I probably och anxious that worried about the ATC. na was in January at the end of menstruation, in February came monthly normal and on time. there was a delay of 5 days, today came monthly on the 3rd day of the delay did the test negative. Now the temperature is 37, can I be pregnant? The guy is always protected. and if BT with menstruation below 37 is not pregnant?

Tell me please. Already 3 days pulling the lower abdomen. I measured today the body temperature of 37.2 until the menstruation is still somewhere around 3 days. Could this be B. Oh, I really want a bebik with my husband)))))

I don’t know, girls like anyone, I have 37 and 1.37 and 2 weeks in 2 weeks. Already like half a year. Or a hormonal failure, or FIG know what. The analyzes are normal. ((((

I should soon have monthly, and the temperature jumps 36.9-37.1, this is normal.

does it mean it's not like pregnancy?

Julia, the fact is that the second half of the menstrual cycle accounts for the increase in temp-ry, including the basal one. Most often it occurs in women who suffer from PMS (this itself) and absolutely healthy women. Naturally, I think If you are suspicious, then do the test. I will say one thing for sure - such a slight increase in temperature is far from the first and not the only sign of pregnancy, so do not worry!))

Girls. I do not know what to think. 5 days delay. BT 10 days before the monthly held 37.1-36.9. And two days ago it began to fall to 36.8. I need to know whether pregnancy is likely? on the ultrasound the doctor said a week later.

I should soon have monthly, and the temperature jumps 36.9-37.1, this is normal.

The temperature before the monthly evening rose to 37.6 what it could mean tell me.

Hi girls! I also noticed for 3 months in a row that as the monthly periods come, the temperature rises 37.3-, 37.5. terrible chills, weakness, pain in the muscles, and in the throat a little pain. At first I thought I was getting cold. but now it is somehow alarming (let me go to the doctor soon! stop thinking-guessing))

Hello everyone! Recently, I have a temperature of 37.1-37.2 headache, feeling unwell. And severe pain in the lower abdomen. really it before the monthly. maybe it's cancer? 1 time a day I drink something for a headache, because the temperature appears after lunch.

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