Causes of discharge from the chest during and before menstruation


The mammary glands of a woman are one of the most hormone-dependent organs that reflect the general state of women's health. The most dangerous pathology and the leader in distribution among women of any age is to date breast cancer. In some cases, the beginning of the development of this disease may indicate a fluid flowing from the chest, which resembles colostrum before menstruation. The color of fluid released from the chest during the premenstrual period can vary from white to bloody.

Let us see what this liquid is, what are the possible causes of its appearance and in what cases its leakage is the norm, and when immediate medical assistance is required.

What is considered normal

It is quite normal when, before critical days, white or clear discharges from naked women take place because of excessive functionality of the hormonal system, sometimes due to hormonal therapy or hormonal fluctuations. Also, the natural process is the release of milk and colostrum, when a woman has just stopped feeding her baby with milk. If the areola is not irritated, the milk secretions will soon cease on their own.

Colostrum can also stand out in the early stages of pregnancy, when the girl is not even aware of her “interesting” position. In addition, you can guess the onset of conception by enlarged breasts, darkened nipples and areoles.

Causes of discharge

The release of colostrum before menstruation can occur for completely different reasons, which are not only completely natural, but also pathological. With perfect health, the secret of the nipples arises only during pregnancy and during breastfeeding. All other causes can be considered pathological. They are associated both directly with the mammary glands and with the work of the brain.

It is quite normal when discharge from the nipples appears with pressure immediately before critical days or due to strong sexual arousal. But it is not necessary to exclude the fact that in some cases the cause of the secretion of the secret from the chest are malignant tumors in this organ. In order to prevent the development of a dangerous disease, it is necessary to undergo an appropriate diagnosis when fluid leaks from the nipples before, during menstruation and after their completion, if pregnancy is excluded.

Let us consider in more detail the main pathologies and conditions that can cause secretion of the secret from the chest.

Ectasia of the milk ducts

In this disease due to inflammation, the milk ducts are filled with a thick liquid of dark color, sometimes with a greenish tint. Most often the disease affects women over 50.

In addition to the colostrum of a peculiar color, the woman's nipples are pulled out and specific seals appear. At the initial stages, it can be treated with compresses and antibiotics, in more advanced stages it is impossible to do without surgery.


During childbirth, the milk ducts increase by several times, which can greatly scare an inexperienced woman, especially in early pregnancy. At this time, under the influence of hormones may appear white or yellow discharge from the chest.

The timing of colostrum in every pregnant woman is different, most often this happens already in the later periods or even after the birth of the baby.


This is the process of colostrum flowing out after the completion of lactation. If the woman stopped feeding the baby, but the white secret continues to flow out of the chest for three to five months in a row, this is a clear sign that you should immediately see a doctor.

Galactorrhea can occur for the following reasons:

  • malfunctioning thyroid,
  • imbalance in the functioning of appendages,
  • side effects of contraceptives and other hormonal drugs,
  • such a reaction can cause a long reception of some herbal decoctions,
  • wrong underwear,
  • injuries and tumors in the chest,
  • hepatic and renal dysfunction.

Not terrible, if the discharge from the nipples after lactation lasts no more than six months, a longer period of discharge indicates the presence of health problems.


This ailment is a type of benign education. In this disease, discharge from the breast before menstruation may occur, this fluid is not colostrum and comes out of the nipples by gravity, even without pressing on the breast. The color of the secret can be yellowish and even slightly green, it can stand out both before the beginning and during menstruation.

Intraductal papilloma

If there is bloody impurities in the fluid released from the breast before the regulations, and seals are palpated in the nipple area, then patients aged 35-55 years can be suspected of having a benign neoplasm - intraductal papilloma.

The exact cause of the appearance of the formation is unknown, but more often it is provoked by chest injuries and hormonal disorders. The treatment is carried out by hormonal drugs or surgically.

With this disease, the ducts and tissues of the mammary glands are inflamed, the discharge at the onset of the illness will be light, and then pus is mixed with them and a putrid odor may appear. The secret comes only from the affected breast, it can also become painful, and the skin around the lesion can redden. Treatment can be both conservative and surgical.

Due to injuries in the chest, hematomas and inflammations can develop over time, which subsequently lead to the appearance of malignant tumors. At the same time from the nipples can come out a liquid of a different nature. It can be a light and transparent secret, and when it gets infected, there will be abundant bloody and brown discharge. Any of these symptoms require immediate medical attention.

Malignant tumors

To confirm the presence of cancer in the allocation of fluid from the breast before, during or after menstruation can only complete examination of the patient. Do not panic ahead of time, before setting an accurate diagnosis. Breast discharge is indeed a symptom of a malignant tumor, but this is not a specific symptom, which may well not mean the presence of cancer.

If a cancerous tumor affects the nipple, that is, Paget's cancer takes place, the secret from the chest will have impurities in the blood, besides, peeling of the skin and itching occur in the area of ​​the areola, and the nipple is deformed.

Modern medicine can diagnose cancer at an early stage, and timely treatment will save the patient's life. After removal of the cancer, plastic surgery will help to return the attractiveness of the breast.

Problem diagnosis

The most important recommendation of specialists, a woman needs to learn to periodically examine her breasts by probing and pressing on the nipples. The chest in a healthy state is uniform to the touch, has no seals and does not hurt, and there is no discharge from the mammary glands under pressure.

Independently feel the chest need somewhere on the 10th day after the onset of menstruation. At this time, the mammary glands are not painful, and the tissues have returned to normal, which allows for self-examination.

If there are unusual sensations in the breast, discharge from the nipples and various irregularities in the structure of the mammary glands before menstruation, you should visit the mammologist to determine the cause of such symptoms. In recent years, many women are afraid to admit the need to visit a doctor, this is due to an increase in the number of cases of breast cancer. But a timely appeal to a specialist, on the contrary, can prevent the development of the disease and save lives.

If you go to a breast doctor with a complaint of chest discharge before menstruation, he will definitely ask clarifying questions, the answers to which will help to make an accurate diagnosis:

  • what is the color of the discharge,
  • what quantity and density of discharge,
  • Does the nipple secret often appear?
  • secretions come from 1 or from both glands,
  • discharge go out independently or when squeezing the chest,
  • Are there any pains during the outflow of fluid from the mammary glands,
  • where exactly is the pain
  • Whether there was a trauma of the mammary glands,
  • does the patient have headaches, high t ° C or general weakness,
  • Does a woman take any drugs?

After the initial examination, the specialist may refer the patient for additional tests and research:

  • general blood analysis,
  • ductography,
  • Ultrasound,
  • mammography,
  • thermography.

For prophylaxis, it is necessary to undergo an annual examination by a mammologist. In case of detection of the pathological reason for the appearance of nipple discharge, a specialist may be prescribed the use of hormonal or antibiotic drugs, and in more severe cases, surgery.

When to see a doctor

Pain and discharge from the chest may well appear in the following natural situations:

  • during pregnancy
  • with PMS due to altered hormonal levels,
  • while breastfeeding a baby,
  • during puberty, when the girl is an intensive growth of the breast.

If the pain syndrome and discharge are not caused by any of the above reasons, it can be assumed that the woman has breast pathology, which requires immediate expert consultation. Urgently need to go to the mammologist in such cases:

  • at elevated body temperature
  • with an unhealthy appearance of the breast,
  • if the discharge from the nipples goes at the wrong time,
  • with the strange color of the secret
  • when the chest swelled or, on the contrary, wrinkled,
  • if the nipple has changed its shape or color.

In case of any unusual changes in the mammary glands, you should immediately contact a specialist in order to promptly recognize dangerous diseases and begin adequate treatment if necessary.