Causes and treatment of pruritus before degeneration


Under the influence of various factors, women may feel itching before menstruation. The causes of this condition must be clarified together with the gynecologist, since they can be both safe and a sign of the development of serious diseases. In general, the discomfort in the intimate area before regular bleeding is a normal and normal phenomenon, if its severity is insignificant.

However, in some girls before the menstrual itch in the vagina is quite strong, with a change in the nature of the discharge, as well as swelling of the labia. All this leads to a general deterioration of the condition, including psychological. That is why, if itching and burning appeared before the menstruation, the causes should be established as soon as possible.

Consideration of the problem must begin with the definition of what is still considered the norm for medical indicators. After all, this question is asked by any girl who is confronted with such a situation. For example, doctors say that burning and itching before menstruation may well appear as a symptom of allergy.

Increased irritability of the intimate area may be due to wearing underwear made from synthetic materials. Some girls also experience discomfort when using absorbent hygiene products (tampons, pads) with various additives and fragrances.

Burning before menstruation may occur after washing the underwear with a new, not yet known powder, because it is possible that it contains substances that are not washed out of the tissues and subsequently irritate the skin in the intimate area. A normal, non-pathological condition is considered when discomfort during regular bleeding occurs as a result of malnutrition.

If a girl uses a lot of sweets, then the composition of the vaginal microflora will definitely be changed. The increased amount of carbohydrates creates a favorable environment for the reproduction of conditionally pathogenic microorganisms (fungi of the genus Candida). They cause such an unpleasant disease as vaginal candidiasis or thrush, which also has a burning sensation and itching before menstruation, as well as a cheesy discharge. Treatment in this case should be developed by a doctor.

Another factor provoking the development of discomfort - non-compliance with the rules of intimate hygiene. If a woman does not wash every day, forgets to change her underwear and panty liners, uses hygiene products with fragrances and other additives, then with a high degree of probability there will be a burning sensation before the menstrual months.

Get rid of this problem is easy. It is enough to carry out a change of underwear once a day, to take pads and tampons, not waiting for them to overflow and to wash away with means for intimate hygiene. With this approach, the discomfort will pass in just one day.

Sometimes itching in the intimate area before menstruation, if they do not arrive on time, can be an indirect sign of pregnancy. The fact is that after the fertilization of the egg with a sperm cell has occurred, mucus begins to be released from the vagina, which acts irritatingly to the genitals. To confirm the fact of pregnancy, it is necessary to do a test and undergo an examination by a gynecologist.

With a negative result, if there is still itching before the menstruation, what it is, you should find out by passing the necessary tests. Most women after 45 years of age have vagina before menstruation. This condition is considered normal, as the menopausal period begins, during which the hormonal background changes and the extinction of the reproductive function is noted.

On the eve of menopause, the weaker women notice that menstruation has become scarce and has lost its regularity. In this case, itching before menstruation is normal, and it is a sign that there is an insufficient production of estrogen in the body, which is responsible for the condition of the skin and mucous membranes of the genital organs.

In most cases, girls note that before menstruation, itching in the vagina appears because of the progression of thrush. Vaginal candidiasis can appear when the balance of microflora is disturbed, or when immunity is impaired. In turn, a change in the composition of the environment of the vagina also occurs with alternation of anal and vaginal intercourse, when the pathogenic microorganisms of the rectum infect the vaginal tract.

Itching of the labia before menstruation can be triggered by the development of certain pathological processes.

Inflammatory diseases. In the presence of such a problem, the stability of the menstrual cycle is disturbed, against the background of which discomfort in the vagina may occur. Pathologies, in most cases, are the result of hypothermia or cold.

Genital herpes. If labia lips itch before menstruation, you should check for the presence or absence of this pathology. She can wear both congenital and acquired. The main accompanying symptom is the presence of vesicular eruptions on the skin of the external genital organs.

Hormonal imbalance. The work of the reproductive and endocrine systems is closely related. If there is a malfunction in the work, for example, of the thyroid gland, and hormones are produced in the body in an excess or insufficient amount, then it is possible that a vaginal itch will appear before menstruation.

Polycystic ovary. This pathological process is a serious danger to the health of women. As the disease progresses, the woman will notice that she lacks regularity in the menstrual cycle, a pulling pain in the lower abdomen and lower back appears. If the proper treatment of the disease is not performed in time, it is possible that infertility will develop.

Sexually transmitted diseases. When an infection of this type is introduced into the body, the girl may not know for a long time that she is ill. This is due to the long incubation period for most STDs.

For example, quite often asymptomatic chlamydia occurs. When the disease enters the acute stage, the woman will have an itch before menstruation, heavy discharge of white color, delay in the arrival of critical days.

Vaginal dysbiosis and rate. Source:

Intestinal dysbiosis. On the anatomical structure of the female, the anus and genital slit are located quite close to each other. Due to this, intestinal microflora can move into the vagina.

This condition can develop under the influence of various factors. Causes may be associated with concomitant diseases, impaired functioning of internal organs, and improper metabolism. During exacerbation of intestinal dysbiosis, severe itching and burning in the vaginal area before menstruation.

Neuralgic disorders. When a woman is under stress for a long time, is depressed or is experiencing a strong emotional shock, she may experience discomfort in the intimate area, which is caused by a disorder of the nervous system.

Colpit Depending on the degree of neglect and the form of the disease, the nature of the discharge, as well as their color will change. At the same time, in addition to itching and burning in the vagina, girls also note the appearance of an unpleasant odor from the intimate area.

Defeat by parasites. It is not uncommon for discomfort in the genital area to develop during the deposition of helminth eggs on the anal ring. Of course, this condition is not associated with the arrival of menstruation, but it is during this period that the sensitivity of the intimate area increases and the symptoms become more pronounced.

If itching occurs before menstruation, an experienced physician should control the causes, treatment and comorbid conditions. Immediately it should be said that therapy in each clinical case will be purely individual, since there are no universal methods for getting rid of discomfort in the intimate area. For example, when colpitis is necessary to do the washing or douching of the vagina with Rivanol, Tsimteal, but also potassium permanganate.

With the development of vaginal candidiasis or thrush, experts prescribe the use of drugs with antimycotic effect. Thus, the most popular and effective are: Pimafutsin, Fluconazole, Livarol, Clotrimazole, Nystatin, Polygynax, Terzhinan and Nizoral. It is necessary to take drugs only after consulting a gynecologist, who will determine the required dose and duration of therapy.

To combat vaginal herpes, you will have to use specific antiviral drugs, among which Acyclovir, Lipos and Gerpevir have proven themselves well. With hormonal disorders, it is necessary to restore the balance of these substances. This is also done with medication, with the help of drugs such as Ovestin or Kolpotrofin.

But to eliminate infections of the bacterial type, the same Polygynax will do, but you can also use Actovegin or Terbizil. Vagisil helps relieve itching of the allergic type. Itching and burning, which arose after stressful situations, can be stopped by sedative medications: Maprotiline, Clomipramine, Fluoxetine.

Folk methods

Many women give greater preference to traditional medicine. However, it should be understood that this method of exposure to the body can only be effective in combination with drugs that will help get rid of the true cause of discomfort in the intimate area.

For example, you can take one teaspoon of regular baking soda without any additives, then mix with the same amount of salt and put in a glass of boiling water. After two minutes, the water-salt solution is removed from heat and cooled to room temperature. To it add 10 drops of iodine and perform douching in the morning and evening. The duration of treatment is 7 days.

The same procedure can be carried out using decoctions of medicinal herbs. In the prepared solution, you must add nettle, chamomile or calendula in the amount of one teaspoon. The further principle of treatment is identical to the previous method. When menstruation douching is not worth doing.

If the cause of itching and burning is thrush, then you can resort to using vaginal tampons with aloe pulp. The use of basil decoction is also considered effective. To prepare it, you need to take 5 leaves of the plant, put it in a saucepan and boil them for 20 minutes. Then, when the broth cools down, they drink it 3-4 times a day for half a glass.


If a woman is prone to the appearance of itching and burning in the intimate area before menstrual bleeding, then she needs to regularly take preventive measures that will significantly reduce the likelihood of developing discomfort. Initially, you should protect yourself from stress and psycho-emotional disorders.

With the constant change of sexual partners, intimacy is better to lead only with the use of contraceptives, which will help prevent the development of sexually transmitted diseases. Also, the girl should strengthen her immune system and not neglect regular visits to the gynecologist.

It is important to understand that intimate hygiene should be regular, but you must be very careful with it. If you constantly perform douching or rinse the intimate area with improper soap, then there is a possibility that the composition of the microflora will be disturbed, leading to serious gynecological problems. If you identify any diseases, you should immediately go to the doctor, and not self-medicate.

Factors provoking the syndrome

The reasons for the occurrence of discomfort in the intimate area are very diverse.. Usually, itching or burning are symptoms of a certain disease. Sometimes this pathology occurs due to the influence of external factors that are associated with improper diet, constant stress, etc.

In most cases, itching or burning before menstruation occur due to thrush (it is also called urogenital candidiasis). Understand that this particular disease provokes the appearance of discomfort, it is possible due to additional symptoms. Thrush is always accompanied by a cheesy discharge from the vagina. Also, the presence of this disease can be judged if the intimate area itches after sexual intercourse, and not just before menstruation.

A common cause of itching are considered various colpitis. They not only cause discomfort, but also provoke the appearance of white or yellow-green discharge. In some cases, before the onset of menstruation, unpleasant smells (fish or sour) begin to be felt. Sometimes these smells are present throughout the cycle.

Special attention should be paid to sexually transmitted diseases. So, itching in the vagina before critical days can be caused by:

  • trichomoniasis, accompanied by a burning sensation, reddening of the labia and perineum, mucus is released from the vagina,
  • gonorrhea (gonorrhea), when in addition to itching and pain in the genital area there are yellow or red vaginal discharge,
  • genital herpes, this disease is characterized not only by a burning sensation in the genital area, but also by the presence of a rash near the anus, in addition, it is accompanied by an increase in lymph nodes in the groin area.

To external factors, due to which the vagina before menstruation, there are unpleasant sensations, can be attributed to allergies. Irritation may occur after using poor quality gaskets. To provoke an allergic reaction is capable of powder, which washes underwear. In addition, food plays a significant role. They can have a negative impact both on the entire body and on the vaginal microflora separately. Very often, burning is the result of improper hygiene of the genitals. For such purposes, you should use only a special intimate soap, otherwise the probability of itching increases.

Drug therapy

The method of eliminating itching and burning depends on the cause of their occurrence. In other words, if the irritation appeared due to the disease, then the actions should be directed to the fight against the ailment itself, and not to the treatment of its consequences. For example, in the presence of thrush and the discomfort it provokes, doctors prescribe special antifungal medications that come in the form of capsules, tablets, ointments or suppositories. In particular, this pathology is eliminated with the help of Diflucan, Pimafucin, Clotrimazole, Livarola, Hexicon or Terginan.

If a burning sensation in the vagina before menstruation causes colpitis, then complex treatment is prescribed. It includes douching and taking anti-inflammatory as well as antifungal drugs. Douching procedures can be performed using solutions:

  • Potassium permanganate,
  • Rivanol
  • Chlorophyllipt,
  • Rotokana,
  • Chlorhexidine digluconate,
  • Sodium Bicarbonate,
  • Tsiteala.

With regard to drug treatment, with him, doctors prescribe:

  • Polygynax - vaginal capsules, which are administered in 1-2 pieces. per day for 6-12 days,
  • Terzhinan - candles that need to be administered 1 time per day for 10 days,
  • Metronidazole - tablets taken twice a day (2 pieces at a time) for 10 days,
  • Nystatin - candles that need to enter 1-2 weeks,
  • Clotrimazole - vaginal tablets, which must be administered in 1 pc. for 6 days,
  • Atsilakt - is administered by 1 candle before bedtime (the course lasts 10 days).

In addition to the above drugs, other drugs may be prescribed. The specific name of the drug and its exact dosage are prescribed by a doctor (it all depends on the course of the disease and the presence of certain complications).

If itching before critical days is caused by nervous disorders, then a course of taking sedatives can be prescribed. As a rule, such deviations are eliminated with the help of Amitriptyline, Clomipramine, Fluoxetine, Fluvoxamine, Maprotiline, or Protriptyline. If the discomfort is provoked by allergies, then antiallergic medicines are prescribed. In addition, a special diet may be prescribed.

Elimination of burning methods of folk

Fight with unpleasant sensations in the genital area can be with the help of folk recipes, which involves the preparation of baths and decoctions of improvised means. You can hold a home douche. To carry out the procedure, you can use one of two popular recipes:

  • dissolve 1 tsp. soda in 1 l. boiled water, we carry out the procedure in the morning and in the evening before going to bed,
  • in 1 l. boiled water dissolve 10 drops of iodine, a teaspoon of soda and a similar amount of salt, douching should be carried out twice a day (morning and evening). Каждый ингредиент сыграет свою роль в устранении раздражения (сода смоет грибки, соль очистит слизистую оболочку, йод продезинфицирует пораженную область).

Для усиления эффекта спринцевания рекомендуется делать ванночки и вводить специальные тампоны. Чтобы приготовить ванночку, надо смешать растворы морской соли, календулы и ромашки. This procedure will help relieve external irritation in the genital area. Tampons are made from aloe pulp (the ingredient is ground to a slurry state). Introduce them to bedtime after douching. Such tampons will restore the mucous membrane, which is damaged fungi.

Healing the basil in the vagina before the critical days will help to eliminate itching. To prepare it, you need to pour a small amount of water into a bowl and add a bunch of basil there. The resulting mixture should be held on low heat for about 20 minutes. Ready broth to drink 3-4 times a day. A single dose equals half a glass.

It is important to remember that folk remedies are not recommended as an independent treatment option. They should be used in combination with medication to enhance the effect. In addition, before using the above tools, it is recommended to consult with your doctor to make sure that you are not allergic to the ingredients used.

Preventive measures

In order for itching or burning before the onset of menstruation never bothers you, you need to follow a number of preventive rules:

  • Be sure to go through planned and unscheduled (if you have problems) examinations at the gynecologist - this will help to identify any deviations in time and take measures to eliminate them,
  • use condoms during sexual intercourse,
  • exercise (it will help strengthen the immunity of the whole body), but do not need to overstrain, otherwise the state of health will only worsen,
  • Do not expose yourself to stress, but if you are completely immune from emotional experiences, it may be related to work, take sedatives,
  • At least once every six months, undergo a comprehensive examination: the fact is that sometimes a burning sensation before menstruation can cause heart, kidney, respiratory, etc. diseases.

Special attention should be paid to intimate hygiene. Wash genitals need 1 time per day. Excessive cleanliness can harm you no less than the complete lack of hygienic procedures (water can wash out the beneficial bacteria in the vagina). More often than 1 time, you can only wash yourself if you had sexual intercourse on that day. After sexual relationships, washing the genitals is necessary. Conduct it should be like this: a stream of warm water is from the pubis toward the anus. You can use a special soap for intimate hygiene.

External causes

In women, itching (especially on the eve of menstruation) can occur as a result of various reasons. Even the usual discharge, which on the eve of menstruation often increase in volume, can provoke discomfort. This is normal and does not cause concern. There are a number of factors that can enhance this feeling or provoke further deterioration.

It is useful for women to know that any discomfort in an intimate place can be due to quite manageable causes. Often the cause of genital itching before menstruation is a failure to observe the basic rules of care. The basic concept that every girl should remember is normal microflora. Beneficial bacteria that are in the vagina and the labia, are necessary for the normal functioning of the reproductive system as a whole. But the anatomical features of the female reproductive system are themselves a risk factor for pathogenic microorganisms (for example, from the intestine or from the urethra, if there are inflammatory diseases of the urinary system). Consider how itching before menstruation and improper care of the external genital organs are interrelated.


The appearance of discomfort can be caused by the most elementary cause - improper laundry. Beautiful lingerie always attracts the attention of women, but, unfortunately, it can be a source of problems, as it does not meet the basic requirements.

  • Synthetics. The increase in the volume of discharge before menstruation requires absorption, the development of normal microflora - oxygen. Its absence provokes the death of beneficial microorganisms and the development of anaerobic strains. Synthetic materials are not able to solve both problems (they are characterized by poor absorbing properties and do not allow oxygen). As a result, itching appears, especially before menstruation.
  • Thong This is a rather dangerous option, since the panty design itself provokes the ingress of Escherichia coli from the intestine to the external genital organs and their penetration into the vagina. As a result, burning and itching become common symptoms.

To get rid of discomfort before menstruation, it is not necessary to replace beautiful underwear with less attractive ones. Sometimes it is enough to choose panties lined with natural fabric, do not abuse wearing the strings and use daily pads.

If itching occurs in the intimate area, then allergies can cause it. Hypersensitivity before menstruation is normal, so aggravation may be caused by habitual factors. Allergic reactions rarely occur as a result of a single use of gel or soap. Therefore, it is sometimes difficult to immediately identify the source of allergens. The most common allergies can be caused by:

special hygiene products

  • latex, if condoms are used as contraception,
  • substances that are used in the manufacture of pads and tampons (daily and monthly),
  • artificial underwear materials,
  • partner microflora (primary reaction to change of sexual partner),
  • the use of special devices for sex (including lubricants and stimulants).

In case of an allergic reaction, besides itching, it is characteristic:

  • burning sensation
  • redness,
  • swelling of the vulva,
  • a sharp increase in sensation when you again hit an allergic agent.

Usually, eliminating the cause leads to a decrease in the severity of all symptoms.

Hygiene failure

Speaking about the rules of hygiene, it should be understood that the lack of intimate care and its excess can cause itching. Daily change of linen and shower (rinsing, bath) in the morning and in the evening is quite enough procedures to maintain the normal microflora and cleanliness of the intimate zone. If you increase the frequency of hygienic procedures, it is possible to achieve the destruction of beneficial microorganisms (the exception is the period of menstruation, when you need to look after yourself more carefully). Also excessive use of intimate hygiene products is harmful.

If in the heat (or for some other reason) a woman takes a shower several times a day, then it is enough to wash the external genitals with water without using detergents. When washing away, it is important to observe the direction of movement (the unacceptable option is from the anus to the vagina, the right one - on the contrary). The same rule applies to visiting the toilet. Girls at an early age should be explained the importance of proper washing and using toilet paper to prevent E. coli from entering the intimate area.

Burning in the vagina and itching of the external genital organs (especially before menstruation) can be caused by ordinary stress. The activity of the female reproductive system is controlled by hormones, and the stress state is usually accompanied by their imbalance in the body and high blood pressure. Together, these causes can cause unpleasant symptoms.

Variety in sex

A variety of intimate life - quite normal. But even here there is a risk to cause vaginal itching. This trend is due to:

  • reaction to frequent partner changes,
  • allergic to sex toys,
  • on the ingress of unusual microorganisms with a successive change of options for sexual intercourse (if you immediately go to vaginal after oral or anal sex).


External causes of itching, are eliminated quite easily. It is more difficult when such a reaction is a consequence of pathological processes. In this case, one cannot do without specific treatment; a visit to a gynecologist, clarification of the etiology of unpleasant symptoms and a therapeutic course to eliminate the source will be required. There is a list of pathological processes in the body that become a source of unpleasant sensations.


Normally, the female body independently copes with pathogenic factors. The immune response to infection helps to destroy pathogens. But, unfortunately, this is not always the case. Itching and burning as a symptom of a decrease in the level of immunity are also observed quite often. Such situations may arise:

  • before menstruation, when the deterioration of the immune response provokes the emergence of new diseases or the exacerbation of chronic,
  • malnutrition, chronic diseases, and some other factors lead to a depletion of the immune system,
  • a general decrease in body resistance (especially in women during menopause, when protective reactions weaken, and the amount of secreted secretion is significantly reduced),
  • in the presence of systemic diseases of the immune system itself (including HIV).

In this case, measures to eliminate itching as a symptom of immunodeficiency are aimed at restoring the level of immunity and local elimination of unpleasant sensations in the intimate area (douche, candles).

Sexually transmitted infections

Itching and burning before menstruation is a fairly common sign of sexually transmitted diseases. They are accompanied by copious secretions (often painted yellow or dark) and other symptoms: rash, redness, the appearance of pathological foci, etc. The overall symptoms depend on the type of infection.

Sexually transmitted diseases almost always begin with an itch (which may increase before menstruation). In this case, it is impossible to solve the problem without specific treatment. Topical application of various aseptic solutions for douching does not solve the problem, but only temporarily relieves symptoms.

Candida colpitis and thrush

Burning before menstruation, which is accompanied by itching and copious secretions of abnormal color, may indicate the presence of thrush or candidal kalpita. The cheesy nature of the discharge is a sure symptom of these diseases. Sometimes the severity of the reaction may subside (for example, if a woman takes antibiotics for other diseases). But over time, intolerable itching and abnormal discharge recur.

Both diseases are fungal etiology. Although normally a small number of fungal microorganisms can be observed and do not cause unpleasant sensations, intensification of symptoms on the eve of menstruation or the appearance of persistent itching and cheesy discharge serve as a signal of the development of pathological processes. Specific treatment with antifungal drugs will be mandatory not only for the patient, but also for her sexual partner. The presence of thrush in him - a common thing, if not treated in parallel, it is possible re-infection with fungi.

Intestinal dysbiosis

Intestinal dysbiosis is a risk factor causing changes in the microflora of the vagina and external genital organs. The proximity of the anus and vagina - anatomical feature of the female body. Therefore, itching and burning in the intimate zone (before menstruation or during any other period of the menstrual cycle) can be caused by pathological processes of the intestinal microflora.

The presence of a foreign object

Rarely, but it happens that a foreign object "appears" in the vagina. Normally, if a woman in such cases immediately seeks the help of a specialized specialist. But it happens that the patient herself does not know about the presence of a foreign object in her (for example, a foreign object is a part of a tampon that was excessively soaked with blood during menstruation, and broke during removal). If a causeless itching, burning, unpleasant smell appears for no apparent reason, and over time the symptoms intensify, then you should consult a doctor.

Other fungi

Fungal infections are a common cause of itching in the vagina before menstruation. It may be versicolor or other fungi. The same symptoms are characteristic of genital herpes. This virus is constantly in the body, but with a decrease in the level of immunity or for other reasons it can cause itching. Usually this symptom is combined with the characteristic rash of the bubble type. Over time, they burst, and the liquid enters the genitals and provokes itching.

On the relationship of the intestine and reproductive system has already been mentioned. Infection with worms or other parasites causes itching. Initially, it is felt near the anus, but over time it can spread to the genitals and they begin to itch.

Methods of struggle

Treat itching should be in accordance with its etiology. External causes are easily remedied, for most internal specific therapy is required.

Treatment of itching with drugs begins after determining the source of the disease. It can be:

  • antibiotics
  • antifungal agents
  • specific antivirals (for example, from herpes),
  • hormonal (if the cause - an imbalance of hormones).

Also used drugs to restore normal microflora and anti-allergic (desensitizing) drugs.


Douching (like candles) can be an independent means or supplement specific therapy. If before the monthly itching, you can use:

  • nettle decoction
  • collection of sage, calendula, chamomile and oak bark (these same plants help and separately),
  • soda solution (iodine and salt can be added to it),
  • basil decoction.

When using external means, it should be understood that they only relieve symptoms. If, after the procedures, the itching has returned, is aggravated before menstruation, or is supplemented by other symptoms, you should consult a doctor.

Improper underwear

Modern clothing is not always of high quality. Synthetic fabrics flooded shops. Often girls pay attention to beautiful, but poor underwear. It is much cheaper than models from natural fabrics. Synthetics can cause many unpleasant manifestations. However, women rarely blame their underwear for this. Fibers close oxygen access to the intimate area. Why exactly before the monthly appear this problem? In the last days of the menstrual cycle, the amount of natural discharge increases significantly. Lack of oxygen leads to increase moisture. This is a favorable condition for the development of pathogens.

Allergic reactions

It is known that allergy is manifested not only in food and can affect certain parts of the body. Intimate skin can respond to the following:

  • latex,
  • chemical components included in the hygiene products,
  • lubricants,
  • synthetic underwear
  • pads for daily use.

From the effects of these stimuli swelling, redness and rash may appear. When choosing hygiene products is to study the composition. A large number of chemical components adversely affect not only the skin, but also the vaginal microflora. Unpleasant sensations also sometimes provoke condoms. Allergy is manifested not only in latex, but also in additional components, such as lubricant. Caution should be exercised in relation to lubricants. The gasket should not contain additional components., aromatic substances. Getting rid of itching in the event of a reaction is pretty simple. It is necessary to limit contact with the active components. If the symptoms have not gone away, then you should consult a doctor.

Improper genital hygiene

Many girls are sure that a shower before going to bed is sufficient body care. But intimate health requires more attention. It is important to find a middle ground. Frequent flushing during the day will cause an increase in symptoms. The vagina has its vulnerable microflora. Water washes away not only harmful, but also beneficial microorganisms. Besides, don't get into gels. The best option for washouts - twice a day. Neglect of the shower will create a favorable environment for pathogens.

Few people pay attention to the procedure itself. When washing away water should not flow in the direction from the anus to the vagina, they have different microflora. Failure to comply with this rule leads to dysbiosis.

Stressful situations

Stressful situations often provoke health problems. It can be a headache, constipation, insomnia, reduced immunity. The consequences of the experience include itching. Before menstruation, women are especially impressionable and subject to stress. If external causes of the problem are not found, you should try to fix your nervous system or consult a specialist.

Unconventional sex

Adherents of unconventional sex have a risk to their health. If during one sexual intercourse a couple engages in anal, vaginal and oral sex, then the likelihood of dysbiosis and other disorders of women's health is great. Intestinal microflora can alter the vaginal flora.

Reduced immunity

Экологическое воздействие, рацион питания и прочие факторы способствуют снижению защитных функций. In different periods of the menstrual cycle, a woman’s body spends a certain amount of strength. Before menstruation, it becomes susceptible to pathogenic bacteria. In any case, a decrease in immunity requires the intervention of a specialist and the administration of immunomodulating drugs. In addition to drug treatment, you can return to normal condition yourself. Proper nutrition, lack of stress and physical activity will help to withstand diseases and disorders of body functions and save health.

Sexually transmitted infections cause fear in both men and women. Some diseases can not be treated at all, they quickly become chronic and can negatively affect the possibility of conception. Therefore, the presence of any infection requires treatment. Itching can talk not only about all known candidiasis. It testifies to the initial stage of many diseases:

  • bacterial vaginosis
  • chlamydia
  • mycoplasmosis
  • ureaplasmosis,
  • gonorrhea,
  • trichomoniasis
  • genital herpes.

Each of these ailments is accompanied not only by itching, you should pay attention to the slightest manifestation of other unpleasant sensations. Redness, rash, unusual odor and discoloration of discharge, swelling - reason for an immediate appeal to a gynecologist.

Candida colpitis

Thrush is the enemy of all girls. The fungus often affects the vagina and is able to constantly recur. Hypothermia, unhealthy diet, or stress may be enough to cause this disease. Sour smell and cheesy discharge point to Candida fungus activity. With timely treatment, you can get rid of thrush for a long time or even forever.

Intestinal dysbiosis

Intestinal dysbiosis leads to problems in the intimate area. The disease spreads from the anus to the vagina due to their proximity. Before the monthly microflora in the intimate zone is vulnerable. If the cause is not STI, then it is worth checking the condition of the liver, stomach and intestines.

Presence of a foreign body

Not to notice or forget about a foreign body in the vagina is quite difficult. But such situations happen. Most often this becomes a tampon. Long-term finding it inside the body leads to itching, abundant secretions and odor. But the tampon is used directly during menstruation. Another object could be a toy for adults. Vaginal balls and small vibrators gain their popularity and are often simply forgotten inside the vagina.

Helminthic Diseases

Intestinal dysbiosis and the presence of worms lead to discomfort not only in the anus. The vagina is close to it and also becomes the affected area. If the number of worms is high and they actively lay eggs, then itching covers a large area of ​​the human body. In this case should see a doctor and pass the necessary tests. Helminths can affect many human organs and systems.

Other diseases

Sometimes not only gynecological disease provokes itching in the vagina. Identify it can be difficult, because in the first place a woman goes to a gynecologist. Diabetes mellitus sometimes causes unusual symptoms. Because of cirrhosis and hepatitis in the body accumulate elements that remain after metabolism in various tissues and organs. Such changes are the cause of dysbiosis, which provokes itching.

How to get rid of itching

To get rid of discomfort, you need first contact a specialist. Only timely and proper treatment will help remove discomfort. Itching is only a consequence of the disease, only their complete cure will give a positive result. If you do not get an appointment with a gynecologist in the near future, you can try to relieve yourself on your own.