Menstrual cup for feminine hygiene


An unusual reusable replacement for tampons and pads during menstruation is a menstrual cup. Hygienic bowl pick up the size of the vagina, taking into account the length and width of the tray, as well as its capacity. Despite all the advantages of using the menstruation cap, there are some drawbacks.

Menstrual Cup - replacing tampons and gaskets on critical days

What is a menstrual cup?

The menstrual cup is a reusable intimate hygiene product used during critical days. The bowl is an economical, environmentally friendly and more spacious replacement for classic tampons and pads for disposable use.

Other means names:

  • cup for menstruation,
  • menstrual flask,
  • hygienic cup
  • vaginal funnel,
  • cap for critical days,
  • menstruation cap.

Type option menstruation cap

Visually, the menstrual cap is a small container in the form of a bell on a short "stem" in the form of a stick or ball. The width of the "bell" depends on the manufacturer and size of the tool. You can see in the photo what the hygienic cap looks like:

The cup is inserted into the vagina, after which it is fixed to the walls with the help of vacuum and pressure of the internal muscles. This mount eliminates the possibility of leakage and eliminates discomfort while wearing. Menstrual blood secreted during critical days accumulates in the bell funnel and is discharged after the extraction of the agent.

The life of the cup for periods depends on the manufacturer and varies from 1 year to 10 years of monthly use. Due to the large variety of menstrual cap, you can choose the right means of hygiene for any woman.

What is a menstrual cup for?

The menstrual cap is used during critical days, perfectly replacing disposable tampons and gaskets. Kapa does not absorb secretions, but collects them within itself, therefore, it contains a larger volume of menstrual blood and does not require frequent replacement.

With proper use of menstrual cap leakage is almost impossible.

The method of fastening menstrual cups virtually eliminates the likelihood of leakage. In addition, caps do not allow bleeding to come into contact with the walls of the vagina, which improves the local microflora.

Pros and cons of the menstrual cap

The menstrual hygiene cup has several important differences from the usual tampons and pads. Some of these characteristics relate to the pluses of the means, others can become serious drawbacks.

The advantages of the menstrual cap include the following:

  1. Health care: unlike tampons, capa maintains the natural state of the female genital microflora and prevents the development of inflammatory diseases of the reproductive system arising from dysbiosis.
  2. Harmlessness: Menstrual cup is made of hypoallergenic materials, does not contain bleach, flavors and other harmful additives. Its use does not dry the vagina and does not cause toxic shock syndrome.
  3. Hygiene: when using cups for menstruation, the liquid separates from the walls of the vagina, so the unpleasant smell is almost imperceptible. In addition, the tool is very easy to clean and sterilized.
  4. Ease of use: It is necessary to empty the vaginal kapu every 6-12 hours, depending on the intensity of discharge. Due to the lack of percolation, it can be used in sports, swimming, traveling and sleeping.
  5. Saving: Reusable use of the tool pays for a high initial cost after 8-10 months of use. The absence of spending on gaskets and tampons will save about 2,000 rubles a year.
  6. Caring for the environment: the production of tampons and gaskets, as well as their subsequent utilization, pollute the environment. Unlike these hygiene products, caps are used for many years, which reduces the amount of waste in a landfill.

The possibility of reusable saves on hygiene

The disadvantages of hygiene include the following:

  1. Difficulty in operation: to learn how to use the bowl correctly, you need training and patience. At first, she may slip out of her hands during installation and removal from the vagina. So that it does not cause inconvenience, reach for the cap in the shower.
  2. Possible inconveniences: due to improper insertion, inappropriate size or anatomical features, the presence of the cup in the vagina can interfere with the woman.
  3. The need for care: To keep the cap sterile and not harm the vaginal microflora, it must be thoroughly cleaned, sterilized once a month and stored in special conditions.

The benefits of menstrual caps outweigh the minor drawbacks.

How to choose a menstrual cup?

Most manufacturers produce 2 or 3 sizes of vaginal caps.

The choice between them depends on the size of the vagina:

  1. Women under 30 years old who have not given birth naturally are advised to use small or medium sized mouthguards.
  2. For women who give birth, as well as women older than 30 years, due to lower vaginal muscle tone, larger bowls are needed.

Capes with the same size, issued by different manufacturers, will always differ. To choose the right size for any manufacturer, it is important to know 3 indicators: the length, width and volume of the bowl.

The length of the cap is an indicator on which possible discomfort, pressure on the internal organs and the flow of funds depend. The cup, correctly selected in length, is not felt inside the vagina and is not detached.

First you need to decide on the length of your vagina:

  1. During menstruation, sit on the toilet, spread your legs wide.
  2. Insert your finger into the vagina, try to reach the cervix. It is a small protrusion on the back of the vagina.
  3. If you could reach the neck with your finger, you have a short vagina. If not reached - long.

After you need to choose between 3 types of length:

  1. Short: 38-44 mm. Suitable for women with short vagina and teenagers.
  2. Average: 45-50 mm. It can be used by women with medium and long vagina.
  3. Long: 51-57 mm. It is used by women with a long and very long vagina.

If you are not sure about the length of the vagina, it is better to take a short mouthpiece. It will be harder to remove, but such a tool is guaranteed not to leak and will not cause inconvenience in wearing.

The width of the bowl is the measurement of its diameter along the outer rim of the "bell". There are 3 main options:

  1. 40-41 mm: very small size for teenagers and virgins.
  2. 42-44 mm: small size for young and legless women, as well as women with high vaginal tone.
  3. 45-48: large size for women with weak vaginal muscle tone.

Variety of sizes and shapes of menstrual caps

The choice of width should be approached seriously: a wide cap may feel uncomfortable inside, and a narrow cap is not able to properly fasten to the walls of the vagina and provokes leaks. If you are not sure of the size, take a bowl with a transitional value of 44-45 mm.

From the volume of the bowl depends on how often it will need to empty. There are 3 main sizes:

  • small: 18-24 ml
  • medium: 25-31 ml
  • large: 32-38 ml.

Capes with a large capacity often have greater length and width, therefore not suitable for all women. Optimal acquisition of funds with an average amount: it does not need to be changed frequently, and it will not create unpleasant sensations.

Preparation for the procedure

Before first use of the cap for menstruation, it must be sterilized. This can be done with the help of hot water in several ways:

  • in a metal container on the stove,
  • in a plastic container or a special glass in a microwave,
  • with the addition of salt and acetic acid.

After sterilizing the bowl, wash your hands thoroughly using soap or other hand cleanser. Then you can do the installation of the bowl.

How to embed?

Vaginal kapu must be entered as follows:

  1. Wash your hands with low alkali soap.
  2. Find a position in which it will be convenient for you to insert the bowl inside: sitting, half-sitting, standing or with a raised leg. The same position applies for insertion of tampons.
  3. Fold kapu 4 times: in half and again in half. You should have a small tube with a narrow base and a wider upper part.
  4. Spread the labia and enter the folded mouthpiece in a wide part upwards. The tip of the mouth guard should be 1-2 cm from the entrance to the vagina.
  5. Holding the cap at the bottom, perform a full turn inside the vagina. The cup opens and attaches to the walls of the vagina.

How to fold the menstrual cap to install

How to remove the cap?

Remove the menstrual cap should be as follows:

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly.
  2. Spread the labia, feel with the fingers the leg of the bowl and its base.
  3. Press down on the base from the side to get air inside, and the vacuum effect is broken.
  4. Grab the bowl with your thumb and index finger on both sides, gently pull towards you and pull it out.

Care for intimate hygiene

To the menstrual cup served for a long time and did not become a carrier of bacteria, it is necessary to carefully care for it.

Brief instructions for the care of vaginal cap:

  1. Disinfect your mouth guard in hot water or with antiseptic before the first use and after each menstruation.
  2. After emptying the cap, rinse it with cold running water or wipe with sterile paper napkins.
  3. Do not use soap with a high alkali content. Apply a hygienic neutral soap without fragrances, with a pH of 3.5.
  4. Use a bag of cotton, flax, microfiber and other fabrics that let in air and provide internal ventilation for storage.
  5. Keep the cap away from the sun: direct sunlight and temperatures above 140 degrees can damage the menstrual cup.

The most suitable place to store menstrual cap is a tissue pouch.

Care of the bowl facilitate additional products from manufacturers: special bags and bags, glasses for disinfection, sterilization tablets and more.

Contraindications to use

For contraindications for use cap include the following states:

  1. Intolerance to the components of the product: when allergic to rubber or latex can not use the tray of such materials. For hypoallergenic medical silicone bowls, this item is irrelevant.
  2. Postpartum hemorrhage: the gynecologist needs to control the amount of bleeding, so you cannot use the cup.
  3. Mechanical damage to the vagina: after childbirth, surgery, curettage and other interventions that cause vaginal injuries, it is forbidden to use intravaginal agents.
  4. The prohibition of intravaginal means: for diseases accompanied by a ban by the gynecologist to use intravaginal hygiene and contraceptives, caps for menstruation should also be abandoned.

A relative contraindication may be virginity: the use of the menstrual cup will not harm the vaginal crown, but may cause severe discomfort. By using caps of size XS and S, this can be avoided.

Where to buy and how much is a cap?

Reusable silicone bowls for menstruation can be purchased at the pharmacy and in specialized online stores. In supermarket chains and beauty stores, menstrual drips, unlike pads and tampons, are not sold.

I bought a mouthpiece for the menstruation cycle due to rave reviews by bloggers and acquaintances. Used 3-4 times and I do not understand their joy, I did not like the tool! The method of application is complex, the sensations inside are unpleasant, a lot of messing with washing and boiling. Most likely, I will return to the tampons.

Menstrual cups - the choice of a woman who thinks about the world. Can you imagine how many tampons and pads we use, and how they pollute the environment? Medical silicone bowl is used up to 15 years, and not once, therefore, bowls must use all who are not indifferent to nature.

Passed on the menstrual caps 2-3 years ago. There is no limit to my delight: I forgot about allergies, vaginal dryness, cystitis and thrush due to the use of tampons. You no longer need to change the hygiene product every 2-3 hours: I empty the bowl after 6, and sometimes after 12 hours. Recommend!

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What is a menstrual cap

Menstrual cap is the newest hygiene product that the weaker half of humanity uses during the menstrual cycle. The invention in appearance resembles a cap or a small bell, it is round and oblong in shape.

For owners of a short vagina, a round bowl is suitable; the long form involves the use of an elongated mouthpiece. The bowl is made of modern plastic, which is hypoallergenic (nipples for bottles and baby's dummies are made of this material)

How to choose the size

Capa size depends on the characteristics of the female body. Manufacturers offer the attention of customers to choose a tool for intimate care during menstruation in the following ways:

Age. Young girls buy size A. The model is suitable for women who have made a cesarean section. Women over 25 who give birth naturally are advised to use size B.

Cup volume There are the following sizes:

S - a cup of 10 ml (diameter 4 cm)

M - volume 15 ml (diameter 4.5 cm)

L - volume 24 ml (diameter 4.5 cm)

From the video you will learn:

  1. How to choose a bowl (taking into account the age and features of anatomy)
  2. choose the right size

The bowl is sold in finished packaging - in the form of a plastic container or a special bag. The latter is considered the best way to store:

  1. wash well and disinfect the cup after use, then pack
  2. Kapu can be disinfected in a special container in the microwave for 1 minute
  3. can also be sterilized with solutions such as chlorhexidine, miramistin

How the cup is fixed inside the vagina

This happens with the help of vaginal muscles and internal vacuum. The bowl is placed at the depth that is convenient for you personally. She collects a selection and does not leave streaks, because its size is selected individually.

Unlike tampons, capa does not absorb secretions, but collects them. This is completely harmless to health, which is why women prefer this hygienic product. Menstrual cup reliably protects the vagina from the penetration of various kinds of bacteria and infections.

With proper care, the period of operation is from 5 to 10 years.

I propose to watch a video about the normal cycle of menstruation.

How to remove the bowl

Follow certain recommendations:

  1. wash your hands and take a comfortable posture - sitting position
  2. let the excess air out of the cup - feel the bottom, press down on the side wall next to the tail and squeeze slightly
  3. remove the hygiene component by turning it around
  4. wash your hands, wash your bowl

  • 12 hours Kapa tightly pressed against the walls of the vagina and covers the cervix
  • after 12 hours, sitting on the toilet, gently extract, pour the contents into the toilet
  • at the end of the month, sterilize the invention, remove for storage

The first use of a mouth guard always seems difficult.

Advantages of using female cap

At first glance, it seems that the menstrual cup is not comfortable to use and will bring unpleasant sensations. But when you learn to use it correctly, the opinion will change. Menstrual cup - the best option for girls of any age:

  • the cup does not stain, does not create unpleasant odors and is conveniently located in the vagina (the cup can be pulled out and emptied once a day, which is convenient - after this procedure you are again securely protected)
  • an intimate tool is economical (there is no need to buy pads and tampons, with careful care the bowl will last for many years and you will appreciate its positive advantages in the form of saving the family budget during this time)
  • menstrual cup does not contain bleaching agents or absorbents
  • for 8-10 hours you can not worry about the flow

You can walk, travel, ride bicycles, swim in the pool - the mouth guard does not cause harm and will not cause the appearance of allergic reactions.

From the video you will learn:

  1. what material do menstrual caps do
  2. night sleep with a cup

Bowl flaws

Little experience of use leads to a negative opinion of the female half (you need to learn how to gently pull out the cap, so as not to get dirty).

And the wrong installation means discomfort and in some cases, pain (after training, you can feel at your best, and some women forget about the need to change the mouthguard, because they do not feel it at all).

Correctly select the size of the cup - with the application there will be no problems.

Постоянно следите за чистотой капы, поскольку неправильный уход приводит к развитию и появлению разных инфекций. Носите с собой антибактериальный спрей или влажные салфетки, чтобы перед применением чаши тщательно вытереть руки.

Вероятность протеканий менструальной капы

И хотя женский колпачок в большинстве случаев исключает протекания, но известны случаи таких происшествий. This may be due to several reasons, and we consider the main ones:

  • not a suitable cup size (often occurs if the woman who has given birth buys a very small silicone container, otherwise there is no place for a large cap)
  • hygiene item not properly installed
  • damaged product

Opinion users are divided. Some argue that the cap - well and conveniently, while others twist their noses. The best thing to try, and then draw conclusions.

My personal opinion is the following. The cup eliminates the eternal problem of leakage and discomfort during menstruation and gives freedom of movement.

The cost of menstrual cap and life

You wish to feel confident and at ease during your period. Drop all doubts, do not look at the price, but just buy.

Some women claim that the cap is too expensive. The price of the menstrual cup is tailored to the needs of customers. Considering the cost of tampons and pads that you need to buy every month, it can be noted that the cap is a bargain that helps save money.

The price for the product is formed depending on the manufacturer and the place where it is produced. Cups are sold separately or come complete with a napkin, cover or liquid gel. Thanks to the last capacity is inserted without discomfort.

In the shops you can find whole sets, where there are caps of different sizes. Any client will choose for themselves the mouthpiece of the original colors, and there are quite a lot of them.

IHERB offers four products to choose from. It justifies the costs for several months, and then "works" in profit.

The service life depends on the material from which the bowl is made. There are disposable and reusable models. In the first case, the tool is used once, reusable models are changed once a year or within 5-10 years.

On the danger of using tampons and pads - read this article.

I propose to watch a video about whether you can get pregnant during menstruation.

In this article, you learned how to use the menstrual cup. How to install, remove and disinfect the tray.

Now, knowing its service life, you can calculate the economic benefit from the purchase of such a useful invention.

I propose to discuss and supplement this useful article. I am interested in the opinion of everyone - whether to write such articles or on the Internet such rubbish and so full. Waiting for comments!

Introduction Instructions

  1. wash your hands thoroughly
  2. to facilitate the introduction, use plain water or gel - water based lubricant,
  3. fold the menstrual cup 2 times
  4. Insert the menstrual cup into the vagina when folded,
  5. when properly inserted, the cup opens into the vagina itself.

How to care for the menstrual cup

After removing the menstrual cup, you need to pour all the contents in it and wash with cold water and neutral soap. Wash should take into account the amount of discharge during menstruation. It is usually recommended to empty it after 2 hours, and leave the bowl for no longer than 12 hours.

After the end of the critical days, the calyx must be sterilized in the same way as for the first time before use. Keep the need in a purse of cotton fabric. Do not store in plastic bag or in container.

Menstrual cup - how to choose and how to use correctly, you have learned from this article. Regularly using the menstrual caps, you will ensure your comfort and hygiene during critical days. Be healthy!

I will be glad to see you again on the pages of my blog. If you like the article, leave your comments at the bottom of the page.

Please watch the video: How to choose a menstrual cup. The gynecologist tells

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What is menstrual cup

Menstrual cup - is an alternative to traditional means of hygiene during menstruation. It is the actual bowl or cap of silicone with a tail. Installed on the cervix and collects all the secretions, then removed and washed. This is a reusable product, that is, one cup is enough for several years. It can be of different sizes, shapes, stiffness and colors.

The girls of our editorial office decided to check the menstrual caps on themselves and honestly tell everything that they felt.

Story 1, about the first pancake lump

Natasha, 28 years old

Bowl: MeLuna Classic Stem S, 1299 rubles.

Days of menstruation for me is a real torture. I really can't use tampons: I constantly feel that there is a foreign object inside you - a dubious pleasure, and without that everything hurts. There is no such problem with gaskets, but they are rather insidious and often strive to give a leak. The menstrual cup seemed like the perfect solution: at least a fuss. Inserted and forgotten for the next 12 hours.

Easy to say. To start the bowl must be properly inserted.

In words and pictures, everything is simple, but those two minutes while I was trying to shove the cup where it was supposed to be, could be followed by the soundtrack from The Benny Hill Show.

In the end, with a sin in half figured out. And then a surprise - she hoo how it is felt inside. From the smallest size, I did not expect such a meanness. It's not even the tail, about which I had suspicions. With him just no problem - cut to the desired length, and all. It's just that you really feel that some decent-sized garbage is in you. Not gurgling, and thanks for that.

The test of the gym was a conditional success. There were no particular inconveniences during the exercises, except for the feeling of a foreign body inside. By the end of the lesson you seem to forget about it, although after a decent load you can forget about everything in the world. Nothing leaked, with the extraction and washing of problems, too, there was no, the good process is elementary.

Perhaps it was worth choosing a model of softer silicone. Perhaps it was necessary to try the bowl of another manufacturer. Maybe it's in me. Anyway, so far a brilliant invention, which is celebrated on the Internet, has not made a positive impression. I will try further, suddenly get used to it. If not - hello, nasty pads.

Story 2, dramatic, with a happy ending

Anna, 30 years old

Bowl: Yuuki Classic 2, 1 470 rubles.

When the girls took out cups of soft bags of pleasant colors, and I - from a huge red glass, smelled something was wrong. I ordered the largest of our "party" size: for large women in the pelvis who gave birth to women older than 30 years with heavy bleeding.

I saw a lot of things, after all, a woman who gave birth after 30 with a wide pelvis, but the size scared. At the same time, my bowl turned out to be the densest and toughest compared to other soft and almost silk cups. It strained.

On day X, according to the instructions, I disinfected the cup right in the glass in the microwave (here hello to the glass, it is very convenient, fast and hygienic) and went to try. For a start, to insert the bowl, it must be folded. You remember that I got the toughest? She did not want to take shape. But I was giving birth to a woman over 30, I, of course, made her.

And then I made a fatal mistake.

According to the instructions, the bowl should be folded into the vagina, then opened, and then checked how it is located there. I let go of the folded construction too soon. Feelings ... Well, as if I was at a reception at the evil gynecologist. Very evil and it is me. As I pulled her out, I do not remember. But it became clear that it is necessary to shove from the heart and keep it under control until the last.

The second attempt was successful, but the size ... Yes, I have very heavy bleeding, I need a big bowl, but I immediately began to train Kegel muscles, because, damn it, it was like very large vaginal balls. In general, all week I reflexively squeezed this foreign object, reassuring myself with the fact that it is useful in all respects.

The process of extracting a rigid bowl each time resembled a “who wins” battle. Of course, I won, but this is not a battle at all in which I would be going to participate. Because if you first pull the tail, it seems that you will stretch everything up to the uterus. And if you first fold it up a bit to remove the vacuum effect, then this is one more acrobatics. I think it's too hard silicone to blame.

The cup was leaking a little. The panty liners were enough for every day to save the lingerie from one spot, but I would not risk putting on white lace panties without such pads.

Although compared to tampons and pads, this is nothing at all a minus - I usually bother and go crazy much stronger.

Bowl protection provides much better protection than the largest pads, resembling skis, and the thickest tampons, resembling logs. Better a bowl.

I even practiced dancing with a bowl, went to the gym to swing and played laser tag. And she did not disappoint. Only once this grebe leaked. I was in the hospital, I had to get up before going around the doctor, and I felt that the “vacuum” was broken (maybe because of reflex attempts to squeeze it?). And everything that was splashing (by the way, I sometimes felt how blood was splashing there — not for the faint of heart), came out of the banks. I did not expect such a meanness and missed a doctor bypass in the hygiene room.

But you know what? I'll order a smaller bowl. Even immediately two different on trial. Because with all the acrobatics, inconveniences and the bases, the bowl created ten times less problems for me than a standard set of gaskets and tampons for women with heavy bleeding. The cup let me down once, and the pads and tampons do it all the time.

So what I want to say is that a bowl is fine, if only you choose the right size. I vote for.

Story 3, scary

Lena, 25 years old

Bowl: LilaCup Premium S, 899 rubles.

From the very beginning of my puberty, I am a confident user of gaskets. Yes, it is not very comfortable, especially in the last days of menstruation, when the amount of discharge is minimal. But other ways did not suit me. At sea, somehow tried to use tampons. And the desire to replace the gaskets with them disappeared. The feeling of the log between the legs for a long time did not pass.

Why did I, such a conservative, decide to try menstrual cups? Well, still talking about them! And they say mostly positive things.

I must say: a big mistake was that I did not train to insert a cup before the onset of menstruation.

On the first painful day for me, I didn’t want to inject silicone into myself. Started a little later. Inserted from the sixth attempt.

At first it was very unpleasant. Well, as at first. Somewhere within an hour. I tried to occupy myself with something, but it did not work. I had to take it out. And then the second trouble happened. It was necessary to pour the contents of the tray. And for me, as a person who cannot stand the sight of blood, it was a quiet horror. After this, I did not manage to overcome disgust and the cup remained lying. Apparently, until future times. When I grow up mentally and learn how to choose the right size.

Story 4, full of hope

Polina, 29 years old

Bowl: MeLuna Classic Ring M, 1299 rubles.

She didn’t believe that the bowl would fit. Because of the curves of hands and the eternal lack of time, she long ago switched to tampons with an applicator: it is impossible to make a mistake even in a matter of seconds. And yet the cup was too attractive.

This is what I understood after 5 days of the experiment:

  1. Prepare for the monthly will. These are not tampons that can be bought at every corner, if you forget to throw a couple into a backpack ahead of time. The bowl should be washed, boiled for 3 minutes, folded in a clean bag and do not forget to take it with you.
  2. Inserting a bowl at first is better in the bathroom, or rather, in the bath. It might have been worth experimenting before the onset of menstruation, but I forgot, as usual. Well, at least lucky at the time of X to be home. The crooked hands didn’t suddenly become level, I fumbled for 5 minutes. The cup didn’t want to finish and pressurize inside, and then another 20 minutes was leaking slightly.
  3. If you are not lucky, you will have to train. Perhaps quite a long time. Over the next few days I never learned to always quickly and efficiently shove the bowl. It turned out to arrange it in 15 seconds. Then I was picking up for 10 minutes each time, I was hysterical, and after half an hour or an hour, when I left hope for the auto-sealing of the bowl, I was going to redo everything. In general, it is not surprising that I never ventured to play with a new hygiene product outside the home.
  4. Problems with the extraction will not be. Before the experiment, I rummaged on the Internet and found a life hack for Krivorukov: buy a bowl not with a tail, but with a ring, tie a string to it and sleep well. They say that the bowl will not be lost, anyone can pull the string without spilling the contents in a panic. In short, I did. And for the first time I realized that I was in vain and I definitely didn’t need a rope.

I will continue the experiment. The cup was felt only in the first half hour after the injection, then I safely forgot about it. Care, too, did not strain. Now it's up to you: to learn how to quickly and correctly position the bowl. And you can forget about the tampons. Probably.

Story 5, the final

Masha, 32 years old

Bowl: Mooncup A, 2 191 rubles.

I chose a Mooncup bowl from transparent and rather thick silicone. The material is pleasant to the touch. When she looked at the bowls in the pictures, they seemed larger. In fact, the bowl fits easily in the palm of your hand. A cotton pouch was attached to it.

Despite the small size of the bowl, installing it was not so easy. At first, I folded the cup in the most simple way, the letter “C”, and it opened at the very beginning of the vagina. It was very painful, and with a scream I somehow pulled her out. After catching your breath, I decided to make another attempt, folding the bowl in a more complicated way: one edge bends inward almost to the bottom of the bowl, as a result, it does not open up so easily and it turns out to be more compact, it is easier to insert.

This time it was possible to install it at the appropriate depth. My cup opened inside at once, I did not have to scroll it clockwise and perform other manipulations that promote disclosure. I did not feel the cup inside, but the tail got in the way. I eventually shortened it in half.

Using the bowl is definitely more convenient than gaskets. Feel clean and fresh.

My cup did not leak during use, although I even walked with it at a rather active pace. If compared with tampons, they still seem to me more comfortable, but this is more likely because they are more familiar.

My bowl, apparently, was too big for me, because after some time after installation I began to feel pressure from within. Because of this, I passed with her only 2 hours, then washed, put in again and took another 1.5 hours. When she tried to go to the toilet with the cup, she seemed to be in the way. I tried to put it more deeply, but it was unpleasant. Therefore, I decided that the size was not mine.

When I reached for the cup, I was relieved. She did not dare to sleep with her: she was afraid that after 8 hours of such pressure everything would hurt.

Removing the bowl is not so difficult, but the skill will be required. It is necessary to firmly take the bowl by the base and, breaking the vacuum, slowly but surely pull out. The first time I took it out, it reopened sharply at the very exit, and I don’t want to try these sensations again. I still can not imagine how I could take the cup in a public place.

I want to order a smaller cup. Perhaps from another brand. They vary in shape, density, silicone. It is a pity that the bowls are still quite expensive, a little pity for trying everything and finding the perfect option.

On the other hand, if you use the bowl all the time, you can save a lot of money on hygiene products.

What is the result

Hygiene products - an individual piece. Therefore, to decide whether your menstrual cup or not, you just need to try. Do not give up immediately if you feel discomfort: handling this thing requires a certain skill. You may be satisfied with the result and will not return to the usual gaskets.

What is it for?

Today this intimate subject of hygiene has several names - a menstrual cap, a cap, a bowl. Those who encounter it for the first time must first study the instructions on how to use the menstrual cup correctly. The main purpose of the cap - the replacement of pads and tampons during the monthly female bleeding. It is installed deep in the vagina and does not require frequent changes. From here it becomes immediately clear that when asked if the menstrual cup can be used for virgins, the answer will be negative.

Benefits of using

The main positive feature of caps is that it does not absorb secretions. Unlike pads or tampons, there is no need to change the bowl each time you use the toilet. The manufacturer assures that the maximum amount of time that the cap can be inside the vagina, from insertion to extraction, can be twelve hours. In case of heavy menstrual bleeding, it is recommended to adhere to the change interval every 2-3 hours.

Those who are worried, and whether it is possible to use the menstrual cup at night, can be assured that with its proper installation there are no difficulties. Более того, женщине не приходится прерывать свои планы (например, плавание в бассейне, занятие активными видами спорта, бегом) во время наступления критических дней. Надежная фиксация колпачка исключает риск протекания.

Врачи рекомендуют использовать менструальную чашу тем, кто привык к применению тампонов. Капа не имеет хвостика из нити, как у тампона, который может оказаться снаружи. This is especially unpleasant when you have to change clothes, for example, in the gym's common dressing room. Menstrual cup to maintain intimate hygiene is considered a more hygienic way. In some cases, it is noted that discharge during the onset of critical days becomes less abundant, painful spasms pass during critical days.

The composition of the product

Invented the menstrual cup in 1932, but in those days, the moral education of women did not allow the product to gain popularity. In the 1980s, they tried to return to him again, but the composition of the material (a latex cup was made) caused an allergic reaction in many people. After almost 30 years, the product is back on sale. But now manufacturers have taken into account the shortcomings of predecessors and offer the consumer a menstrual cup made of medical silicone or thermoplastic elastomers. This is an indisputable advantage, since the material is hypoallergenic, has antibacterial effect, does not cause skin irritation.

Products made of latex are also on sale, for example, under the trademark Keeper. True, this is a better and safer raw material than the one from which the menstrual cups of the last century were produced.

The difference in form

In order to understand how to use the menstrual cup and how to choose it for yourself, you should first decide on the size and shape. On sale there are capes in the form of a diaphragm and bell-shaped. As for the first option, this menstrual cup can be designed for single use or designed for one menstrual cycle. The second type is more universal and is replaced once a year - it is suitable for regular use.

Since there are a lot of manufacturers of this newfangled gadget for women, they offer various caps not only in the shape of the bowl itself, but also in the shape of the tail. It can be flat, pointed, in the form of a ring or a ball, hollow.

Cap Size and Density Selection

Menstrual cup is selected depending on the length of the woman's vagina. On sale you can find three sizes: small, medium and large. Meluna has four brands. They differ in size not only in diameter but also in volume. This makes the product more versatile and allows you to choose the cap based on the structure of the vagina. Some manufacturers are completely limited to two (for example, Lunette): for young women who have not yet given birth (up to 30 years old) and for those who already have children (over 30 years old).

The volume of the menstrual cup is selected depending on how abundant the discharge during critical days is. Cap sizes can be from 38 mm to 47 mm, volume - from 23 ml to 42 ml. The total length together with the tail varies, and each manufacturer offers its own models. If we consider in general terms, this length varies from 42 mm to 78 mm.

Also caps differ in density: softer and more solid. For example, the manufacturer of the caps Meluna has three of them:

  • "Sport" - the toughest,
  • "Classic" - moderate
  • “Soft” is a softer material.

The more active a woman’s lifestyle is, the less it is worth choosing a cap size. In practice, it is noted that with regular physical exertion and sexual activity, the vaginal muscles are in a tonus and more elastic. This explains the recommendations for choosing the right size.

How to apply?

If for a woman this is a new way to maintain hygiene, you need to learn how to use the menstrual cup according to the instructions. Before you enter into the vagina, it is important to sterilize and wash your hands thoroughly. Kapu should be bent so that it resembled the two letters "C". To do this, the bowl is placed in the left hand, and with the index finger of the right, press on its front wall and fold it in half.

At first, it is recommended to insert the mouth guard in the prone position, while the muscles of the vagina should be relaxed. Sitting to make it harder, and requires some skill. The further process practically does not differ from the use of tampons. Place the menstrual cup should be directly at the cervix. With the correct insertion of a mouth guard, you can hear a click, which indicates that she straightened up and took her position.

Extraction method

The second most popular question after using the menstrual cup is how to remove it? Many women speak negatively about this process, emphasizing that it is unhygienic and difficult to incarnate in a public place. It is about cleanliness and the inability to disinfect the bowl. Experienced users suggest having a second shift. This will allow in case of urgent need to replace the mouth guard and not leave marks on the clothes.

The process of extracting the menstrual cup itself is quite simple, most importantly, do not rush. A woman is recommended to squat and with clean hands reach the end of the tail of the mouth guard, press it lightly against the wall of the vagina and pull it down. Since there is blood inside, you should avoid sudden movements in order not to spill it past or on yourself.

How to care for the bowl?

In addition to knowledge of how to use the silicone menstrual cup, it is important to follow the rules of caring for it. There are several ways:

  1. Sterilize the cap in a special container that can be purchased separately. This may be a cup or just a container for the microwave. In fact, the sterilization process takes place in them.
  2. Purchase a special liquid for disinfection: "Chlorhexidine" or "Miramistin", as well as solutions based on chlorhexidine. They have a small drawback, which is expressed in the need to keep the bowl in solution for several hours.
  3. Some manufacturers offer special sterilization tablets. They are easy to use and suitable in the case when it is not possible to disinfect the tray in other ways.


The presence of diseases of the vagina, including infectious diseases, tumors or other neoplasms can be an obstacle in order to use the described subject of intimate hygiene. Therefore, it is recommended to consult with the gynecologist first about whether it is possible to use the menstrual cup. Most likely, the doctor will suggest alternative methods of hygiene. However, after restoring health or getting rid of a neoplasm, the possibility of using the cap will be quite likely.

There remains one more contraindication, which concerns more young girls. Since the instructions for use provide for deep insertion of the cap inside the vagina, it is possible to unequivocally negatively answer the question: can the menstrual cup be used by virgins? In order to avoid damage to the hymen, before the start of sexual activity it is recommended to use other items of feminine hygiene, in particular, pads.

How to use that did not leak?

Many women worry that the menstrual cap can simply leak at the most inopportune moment. Therefore, it is important to understand how to use the menstrual cup. Its size is of great importance, and it can be determined at home. If a woman can reach the cervix with her index finger, it is considered that the vagina is short. In the case when it is difficult to do or the finger is missing from the neck, it is deep or long. You can ask the gynecologist to help with choosing the right cap size or determining the depth of the vagina.

Skills of correct installation of caps inside also do not come immediately. Experienced women in this matter recommend trying to install it before the onset of menstruation. Since the first use may take less than 5 minutes, it is best to do it in a relaxed home environment. Usually, this skill goes into the habit of the second or third cycle, and the introduction and fixation of the cap takes only a minute.

Is color so important?

Having dealt with the principles of action and how to use the menstrual cup, as well as with other aspects, the question may arise: what color to choose the device? It would seem that there is no difference, but in the process of using women pay attention to the fact that the transparent caps allow us to assess the degree of its purity, fullness. It turns out to be very convenient in everyday life. However, transparent menstrual cups after repeated sterilization marked yellowing on the walls.

Those who are scrupulous about the presence of dyes, also prefer to choose caps without color. Skeptics do not stop even the fact that the paint for such products is used certified.

Safety when using

Having figured out what this new-fashioned device is for, some women begin to puzzle over how else you can use the menstrual cup. On the Internet you can find a lot of different recommendations. But do not forget about what it is intended for. Despite the fact that the cap collects and holds the menstrual blood well inside, it is not recommended to use it immediately after childbirth. This is due to the fact that the muscles and so have undergone the strongest stretching and do not immediately return to normal.

Doctors recommend to refrain from using tampons and bowls until regular menstruation occurs. As a rule, it takes up to six months after birth.

Women reviews

Studying reviews on how to use the menstrual cup at work, many fear that they will not be able to change it under hygienic conditions. Dispel fears can only experienced users. Women who spend most of their time at work recommend taking with them special sterilization pills or a replaceable cap, wet wipes for intimate hygiene. This simple set will allow you to keep clean and not bring dirt inside the vagina.

In medical practice, there have been cases when with prolonged use of the cap a woman developed endometriosis. You should not lose sight of the fact that during sleep or engaging in active sports some of the secretions can spill back. The ingress of blood into the uterus and provokes the development of the disease. This is because, during critical days, the cervix opens and becomes accessible to germs and viruses.