How to delay the arrival of menstruation for several days


If a woman is healthy, then the menstrual cycle is regular, and the days of the following menstruation are easy to calculate. One should also take into account the individual characteristics of the organism, as a result of which in some the menstruation is painful and abundant, in others it is scarce, in the third it has a longer duration. It largely depends on the hormonal balance.

Normally, the duration of the cycle is about 28 days, and monthly - from 3 to 5-7 days. It happens that a failure occurs, but if this is a one-time phenomenon, then you should not worry.

The cycle and its periodicity are affected by various factors, including the emotional state of a woman, climate change, and stress. But if the menstrual cycle continues for a long time, you need to consult a doctor.

How to delay the monthly?

How to delay the monthly for several days - such a question arises if something extraordinary is in the life of a woman.

Here, on different scales, the importance of the upcoming event and the danger to the body. It is not always possible to delay monthly for a day, for a couple of days or a week without harm to health, there is a risk of negative consequences. And the failure of the menstrual cycle is the smallest of the worst that can happen.

If it is finally decided to shift the periods, then you need to consult a doctor and find out about possible ways to delay and choose the one that is most suitable for a particular woman.

It should be noted that it is possible to delay the monthly if they have not yet begun, that is, a few days before the expected date. If menstruation has already begun, then it will not stop.

The drugs used to delay menstruation have slightly different indications - to bring the cycle back to normal. These include the following groups of drugs:

  • contraceptives
  • progestins,
  • means with a hemostatic effect.

Hormonal contraception

The main purpose of this group of drugs - protection from unwanted pregnancy. But often they are prescribed to restore the menstrual cycle in case of its violation.

Reception of drugs is appointed by courses, depending on the days of the cycle. Between courses there is a break in taking pills. If this break is not taken, and after completing the course, immediately begin to drink the pills from the next course, the menstruation can be postponed until the next cycle, or about a week.

For these purposes, you can use the following drugs:

This category of drugs is used only as prescribed by the doctor and helps to prevent the maturation of the egg and delay the menses. Tablets begin to take 14 days before the onset of the expected menstruation and complete the reception a few days before its expected completion.

For these purposes, use drugs with the following names:

Hemostatic preparations

Hemostatic drugs prescribed for uterine bleeding and abundant, prolonged menstruation. They are taken under the supervision of a doctor and, as long as the instructions are followed, there are usually no side effects in the form of a cycle failure.

Names of pills that delay the arrival of menstruation:

To delay menstruation, tablets are started to be taken several days before it starts. Dosage prescribed by a doctor. The following periods come on time, but you cannot use it all the time.

How to speed up the monthly to start faster? Read in the article about the reasons for the delay and how to speed them up, effective medicines and methods of traditional medicine.

How to stop the monthly urgent? Details here.

Folk remedies

If you are interested in how to delay menstruation at home for a few days, you can pay attention to the means of traditional medicine. They have high efficiency with minimal harm to the body.

The following tools will help delay monthly:

  • Lemon. The juice of this citrus makes it possible to slightly shift the critical days. For this purpose, five days before they start each day, you need to eat about 5 slices of fruit without sugar.
  • Vitamin C or ascorbic acid. Allows you to delay menstruation. To do this, it is taken in large quantities 10 days before the start of menstruation. It is necessary to be careful, an overabundance of vitamin can lead to severe allergies.
  • Nettle. Used decoction of this plant. To prepare you need 6 tablespoons pour 500 ml of boiling water, bring to a boil using a water bath and insist for another 30 minutes. Take for delaying menstruation three times a day for 1-2 tablespoons.
  • Parsley. The plant has properties that can lengthen the cycle and delay critical days. Dry grass should be poured boiling water and insist. Take a tablespoon three times a day. Infusion can not be used with low blood pressure and the presence of gallstone disease.
  • Water pepper The plant is saturated with vitamin K, which leads to an increase in blood clotting, and the transfer of menstruation for several days ahead. To prepare, pour 2 spoons of dry raw material with a glass of boiling water and insist. Drink 10 days before menstruation for 1/3 cup once a day.

The menstrual cycle is an indicator of a woman’s reproductive health. Its artificial displacement may adversely affect the state of health and cause a serious violation.

The abuse of the methods described above is fraught with the development of gynecological diseases and infertility in the future. Therefore, in an emergency, it is better to consult a doctor who will help you choose the safest remedy.

Consequences of artificial delay of menstruation

Forcing a shift in the start date of the next menstruation may seem like a harmless affair, because the cycle is often lost and without outside intervention. Doctors say that artificial effects on the reproductive system can not normally be perceived by the body.

His negative reactions in the coming months will be as follows:

  • Deterioration of general well-being.
  • Severe abdominal pain when bleeding.
  • Scanty or excessively copious discharge.
  • Increase the number of days of menstruation.
  • Long delays of menstruation (critical days may be delayed for several months).
  • There is a risk of developing anemia and other serious diseases.

The uterus itself suffers from interfering with the body’s natural processes.

If the beginning menstruation was artificially interrupted for more than 1 day, the neurotic process develops in its cavity. In the normal course of menstruation, certain cells and layers that transform the ovum into an embryo are flushed out of the uterus by the blood flow.

When unused particles remain in the body, for the fair sex it is dangerous necrosis, sepsis and death.

When deciding to move the onset of menstruation, a woman must reckon with the real state of her health. The use of drugs that can provide a delay should be carried out taking into account all contraindications and chronic diseases.


Oral contraceptives are usually used by women to protect against unplanned conception. But doctors can also recommend them for menstrual irregularities caused by disorder of hormonal balance.

Accept OK put courses. The duration of one stage is equivalent to a 4-week cycle. There is a pause between the cycles, and during this period menstrual-like bleeding opens.

If you neglect this condition and do not take a break, and immediately begin to drink pills from a new blister, the monthly will not go. Thus, to arrange the delay of menstruation independently, it is enough to drink the pills from the new pack for the required number of days.

Judging by the reviews of doctors, three-phase contraceptives are closest to the physiology of the female body - they contain a variety of hormones that are responsible for the timely onset of menstruation and are able to delay them when changing the regimen.

What birth control pills can delay the arrival of menstruation for several days:

If you do not take birth control pills for delaying your period, start using them a few days before the new cycle. Drugs will not save from pregnancy, but they will delay menstruation.

Progestin - serious drugs that are designed to delay menstruation, the oppression of ovulatory processes and effects on the mucous membrane of the uterus. This Pregnil, Primolut and Orgametril. Accept them only in consultation with the doctor.

It is also possible to postpone the monthly for several days by Duphaston, since the product is included in the group of gestagens.

For an artificial cycle delay, start taking drugs 2 weeks before the expected menstrual bleeding. In an emergency order to drink progestogens permissible for 5 days before the new cycle.

They finish taking Duphaston and its analogues 2 days before the expected completion of menstruation. Bleeding will resume after the withdrawal of funds.

Oral contraceptive use

If you have never used oral contraceptives before, you need to start using them no less than three days before the onset of critical days. Menstruation in this case should begin three days after the completion of the drug in the amount prescribed by the standard packaging of the drug.

It is believed that COCs do not harm the female body. The principle of their use is the accumulation of hormones in the blood in the process of using the drug and the onset of menstrually similar bleeding during the period of cessation of contraceptive use. The appearance of menstruation during the period of stopping the use of COCs does not occur against the background of physiological changes in the hormonal state of the female body, but due to a sharp decrease in the level of hormones in the blood after stopping the medication. Experts say that KOC should not drink more than 2-3 months without a break without harm to health.

Since today there are a large number of COCs (more than 200), only a qualified specialist can select a specific drug based on the health status of a woman and determine their dosage. Therefore, consultation with a gynecologist before using COC is required.

The use of drugs-gestagen to delay menstruation

To delay the monthly bleeding for several days with a guarantee of 100% will help drugs-gestagens, prolonging the menstruation period. However, it should be remembered that the unauthorized use of these hormonal agents is prohibited, as it is fraught with serious gynecological diseases! Take drugs class gestagen should only under the supervision of a physician who can carry out the appointment of these drugs and set their dosage taking into account the history and individual characteristics of the woman.

Thus, the use of pharmacological methods to delay menstruation should be with great care, rarely and only under the supervision of a gynecologist.

Folk methods of menstruation delay

You can postpone menstruation using popular methods.

Traditional medicine remains a fairly effective way to solve the physiological problems of women associated with the menstrual cycle. With the advent of hormonal contraceptives, this task has been simplified, but the relevance of popular methods has been preserved in our time. Folk ways of adjusting the cyclicality of the menstrual period are safe and quite effective.

We list the most popular ways for our ancestors to solve the problem of postponing the onset of menstruation.

  1. For 1-2 days push back the onset of menstruation helps nettle nettle. This decoction is truly a wonderful means of delaying menstruation. To prepare the broth, you need a small amount of pre-crushed dried nettle leaves (no more than 6 tablespoons) mixed with 500 ml of water. The resulting mixture is boiled on low heat for 5 minutes. After that, the decoction of nettle need to insist for 2 hours. According to the observations of ancestors, the nettle broth not only contributes to the postponement of menstruation, but also makes it possible to significantly reduce their duration when they are unplanned.
  2. To carry out the delay of menstruation for a week will help vitamin K, which is contained in different products, but most of all it is contained in the infusion of water pepper. For its preparation it is necessary to stir the water pepper in the amount of 2 tablespoons in one glass of water heated to boiling. The resulting infusion should be filtered and drunk three times a day in equal portions. The expected effect of postponing menstruation will occur if the reception started at least 10 days before the onset of the next menstrual cycle.
  3. One of the ancient ways to delay the period is lemon. If you eat lemon every day for one week, you will be able to delay the appearance of menstrual bleeding for several days.
  4. One of the earliest ways known since ancient times and widely used by women in the past is to immerse your feet in cold water before bedtime. This option is able to delay the approach of menstruation for several days. However, it should be remembered that the regularity of such "hardening" can lead to inflammation of the ovaries.

Remember that all pharmacological and traditional methods can be used only after the process of their application in each individual case is agreed with the gynecologist and an expert in the field of endocrinology. Contraceptives and progestogens should be used with extreme caution to decide whether to delay the onset of menstruation. In any case, often use the methods of adjusting the menstrual cycle, interfering with the physiological process, is unsafe for health. But in rare cases and with special need, with the help of a qualified specialist, you can find the optimal solution to the problem without harm to the health of the woman.

Why move the monthly

Why is it necessary to delay the monthly? If we consider the main reasons, they are usually associated with any domestic problems and are rarely medical indications. Most often they want to delay the onset of menstruation:

  • before an important event (a business trip, an important meeting, a meeting with partners, etc.) are planned,
  • before a scheduled meeting with a loved one (for example, when he returns after a long absence),
  • during the holidays,
  • for a trip to the sea, to nature (hiking, picnic, etc.),
  • at the time of the celebration (before the wedding, on the New Year).

As you can see, basically the desire to postpone menstruation is caused by purely domestic problems, although important for a woman. If menstruation is difficult (symptoms such as pain, feeling unwell, irritability) or menstruation is too abundant, businesswomen or executives may think about the need to shift the cycle a little and be in great shape at the right time. How this is done, we will look at it in detail, but first we will learn about the recommendations of specialists in this matter.

Usually the opinion of an experienced gynecologist consists of several points:

  • delaying methods cannot be used more than once a year,
  • it is not recommended to postpone critical days without the most serious reasons, even if it is only necessary to slow down the monthly periods by a day or two,
  • Before making a decision, it is necessary to consult a specialist if: the cycle is unstable or there are gynecological problems (for example, a course of hormonal preparations is prescribed not as a contraceptive, but as a therapeutic method for treating any pathology).

If artificial delays are practiced regularly and without sufficient reason, there is a risk of provoking serious problems. Hormonal disruptions - it is always stressful for the organism, how it will react to such changes in the future is impossible to predict. Therefore, you should not abuse the ability to postpone the beginning of menstruation without sufficient reason. Even if it uses relatively safe methods or folk remedies.

For those who decide to try to delay the arrival of critical days, it is important to choose the right method. We will consider in detail how to do this, how much it will be possible to shift the monthly and what to drink to get the desired result.

How to postpone the monthly

There are several proven methods that can delay menstruation. Sometimes the delay occurs due to natural reasons:

  • against the background of increased blood clotting,
  • as a result of hormonal failure,
  • from excessive physical exertion,
  • as a reaction to stress.

Although the desired effect is achieved as a result, these options cannot be considered as a way to delay the menstruation. The result in such cases is questionable. For example, a delay during stressful situations is just one of the options for an individual reaction. And even the same woman may differ in different cases. It is impossible to predict exactly how and for how many days stress removes menstruation. Если же говорить о гормональных сбоях, способных вызывать задержку, то это скорее причина задуматься о возможных проблемах со здоровьем и обратиться к профильному специалисту.

Следует упомянуть еще об одной методике, которую иногда рассматривают как средство, которое оттягивает месячные. Hunger or too rigid diet can delay their arrival. But this option is too dangerous an idea: the result is unpredictable and there are no guarantees, and a voluntary hunger strike can cause serious harm to the body.

In order for menstruation to begin later than usual, there are proven methods such as:

  1. one-time medication
  2. change of contraceptive use,
  3. folk remedies.

Their use will allow you to achieve the desired effect, so consider each option in more detail:

  1. Under a single (single) intake of certain drugs in this case means both a mini-course of taking contraceptives, and the use of pills that have very different effects. Modern pills are divided into several types. Their main function is to prevent pregnancy. But in some cases, if taken as part of the recommended scheme, they can cause hormonal disruption and are guaranteed to change the time of arrival of menstruation. You can also achieve the desired effect if you take in advance an increased dose of vitamins or medicines that can thicken the blood.
  2. If you constantly use birth control pills, it is enough to change the usual regimen to cause a delay in menstruation for a certain period. Important: this method should not be used often to eliminate the constant hormonal failure.
  3. Folk remedies - a proven way to push the beginning of menstruation. In this case, there is a choice. But you can not use them too often. Even if you change the method of delaying menstruation, the result is reflected in health.

Any failure of the cycle is associated with hormonal changes. You can delay the monthly if necessary, but it should be understood that you delay their arrival by changing the second phase of the menstrual cycle, when an unfertilized egg is destroyed and endometrial detachment begins, which is accompanied by bleeding - menstruation. At this time, progesterone prevails in the body, and the level of estrogen decreases. Changing this balance can slow down the process of rejection, therefore, the desired effect will be.

The process of rejection of the endometrium (menstruation) can be slowed down if you delay ovulation, which occurs in the middle of the cycle. The egg cell will mature more slowly, due to this, the cycle will lengthen slightly. Since it is controlled by hormones (their balance is constantly changing, this is how they control the maturation and destruction of the egg and the accompanying processes), misusing the ability to move the cycle leads to serious hormonal and gynecological problems. But in emergency situations, you can delay the monthly for a week (not more) without much damage to the body. It should take care of additional methods of contraception (up to stabilize the cycle) to avoid unwanted pregnancy. Consider all medicinal and folk remedies that are recommended as reliable and proven.

Oral contraceptives

If you want to delay the arrival of menstruation for a couple of days (maximum 7, then the delay is relatively safe), it is best to use contraceptives. Their use is recommended for several reasons:

  • there is a choice of drug,
  • exactly calculate the delay period,
  • modern medicines tested, designed for long-term use and safe,
  • provoked hormonal failure will not cause significant damage to health.

Oral contraceptives will help delay the period, if you strictly follow the recommendations. All modern drugs are divided into two groups:

  • Monophasic: these medications contain the same amount of hormones, their regimen is usually the following: you need to drink one (any) tablet from a pack, and then, when your period begins, take a break.
  • Multiphase: contain a different amount of hormones, so the pack has a label that indicates when to take this or that pill.

Postpone monthly using contraceptives in the following ways:

  • For those who use monophasic contraceptives constantly: forget about taking a break, and at the end of the pack immediately drink the next pill. It is recommended to drink them as much time (but not more than a week), how much you want to postpone menstruation. After the termination of the reception, a “cancellation effect” will occur, that is, one should expect the onset of menstruation,
  • If you are taking multiphase drugs, then skip the first phase, use only those labeled with the second and third phase,
  • Do not use birth control pills at all? Then, one week before the estimated critical days, start drinking the monophasic contraceptive. Or use part of the packaging of two-phase or three-phase medication. In the first case, you should drink those that are intended for the second phase, in the second - those that are labeled as the third.

Contraceptives are sold in pharmacies without prescriptions, there are no difficulties with their purchase. You can use monophasic (Yarin, Zhanin, etc.) or multiphase (Triziston, Trikvilar, Milvane, etc.) drugs.

If you need to delay the monthly, you can use hormones, which are used in gynecology to stabilize the cycle and treat certain pathologies. Progestogen contains progesterone, that is, affect the second phase of the menstrual cycle. They should start drinking in advance, somewhere 14 days before the expected menstrual period and not stop until you are ready for their arrival.

Important: it is useless to start the reception in less than 5 days. and should not be abused and provoke a delay of more than a week. Otherwise, you can forget about the relative safety of this method. It is recommended to finish the reception a couple of days before the expected (normal) end of the month. That is, the scheme looks like this: the medicine is used for 2 weeks, if the bleeding period is short (3 days), then you can take another 1, maximum 2 tablets. If long (7), then you need to take another 4 - 5 pieces daily.

It is possible to postpone menstruation with Prengil, Duphaston, Solmut, ExLuton, Orgametril or other drugs of the gestagen series. Before you take them, it is better to consult with a gynecologist, as there are a number of contraindications. These include unequivocally the presence in the history of diabetes mellitus, angina pectoris, myoma, infectious or inflammatory gynecological diseases and tumors of the reproductive organs.

Hemostatic agents

To delay the monthly often used drugs that affect blood clotting. Increasing its viscosity can cause a delay. But before you drink them you need:

  • carefully study the contraindications (absolute and relative): diseases of the kidneys, the cardiovascular system, asthma, diabetes, the tendency to thrombosis and elevated levels of platelets categorically exclude the use of homeostatic drugs. Problems can occur with obesity and some gynecological diseases,
  • consult with a specialist,
  • adhere to the recommended number of tablets (as indicated in the dose) and do not abuse them.

You can push back the monthly using homeostats such as:

  • Ditsinon. Improves platelet production, reception starts in 5 days. before menstruation (but not more than a week),
  • Norkalut (regulator of the menstrual cycle). Begin to drink 2 weeks before the expected critical days. It can be taken as a tool that can reduce the abundance of discharge during menstruation, thus reducing the level of discomfort,
  • Tranexam. Enhances clotting, may delay the arrival of menstruation, if it significantly exceeds the recommended dose in the instruction a couple of days before it starts,
  • Etamzilat. Hemostatic drug that can both reduce the abundance of discharge, and delay their onset.

There are several medications that delay the arrival of menstruation, for example, vitamin C. Take 1 gram (tablets) for 3 days. before the beginning of the month, and you can slow down their arrival by 5 - 6 days,

Folk ways

To delay monthly there are several proven and effective ways that do not involve medication. Women have long known that some plants can cause the desired reaction of the body. And used folk remedies if necessary. We consider the recommended options, but before you use them, you should remember that the effect achieved will also affect the hormonal background. Therefore, abuse is excluded.

To postpone the monthly for a certain period (from 1 to 5 days) it is recommended:

  • Nettle: its decoction is a long-known method that will help solve the problem of the late arrival of critical days. 4 or 5 days before that, you need to take half a cup before meals twice daily. It is prepared as follows: dry nettle leaves (5 or 6 tablespoons) are dipped in boiling water and boiled for 5 minutes. After cool, give brew and filter,
  • Parsley. At home, you can easily use this option. It is brewed and used according to the same method as nettle. Only take fresh greens, which are finely cut (in its absence, you can use dried dill). It will take 40 -50 grams. It should be noted that such a decoction has a diuretic effect and thickens the blood well. Therefore, this method is contraindicated for those who have kidney problems or a tendency to thrombosis,
  • Tansy. Her decoction is prepared in the same way, they begin to drink 1 glass in a couple of days,
  • Vitamins. To delay the monthly for several days, you can use the "shock dose" of vitamins. About the effect of vitamin C has already been mentioned, if you want, you can, instead of ascorbic acid in pure form, two or three days before the menstruation begins, start eating lemons in large quantities. If you are allergic to citrus fruits, then you can use products that are rich in vitamin K (celery or kiwi). As an extract, you can buy in the pharmacy a solution of aqueous pepper. It should be taken 1 teaspoon before meals three times a day. Or you can make your own decoction of dried leaves (40 grams per liter will be needed), which should be infused for 3 hours.

Folk remedies can achieve the desired effect. If these methods are not suitable (there are contraindications) or are not available, then there is one more, quite extreme. It's about the ice bath, which you can plunge into, or just drop the minutes for 10 feet. The truth should be remembered that a side effect of such an act can be a cold or hypothermia will lead to inflammation of the ovaries. And this method is hardly suitable for “walruses” - their body is already accustomed to low temperatures, and to those who have a weakened body (the risk is too great, along with the delay in getting sick from hypothermia).

To transfer the monthly used hormonal monophasic contraceptive - Jess. Just started the next pack without interruption. Reached the desired effect without problems, as a result of the planned weekend on the beach with a loved one was excellent. There were no particular negative consequences, although next month we had to use additional condoms.

I stopped the critical days with the help of Utrozhestan. I was a little worried because the drug was hormonal, but I have never used them before. At the right time, the menstruation did not come, although my gynecologist was dissatisfied with such “independent activities” and recommended not using the medicine without the need and prior consultation with him.

Ekaterina, 18 years old

When I realized that the next "these days" would begin at the prom, I was very upset. But the situation was saved by my mother, who is very fond of traditional medicine and told how it is guaranteed to provoke a delay. Wetted me with nettles, and achieved the desired result. At the ball, I calmly danced and had fun, and the monthly began a couple of days later.

Reading the reviews and recommendations on how the easiest way to delay menstruation, could not resist. I appeal to everyone who is looking for a way to delay it. If there is such a need, and there is no possibility to postpone a vacation or an event (for example, a wedding), then be sure to discuss this issue with your gynecologist. “Tips for everyone” is great, but in such a situation it is better to listen to someone who knows your body well. It is better to spend a little time on an unscheduled visit to the doctor, than an independent appointment of a drug that you are not familiar with.

When it is impossible to delay critical days

Any postponement of menses should be justified, well thought out and infrequent. Abuse more than once a year can lead to the most undesirable consequences (hormonal failure, gynecological problems, exacerbation of chronic diseases). Before trying to better consult with your doctor in advance, he will tell you which method is best for you to postpone, with minimal risk to health and without tragic consequences. But do not even try to do it:

  • those who are already 35 years old
  • if there are problems with the hormonal system (any diseases, including gynecological and obesity),
  • there is a predisposition to thrombosis, there is a high content of platelets in the blood, diseases associated with this factor have already been diagnosed,
  • any blood diseases will be an absolute contraindication.

Important: if you do decide to use any drug or folk method, be sure to study all the available contraindications.

How oral contraceptives will help to delay the monthly for a week or more

Recent developments in hormonal contraception contain two types of hormones, which are synthetic analogues of progesterone and estrogen.

One of the components works in the first phase of the cycle and suppresses the maturation of the egg, the action of the second appears in the second phase and blocks the function of the corpus luteum.

This is due to the overwhelming effect of female hormones on the production of hormonal secretion by the pituitary gland.

Artificial contraception is created and maintained in the body, preventing rejection of the mucous membrane in the uterus.accompanied by menstrual secretions.

Oral contraceptive preparations are designed to prevent unplanned pregnancy. The contents of the package is designed to receive from the first day of the cycle. If the start of reception is overdue, then the effectiveness of the drug decreases.

Contraceptive pills level the menstrual cycle women to perfect - 28 days. This is the main point. Extending for a couple of days can shift the onset of menstruation by the desired number of days.

By changing the schedule for taking a contraceptive, you can independently expand and shift the cycle. The beginning of the month is marked 2-3 days after the end of the reception.

Attention! When the decision to postpone the period is a necessity, it is necessary to take into account the state of health and contraindications of medical preparations. Chronic diseases require mandatory medical advice.

Is it safe to use oral contraceptives

The work of the female body is a complex streamlined system, and outside intervention is fraught with disruptions of the menstrual cycle and unpleasant consequences.

The use of contraceptives only for the delay of menstruation in one cycle is not desirable, because you can unbalance the menstrual cycle.

The danger of taking contraceptives occurs in the following cases:

  • Unauthorized hormonal drug can lead to the disappearance of menstruation is not for one month,
  • Women over 35 and regularly smokers taking oral contraceptives for the purpose of delaying menstruation is contraindicated. In extreme cases, this can be done under the supervision of a gynecologist,
  • Women with unstable cycle It is forbidden to resort to means of delaying menstruation.
  • At risk women with diseases heart and prone to venous insufficiency, blood clots, as well as those who have liver problems. They are not allowed to take birth control pills. In case of urgent need, you should refer to folk remedies as more harmless to health.

How to use oral contraceptives to delay menstruation

Contraceptives with continuous use can delay the onset of menstruation.

The monthly cycle is approximately 28 days. With this in mind, developed mono and three-phase contraceptives. The content of hormones in them is not dangerous.

In the usual scheme of contraceptives take intermittently. If you do not take a break in taking the pills, then your period will not come. This will continue until discontinuation. During this period, protection from pregnancy remains.

It is important to know! Continuously taking birth control pills is valid for no longer than 2 months.

Before delaying the monthly for a week with contraceptives and contraceptives, you should consult a gynecologist.

To postpone the start of menstruation with oral contraceptives, you need to choose for yourself a suitable regimen:

  • Those women who do not constantly take COCIs, they will help to postpone their periods for a week. Таблетки изменяют свое основное назначение и действуют, как кровоостанавливающее средство. Прием начинают по 1 штуке в день за 3 дня до планируемой даты начала месячных,
  • Принимающим однофазные средства не нужно делать недельного перерыва. Препарат продолжит выполнять защитную функцию, и менструация начнется позже,
  • When taking drugs on a three-phase scheme, each period of the cycle involves taking a pill with a special content. With a high level of hormones in the blood - menstruation does not begin.

After 21 days, any type of birth control pill is discontinued. There comes a decrease in hormonal levels and begin menstruation.

To obtain the desired delay, you should take only drugs for the third phase of administration. Additionally require contraception.

How to postpone menstruation for a week to women taking androgen-containing products such as “Diane-35” or “Yarin” - the following scheme can be used: one should continue taking the pills for several more days. During the reception and 3 days after his menstruation will not.

Medications for delaying menstruation

Separate medications will help to delay the monthly for a week, as they can affect the production of female hormones.

In gynecological practice, drugs are used to treat various pathologies, the instructions for which in the list of side effects are delayed onset of menstruation. Drugs cause quite a long delay.

The drug "Norkolut" is assigned to establish a cycle during monthly delays. In a normal cycle, the drug acts the opposite.

Start taking "Norkolut" should be earlier than 2 weeks before the planned day of the onset of menstruation. This schedule will take her a week later. With the onset of monthly admission can not stop, which will reduce the abundance of secretions.

Of hormonal drugs for delaying menstruation for 7 days, Duphaston will do. It does not apply to contraceptives, has no effect on ovulation. Indications for use are the problems of endometriosis.

The effect on the uterine mucosa of Duphaston components leads to a slower growth of the endometrium and its rejection. At the same time, progesterone synthesis is enhanced in the female body. Under this scheme, it is possible to postpone the arrival of menstruation.

The drug begins to take in the third part of the cycle, i.e. for 3 days, 2 tablets each day.

Hormonal products containing progestins will give the desired result by almost 100%.

According to a similar scheme take "Utrozhestan."

To activate blood clotting and platelet formation, strengthen blood vessels, designate "Ditsinon." It is also taken for bleeding.

The drug will help women suffering from heavy discharge. In this case, to delay the beginning of menstruation, the reception begins 5 days before their arrival.

Another hemostatic drug is Vikasol. If you take the drug at the beginning of the discharge, it can stop them within 24 hours.

"Ditsinon" and "Vikasol" do not affect the level of hormones, they affect the vessels. They are allowed to use only once a year to reduce emissions, but not for delay.

Important to remember! Drugs that are able to delay the monthly, allowed to use no more than 2 times a year. Delaying the cycle is not recommended for more than a week.

Long-term experiments lead to both hormonal disruptions and disturbances throughout the body.

Nettle decoction

Refers to the most famous methods.

To prepare take 5 tbsp. l dry nettle leaves and pour 0.5 liters of water. Boil at a low boil for 5 minutes and insist half an hour.

Drink throughout the day as water.

Water pepper decoction

The secret of the effectiveness of a decoction for postponement of menstruation for a week is in vitamin K contained in it, as a styptic.

The broth is prepared from 40 g of grass water pepper, which is poured 0.5 liters of water. After five minutes of boiling insist 3 hours.

Drink 3 times a day with 150 ml of liquid just before a meal.

Shock dose of vitamin C

Taking the vitamin in large doses strengthens the walls of blood vessels, which reduces the amount of discharge up to a complete cessation.

One lemon will replace 15 tablets of ascorbic acid. It is important to comply with the measure to avoid unpleasant consequences and allergies.

How to delay menstruation with oral contraceptives

There are only two ways to delay monthly for a couple of days. These are hormonal drugs (oral contraceptives) and good old folk methods. Can they cause harm?

The surest option to delay menstruation is oral contraceptives. They, of course, have a lot of shortcomings, which often become a reason not to take them, but at the same time at least every second woman would like to arrange a month or two of rest from critical days. These drugs, as you can see, are made from hormone analogues. One way or another, they can not affect the health. Because of this, OK are prescribed strictly according to the testimony of a doctor for medicinal purposes or as contraceptives.

In fact, to protect against unwanted pregnancy, they were developed. Usually in each package are tablets in the amount of 21 pieces. Recommend to start taking them on the first day of the menstrual cycle. At the same time, the effectiveness of OC increases significantly, rather than if you start to drink them on any other day.

With the correct intake of pills, the cycle will last exactly 28 days. If you continuously use contraceptives not for 21 days, but for several days longer, you can postpone the unwanted onset of menstruation, more precisely, make them linger.

There are four types of oral contraceptives:

  • monophasic drugs,
  • three phase ok
  • combination drugs
  • tablets with gestagens.

In the event that a woman takes monophasic drugs, you do not need to take the usual seven-day break. This will eliminate the arrival of monthly or a month before the next break, or until any convenient day. And no need to worry about additional methods of protection against pregnancy. Worry is not worth it - it does not come.

Three-phase contraceptives can also delay menstruation, you just need to deviate from the instructions and start taking the pill at the third phase. But in this case, to protect the pregnancy it is important to use additional protection (condoms, interruption of sexual intercourse, etc.)

Many women have never thought about contraceptives and their use, because they did not want to disturb the hormonal balance of their body and did not know if they could be taken to delay their periods. In this case, you just need to start drinking combined oral contraceptives about 3-4 days before the expected onset of menstruation. Thus, the pill will play the role of a hemostatic, rather than contraceptive, so you need to apply additional protection. On average, 2-3 days after the cancellation of these OKs, one should expect the beginning of the menstruation.

There is still a way that will definitely help delay the onset of menstruation for a certain number of days. These are pills containing hormones gestagens. However, when using these drugs, there is one important condition: before taking them, you need to be examined by a gynecologist, who will decide whether they are shown or not.

To delay menstruation with the help of progestogens, you need to start taking them in the middle of the cycle, that is, 14 days before the start of the critical days.

It is allowed to start taking 5 days before menstruation, but not later, since in this case menstruation can no longer be delayed. You need to finish the reception on the day when the monthly must stop. On the same day menstruation should come. Do not forget that progestogens without consulting a doctor not only will not help, but can also harm.

Tincture of water pepper

It is believed that water pepper can delay menstruation for 3-4 days. To do this, you need to start taking it 4 days before the expected start of menstruation. Cooking water pepper should be as follows. Five tablespoons of crushed plants pour 0.5 liters of boiling water and maintain boiling for about 5 minutes. Next, you need to give the broth to insist 3 hours, after which it must be pressed through cheesecloth. Use 2 tablespoons three times a day.

Is it possible to postpone the monthly?

Ideally, the regular menstrual cycle is exactly 4 weeks, and menstrual periods last from 3 to 7 days. A healthy woman can easily calculate the day of the next menstruation - if there are failures, they are rare and insignificant.

Every woman experiences the days of menstruation in her own way: they are accompanied by numbness in the legs, pain in the back and lower abdomen, and dizziness. Normally, the cycle should not be violated. If this happens, you need to establish the cause by visiting the gynecologist and passing the necessary tests. If, in the previous month, stress was experienced, the woman took medications, etc., because of a one-time change in the nature or time of the beginning of the monthly periods, there is no need to worry.

However, sometimes it happens that a woman needs to influence her period, having artificially delayed them for several days. Often this measure is needed before an important event:

  • celebration of a wedding, birthday, New Year,
  • during the holidays,
  • for a business trip, an important meeting with partners, etc.,
  • before the competition,
  • for a hike in nature, a weekend on the lake.

What could be the consequences of postponing menstruation?

Thinking about how to delay the monthly for several days, we must not forget about your health. It seems to many that shifting the cycle is a completely harmless measure, but interference in the work of the reproductive system can cause serious negative consequences:

  • cessation of menstruation for several months
  • deterioration of health,
  • severe abdominal pain during the next menstruation,
  • heavy discharge
  • increase in bleeding duration,
  • risk of anemia and other diseases.

In addition, before making a decision to postpone the timing of menstruation, it is necessary to take into account the state of your health. So, pills for delaying menstruation are prohibited for women who have a history of vascular and liver diseases.

Interference with the work of the genital organs suffers from the uterus. During menstruation, the blood washes out of it certain cells that are necessary for the formation of an embryo from the ovum. If the monthly were artificially interrupted at least for a day, these particles remain in the organ cavity, which is dangerous for the formation of sepsis and necrosis.

Ways to delay menstruation

If a woman is looking for a way to delay her period, she will definitely need to consult a gynecologist. Usually, doctors say that it is not desirable to delay the menstrual cycle without substantial reasons, and if it still has to be done, then no more than once a year. If the cycle is unstable or there are gynecological diseases, a woman cannot be used without the recommendation of a doctor even by folk remedies.

With oral contraceptives

Oral contraceptives are designed to protect against unplanned pregnancies, but they can be used effectively to delay bleeding. Since the cycle duration is approximately 21 days, there are 21 tablets with a certain amount of hormones in the blister. If there are 28 tablets in the blister, then the last 7 pieces do not contain active components - such packaging is intended for usability.

To delay the menstruation, if a woman drinks monophasic or other contraceptives, it is simple - you need to change the schedule of taking the drug. Depending on the type of funds you need to follow some rules:

  • When using monophasic contraceptives, in which an equal volume of hormones is included in each dragee, there is no need to do a 7-day break. When the pill packaging is finished, the next one should begin.
  • Two- and three-phase contraceptives also drink without interruption, but the second blister starts from the 2nd or 3rd part of it. These tablets contain the amount of hormones that can move the cycle. Monthly begin a couple of days after the end of the drug.

If a woman does not take contraceptives, but uses other means of contraception, hormonal drugs will help delay menstruation for several days. To do this, start receiving funds for 3-4 days before it starts. For these purposes, the tablets Regulon, Klayra, Novinet, Mersilon, Jess, etc. are suitable.

Drugs with progesterone

Guaranteed to postpone menstruation for a seven-day period will help funds, which included progestin. They contain derivatives of progesterone - didrogesterone or norethisterone. Medications can stimulate the secretion of female hormones. They are prescribed for the treatment of endometriosis, infertility, with cycle failures, etc.

To delay the appearance of secretions, the concentration of progesterone must be maintained at a high level at the end of the 2nd phase of the cycle, therefore, the medications should be used according to a specific scheme. Here are the names of some drugs that can delay the monthly:

  • Norcolut. In medicine, it is used to set up a cycle, but in its normal course the agent acts in the opposite way. Delay bleeding for a week can be subject to the medication for 14 days before the start date of menstruation. During menstruation, it can continue to drink to reduce the profusion of discharge.
  • Orgametril. To delay menstruation, they take 1 tablet of medicine, starting 14 days before it starts.
  • Duphaston. The tool is a synthetic analogue of progesterone. Once in the body, it slows down the process of rejection of the endometrium, postponing menstruation. It should start drinking for 1.5 weeks and 2 tablets per day, and on the day of menstruation - stop taking. Bleeding will begin after 3 days.

Hemostatics (hemostatic drugs)

Such drugs are prescribed to reduce blood loss after surgery, with heavy periods, etc., but they are used to ensure that menstruation begins after the usual date. Medicines Vikasol, Ditsinon, Tranexam and Etamzilat help to increase blood viscosity by increasing platelet production and enhancing its clotting. To defer the monthly, any of the above should be taken 5 days before their intended start.

Hemostatics are capable of lengthening the cycle for 5-7 days, but the next menstruation will begin on a day that is familiar to women. It is necessary to be careful in taking such medications, taking into account the possibility of side effects. So, Vikasol acts on the vessels - it can not be drunk more often 1 time per year.

It is important to understand that hemostatic drugs increase the possibility of blood clots, so drinking them is prohibited without consulting a specialist. Before taking, you need to study the instructions to the tool and do not abuse the dosages, so as not to cause negative reactions.

Vitamin C

The cheapest way to delay menstruation is taking vitamin C. Consumption of ascorbic acid in large doses helps to strengthen the blood vessels, thereby reducing the amount of secretions until they stop.

To achieve the effect, a woman needs to take 1 gram of the drug per day 3 days before menstruation. This will allow to extend the cycle for 3-5 days. Also, instead of pharmaceuticals, you can eat lemons or make juice from citrus fruits. 1 gram of “ascorbinka” replaces 2 fruits.

This method is not 100% reliable, but it is considered relatively safe. However, for heartburn or gastrointestinal inflammation, it is strictly prohibited. It is also worth remembering that citrus fruits absorbed in unlimited quantities can trigger the development of allergies.

Possible consequences of artificial delay of menstruation

According to gynecologists, artificially induced delay of menstruation even for 1 day leads to hormonal disruptions and menstrual disorders.

Subsequent periods become more abundant and long.

As a result of forcible intervention in the body, various negative reactions occur, sometimes quite sharp:

  • painful periods,
  • long delays, sometimes up to several months,
  • scanty discharge
  • deterioration of general well-being,
  • development of anemia in the face of blood loss,
  • endocrine disruption

Severe complication is the appearance of the neurotic process in the uterus. This is due to the fact that parts of the epithelium that were not washed with blood remained in it. This is possible when interrupting the already started menstruation for more than a day.

Funds to offset the start date of menstruation exist and are valid, but they must be used carefully. A regular cycle is a sign of a woman’s health, therefore not worth the risk of their health.

From this video you will learn how to postpone the monthly for a week or for several days:

This video will tell you how to postpone your period, using medicines and traditional medicine:

What pills to choose?

It is important to make a reservation that the doctor prescribes oral contraceptives on the basis of tests and anamnesis. There are contraindications to the same. These include thrombophlebitis, impaired blood circulation, coronary heart disease, cancer, hypertension, migraine, acute liver disease, etc.

However, you can get acquainted with the list of existing tablets. The list is impressive:

  • Microdose OK. Suitable for young girls and have not previously taken such drugs. Names: "Jess", "Klayra", "Lindinet", "Zoeli", "Dimia", "Novinet", "Mersilon", "Logest" and "Miniziston".
  • Low-dose OK. More effective. Suitable for young women, including giving birth. Наименования: "Ярина", "Жанин", "Фемоден", "Силуэт", "Силест", "Марвелон", "Хлое", "Регулон", "Белара".
  • Высокодозированные ОК. Их, как правило, назначают для лечения болезней гормонального характера. Наименования: "Овидон", "Тризистон", "Триквилар", "Нон-Овлон", "Три-Регол".

Кстати, правильно подобранные таблетки влекут еще ряд положительных последствий. The condition of the skin and hair improves, the pain disappears during menstruation, the cycle is normalized, some even lose weight.

Reception "Duphaston"

This drug is an analogue of natural progesterone. And many girls, knowing about the powerful hormonal effect of the drug, are wondering how to postpone the monthly “Duphaston”.

First you need to say about the effect of the drug. This medication affects the uterine lining and contributes to increased production of progesterone, an endogenous steroid.

If you are interested in how to postpone the arrival of menstruation, first of all you need to know the following: “Duphaston” needs to start taking in the middle of the cycle. Correct the situation for 2-3 days before the onset of menstruation, which contraceptives are capable of, will not succeed. However, this method is considered safe, since the components of the product affect the viscosity of the blood and the occurrence of congestion in the pelvic organs is not provoked.

It is believed that you can take these pills to delay the monthly. Vikasol is an antihemorrhagic agent that normalizes the process of blood clotting. It is usually taken in order to make the discharge during menstruation less abundant. This contributes to the regular use of the drug.

With his help, you can postpone the monthly for several days. How exactly? We must begin to take it a week before the expected onset of menstruation. Drink twice a day, one tablet and once a day to prick “Vikasol” intramuscularly at 0.03 g.

This is a serious drug. Therefore, if there are problems with blood clotting, it is forbidden to take it. Otherwise, there may be consequences, among which is the increased risk of thrombosis.

Acceptance of hemostatic drugs

In addition to Vicasola, there are three more. Namely:

They are discharged with heavy periods. These drugs reduce bleeding and help prevent blood clots. Depending on the characteristics of the girl's body, menstruation can be delayed for a period from several days to 2 weeks. You need to start drinking the drug for a few days before it starts at 0.5 g.

Only you need to know that then the monthly will begin, as usual, in 15-20 days. Cycle offsets will not occur. The most powerful of the drugs - "Tranexam". If you decide to start drinking it, then you need to be very careful when measuring the dosage.

So called hormones with the biological activity of progesterone. They suppress menstruation and ovulation, and also have an atrophic effect on the uterine myometrium.

The drug is prescribed by a doctor. The effect described above is capable of producing “Orgametril”, “Pregnil” and “Primolyut-Nor”.

Take the medication should be two weeks before the start of critical days. Then the artificial delay will be achieved with a probability of up to 99%. If the reason why a girl wants to postpone the onset of menstruation, arose later, then you should start drinking medicines at least 5 days in advance. Otherwise, their reception will be ineffective.

Well, the above was told about how to delay the monthly using contraceptives and other medicines. But besides them, there is still a lot of folk. One of the most popular ways is based on eating lemons.

The method is strictly prohibited to girls who have problems with the gastrointestinal tract. The point is this: 5 days before the expected period of menstruation, 4-5 lemons without sugar should be eaten per day. 3-5 days delay the onset of monthly work.

However, this method has consequences. These are skin problems, allergies, and even cystitis and ovarian inflammation. An excess of citric acid without a trace will not pass.

A decoction made from this plant contributes to the narrowing of blood vessels. During menstruation, they drink it to reduce blood loss. And a few days before their occurrence, they are used to pre-constrict blood vessels and delay menstruation.

But to get involved in this drink is not worth it. Nettle contains more vitamin C, and the consequences can also be unpleasant.

The recipe is simple. Five tablespoons of dried nettles should be poured into a saucepan and pour warm water (0.5 l). Put on the fire, bring to a boil, hold for another 5 minutes and remove from heat. Let it sit for 30 minutes. Then decant into a separate container and drink the entire volume at once. This should be done the day before the expected onset of menstruation.

Parsley broth

This plant is often used in traditional medicine. Parsley - a real storehouse of nutrients. It contains vitamins K, C, PP, folic acid, bioflavonoids and essential oils, as well as various micro and macro elements.

In addition, parsley has properties that help not only delay the onset of critical days, but also prolong the cycle. That is, they will last less with regular and moderate use of the drug.

If it is necessary to postpone monthly periods, chop a bunch of parsley and fill the mass with a glass of boiling water, let it brew for 2-3 hours. It is necessary to drink in two approaches - in the morning and in the evening. Repeat for the next three days. You need to start 4 days before the expected start of the critical days. A few days delay them work.

Interested in how to postpone menstruation without harm? Then you need vitamin K. Either in pure form or as part of the products. And best of all to make a choice in favor of broth from water pepper. It contains a very high content of this vitamin.

It will take 5 tablespoons of dried plants and half a liter of boiling water. Herbal composition to fill with water and send to a fire to boil. After 5 minutes, the container with the decoction can be removed from the stove and left to infuse for three hours. After the time you need to filter the infusion through cheesecloth.

The resulting decoction consumed three times a day, 2 tbsp. l You need to start four days before the expected start of menstruation. So it will be possible to postpone them for 3-4 days.

Herbal Fees

Their action should also be mentioned, since it is about how to postpone the monthly for several days with folk remedies. You will need:

  • Mint.
  • Raspberry leaves
  • Shepherd's grass bag.

In the morning, all the listed components should be mixed in the same proportions (2 tbsp each) and pour a glass of boiling water. Give half an hour to insist. Then drink in three doses in one day, using an equal amount of decoction (approximately 120 ml). This should be done 4 days before menstruation.

There is another recipe that involves the use of such components:

  • Yarrow grass.
  • The root burnet.
  • May nettle grass.
  • Silverweed goose.

Mix in equal quantities, then take three tablespoons of the resulting collection, brew boiling water (0.5 liters) and infuse for 10 minutes. Take three times a day, one glass. Drink every day, but you need to start 5 days before the menstruation.