Do you gain weight during your period?


On critical days, many of us face problems such as bloating, constipation, swelling, and weight gain. Why is this happening, and how to prevent the appearance of extra pounds?

Some unpleasant symptoms, as a rule, appear already a few days before the beginning of menstruation. Pain appears in the abdomen, dizziness, nausea, swelling of the legs, arms, joints, swelling of the chest and abdomen are possible.

In connection with the changes occurring in the hormonal background of the woman, appetite awakens during menstruation - this is laid by nature. Approximately from the middle of the cycle, the amount of the hormone progesterone increases in the body. This hormone is responsible for the pregnancy, and the body of a woman to obtain healthy offspring is naturally stored for the future.

A normal phenomenon can be called weight gain of no more than 900 grams, which go after menstruation. However, many women increase their weight by more than a kilogram during this period due to their large appetite. And naturally excess calories settle on the figure. As this happens on a monthly basis, excess fat gradually accumulates.

In order to protect your figure during critical days, listen to the advice of

2. Hold an educational conversation with your man

Men also contribute to gaining excess weight in their second half. After all, they have to face such unpleasant manifestations of premenstrual syndrome in their beloved, like tears, hysteria, bad mood.

And in order to somehow protect themselves from such manifestations, they are forced to indulge us with sweets, some agree to run to the store for a chocolate bar, even at night. In the premenstrual period, women around the world eat tons of chocolate products. Talk to your partner about it if you don’t want these tiles to “settle” on your hips and waist.

3. Become charged!

Light exercise can help reduce appetite. It may be like 15-minute charge in the morning, so is dancing. At the same time, it is very important that training brings emotional pleasure, leaves a pleasant sensation of warmth in the body, and does not take all your strength.

Scientific studies have shown that thanks to physical exertion, appetite is reduced. This is due to an increase in the level of adrenaline and norepinephrine in the blood against the background of muscle work. Besides the fact that these hormones help break down fats, they also help to increase the tone of the brain, reducing the body's depressive mood. Accordingly, the body ceases to feel the need for food as an antidepressant.

4. Carry out weight control

Weight change on critical days /

In the premenstrual period, there is a swelling of the uterus and its increase in weight by 1-1.5 kg, and during the critical days, the weight increases by another 1 kg. There is also an increase in breast size of 1.5-2, and the stomach may look like in the third month of pregnancy. In order not to spoil your mood, you do not need to weigh yourself these days.

During menstruation, excess fluid builds up in the body, causing such unpleasant manifestations as heaviness, nausea, vomiting, and irritation of the alimentary tract. And the fluid in the brain tissue provokes such nervous manifestations as nervousness, irritability, depression. And those extra pounds can only be this liquid, which will disappear after the critical days.

Weigh yourself at least once a month, but after the menstruation. It is better to do it on the same day of the menstrual calendar and record the result. If the weight change does not occur, it means that you can control your “menstrual” appetite.

5. Pay attention to your food.

Do not eat fatty foods these days: lard, pork, all kinds of sausages and high-fat cheeses. Forget about fried potatoes, chicken skin and a versatile mayonnaise sauce. Limit consumption of pickles, alcohol, beer, and especially sweets (confectionery, baking, sweet fruit, chocolate).

6. Diet for a good mood.

If you are in a state of significant psychological stress, in other words, you experience premenstrual syndrome, we advise you to adhere to carbohydrate diet, which contributes to the production of serotonin - the hormone of pleasure, and at the same time helps you not to gain extra pounds.

A few days before menstruation and throughout all the "red" days, your diet should consist of various cereals, grain bread, vegetables and fruits. It is necessary to include lettuce, cabbage, apples, broccoli in the menu as often as possible.

And instead of sweets you can treat yourself to bananas, dried apricots, watermelons, sunflower seeds and nuts. If you can not do without meat, give preference to bird fillet. Refuse from salty foods, sugary and caffeine-containing drinks.

7. Do not forget about iron

Weight change on critical days /

Every month during the menstrual cycle, a woman loses about 100 ml of blood, and with it about 30 mg of iron. For some women, this does not go unnoticed. During this period, they may feel weak drowsiness, decrease in working capacity. Headaches, dizziness and even fainting are also possible. After all, blood is not water at all! From this red liquid, or rather from its composition, depends on the well-being, and appearance of a woman. Unfortunately, statistics show that about half of women have problems with blood, especially young girls, who, following fashion, exhaust themselves with starvation and diets.

As a result, malnutrition occurs anemia (anemia). In order to compensate for the loss of iron and restore their strength during this period, women, instead of intensively absorbing the favorite flour and sweet dishes, it is necessary to pay attention to foods high in content. gland - brewer's yeast, boiled clams, wheat bran, sea kale, cocoa, pork liver, molasses. Remember that 20-30% of iron is absorbed from meat products, and 3-5% from vegetable products. Vitamins C and B12 promote the absorption of iron.

By following our tips, not only will you not gain weight during critical days, but also improve your well-being.

Natalia Evgenievna Pokhodilova

Psychologist, Kinesiologist Online consultant. Specialist from the website

I'm the opposite
I prick a little bit just before the menstrual period, and how they will start, as if 3 kg is lighter

Water retention in the body, as I read here. And I do not know for sure. I’m picking up, and really feeling like a barrel of water.

I am just gaining weight kg 2 maybe even 3 for sure, but my chest is also increasing by size 2, and that's how I go all inflated :)

Swelling due to hormones. Someone who has someone no, the body is different for everyone.

yes, water retention. This is normal.

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Yeah, for me, for a few days, too, my daughters, my stomach is a little bit, my chest increases very well =) and everything would be okay, but the mood jumps are also incredible on such days, I get all tearful =) and then when they start - lightness immediately fun.
Who knows why and what can be done?

I do not type, but in general a small swelling during menstruation - for many. And also, if the PMS and the mood are bad - many are punched to death and especially for sweet - this is because of the lowered level of serotonin (there is not only serotonin and it is not the main thing, of course, I just had problems with it and know about it) which the body is trying to get in this way.

╧7, exit (about PMS) - a course of antidepressants, well, this is only if it really is strong and for a long time PMS is worried.

I scored 5 already .. and at night I devoured the BATON OF WHITE BREAD. I can not stop zhor at this time. then the weight goes away

before month I have zhor! I can do nothing with it, then not the stomach, but as if the barrel was inflated. but then everything passes .. horror.

For a week, before menstruation, monstrous hunger! I eat everything that is bad))) For this week I am gaining 3-5 kg. Chest is increased by a pair of sizes. I feel like a pig, trying not to leave the house. But when they start, on the third or third day, everything returns to normal.

yes, water retention. This is normal.

Calcium to take helps!

I do not gain weight. Always in one form, that is, as from Auschwitz :)))

I type.
Because I drink a lot of fluids, and the kidneys work worse.
But after the CD, I run tukalet 20 times a day, and in a couple of days all the excess water goes away again.

Girls, this is not the weight increases, and the swelling!

I gave birth 4 months ago and before the birth before the menstrual period I had an appetite, but not so much now before them))))))) The monthly ones should start here, and I’ll find everything in the fridge after 4 days. HORROR. I don't drink much liquids. I understand this hormones are naughty, but why do we squall the weight?

I, too, are all swelling up and gaining weight ((((I get into my jeans somehow! Terribly easy! I don’t know what to do with it! On ordinary days it’s indifferent to sweets, but I’m bursting at critical times, everything, cookies, rolls, sweets Well, I really want to have a sweet one (((then the swelling goes away, but I didn’t control the weight before and after)

I have the same weight in the weight of 2-3 kg., I swell, swell up, salty, and so do not eat, zhor horror, I try to leave the house, that would interrupt zhor.

Otekayu horror as everywhere else. I eat everything. Sweet, salty, flour. all mixed up. How to avoid this, tell me.

Mdaaa)))) I want to believe that water is all)))

Who would know how to avoid it (I read it and at least I am glad that I am not the only one. I really feel like a pig, my stomach and taakk’s face are puffed up (

also the feeling that I am going with a barrel =))) I am also gaining weight, but how I will start, I’ll be blown away =)))
Zhora do not watch much!

Oh, here I have now, too, PMS. the mouth does not close =))) But I read and heard that I don’t have to attack sweet things, because will not save. It is necessary to eat everything with vitamins of group B such as fish and nuts =) So at least it’s less harmful that it will turn out =)

And I was swollen a week ago, my legs swelled up a nightmare, today the first day of menstruation does not get any easier (

the stomach inflates as if it had eaten something. and when they pass such lightness as if it had lost weight.

A week before the month I inflate like a ball, the problem areas at this time are the stomach and hips. It's horrible. Weeping mood and strong irritation lasts 2 weeks. A week before menstruation and on time. It used to be chocolate-bound, now it doesn’t go into my mouth when I look at myself during this period. And it always seems that you have recovered and are even more upset by this. Doctors said that contraceptives could help, but somehow I am afraid of them to drink. I do not know what to do. Forces is no longer enough for PCs.: (((((

I, too, lie and think, whether or not it is worth it. After months I gained 3 kg. 8 days ago, the waist was minus 4 cm, and the stomach was minus 5 cm. It seems that there is some kind of failure in the body. You can’t get this much in a week. She ate as usual.

I also want to cry and scream with annoyance. For four days while menstruating, I gained four or more kg. which I have thrown off by overworking :(. I now look like a huge lump, don `t know what to do now :(.

I have a set of 1 kg, as if I was pumped silicone with such a length, especially in the stomach (like a pregnant woman) and in the legs

I also get scared every time when I get on the scales before the menstruation (I weigh myself every day), I don’t seem to eat anything on ordinary days, and then bang from 47 to 49.5 jumps and nothing goes until it starts. and a couple of days of course incredible zhor, all indiscriminately: sweet-salty-fat-spicy-flour, don't care, a mystery where it all fits into me) but for some reason the breast doesn’t increase much, half way 1st at least once you feel the full 3rd)
By the way, now I sit with PMS, and I don’t know what to do; this month the mood swings are just awful, I almost wake up in tears, I sit and cry and I can’t stop. My whole brain has already made my claims, then I begin to shout, and then I already roar for 2 days already! Soon I will probably put injections for rabies (((

I am gaining a couple of kg.

appetite is the same.
generally eat little.
sometimes during cd i don't eat anything at all (don't climb)
Well, the tummy is increasing, but the chest is not much.

Let me pry it together with you (((I gained 5 kg. And all these CDs.

it's all because of the water retention .. the most so. kg 2 more getting, but apparently it is not visible. though it pleases. How the CD will pass, in a day, 2 maximum, everything is normalized

With zhor fight is useless, and with hysteria, too. But I figured out how to mitigate the consequences. I replace sweets like sweets-cookies with bananas, dried fruits. Sugar is the same, and the body is more useful. It is not necessary to forbid oneself to eat something, the tearfulness rises) Less fat-fried - put the meat in the oven better. PMS because all women at all times, no one gets fat by 50 kg just because of this.
Watch your favorite series, stay alone - let no one bother to roar and overeat any rubbish)

I also gain weight. And my stomach is growing ((((Yesterday, my colleagues looked at me very closely, they probably thought I was pregnant. The belly is just like a ball. So it strains everything. And this lasts 5 days a month. The state of swelling. Then everything passes, but these five days they just finish me off. There is no change in appetite, I would even say that there is no particular mood at all, because it seems that the stomach is already full

Since I am losing weight forever, during the CD the weight stays in place, it is very angry (

I, too, a week before menstruation, I am recovering. I am feeling like a ball! Hamster is all! I am trying to eat less, but it doesn’t work out. Another acne jumps up ((((((((this is a problem at all) ((((((((( , then ready to break everyone))) then everything is normal, even for some reason losing weight)))

Yes, this water is delayed, then the hormonal background changes with the onset of the CD and the water leaves, the weight returns to its normal value

I am gaining a kilogram 3

Damn this f ***** current for two weeks before menstruation. Sedna here I ate oatmeal on the water in the morning and half an apple. I decided to stop at this but it was not there! Then 3 mandarins, 1.5 apples, a pear, an orange ... went with two muffins, 3 boiled eggs, then at 7 pm I devoured 4 loaves of cheese and 7 chocolates. Right now, I drank art juice and 4 loaves devoured .. I hate myself for it ((((and yes. I want sex wildly! ((((

Never noticed, but before these periods (6 days before them) +2 kg. I started running a month ago, not a lot of charging, fasting days, the weight should go away, but here I just added a nightmare. I will hope that the monthly will pass with him +2 kg., I want to go to the sea in 2 weeks I want to be in shape

Yes, girls, full of horror. I used to think that mood swings are prejudices, but now I began to notice myself, and here I also read that you have the same thing. Zhor is really incredible, eat and eat and eat. And I type too. And yes, I agree, I want sex wildly ..

5 days before the CD nerves go to hell. I am in a good mood, understand the mood, I throw myself like a dog, I try to restrain myself as much as possible, but nothing helps, soothing help, but after a couple of hours, when their action ends, things get worse than they were. And I’m a mom, 10 months old, I don’t want a child to feel my worthless nerves and bad mood. so my age with 12 is stable, only vr time ber. calm was. I hate this ICP. And yet, during it, I’m terribly starting a house, I can’t do anything and don’t want to neither cook nor clean, pigsty, but come monthly and on the third or fourth day everything comes back to normal and the house is clean, but it’s hard to clean up so much accumulated money. in general, I have no idea how to beat this fucking ICP. he really bothers me to live, my husband hates me for it.

The same problem 😂 need to go on a diet a week before menstruation! Diet without salt, try not to salt food or just a little bit. And you need to drink water anyway 1/2 liter per day. Drink one hour before meals or 2 after meals. At night before bed, do not drink, kefir is better than a glass. The diet helps, the body needs to be cleaned and the periods pass more easily. Make it a rule once a month to arrange a fasting week, so let this week be it! Good luck to all!)))

I also have a problem with overeating. during menstruation. I can not force there. eating nausea. mostly salty. even willingly herring simply does not eat and suck all the salt. ahhh I feel gained weight. scary to get up on the scales.

I thought I was the only one. True, I had nothing like that before the age of 38. And now zhor, and weight gain, and bloating every month. After 40, it's hard to live at all))) To look normal and to keep weight you should always be hungry, do not allow yourself.

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Other factors

In addition to hormonal changes in the body, factors such as can affect the level of body weight before and on the dates of critical days:

  • diet and metabolic processes occurring in the body,
  • Genetic predisposition in women for excessive weight gain,
  • how mobile is the rhythm of her life.

But for the most part it is the hormonal background that determines the fluctuations in kilograms during their critical days, their excessive intake. In this way, the body prepares for the future maturation of the follicle and the release of the egg, conception and bearing of the fetus, compensates for the loss of fluid and blood, vital macro and microelements.

How much weight can increase during menstruation

If we talk about how much a kilogram a woman can recover during a period of menstruation - in this regard, gynecologists and nutritionists unanimously say that most of these figures are due to a genetic predisposition, so there is no sense to fight with drugs or strict diets.

Therefore, answering the question - how much a woman can gain in this interesting period, a kilogram or as many as three depends solely on the characteristics of the organism itself and heredity.

Nevertheless, one should not consider genetic predisposition - the only reason for weight gain before menstruation. So the increase in body weight is also due to the amount of food and fluid consumed - because it is so important to deviate from the usual diet the day before. According to experts, a few days before the onset of critical days and during the period of bleeding a woman may change their taste preferences, which affect the amount of food consumed, food.

It is also important to know: why there is blood after sex and is it a pathology?

How useful phytoestrogens in food, and what is their danger, the information in this article.

How to control food

As nutritionists note, we have products at our disposal that, by eating them, one can not only satisfy the feeling of hunger, but also control kilograms on critical days and bring more benefits to the body. Regarding the rules of nutrition and weight control in critical days before them, nutritionists emphasize the following fundamentals:

  1. Always have breakfast - cereals from whole grains and fruits, light protein products will benefit, saturate and will not affect the level of gain in kilograms.
  2. Be sure to enter into the diet and foods rich in their composition for vitamin D and calcium - This will help relieve pain and ease the flow of menstruation, smooth out negative symptoms in the form of depression and general malaise.
  3. Do not enter simple carbohydrates - Replace them with complex compounds of carbohydrate. Understand - the abuse of sugar and baking, baking will worsen the overall condition and provoke an increase in kilograms.

  4. Drink more water juices and herbal teas, less salt and spices, which retain water in the body and slow down metabolic processes.
  5. The main thing is not to overeatand nutritionists say - get up from the table with a slight feeling of hunger. Saturation, or rather, a signal to the brain about it comes a little later - due to this feature of the work and structure of the central nervous system.
  6. Enter in the diet rich in Omega-3 vegetable oils and nuts, certain varieties of saltwater fish. It is shown to introduce into the diet and those dishes that are rich in fiber - they improve the digestive process and do not allow stagnation of the latter in the digestive tract.
  7. It is optimal to consume in sufficient quantities and foods rich in vitamins E and B - beans and seeds, vegetable oils and nuts. The main thing is not to overdo it - food is high in calories and therefore it is necessary to consume them in moderation.

With regard to harmful products that are shown to be excluded from the diet - such are all foods and dishes that contain caffeine in their composition, as well as pastries and sugar, confectionery and simple carbohydrates, alcohol and fast food, soda and fatty, fried foods.

In contrast to harmful products during menstruation, it is best to introduce beans and buckwheat, brown rice and nuts in small quantities, as well as soybeans and potatoes, apples and pomegranates. It is shown to introduce both solid varieties of pasta and whole-grain bread - the main thing is not to exceed the norm in this case at the rate of 3-4 grams per kilogram of human weight. In all the rest - it is necessary to coordinate the diet with a nutritionist and a gynecologist. They will help you to make and choose the right diet, the frequency of food intake and the volume of ready meals consumed at a time.

In the video a more complete answer, why the weight increases before menstruation:

Causes of weight gain

Women are interested in the fact: Why do I gain extra kilos, does my weight increase temporarily? ”There are several reasons for this phenomenon.

Before the start of the menstrual flow in the body of a lady, the level of progesterone and estrogen increases. An increase in hormones entails many changes in the body.

Fluid retention

Malfunction of hormones provokes water retention in the body, in addition, it can cause constipation, disturbances in the functioning of the intestine. The rectum is very relaxed, and this leads to constipation. After the end of menstruation, everything is normal. The intestine is cleaned, excess fluid leaves the body.

Diet change

As soon as ovulation occurs, the level of progesterone in the female body greatly increases, before the cycle begins, estrogen and progesterone descend to the lowest level. Such indicators negatively affect the state of women. They make her feel depressed. In an attempt to improve her mood, a woman begins to eat a lot, preferring sweets. It is very difficult to establish control during this period, so the mass increases.

Enlarged uterus

Why weight gain occurs before menstruation, weight may increase due to the preparation of the uterus for fertilization of the egg. The uterus prepares for a possible pregnancy, the vessels expand, their inner layer thickens. Due to this, there is an increase in the volume of the uterus.

You should not worry about the increase in weight during the menstruation period, as soon as your period ends, the excess liquid will be gone. Abdominal distension with constipation will disappear.

It is worth being attentive to those girls who, even after menstruation, are not able to temper their appetite. In such a situation, the mass is added above the norm, weight gain will not stop at two kilograms.

So that after the monthly weights, the gained weight is gone completely, and there is no extra pound left to adhere to some rules.

  1. Watch your weight, control your weight daily, especially during menstruation.
  2. In the period of depression and bad mood, you can not seize negative emotions.
  3. Revise your food, exclude from the menu all foods that are not beneficial.
  4. The best nutritional option during menstruation is to create a menu for yourself that includes all the components necessary for the body.

How much weight during menstruation? So many factors will depend on lifestyle.

How to avoid weight gain

If a woman watches over her food, then her weight before menstruation can increase by no more than one kilogram. This kilogram will go away as quickly and imperceptibly as it has accumulated.

Most women gain weight in the region of two kilograms. In order not to gain more and easily get rid of the added kilograms after menstruation, you must try to follow very relevant rules.

Weight control

The main symptom of overeating are frequent weighing. You need to select a specific day of the cycle and constantly record the results. When the weight remains at the same level every month, then there is nothing to worry about. If the weight begins to increase with each cycle, this is a reason to think about your diet.

Provokes overeating during menstruation severe emotional state of a woman. During this period she is irritable, alarmed. Women try to seize their negative emotions. If she misuses it, it will be much more difficult to regain weight.

You should try to distract yourself these days. You do not need to concentrate fully on your condition, spend more time outdoors, go for a walk. Do not go into the kitchen once again without much need to resist the temptation. Menstruation is not a reason to get depressed and increase fat.

Food quality control

Stop weight gain before menstruation girls are not in the state. This is a natural physiological process that is not controlled. For her part, a woman can maintain a state of body mass.

During the period of menstruation remove from the diet all fatty foods, fried, salty. Do not eat sauces and mayonnaise. To a minimum it is necessary to reduce the use of vegetable oil. Strongly need to give up alcohol, pastries and sweets.

Keeping your appetite during your period is very hard, because at this moment all the body's metabolic processes are actively working. The feeling of hunger varies depending on the period of the cycle. At the very beginning, a woman has a very strong appetite. In the following days, it decreases, so it is necessary to make efforts for losing weight right at the very beginning.

In the future, it is easier to control the process, monitor your diet. No need to eat junk food these days. The diet should include foods rich in long carbohydrates. These products include vegetables, cereals. It is useful during the period to eat bananas, watermelon, seeds, nuts and dried apricots. Need to give up the sweet and flour, reduce the consumption of protein: eggs, fish, sausage, meat.

Physical activity

It is very important to stabilize the weight during menstruation not only to diet, but also to play sports. Many women can not fully give your body physical exertion due to poor health. But light charging will only benefit. It can be dancing or swimming. Loads will not only bring the body to tone, but also relieve psychological stress.

In addition, according to experts, light physical education can reduce appetite. During exercises in the body, the level of catecholamine - adrenaline increases, this hormone promotes the breakdown of fats. Muscles in the course of work send impulses to the higher nervous system, thereby increasing its tone and eliminating depression. And when a person is busy with business and he has a great mood, then there is no desire and time to overeat.

Controlling the weight, we should not forget that it is necessary to obtain a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals.

During menstruation, a woman loses about 100 ml of blood. This is almost half a glass. Together with the blood, the body loses 30 mg of iron. Not all women tolerate this normally. For most, it causes a lot of discomfort. During this period, women begin to be disturbed by weakness, drowsiness, and fatigue. Many are seeing bouts of severe headache, fainting. If during this period does not give the body a full diet, you can aggravate health.

As a result, women begin to be disturbed by anemia. Feeling weak, they will actively eat, leaning on the sweet and flour. Although in this situation it is necessary to give preference to products with a high content of iron. These include brewer's yeast, bran, liver, seaweed. You can use iron in vitamins.

Restore hormonal levels

If the weight increases due to hormonal failure, then in this case the treatment is prescribed by a gynecologist. A woman should be tested, on the basis of which the exact cause of the illness is established. The choice of drugs and their dosage is always strictly individual. Acceptance of hormonal drugs without a doctor's prescription is prohibited, as it may cause a complication.

Particular attention should be paid to situations where the weight is gained, but does not decrease after the end of the cycle. This may be a symptom of a serious illness. And the disease may not be associated with the female genital system.

Many people confuse pregnancy with weight gain before menstruation. The increase in kilograms during pregnancy begins to appear only in the second trimester.

Dependence of menstruation on age

The easiest way to deal with extra pounds is girls. The younger the body, the more clearly it works. When all metabolic processes are normal, there is no sharp jump in hormones, and, therefore, a strong weight gain can not be afraid.

With age, the level of estrogen in the body decreases during menstruation. With the fall of the hormone, the body begins to demand the accumulation of adipose tissue. Growing appetite, and after him, and weight. In middle-aged women, there is more often a failure in the hormonal background, the menstrual cycle aggravates the situation. Mass begins to increase more actively, but the decline is more difficult.

Monthly can bring us not only general malaise, discomfort, but also a couple of extra pounds. You should not worry about their addition. Correct measures will help to get rid of them easily after the end of the cycle.

Why does weight increase during menstruation?

Each new reproductive cycle begins with bloody discharge from the vagina. This is an external manifestation of the cyclical nature of the functioning of the reproductive system, normal for the female body. It is menarche (first menstruation) that indicates that a girl has reached the age sufficient to bear and produce offspring. The hormonal formation of the maturing organism begins at the age of 12-14 years and ends with the attainment of adulthood. The symptoms of menstruation make it possible to determine the appearance of various infections and the course of pathologies in the activity of the internal organs, in particular, the sex organs.

A generally accepted fact - a jump in body weight a few days before the start of menstruation. If some women do not pay attention to it, others burn with curiosity, trying to understand why this is happening. According to statistics, before and during menstruation, about 50 percent of women gain extra pounds. The reason for this - not the accumulation in the body of ill-fats, and fluid retention in the tissues at the end of the cycle. The inability to withdraw fluid is caused by hormonal shaking, because before the menstruation there is a change in the ratio of estrogen and progesterone. After critical days, the usual balance is restored.

This hormonal failure provokes constipation. Due to the lack of hormones necessary for normal peristalsis, the muscles of the intestine are strained, defecation is difficult, which is why overweight appears. The same circumstances serve as a background for the formation of excess gases. With the completion of menstruation, excess fluid is excreted in the urine. The weight and shape of a woman's body acquire the usual parameters. The article discusses in detail the question of why during menstruation, menstruation is gaining weight, what causes weight gain during menstruation, and what to do if extra menus appear during menstruation.

Natural causes of weight gain during menstruation, menstruation

The natural reasons for the increase in weight during menstruation, extra pounds appear during menstruation, this is an excessive accumulation of fluid in the body. Such a reason for weight gain is related to physiological problems, that is, it is not a sign of a problem. This situation is most often found in those girls who, in most cases, have heavy discharge during menstruation, that is, when their periods are heavy. Excess fluid, that is, fluid retention in the female body provokes the appearance of edema. Such symptoms are stressful for the female body, because excess fluid during menstruation is able to be distributed throughout the female body, because of which the weight increases, overweight during menstruation appears. An increase in appetite during menstruation also affects weight gain during menstruation, therefore, women who suffer from overweight are advised to stick to their normal diet and not overeat during their periods.

Such a problem as anemia during menstruation, also indirectly affects the appearance of excess weight. With anemia, women often experience severe hunger, because the body thus gives a clear signal about its specific needs. Because of the forced overeating, the total weight may slightly increase and differ from the usual indicator. The change in digestion before the onset of menstruation is due to the fact that in the blood of a woman there is a sharp increase in progesterone. Because of this, the process of uterine relaxation can occur and, as a result, constipation and the accumulation of excess gases, all this leads to a slight increase in the weight of the woman.

Controlling food intake will help reduce excess weight.

Another prerequisite for weight gain is hyperappetite at the border of two cycles. Poor health and mood swings, many of the fair sex prefer to stick. Especially to control the amount of calories consumed per day before critical days should be girls prone in their entirety.The best indicator will be daily weighing, which will indicate the need to stop.

Premenstrual syndrome - PMS during menstruation and overweight

Mood swings, constant hunger, especially at night, thirst and increased aggression are signs of a condition called premenstrual syndrome. The absolute majority of women face this problem, because according to sociological research, only 10% of women around the planet do not worry about the described symptoms before menstruation. The rest of the symptoms of PMS appear fully or partially, sometimes in different combinations. Changes in behavior are caused by a change in the level of hormones during the cycle. Hormonal jumps are especially felt by women who are prone to corpulence. Before menstruation, the body significantly increases the concentration of progesterone, which contributes to the absorption of food and weight gain. Nature has provided such an order to become pregnant, the woman ate enough to provide all the necessary nutrients baby.

PMS in many women is associated with discomfort in the intestines, hard stools and, of course, the appearance of a couple of extra pounds. The development of willpower will be a good means of confronting an increase in body volume, ideally with setting a goal that excludes fullness. Women who constantly keep their health and appearance under control, on average, gain up to a kilogram of extra weight during their periods, which easily disappears with the end of discharge. However, there are cases when the weight of the lady increases to 2 extra pounds. Even dropping a part of them, the balance will be in fat reserves, and with each month the reflection in the mirror will be less attractive. Stretch marks in problem areas are also an unpleasant surprise. To maintain your body in shape, you need to control your weight, relieve stress not through the contents of the refrigerator, but with positive emotions or a hobby, eliminate harmful foods from your diet, creating a full balanced menu that will satisfy your appetite and help enrich your body with vitamins.

The most significant result of overeating is a mark opposite to the arrow of scales. Start weighing each month on one day of the cycle and record the results for comparison with previous periods. If, following the above recommendations, you will achieve a positive effect, then you can praise yourself. But this is not a reason to complete work on yourself. Often women overeat causes depressed psycho-emotional state before the onset of menstruation. Tasty but not healthy dishes help to cope with irritation, discontent and apathy. With the habit of constantly looking into the fridge, a note (possibly in a joking manner) that prohibits overeating can help.

Exercise - a way to get rid of excess weight during menstruation, menstruation

In addition to the diet, a sensation of joy to a person is given by moderate exercise. Engage in dancing or fitness. The pleasure of keeping your body toned will distract you from disturbing thoughts. A number of studies have shown that using a small load makes it much easier to deal with excessive appetite. The development of adrenaline and norepinephrine during exercise contributes to the rapid splitting of fats. The cerebral cortex is toned, taking the nerve impulses emanating from the muscles, which leads to a depressive state that makes a woman think about food.

The quality of food consumed affects weight gain during menstruation.

During the dangerous period, it is worthwhile to refuse from the presence in the diet of foods with a high amount of fat (pork, cheeses, lard, sausages), fried foods and salads, seasoned with mayonnaise, as well as vegetable oil and nuts. Not less than these products harm alcoholic beverages, salty foods, sweets in the form of chocolate, candy and baking.

The desire to eat more before menstruation is normal, nature laid it in us. Acceleration of metabolism in this period allows weight gain to quickly go. You can not torture yourself fasting or diets during this period. It is only necessary to properly prioritize nutrition, so that the meal is not postponed by extra centimeters at the waist. And then overweight, suddenly appearing before menstruation, will only be a fluid retained in the tissues, which will be eliminated from the body, leaving no trace.

In order for mood swings at the end of the cycle not to force a woman to improve her mood with the help of harmful goodies, nutritionists recommend adhering to carbohydrate intake diets at this time. In this way, the body’s production of serotonin, which brings happiness to a person, is enhanced. Add vegetables, cereal bread and cereal products to your daily diet. It is recommended to eat bananas, dried fruits, nuts, seeds and watermelons. Protein foods (fish, eggs, meat, sausages) should be limited. Sweets in any form, including sugar, it is better not to use.