Yellow discharge after Terginan


Terzhinan is a local drug for the treatment of vaginal infections. Selection is possible after Terzhinan. Most often they are caused by the corticosteroid component of the drug or by removing the candle itself (tablets) from the vagina. Discharges from Terzhinan usually do not carry any danger. Cheesy discharge on the contrary require therapy. Leave such a selection can not be ignored.

The drug is suitable for pregnant women (from 2 trimester), patients from 16 years of age. Candles are prescribed for thrush, colpitis, gonorrheal infection, vaginitis of different nature, vaginal dysbiosis. The effectiveness of candles is high when used properly. During breastfeeding, treatment is carried out if the benefit to the mother exceeds the risk to the baby.

Pharmacological properties, forms, composition

Terzhinan - It is a complex medicinal product that contains several active ingredients. Terzhinan is produced in the form of vaginal forms (suppositories and tablets). The drug is administered vaginally.

The composition of the drug:

  • Ternidazole
  • Neomycin sulfate,
  • Nystatin,
  • Prednisolone sodium metasulfobenzoate.

Ternidazole - It is a component that affects Trichomonas, as well as anaerobic flora (including Gardnerella). Neomycin is considered an antibacterial agent. It inhibits the formation of protein molecules of ribosomes in pathogenic microbes. Under the action of Neomycin, the transcription of the microbe genome is reduced or stopped. Anaerobic bacterial agents (corinobacteria, listeria, staphylococcus), gram-positive bacterial organisms (syrup pus, etc.) are sensitive to Neomycin. These pathogenic microbes are often resistant to systemic antimicrobials.

Nystatin - It is an antifungal component of suppositories and vaginal tablets. The drug destroys the shell of fungal agents. This provokes the death of a microbe. Nystatin acts only on the eukaryotic group of fungi (the Candida genus).

Prednisolone is a glucocorticosteroid component. With local exposure to drugs in the affected area, the inflammatory reaction is reduced, allergies are gone, and swelling of the vaginal walls. The component reduces the exudation of the vaginal mucosa due to vasoconstriction.

Pharmacokinetic properties of the drug have not been studied, as the drug is applied topically. Minimal absorption into the blood, which does not allow to trace the metabolism and elimination of the active substances of the drug. Because of this, candles and tablet form means are not used in children under 16 years of age.

Indications and limitations for prescribing the drug

The list of indications for Terzhinan is quite large. It is used in inflammatory, bacterial and fungal pathologies of the female genital area.

Indications for appointment of Terzhinan:

  • vaginitis that is triggered by gonorrheal bacterial flora,
  • chronic colpitis with frequent relapses (nonspecific damage to the walls of the vagina and cervix),
  • imbalance of the normal flora and pH of the vagina,
  • vaginitis caused by trichomonas infection
  • Candida vaginal wall damage,
  • vaginitis of various etiologies.

Terzhinan is indicated for patients who need surgery on the genital tract or pelvis. The drug is used as a prophylactic agent for vaginitis. Terzhinan is necessary for the rehabilitation of the genital tract in patients with started vaginitis or its history.

It is permissible to apply Terzhinan during pregnancy on the eve of delivery, cesarean section. Terzhinan is necessary before medical abortion to prevent complications after curettage (curettage). The tool prevents the development of ascending infection after the procedure. The drug is shown to patients before radiography of the uterine organ, tubes. It is permissible to prescribe the drug before placing the helix or other contraceptives.

The drug is often prescribed to women after a course of antibacterial drugs. Antibiotics are capable of causing dysbacteriosis of the vagina, after which fungal agents begin to multiply. Terzhinan allows you to kill fungi. It is permissible to use it as a local remedy during antibiotic therapy to prevent fungal infections of the vagina.

Terzhinan not used in patients with allergies to the components of the drug. If there is an allergic reaction, the doctor replaces the medicine with another similar remedy. You can not prescribe the drug to girls and girls under 16 years of age. In this group of patients, the agent has not been studied, it can provoke a strong atrophy of the vaginal mucosa. Young patients often experience systemic effects from prednisolone.

Undesirable manifestations during the use of medication

Unwanted effects are very rare, as the medicine is used topically. The adsorption of the components of the drug occurs in small quantities. With vaginal use, only local reactions are observed in most cases. Possible manifestations of allergies, burning in the vagina.

Systemic exposure to glucocorticosteroid (GCS) (Prednisolone) is rare. With the use of Terzhinan Prednisolone, which is part of it, can lead to atrophy of the mucous membrane. GCS causes a decrease in the healing of microcracks and wounds on the mucous membrane. The blood from Terginan is caused by atrophy and mucosal damage. Yellow discharge after Terginan is also possible.. They appear after a while. It highlights the base of the candle. Highlight can be cheesy. They are caused by a fungus that has joined on the background of long-term treatment.

Blood-sucking is a minor excretion of blood. At the same time, the blood quickly changes color to brown. The discharge looks brown, smearing.

Terms of use candles

According to the instructions, vaginal tablets or suppositories should be inserted deep into the vagina.. Before the introduction, you must wash your hands with soap, wash, lie down on the bed. You can also put a thin gasket. If a tablet is injected, it should be soaked in water for 20-30 seconds, so that its shell softens slightly. This will help the tablet dissolve more quickly into the vagina.

A woman should enter a pill or suppository supine (preferably at night). After installing the suppository (pill), it is necessary to lie down for 15 minutes so that the medicine is distributed evenly over the mucous membrane. Otherwise, after dissolving the contents of the candle will simply be removed from the vagina, without giving a therapeutic effect.

In order to prevent Terzhinan used daily for 6 days. The treatment course is up to 10 days (1 time per day). If necessary, the course therapy is prolonged or repeated. If at the time of therapy falls menstruation, the use of the drug is not stopped. Menstrual bleeding does not reduce the effectiveness of therapy. Before using the medication, be sure to visit the antenatal clinic.

Pregnant women are prescribed Terzhinan before childbirth with a preventive purpose for 6 days. If there are inflammation of the tissues of the genital tract, then suppose the reception of candles for 10 days. Candles are administered once per day, preferably at night. You can use Terzhinan before cesarean section in the same doses. Before surgery or manipulation, the patient is prescribed a 10-day course of Terginan. Candles put once a day before bedtime.

Candidiasis of the vagina requires a 20-day application of candles. If you make candles less than 20 days, then candida can get used to the drug. Disease will return after some time. When using a 20-day course of treatment, candida dies. If antifungal tablet preparations are used simultaneously with Terzhinan, the fungus can be removed completely. Doctors advise to treat thrush complex.

A woman should treat any genital infections at the same time as her partner (husband). Treatment of partners should be comprehensive. More often prescribed Terzhinan together with antibacterial or antifungal drugs (depending on the type of disease). If you treat only the patient (and do not treat the partner), the disease will definitely return. The partner shows ointments, pill forms, the woman - candles, tablets (antifungal or antibiotics).

Possible discharge when using Terginan

After using Terzhinan several types of discharge are possible.. The woman can be detected after the application of Terzhinan yellow discharge, blood and bloody discharge. Yellow discharge is completely safe. The patient is not disturbed by anything, since these secretions are explained by simple removal of the drug. Dissolved tablet or candle has a yellowish color. During the discharge of medication, the woman does not feel pain.

A slight burning sensation is allowed. But such a reaction is more common in patients with damaged or highly inflamed mucosa. After Terzhinan yellow discharge begins to depart some time after the setting of the candle (pill). They may persist throughout the day.

Terzhinan has a glucocorticosteroid component. On the background of long-term use of the drug, mucosal atrophy is possible. If a woman already had atrophic or inflammatory damage to the vaginal tissue, then blood (brown) or bloody discharge after the candles of Terzhinan is possible.

Blood seals are quite acceptable. They do not cause discomfort, pain, burning. This can be attributed to the weak healing of the micro-cancer. You should not worry about the presence of blood discharge.

Since the mucosa is atrophied, the vessels are also damaged. In case of a sex act, the intensity of the discharge may increase. If severe bleeding occurs, the patient should consult a doctor. The doctor will cancel or replace the medicine with another drug that does not contain Prednisone or another GCS.

If a pregnant patient had bleeding (more abundant, not smearing) on ​​the background of using Terzhinan, then she be sure to consult a doctor. The doctor will conduct an examination, make an ultrasound. These activities will help eliminate placental abruption, check the status of the fetus.

If the treatment resulted in a cheesy past discharge, accompanied by severe itching, burning sensation in the genital tract, then you should consult a doctor. The reason for such discharge is the addition of a fungal infection. Cheesy discharge can provoke prolonged exposure to Prednisolone in conjunction with antibiotics. Exacerbation of fungal infections require the use of antifungal drugs. On the background of treatment, the discharge will go away already on the 3rd day or earlier


Proper administration of Terzhinan usually does not cause serious consequences. Yellow and serous discharge is considered normal. The bleeding is the result of mucosal atrophy, especially in patients with existing atrophy of the genital tract tissue. Cheesy discharges require urgent treatment, as they are a complication of prolonged use of Terginan. With the appearance of strong bleeding, pregnant women should immediately contact a doctor to exclude placental abruption. Careful attention to your health will help avoid adverse events and dangerous secretions.

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What is included in the vaginal tablets?

The drug "Terzhinan" refers to a group of medicinal drugs with antibacterial effect. It contains an antibiotic from the group of aminoglycosides, fungicidal agent and glucocorticosteroid. Also in the composition of these vaginal suppositories are the following biologically active components:

  • sodium prednisolone metasulfobenzoate,
  • nystatin,
  • ternidazole,
  • neomycin sulfate.

In addition, the tablets "Terzhinan" contains excipients - sodium carboxymethyl starch, starch, colloidal silicon dioxide, lactose monohydrate and magnesium stearate.

Supposted candles for vaginal administration of 6-10 pieces in special cell-free packaging - strips made of metal foil. Such packaging is considered ideal, since the average duration of treatment is about 6-10 days.

Tablets "Terzhinan", thanks to its active ingredients, have on the female body the following actions:

  • antiprotozoal,
  • antifungal,
  • antimicrobial,
  • anti-inflammatory,

On top of that, they ensure the constancy of the pH and the integrity of the mucous membrane of the female internal genital organs.

What pathologies are prescribed for?

Such tablets are used not only for the treatment of various diseases in the genital area, but also as a preventive measure. Candles "Terzhinan" indications for use have the following: chronic colpitis, vaginitis, thrush, vaginal dysbiosis, erosion and others. In other words, they are used to combat fungal, inflammatory and bacterial ailments.

The combined drug "Verzhinan", the indications for which are described above, is also used before gynecological operations to avoid the appearance of infections. It is often used before childbirth, termination of pregnancy, the installation of the intrauterine device and the implementation of some diagnostic procedures.

Terzhinan: instructions for use candles

Reviews of this anti-inflammatory drug leave many women. In their opinion, it helps them to get rid of a large number of gynecological problems. In the vagina, according to the instructions, enter 1 tablet per day. Best of all, of course, to carry out such a procedure in the evening, before you go to sleep. The duration of treatment is determined by the gynecologist.

But before you enter the candles, you must first wash your hands with soap and wash. The drug is taken out of the packaging just before use, as under the influence of external factors, it may lose its shape. To speed up its action and facilitate the introduction of a vaginal suppository for 10 seconds, it is recommended to dip it into clean boiled water at room temperature.

You must take any comfortable posture with the introduction of the pill "Terzhinan". Instructions for the use of candles and reviews will help you figure out how to insert them correctly. It is advisable to carry out such a procedure lying. Then you should slide the drug into the vagina with your finger until it touches the cervix. It is allowed to get up after 25 minutes, because during this time the tablet is completely dissolved, and the active substances will enter the blood.

The elimination of gynecological pathologies lasts approximately 10 days. If necessary, the doctor may extend therapy. In order to prevent the duration of the use of tablets is 6 days.

Can there be yellow discharge after “Terzhinan”?

The appearance of such a secretion after the use of the drug is considered the norm and does not indicate the development of pathologies. The appearance of mucus is usually associated with the insertion of a candle and the release of its remnants from the vagina. Yellow discharge after "Terzhinan" can last for 1-2 hours without causing itching or a rash on the labia.

This drug contains substances that can be absorbed into the fabric of the panties, leaving spots. To yellow discharge after "Terzhinan" did not cause inconvenience, you should use sanitary pads.

Pathological secretion from the genital tract

Vaginal discharge of a yellowish shade is the norm after the introduction of the pill, but you should consult a doctor if they are accompanied by:

  • severe burning, itching and putrid odor,
  • cutting or pulling pain in the abdomen,
  • intermenstrual bleeding,
  • the occurrence of streaks mixed with blood,
  • appearance on the genitals and underwear clots white.

Still worth alarming if there are heavy discharge after the "Terzhinan." After all, bacterial infections require additional diagnosis and oral medication. The cause of changes in the nature of the discharge may be the inflammatory process in the reproductive system. It is associated with the accession of a secondary disease due to:

  • Hormonal failure.
  • Infections of a sexually transmitted infection.
  • Neglect of hygiene, rare change of pads and underwear.
  • Conducting sex without contraceptives.
  • Progressive disease, which became the basis for treatment with the drug "Terzhinan".

Selections after the use of these candles may occur in each patient. To establish the cause of their appearance will have to visit a specialist.

Cheesy and frothy secretion

If there is no yellow discharge after “Terzhinan”, but frothy or cheesy whites with a rotten or putrid odor, it means that the treatment turned out to be ineffective or the woman suffers from trichomoniasis, candidiasis, and bacterial vaginosis. In such a situation it is better to visit a gynecologist.

Более того, творожистые выделения могут указывать на уничтожение полезной микрофлоры влагалища активными веществами вагинальных свечей. Чтобы ее нормализовать, придется дополнительно пропить курс пробиотиков.

The appearance of green secretions after the use of vaginal suppositories

The emergence of mucus greenish hue - a sign of misuse of candles and re-infection. It should be remembered that such tablets should be administered only after washing. If you ignore this rule, bacteria can appear on the genitals, which, when in contact with the drug, will move deep into the vagina. Neglect of personal hygiene will lead to re-infection. Eliminate these negative effects will only antibacterial drugs.

The appearance of brown and pink mucus during treatment

As already known, normal are transparent and yellowish mucous discharge after "Terzhinan". But when their color changes, you should be alert. Selection pink tint can occur during erosion or inflammation in the cervix. The introduction of a foreign object in such pathologies can lead to a slight bleeding.

Also, pinkish mucus from the genital tract is observed when the vaginal suppository is inserted incorrectly. The instructions indicate that the pill, pulled out of the package, you need a little wet with warm water. Only after that it must be inserted into the vagina. If to use a preparation, without observing this rule, it is possible to damage a mucous membrane. It is because of this that blood streaks or pinkish secretions arise, which quickly disappear.

In infectious diseases, a pinkish vaginal secretion may also appear. The progression of pathology leads to non-compliance with the recommendations of the doctor and the wrong dosage.

Brown mucus from the genital tract mainly occurs in diseases of the uterus, and even when carrying a child. If a pregnant patient noticed brown or red spots on the panties after the injection, it is best to call an ambulance. Such a symptom may indicate a placental abruption, ectopic pregnancy, and a threatened miscarriage.

Diagnostic procedures

To find out what kind of discharge should be after “Terzhinan”, you need to make an appointment with a gynecologist. If necessary, he will send a woman for examination to identify the exact cause of their appearance. The diagnostic plan includes:

  • Hemostasiogram.
  • Blood test.
  • Cytology smear.
  • Ultrasound of the pelvic organs.
  • Blood test for hormones.

In some cases, diagnostic curettage is also carried out with further histological analysis of samples taken from the mucous membrane of the uterus to clarify the diagnosis.

Negative effects of the drug

Candles for inflammation in gynecology "Terzhinan" can cause severe itching, discomfort and burning in the vagina. A similar reaction occurs due to the increased sensitivity of the mucous membranes to the active components of the drug. When such a side effect appears, it is imperative that you consult with your doctor to replace the drug or administer antihistamines.

Opinion of women about the tablets "Terzhinan"

For many patients, these vaginal suppositories have helped to cure serious gynecological pathologies. Therefore, they can be found a large number of good reviews. The advantages of the drug, they attributed to ease of use, good tolerability and affordable cost. Rarely, treatment with an agent causes side effects or complications.

The representatives of the weaker sex, applying these candles during lactation and carrying the child, leave feedback about their high efficiency. Compared with other drugs, tablets "Terzhinan" demonstrate the best pharmacological properties. They do not harm either the fetus or the pregnant woman.

According to some reviews, it becomes clear that such a drug is often used to treat thrush. Ladies of childbearing age use candles at home to quickly restore the vaginal biocenosis.

Of course, there are negative reviews about this drug. Mostly they are left by women who are hypersensitive to substances in its composition. Still patients complain of discharge with an admixture of blood arising in the process of treatment with "Terzhinan". However, doctors do not associate bleeding with medication, they advise women not to forget to undergo an annual medical examination in order to avoid such problems.

Application and contraindications

For therapeutic purposes, this medicine is used not only in gynecology, but also in obstetrics. It is produced in the form of vaginal suppositories. Active substances means quickly dissolve in the body.

After using candles, Terzhinan can get rid of the symptoms of diseases of the genital organs, such as thrush.

He is discharged for treatment:

  • Trichomonas vaginitis.
  • vaginal dysbiosis. The disease is characterized by a violation of the vaginal microflora,
  • vaginitis fungal etymology,
  • chronic obesity,

Terzhinan from thrush has proven itself well, so we recommend reading more details about the nuances of its use.

Also, the drug is prescribed for prophylactic purposes before:

  1. Abortion or generic process.
  2. Hysterosalpinography.
  3. The implementation of invasive manipulations.
  4. Diathermocoagulation of the uterine cervix.

The advantage of Terzhinan is the absence of obvious contraindications to its use. However, the drug is not prescribed in the presence of individual intolerance to one of its active ingredients.

The appearance of white discharge from Terzhinan is the norm. Many girls from the vagina after using such candles flowed a large amount of mucous secretion. He is pink, yellow, brown and scarlet.

The presence of light mucous secretions should not be a cause for concern. If the girl who uses this medication has discovered a dark vaginal secret on her underwear - this is an alarming symptom.

Method of use

For the treatment of vaginal infections and inflammation in the pelvic organs, specialists in the field of obstetrics and gynecology appoint Terginan to their patients.

To cure a vaginal disease of a fungal etymology, it is necessary to insert 1 candle per day into the vagina. It is recommended to do this at night.

  1. It takes a pill and is wetted in water for 20 seconds.
  2. A woman crouches and takes her two fingers over the edge.
  3. The candle should be inserted deep into the vagina.
  4. The woman assumes a lying position for at least 15 minutes.

Treatment with Terzhinan must be continuous. The recommended course of its use is 10 days. In the case of confirmed mycosis, the course of treatment with this medicine is increased to 20 days.

Gynecologists insist on the use of Terginan even during menstruation.

Side effects

If after applying the first candle there is a strong discomfort in the genital area, you need to tell the gynecologist about it. This is probably due to an allergic reaction of the body. In this case, the doctor will prescribe another drug to the patient.

Among the side effects of Terzhinan can be identified:

  1. Itching and burning in the labia.
  2. Local irritation of the skin (occurs at the beginning of treatment).
  3. Injury of the mucous membrane of the vagina (occurs when improper insertion of the candle).
  4. The appearance of mucous secretion.

Discharge after Terzhinan often indicate a course in the body of the pathological process. Let's talk more about this side effect.

Yellow discharge on linen

The presence of yellow discharge from Terzhinan is not a deviation. Vaginal secretion staining in this color is associated with the release of residual medication. There are no other reasons for the appearance of yellow secretions after applying this medication.

A woman will encounter them for several hours after waking up. As for itching, burning and rash, during the period of yellowing of the vaginal secretion these symptoms are absent.

If for 3 days after applying the candles Terzhinan, the yellowish discharge became curd or changed color, then it is worth telling the gynecologist about it. This situation may be associated with a change in the microflora of the vagina due to the influence of antibiotic on it.

An excess of an acidic substance will prevail on the mucous membrane of the vagina, which will create favorable conditions for the reproduction of fungal bacteria. As a result, candidiasis may appear.

Brown and bloody

Red staining of vaginal secretions is often confused with premature desquamation. In the presence of pink and brown secretions after the start of therapy should consult a gynecologist, as this is an alarming symptom. Terzhinan does not contain hormones that provoke a shift in the monthly cycle. Therefore, its use for medicinal purposes should not be a reason for premature desquamation (uterine endometrium).

With bloody discharge, Terzhinan can be treated. However, if the secret turns red or brown after using it, the therapy is stopped.

This drug does not have a detrimental effect on the body, so the manifestation of such a symptom may be triggered by another factor, for example:

  • hormonal imbalance. It often appears on the background of other diseases. As a result of hormonal imbalance, menstruation begins prematurely,
  • gynecological pathology. The appearance of bloody vaginal secretions during the treatment period with Terzhinan can be triggered by the development of endometriosis, erosion of the uterine cervix, polyposis.

It should be remembered that the output from the vagina scarlet or brown blood is not a consequence of the use of therapeutic candles. If this symptom manifests itself in a pregnant girl, she urgently needs to visit a doctor, as there is a threat of miscarriage.

The bloody discharge after Terzhinan may become more abundant during desquamation. This is normal. Also, do not worry if, 1-2 days before the beginning of desquamation, the vaginal secretion turns pink.

In urgent hospitalization need girls who, after the start of treatment with Terzhinan, faced with abundant bloody vaginal discharge, accompanied by nausea, dizziness and weakness.

To determine the cause of such an organism's reaction to the drug and to help stop unpleasant symptoms, you will need to undergo a comprehensive medical examination.

Terginan during pregnancy

Doctors prescribe this drug during pregnancy, but only from the second trimester. An antibiotic that is included in its composition does not have a detrimental effect on the health of the future mother and her child. However, this does not mean that using Terzhinan for medicinal purposes, a woman should not listen to her body.

Vaginal discharge when taking Terzhinan in pregnant women is a frequent occurrence. In most cases, they are painted yellow.

The presence of bleeding from the vagina often signals not only a miscarriage, but also an ectopic pregnancy. It is necessary to call the ambulance brigade if this symptom is accompanied by severe pain in the abdomen and lower back area.

On the outflow of amniotic fluid says mucous secretions, which is released from the vagina with blood spots. It has an unpleasant smell.

Abundant pink discharge from the expectant mother may indicate spontaneous abortion, placental abruption or premature birth.

As medical practice shows, Terzhinan is well tolerated by women suffering from gynecological ailments. The absence of contraindications and the minimum number of side effects makes its use not only effective, but also safe.

During pregnancy

Advantages of Terzhinan diverse, as it has antiseptic, antibacterial and antifungal properties. The undoubted advantage is that the antibiotic contained in this drug does not adversely affect the organism of the future mother and fetus, which allows its use during pregnancy. Such a high level of security is due to the selective and local impact of the active components of the drug on the vaginal mucosa.

Each active ingredient of Terzhinan does not have the ability to penetrate the systemic circulation, which by itself excludes the possibility of transplacental ingestion of the drug into the body of a child. The only contraindication to the use of this medicinal drug is the presence of individual intolerance to one of the components of the tool. If the future mother does not have a tendency to allergic reactions, then she can not be afraid of the use of this substance.

Dosage and administration

In order to obtain a therapeutic effect, it is recommended that Terginan’s vaginal tablet be administered once a day, before going to bed in the vagina. This allows the tablet for a long time to be in the lumen of the vagina. The duration of the course of therapy with vaginal suppositories of Terzhinan is at least 10 days. If the pregnant woman has developed fungal vaginitis, the duration of the course of drug therapy is automatically extended to 20 days. Before the introduction of the medication into the lumen of the vagina, it is recommended to keep the pill in pure water for 30 seconds. For some pregnant women may be provided for individual recommendations regarding its use.

in 1 trimester

Terzhinan is safe in the early stages of gestation. Despite the fact that the drug contains an antibacterial component, there is no risk of adverse effects on the body of a developing child when using it. Even taking into account safety, it is recommended to use caution when using it in the first trimester of pregnancy.

in the 2nd trimester

During this period of pregnancy, the female body is less vulnerable than earlier periods. For the purpose of treating infectious and inflammatory diseases of the reproductive organs in pregnant women, the standard therapeutic dosage of candles Terzhinan is used. If you experience a burning sensation and discomfort in the external genital area, the expectant mother is recommended to consult a medical specialist for the selection of individual dosage.

in 3 trimester

During this period, the woman's body begins preparing for delivery. This event is always accompanied by a heightened vulnerability of the female body to adverse environmental factors. In order to avoid consequences, the expectant mother is recommended to abandon the additional burden on her body. Being in prenatal readiness, a pregnant woman is strictly forbidden to carry out an independent selection of the dosage of Terzhinan. If the expectant mother needed to use this remedy, then the treatment should be coordinated with your doctor.

Yellow discharge for background use

A very common occurrence in the treatment of pregnant women with the drug Terjinan is yellow discharge from the genital tract. This phenomenon does not go beyond the physiological norm, and there is a result of the removal of vaginal suppository residues. After the introduction of the drug, the expectant mother will be able to observe yellow discharge after terginan for several hours.

In order to avoid the discomfort associated with this condition, women are recommended to use daily pads.

Bleeding after drug

In medical practice, there were cases when women faced bloody discharge from the genital tract, which they associated with the use of the drug Terzhinan. Given the chemical composition and mechanism of action of this medicinal drug, Terzhinan does not contribute to the appearance of this adverse reaction. Cause the formation of this complication can such factors:

  • Premature onset of menstruation, triggered by hormonal changes in a woman’s body,
  • The development of diseases of the reproductive system, such as cervical erosion, endometriosis, polyps and endometritis.

Note! If a pregnant woman, against the background of the use of Terzhinan, found bloody discharge from the vagina, then she was advised to immediately seek medical advice. Isolation of blood from the genital tract in a pregnant woman may indicate the development of serious pathologies such as premature detachment of the placenta and spontaneous abortion of pregnancy (miscarriage). It is important to note that the blood from the vagina has nothing to do with the use of vaginal suppositories.

If a woman has blood discharge from the genital tract with vaginal suppositories of Terzhinan, then she will need a comprehensive medical examination. The standard diagnostic plan contains the following items:

  • General clinical blood test,
  • Coagulogram,
  • Ultrasound examination of the pelvic organs,
  • Examination of vaginal smears for cytology,
  • The study of blood samples to the level of sex hormones.

В некоторых случаях, для уточнения диагноза, женщине выполняется диагностическое выскабливание с последующим гистологическим исследованием взятых образцов слизистой оболочки полости матки.

Обратите внимание! При необходимости, женщине могут назначить гормональные лекарственные препараты, а также средства, нормализующие уровень эстрогенов в организме.

Side effects

Some women complain of discomfort and burning sensation in the area of ​​the external genital organs. This adverse reaction occurs against the background of the use of vaginal suppositories Terzhinan, and indicates an increased sensitivity of the vaginal mucosa. Other side effects in the background of using Terzhinan include:

  • The reaction of individual intolerance. If a woman has a tendency to develop allergic reactions, then the intolerance of one or several components of terginan can result in the formation of redness of the skin and mucous membranes, burning sensation, itching and skin rash. In this case, it is recommended to stop taking it and consult a medical specialist,
  • Trauma of the vaginal mucosa. If the technique of suppository insertion is not observed, there is a risk of compromising the integrity of the vaginal mucosa. For minor injuries, specialized treatment is not required.

In all other cases, this drug is favorably tolerated by the female body.


Since the sale of this pharmaceutical product, in medical practice there have been no cases of overdose. This circumstance is due to the fact that Terzhinan is not able to penetrate into the systemic circulation and cause various reactions from the organs and systems. With an increase in therapeutic dosage, in some cases, symptoms of general malaise may develop.

Interaction with other drugs

In the course of conducting clinical trials, medical specialists did not find an active interaction of the drug Terzhinan with other medicines. For safety reasons, it is not recommended to carry it out simultaneously with other pharmaceuticals. The decision on the inclusion in the therapy of additional funds, takes only the attending physician.

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Highlight yellow after treatment with Terzhinan

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Terzhinan is a powerful anti-inflammatory and immunostimulatory drugs. It is actively used in gynecology for the treatment of various infectious and inflammatory pathologies of the female genital tract. But while taking the drug, there are secretions that cause unnecessary feelings in patients. In order not to sound the alarm every time, you should familiarize yourself with the likely consequences of treatment with Terzhinan.

When the drug is prescribed

Terzhinan is actively used in gynecology and is prescribed for the treatment of many female diseases:

  • thrush,
  • colpit,
  • bacterial vaginitis,
  • mixed vaginitis.

It is also used for the prevention of infectious diseases:

  • before gynecological manipulations (childbirth, abortion, curettage),
  • before and after the installation of the intrauterine device,
  • when planning the birth of a child
  • before diatermocoagulation of the cervix.

The drug is safe even during pregnancy. It practically does not cause side effects and unpleasant consequences. But it can only be used as directed by the doctor. Uncontrolled reception causes complications of the underlying disease, if the method of treatment is chosen incorrectly.

When discharge is not normal

Yellowish discharge refers to the norm, but you should visit a doctor if you experience associated symptoms:

  • pulling or cutting pains in the abdomen,
  • 2-3 times increase in the volume of discharge
  • the appearance of a bloody streak,
  • intermenstrual bleeding,
  • the appearance of white clots on linen and genitals,
  • severe itching, unpleasant smell, burning.

Infections of a bacterial nature require additional examination and administration of oral medications.

Causes of change is inflammation in the reproductive system. It is associated with the accession of a secondary infection in the background:

  • non-compliance with hygiene, rare change of linen and pads,
  • sex life without barrier contraception and STDs,
  • hormonal changes,
  • progressive disease, which became the basis for the appointment of Terzhinan.

Find out the cause of discomfort can only a doctor. The woman is assigned an ultrasound and manual examination, smear analysis for flora, complete blood and urine analysis. According to the survey results, drugs compatible with Terzhinan are prescribed.

Specialist attention should be paid in case of deviations from the norm:

  • watery discharge may indicate a leakage of amniotic fluid,
  • bleeding is a consequence of placental abruption in the later periods and the threat of miscarriage in the first two trimesters,
  • Severe pain in the abdomen and / or lower back is a symptom of ill-being in a woman's body; you should consult a doctor as soon as possible.

Reception of Terzhinan during pregnancy is allowed at any time. It does not lead to abnormalities in the fetus, miscarriage, and other unpleasant consequences. But it must be used strictly as prescribed by a doctor. Increasing the dosage is dangerous, especially for expectant mothers.

During menstruation

From Terzhinan in the days of menstruation bleeding is intensified. This is due to the fact that when dissolved, the tablet mixes with menstrual blood, increasing its volume. There is no cause for concern.

But keep in mind that during menstruation the body is susceptible to various infections. And improper administration of a pill can cause inflammation. The likelihood of developing candidiasis is also high. For fungi, menstrual blood is the ideal medium for survival and reproduction. Symptoms of candidiasis are an unpleasant odor from the discharge and white bloom on the labia. Also characteristic feature is itching and burning.

To minimize the risks of developing a secondary infection during menstruation, several rules must be followed:

  1. Change sanitary pads and tampons every 3 hours, regardless of filling.
  2. Before the introduction of the pill to hold a thorough shower genitals.
  3. Do not use tampons after administration of the tablet.
  4. Refrain from sexual intercourse.
  5. Do not combine Terzhinan with other vaginal drugs (except when they are included in a therapeutic course prescribed by a doctor).

If bleeding has changed in intensity or is accompanied by severe pain that was not previously noticed by a woman, then you should consult a gynecologist. As a rule, these changes are temporary and take place after the treatment of the underlying disease.

What do brown and pink highlights say

When receiving Terzhinan normal are yellow and clear discharge. If they change color, then you need to find and eliminate the cause. Pinkish secretions are associated with several factors:

  1. Incorrect drug administration. According to the instructions, the pill, after removing the packaging, should be slightly wetted with warm water and immediately inserted into the vagina. If you use Terzhinan without complying with this rule, then injury to the mucous membrane is possible. This is manifested by pink secretions or streaks of blood. They pass quickly, are not permanent.
  2. Erosion or inflammation of the neck. The drug itself does not provoke the disease, but the introduction of a foreign body can cause minor bleeding.
  3. Infectious pathology. Incorrectly chosen dosage or non-compliance with the recommendation of the doctor leads to the progression of the disease. They can manifest themselves with a pink vaginal secretion.

Brown discharge characteristic of the pathologies of the uterus, and also often occur during pregnancy. If a woman carrying a baby has blood or brown spots on the laundry, you should call an ambulance and go to the hospital. This symptom is characterized by the threat of miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy and placental abruption.

Terzhinan is a modern drug with anti-inflammatory action. It does not enter the bloodstream, but acts only on the site of infection. It is prescribed for the treatment and prevention of many diseases, which indicates a high efficiency. But, like any drug, Terzhinan enhances secretions that change color from white to yellow. In the absence of other symptoms, there is no cause for concern.

The use of terginan during pregnancy. Its side effects, contraindications and reviews.

Pregnancy is at the same time an important, pleasant period in the life of any woman, and dangerous, painful. Many have to undergo treatment, to carry diseases that are treated with the help of Terzhinan. We will pay attention to this medicinal preparation today.

Terzhinan is a tablet, the color range of which is more like a cream color. Sometimes they may have blotches of dark shades, or a pattern in the shape of a letter T.

Pharmacological action terginana during pregnancy

The drug Terzhinan is used as an antifungal and antibacterial agent used as a therapy for gynecological type diseases.

In the active ingredients of the drug are present:

  1. Nystatin, which is an antifungal agent that effectively acts against a species of fungus called Candida.
  2. Neomycin sulfate, eliminating pyogenic bacteria that can appear in the vagina.
  3. Ternidazole used against anaerobic flora.
  4. Prednisolone metasulfobenzoate sodium. A substance that performs anti-inflammatory functions.

Among the excipients are:

  1. Aromatherapy
  2. Starch.
  3. Polyvidone filler.
  4. Lactose.
  5. Sodium lauryl sulfate.
  6. Anhydrous colloidal silicon.
  7. Magnesium stearate.
  8. Talc.

This drug is used for:

  • bacterial vaginosis
  • mixed vaginitis,
  • vaginal trichomoniasis,
  • vaginitis caused by pyogenic flora, as well as Candida mushrooms.

In addition, Terzhinan can be used as a means for the prevention of vaginitis before surgery, childbirth and the installation of spirals.

Terzhinan: candles from thrush during pregnancy

Terzhinan is a common drug for the treatment of thrush. As with the controversial picture, and with severe symptoms, it is used to ensure that the signs of the disease, unpleasant symptoms were stopped as quickly as possible.

Using Trezhinal in candles from thrush, it must be remembered that their combination with alcohol is completely unacceptable. Therefore, you should refrain from the use of alcoholic beverages.

Terzhinan: how to take in pregnancy

During pregnancy, women are faced with diseases that affect the microflora of the genital tract. Often begins imbalance, leading to discomfort, burning.

This preparation contains the following components:

  1. Anti-inflammatory.
  2. Antifungal.
  3. Antibacterial.
  4. Antiprotozoal.

It is these four components that are able to comprehensively affect diseases, in time kupuya them and facilitating their course.

Many expectant mothers are concerned about the question of whether the absorption of the drug affects the fetus. We hasten to assure that, due to the fact that Terzhinan is not absorbed into the general bloodstream, the baby is fully protected from its effects.

Discharge after Terzhinan during pregnancy

Among the possible side effects when taking the drug can be:

The most frequent side effect is a different kind of discharge, which often has a very unpleasant odor, as well as a pinkish or yolk color.

In addition, such discharge entails increased itching, the appearance of pain symptoms. Such signs in most cases appear at the very beginning of the course of treatment, and almost immediately they disappear.

As the doctors say, this is an absolutely obvious reaction of the organism, since in the case of a disease the microflora massively dies, and the mucous membrane makes you aware of this by secretions and painful sensations.

Only if the pain does not go away even on the third day after the start of the course of treatment, or if discharge remains, it is recommended to consult a doctor. This may mean that you are allergic to any of the substances that make up the drug.

Terzhinan when planning pregnancy

A very popular issue among patients taking this drug is the question of the possibility of pregnancy planning during treatment.

Doctors do not give a clear answer. We can say that opening Terzhinan during pregnancy, the instruction inside will tell you that taking the drug in the second and third trimesters is completely acceptable, but in the first one it is not recommended at all.

Therefore, it can be understood that it is best to abstain from planning a pregnancy, and only after completing the course of treatment, can one think of pregnancy after Terzhinan.

After all, it is better to first get rid of all possible problems, discomfort and discomfort before you start the baby.

Sex during treatment with sergynan

Often, people wonder about the possibility of sexual contact in the process of treating diseases of the genital tract Ternizhan. By the way, in the annotations to the medical drug about this all is written.

It is best to talk about such decisions with a doctor, but in the absence of pain and allergic reactions, he will definitely give a positive answer.

You just need to remember a few conditions:

  • Both partners must be treated
  • be sure to use contraceptives,
  • If you experience pain, you should refrain from this undertaking.

Positive reviews about Terzhinan during pregnancy

Here is a list of the most interesting and useful reviews that left the women undergoing treatment:

  • I can not question the effectiveness of the drug, because he was able to reduce the resulting itching and remove the discharge in thrush at 8 weeks of pregnancy. Moreover, the tablet acted after the first dose. Even the unfinished course, which lasted only a week, helped get rid of thrush, which, until the end of the pregnancy, did not arise anymore.
  • In the case of thrush in the fifth week of pregnancy, the course of taking the drug began, the doctor prescribed Terzhinan, as he said that it would not bring harm to the child. Within two days, the state of health improved, and the diseases no longer returned.
  • At the end of the 2nd trimester, problems started due to low immunity. Thrush just tortured. The gynecologist prescribed Terzhinan, and for 10 days it was possible to forget about the thrush. By the way, the baby is already more than a year old, and taking the drug had no effect on his health.
  • After pregnancy, bacterial vaginosis appeared, and the doctor prescribed Terzhinan. The effect was very surprised, itching and discomfort disappeared almost immediately, and it came to recovery in about a week. It's nice that the price of the drug is low.
  • Chlamydia was detected at week 2 of gestation. 14 days of taking the drug all fixed. 1 tablet before bedtime and chlamydia quickly disappeared.
  • I always keep the pills in the first-aid kit, because I suffer from thrush quite often. But when I found out about Terzhinan, the course of the disease became easier.
  • Terzhinan was prescribed by the attending physician during hospitalization with pyelonephritis. Pyelonephritis started due to neglected cystitis. In the first 3 days of reception, unpleasant itching was felt, but after that everything went away and the result began to emerge. The result of the treatment has been preserved for a long time.

Negative reviews about Terzhinan during pregnancy

  • When bacterial vaginosis, Terzhinan did not help, I had to switch to Metrogil gel, because the doctor said that there was a chance of miscarriage. Metrogil helped very quickly.
  • Before the birth was appointed Terzhinan. A few weeks after giving birth, itching and discomfort began, and the doctors reported that this may be due to Terzhinan taking it. Allegedly, he killed the beneficial bacteria in the microflora. Metrogil had to be used for treatment.
  • I think this drug is dangerous to receive during pregnancy. It has antibiotics and hormones. Used Metrogil from vaginosis, helped.

Pharmacist's recommendation when using Terzhinan during pregnancy. Video

We offer you to watch a video in which a professional pharmacist tells about the drug Terzhinan, its use, pharmacological properties.

So you can accurately remember how to properly use Terzhinan, so that its effect is more noticeable and acts in the shortest possible time.

Possible side effects from taking the drug

When using vaginal candles Terzhinan, many women note the appearance of discomfort in the vagina, burning and itching. This reaction is due to the increased sensitivity of the mucous membranes to the active components of the drug. And in the event of such a side effect, you should always consult with your doctor and replace the drug.

In addition, as mentioned above, Terzhinan can provoke the occurrence of allergic reactions, which are manifested in the form of redness of the skin on the labia, the appearance of a small red rash and itching. In this case, you also need to replace the drug or implement its use in combination with antihistamines.

Often, improper administration of the suppository leads to trauma to the mucous membranes, which can be manifested by painful sensations in the vagina, the appearance of white discharge with streaks of blood or tingling.When injuring mucous membranes do not need special treatment, but a woman should consult with a doctor and get recommendations from him on the correct introduction of candles into the vagina to avoid similar injuries in the future.

In most cases, Terzhinan is well tolerated by women. It can be easily combined with the use of other drugs, without fear for their state of health. Moreover, this tool does not even lead to an overdose, if it is used more often 2 times a day and for a long time. Therefore, it can be concluded that this remedy is completely safe for women, and the appearance of bleeding is in no way connected with its use.

Little about the drug

Terzhinan is a combined drug with antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial action. Its persistent pharmacological effect is due to the combination in the preparation of such components as neomycin sulfate, nystatin, prednisone.

Indications for use of Terzhinan are:

  • Chronic recurrent colpitis.
  • Vaginal dysbiosis.
  • Vaginitis (fungal, mixed nature, trichomonas, pyogenic).

It is used before the installation of uterine spirals, childbirth or abortion, before cervical diathermocoagulation and after it.

Immediately it should be noted that taking Terzhinan in therapeutic doses can cause discharge, which are considered normal. But sometimes their appearance requires attention from a woman.

Terzhinan has an effect directly on the site of infection, but does not enter the blood. The drug causes increased vaginal discharge, which can change its color and smell. The tablet is moistened with water and inserted into the vagina, where it is melted under the influence of body temperature. After a while, the excipients of the pill come out with the vaginal secretion. If the discharge does not have a strong odor, is not accompanied by pain in the abdomen and lower back, then everything is in order.

Discharges during treatment with Verginan

The most common side effect of treatment with Terzhinan is yellow discharge from the vagina. This situation is due to the physiological nature. Outside displays the remnants of the vaginal drug suppository. After administration of Terzhinan, yellow or even lemon secretions can last for several hours. At this time, gaskets should be used to prevent discomfort associated with this physiological state.

Another thing is when they mark the appearance of bloody discharge from the vagina after Terzhinan. Women often experience cases of spot bleeding that appear after the start of the drug. According to the chemical composition of this drug, it should not cause such a side effect as bleeding.

If yellow discharge after taking Terzhinan change their color to pink, red, brown, this may indicate the following:

  1. Start of the menstrual cycle.

Severe bleeding during the use of Terzhinan associated with the menstrual cycle. If the drug is taken before the onset of menstruation or during them, the bleeding increases. This is due to the fact that the dissolved tablet is mixed with menstrual blood, increasing its volume. In this case, do not worry.

  1. Incorrect administration of the pill.

According to the instructions, it must first be wetted with warm water and then introduced into the vagina. If the drug is administered in a dry form, then the vaginal mucosa can be injured. This is manifested by streaks of blood in the vaginal secretions or pinkish secretions.

  1. Inflammation of the cervix or erosion.

If after taking Terzhinan bloody discharge became more intense, accompanied by severe pain in the abdomen or in the lumbar region, which were not previously manifested in a woman, you should consult with your doctor. Terzhinan can not provoke such conditions, but the introduction of a dry pill sometimes becomes the cause of minor bleeding as a result of irritation of erosion sites.

Pinkish mucus may appear due to an allergic reaction to the components of the drug.

If you do not follow the instructions for use of the drug or the wrong dosage, the inflammatory and infectious process progresses. This may be manifested by the release of a vaginal secretion that has a pinkish tint.

If bleeding occurs during pregnancy, it can be a pathology. The blood usually starts with premature labor and placental abruption. On the detachment of the placenta say abundant pieces of mucus with blood streaks.

Abundant bleeding can be flowing amniotic fluid. They usually have a sharp smell.

Brownish discharge speaks of fetal dying, the presence of ectopic pregnancy. In this case, the dried blood is excreted from the body along with the components of the preparation.

In this case, on the background of taking the drug, premature menstruation occurs.

  1. Installed intrauterine device.

The presence of pinkish mucus is observed in women with an IUD.

If there is a polyp or cyst, Terzhinan stimulates the release of blood from them.

Spotting after Terzhinan

As a result of the use of Terzhinan not the appearance of bloody discharge. This does not apply to the norm and requires immediate treatment to the doctor.

Consultation is necessary in the following cases:

  • Blood streaks in the discharge are accompanied by cutting or pulling pain in the abdomen.
  • Large volumes of excretion are observed (a twofold increase)
  • Intermenstrual bleeding
  • Itching, unpleasant burning sensation and uncharacteristic odor of discharge. These symptoms do not disappear after three days of taking the drug.
  • If during treatment with Terzhinan appears pain, severe burning sensation and bloody discharge, the drug should be canceled.

Particular attention should be paid to the appearance of discharge during pregnancy. If pinkish, brownish, bloody marks are found on the laundry, you should immediately call an ambulance. Bloody discharge from the vagina during pregnancy can be evidence of placental abruption in the third trimester or the threat of miscarriage in the first and second trimester. If it is accompanied by severe pain in the abdomen and lower back, this is a reason for an urgent appeal to a specialist.

The appearance of a vaginal secretion with traces of blood in a pregnant woman during treatment with Terzhinan requires immediate treatment to the antenatal clinic for help. Blood is not associated with the therapeutic effect of vaginal tablets. Usually such discharges and pains are temporary, they are caused by other diseases and are eliminated after treatment.

The doctor prescribes a complete medical examination, which contains the following items:

  • Pelvic ultrasound
  • General blood analysis
  • Coagulogram
  • Checking vaginal smears for cytology
  • Blood test for sex hormones
  • Scraping followed by a histology study of specimens taken from the mucous membrane of the uterus.

Terzhinan himself does not cause bleeding. The appearance of pain in the abdomen or bleeding can not be associated with its reception. The drug causes minor discharge, slight itching, burning, swelling of the tissues in the vaginal area. All these adverse reactions do not threaten the health of the woman. More than 3 days they should not appear. If they remain, this indicates the need to replace the drug with analogues.

If the intake of Terzhinan accompanied by bloody discharge, you should immediately consult with your doctor. He will prescribe tests to determine the true cause of the appearance of blood and, if necessary, conduct a course of treatment.

Brief information about Terzhinan

Terzhinan is a proprietary combination drug developed and manufactured by Laboratoires Bouchara-Recordati in the only form - cream-colored vaginal suppositories (tablets) with the letter T on each side.

The tool has a local effect and has the following effects:

  • antibacterial - eliminates pathogenic and conditionally pathogenic bacteria (streptococcal, staphylococcal infections, etc.),
  • anti-inflammatory - suppresses any inflammatory processes that have arisen due to various reasons,
  • antiprotozoal - struggles with various protozoa (chlamydia, trichomonads, etc.),
  • antifungal - destroys various fungi and eliminates thrush.

The drug contributes to the integrity of the vaginal mucosa and the maintenance of acid-base balance.

Terzhinan is obliged to its numerous medicinal properties to the active ingredients contained therein:

  • Ternidazole - antifungal agent. Also has trichomonacid action and fights against anaerobic bacteria.
  • Neomycin - an antibiotic with a wide spectrum of action. Relevant to staphylococcal infections, Escherichia coli, Shigella, leading to nonspecific colpitis, vulvovaginitis, bacterial vaginosis. With streptococcal infection, the effect of neomycin is not observed.
  • Nystatin is an antifungal antibiotic used for thrush due to the destruction of Candida fungi.
  • Prednisolone - glucocorticoid hormone, which has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect. Suppression of any inflammatory reactions in conjunction with the properties of other ingredients of the drug allows Terjeen to cope with colpitis and vulvovaginitis of various origins.

The presence of anti-allergic and anti-exudative properties of Prednisolone helps to prevent the development of allergic reactions and arrest the swelling.

The content of additional ingredients facilitates the use of drugs and enhances its therapeutic properties.

The use of the drug is recommended for bacterial, fungal, mixed types of vaginitis, as well as trichomoniasis.

As a prophylactic and in order to avoid inflammatory processes in the vagina, Terzhinan is prescribed:

  • shortly before gynecological surgery, childbirth, abortion,
  • before the establishment of intrauterine contraceptive devices, therapeutic measures to eliminate cervical erosion, hysterography, hysterosalpingography, and after the procedures.

The drug is used during pregnancy (from the 2nd trimester) and is contraindicated only in case of hypersensitivity to its components.

Drug therapy can cause a burning sensation, itching, or irritation, but there should be no bleeding.

Discharge after treatment with Verzhinan

The drug does not penetrate the bloodstream, having a direct impact on the affected areas.

Getting into the body of a woman, the pills under the influence of a modified temperature regime begin to melt and subsequently vaginal secretions bring their remains to the outside.

Yellowish odorless discharge is not considered a pathology and does not cause pain. They may have a different consistency, be watery or slightly sticky, abundant or scanty. At the beginning of therapy, they usually cause a slight feeling of itching, which eventually goes away. Observed for several hours after administration of the drug.

Acquisition of secretion from the genital tract of a pathological nature is observed when:

  • severe burning, itching, or putrid odor,
  • cramps or pains
  • white clots, greenish, brown, reddish, cheesy or frothy secretions.

The above symptoms often indicate pathological changes in the body and require a visit to a doctor.

Menstrual cycle

Menstruation is not a reason to stop treatment with the drug. The dissolution of the tablets occurs over a longer period of time compared with the candles. In addition, they are not washed out even with heavy bleeding and do not lose their healing properties.

The use of the drug immediately before menstruation or during them contributes to increased bleeding. This effect is associated with the dissolution of the tablet in the blood, which leads to an increase in the volume of its secretions.

The process does not threaten the health and is normal.

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When you enter the dry pill of Terginan into the vagina, trauma to his mucous membrane is not excluded, which leads to the appearance of bleeding.

In addition, the woman should adopt a comfortable posture for entering the drug:

  • lie on your back, legs stretched out or bent at the knees and hips
  • squat and knees wide apart
  • stand and at the same time lean one foot on the towering surface.

All actions must be careful to avoid injury to the mucous hands.

With erosion and inflammation of the cervix, a dry tablet can irritate the affected areas, resulting in a slight pink discharge. The same effect is observed when installed intrauterine contraceptives.

Allergic reaction

The appearance of pink mucus may indicate allergic reactions to the main and additional ingredients of the drug.

Inappropriate dosage of the drug, neglect of the requirements of the instructions for its use is fraught with the progression of inflammatory and infectious processes, which is manifested by a change in the color of vaginal secretions.

Hormonal disruptions

Despite the fact that Terzhinan contains the hormonal agent prednisone, its dosage is very small and the effect occurs only at the local level. Therefore, Terzhinan can hardly be attributed to hormonal drugs.

However, the use of medication can lead to premature appearance of menstruation.


Pregnant women should carefully monitor the body's response to therapy with Terzhinan.

Thus, brown secretions can signal a frozen or ectopic pregnancy.

Large bloody discharges with an unpleasant smell prevent leakage of amniotic fluid.

Premature labor, placental abruption or spontaneous abortion in the early stages are not excluded.

If the bleeding is accompanied by severe pain in the lower abdomen and in the lower back, the ambulance team must be called.

Need to consult a doctor

The appearance of bleeding during treatment with Terzhinan requires discontinuation of the drug and urgent specialist consultation in such cases:

  • cutting and pulling pain,
  • excessive amounts of discharge
  • uncharacteristic smell and unpleasant burning sensation, not disappearing 3 days after the start of treatment,
  • intermenstrual bleeding.

The gynecologist will determine the causes of blood, using the results of the following examinations:

  • ultrasound (ultrasound) of the internal reproductive organs,
  • general blood test
  • coagulograms,
  • smear and scraping, etc.

If pathologies are identified, the specialist will prescribe appropriate treatment procedures.

Terzhinan may be replaced by other drugs: Polygynax, Wagiseptom, Gynomax.

The treatment of each woman should have an individual approach. Do not trust the opinion of random people and self-medicate. Despite the local effects of Terzhinan and its good effects, only the attending physician is able to conduct an adequate assessment of the patient's state of health and prescribe the appropriate drug.

Abundant discharge after terginan. What do the discharge after terginan mean

The use of terginan during pregnancy. Its side effects, contraindications and reviews.

Pregnancy is at the same time an important, pleasant period in the life of any woman, and dangerous, painful. Many have to undergo treatment, to carry diseases that are treated with the help of Terzhinan. We will pay attention to this medicinal preparation today.

Terzhinan is a tablet, the color range of which is more like a cream color. Sometimes they may have blotches of dark shades, or a pattern in the shape of a letter T.

Frothy and cheesy discharge

Normal vaginal discharge should be liquid or mucous, odorless and have a white color. If after ingestion of Terzhinan, a cheesy or frothy leucorrhoea with an unpleasant putrid or rotten odor appeared, this indicates the ineffectiveness of treatment or infection with the following infections:

In this case, you need to consult a doctor again. Also, cheesy whites may indicate the destruction of the beneficial bacteria of the vagina with active drugs vaginal tablets. To normalize the microflora requires additional intake of probiotics.

Purulent or green mucus

After Terzhinan, greenish highlights are a sign of misuse of the pill and reinfection. It is worth noting that suppositories are inserted into the vagina only after hygiene procedures. If personal hygiene is neglected in the lower parts of the vagina, bacteria appear that, when in contact with the candle, move deeper into the vagina. In this case, re-infection occurs, for the treatment of which will require the appointment of antibacterial drugs for oral administration.

Brown, bloody or pink discharge

Pinkish vaginal mucus or mixed with blood indicates improper use of the pill. Rough, careless insertion can injure tissue. If, after a microtrauma, the patient injects candles with caution, the color of the discharge quickly normalizes.

Important! An abundant pinkish mucus, which began within one to two days after taking candles, indicates irritation of the existing erosion. Similar signs are also observed in patients with an intrauterine device.

Red discharge indicates the presence of blood in them. This is possible when taking a vaginal pill immediately after or before the onset of menstruation. If your period is due to start soon, you should consult with your doctor about the possibility of taking Terginan during critical days.

If there is a burning sensation, pain, and bloody discharge during antibiotic therapy, Terjinan should not be taken further. Such symptoms may indicate the presence of a polyp or cysts. At the same time, the active components of the drug stimulate the release of blood from tumors. To determine the cause of the side effect is assigned an additional examination of the genitals.

When Terzhinan is taken while pregnant, the appearance of bloody or brown discharge may carry the risk of abortion. Even in the absence of other symptoms of miscarriage (pain in the lower back and abdominal area, digestive disorders), you should immediately contact a gynecologist.

Diagnosis of secretions

Determining the nature of vaginal mucus after taking Terginan is done in two ways:

  1. Examination on the gynecological chair. The method allows to determine the presence of cysts, polyps or erosion. Also, when examined, the doctor takes a smear from a patient for microbiological examination.
  2. Calcoscopy. Allows you to see changes in the epithelium, invisible to the eye.

Also, when determining the cause of the occurrence of discharge, a major role is played by differential diagnosis, which provides the basis for establishing a preliminary diagnosis or excludes the presence of a particular diagnosis. When conducting it, it is important that the patient describes as clearly as possible the nature of the secreted mucus and other suspicious symptoms.