Delay month


Chagrin for some women and incredible joy for others is accompanied by a monthly delay of one month. In any of the cases, the first cause is considered a long-awaited or unwanted pregnancy. Women who have regular sex life, call it this reason. But those who do not live a long time sexual life, it can be alerted.

Every woman has an individual menstrual cycle. The period from the beginning to the next menstrual bleeding is considered normal if it is not more than 32 and not less than 26 days. In this case, the monthly cycle time is usually the same. If during this period there is no menstruation, it is considered to be a delay, which is the reason for going to the gynecologist.

Causes of delayed menstruation

There are various causes of menstrual delays. A short delay in menstruation can cause a tense emotional state, stress, sudden changes in the weather. If the monthly failures of this process are ongoing, it is necessary to consult a specialist.

The reasons for the absence of menstruation are divided into two types - natural physiological and pathological. Delays in adolescents, girls, and women in menopause are classified differently. The exception is considered only the factors of heredity.

The delay in menstruation in adolescents is considered to be completely normal, having nothing in common with different types of pathologies. At this age, it is normal when the difference between the intervals fluctuates. The main reason for this is the instability of the hormonal background. If this happens for two or more years and the cycle has not been established, this should be a reason to contact a gynecologist. Deviations up to 10 days are considered natural in adolescents.

The most common causes of delayed monthly

The most common causes of delayed menstruation gynecologists call:

  • stressful situations
  • abrupt change of climatic conditions
  • change in work schedule or rhythm of life,
  • travels associated with long journeys or flights,
  • abrupt change from one drug to another,
  • hormonal disorders.

Other causes of menstruation delay for a month

Among the causes of non-pathological nature, there are problems with overweight or underweight, gastrointestinal diseases, high physical exertion, and the postpartum period when a woman is breastfeeding. Pathological diseases that cause delayed menstruation are detected only after a thorough examination of the blood and genital organs in women of different ages. Among them can be distinguished polycystic ovary disease, obstruction of the hymen, Asherman syndrome.

Not the last role is played by liver diseases, diabetes mellitus and chronic diseases of the reproductive system. If the delay lasts a month or more, is accompanied by pain, it is necessary to consult a doctor as soon as possible to prevent the disease in its early stages after undergoing treatment.

A negative impact on women's health, including the constancy of the menstrual cycle, alcohol, drugs and smoking. Observed intoxication of the organism is very often the cause of deviations of the cycle, and subsequently - pathology. Intoxication of the body occurs due to working conditions (work in chemical plants, factories for the manufacture of paint and varnish products), living in places with polluted ecology.

Often the cause of failure in the cycle may be early menopause. This pathological condition develops against the background of hormonal disruption and problems in the endocrine system. Inflammatory processes in the urogenital system of the female body can also lead to delayed menstruation.

Artificial termination of pregnancy is the most dangerous reason for the absence of menstruation.

When instrumental scraping can be removed part of the fabric, which is the inner lining of the uterus. It increases during the menstrual cycle, and during menstruation is rejected in the form of blood discharge. After an abortion, the period of occurrence of menstruation is violated, there may be a delay of 1-2 months.

Pregnancy test

At the first sign of a delay in menstruation, every woman is in a hurry to conduct a pregnancy test in order to rid herself of all worries and doubts. But there are cases when a woman knows for sure about the pregnancy and the test is negative.

There may be several reasons. One of them may be poor-quality tests or the inability to use them. In order to do everything correctly, you need to carefully read the instructions for use and when you buy, be sure to look at the shelf life of the product. Diagnosis is carried out, starting with a two-week delay. If you start testing pregnancy before this period, the test will give an inaccurate result.

A woman may get an incorrect result during a test diagnosis due to taking certain medications, especially before testing. The concentration of drugs in the urine can provoke the fact that chronic gonadotropin (CGT) in it will be significantly less. As a result, the test may show a negative result.

No less common cause of a false test result is the use of diluted urine. This may lead to the use of diuretic drugs, excessive fluid intake before the test, which reduces the concentration of urine. As a result, the test reagent cannot detect the presence of chronic gonadotropin. To prevent such cases, do not drink plenty of fluids at night.

An ectopic pregnancy can affect a negative indicator. If a woman has a number of medical conditions, such as kidney failure, the test is likely to show a negative result, even though she is pregnant. This happens because with kidney diseases in the urine, the level of hCG is minimal and it is difficult to conduct a thorough diagnosis. If there is a suspicion that the pregnancy has nevertheless occurred, and the test shows other results, then in order to clarify the situation it is worth contacting a specialist.

Many storage tests for pregnancy do not pay special attention. If the test lies for a long time in a room with temperature changes or is stored in a very humid place, then it will not be able to show a reliable result.

Women, especially those who have maternal experience, can determine pregnancy according to their condition even before the start of critical days. Especially in the early stages of pregnancy, future mothers experience malaise, constant and excessive fatigue, drowsiness and apathy. The reason is enhanced progesterone production. A painful state of the breast can serve as a clear signal of pregnancy - the mammary glands swell and hurt.

During this period, many women feel temperature fluctuations of the body, they are thrown into heat, then cold, there are aching pains in the lumbar region, there can be intestinal upset and bloating. Dislike for some smells has become a classic manifestation of pregnancy since the second week in almost half of pregnant women. Smells cause nausea, all of which occur as a result of the neuroendocrine regulation of the body, due to a failure in the central nervous system.

A clear sign of this condition is an improvement in appetite, and a craving for certain foods appears. Due to the increased level of hormones and a strong rush of blood to the pelvic organs, a change in the normal functioning of the kidneys and ureters occurs, which leads to frequent urination. This period is also associated with other changes: the amount of vaginal discharge increases, thrush can appear.

There are cases when women who want to solve the problem with an undesirable delay, resort to the decision to stimulate the appearance of menstruation. Very often this leads to disastrous consequences: infections, bleeding, inability to bear the child in the future.

Ekaterina Andreevna Nikitenko

Psychologist, Clinical Psychologist. Specialist from the website

what a hormonal failure. to the doctor you need

How old are you, Masha?
but here I also have a delay of two weeks.
I am 50, and I think this is normal for my age)))

Mash, this is most likely a hormonal failure, and maybe inflammation .. in any case, you can run to the doctor

Author, go all the same to the doctor, because such cases do not need to run. delays can be of a very different nature from climate, stress, sudden weight loss to inflammation, polycystic (very common), harmonic failure. It is better for you to go to the doctor now and make ultrasound of the pelvic organs in order to determine the exact cause of the failure of the menstrual cycle.

a very strong excitement can also affect the menstrual cycle, but of course it is better to check it for sure.

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the author, you have a session on the nose? got nervous? easily nerves played a cruel joke. but still to the doctor, normony check. for the future - if you have such a sensitive body, learn relaxing practices. etozh necessary, in 19 years on the basis of nervous delay. I only started 35 of this.

hormones = hormones. new year is coming out (

Yes, the session on the nose. I am tired of all these tests and hassles. monthly for the second time should have started.

I do not understand. that for nonsense with me (((2 days ago my chest was very sick. I thought that now the menstruation will begin. Fuck you. The chest does not hurt for the second day. But they are not there. As I said, the menstruation did not start a second time. For the first time, the exact same situation was: there are all signs - but there are no monthly ones themselves.
Mom recorded me to the doctor on the trail. a week to another city, have to wait. and spoil your nerves.

Damn, I also have a delay of 10 days. I was not nervous and not pregnant!

I have a delay of 3 days, the session on the nose, tests. can nerves, and? and maybe zalet, although the idea should not be. the more nervous I am, the more I realize that this only makes things worse, and the delay can be delayed. Well, at least shoot yourself!

I had a delay for a month, before that I went to the sea for three days. On the last day of rest these days should have come. but alas, the next day and a week later they were not there, although my chest was full and everything seemed to be there. and there is no monthly! Has addressed to the gynecologist, has handed over analyzes, all is good. said to wait 2 more weeks. and after 2 weeks they didn’t go ((I’m upset with tests, I screwed up, not a fig) and the next cycle was to start. And again all the signs of menstruation appeared and that's a miracle) they went) and although before that I read different things ((I was frightened)) my girls advice to you. it’s better to go to the doctor right away and not to read the tea leaves .. different things can happen as I just have a cycle due to climate change, and maybe another, maybe there is a pathology it is better to be examined and not to panic for earlier ..

I think in my 16 years delay for a month is not normal. It seems that sex was almost 4 months ago, therefore pregnancy is not an option.
can there be a delay due to the disease. there are antibiotics, etc.
I'm afraid to tell my mother, because and so the relationship is stressful

Dasha, I have exactly the same situation! A month has already passed, I redid six tests on the nerves, all the negative ones. Now here are all signs. I hope that they will go.

Be that as it may, I am 13 (and there has never been nothing. Nothing at all, but during the delay month and I don’t really know (since I am 13 and therefore there can be no?

Be that as it may, I am 13 (and there has never been nothing. Nothing at all, but during the delay month and I don’t really know (since I am 13 and therefore there can be no?

You all say that menstruation did not appear, that you were afraid, etc. etc. Of course, I understand that this may be due to genetics, diseases, etc. But still, girls, you do not want kids? Reading your comments, it creates the feeling that you live only for yourself, without thinking about a little lump, about your little miracle. Sorry if someone offended. I also have a delay of more than a month and I do not worry, I hope for a little sun, which my husband and I are looking forward to. We are 25 years old. All happiness, joy and replenishment in the family.

What to do with the delay? Go to the doctor, of course!
The situation was similar. A trip to Germany was planned, but there were no monthly periods. And no symptoms of PMS. Returned to his home, but they are not. The hair on my head almost broke from the nerves, and then I just went to the doctor (before this I did a bunch of tests that were negative). The doctor said that this was due to travel, and, possibly, because of climate change (we are colder than there, in Berlin). She advised to drink ascorbic acid. Result 0. Monthly came only after 2.5 weeks.
Just advise you not to suffer, thinking. b or not, it is better to go to the doctor.

I am 15 years delayed 15 days. I don’t even think about pregnancy, devstvenitsa. Before the menstruation for the week I was sick wildly, there was a cold for 5 days. In addition to the preparation for the exams, it can be so nervous, it shakes, my heart is pounding. Anyway, I'm afraid the norm is a delay of 15 days.

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What to do if the delay is a whole month?

The monthly cycle is a very complicated mechanism. For one reason or another, it may fail. And not always the problem is associated with the onset of pregnancy. No monthly month, what to do? An adult modern woman knows that if the delay is 2 weeks, you need to do a test and go to a gynecologist. What to do a young girl, whose menstruation may be absent for various reasons?

The reasons for the lack of menstruation

The monthly cycle after the appearance of menarche is normalized within 2 years. If the delay coincided with this process, you can do absolutely nothing. Especially if the girl does not lead sex life. In other cases, the absence of menstruation can be caused by several reasons:

  • strong emotional stress, stress,
  • excessive exercise
  • taking antibiotics and other drugs that affect blood clotting,
  • viral diseases and acute respiratory infections
  • significant weight loss or weight gain
  • pregnancy,
  • climate change,
  • changes in sex life
  • SPD diseases,

  • bad habits,
  • unbalanced diet and vitamin deficiencies,
  • diseases of the reproductive system.

In addition, contraceptive pills can cause such a long absence of menstruation. Even those that are accepted as emergency assistance once. A strong hormonal “boom” occurs in the body, which cannot but affect the monthly cycle as a whole. Abortion last month is capable of affecting the next menstruation. Undergone surgery, cyst removal, cauterization of cervical erosion.

What to do with a long delay

Initially, the girl should analyze all the events of the past month. Perhaps there are significant changes in lifestyle, nutrition. Or the month was tense. After that you should go to the pharmacy, buy a pregnancy test. If 30 days do not go monthly, you can do the test at any time of the day. Hormone pregnancy in the urine will be in sufficient quantities.

Currently, the most common test strip. Dip for 15 seconds in the urine, spread on a dry surface. Check the result for a minute. The presence of two strips means pregnancy. What to do next is an individual question. In any case, you should visit a gynecologist.

There is no pregnancy, and monthly do not go, what to do

In the absence of unpleasant sensations, unusual vaginal discharge, disease of the reproductive system is unlikely. Most likely, the delay in menstruation is caused by hormonal imbalance. How to correct it?

In ancient times, in order for menstruation to begin, it was necessary to do the following:

  • Drink an infusion of bay leaf. It is necessary to fill a bag of laurel 1 l of water. Simmer for about 20 minutes to make 1 cup of concentrated product. It is necessary to drink during the day.Monthly started the next day or throughout the week.
  • Cook parsley infusion. Fresh leaves in large quantities poured 500 ml of water. Cooked for 5 minutes. Insisted half an hour. It is necessary to drink infusion all the day. If the monthly periods do not start, repeat the procedure the next day.

At present, such exploits are not necessary. The gynecologist will prescribe a course of treatment to normalize the hormonal background, the monthly will begin for a certain number of days. The most common drug is Norkolut. The girl should take it every day for 2 tablets. Monthly starts within 3 days or 1 to 3 days after the five-day course. Or according to another scheme - you should take 1 tablet per day for 10 days.

Normal menstrual cycle indicates a good female health. Methods for restoring a cycle depend on the causes of the violation.


  • You are worried about sudden abdominal pain.
  • And long, chaotic and painful periods are already pretty tired.
  • You have insufficient endometrium to get pregnant.
  • Highlight brown, green or yellow.
  • And the recommended drugs for some reason are not effective in your case.
  • In addition, constant weakness and ailments have already firmly entered your life.

There is an effective treatment for endometriosis, cysts, fibroids, unstable menstrual cycle and other gynecological diseases.. Follow the link and find out what the chief gynecologist of Russia recommends.

Menstrual cycle and monthly delay

For each woman, the duration of the menstrual cycle is individual. Normal is the period from the beginning of menstruation to the next menstrual bleeding, equal to 26-32 days. Please note that the cycle time is the same every month. The absence of menstrual bleeding in the expected period is considered a delay.

If the monthly came 1-2 days later than the estimated time and appeared for the first time, do not worry. Such a short delay can cause minor stress, sudden changes in the weather and other external factors that do not indicate a serious malfunction in the woman’s body or pregnancy. However, with regular monthly delays of the menstrual cycle, it is necessary to consult a specialist.

In addition, the delay of menstruation is observed during pregnancy, with a corpus luteum cyst, in the anovulatory cycle, with other diseases of the genital and endocrine systems, if a woman takes oral contraceptives, has experienced stress or climate change.

Step 1. Pay attention to the circumstances of the delay.

The circumstances of the delay of menstruation are very important and will help determine its cause. For this you need to answer the question: the delay occurred for the first time or happens regularly. Many diseases, including the common cold, as well as nervous overstrain and stress, have a huge impact on the hormones of a woman.

The slightest fluctuations in hormone levels can lead to shifts in the onset of menses. The menstrual cycle is a significant indicator of a woman's health, however, one month of close observation will tell little even an experienced obstetrician-gynecologist.

Step 2. Make a home pregnancy test

If a healthy woman who is having a sex life has no menstruation in due time, the probability of pregnancy is great. In order to determine whether there is a pregnancy, you need to do hCG test . It is accessible to all and has a sufficiently high accuracy. In the article When it is better to do a pregnancy test, the procedure itself is described in more detail.

Determination of pregnancy with the test

In the early days of the delay, one of the tests sold in all pharmacies can be used to detect pregnancy. Simple test strips for detecting pregnancy work on the principle of detecting HCG hormone traces in a woman's urine: one red strip that appears after short-term contact with urine means no pregnancy, two stripes mean fertilization of the egg and development of the fetus.

This method of determining pregnancy is quite accurate, but sometimes tests show false or dubious results. If the stripes on the test are blurred, you should buy a new test, preferably another manufacturer, and repeat the test. You can purchase an “inkjet” test, the cost of which is slightly higher than the test strip, but it is more sensitive and shows an accurate result in comparison with the usual tests.

Although most manufacturers claim that tests are able to determine pregnancy within a week after fertilization of an egg, testing is recommended only with a certain delay in menstruation. Then the level of hCG will be sufficient to determine the possible pregnancy.

Test results

If the test is positive, you are probably pregnant. Go to the gynecologist. He will put you on record, send you to an ultrasound to determine the location of the pregnancy (uterine or ectopic), as well as its viability (presence / absence of a heartbeat). Ultrasound on any period of pregnancy, including early, are completely harmless. Much more dangerous are extra days spent with undiagnosed frozen or ectopic pregnancy.

Please note that in the early days of the delayed monthly pregnancy tests may show a false (negative) result. Wait 2-3 days (the instructions indicate more precisely how long to wait). If the retest is negative, go to the doctor.

Should I contact a gynecologist with a positive test result?

Many women who have taken the test and have received a positive result, postpone a visit to the gynecologist to a later date. This is a completely wrong tactic. After all, a positive test not only indicates the presence of pregnancy, but only a gynecologist can judge the development of the fetus. A positive test result does not exclude the possible development of an ectopic pregnancy!

Such an unfavorable development of pregnancy happens if obstacles in the form of adhesions in the fallopian tube appear in the way of the fertilized egg outside the uterine cavity. Another reason for ectopic pregnancy is too slow movement of the embryo to the uterus. In the end, its size exceeds the lumen of the fallopian tube, and the developing egg is introduced into the mucous membrane of the tube, which subsequently leads to its rupture.

. Important: timely visit to the gynecologist will avoid the danger of further development of ectopic pregnancy, and the designated studies will help determine the undiagnosed frozen pregnancy when the fetus stops developing.

Laboratory testing of blood for a specific hormone

More reliably determine the pregnancy allows a blood test for the hormone beta-hCG, made in the laboratory. To determine the level of beta-hCG in the laboratory, blood is taken from a vein. According to the response received after a short period of time, one can judge the occurrence of pregnancy. The impossibility of carrying out this method at home and the time spent on the analysis is justified by its reliability and accurate result. Blood tests for beta-hCG can be done without waiting for the menstrual delay.

Ultrasound examination of the pelvic organs

Ultrasound is the most comprehensive method of detecting pregnancy. The ultrasound study is performed through the front wall of the abdomen (transabdominal) and vaginally using a sensor inserted into the vagina of the woman. It is worth noting that the second type of research provides a more complete picture of the state of the uterus and the location of pregnancy.

. Important: Ultrasound, transabdominal and transvaginal, completely harmless to the fetus. It is worth remembering that ultrasound determines pregnancy only after 2.5-3 weeks from conception.

A thickened mature endometrium and the presence of a corpus luteum in the ovary, determined by ultrasound of the female organs, speak of a second phase of the cycle. If such a pattern is combined with a negative analysis for B-hCG, menstrual bleeding will come soon. If the result is questionable, the study is repeated after 2 days. With developing pregnancy, the level of V-hCG will increase by 2 times.

If the ultrasound did not detect signs of a second phase, neither pregnancy nor menstruation is forthcoming. The reason for the delay should be sought in ovarian dysfunction or violation of the general hormonal background.

. Important: only the gynecologist thanks to the collected history and prescribed studies can confirm or deny the pregnancy with confidence.

Additional research

If a picture of a mature second phase of the cycle, including a thick mature endometrium and a corpus luteum in the ovary, is determined by ultrasound, the patient must donate blood for beta-hCG.

If the analysis is negative, wait for the menstruation, it will be soon. If doubtful - will have to retake in 2 days. Developing uterine pregnancy will increase by 2 times.

If the doctor has not determined the second phase picture with the help of ultrasound, it is not a question of pregnancy, and it is far from menstruation. It's about ovarian dysfunction. A gynecologist will deal with it. He will advise how best to proceed: wait or help with vitamins, hormones, herbs, etc.

Non-Disease States

The following non-disease states can cause a menstrual delay:

  • - violation of good nutrition (fasting, exhausting diets),
  • - violation of fat metabolism (obesity, weight deficit),
  • - physical exhaustion due to heavy loads on the body,
  • - abrupt change of place of residence with other climatic conditions,
  • - strong psychological shocks, stresses,
  • - taking various medications (including various oral contraceptives),
  • - the postpartum period, when the mother is breastfeeding the baby (the hormone prolactin is produced, which promotes the release of milk and stops menstruation).

Factors provoking delayed menstruation should be promptly excluded to avoid more serious consequences. Correction of nutrition and physical exertion, emotional stability contribute to the restoration of the normal menstrual cycle. In turn, the gynecologist may prescribe a course of vitamins, herbal therapy or hormone therapy.

Diseases that cause delayed menstruation

Delay of menstruation may be the first sign of a rather serious ailments, requiring urgent medical intervention. Violation of the general hormonal background in the body of a woman, which will result in a delay of menstruation, occurs for several reasons:

  • 1. Polycystic ovary. One of the most common causes of delay. A distinctive feature of polycystosis of the ovaries is the presence of foci of increased hairiness of the male type (antennae, belly, back and arms),
  • 2. Oncological diseases. Delay of menstruation in combination with pain in the lower abdomen suggests that the presence of fibroids and other tumors in the uterus, cancer of the cervix,
  • 3. Early menopause. A pathological condition that develops against the background of hormonal disruption and problems in the endocrine system,
  • 4. Inflammatory processes. Pain and lack of menstruation may indicate endometriosis (inflammation of the uterus) and inflammatory processes in the uterus,
  • 5. Endocrine diseases. Dysfunction of the ovaries, thyroid and adrenal glands is detected by ultrasound of the above organs. A brain tomography is also performed. In any case, consultation of the endocrinologist is necessary for making an accurate diagnosis with a delay of menstruation and the absence of pregnancy.

Step 4. Do not self-medicate

And do not look on the Internet and various directories of diseases signs that are very similar to the symptoms you have. Self-medication can be dangerous to your health and life. Contact specialists and visit the gynecologist about once every six months for a preventive examination.

You can read about prenatal depression and successful treatment of this pathology on the website “Interesting Psychiatry” in the article Prenatal Depression.

Ovarian dysfunction

When a woman comes to the doctor with a complaint of an irregular cycle, many doctors diagnose her as having ovarian dysfunction .. However, it should be understood that ovarian dysfunction is the irregular cycle and the constant delay of menstruation, except for pregnancy. That is, with this diagnosis, the doctor merely states the situation. And the causes of dysfunction can be very different, and it is very important to determine the specific cause of the delays.

As already mentioned, the processes in the genitals of a woman are repetitive. If there are no any weaknesses in the body of a weak person, the cycle duration is from 26 to 32 days, therefore it is very easy to predict the time of onset of menstruation and, naturally, their absence.

Despite the fact that the processes associated with the development of the embryo and the birth of a child are regulated very strictly in the body, some fluctuations in one direction or another are possible. This is influenced by a huge number of factors:

  • stresses
  • heavy loads
  • diseases and stuff.

The main thing is that the delay does not exceed 5-7 days. Then we can assume that the woman's body is working normally and no intervention of the gynecologist is required.

  • Stressful situations, climate change: Stressful situations disrupt the work of the cerebral cortex responsible for the functioning of the ovaries. The result is a prolonged absence of menstruation, in need of medical correction. It also happens with climate change. Multiple travels and flights for one month adversely affect the cycle and cause a delay in the adaptation time of the organism,
  • Acceptance of hormonal drugs: Protection with modern oral contraceptives gives almost one hundred percent guarantee of protection against pregnancy. But in the case of their replacement or complete abandonment of the application, the body is restructuring. It can last 2-3 months and manifest a lack of menstruation.

Why there are no periods 3 months - features of different age periods

  • There is no menstruation for three months or more in the puberty period: If a girl does not have menstruation during puberty, this indicates a violation of the work or anomaly of the internal organs. Signs of menarche appear two years before its appearance with colorless or yellowish secretions. The first menstruation is not constant, they can pass with a delay of 3 months, but long and irregular bleeding, which does not stop for a month, require medical advice.
  • The absence of menstruation for more than three months, associated with pregnancy and lactation: Healthy girls, leading regular unprotected sex, rarely wonder why there is a delay of two to three months. The answer is obvious - the desired pregnancy, which will allow to make a rapid test. On short terms, he can give a negative result, but a medical examination and a blood test for hCG will refute all doubts.

Menstruation may not be during breastfeeding. This is due to the production of prolactin - a hormone that prevents ovulation. It is important to remember that during lactation it is also easy to get pregnant. Ovulation can occur at any time, which is why you need to be protected, even if during the period of breastfeeding for three months there is no menstruation.

Strong rapid weight loss can stop estrogen production. As a consequence, the process of ovulation does not begin, and therefore the menstruation does not begin in a timely manner. A sharp decrease in weight, provoking a delay, is considered a loss of more than 500 grams. in Week.

Detection of diseases associated with menstruation delay requires consulting an endocrinologist, a psychotherapist, a nutritionist. A comprehensive approach and adequate therapy allow for a month to resolve the situation and to improve the work of the body. Female nature will take its toll. But only competent doctors can help her, but not self-medication.

Sports activities

Stress, no matter how long it lasts, can cause a lack of a menstrual cycle. The fact is that it provokes a malfunction of the brain functions, which are responsible for sexual activity. Depending on the strength of stress, menstruation may disappear for several years.

The reason for the delay may be interruption of pregnancy. During abortion, uterine tissue may be damaged or hormonal balance may be disturbed. Termination of pregnancy can occur by scraping, vacuum method, taking medications that provoke miscarriage. In any case, abortion is characterized by the removal of the lining of the uterus, which is the repository of menstrual blood. To form it again, it takes more than a month.

Delay can be handled on your own, especially if it is associated with a lifestyle, here are ways to do it. But if the reason lies elsewhere, then it is useful to consult a doctor in order to eliminate pregnancy or the risk of disease.