Pain in the anus during menstruation - the main causes of discomfort


Pain is a defensive reaction of the body and a signal about problems that have appeared in a particular organ.

Depending on where it is located, you can assume the essence of the problem.

This article will discuss the pain in the anus that occurs during menstruation. This uncomfortable condition can spread to the coccyx, back, pain can be given to the hip and lower abdomen. This is not the norm, therefore, it requires an immediate appeal to the appropriate specialist to establish the cause and take appropriate measures to eliminate this pathological condition.

The structure of the female body is so complex and unique that all organs are closely interconnected. Therefore, the causes of pain during menstruation in the anus are many. This is due to its structure, in which there are many nerve endings and vessels, which, under the influence of certain factors, become inflamed, form nodes. During menstruation, in the small pelvic organs, the blood circulation process is enhanced, that is, a favorable environment is created for the development of pathogenic microorganisms.

In addition, pain can be caused by a sedentary lifestyle, heavy physical exertion.

If a woman has experienced pain in the anus of a shooting character during menstruation, then a visit to the doctor should be immediate, since she may have absolutely nothing to do with the menstrual cycle and reproductive organs, most likely caused by infectious processes, neoplasms, cracks in the straight the gut.

And so, consider the main reasons why during the monthly pain of the anus.

Since the anatomy of a woman is such that the intestine and vagina are located close enough to each other and are separated only by a thin septum, during menstruation minor discomfort is always present and it should not bother if they pass with menstruation. But if the pain is severe, it is cramping in nature, then urgent medical consultation is needed.

Coccinogynia can cause rectal pain, it appears after a bowel movement and is present for a long time. This pathology has nothing to do with menstruation, but during their pain increases significantly.

In addition, we should not forget such diseases as:

  • hemorrhoids,
  • paraproctitis,
  • cryptit
  • cracks in the anus.

Despite the fact that the designated pathology has nothing to do with gynecology, but still the intensity of the painful manifestations increases significantly during menstruation.

Gynecological causes of pain in the anus. With the appearance of this symptom, first of all it should be assumed algomenorrhea - a violation of the menstrual cycle. It is accompanied by cramping and pulling pains in the lower abdomen and rectum. In addition, the wife notes in her general weakness, dizziness, migraine, upset stool.

The development of fibromyoma can also lead to what hurts not only the stomach, but also the rectum. This benign uterine tumor develops in women after thirty-five years. The true reasons for its formation are still not known, although some dependence on the emotional state of the woman, hormonal background, and so on has been noticed.

In addition, one should not exclude such gynecological diseases such as adnexitis, endometriosis and even ectopic pregnancy.

Diagnosis and treatment

In order to establish the true cause of the indicated intimate problem in the anus during menstruation, the help of a specialist is necessary. Only a doctor is able to conduct a gynecological, and, if necessary, a rectal examination. Additional methods of study are colonoscopy, fluoroscopy and ultrasound examination of the pelvic organs and the abdominal cavity, as well as general and other necessary blood and urine tests.

Treatment depends on the cause of the pain. You may need surgery and a course of antibiotics. In some cases, it is quite possible to eliminate the identified problem with the help of drug and physiotherapy.

The approach to the treatment of so many sensitive problems is purely individual.

Cause of pain

The reason for all this is the hormonal changes in the body of a woman associated with the menstrual cycle. Pain in the anus can occur periodically or every time during critical days. The latter situation requires an appeal to a gynecologist. Accompanied by an unpleasant feeling in the anus, an unbalanced nervous state of a woman, an increase in weight, which affects the general condition of the body and blood vessels. In the absence of serious health problems, the pain in the anus passes by itself after the end of the menstrual period.

Factors causing pain

With the exception of serious health problems in the field of gynecology and proctology, you can cope with unpleasant sensations in the rectal area during menstruation independently. Treatment is based on adherence to diet, taking drugs that improve the state of the intestine - Laktovit, Laktiale, Bifidumbakterin, Smekta, Enterol, Hilak. It is necessary to ensure proper rest, eliminate physical exertion, avoid stress, make walking. Treatment of serious diseases should be under the supervision of specialists.


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What's happening

The anus in women and men is the final section of the gastrointestinal tract, through it the remnants of undigested food stand out. In normal times, the muscular sphincter annularly encloses the rectum and closes the anus.

With the accumulation of feces and stretching of the walls of the rectum, it relaxes and opens the exit. There are a large number of glands that produce mucus, which facilitates the act of defecation.

These vessels are easily susceptible to expansion, the formation of nodules and inflammation, which can occur under the influence of various provoking factors (during sedentary work, lifting weights, obesity, constipation, and improper nutrition).

Clinically, blood stasis is manifested by pulling pains in the lower abdomen with irradiation to the rectum, constipation, protrusion of hemorrhoids, pains during defecation. Hormonal restructuring in the period before menstruation causes fluid retention in the cells, the woman gains weight, becomes emotionally unstable and irritable, which also affects vascular tone.

Treatment of hemorrhoids without surgery.

What other reasons are there?

During menstruation, many women experience discomfort in the lower abdomen, which are usually tolerated easily and do not cause much suffering.

If the pain is strong and gives to the anus, then it can be different pathological situations of gynecological or proctological direction:

The pain in the anus, which occurs in women during menstruation, can be a companion of many gynecological, proctologic and other problems that need to be detected and eliminated by qualified methods with the help of doctors - specialists of the appropriate profile.

Ignore the symptom of pain is impossible. Timely diagnosis and treatment can save a woman from a serious danger to health and life.

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Gynecological factors

Discomfort on critical days in the anus may be a manifestation of a gynecological problem. They show themselves on specific grounds.

Often there is pain in the anus before menstruation and in the absence of serious pathologies, but simply as a reaction to overeating. Girls are willing to absorb a huge amount of sweet or fatty foods because of the nervous ones. The intestine can not cope with its digestion, there are irritation of the mucous membranes and overstrain of the smooth muscles of the rectum.

How to remove an unpleasant symptom

When the anus hurts during menstruation, it is not worth waiting for the sign to disappear. Sometimes sensations in this area are more painful than in the stomach. Therefore, treatment is necessary, and before you should identify the diagnosis. It will not take long to work with painkillers alone, as the problem will develop, and the syndrome will increase.

Methods of elimination are selected in accordance with the reasons:

  • Paraproctitis usually leads to surgery with removal of purulent contents. Subsequent therapy involves the use of antibiotics, antispasmodics.
  • Cryptitis is often also treated surgically, but at the initial stage candles with propolis, chloramphenicol, Anuzol, Heparin ointment, and hydrocortisone suppositories will help.
  • Spasms in the anus, characteristic of rectal neuralgia (coccygodynia), are treated with physiotherapeutic methods (UHF, infrared laser, mud therapy, electrical stimulation). Novocainic blockades and sea buckthorn microclysters are also shown. To relieve nervous tension will need "Valerian", "Motherwort."
  • Hemorrhoids will require the use of venotonics (“Detralex”), suppositories (“Hepatrombin G”, “Relief”), ointments (“Proktosedil”, “Heparin”). Important diet, the absence of heavy loads.
  • For cracks in the anus, Ultraprokt, Aurobin ointments are shown to help relieve pain and heal damage, Solcoseryl, Actovegin, which improve cell regeneration in the injured area. You will need funds to facilitate bowel movement: candles "Relief", "Anuzol", powders "Fiber", "Duphalac".
  • With adnexitis, it is necessary to use antibiotics in different combinations (Cefataxim, Gentamicin, Erythromycin, etc.), anti-inflammatory drugs (Diclofenac), vaginal suppositories (Terzhinin, Movalis). Useful herbal therapy and physiotherapy.
  • Endometriosis is often eliminated surgically, but hormonal preparations of different levels of influence are necessary. These are KOK “Jess”, “Zhanin”, and GnRG “Diferelin”, “Buserelin” agonists, suppressing FSH and LH “Danazol”, “Gestrinon”, antihestagens “Duphaston”, “Byzanna”. Ibuprofen, Papaverine and "" will help relieve pain and inflammation.
  • sometimes also not to win without a surgical scalpel. But at the early stage and after surgery, hormone treatment with Duphaston, Norkolut, Zoladex, Decapeptil will be needed. The pain will be removed "Naproxen", "Ibuprofen."
  • Severe pain in the anus during menstruation caused by algomenorrhea, will not go without comprehensive treatment, preceded by the identification of its causes. Its conservative part may include the painkillers No-Shpa, Celebrex, Ibuprofen, the hormone preparations Janine, Mersilon, the sedative Valium, Diazepam, vitamins and physiotherapy.

Prevention of pain during menstruation

The problem gives in to preventive measures if to take care of it in time:

  • to adhere to the rules in the diet to avoid constipation,
  • do not neglect hygiene at all stages of the cycle,
  • eliminate heavy physical exertion from life,
  • visit the doctor regularly,
  • not to sit in a sitting position all day.

The appearance of pain in the rectum during menstruation does not always indicate a problem with digestion. Therefore, you should not get rid of it yourself, without being examined, especially to write off on critical days and endure. The intersection of a symptom with a menstruation period speaks in most cases of a serious problem. It is better not to allow it to develop.

The pain also gives back to the anus, the perineum, and besides it there is frequent urination and constipation.

The presence in its layers of foreign inclusions leads to inflammations, which always signal about pain. . If it is the intestine, problems with defecation, bloating from the anus may occur.

The problem of pain in the anus is familiar to most women during the childbearing period. What is the danger of such a symptom, and what factors provoke pain in the anus during pregnancy?

To begin with, it is impossible to ignore this problem. Discomfort affects the physical and psychological state of a pregnant woman. Nervous stress affects the fetal development of the fetus and the general condition of the body. Complications can occur during gestation, during labor and immediately after the completion of the birth process.

Doctors identify several reasons why pregnant women have pain in the anus. Classify them into the following subgroups:

Pain is accompanied by itching, relaxation of the external sphincter tone, frequent or rare bowel movements, rectal bleeding and tenesmus.

What to do if it hurts the anus during pregnancy?

The first step is to immediately contact the proctologist, who will determine the cause of this condition and develop a treatment system. It is dangerous to self-medicate, since during pregnancy many medicines are forbidden to use.

In order for the doctor to make the correct diagnosis, it is necessary to tell in detail about the localization of pain, its nature and frequency of occurrence.

The study of the causes of the disease is carried out in several stages:

Any disease of the anus requires a long and comprehensive treatment. Temporary elimination of pain is permissible, but in the future, longer therapy will be required. Why is complex treatment applied? Elimination of the cause, and not the symptoms of inflammation of the anus, will further avoid problems with pregnancy and childbirth.

Pain relievers for pregnant women are prescribed only by a doctor individually.

  • Treatment of the anal canal with ointments on the basis of heparin or

Most ointments for this purpose have a healing and anti-inflammatory effect. Their use also needs to be coordinated with the proctologist and gynecologist.

During pregnancy, women are forbidden to take a hot bath or soar legs. This is due to the fact that the risk of uterine bleeding is too high. Antiseptic baths involve rinsing the anus in a warm or cool broth of herbs. For the safe conduct of such a procedure using decoctions of flowers, linden, oak bark, series. Warm baths are allowed to take about 15-20 minutes, but the cool no more than 5 minutes.

  • Getting rid of constipation through diet and taking laxatives

The main task of laxative drugs - to facilitate the act of defecation.

During pregnancy, it is better not to use tablets, but to resort to herbal tinctures (dill seed, flax seed, yarrow, buckthorn bark and others). When severe intoxication resolves enema.

The use of dairy products (natural yogurt, kefir, cottage cheese) will help restore the natural intestinal microflora. Diet involves several stages: the rejection of spicy and fatty foods, increasing the amount of consumption of boiled and fresh vegetables, cleansing the body of toxins.

  • Introduction of hemorrhoidal candles

Candles for hemorrhoids reduce pain, stop bleeding. Hemorrhoid treatment is ineffective without stopping bleeding from hemorrhoidal veins. Candles with shark liver oil, sea buckthorn and cocoa are considered the most effective.

Short walks in the fresh air, swimming, gymnastics with elements of stretching - the best way to treat the inflammatory process in the anus.

Prevent the appearance of pain in the anus during pregnancy is possible if you observe obstetrician-gynecologists and proctologists.

What experts advise:

Unpleasant sensations in the anus - not a reason for panic, but a problem that requires urgent solutions.

Why there is pain in the anus, how to get rid of the unpleasant feeling? The female body reacts to the arrival of menstruation absolutely differently. The appearance of pain in the anus makes you think about your own health. This condition is not considered normal, often indicating pathological processes in the body.