Is it possible to baptize to swim in the hole with monthly


On the eve of Baptism, the Orthodox have more and more questions about this holiday: how to bathe, what to bathe, when to get holy water for baptism?

AiF-Vladimir addressed all these important questions to Vladimir the priest Father Andrey.

When is it worth bathing for baptism?

Bathing is an exclusively folk tradition; the church does not call on believers to plunge into an ice-hole. Previously, the clergy in general were disapproving of such a folk rite, because they considered it somewhat tempting - the man defamed, took risks.

The church believes that at Baptism it is enough to attend the service and wash with holy water. Nevertheless, many people swim - until midnight and the next day. Sacred moment is still midnight.

Can women swim in ice holes for baptism during their periods?

On critical days, it is best to refrain from swimming in the ice-holes, because the waters will be sanctified, and the Scripture says that blood and shrine are incompatible things.

What should be bathed in baptism?

When to take holy water to baptism?

The water at Baptism is consecrated twice, on Christmas Eve, that is, on the eve of the holiday, and directly on the holiday itself. You can draw any water, it all has healing power.

- What is the difference between Epiphany and Epiphany water?

- Not with anything. In fact, these are just two different names for the same water.

- How to use baptismal water?

They drink it and sprinkle it on the dwelling, so that the Lord will sanctify the house of believers with the grace of the Holy Spirit.

How to sprinkle housing?

You can sprinkle the walls in each room, as well as other rooms in the apartment or in the house with the prayer “In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen, ”or you can simply take water in your hand and sprinkle it with a“ cross. ” It’s good to sing the troparion, a short prayer to the feast of Epiphany.

How to drink baptismal water?

They drink Epiphany water on an empty stomach throughout the year, usually in the morning. Exceptions are made only on the day when water is taken, and seriously ill. They can not drink water on an empty stomach.

Before consuming baptismal water, read the special prayer "On the adoption of prosphora and holy water." In the event that there is no prosphora, this word is omitted in prayer.

Can women drink holy water during critical days?

There are no prohibitions against this.

What are the properties of baptismal water?

This water has a truly amazing power, it heals from diseases, helps ward off evil spirits. It is given seriously ill to cure. But here it is worth noting that much depends on the faith of one who drinks water. The stronger the faith, the stronger the effect of water.

The opinion of the clergy

On the question of whether a woman should plunge into a hole in baptism, the priests respond differently, because there is the concept of “female impurity” on critical days. Dipping into the hole is to become a member of a special sacrament, and on critical days it is not recommended to touch the shrines and take part in religious ceremonies. However, it must be remembered that what is meant is not mental, but physical impurity.

Since today hygiene products easily eliminate all inconveniences associated with menstruation, many priests believe that there are no obstacles for women to visit temples these days. Consequently, to swimming in the hole during menstruation, there can not be any restrictions either.

For those who believe that baptism during menstruation should not be dipped into a hole, the priests offer to pray, drink consecrated water and remember that the main thing on this holiday is not to bathe, but to receive purification through humility and faith. You can stick to these tips and do good deeds every day, and you can go swimming in Baptism another time, when your period will not coincide with this holiday.

Opinion of doctors

Doctors have a special opinion regarding bathing for baptism during menstruation. During this period, the immunity of women is weakened, often the general physical condition is also far from ideal, so they believe that you should not be subjected to such stress. Even a slight hypothermia can cause colds and various inflammations that will spoil all the pleasure derived from the rite.

If you decide to swim in the hole, it is recommended to start drinking immunostimulants the week before. It should also be remembered that there are means that regulate the menstrual cycle, but the intake of such drugs should be with the permission of your doctor.

Whether it is reasonable to swim in the hole for baptism with menstruations, a woman should decide herself, taking into account her condition, and in order for the holiday to bring a charge of both physical and spiritual forces, preparation for it should be started in advance.

Can I swim for baptism on critical days: expert advice

Baptism is considered one of the most important holidays of the year, allowing a person to be cleansed and wash away all sins. Is it possible to bathe on baptism on critical days? Modern hygiene products allow a woman to bathe in the waters, even during menstruation, and what to do for baptism?

Opinions about bathing in the hole in the baptism during menstruation diverge. Some worry about their own health, because even the slightest hypothermia can cause serious female diseases. Others do not want to offend God.

According to the priests, the water is lit during baptism, and women on critical days cannot touch it, especially since other believers will bathe in this hole. Therefore, in a church, a woman cannot touch the icons, and one can only pray during the days of monthly cleansing. Bathing in the hole is not the canonical establishment of the Church. This is a tradition to follow or not. That is why a woman should worry if she misses the opportunity to plunge into the icy water on the eve of the holiday for a good reason. You should not give this rite some magical power, because you can cleanse your soul by prayer and going to church.

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The ancient rite of bathing in the Epiphany ice hole finds many followers. This is a good tradition for healthy, seasoned people who lead an active lifestyle. However, it is necessary to know that there are a number of contraindications.

Bathing in cold water is a powerful stress for the body. The best option is a preliminary hardening procedure, sequential training for sudden temperature changes.

When a person is immersed in ice water, a spasm of skin vessels arises, leading to a redistribution of blood towards the internal organs, which are dramatically increased in load, primarily on the heart. In this case, a person suffering from arterial hypertension may increase pressure.

Who is contraindicated to dive into the Jordan at Baptism!

It is not recommended to risk health to people who suffer from heart disease, arterial hypertension, arrhythmia and obesity. Suffering from respiratory diseases, such as asthma, bronchitis, sinusitis, frontitis, must also resist the desire to swim in the hole. Also, you can not swim to people who have serious skin diseases, such as psoriasis or eczema. You can not hold a bath on the background of cold, fever. Sharply increases the risk of pneumonia.

Epiphany bathing will also be of no benefit to citizens who suffer from stress, insomnia, are prone to neurotic reactions, are registered with a psychiatrist, and receive psychological help.

It is categorically impossible to bathe in an ice font while intoxicated, as the loss of self-control in water can lead to the most tragic consequences.

People with chronic illnesses, young children and the elderly should refrain from this rite or take a douche at home.

Is it possible to swim in the hole, if you do not believe in God?

Baptism in the hole is an old folk custom, not a church sacrament, only repentance at confession in the temple makes absolution possible. Therefore, if you do not plunge into the hole, nothing from the person will not be lost.

If you decide to join the ancient rite, first of all, objectively assess their capabilities. Do not risk your health. It is advisable to consult with your doctor.

Who would benefit from bathing for baptism:

 walrus with experience,
 people with good health,
 those who know and strictly follow the rules of winter swimming.

Many scholars argue that the baptismal tradition has a beneficial effect on human health. Under the influence of low temperatures, beneficial hormones are secreted and vascular walls strengthen. People who devote themselves to winter swimming are less susceptible to colds, viral and cardiovascular diseases, and the pressure of such adherents of cold therapy is always normal.

To whom Epiphany bathing is contraindicated:

• people with ENT diseases,
• susceptible to lung disease,
• having problems with vision and cardiovascular system,
• those who suffered head injuries,
• suffering from neuritis, epilepsy, diseases of the urinary tract,
• with diagnoses: ulcer, hepatitis and cholecystitis,
• women with gynecological problems.

To bathe in the baptismal font, follow the uppercase rules.

Rules of Epiphany bathing:

- Begin to temper in advance.
- Take a swimsuit, warm sneakers, clothes, a terry towel and a thermos with a hot drink.
- Do a warm-up to warm up.
- Do not drink alcohol at all.
- Take along an escort who will control your dive and insure against unforeseen situations.
- Enter the hole gradually, and not with a run-up, so as not to harm the body.
- We do not sit in the water for a long time, but exit immediately after plunging several times.
- After bathing, be sure to rub with a towel and warmly dressed. Pre-cooked tea is useful.

As you can see, wellness swimming in the hole is quite extreme, but at the same time it is useful. What is the only one effect of rejuvenation from low temperatures! In this case, endorphin allows us to feel happy, joyful and vigorous, and for women such sensations are never superfluous. So, if health and doctors allow, then why not try? Go ahead for new emotions, youth and beauty!