Monthly after sex is over, is this normal?


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during menstruation, pregnancy is excluded, because the body is not ready for this, the endometrium is rejected, and hormones are not at the required level. But there is a possibility that you became pregnant during the previous cycle, and it was just bloody discharge and not menstruation. It is possible to exclude pregnancy through a blood test for hCG and ultrasound.

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if I do sex work in 1-2 days - they stop going two / three hours, then they go again. if it is the 4th day, then the 5th day will also go.

Having sex during menstruation is NOT available! Leave alone p and s. alone for a few days, if you do not want to be treated later for anything without falling.
Throwing menstrual blood back up into the tubes to the ovaries promises endometriotic cysts! And this is the right step to infertility.

Having sex during menstruation is NOT available! Leave alone p and s. alone for a few days, if you do not want to be treated later for anything without falling.
Throwing menstrual blood back up into the tubes to the ovaries promises endometriotic cysts! And this is the right step to infertility.

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people can not stand 5 days! about horrors, slayed

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damn tell me what to think and my girlfriend. How to understand this situation! the girl had to go monthly either today or tomorrow. we had sex and my girlfriend got an orgasm. and now as a month or two she has no periods. although crying to me that hurts the stomach and sick! what does it mean! is she pregnant !?

I slept with a guy and went during the night periods, went for four days there is a chance to get pregnant

I slept with a guy and went during the night periods, went for four days there is a chance to get pregnant

Usually monthly went 3-5 days.
Monthly went 2nd day.
We didn’t resist with my martyr and had sex, after he had finished, but not to me!
And the monthly stopped going, is this normal? can this be?

Usually monthly went 3-5 days.
Monthly went 2nd day.
We didn’t resist with my martyr and had sex, after he had finished, but not to me!
And the monthly stopped going, is this normal? can this be?

people can not stand 5 days! about horrors, slayed

Having sex during menstruation is NOT available! Leave alone p and s. alone for a few days, if you do not want to be treated later for anything without falling.
Throwing menstrual blood back up into the tubes to the ovaries promises endometriotic cysts! And this is the right step to infertility.

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Urgently! Monthly periods after sex have ended - medical consultation of the doctor on a subject

This can be both a pregnancy and a cycle failure related to inflammation, erosion, hormonal failure, etc.
To resolve the issue you need to donate blood for hCG - this is the most accurate and
early method of detecting pregnancy in small terms.
If pregnancy is not confirmed - then contact your doctor to find out
reasons for the absence of menstruation and examination: examination, smears, general analysis
urine and blood, ultrasound, blood for sex hormones.

Consultation is available around the clock. Urgent medical care is a quick response.

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The reasons why there is no menstruation after sex

The delay in menstruation after sex may be due to various reasons. Some are directly related to sex and the conditions in which sexual intercourse took place, others are a reflection of existing health problems. Not the last role in the occurrence of delay after sex is played by the age of the woman, her hormonal background and mental state.

Among the pathological reasons for the absence of menstruation after intercourse, the following are the most common:

1 ovarian dysfunction,

2 pathologies of the pituitary and / or hypothalamus,

4 adhesions in fallopian tubes.

Can there be a delay in menstruation after sex if it is not a physiological cause or a symptom of the disease? This may be a pregnancy, as a result of insufficiently protected sexual contact.

With all of these reasons for delaying menstruation, except for pregnancy, the menstrual cycle is extended and becomes chaotic, so it is not surprising that after menstruating, menstruation does not come for a long time, although, in theory, they should have already started.

If we talk about the most common physiological reasons for the delay of menstruation, in this respect, the palm of the championship is kept by various pathologies of the endocrine system arising in the background:

1 sharp change of climatic conditions

2 compliance monodiet,

3 excessive physical exertion

4 stressful experiences

5 drastic weight loss.

One of the consequences of endocrine disruption is the delay in ovulation and, as a consequence, the lengthening of the last phase of the menstrual cycle. These changes may appear in the form of delayed menstruation after sex, which should alert the woman and encourage her to visit an endocrinologist.

The age factor is manifested in the late onset of menstruation after sex in women in premenopausal women. The childbearing function begins to fade away at about forty-forty-five, however, for some representatives of the beautiful half of humanity, this period may begin earlier (at the age of thirty) or later (in the region of fifty years). The term of entry into premenopause is determined by the genetics, the ecological situation in the region of residence, the way of life, the individual characteristics of the organism, therefore it is different for each individual woman.

With regard to the reasons for the delay of menstruation after sex in women of childbearing age, who do not experience particular health problems and who are not exposed to regular stress, it is appropriate to mention the following factors:

1 Infection with a sexually transmitted infection.

2 Taking a contraceptive.

3 Fertilization of the egg.

Most often, a delay in menstruation after sexual intercourse is caused by pregnancy (about sixty percent of the cases out of a hundred). Although it is commonly believed that conception can occur only on “dangerous days” - three days before ovulation and within three days after it, but nature makes its own adjustments. The fact is that ovulation does not always occur on time. For example, if a woman went on a diet, seriously engaged in fitness or experienced a strong shock, the egg can leave the follicle earlier or later than expected, and therefore the risk of an unplanned pregnancy increases. You should also take into account the fact that the life of sperm cells can be several days, or even a week, so even if sexual intercourse took place immediately after the end of critical days or on the eve of menstruation - on so-called “safe days” - a woman can become pregnant, the body will immediately let you know by delaying menstruation.

And if the delay of menstruation after unprotected PA, how likely is pregnancy? If there was a completely unprotected PA, after which there is no menstruation, then the probability of pregnancy is about 80% compared to other possible reasons for why there are no menstruations after unprotected sex.

The second line in the ranking of the most common causes of delayed menstruation after sex in women of childbearing age is taken by taking post-coital contraception, which contain a loading dose of hormones. Such drugs for a long time bring down the menstrual cycle, so it is not recommended to use them more often than once every six months. Some spermicides, such as contraceptive ointments and suppositories that increase the viscosity of cervical mucus, have a similar effect. The substances contained in them slow down the process of rejection of the endometrium, with the result that critical days come later than necessary. Regular use of such tools can shift the timing of the onset of menstruation, which negatively affects the well-being of women and provokes the development of undesirable complications, which is why it should be resorted to only in exceptional cases.

Genital infections rarely cause delayed menstruation. The exceptions are those diseases that are accompanied by an inflammatory process in the pelvis.

Delay of menstruation after the first sex, why there is no menstruation

Delay of menstruation after the first sex is quite common. A similar reaction is usually observed in girls of puberty. This period is characterized by an unstable hormonal background and, as a result, a chaotic menstrual cycle, which can get off the slightest impact from the outside, including rupture of the hymen or excessively intense effects on the cervix, leading to a slower growth of the endometrium.

Often young girls ask the question: is it generally normal to delay monthly after the first time or not? There are several reasons for the fact that the monthly did not appear after the first time. Postpone the onset of critical days after sex can and severe stress experienced during defloration. As you know, the gap chaff rarely proceeds painlessly. For some girls, it causes so intense pain that they interrupt the act in the middle, or even lose consciousness. In such a situation, the failure of the menstrual cycle is not only predictable, but also expected.

What can be the maximum delay after the first time? The answer to this question is ambiguous, because first sex with a woman can be at different ages. Often the first time occurs during the formation of the menstrual cycle. In this case, a large number of other factors can affect the delay of menstruation. The same applies to the case when a woman has a delay in menstruation after a long abstinence. But the delay in menstruation due to condoms is unlikely, because menstruation cycle failure usually occurs when using oral hormonal contraceptive methods, hormonal IUDs and other contraceptives.

The reason for the delay may be pregnancy. There is a perception among teenagers that it is impossible to “fly into the air” for the first time. In extreme cases, you can resort to interrupted sexual intercourse: he will definitely save the child from conception. Practice proves the opposite. In fact, a girl can become pregnant after one single sexual intercourse with the same probability as a woman who has long been sexually active. The presence of a hymen does not affect the ability to conceive. In medicine, there were cases when the girl’s chaff was not broken, and the pregnancy nevertheless occurred, so the statement that “the first time” can not be protected is not true.

Therefore, if the periods have stopped after the unprotected pa and do not occur at all, the first thing to do is suspect pregnancy, the successful conception of the fetus. But the opinion that interrupted sexual intercourse, allegedly, protects against pregnancy, and does belong to the category of myths. Spermatozoa are contained not only in the sperm, as is commonly believed, but also in the lubricant; therefore, a single penetration is enough to get inside and rush to the egg cell. The only way to prevent the onset of pregnancy is to use a condom, and that should be worn on time and properly, otherwise you will have to give birth or have an abortion. Whichever option you choose, the body will still experience extreme stress, which is contraindicated at such a young age.

Also often asked about whether you can get pregnant if after intercourse were monthly? There are a considerable number of cases when the pregnancy is even against the background of the beginning of the new monthly periods. Such cases are not unique, but unlikely. In order to completely refute the fact that a woman is pregnant, it is necessary to do several tests for pregnancy or to pass a blood test for hCG.

Medical look at the problem

In women of fertile age, the delay in menstruation after sex should not exceed seven days. If a week has passed from the moment of sexual intercourse, and the menstruation has not come, it is necessary to do a pregnancy test. If he turns out to be negative, you need to visit a doctor and pass the tests prescribed by him. Until the results are ready, you should not have sex.

Doctors advise to always keep pregnancy tests on hand. The fact is that not a single existing contraceptive method provides a 100% guarantee. The least reliable are the calendar method and interrupted intercourse in the middle - those who practice them risk facing not only an unwanted pregnancy, but also a sexually transmitted infection, which can also lead to a delay in menstruation after sex.

In women of premenopausal age, the delay in menstruation after sex is quite common. If it is not accompanied by any unpleasant symptoms, there is no cause for concern, but as a precaution, it is still worth visiting a doctor. If the gynecologist does not detect any abnormalities, you can safely have sex, the main thing is not to forget about contraception, because a woman can become pregnant as long as her childbearing function is active, and in premenopausal it is still active.

Delay of menstruation as a reason for going to the doctor

If a week has passed after intercourse, but there are still no menstrual periods, nipples have swelled, appetite has increased, began to constantly feel sleepy and sick in the morning, you should resort to a pregnancy test. If the result is negative, wait a couple of days and then repeat the procedure. Home tests do not always reflect the real picture of what is happening, therefore, if the suspicion of pregnancy remains, you should take a blood test for hCG. Resorting to it immediately after sex does not make sense, since hCG begins to be produced no earlier than seven to eight days after the fertilization of the egg.

If, in addition to the delay after sex, symptoms such as abdominal pain, rashes on the mucous and genital organs, a suspicious type of vaginal discharge are observed, you should immediately consult a doctor. Similarly, sexually transmitted infections make themselves known, the effectiveness of the treatment of which directly depends on the promptness of the measures taken against the causative agent. The sooner a woman visits the doctor, the easier it will be to cure the disease, so do not wait for the weather at the sea - by itself, nothing will pass.

Women who are sexually active should regularly visit a gynecologist: this will allow the timely detection of pathologies such as vaginal dysbacteriosis, cervical erosion, and other disorders affecting the duration of the menstrual cycle. The absence of menstruation in due time should be the reason for an unscheduled visit to the doctor, because sexually transmitted infections, hormonal disorders, and diseases of the pelvic organs, which require urgent treatment, can be felt in this way. Also, the delay may indicate the occurrence of pregnancy, which is better to identify in the early period.After all, if a woman does not plan to preserve it, it is safer to interrupt her while the fetus is small - in this case, it will be possible to do without serious consequences for the body and psyche.

Monthly after first sex

After the first sexual experience with a man, girls often experience nervousness, fear, and pain. Naturally, during the first intimacy, the integrity of the hymen is disturbed, which causes bleeding, which immediately stops or as a daub is observed for three days. The vagina is stretched during sex, which can also cause pain and the insignificant appearance of blood from bursting blood vessels. These symptoms are not observed in all women, so you can not tune in to the first intimacy with fear.

Of course, after sex, there may be some changes in the woman’s body. This is due to changes in the vaginal flora and hormonal balance, affecting fertility. That is, the production of hormones, such as: estrogen, progesterone, oxytocin, thyroxin, somatotropin and others has a direct effect on the work of the female reproductive system. With sexual intercourse, hormonal release increases, which is reflected on the ovaries for the maturation of eggs in them. Reproductive function increases, and the woman prepares for potential fertilization. For the physiological course of this whole process, it is necessary to adhere to the regularity of sexual intima. Since the female genitalia adapt to intimacy with a partner, which leads to the absence of discomfort, menstrual disorders and other diseases.

The beginning of the menstrual cycle are the critical days. Can I have sex at this time? Of course, not worth it, especially for the first time. First, the painful feeling during menstruation can be aggravated by pain during sexual intercourse. Secondly, menstrual bleeding may increase, leading to a weakening of the female body. Third, infection of the female ways can cause disease. In general, this stressful condition can trigger a deterioration in the health of a woman and a disregard for repeated closeness.

When menstruation is at the stage of completion or has ended altogether, committing sexual intercourse is not a contraindication, but still it is advisable to wait another couple of days so as not to cause repeated bleeding or infection of the genitals. If sex is inevitable, it is recommended to use a condom and sparing sexual intercourse.

If all the unpleasant symptoms associated with menstruation are over, then this is the most favorable time for love joys. It is important to remember that safe sex can cause the occurrence of a pathological condition associated with the entry of disease-causing parasites into the reproductive organs, and you can also become pregnant, which is not always planned at the first proximity.

After the first act of love, a woman can observe failures in the timing of menstruation. Sometimes, menstruation can immediately recur, and then there comes a panic, because they only recently ended. This case can be explained by the bleeding of the remnants of the hymen or hormonal rearrangement, which provoked minor uterine bleeding.

Cases of delayed menstruation after the first sex should not cause fear and fear for women's health. Basically, there are several reasons for this condition:

  • Psychological stress, which leads to hormonal imbalance,
  • The periodicity of the month of the girl is still not complete with the installation of the menstrual period, the moment of the beginning of sexual activity
  • Possible conception and development of pregnancy.

In the latter case, sex may occur at the time of ovulation, when the maturation of the egg has ended, and she met with the spermatozoon in the absence of protection.

Disruptions in the menstrual cycle after intima may also be caused by congenital or acquired diseases that were not particularly apparent before the start of sex:

  • Polycystic ovary (Stein Leventhal syndrome). A disease in which in the ovaries there are many cystic formations that cause dysfunction of these organs, which leads to disruption of the menstrual cycle,
  • Possible cysts and tumors of the female genitalia, under the influence of hormonal surges after sex, can progress and thus trigger bleeding or a prolonged absence of menstruation,
  • During the course of the menstrual cycle, the thyroid gland has a special effect, therefore, exacerbations of its existing pathologies in a woman can also cause a delay in menstruation,
  • The anomaly of the female organs in the form of a two-horned uterus can also, after intercourse, cause a delay of critical days or, on the contrary, cause the girl’s surprise that they went again.

What to do with a long absence of menstruation after the first sex

If the menstrual period after the first wedding night did not come during and does not bother with anything, then you can wait until two or three weeks, but this is on condition that the girl was protected from unwanted pregnancy and conception is excluded. When the first menstruation comes, it is possible and will be the beginning of a new menstrual cycle, which should be adjusted and established finally. This is due to regular sexual activity, in which the female body maintains the balance of the hormonal level and the reproductive function of the organs of the reproductive system.

If menstruation does not occur for a long time and the woman is experiencing, then you just need to contact the antenatal clinic, be examined and eliminate the cause of the incomprehensible condition. Some inexperienced girls listen to healers, grandmothers, girlfriends and still manage to take different infusions or injections in order to cause delayed menstruation. This is the wrong decision, as each organism is individual. Therefore, so that everything does not end in disrepair, one should only seek medical help if necessary.

Of course, pregnancy most often occurs in the middle of the menstrual cycle, but doctors do not exclude this possibility even before menstruation. . Monthly after the first sex.

Sex life is an integral part of the process of vital activity of the human body. The structure of the male and female reproductive system is extremely consistent with harmonious pleasure for the balance of psychological and.

The widespread conviction that it is impossible to get pregnant during menstruation is not true. . Monthly after the first sex.

Menstrual bleeding after sex

According to the information in the question, for the second month in a row after sexual intercourse, your period begins. If this coincides in time with the end of the 25-day menstrual cycle, then there is no reason for concern: these are regular monthly periods. If you are concerned about bleeding in the intermenstrual period, starting after sex, then it is a question of post-coital bleeding, which is not the norm and indicates various disorders, although in most cases it does not pose a threat to health.

Causes of blood discharge after sexual intercourse

  1. Genital trauma. As a result of too active or rough sex, you can get an injury to the walls or the vaginal fornix, damage the cervical mucosa. In this case, the bleeding begins suddenly and quite abundantly.
  2. Infectious diseases. Isolation of blood after sexual intercourse may indicate the presence of genital infections, in particular, chlamydia.
  3. Inflammatory diseases. A common cause of blood discharge after sexual intercourse is cervicitis (inflammation of the cervix) or vaginitis (inflammation of the vagina). These diseases can be caused by the presence of bacteria or fungi, non-compliance with the rules of personal hygiene or taking certain drugs.
  4. Erosion of the cervix and polyps. During sexual intercourse, these formations can be injured, which causes bleeding. They need to be removed in time, as they provoke the development of malignant tumors.
  5. Medication. Some drugs (aspirin, birth control pills) contribute to the thinning of the inner layer of the uterus. His trauma and leads to the release of blood after sex. Bleeding can also occur if you miss an oral contraceptive.

In your case, menstrual flow after intercourse is most likely nothing more than a coincidence. But if you notice something unusual in how menstruation goes on or in your sensations, visit a gynecologist to find out the cause.