Use of parsley for menstruation: decoctions and infusions, how to cook and how to drink?


Does parsley help with delayed menstruation?

Since ancient times, women and girls have used various means to induce menstruation with delays. Basically, all these drugs are agents that act on a woman's body in various ways, eventually causing rejection of the endometrium and menstruation.

One of the most effective means to eliminate the delay of menstruation, according to folk lore and recipes, is ordinary parsley. And to call the monthly use of the roots, seeds, grass and parsley oil. According to the verbal reviews, transmitted from one generation of women to another, parsley perfectly helps with the delay of menstruation.

Consider the most popular recipes for the use of parsley during the delay of menstruation:

1. Eat a pinch (1 gram) of parsley seeds 4 times a day, chewing them thoroughly. Seeds should be eaten within a week before the expected date of the first day of the next menstruation.

2. Prepare the infusion of parsley seeds. To do this, crush 2 tablespoons of parsley seeds and pour the resulting powder with 1 liter of cold drinking water. Insist in a dark place for 8 hours, then strain. Ready infusion take half a cup four times a day, no longer than 2 - 3 days.

3. Rinse well and pour 1 liter of boiling water 150 grams of parsley. Boil the parsley over high heat for 10 minutes, and then insist for another half an hour. Strain the infusion. Ready to take a decoction in half a glass twice a day - in the morning and in the evening, during the week before the expected date of the next menstruation.

4. Buy parsley seed oil at the pharmacy. Add half a gram of oil to half a glass of water and drink this composition 2 to 3 times a day for a week before the expected date of the next menstruation.

5. Take the parsley root and chop it thoroughly to make two tablespoons of powder. The resulting two tablespoons of parsley root powder pour two cups of boiling water and heat on low heat for 10 minutes. Then insist the decoction for half an hour and strain. Ready infusion should be taken in half a cup twice a day - in the morning and evening, during the week before the expected date of the next menstruation.

When deciding on the use of parsley in case of delayed periods, it should be remembered that this can be very risky and is fraught with the development of complications. After all, taking decoctions of parsley, a woman causes blood flow to the uterus and increased contractions of the organ, which may be complicated by bleeding, infection, etc. Therefore, you should carefully consider whether to use parsley seeds in case of delayed menstruation, or it is still better to consult a doctor.

Is it safe to cause menstruation in advance?

There are cases when you want your period to come early. There may be many reasons for this:

  • an important event that falls on the expected day of the beginning of menstruation,
  • going on vacation
  • exam.

It is possible to cause critical days on a day - two ahead of time, using certain drugs and hormonal drugs, but their use can lead to many side effects - weight gain, mood swings, horrible hormonal failure.

It is much safer to use herbs and greens that contain natural hormones and essential oils, including parsley. A decoction of this green in moderation will not harm the body and may have the desired effect, but, of course, it is not guaranteed.

Why can a plant help with delay?

Pertushka contains natural phytohormone - once in the body, it stimulates the production of estrogen in the woman’s body.

  • If the delay in menstruation is associated with hormonal disruption, for example, with excessive production of progesterone, which does not allow the endometrium in the uterus to ripen until it is ready for renewal, then the estrogen in parsley will suppress the action of progesterone and the menstruation will begin.
  • Help reduce the amount of progesterone and essential oils, and a large amount of vitamin C in greens.
  • Special essential oils in parsley also contribute to the uterine contractions, which also leads to the arrival of menstruation.

Early parsley decoction can cause miscarriage, including incomplete, which threatens with major complications in the future - inflammatory processes, adhesions in the tubes, stimulate the growth of tumors in the uterus and ovaries, cause hormonal disruptions and even sterility!

Indications and contraindications for use

Indications for the use of decoction of greens can serve:

  • the need to speed up menstruation a day or two ahead of time,
  • hormonal disruptions caused by excessive amounts of progesterone,
  • delayed menstruation, not related to pregnancy.

If the delay is associated with stress, then the greens in salads will reduce nervous irritability, contribute to an increase in the body's endorphins and melatonin and will accelerate the natural arrival of critical days. Broth parsley relieve inflammation in the female reproductive system and improve mucosal rejection.

It is strictly forbidden to use herbs as a medicine in the following cases.:

  • pregnancy at any time - estrogen and essential oils in parsley can cause miscarriage,
  • kidney disease
  • problems with heart.

In no case can not drink a decoction of fragrant herbs for more than two weeks, use large quantities of plant seeds - they have a mild toxic property. When treating with decoction and oils, the dosage must be observed, since excessive consumption of the drug may provoke a call for heavy bleeding and longer periods than usual for menstruation.

How to use grass: step by step instructions

How to prepare and brew medicine to cause periods during their delay and how much to drink it?

To prepare the decoction of the root is better to take a fresh product.

  • 20 gr. finely chopped parsley root,

  • 2 glasses of water.
  1. pour cooked root with cold water
  2. put the pot on the fire, bring to a boil,
  3. boil for about 10 minutes
  4. cool broth, let it brew for at least 2 hours, strain.

Take half a glass after breakfast and before dinner:

  1. a week before menstruation - to speed up their arrival,
  2. on the first day of the delay - to stimulate menstruation.

It is necessary to take the broth in the first case no more than three days, in the second - two days in a row.

  • 15 gr. greens with sprigs chopped and crushed with a knife

  • 4 glasses of water.

The preparation is the same as from the root:

  1. to boil
  2. insist a couple of hours
  3. strain.

Take 2 times a day after meals in half a glass.

The easiest way to buy dried parsley in a pharmacy in tea bags, you can use finely chopped for brewing in the kettle.

For the preparation of infusion:

  1. tablespoon or package mix brew a glass of boiling water,
  2. insist 5 minutes
  3. filtered and drink like tea twice a day - in the morning and in the evening, in half a glass of infusion diluted with warm water to the whole.

From pharmaceutical oil

In the pharmacy, you can buy oil infusion of parsley essential oils. Its use is extremely simple - a few drops of oil diluted in 100 milliliters of warm water and taken 3 times a day after meals.

It is necessary to use infusion within a week.

Parsley seeds have the maximum effect to stimulate menstruation.. For the preparation of medicines:

  1. Two tablespoons of seeds need to grind as carefully as possible (it is best to use a mortar for spices) and pour a liter of cold boiled water.
  2. A jar of infusion put at night in a dark cool place.
  3. In the morning strain.

Use 2 tablespoons of the medicine 2 times a day - in the morning and in the evening. You can drink it no more than three days in a row.

Greens with water

The softest is an infusion of fresh herbs in boiling water. To prepare you need:

  1. 20 gr. fresh greens pour half a liter of boiling water
  2. wrap the dishes in a blanket and leave the medicine to infuse for 2-3 hours,
  3. strain.

Take half a cup after breakfast and before bedtime - for 3-4 days, the maximum infusion can be drunk for 7 days.

Thus, parsley due to the content of hormone-like phytoestrogens, essential oils and ascorbic acid can really help with the delay of menstruation, associated with an excess of progesterone, inflammatory diseases and stress. Able to decoction of greenery and accelerate the arrival of menstruation, but only for one or two days.

Take the medicine very carefully, not exceeding the dosagebefore consulting with your doctor to prevent pregnancy, serious infections and severe hormonal disorder.

Perfilyeva Inna Yuryevna

Psychologist, Psychodramatist. Specialist from the website

I drank a decoction of dry parsley, a bag of 2 grams per day, on the 3rd day a month comes. The cycle sometimes fails, it’s probably hereditary for me, my mother has an irregular cycle all her life, she never gave it any importance, she’s not healthy complains.

No parsley will help, all this is nonsense, if the near future does not start, you need to see a doctor, usually progesterone preparations are prescribed.

No parsley will help, all this is nonsense, if the near future does not start, you need to see a doctor, usually progesterone preparations are prescribed.

No parsley will help, all this is nonsense, if the near future does not start, you need to see a doctor, usually progesterone preparations are prescribed.

Yes, I know what I need to wait for the doctor until Monday and I’ll just go. I don’t want to drink Duphaston, they can come, and there were no delays such a cycle is constant for 28 days, but it didn’t come because of stress, I cried for 5 days with my husband

Try a decoction of parsley, you risk nothing, for 2 days already it starts to pull the lower abdomen, menstruating is brewing, it won't be worse ..

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Yes, I know what I need to wait for the doctor until Monday and I’ll just go. I don’t want to drink Duphaston, they can come, and there were no delays such a cycle is constant for 28 days, but it didn’t come because of stress, I cried for 5 days with my husband

Well, what nonsense, I wrote in Clause 1 that it helps, why should I invent! I don’t know about hormones, my mother never recognized them and didn’t drink, she kept the girlish figure until 40, looks much younger, so I’m looking at I do not want any hormonal treatments.

I do not know how to delay. I ate during menstruation, and at the end. Not for any particular purpose. Just, suddenly, began to like. What does not just add to the salad or in a dish, but straight bunches chewed. the thousandths were coming to an end, but in the end it poured with a new force. So there is some sense in it. especially since the cycle malfunction never suffered, and the length of these days is ALWAYS the same for me.

Tried parsley twice. Both times acted.

Tried parsley twice. Both times acted.

Tried parsley twice. Both times acted.

Delay 6 day and 3 day receiving parsley, temperature 37
Test negative
This was already but with less delay
Waiting for hgch, hormones have fun

The delay was 2 days, there were no symptoms of PMS, there was no such thing before, they protected the guy, I thought I couldn’t fly, I was so worried that I didn’t try it, I decided to call it with insults, then I decided to try a decoction from parsley, drank half a glass 2 times a day, and the next day came)

Delay 6 day and 3 day receiving parsley, temperature 37
Test negative
This was already but with less delay
Waiting for hgch, hormones have fun

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Medicinal properties of parsley

The plant since ancient times is used for therapeutic purposes. The composition of parsley includes trace elements necessary for the body and essential oils, which contribute to:

  • stimulate metabolism
  • destruction of pathogenic microflora,
  • improve digestion,
  • lowering the sugar content
  • reducing the severity of inflammatory processes,
  • normalization of the regularity of the menstrual cycle,
  • endometrial growth in phase 2 of the cycle,
  • breath freshening
  • strengthen the body's defenses
  • improve the condition of the blood vessels
  • getting rid of the symptoms of PMS and menopause,

Regular consumption of decoctions, infusions has a diuretic, tonic effect. Under the influence of substances that are in the composition of the plant, vision improves, tooth enamel is strengthened, expectoration is facilitated.

Does parsley decoction help to accelerate the monthly

When a delay occurs, the girls begin to look for folk ways to bring the date of the onset of menstruation. It helps, judging by the reviews, to speed up the monthly decoction of parsley. Under its influence, the endometrium begins to actively grow and then reject.

Some women use decoction to reduce the cycle time, for example, before a planned vacation. But to shift the date of menstruation for 5-7 days is impossible. Connoisseurs of popular methods of treatment say that taking a plant stimulates the approach of menstruation in the case when there is already a delay.

When drinking broth, blood flow to the uterus is stimulated. After this, the organ begins to contract, this causes rejection of the endometrium and the onset of menstruation. Do not underestimate the effect of parsley on the female body.

  1. Estrogen-like substances contained in the composition activate the processes under the influence of which cyclic hormonal changes take place. When taking decoctions, infusions accelerates the growth of the endometrium, this contributes to increased blood flow to the uterus.
  2. Ascorbic acid contained in herbs, helps to reduce the concentration of progesterone. A high level of hormones contributes to the lengthening of the 2nd phase of the cycle, under their influence the endometrium continues to grow and does not exfoliate.
  3. The structure includes substances that stimulate the reduction of smooth muscle fibers. As a result, the endometrium begins to reject in the uterus.
  4. The diuretic effect of the plant contributes to the removal of accumulated fluid from the body. Due to this, the duration of menstruation is reduced, it becomes less painful.
  5. The composition of the leaves includes chlorophyll, normalizing the work of the nervous system. Eating green helps those women who have a delay due to stress.

At reception of decoctions the menstrual function is normalized.

How to brew parsley to cause monthly

To approximate the monthly you can use various recipes of traditional medicine. But before using alternative therapies, it is advisable to consult with a gynecologist. The doctor can determine the cause of the delay, identify any problems with health.

Under their influence, it is possible to approximate menstruation, but it is necessary to rely on the result not earlier than in 4-7 days of regular use.

Fresh parsley in case of delayed menstruation

Having learned that parsley causes menstruation, women begin to include it in the diet in unlimited quantities. Eating green helps to saturate the body with vitamins, essential minerals, but does not affect the regularity of the cycle.

Alternative medicine lovers recommend using parsley broth, seed, or oil to get around the monthly amount.

To make a decoction of fresh leaves, you need 150 g of greenery. It is necessary to pour 1 liter of boiling water, boil for 10 minutes, let it brew for half an hour. Drink cooked broth should be ½ cup twice a day for a week.

Fresh parsley is also made into an infusion. A well-washed plant with the root part should be poured with a glass of boiling water. Infusion is prepared for 24 hours in a dark place. Take it should be 50 ml twice a day for a week.

Dried parsley

Prepare a concentrated decoction obtained, if you use dried greens. You can buy dry parsley in any supermarket in the department with spices. For the broth will need 5 g of dry herbs and 200 ml of boiling water. It takes about 10 minutes to boil the parsley. After cooling broth you need to drink 50 ml in the morning and evening.

In small quantities, parsley does not affect the regularity of the menstrual cycle.

Plant seeds

Healers offer several options for eating parsley seeds. Their reception contributes to the approximation of the date of menstruation, reduces the manifestations of PMS and reduces the severity of pain that occurs in the first days of menstruation.

You can simply eat 1 g of seeds (corresponding to 1 pinch) 4 times a day for a week. They should be chewed thoroughly, not swallowed whole.

To prepare the infusion will require 1 tbsp. l seeds and 0.5 liters of cold water. Seeds need to crush, pour water and put for 8 hours in a dark place. The resulting infusion must be filtered. It is necessary to drink liquid on 100 ml four times a day not longer than 3 days in a row.

Good results are observed when drinking broth. For cooking you need 4 tsp. seeds pour a glass of boiling water and boil for a quarter of an hour on low heat. Cooled broth must be filtered and drink 2 tbsp. l every 2 hours.

The substances contained in the parsley root can tone the uterus and speed up the onset of menstruation. In accordance with the recipe of parsley decoction for menstruation, the root must first be washed, peeled, chopped. Need to take 2 tbsp. l raw materials, pour 500 ml boiling water. The healing drink is prepared on low heat for 10 minutes. Drink a decoction of 100 ml twice a day.


Broth parsley for menstruation is used by women to approximate the date of their beginning. It is considered an effective folk remedy. But before using broth, it is advisable to consult with a gynecologist. Some women drink it is contraindicated.

How parsley affects menstruation

Sometimes a woman needs to cause menstruation ahead of time, the reasons are different. How much do you need to eat parsley to monthly went earlier. This question is asked when they learn about this particular plant.

The cycle consists of 2 parts: follicular and luteal. During the 1st stage, estrogen dominates, in the 2nd progesterone. When the amount of estrogen increases, menstruation begins.

Parsley as a powerful antioxidant affects the metabolism, as a result of which it is accelerated. The amount of hormones increases. Due to the high content of vitamin C, parsley helps to reduce progesterone. By acting on the vessels and the uterus, it increases estrogen in the female body. The uterus is reduced, and begin monthly.

The stem contains a set of elements that helps the endometrium to peel off faster. And iron helps to restore the lack of the same element, which is lost along with the menstrual secretions.

Due to the presence of essential oils in the green mass of the plant, hormone release into the blood is regulated. Long parsley reception forms the endometrium layer faster. As a result, he exfoliates, and begin monthly.

Parsley juice has a diuretic effect. Regulation of hormones and the removal of excess fluid helps to reduce pain and make menstruation short.

In order to go monthly, it is necessary to prepare decoctions or infusions of parsley. Apply all parts of the plant.

Is it safe to cause monthly

The delay in menstruation has several reasons, before deciding on a premature menstruation, you should think carefully. A 100% certainty is needed that the cause of the delay is not pregnancy. It will harm the baby.

In all other cases, you should consult with your doctor. Having examined the condition, he will decide on the safety of using this method.

Ways of cooking green assistant for menstruation

There are several proven methods for preparing solutions. Each of them is prepared immediately before use. All parts of parsley, seeds, green mass, roots are used. To speed up the arrival of menstruation, you need to prepare one of the recipes.

The use of seeds in the preparation

Preparing a decoction as follows. It will take 4 tsp. seeds and 1 tbsp. water. Boil water, add seeds to it. Boil or insist on a water bath for 15 minutes. The fire when boiling make the smallest. After the solution has cooled, drain.

Drink 5-6 times a day. The decoction is used not only for delayed menstruation, but also for painful heavy menstruation. Contained in the plant substances increase the tone of the uterus and help reduce pain.

If a woman just needs to adjust the cycle, the same solution will do. Only to drink it requires 2 tbsp. l every 2 hours.

Another option to prepare a solution from the seeds. Take 20 g of parsley, crushed to a state of powder. Then pour 1 l of drinking water, do not boil and do not heat. Put in a cool place protected from direct sunlight for a day. Consume within 2 days 150 ml, 4 doses per day before meals.

Using parsley leaves

First of all, the leaves are very carefully washed. They need to wash off all toxic substances. 150 g leaves and 1 l water are required.

The broth is prepared as follows: chopped greens, poured water, put on the fire. After boiling, leave on fire for 10 minutes. Then they take it off and let it stand for half an hour. Filter and drink 150 ml 2 times a day: in the morning and in the evening. It is recommended to take the decoction 7-10 days before the expected date of the start of the cycle.

Take the decoction should be very careful, misuse will entail complications.

A large amount of decoction will cause severe bleeding to open, which will not be easy to stop. Consultation with a doctor is required.

Another purpose of the solution - reducing pain during menstruation. Use 1-2 tbsp. l half an hour before meals every 6 hours.

You can make a decoction using fresh herbs or dried.

Parsley Broth

Prepare a decoction and parsley roots. It will take 2-3 tbsp. l chopped root and 1 liter of water. Let it boil for 15 minutes and leave for 25-30 minutes. Drink 0.5 glass every morning and evening during the week. Take a decoction of women who seek to normalize their cycle.


The use of decoctions has not only positive, but also negative sides. It is strictly forbidden to take pregnant women. The plant affects the walls of the uterus, and as a result of this there is a rejection of the fetus, that is, miscarriage. Do not use broths and infusions of nursing mothers, essential oils have a negative effect on the nervous system of the baby.

In addition, the use of decoction is not worth those people who have a disease of the kidneys or bladder.

The use of parsley seeds to call monthly should be monitored by the attending physician. Do not forget about contraindications. There is no scientific evidence of the effectiveness of the remedy, but feedback from women who have taken it indicates a positive effect. Menstruation begins 1-2 days after the start of the reception.

Causes of delays

To determine the coherence of the female body can be on the cyclical nature of the menstrual cycle. If its regularity is disturbed, and the period is delayed, it means that there is some kind of failure in the woman’s body. Its causes may be insignificant, and may indicate the presence of serious problems with the reproductive system, so whether it is necessary to stimulate the onset of menstruation is in each case worth solving individually. There are several reasons for the lack of menstruation:

  • pregnancy. In this case, it is not necessary to use any methods that stimulate the rejection of the uterine endometrium, since this may cause an abortion. Self-activity in such a situation may result in severe blood loss, hormonal disorders, and incomplete removal of the contents of the uterus,
  • stress, unhealthy diet, severe fatigue and changes in living conditions. This causes a shortage of substances involved in menstrual function. In addition to eliminating the cause, you need to fill in the missing elements in the body, this will accelerate the arrival of menstruation,
  • diseases. Most often delayed menstruation speaks of gynecological problems, but it may well be endocrine or cardiovascular diseases, as well as sexually transmitted tumors or infections. In these cases, you can use drugs to cause menstruation, but this does not destroy the root of the problem. At some point, this stimulant will stop helping, and the delay in treating a disease can cause damage to the whole body,
  • Sometimes women consciously want to move the advance of menstruation to an earlier date, for example, in order to prepare for the journey or for other individual reasons. In medicine, such "tricks" are allowed, although not welcome. But in this case, the most acceptable are natural remedies, accelerating the onset of menstruation. They have a milder effect and have fewer side effects, unlike tablets.

The effect of parsley on the menstrual cycle, useful properties

The use of parsley in the delay of menstruation will be an effective and safe method of solving the problem. In this case, any part of this plant can be used. Many do not attach importance to the healing properties of parsley, although it contains a large amount of ascorbic acid, which helps strengthen blood vessels. This feature is more likely to delay the onset of critical days, but other properties of parsley, on the contrary, accelerate its arrival:

  • the essential oils that make up the greens accelerate chemical processes in the female body, contribute to hormonal changes and the development of the endometrium,
  • vitamin and mineral composition of parsley strengthens the immune system, which normalizes the course of all processes in the body, including the reproductive system,
  • ascorbic acid is suppressed by progesterone, the content of which increases in the second phase of the menstrual cycle. If the amount of progesterone is abnormal, then the second phase is extended, not allowing the endometrium to mature to the state of readiness for renewal. Parsley for this reason will help reduce hormone levels and create conditions for the onset of critical days,
  • Some elements of the plant are able to stimulate the reduction of smooth muscles in the uterus, which accelerates the onset of menstruation,
  • this green soothes the nervous system, so it is effective in delays due to stress,
  • parsley removes liquid well, so menstruation passes quickly and practically without pain, discomfort in the mammary glands and irritability is removed,
  • This plant stimulates the hormonal system, which in turn helps to accelerate the arrival of critical days.

Cooking methods

There are many recipes for preparing a decoction of parsley for menstruation, but it must be remembered that each of them should be used only after consulting a doctor and with full confidence in the absence of pregnancy. For the preparation of medicines suitable for any part of the plant, which is freely available to women at the right time. Cause menstruation will help these recipes:

  • you need to take a bunch of fresh greens, chop all parts of the plant and pour 0.2 l of boiling water, cover and cover well for 2-3 hours. Drink half a cup during the first and last meal. This is the softest composition of all known,
  • 50 g of dried plant is crushed and poured with a glass of water, then boiled for about 10 minutes. This broth should be drunk twice a day to 0.05 liters,
  • To cook parsley infusion, you can take 2 tables. spoons of its seeds, crushed, pour a liter of chilled water. Insist in a dark place for at least 8 hours. Take 0.05 liters 4 times a day, but not longer than 3-4 days,
  • to speed up the arrival of menstruation, you can simply eat parsley seeds. At one time, it is enough to chew and swallow 1 g of seeds, but not more than 4 g per day,
  • 0.15 kg of green plants, without grinding, you need to pour a liter of boiling water and hold on low heat for about 10 minutes. Further, this broth is filtered and taken by one hundred milliliters twice a day. A decoction of parsley for menstruation is taken a week before they occur,
  • You can make a decoction of washed and chopped parsley root. To do this, 2 tablespoons of minced root is filled with 0.4 liters of boiling water and cooked on low heat for 10 minutes. Another half an hour the drug cools and filtered. It is necessary to consume half or a half a cup in the morning and evening, starting a week before menstruation,
  • The easiest way to prepare a decoction of pharmaceutical oil, it does not need to boil. It is enough to pour 0.5 g of oil into one hundred ml of water and drink 2-3 times a day a week,
  • 0.15 kg of greens is crushed, poured with a liter of boiling water and cooked on low heat for about a quarter of an hour. Next, the decoction is wrapped, and after complete cooling, 2 tables are taken. spoons thrice a day,
  • You can combine a decoction of parsley seeds and rue fragrant. This will require 6 g of seeds and 3 g of grass, which is poured with a liter of water. After boiling on the fire, the mixture lasts about 10 minutes. Insist broth need about a third of an hour. The drug is taken in 0.1 liters per day in small sips throughout the day or in 2 divided doses.

Most often, the reception of decoctions of parsley during the delay of menstruation causes their occurrence after 3-4 days, but if this did not happen a week later, it means that serious menstrual dysfunction takes place in the body.

Women reviews

Here are some reviews of women who used parsley decoction to speed up the arrival of critical days:

I was going to go to the sea, but in order not to take the monthly ones by surprise, I decided to speed them up. She ate parsley seeds, menstruation came 2 days earlier,

Veronica, 28 years old.

My monthly periods were delayed for 2 days, I decided to try the advice of a friend and speed up their arrival with a decoction of fresh parsley, but first I decided to do a pregnancy test. He was positive, the broth was not needed.

Parsley for menstruation

The causes of menstruation may be different. In young women, this is predominantly physical and emotional fatigue, hormonal imbalance, failure of the endocrine system.

Parsley contains natural phytohormone. For therapeutic purposes, use all the components of the plant:

  • seeds,
  • the roots
  • leaves,
  • stems.

Greens contain many vitamins, microelements, minerals, essential oils and flavanoids. Such a rich composition is widely used in medical and cosmetic practice.

The plant has anti-inflammatory, diuretic, tonic, immunomodulatory effects. It quickly normalizes the regularity of the menstrual cycle, relieves premenstrual syndrome, eliminates the symptoms of premenopausal disorders.

If the delay in menstruation is not associated with the onset of pregnancy, then parsley speeds up the endometrium update in the uterus, it can help trigger menstruation.

Recipes cooking infusions and decoctions of parsley

The medicine is made from all parts of the plant. Fresh or dried parsley is used. There are many popular recipes decoctions, tinctures and infusions of parsley. Below are the most popular ones.

Cause monthly help infusion of plants. Chop a bunch of fresh herbs together with the root, place in a prepared container and pour in 250 ml of boiling water. Leave the product for a day, strain, use 50 grams twice a day for a week.

For the preparation of infusion will require parsley seeds and drinking water at room temperature.

Pound 20 grams of seeds into powder and pour a liter of water. It is enough to insist one day in a dark and cool place. Then drain the liquid and drink 150 ml 4 times a day before meals for 2 days. The tool will allow you to call monthly in the shortest possible time.

To prepare a recipe from parsley seed oil, add a drop of oil to 50 ml of drinking water. Drink this solution should be 30 minutes before meals. Take the drug is shown all week 3 times a day. The drug increases the amount of discharge with scanty menses.

The infusion of parsley is prepared very simply and quickly. A handful of fresh or dried plants should be chopped, pour a glass of boiling water, insist half an hour. Ready infusion to drink 10 ml after meals four times a day for two days.

Broth parsley for menstruation does not take much time. It will take 150 grams of fresh herbs and a liter of boiling water. Crush the plant and pour into water, boil for 15 minutes, defend and filter. Take 30 droplets three times a day. Therapy lasts 3 days.

Make a healing drug can be from the root of plants. It is necessary to pour 2–3 spoons of chopped parsley into a liter of water, stew over low heat for 15 minutes, set aside, wrap up the pan. After half an hour the tool is ready for use. Drink half a cup should be in the morning and in the evening every day for 7 days. You can use the tool with scant monthly to normalize the cycle.

Not recommended for use parsley pregnant and lactating mothers. Essential oils adversely affect the fragile digestive and nervous system of the baby.

It must be remembered that before applying the parsley recipes to trigger menstruation, pregnancy should be excluded. Parsley is not a means of abortion. It can cause partial detachment of the embryo, which will lead to severe bleeding.