How to cope with copious secretions during menstruation


For many, menstruation is primarily associated with pain and discomfort. Some women in this period are worried about how not to leak during menstruation. Indeed, it often happens that we find bright scarlet spots on our pants or skirt. Such unpleasant situations, of course, confuse, cause psychological discomfort. Therefore, women think about how not to leak during menstruation. This will be discussed in our article.

Gaskets. How to use them correctly?

So how not to leak during menstruation? To avoid such questions, you should learn how to use the pads. How to do it? We will tell you now. First, print the gasket, then remove the protective layer, release the adhesive side. It is glued to the middle of the panties. In the process, make sure that the product is not located too low and, conversely, high. If the pad with wings, then you need to bend them around the base of underwear. After that, it should be smoothed and corrected.

Selection of means of protection

Some girls use cloth pads. But they absorb pretty badly. As a result, often there are such unpleasant situations as the flow of discharge. What to do better? How not to leak during menstruation at night? With heavy periods you should choose long and absorbent pads for five drops. Such products are good to use at night as they retain a large amount of liquid.

If you are concerned about the question: "How not to leak during menstruation?", Then many girls advise another method. For example, it is necessary to impose on the usual gasket on top and bottom of the hygienic. This provides better protection. Although sometimes with this method there are problems. Since a large number of pads can shine through the clothes. If you plan to use this method, then choose a tight panties.

If you know your "weak point" where you often have leaks, then it is worth moving the gasket in this direction.

Special underwear. What it is?

Many people are interested to learn how not to leak during the monthly girl. Experts advise to get specialized underwear. It is denser than usual. Now we are not talking about old underwear. We are talking about special. What is it about? These are shorts which are sewed from three-layer fabric. Products fit well to the body. In addition, they perfectly protect against excessive leakage. And what are they made of? This type of linen has three layers:

  1. Cotton.
  2. Absorbent.
  3. Protective. It is he who helps to prevent leakage.

These panties breathe, they are much more comfortable to wear than regular ones. But the price of such clothes is quite high. Some shorts cost about 1 thousand rubles. However, if you purchase a few pieces and wear them only for the period of menstruation, then you will not regret buying.

Alternative to gaskets during menstruation

Sometimes gaskets can cause discomfort. Then the girls are looking for other means of protection that will help prevent leakage. For example, it can be tampons or menstrual cups. Note that such hygiene products are less effective. But if you chose tampons, remember that they should be changed every eight hours. With the menstrual cup, too, can not walk day. It is worth changing to a new one every 10 hours. Of course, such tools are more convenient. So how to change them less often.

Precautionary measures

Always carry a tampon or pad in your purse. You can’t predict exactly when a second will begin when you have your period. If you have them too abundant, then it is worth taking a few pieces of hygiene products.

During the period of menstruation is to limit movement. Of course, this does not mean that you need to lie down and do nothing. Do the usual things. Limit sudden movements. On such days it is worth wearing loose and dark clothes. So you will be more comfortable. Try to visit the bathroom more often, to correct the occasional gasket. It will be enough to do this at least once an hour.

If you are very worried that a leak can still occur during sleep, it is better to wear a few panties overnight. In order not to stain any bedding, you can lay a dark set for the time of menstruation. In addition, it will be less noticeable blood stains. Also, experts advise in the period of menstruation to choose comfortable posture for sleep, so that you turn over less. Moreover, it is desirable to keep the legs together while resting. When you get up in the morning, do it slowly, so that there is no accidental leakage. If you change the situation abruptly, the accumulated blood can flow out, thereby staining the bed linen.

Recommendations for girls

We have already figured out how not to leak during menstruation. Let's give some more tips for last:

  1. If, however, it so happens that you nevertheless have leaked, then around the belt will be tied up with a sweater or sweatshirt.
  2. During menstruation, wear black leggings under jeans.
  3. Every three hours, change the gasket.
  4. When planning to wear a skirt during the period of menstruation, under the bottom do not forget to put on the slimming underwear.
  5. Temporarily help, if you do not have with pads, toilet paper.
  6. Wearing long sweaters during menstruation will save you if random specks of blood appear.

What is monthly

Under the menstruation understand the rejection of the endometrium and its removal from the uterus with blood. The menstrual cycle itself should last from 20 to 35 days. If there are abnormalities or it is not constant, the woman needs to see a gynecologist.

The reasons for visiting can be such states:

  • too abundant discharge,
  • scanty periods,
  • delay,
  • long duration of menstruation,
  • the appearance of bloody brown discharge, blood in the wrong time.

The average volume of blood loss is 4 tablespoons for the period regul. The amount may depend on the state of health, diet, on whether the girl gave birth or not, on being under stress, or on the hereditary factor.

Menstrual disorders

When a girl begins to torture failures in the regularity of discharge, then doctors talk about irregularities from the part of the menstrual cycle. Problems may be as follows:

  • amenorrhea,
  • dysmenorrhea,
  • oligomenorrhea,
  • hypermenorrhea,
  • hypomenorrhea.

Amenorrhea. With this violation, there is a lack of menstruation in girls over the age of 16 years or their cessation for six months or more with a constant cycle. Dysmenorrhea - painful menstruation.

Oligomenorrhea and metrorrhagia are diseases associated with impaired consistency and volume of regul. Oligomenorrhea is a weakened, scanty menstruation. Allocations often go less than 3 days. Metrorrhagia is characterized by secretions from the uterus of the blood, but such bleeding is not at all associated with normal menstruation, they can occur in any phase of the cycle.

Hypo-and hypermenorrhea - violations of the abundance of secretions. Hypomenorrhea is manifested by a decrease in the volume of discharge and a possible reduction in the duration of menstruation. Hypermenorrhea - an increase in the volume of outgoing blood with regulah.

Means of protection

Blood is an excellent breeding and habitat for microbes, so it is important to remember about hygiene products. Modern society has taken care of the comfort of women during menstruation. These days there are such remedies for critical days:

If there are questions or difficulties, the woman should contact the gynecologist. He will always explain what's what, tell the best tool.

Gaskets and diapers

The most popular among the means of hygiene during the month is still considered sanitary pads. They are a great way to protect yourself outside. They are made of various materials, different shapes, sizes, and intensity of absorption. Gaskets are divided into night and day. These species differ in their degree of absorption.

Unlike tampons, pads absorb blood outside the vagina, which can provide protection against the entry of bacteria into the uterus.

Diapers are an extreme option. They resort to it if, using conventional means, a girl is afraid of what will happen during the day. No need to worry if diapers had to be used, this is completely normal. On critical days, it is important to ensure your comfort by any means, even if it is using diapers.

Capes and Tampons

Tampons - a universal remedy used during menstruation. They are inserted into the vagina, absorb absorption in the same place and provide an opportunity to lead an active lifestyle. A rather big minus is that if you use them incorrectly, you can get inflammation. But still, in hot weather, gaskets can cause diaper rash, in addition, they often shift. A tampon causes inconvenience only if improperly administered.

Bowls (the second name - caps) are an alternative to tampons. The main advantage of bowls is that they can remain inside for 12 hours, and the mouth guard itself is more harmless than tampons. Menstrual cups are made of silicone - this material is not conducive to the reproduction of microorganisms. But nevertheless, caps are not for squeamish. Insert and remove them with clean hands. Long nails will be a significant obstacle.

Selection rules

It is important to choose the right amount of pads, tampons, bowls, diapers. The wrong size of these hygienic products can cause discomfort during movements or even lead to the fact that the means of protection will lose their function. It is preferable to use pads with wings, they will provide a secure attachment to the linen. Tampons and bowls should strictly fit the girl, not interfere with the move.

Extra precaution

Every woman has underwear designed specifically for critical days, which is correct. A good option for night protection will be special pants Adira or boxers. Each purse should always be several pads, tampons, spare panties, pants or shorts.

During menstruation, it is better to wear dark and loose clothing, to limit exercise. If, by coincidence, you need to spend the night outside the home, you should bring comfortable clothing and additional hygiene items. It is also important to remember about bed linen: to have a separate one, which will not be scary to get dirty.

You should always carry around wet wipes for intimate hygiene. Do not forget about taking a shower, because during the menstruation the girl is banned baths, you can not swim in the pool, steam, it is not recommended to visit open water.

In order not to disturb the natural vaginal microflora, it is better to purchase special gels recommended by the trademarks Nivea, Lactacyd, Saugella.

At night, it is preferable to use a tampon in conjunction with a night strip, or you can attach two at once: one in front and the other in back. It would be nice to buy fabric pads - they are more hygienic, convenient to use.


Women are forced to experience many inconveniences several days a month. This pain arises in many women in critical days, and uncomfortable clothing, if you have a long time to stay away from home, and limited mobility. Especially unpleasant is the situation when critical days become a reason for endless stress. How not to leak during menstruation?

There are several recommendations from experienced women who managed to learn some simple rules. By sticking to them, you will be able to avoid troubles and will always go out dry from any situation. There are many ways to get rid of leaks.

Useful tips

  • Be sure to use pads and other hygiene products properly. No need to strive to buy the most expensive products, because among the economy segment of the goods a lot of decent, high-quality products. Pads need to be fixed exactly in the middle of the panties, fixing them with a sticky layer to the fabric. It is better to choose protective equipment designed for a slightly larger volume of liquid than may be required. With abundant secretions, you can combine several means at once: a tampon or a special cup (cap) can be used simultaneously with the pad.
  • During menstruation, it is better to abandon miniature thin underwear, preferring tight panties, covering as much of the intimate area as possible. No need to go to extremes and acquire "grandmother's pantaloons", but you can hardly feel protected in the strings. You can purchase special three-layer underwear for critical days. The first layer in such models has an absorbing base, the second - protects against leakage, the third - cotton, pleasant to the body.
  • Always carry extra hygiene items with you so that you can change the gasket at any time. Even if you do not need all these attributes, with it you will feel much calmer and more confident.
  • Do not hesitate to ask for hygiene products from friends or co-workers.
  • Try to move less actively than ever. You should do the usual things, but running, jumping, moving too fast is not recommended. This can lead to leakage, because the gasket sometimes moves out of place, despite the apparent reliability of the adhesive layer.
  • Visit the bathroom often to make sure: the process is under control. So you will learn in time about the need to change hygiene products, to correct them, to carry out any procedures.

You do not need to close at home for the time of menstruation or to live in a panic that others will notice your condition. As there is no need for monastic robes. Behave naturally, just listen more carefully to your body.

How not to leak at night

In order not to leak at night during menstruation, you must use a gasket that is specifically designed for night use. These hygiene products usually indicate overnight or night marking. They are longer than normal pads for daytime use and have a greater absorption capacity. The most popular are the gaskets of the following brands:

  • Always. This brand offers several variations of gaskets for night use. There are models with side protection and additional odor absorption, as well as gaskets with a maximum degree of absorption, which, if properly installed gaskets, will not allow leakage in any posture,
  • Naturella. The surface of the night pads of this brand is impregnated with a special hypoallergenic cream that will not allow any unpleasant sensations in the perineum during sleep,
  • Libresse. These are more affordable hygienic products, the surface of which is made of natural fabric, which prevents redness and irritation on the skin.

A woman decides for herself what hygiene products are more convenient for her to use during monthly pads or tampons, but it should be noted that, unlike tampons, pads absorb secretions outside the vagina, and this provides additional protection against infection of the uterus.

Alternative Remedies

Do you use special night pads with a maximum level of absorbency, sleep in a certain position, but still afraid to leave a bloody trace on bed linen and beds? You need to additionally use alternative means of protection against leakage:

  • tampons These personal care products, like pads, are available with varying levels of absorbency. It is important that they need to be changed every 3-4 hours, so for a normal uninterrupted sleep, this tool is not suitable for many,
  • menstrual cup and caps. The cup is a flexible and smooth container that is inserted into the vagina to collect discharge for a maximum of 12 hours. This device should be periodically removed, washed and put back,
  • diapers for adults. Usually this means of hygiene is used to care for bed patients, but with heavy menstruation they can be used instead of a pad.

There are situations when a woman during a regulation has to spend the night not at home, for complete self-confidence and sound sleep in any situation you should always have a couple of spare pads with you.

Selection of linen

Modern hygiene products are able to prevent leakage of menstrual flow, to be as confident as possible you should choose a suitable underwear:

  • boxer shorts. This type of underwear tightly fits a part of the body from the waist to the bottom of the buttocks, thanks to which the pad is firmly fixed and does not move, even if the woman often moves during sleep,
  • special underwear for menstruation. These are panties with a high waist and a multi-layered lower part, completely covering the crotch and thus securely fixing the gasket. Thanks to several layers of fabric protection against course is provided.

Rules of comfortable sleep

Многие женщины, чьи регулы отличаются особой интенсивностью, очень часто страдают проблемами со сном. Из-за боязни протечь они не могут нормально спать во время месячных. Чтобы сон в это деликатное время был ровным, спокойным и давал возможность максимально отдохнуть в ночное время, следует выполнять простые, но очень эффективные рекомендации:

  • прохладный воздух в комнате для сна. Чтобы сон был спокойным, необходимо хорошо проветрить помещение и постараться снизить температуру воздуха в нем хотя бы на пару градусов. During menstruation, body temperature can increase under the influence of hormones, which contributes to poor sleep, and room ventilation can ease this symptom,
  • regular physical activity. During regular women mood often deteriorates, periods of depression are replaced by aggravation of aggression and anxiety. It is best to normalize the emotional state will help exercise, meditation, yoga and any other moderate stress, from which a woman will have a burst of energy and good mood,
  • proper nutrition. Most women face a stomach upset and other problems of the digestive system during a Regulus. To prevent constipation or diarrhea, you should exclude from the diet fatty and spicy foods. In the evening, the diet of a woman should be as easy and fast as possible,
  • comfortable bed and sleeping posture. Muscle cramps and lower abdominal pain caused by menstruation can lead to sleep disorders. Try to find the position in which these pains will be minimal, you may need to put a few pillows under your side to accept such a pose. The most optimal is the fetal position, when, lying on its side, the legs are pulled to the chest. It helps to relax muscles and relieve pain, in this position the probability of leakage decreases,
  • observe the regime. Go to bed at the same time, even on weekends,
  • pick the right hygiene products. In order to fully relax in a dream, a woman should be sure that her hygiene products will not let her down, so at night you should use specially designed for this pads, the appropriate form and level of absorption. If the fear of menstrual leakage still remains, wear simple shorts over your underwear, which will serve as an additional barrier and give you more confidence and peace of mind. Under the sheet you can lay a towel or special disposable diaper, absorbing the liquid,
  • do not worry. Experiences become a major problem for falling asleep and restful sleep. It is the fear of leakage that makes sleep restless and does not allow a woman to sleep and relax during menstruation.

How to use the gasket

The first thing you need to make sure is whether you use the gasket correctly. To properly lay the gasket, you must print it, remove the protective layer and release the adhesive side. Next, attach it to the middle of the panties, making sure that it is not high and not low. If the gasket with wings, it is necessary to bend them around the base of the panties so that it does not slide down. After the gasket is positioned properly, you need to smooth it out and fix it.

It should be remembered that before putting on the gasket, you must wash your hands so that there is no bacterial infection of the genitals. After putting on a clean pad, the used padding should be wrapped either in toilet paper or in the cloth packaging in which the previous one was placed and thrown into the urn.

Some tips

At night, during menstruation, it is better to sleep on old bedspreads, blankets and sheets of dark colors. Especially this question is relevant when you spend the night not at home, but with friends or away. Ask your friend to give you something unnecessary to lay on the bed. This will help protect you from a tricky situation and ensure a strong and healthy sleep. It will not need to think that the sheets get dirty, and you have to blush in front of people.

If you are still shy, then think for yourself: it will be much worse if someone from the owners notice soiled sheets. But also do not be shy if the father or someone else noticed bloody stains on the sheet. Everyone understands human physiology, and no one will scold, so you should not think so much about the consequences, but rather worry about a normal dream.

Often, when a girl has her period, she becomes shy, especially in those moments if she has leaked. In fact, you should rejoice at the fact that your body matures and is formed correctly. Pass all growth rates - it is physiologically necessary. You need to understand the thing that menstruation is something that millions of women live with on this planet. And if a girl realizes this immediately, then there will be no problems. In order not to be so scary, you can discuss this topic with the female persons who already have them. They will help you to relax.

Some causes discomfort to use the gasket. For these problems, there is an equally effective arsenal of their various tampons or menstrual cups. Standard tampons should be changed every 8–9 hours. As for the menstrual cup, it can be changed to a new one every 10–11 hours, so they can be better and more convenient than pads.

  • If you accidentally leaked, you can be tied around your waist with a sweater or sweatshirt.
  • When you need to wear a skirt, then the best option would be to wear underwear slimming underwear.
  • Wear black leggings under jeans.
  • If you wear long sweaters, T-shirts or shirts, they will help to hide random specks of blood, if they appear.
  • Change the gasket every few hours.
  • Feel free to ask your colleagues and girlfriends for gaskets if you do not have one.
  • If you have started your period, and there is no gasket, then toilet paper can temporarily play a good service.

In the period of the monthly cycle it is necessary to wear non-transparent dense underwear. Of course, this will not provide 100% protection against leakages by 100%, but will significantly reduce their volume. It is also important to wear underwear that will fit snugly to the body. This will ensure you feel more comfortable and calmer. If the laundry is very loose, then the gasket will fidget and move out, which can lead to unexpected flow.

It is important to remember to change the pads often, otherwise there is a risk of various infections, inflammation and other troubles. You need to change even when it looks clean. Doctors-gynecologists recommend changing the gasket during a non-abundant menstrual cycle - after 5–6 hours, and for strong periods - after 2–3 hours. The appearance of menstruation should not cause discomfort, because it is a normal female physiological process.

Aksenova Anna Mikhailovna

Psychologist, Candidate in group analytics. Specialist from the website b17.ru

Tampon to help you! No leaks are terrible if you do not forget to change of course!

I also breathed that they put a tampon and then another gasket

Tampon to help you! No leaks are terrible if you do not forget to change of course!

There was the same problem. I inserted a tampon into the work and added a gasket. Although psychologically still hard. Twitch, and suddenly. But flowed with a tampon and gasket rarely. Houses just after an hour changed the gaskets. The problem is gone. when she gave birth to her first child. Everything returned to normal. Now, after 2 genera, everything is like a textbook.

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The author, tampons will not help you! Pour the urological pads on the shade And forget about it. You can take the most thin TENA and they can absorb 0.5 liters of liquid. so that meeting at work or walk will endure

About tampons, finally can be delusional. I have long used it and Nitsche (ttt) is much more convenient than gaskets. use both tampons and gaskets at the same time. you will not leak

4, I knew that when I’m writing about a tampon, there will be such an Abizyan :)))) With proper use of tampons, nothing terrible happens, if you leave it “there” to go out for 10 hours, then yes, maybe anything, but 3-4 hours Nitsche will not happen. But everything is clean and tidy, changed and no problems, not that when changing the gasket, when you can not do without a shower!

although there was a friend who came to work with a tampon and a thick lining (1.5 hours) all the way through.

If you constantly use tampons - then tortured to be treated for gynecological diseases. And on the night of his leave - it is generally a direct road to inflammation and other troubles.
Author, you laying in the ass a little knead - nifiga will not leak. Then, can not it be that you have a straight glass a minute follows? Carefully need to, slowly get up, sit slowly.

If there is a need for pregnancy protection, try drinking OK. Such severe bleeding can gradually lead to anemia, OK reduce the amount of blood during menstruation.

I live in Israel, for the first days of menstruation I buy disposable panties waterproof from specials. paper, they are cheap (7 pieces for the equivalent of 2 dollars) and guaranteed nothing leaks. I dress them under ordinary pants, very comfortable.

Wear thick panties and a nightgown for the night, preferably a bright red color - maybe MCH won't notice.

I make cotton and bandage tampons, such thick sausages, but I don’t shove them inside. did you understand?
I have an average amount of blood, but with such a tampon I can at least 12 hours, and if I also have a gasket, then in general there will be super.
I wonder how you are so tormented ..

It is possible at night to fold the cotton pad, folded in half, into the fold of the priests. It helps not to leak.

thanks everyone for the advice

Wadded disk in the ass :))))) and it seems we live in the 21st century. What is wrong with a tampon? 1 time at night to get up and change the problem really? but dry and no leaks

Wear thick panties and a nightgown for the night, preferably a bright red color - maybe MCH won't notice.

I have always been like that too, it is harmful to insert tampons all night long, and at night I do not usually wake up and sleep until morning. Solved the problem, laying + a lot of cotton! you know such rolls, here is the entire length of a piece of such a roll on a pad for the night, and then nothing leaks, it's better than to wash the sheet every time.

You can take birth control pills, greatly reduced monthly. Especially since you have a boyfriend, so it’s useful anyway.

I do not understand why this should embarrass a guy? If you already live with him, is he already aware of your monthly affairs?
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4, I knew that when I’m writing about a tampon, there will be such an Abizyan :)))) With proper use of tampons, nothing terrible happens, if you leave it “there” to go out for 10 hours, then yes, maybe anything, but 3-4 hours Nitsche will not happen. But everything is clean and tidy, changed and no problems, not that when changing the gasket, when you can not do without a shower!

you need to change the tampon every 3-4 hours, otherwise everything will die down and there will be inflammation, they wrote you correctly here.
The girl, buy postpartum pads, they are very long, wide and absorb a huge amount of moisture. None of the usual night laying with them can not be compared.

Yes, the author, I sympathize. I was like this from 15 to 20 years old, I suffered - not the right word. a couple at the institute could not sit out! and then everything became very poor. I do not know what is connected with (with the onset of sexual activity or nutrition). Doctors, too, bullshit say. By the way, how old are you ??
here you give the right advice - about tampons, and about large pads.
but about the guy - you just have to explain to him once, but before you start living together. Well, just by chance, somehow, to say that this is such a garbage that you are already tired of yourself, that many are tormented. Well, do not be tragedy))))
so that I am amusing you to tell: I was walking with the boy around the city on March 8, the whole was horrified. it’s good that they didn’t go to a cafe - I couldn’t undress. (((in short, I remembered this walk for the rest of my life (((((and he noticed, he didn’t notice, then he didn’t say anything. well, after 3 years we got married and everything was hurt))) and the monthly ottakanilis))) and at night, of course, sometimes I leak, but at least he is squeamish, but he doesn’t particularly raise this topic - probably reconciled)))

25, well, you're lucky if you sleep so much that you have to get up 2-3 times :))) I do not lie down until 12 at night, getting up to work at 5-30, so on such days it’s not deadly for me to get up at 3 o'clock in the morning to change tampon.

it was so when I was a teenager, I was terribly tormented, I happened to get to school before I stopped, I had to change everything, I had to go back .. then I passed myself, I also think it helped me, I drank it for a long time.

buy special pads for people with incontinence at the pharmacy. They are invisible and will save you from your troubles. Good luck!

Thank you very much! Someone asked about age, I'm 21

By the way, popular hidden infections like chlamydia or ureoplasma can be provoked by tampons. If it flows heavily, you can also put a "normal" or "daily" on top of the nighttime lining. Conveniently, if you go somewhere, drove to work, first through, went in, threw it away, and the main one stayed further for a couple of hours. You can still go to the toilet every hour to pee, then the vagina relaxes and another portion comes out. And gaskets save, and less chance to leak. Well, here some skill is needed, I have been doing this for several years already.

At home - a kilogram of cotton wool, on the way out - a urological pad + urological disposable panties, sleeping in a diaper. Verified

Recently adapted, especially at night, to use pads for incontinence. They have an amazing absorbency, no olveysy not equal.

Since the summer of 2012 began to use cap. Great thing! I didn’t regret having acquired it) the first time I had to use it on a trip to the Red Sea. After 4 days, I started these happy days and the rest was already flying to hell, because it was somehow scary to insert for the first time. But I overcame my fear and did it! For swimming in the sea and in the pool! In general, I spent the rest with a bang) when I put in for the night, just in case I still lay the gasket. To be sure. It rarely happens that I proceed) I advise)

Ahaha, before the last comment in 2009, and we are here in 2013 after 4 years of writing!

Well, what if you’re not allowed to use tampons for 14 years

Tampon does not deprive of virginity if properly stuffed

I always stock up on diapers for the night, and in the daytime laying 5 drops and fine :)

I'm 12, I have a lot of periods, I'm afraid of tampons terribly, but I tinker a lot, what should I do?

I'm 12, I have a lot of periods, I'm afraid of tampons terribly, but I tinker a lot, what should I do?

I am 14 . I'm just creepy. What to do ?

The author, tampons will not help you! Pour the urological pads on the shade And forget about it. You can take the most thin TENA and they can absorb 0.5 liters of liquid. so that meeting at work or walk will endure

I am 14 . I'm just creepy. What to do ?

I am pleased to share my know-how. I, like many girls, suffered from nocturnal leaks: even with a long padding along the bottom, like a chamfer, everything flowed right onto the bed sheet. But one day the turning point came, and everything happened by chance. I stayed with my relatives at the dacha, when suddenly during the night looking menstruation began. And I'm in a thong! Well, I had to fasten the gasket directly to the string - and, oh, a miracle - I did not leak! Since then, I always wear over thongs with night-clothes and thongs, and I sleep in deep deep sleep, not worrying about leaks.

The problem with the monthly. During the menstrual periods I always leak, I have never been so that I would not stain my pants at least a little (sorry for the details). Gaskets buy the best kind of (Olive is a lot of drops). But always flow either in front or behind, and sometimes all at once. Monthly abundant, but no health problems (checked by doctors, a feature of the body). In the afternoon it is still somehow normal, although it is necessary to go to the toilet every hour and a half to go, to check how and what. Accordingly, no long trips and walks these days are out of the question. But at night, very often everything is leaking, waking up and a sheet is stained. I always wriggle in my sleep, I don’t know how to lie in one position and fall asleep. While I live alone, but how can I imagine if I live with a guy, then how to be. I would die of shame if he saw dirty sheets. And the guy here just offered to live together. Does anyone have such a problem? how to solve it?

The author, tampons will not help you! Pour the urological pads on the shade And forget about it. You can take the most thin TENA and they can absorb 0.5 liters of liquid. so that meeting at work or walk will endure

Before going to bed, walk into the shower, rinse so that all the blood and clots come out. On the night of the tampon maxi plus a night strip. Under the sheet disposable diaper can be

I'm terrible during the leakage. Even I do not want to move. It is difficult at school. Physical education is very difficult to play sports. Gaskets uncomfortable. Please tell me how to live comfortably?

Abizyan, what are the horrors you say. I have been using it for 15 years and there are no gynecological diseases, inflammations and other troubles.
Author, but for the night, at least put yourself an alarm clock every 2 hours to avoid. But with travel you really have no luck. One can only regret: (

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