How to make your period run faster


Critical days are a natural physiological process for any woman of reproductive age. Its main goal is to cleanse the body of the old inner layer of the uterus and prepare for a new menstrual cycle. At this time, there are not only anatomical changes in the woman’s body, but also hormonal changes.

Each woman during menstruation can feel symptoms of varying intensity, but in any case, this period is stressful for the body, because it is accompanied by pain and indisposition. Moreover, during menstruation, the protective properties of the body are significantly reduced, which makes it very vulnerable to external and internal stimuli. This time is not for nothing called the critical days, because it is characterized by the exacerbation of all chronic and inflammatory processes that lie dormant on other days of the menstruation cycle. When the body is healthy and menstruation always comes on a schedule, it is for a woman, though uncomfortable, but expected, for which she is prepared in advance. And when menstruation is caught by surprise, it gives the woman certain inconveniences, especially if there are already scheduled events for this time that are not compatible with menstruation. The natural process, which has already begun, should not be stopped, but it is possible to shorten the period of menstruation. In this article, we will just tell you what to do to make your monthly periods faster, find out what methods doctors recommend for this, and also how to shorten the period of monthly folk methods.

General information about the menstrual cycle

Before you know what to do to reduce the period of menstrual flow, you should understand the essence of all processes that take place in the female body throughout the cycle. Its beginning is considered to be the occurrence of menstrual discharge. The cycle time normally ranges from 21 to 35 days, depending on the individual characteristics of the body of each woman. The normal duration of menstruation is 3-7 days. The first 1-2 days of discharge can be abundant, but then their number gradually decreases until it stops completely.

The menstrual cycle is divided into two phases: the follicular, during which follicle maturation occurs, and luteal, when the egg cell leaves and the body prepares for conception. If the fertilization of the egg has not happened, then the functional inner layer of the uterus begins to detach, this causes the onset of menstruation.

The number of follicles in the female body is individually and strictly limited, on average, nature lays about 500 cycles, which are distributed from the beginning of puberty to the onset of menopause. Throughout the entire follicular phase, the concentration of estrogen gradually increases, and it ends with ovulation, that is, rupture of the dominant follicle and the release of the germ cell from it. In place of a bursting follicle, a yellow body begins to form under the influence of a luteotropic pituitary gomone. The corpus luteum synthesizes progesterone, which promotes the growth of the endometrium and fixation of the ovum in it. If conception did not occur, the next period begins.

Like the entire menstruation cycle, the duration and frequency of critical days depends on the hormonal background of the woman, if in the next menstruation any set deadlines occur, the doctor should be consulted immediately. There are cases when a woman needs to speed up her period on her own will, then you will learn what you need to do.

The need for accelerated completion of menstruation

By themselves, the monthly already certain kind of discomfort, and when their unexpected arrival destroys the planned pastime, women are looking for methods and recipes to speed them up. Most often, the desire for menstruation to go faster, appears before competitions, holiday trips or before dates. Since it is impossible to stop a sudden onset of menstruation, it is possible to accelerate the process of excretion of blood, which will reduce the period of menstruation by 1-2 days. According to experts, such an impact on the menstrual cycle will not be detrimental to the body of a woman only if you do not use it in each cycle and give the body time to recover.

The passage of menstruation can be accelerated by special exercises, using medications or folk remedies. But whatever method of menstruation reduction you use, it still will not pass in 1-2 days, the intensity of discharge will decrease, and in the last days they will look like a daub. To stop the bleeding sharply and completely without causing irreparable harm to the body is impossible, so that the upcoming menstruations are more likely to be prepared in advance.

What you need to know

Critical days are a natural process, and it is not necessary to intervene during which regularly and unnecessarily. If you have good reasons for this, you need to know how to ensure that the acceleration of menstruation passes as sparingly as possible for the organism and its further functioning. Experts have traditionally advised to adhere to the basic rules for the safe reduction of the period of menstrual flow:

  • it is possible to take measures to accelerate the monthly no more than 1 time in 4-6 months. Any of the proposed methods are not designed for use in each menstrual cycle,
  • with an irregular menstrual cycle, it is forbidden to use hemostatic drugs without additional consultation with a doctor. It is dangerous even with single use of drugs,
  • you can not artificially affect the duration of menstruation in the presence of inflammatory processes in the body. Inflammation is often accompanied by fever, and such actions in combination with fever can cause complications. In such a situation, doctors recommend postponing all plans for later until full recovery,
  • If you have decided on the method of acceleration of secretions, but it didn’t work for some reason, you don’t need to use a few more methods in a row, as this may be too much of an endocrine system load. Such actions can cause disruptions in the work of the whole organism.

To speed up the process of release of menstrual flow, you need to make sure that the diet contains more vegetarian food. If you exclude meat products from the menu a few days before the menstrual period, the discharge will be less abundant, and the intensity of premenstrual symptoms will also decrease. A large number of fresh fruits and vegetables will enrich the body with useful trace elements and vitamins, strengthening the immune system.

Strengthening the walls of blood vessels will help eating citrus, rich in vitamin C (lemon, orange, grapefruit), with the same purpose, drink more lemon, orange or pomegranate juice. Even a concentrate diluted with water will do. During this period, you should increase the amount of fluid consumed, preferring water without gas. No need to lean on coffee and strong tea, as these drinks increase blood flow to the pelvic organs and, as a result, make the month more abundant.

In general, the diet should be light, protein with a high content of cereals, milk, fish, lean meat and nuts. You do not need to eat spicy, fried and spicy foods, which is an additional irritant to the body.

Physical methods

To the monthly ended faster diet can be combined with light exercise. The intensity of physical exertion should be moderate and designed only to ensure the activation of muscles that will accelerate the process of pushing the epithelium out of the uterus. Exercises for changing the period of menstruation will be effective if they are done daily for 40 minutes. Under this condition, the duration of menstruation can be reduced by 1 day.

The flow of menstruation can speed up the following exercises:

  • squats in place
  • jumping up from the floor squat position
  • pumping the press.

If during the exercise begins to feel sick, hurts or feel dizzy, the activity should be stopped.

Regular bodyflex, yoga and pilates classes will help not only shorten the period of menstrual flow, but also significantly reduce pain, as well as help to eliminate existing problems with the regularity of the cycle. These exercises are optimal during menstruation, because in them all the exercises are done smoothly without jerks and high-amplitude movements, and the static postures of hatha yoga help to develop muscle tone and flexibility of the body as a whole. An important element of improving the state during critical days is breathing exercises and stretching.

How to speed up the end of monthly medication

In cases where a woman has menstrual flow for more than 7 days, the doctor may prescribe hormone therapy. These drugs can be used to quickly ended monthly. In no case can not "prescribe" medication on their own, this can lead to serious hormonal disorders, increased pressure and headaches.

Pills Duphaston, Norkolut and their analogues are capable of stopping the discharge and reducing menstruation to 2–3 days. To reduce pain and reduce the duration of menstruation, the doctor may prescribe Silest and Marvenol, for the correction of the menstrual cycle - Utrogestan. To stop uterine bleeding, hemostasis Tranexam and Ditsinon are used, they can also be drunk to quickly complete menstruation, but only with the permission of a physician. Hemostatic agents like Etamzilat and Vikasol are also suitable. To enhance the effect, you can take additional vitamins C and E, if you drink them in large quantities from the first day of the cycle, then the monthly will be reduced by 1-2 days.

Continuous use of birth control pills avoids the onset of menstruation. Usually oral contraceptives take 21 days, and then take a break, during which there are monthly, if not to do this break, and then to take the pills, then the menstruation will not come. This method should not be used more than twice a year, and contraception should be used as prescribed by a doctor, and not according to the advice of her friends or at her own discretion.

How to reduce monthly folk remedies

In order to reduce the monthly, with the permission of the doctor you can use and folk remedies. Here are some of the most simple and effective recipes that were used by our grandmothers to shorten the period of menstrual flow:

  • 3 tablespoons of dried nettles are poured with 0.5 liters of water and cooked for about 20 minutes, the broth is not necessary to bring to a boil. Further, it settles for about half an hour and is taken in 50-60 ml 3-4 times a day after the main meal,
  • decoction of bay leaves is made from 10 g of dry raw materials and 0.5 liters of water. It is necessary to cook under a lid over a low heat for about 1 hour. After straining, take 3-4 tablespoons every 2-3 hours. Thanks to this tool, critical days end quickly enough
  • Bay leaf to call pre-term monthly is an indispensable tool. To do this, the broth is prepared as in the previous recipe, but you need to start drinking it 3 days before the date on which you want to trigger menstruation on the 5th table. spoons per day after 3 hours,
  • To speed up your period at home, you can drink a decoction of water pepper. It is prepared as follows: 1 tablespoon of dried seeds of a plant is filled with boiling water, infused for about an hour, and then boiled, drained and cooled,
  • monthly run out faster if you drink a decoction of parsley. Fresh greens are washed, finely cut, poured boiling water and insist about half an hour, the drug is drunk filtered.

Such broths can be prepared from a burnet, shepherd's purse, or onion peel to shorten the period of monthly discharge, but any vegetable-based remedy does not act instantly, but has a cumulative effect, therefore it is better to start taking it a few days before the expected monthly.

Also close the completion of menstruation will help having sex, during which there is a release of the hormone-prostaglandin, in addition, intimate intimacy will help reduce pain, improve mood and reduce stress levels. Although this method is considered effective, it should be resorted to only with a proven partner, because during menstruation there is a high risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases against a background of weakened immunity.

At women's forums, you can find various tips on how to quickly complete the monthly. Here are the most interesting reviews about the use of the methods described above and some tips from the members of the forum:

If I urgently need to be “in shape”, for example, to meet a young man, I drink a Vikasol pill, and my period ends a day faster,

To speed up menstruation, I drink a decoction of nettle, but it also has a diuretic effect, so I would not use such a method, for example, for a first date,

When I urgently need to get rid of menstruation, I intensively shake my press and just eat lemons in tons,

If I need my period to pass, I drink ascarbinka and a lot of fluids daily, especially I like rosehip tea. I am skeptical about medications, it is better to postpone a meeting with a young man or go to a water park on another day than to poison your body with excess chemistry.


And in the conclusion we will give you a step-by-step instruction on how to make the monthly ones run out faster. This plan is generalized, therefore, in each specific case, you should first consult with the attending gynecologist and correct the instructions for the characteristics of your body. The following recommendations will help to reduce the duration of menstruations by 2-3 days:

  • 3-4 days before the start of the critical days, start drinking the decoction from the bay leaf according to the scheme described above,
  • On the first day of the menstrual cycle, eat 1 lemon and a pack of ascarbines. Drink at least 2 liters of water per day. In the morning and in the evening drink an aspirin tablet, this will increase blood loss,
  • daily during menstruation, squat and do abdominal exercises. The minimum session should include 3 sets of 30 times each type of exercise. During the day, jump on the spot a few dozen times,
  • At the end of the second day of menstruation, take 1 tablet of Vikasol to improve blood clotting. In the morning and on the evening of the third day, drink another 1 tablet of this drug.

It should be noted that none of the methods listed above provides a 100% guarantee of early termination of menstruation. You should also carefully monitor the reaction of your body and at the slightest deviation of health from the norm to stop any attempt to reduce the duration of menstruation, and if necessary, immediately seek medical help.

What to do to make monthly periods end?

It is not uncommon when critical days violate all plans, but is it worth worrying about this? You will learn about this and what to do so that your monthly period ends more quickly, from this article on Shtuchka.ru website. We have methods of folk, special pills and other means that can help you in this situation.

What to do so that the monthly ended faster: folk methods

It is possible to accelerate the flow of menstruation with the help of herbs that have hemostatic properties. For example, water pepper, barberry, raspberry leaves and nettle leaves.

These herbs contain a huge amount of ascorbic acid, thereby strengthening the walls of blood vessels and recovery occurs faster. Take a decoction or infusion need as many days as are monthly: from the first to the last day.

Also, you should not be surprised if next month the critical days will go much longer and more abundant. And in some cases, a failure in the cycle may occur. Such effects are the norm.

What you need to do to the monthly ended quickly: hemostatic decoction

  • Nettle. Five tablespoons of dry grass pour water (half a liter) and bring to a boil. Remove and infuse for an hour. Strain and take five tablespoons three times a day.
  • From barberry. Pour a tablespoon with a pile of berries with water (half a liter), bring to a boil and boil for fifteen minutes. Remove and infuse for four hours. Strain. Broth should get exactly half a liter. If not, add boiled water. Take 60 ml three to four times a day.
  • From water pepper (mountaineer). One tablespoon of grass pour 200 ml of water, heat in a water bath and leave for 45 minutes. Strain. Broth should get exactly 200 ml. If not, add boiled water. Take one tablespoon three times a day.
  • From raspberry leaves you can not make a decoction, and take it as usual tea. Pour a tablespoon of leaves with boiling water. Let infuse for ten minutes and you can drink. Не рекомендуется больше пяти раз в день.Травы помогут, чтоб месячные быстрее закончились

Что нужно сделать, чтобы месячные быстрее закончились: таблетки и пилюли

Гормональные препараты и контрацептивы серьезно и очень надолго могут отсрочить появление месячных. Today, it is no longer uncommon for those cases where, as a result of their prolonged intake, critical days may not occur for several months, or even six months and a year.

Therefore, it is necessary to consult about taking such drugs only with your doctor and in no case with girlfriends and “good” people.

Everything is purely individual and no one (except the doctor) can give you the answer to exactly how your body will behave after such a serious impact on the hormonal background, as well as to what consequences this may lead. Therefore, it is better not to consider them as a means to reduce critical days.

In addition, self-administration of such drugs can lead to the fact that no doctor will not help you subsequently restore hormones and the cycle. And this, you see, is a completely different headache, against the background of which critical days are just a trifle.

Other ways to quickly ended monthly:

In addition to the above, you can reduce the monthly with the intake of large amounts of vitamin C. These can be both natural products (citrus) and various vitamins. But again, there is no guarantee that you are not corny sprinkled on such a lethal dose of vitamin.

Physical activity, but it is only provided that the sport in your life is not a one-time phenomenon. Therefore, if you suddenly decided to actively work out these days, then the chance is fifty to fifty, that your period will end much earlier.

In addition, it is likely that the bleeding will only intensify. Do not forget that menstruation is endometrial detachment. Therefore, in this case it does not work, the stronger the blood flows, the faster everything will flow out.

On the contrary, it can lead to very unpleasant consequences.

So that monthly periods are over, you can ...

Apply drugs, increase physical activity, take a hot bath, take advantage of folk remedies and tips of girlfriends. But, whatever you choose and whatever you use, you need to clearly understand that each organism is individual.

Therefore, regardless of the method of “acceleration” of critical days, the probability of serious consequences is high. After all, the cycle itself and the monthly is a very delicate and sensitive process.

You probably yourself have repeatedly faced the situation when the cycle was broken, and the menstruation was delayed due to a banal cold, a change of circumstances, climate, stress experienced and many other things.

Therefore, thinking about what needs to be done so that the monthly periods are over quickly, imagine for a second what will happen if you consciously try to disrupt the flow of natural things? The point is not that this can not be done, because no one has the right to prohibit, but that can happen later and to what consequences it may lead. Besides, if you are sure that you have an event or event these days that you simply cannot refuse or do not want to miss, then this is stupid. After all, every day, something happens, and up to this point you somehow cope with the situation.

Therefore, 6tu4ka.ru advises you to weigh all the pros and cons, before you start to do something, so that your period will end quickly. Take care of your invaluable health every day.

Bruslik Maria - specially for Shtuchka.ru website

To monthly ended quickly ...

Many girls very hard endure critical days. And, probably, most of us thought about how to speed up the ongoing process of menstruation, to make sure that the monthly would go not a week, but at least 3-4 days. Not everybody likes falling for a week.

Is it possible to accelerate the menstrual cycle at home?

Of course it is possible. But the acceleration of the end of critical days, as well as changes in the timing of the beginning of the menstrual cycle not always safe for the body of the girl. We are not talking about any imaginary miraculous drugs, using which you will forever forget about your problems. No, there is a huge variety of simple folk remedies.

What to do to make monthly periods end?

With what folk remedies can you speed up your period? A simple but effective remedy is the use of large quantities. water or any fluid during menstruation.

Or maybe there are some special products? They say that citrus can help you - lemons. From about the third day of this day, you need to drink a daily glass of lemon juice.

We must not forget that it is not very useful for our stomach, so you need to divide a glass of juice (daily rate) into several periodic receptions.

And, of course, you can not use a clean drink, you need to dilute it with water approximately in the ratio of 30:70, otherwise you can cause a serious blow to the digestion.

It is also believed that playing sports I can help in this issue. So athletes menstrual cycle is limited to a couple of days, with not very heavy discharge. It would seem that here is the way out of the situation - enhanced physical education, exercises will help you in maintaining a good figure, keeping your muscles in good shape.

But at the same time, enhanced training may even be dangerous to health. Endometrium with increased load can get into the abdominal cavity. If the tissue can take root, then you can easily get endometriosis - a very serious disease that is almost impossible to get rid of.

It can be concluded that enhanced exercise during menstruation should be postponed.

Therefore, in the first days of the menstrual cycle, you need to make a small break, but then you can already return to the usual training schedule. Well, if earlier you were not particularly friendly with sports, you should not start this friendship during menstruation, two days are not worth the serious consequences that may come.

One of the ways to make monthly periods run out faster is to use large absorbent swabs. Women using this technique claim that they manage to speed up the process. But do not have high hopes for this method.

There is no such method, which is forced to pass monthly in one day - the endometrium needs time, it must move, and this does not happen in such a short period of time. If you nevertheless decided on this method, then it is better to use it in the last days of the menstrual cycle: the dying of the endometrium has already stopped, only blood residues continue to come out.

Also, special attention should be paid to the size of the tampon, as it is too large to injure the walls of the vagina, which is so sensitive during menstruation.

They say that sex will help reduce the duration of critical days and facilitate their process. And this is indeed a fact proven in a scientific way. But only long-term sexual intercourse without the use of condoms and with a pronounced orgasm can help.

There are explanations for this: the endometrium produces prostaglandins during menstruation, which help the body in getting rid of the endometrium. Prostaglandin is also contained in the semen, entering the woman's body, there is an increase in the volume of these substances, which causes the acceleration of the passage of menstruation.

With a fairly strong-heavy periods can be used. decoy of the burnet (tea can also be used). But do not do this often, you can earn constipation, since the burnet is endowed with anchoring properties.

To prepare this broth, you need 2 tablespoons of burnet root, pour a glass of hot water and warm it for half an hour in a water bath. Then you need to cool the drink, strain and add 200 ml. plain water.

Take 1 tablespoon per day 5-6 times after meals.

What to do so that your monthly period ends or starts? - Home treatment

Sometimes it is just necessary that the monthly ones run out faster.

After all, each of us at least once in our life had a moment when critical days were extremely inappropriate or allocations too strong and painful, but we urgently need to go to work, or gathered with our husband for a long-awaited vacation. Today, we will share with you the secrets of what to do to make your period go faster, or how you can delay it for a while.

Folk potions as helpers

Hemostatic are various herbal decoctions:

  • multicolored carnations,
  • mountaineer
  • nettle,
  • viburnum bark.

In addition, these herbs are rich in ascorbic acid, which strengthens the vascular walls like nothing else. For good action, it is possible to use barberry infusion or cloves. They effectively narrow the blood vessels and increase blood clotting.

To make monthly periods faster, it is recommended to make a hemostat. For this purpose you will need nettle. Take 4-6 teaspoons of crushed dried leaves of the plant and pour 600 ml of boiling water over them. Then the mixture must be boiled for 10 minutes on low heat, cool, strain. Drink a tablespoon 4-6 times a day.

You can also take a decoction of viburnum. To prepare it, you need to cook 2 tablespoons of viburnum bark in 250 ml of water for 10 minutes. Take a decoction of 1 tbsp. spoon before a meal. You can drink with honey. To use these folk remedies need from the first day of menstruation.

Citrus, blackberry, sweet pepper or other products enriched with vitamin C help to delay the onset of critical days.

In folk medicine, there are other ways to end monthly faster. Sometimes it is enough to provoke their premature appearance. Then they will have time to pass in time, and the plans will not suffer. Herbs that cause monthly prematurely:

  • oregano
  • Bay leaf,
  • dill,
  • parsley,
  • root devyasila
  • tansy and others.

Or you can make a hot bath with iodine, salt and take it. Do not independently resort to medical methods of stopping menstruation. These drugs should not be taken without medical supervision, as they can lead to complications, as well as hormonal disruptions and other troubles.

Back to the siteRecommendation to normalize the process

Do not forget that menstruation is a natural process, and if something goes wrong, you should immediately consult a doctor. Sometimes the problem is that the monthly periods are too long and too large. In this case, independently intervene in the process is not recommended.

Possible causes of severe bleeding:

  • strong physical exertion
  • overwork,
  • stress,
  • serious diseases of the endocrine system
  • hormonal disorders,
  • heredity,
  • low blood clotting,
  • intrauterine devices,
  • inflammatory processes in the pelvic organs.

Abundant loss of menstrual blood is accompanied by a number of other symptoms, such as:

  • severe pain in the lower abdomen and lower back,
  • dizziness,
  • pallor,
  • weakness,
  • anemia.

But with the urgent need to take any measures, you can eliminate some of the factors affecting the flow of menstruation.

First of all, to make monthly periods faster, gynecologists recommend postponing heavy physical activity for a more suitable time. It is advisable to avoid stress.

Better lie down, turn on pleasant music, read a book, get distracted. Also, eliminate blood thinning products from the diet.

If the bounty of blood secretions associated with changes in hormonal levels, diseases of the endocrine system or pelvic organs, then you can not do without consulting a specialist and undergoing a series of tests to avoid complications.

Back to the medications that affect menstruation

The modern pharmaceutical industry produces some drugs that stop internal bleeding.

Their reception is dangerous, unlike hormonal contraceptives, which normalize the frequency of menstruation. To monthly went earlier, you can take oral contraceptives, and then, without finishing to the end, quit or drink two packs without a break. Knowing such tricks, it is easy to manipulate the days of menstruation.

There are pharmaceutical preparations that can affect the duration of menstruation, but they are not intended for this:

  • means Vikasol, hemostatic, in some cases, use 5 drops,
  • vitamins A and C on a tablet in the morning and in the evening.

These are the methods for calling monthly periods and reducing their duration. Doctors warn that they cannot be used, because interfering in the functioning of the female body is not a good deed and may cause hormonal disturbances.

Therefore, think carefully before using these tips.

What to do to make your month go faster

Whether women want it or not, they have menstruation monthly. But not always monthly begin on time, but it also happens that the bleeding lasts more days than usual.

If the discharge is constantly for 5-7 days, and a woman needs to be “clean” on a certain date, she will probably want her monthly period to go faster. But desire alone is not enough. Action needed.

Is it possible to accelerate the monthly

A trip, an important meeting, a competition, a rest on the beach, and other life matters sometimes coincide with monthly periods and make a woman worry about whether everything will go well.

If the desire to accelerate menstruation is not connected with curiosity, but for rational reasons, then it is possible to shorten the duration of discharge by 1–2 days. The main thing is not to do this too often and give the body time to restore the usual rhythm.

It is unlikely that you can make a one-day or two-month period. The intensity of discharge is usually reduced, and in the end only daub follows. In order for the monthly to end quickly, provocative measures must be taken in advance.

Deciding to use this or that tool, a woman should understand that it is better not to interfere with the physiological cycle. But if the situation requires it, you must follow certain safety rules. Then the discharge will quickly disappear, and the body will not suffer.

Four simple rules for safe acceleration of menstruation:

  1. You can not force the body to perform menstrual function at an accelerated rate every month. Any hemostatic method is allowed to use no more than 1 time in six months (the minimum period is 4 months).
  2. With an irregular cycle, deliberately stopping the blood is prohibited. In an emergency, you should consult with a gynecologist.
  3. During the period of inflammatory disease and at elevated temperature, any attempts to slow down the cycle are dangerous. To avoid complications, it is easier to postpone all plans and get sick. It is not necessary to interfere in the menstruation.
  4. If the method used does not work, others can not be tried in the same month. Intervention in the reproductive system affects the work of the endocrine department. This is fraught with failures of different systems.

It is forbidden to accelerate menstruation in food poisoning and acute infectious pathologies, as well as at body temperature above 37.5 ° C.

Preparations to speed up the monthly

Hormonal preparations will help women speed up critical days:

Vikasol and Etamzilat will be suitable for styptic.

But you can take any medication only in consultation with your doctor. Oral contraceptives containing estrogen and progesterone reduce the number of "red days" or delay their onset. Under the influence of artificial hormones, secretions become scarce and do not cause pain in the lower abdomen.

In addition to the contraceptive and hemostatic pills in order to speed up during the month, doctors prescribe vitamins:

  1. Ascorbic acid - 5 tablets for every 10 kg of weight (with a tendency to allergies reduce the dose).
  2. Vitamin E - strengthens the heart and blood vessels, improves the absorption of potassium and magnesium and tissue regeneration.
  3. Vitamin D - strengthens bones, teeth, hair, is involved in the absorption of potassium and magnesium.
  4. Hematogen - increases the level of iron in the blood, prevents anemia.
  5. Calcium and potassium - substances heal the cardiovascular system.

If you are looking for a way to make your period run out faster, start vitaminizing the body 4 weeks earlier. When the bleeding stops at the right moment, increase the number of hours of rest and continue to drink vitamins. Buy quality drugs from proven manufacturers.

In the menstrual days, the female body requires an increased amount of vitamins and trace elements. Fruits, herbs, and vegetables are especially helpful with vitamin C. It is better to drink pomegranate, lemon, or orange juice instead of tea, coffee, and carbonated drinks (can be diluted with clean water).

How to speed up monthly folk remedies

If the critical days traditionally last a long time, the answer to the question “what to do so that the monthly periods are over quickly” can be found in brochures with popular recipes.

Nettle possesses vasoconstrictor and hemostatic properties.

5 tbsp. l dry crushed leaves must be poured half a liter of boiling water and slowly boil for 20 minutes so that the mass does not boil. The cooled liquid is drained from the ground and taken 5 times a day, 3 tbsp. l

When protracted critical days can be used broths of onion peel. Raw materials are not poured with boiling water, but with hot water (1: 1). After half an hour, filtered infusion. They drink it in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening according to 1 tbsp. l

What to drink more so that menstruation goes faster:

  • Decoction bay leaf. Ароматное сырье провоцирует начало менструации во время задержки и помогает «красным дням» быстрее закончиться. 10 г лаврового листа заливают 500 мл воды и на тихом огне кипятят состав 1 час. Средство получается горькое. Его фильтруют и охлаждают. Принимают с промежутком полчаса по 2 ст.l The maximum dose per day - 1 cup. Contraindications - cardiovascular disease.
  • Burnet. A mixture of herbs with boiling water (2 tablespoons. Per 250 ml) is boiled in a water bath for 30 minutes and filtered. Broth is very strong. It is diluted with water in equal proportions. Drink a decoction of 1 tbsp. l with a break of half an hour, but not more than 6 tbsp. l per day. Menstruation is faster due to the effects of vitamins and minerals, which are contained in the shelter. Do not exceed the dose. Side effects may manifest as allergies.
  • Shepherd's purse. 2 tbsp. l herbs insist an hour and a half on a glass of boiling water. Filtered remedy taken during the day 4 times in the amount of 1 tbsp. l Shepherd's purse preparations are contraindicated in case of varicose veins, thrombophlebitis, hypotension, VVD, hypotension, and heart failure.
  • Water pepper 120 drops of pharmacy tincture of water pepper, divided into 3 doses per day, will help to speed up the end of menstruation. Drops are recommended to be added to water and taken half an hour before meals. This method has no contraindications, but its effectiveness is rather weak (it does not help all women).

To monthly ended quickly, the diet should be divided into small portions. Dietary restrictions inhibit natural processes and in some cases shorten the cycle. Temporary vegetarianism will help cheat the internal clock.

Exercise for cycle correction

In continuation of the topic “How to accelerate menstruation so that the bleeding will end faster” we will consider acceptable physical activities.

Proper training increases blood flow to the pelvic organs, activates muscles and repels the epithelium. Daily classes of 40 minutes in the "red numbers" will reduce the unpleasant period of 1 day.

  1. Squats.
  2. Exercises on the press.
  3. Jumping on the spot.
  4. Stretching.
  5. Pilates.
  6. Bodyflex.

But it is better to practice yoga on critical days.

Her exercises are smooth and do not require high-amplitude movements. Static postures improve body flexibility and increase muscle tone. Breathing exercises promote relaxation.

Systematic exercise reduces and eliminates pain during menstruation, reduces their duration and stabilizes the cycle.

What are the risks of prolonged menstruation

Unfortunately, not every woman has a streamlined 28-day cycle. Normally, blood loss takes 5 days and gradually reduces its intensity. Too abundant or prolonged menses are dangerous due to a decrease in hemoglobin level and the development of anemia.

Pathological menstruation must be corrected in consultation with the doctor, not secretly taking the above preparations. A gynecologist will prescribe a suitable treatment only after a comprehensive examination of the patient.

And finally, an interesting fact. Active sex life without the use of barrier contraceptives with the mandatory receipt of orgasm reduces the duration of menstruation. Scientists attribute this to the effects of prostaglandin, which is contained in semen. Thanks to its presence, the uterus is faster released from the endometrium.

So have sex more often, but with a proven partner. And do not forget to calculate “safe” days, so as not to get a pregnancy instead of short critical days.

What to do so that your monthly period ends or starts?

At times, it is simply necessary that the critical days end more quickly.

But for any of us, at least once there was a case when the decisive days are not very appropriate, either the allotments are very powerful or weak, but you need to go to work quickly or intend with your spouse to take a coveted vacation. Now we will share with you secrets on the subject: what to do so that the monthly ones end or start faster?

Popular Methods and Drugs

Various herbaceous broths seem to be styptic:

  • multicolor carnations,
  • mountaineer
  • nettle,
  • viburnum peel.

In addition, these herbs contain ascorbic acid, which strengthens the walls of veins like nothing else. For a good effort is likely to use the infusion of barberry or cloves. They constrict blood vessels rather better and increase blood clotting.

In order to end the critical days faster, it is recommended to make hemostatic soup. For this mission you need nettle. Need 4-6 tsp. crushed dried leaves of the plant and extinguish them 600 milliliters of boiling water. Then the mixture will flow out. Podvarivat 10 will be executed on a weak fire, cool, filter off. Pull on 1 tbsp. l 5 times a day.

It is also possible to get viburnum soup. To prepare it, you need 2 tablespoons of viburnum peel to cook in 250 milliliters of water for 10 minutes. Get soup 1 tbsp. spoon before food. It is possible to pull with honey. It is necessary to apply these national remedies from the initial day of menstruation.

The use of citrus fruits, blackberries, sweet peppers, or other goods concentrated in vitamin C is excellent to stop the advent of the decisive day.

In the national medicine there are other methods, so that the monthly ended quickly. Sometimes it is enough to provoke their early occurrence. Then they will enter in time, and the wait will not be affected. Weights that excite monthly earlier time:

  • oregano
  • Caucasian leaf,
  • plant,
  • parsley,
  • tansy and others.

Or it is possible to make a hot bath with iodine, salt and transfer it. No need to independently come to medicinal methods of stopping menstruation. These substances can not be obtained without the authority of the doctor, as they are ready to lead to complications, and in addition to hormonal disruptions and mark problems.

Tips for normalizing the process

Do not forget about this, that menstruation is a natural process, and in the case when something goes wrong, you should immediately rush to the doctor. At times, the problem is that the monthly drags on and seem very abundant. In such a case, it is strongly not recommended to wedge into the process yourself.

Probable root causes of severe bleeding:

  • powerful physiological overload
  • brokenness
  • voltage,
  • positive endocrine diseases,
  • hormonal breakdown
  • homozygosity
  • low blood clotting
  • inflammation in the organs of the small pelvis.

The abundant loss of monthly blood is accompanied by other signs, such as:

  • powerful pains in the abdomen and lower back,
  • pale,
  • impotence,
  • anemia.

However, with the acute need to take some facets, it is possible to eliminate certain conditions acting on the course of menstruation.

In the initial sequence, so that the monthly runs out faster, gynecologists advise to postpone the powerful physiological overload for more than suitable time. It is desirable to run stress.

Lie down well, plug in nice music, read a book, get distracted. In addition to this, cross out the blood thinning products from the menu.

When an abundance of bleeding is associated with the configuration of hormonal background, diseases of the endocrine system or organizations of the small pelvis, then there is no need to get up without consulting a professional and going through a line of analysis in order to rule out complications.

Menstruation Substances

Today's pharmaceutical industry will produce separate substances that stop internal bleeding.

Their reception is dangerous, in contrast to hormonal contraceptives, which normalize the frequency of recurrence. In order to send it monthly, it is possible to receive oral contraceptives, and then, without finishing it all, throw or drink 2 bales without breaking. Knowing such cunning, it is easy to juggle with the days of menstruation.

There are pharmaceutical substances that can affect the time of menstruation, but they are completely unnecessary for this:

  • drug Vikasol, hemostatic, in some cases, 5 drops,
  • vitamins A and C on a tablet in the morning and evening.

Here there are similar ways to call monthly and skip their duration. Doctors warn that it is impossible to use them, and intervention in the action of the female body does not seem to be a good exercise and is likely to cause damage to the hormonal background.

Therefore, think carefully before using the original tips.

How to make menstruation run out faster, stop bleeding?

When there is a date, a competition or an important event that coincides with the critical days, the question arises - if the monthly periods are over, how to do it? How to safely, but effectively reduce the duration of critical days of folk remedies and medicines? All this is solved in simple ways: decoctions, diets and the correct schedule of action.

Is it possible to accelerate the flow of menstruation

Sometimes the period starts at an awkward moment. And a few days is difficult to do favorite things. If you have a date, a trip to the beach or important competitions ahead, you can speed up the process of excretion of blood, thereby reducing menstruation by 1-2 days. Doctors say that it is not dangerous if you do not do it too often, and then give the body time to recover.

The complete cessation of menstruation in 1-2 days rarely happens. Most often, their profusion is reduced, and in the last days only spotting remains. To make monthly periods faster, it is recommended to take measures in advance.

Is it safe to speed up menstruation?

To make monthly periods faster, you can apply dozens of different means: from physical exertion to special decoctions of natural herbs. But there are rules that allow you to use these methods safely. The physiological cycle is a complex process, which is not recommended to interfere.

But if you really need all the selections to end, you need to remember simple rules:

  • You can not accelerate the monthly each month. All hemostatic methods are suitable for use no more than 1 time in 4-6 months.
  • It is forbidden to drink drugs to stop the blood if the cycle is irregular. In this case, a mandatory consultation with your doctor is necessary, even if a single attempt to accelerate menstruation.
  • During inflammation in the body you should not experiment with the cycle. At elevated temperatures, this can cause many complications. What to do with the disease? Just wait, postponing all plans.
  • If the method used does not work, you do not need to use a few others. All this can increase the load on the endocrine system, which sometimes leads to disruptions in the work of the whole organism.

Use of folk remedies

How to reduce the monthly using natural herbs? A decoction of nettle or bay leaf infusion can shorten the menstruation process.

Before stopping the bleeding with monthly herbal preparations, it is important to understand that the following periods can be more abundant, because the body will try to restore the balance.

For a visible result, herbs should be taken from the first days of the cycle, and if possible, even a couple of days before discharge. If they have already begun, the decoction may not work immediately.

A decoction of nettle is made from 3 tablespoons of dried leaf and 500 ml of water. The mixture is set on fire and heated for 20 minutes, the liquid should not be brought to a boil. Then the broth is left to infuse for another 30 minutes, and take 50-70 ml 3-4 times a day after meals.

Broth bay leaves make of 10 g of leaves and 500 ml of water. The mixture under the lid is simmered for 1 hour. Then filter and drink 3-4 tablespoons every 2-3 hours. The taste is unpleasant, but it helps a lot to get the menstruation faster.

What else to do to monthly reduced in time? It is worth trying other infusions and decoctions: from the burnet, water pepper and shepherd's bag.

Medical methods to reduce the monthly

If a woman's period lasts more than 7 days, the doctor may prescribe special medications that will shorten the period of discharge. But to use them yourself is prohibited. “Duphaston”, “Norkolut” are hormonal drugs that are not designed to solve the problem of how to speed up the end of menstruation. These are medicines that are relevant in the presence of diseases.

With the help of oral contraceptives can avoid the appearance of menstruation. Take them for 21 days, then take a break for menstruation, and then again begin to take pills. But if the break is not done, then there will be no menstruation.

This method can be used no more than 2 times a year. And there is also the possibility that instead of heavy bleeding there will be discharge, which are also able to spoil the plans.

What to do to make menstruation less strong? Take the most appropriate contraceptives all the time, but choose a drug that the doctor recommended.

Vitamin C accelerates metabolic processes in the body, it can increase bleeding, and as a result, menstruation will end earlier. On the first day of the cycle, you can take a large amount of vitamin C, and this will shorten the menstruation by 1-2 days. And you can also eat 3 lemons before the start of the discharge, it will push the cycle for a couple of days.

Diet and exercise to change the cycle

Dietary food helps to reduce menstruation.

How to stop heavy periods with food? 3-4 days before the release of the body from unnecessary formations, you can stop eating meat products.

As a result, the allocation will be less abundant, and the state of health will not suffer. Thanks to a vegetarian diet, there will not even be mood swings that often accompany women on such days.

To monthly faster ended, recommended physical exercise. In the process of training the blood rushes to the organs of the small pelvis, the muscles are activated, pushing the epithelium. Occupations daily for 40 minutes every day during menstruation will reduce discharge by 1 day.

What exercises need to be done to end monthly?

  • Jumping on the spot.
  • Squat without weighting.
  • Exercises on the press.

The load should be sufficient, but not excessive. If nausea, headache or dizziness occurs, it is recommended to refuse this method.

Unconventional solutions for stopping menstruation

Sex during critical days can speed up the process. Active movements, high arousal and prostaglandin production contribute to the completion of the process 1-2 days earlier. At the same time, pain syndrome (if present) is still reduced, mood improves and stress levels are reduced.

How to safely reduce periods with sex? It is important to remember about hygiene. Before and after intercourse, it is imperative to go to the shower for both partners. It is recommended to use condoms in the process.

Step plan to accelerate the monthly

If an important event is already planned, and it coincides with the menstruation, there is a special plan that always helps to change the timing of discharge. How to reduce monthly quickly and efficiently? It is necessary to adhere to these points, and it will turn out to cause monthly for 2-3 days earlier, and then speed up the process, activating heavy bleeding.

  1. 3-4 days before the beginning of the month you need to make a decoction of bay leaf and drink it every 3-4 hours, 5 tablespoons. This will speed up the onset of menstruation.
  2. On the first day of menstruation eat at least 1 lemon and a pack of ascorbic acid. It is advisable to drink at least 2 liters of fluid per day. Additionally, 1 aspirin tablet is taken in the morning and in the evening to cause a very heavy discharge of blood, but it will end in 1-2 days.
  3. From the first day of menstruation, you need to do exercises for the press and squats. At least 3 sets of 30 exercises. Additionally accelerate the process of jumping on the spot.
  4. At the end of the second day of menstruation, the first tablet of Vikasola is drunk. It is a substance that increases blood clotting. The drug will help normalize the process of discharge, stop them. On the third day two pills are taken: in the morning and in the evening. By this time, the selection will have ceased or will be almost imperceptible.

How to make the monthly over quickly? Follow the rules described above. All of them can really help, but there is no 100% guarantee. If you can not shorten the period, use tampons. Proper hygiene will help hide the presence of critical days.

What to do to make menstruation go faster

Sometimes women have to reduce the number of critical days and they are interested in what to do so that menstruation goes faster. Developed a whole system of actions that will help speed up menstruation.

Normally, the monthly pass for 5-7 days, the average duration is 6 days. Special methods will help reduce the duration of menstruation for 2 days.

If they usually took a woman for 6 days, then as a result of certain actions they will pass in 4 days.

Safety precludes:

  • every month to accelerate the monthly
  • apply the acceleration of the monthly to establish a stable menstrual cycle,
  • use these remedies for irregular menstrual cycles in adult women,
  • accelerate menstruation at elevated body temperature (more than 37.5 ºС),
  • do so that the monthly passed faster if there is an acute infectious disease (ARVI, bronchitis, etc.),
  • accelerate menstruation with food poisoning.

No gynecologist will say that it is useful for a woman to apply the acceleration of menstruation. However, life sometimes presents unexpected circumstances in which the presence of menstruation becomes undesirable.

Именно к таким событиям поможет подготовиться техника быстрого окончания месячных.

Иногда у женщин возникает необходимость сократить количество критических дней и их интересует, что сделать, чтобы месячные прошли быстрее. Разработана целая система действий, которая поможет ускорить менструацию.

Normally, the monthly pass for 5-7 days, the average duration is 6 days. Special methods will help reduce the duration of menstruation for 2 days.

If they usually took a woman for 6 days, then as a result of certain actions they will pass in 4 days.

Safety precludes:

  • every month to accelerate the monthly
  • apply the acceleration of the monthly to establish a stable menstrual cycle,
  • use these remedies for irregular menstrual cycles in adult women,
  • accelerate menstruation at elevated body temperature (more than 37.5 ºС),
  • do so that the monthly passed faster if there is an acute infectious disease (ARVI, bronchitis, etc.),
  • accelerate menstruation with food poisoning.

No gynecologist will say that it is useful for a woman to apply the acceleration of menstruation. However, life sometimes presents unexpected circumstances in which the presence of menstruation becomes undesirable.

It is precisely to such events that the technique of quickly ending monthly periods will help prepare.

Medicinal plants and precautions

Independent collection of herbs requires skill, so it is safest for a city resident to buy a ready-made collection at the pharmacy. All herbs are available and sold in most pharmacies in the city. Recommendations:

  1. You should never buy herbs from the hands of strangers (in transitions, at bus stops).
  2. Poor quality raw materials can cause severe poisoning, so you need to inspect the plant before use.
  3. If blackening, mold, raw stalks or leaves are noticed, all raw materials should be discarded. It is dangerous to use such a fee.
  4. Pharmacy fees have an expiration date. You need to make sure that the grass is not expired. It can not be used after the expiration date, even if it looks normal.

The most dangerous thing that can happen when buying a grass collection from hands is the replacement of a plant. Some older people give out some plants for others, and often they themselves do not understand what they have collected and put up for sale.

Before buying, you need to look in the botanical reference book of how exactly the plant looks so as not to acquire a completely different collection.

If a woman is not a specialist in botany or traditional medicine, she needs to buy herbs only from a pharmacy.

Plan to speed up the process

Scheme for quick end of the month:

  • take a bay leaf, it will trigger the onset of menstruation 2-3 days earlier,
  • the next day to take plants that accelerate blood clotting,
  • replenish the supply of vitamins in the body
  • give the abdominals light exercise,
  • take coagulants to stop bleeding.

For example, if you need to prepare for your own wedding, and the marriage date falls on the time of menstruation, then in 1 week you can call the monthly lavrushka, then for 1-3 days in an accelerated mode to drive away the bleeding.

If a woman’s menstruation usually occurs copiously and for a long time (5-7 days), then in addition to bay leaf, you can take Aspirin and water with lemon juice or ascorbine. This will cause heavy bleeding.

Only after 24 hours, coagulants can be started, if the dates allow, it is better even after 2 days.

Recipes of traditional medicine

Recipes that will help make menstruation end faster:

  1. Bay leaf. This plant helps to induce menstruation after a delay. But it can be used to ensure that the monthly could end quickly. Bay leaf increases the tone of the muscles of the uterus, it begins to actively decline, as a result of which menstruation begins. The tool is strong, it is harmful to use every month. How to make the monthly faster ended? Take 10 g of bay leaf, add 500 ml of water. You can pre-break the leaves into small pieces. Simmer for 1 hour. Strain and cool. Broth is very bitter. Maximum dose: not more than 1 cup, take 2 tbsp. l with an interval of 30 minutes. Can not be used in diseases of the cardiovascular system.
  2. Nettle. The pharmacy is sold in shredded form. 1 tbsp. l Pour nettle into a ladle or saucepan, pour 1 cup boiling water (250 ml), boil on low heat for at least 5 minutes. Cool it down. Drink half a cup with an interval of 1 hour. Daily dose: not more than 4 glasses. There is another option dosage: 5 tbsp. l 500 ml of boiling water. Strong broth to take 4 tbsp. l., a safe dose of strong broth - no more than 1 cup per day. To make monthly periods faster, you need to use this method in combination with others. Nettle contains vitamin K and other substances that accelerate blood clotting. The herb reduces the amount of bleeding and contributes to the rapid restoration of the integrity of the endometrium. Taking nettle is contraindicated for varicose veins, thrombophlebitis, thromboembolism, as well as for diseases of the heart and blood vessels.
  3. Burnet. The Latin name of the plant is Sanguisórba officinális. Sold in fitolavkakh and most pharmacies in the form of dry powdered raw materials. How to cook a decoction: 2 tbsp. l herbs pour 250 ml of boiling water, cover and steamed in a water bath for 30 minutes. Cool and strain. The resulting broth is very strong, so it must be diluted with water in a 1: 1 ratio. To monthly ended quickly, you need to take a decoction of 1 tbsp. l with an interval of 30 minutes. The maximum daily dose - 6 tbsp. l The plant contains a complex of vitamins and minerals (more than 20 items), which help menstruation to pass faster. Do not exceed the dose. Allergic reactions are possible.
  4. Water pepper It is best to buy ready-made tincture at the pharmacy. To the monthly ended, take the drug to 40 drops 3 times a day, add to drinking water and drink 30 minutes before meals. This tool is quite mild, has no contraindications, but does not affect all women.
  5. Shepherd's purse. Sold in a pharmacy in dry form. Take 2 tbsp. l dry grass, pour 250 ml of boiling water, leave for 1.5 hours. Strain, take 1 tbsp. l Maximum daily dose: 4 tbsp. l Accelerates coagulation, so you can not take with thrombophlebitis, thromboembolism, varicose veins, vascular dystonia, hypotension, hypotension and heart disease.

With intensive bleeding there is a big loss of iron, potassium and magnesium. Lack of electrolytes adversely affects the heart, a lack of potassium and magnesium can cause heart failure. You can compensate for the lack of electrolytes, taking Hematogen. The drug is cheap and is sold in any pharmacy.

Special exercises

Physical activity stimulates the flow of blood to the pelvic organs and helps to ensure that critical days are over. Recommendations that must be followed for your own safety:

  1. If convulsions occur, you should immediately drink water with lemon juice, then increase the dose of Hematogen. Continue classes only after normalization of well-being.
  2. If you feel dizzy, cancel the lessons, lie down and rest.
  3. If heart beats, to cancel further measures to accelerate menstruation, in an emergency call an ambulance and inform the nurse about all actions taken before the sickness.
  4. All movements should be performed slowly and carefully, without jerking and overvoltage.
  5. On average, the total duration of the workout should be no more than 40 minutes. If a woman is in good shape, you can practice 1.5 hours 1 time per day.

How to make it go monthly. Workout plan:

  1. Warm-up of all large joints: cervical spine, shoulder, elbow and wrist joints, then hip, knee and ankle joints.
  2. Slow squats 10-50 times depending on physical fitness.
  3. Exercise "boat". Lie down on your stomach, stretch your arms forward, put off your toes, simultaneously lift your arms and legs, hold for at least 10 s, then lower, rest and repeat,
  4. Swing the press. Lie on your back, legs straight or bent at the knee joints, pull the head to the knees. Do the exercise slowly.
  5. Jumping on the spot.
  6. Exercise "bike". Lie on your back, bend your knees, make movements, as when riding a bicycle.

You can change the sequence of exercises, but a warm-up is necessary. If you contract your muscles, you need to apply cold and drink a few sips of water with Aspirin, ascorbic or lemon juice.

You can do any other exercises in which the front wall of the abdominal cavity is involved. You can not do racks on the head and shoulder blades, tumble and walk on your hands.

Taking vitamins

How to make your period safely and quickly ended? In this case, the intake of vitamins and dietary supplements will help:

  1. Vitamin C. Take 5 tablets on 10 kg of weight of an adult woman. If there is a tendency to allergies, reduce the dose.
  2. Hematogen. Mandatory drug that increases the level of iron in the body.
  3. Vitamin E. It protects blood vessels and the heart, increases tissue regeneration, and is necessary for the absorption of potassium and magnesium in the body.
  4. Vitamin D. Also involved in the absorption of potassium and magnesium.
  5. Vitamin K and calcium. Needed for the heart and blood vessels, often included in one vitamin complex.

If possible, it is better to buy quality vitamins from proven manufacturers. Take them if you want to make sure that your monthly period ends as soon as possible. Start a course of vitamins need for 1 month. After accelerating the menstruation, when the bleeding stopped, you need to eliminate physical activity, relax, take vitamins and get enough sleep.