Is it possible to go to the cemetery during menstruation? Why not go to the cemetery with the monthly?


A visit to the graves of the departed loved ones is not an everyday necessity for a person, and therefore whether the question whether it is possible to go to the cemetery with menstruations is unlikely to rise sharply. But if it so happened that this period coincided with the funeral of a relative, then this question becomes relevant.

In this regard, there are several opinions, which are sometimes mutually exclusive. In our article we will talk about each of them.

So is it possible to go to the cemetery in the monthly?

Somewhat higher, we have already mentioned that a woman is considered “dirty” during a menstrual period. She was not only allowed to attend church or holy places, but was also present at the funeral. In addition, she was not allowed to prepare a memorial dinner and baking Easter cakes.

Under the prohibition of visits were rites of funeral and weddings. Even visiting graves on memorial days was forbidden. This was due to several reasons.

A woman could pass their "dirt" to the departed

The ancients believed that in the menstrual period, a woman becomes unclean, not only in terms of physical condition, but also spiritual. According to legends, the presence of women with menstruation at the funeral was able to make it difficult for the soul to enter heaven. As a result of this, she became restless and was living relatives, and sometimes even took them with her. True real evidence of all of the above does not exist.

Through the open uterus evil spirit could penetrate

The purpose of a woman's menstrual cycle is the passage of such natural processes as changing the structure of the reproductive system. To remove a detached endometrium from the body, there is a strong contraction of the uterus, which causes its neck to open slightly. This period is very favorable for the penetration of microbes into the organism, therefore strict compliance with the rules of personal hygiene is required.

In accordance with popular belief, like germs, an evil spirit could penetrate inside a woman with the help of an evil spirit. It is for this reason that they were forbidden even to approach the cemetery during menstruation. Although it is not clear that it can prevent a restless soul from leaving the graveyard and doing its dirty deed outside of it.

Mental Disorders

The simplest reason that should keep a woman from visiting the cemetery on such days is the possibility of putting pressure on her psychological state. Everyone understands that regulations are a natural process, however, depending on the individuality of each woman, they are transferred in different ways. At this time, the majority of the fairer sex is extremely irritable and receptive.

Therefore, a visit to the grave of a loved one at this time can quite shake a woman. And when it comes to funerals, this is associated with the pain of loss, which has a negative impact not only on the emotional state of the body, but also on all its work.

A woman can do everything even during this period.

It should be understood that a woman, in spite of all her arguments, will still do what she sees fit. And if a woman decided that she needed to visit a cemetery, then she would definitely do this despite all the superstitions. Why not? In our opinion there is no real reason not to do this.

You just need to take into account the undesirability of a long stay at the cemetery on menstrual days due to the inability to comply with hygiene requirements. Indeed, far from every churchyard there are sterile clean toilets that a woman may need to visit for reasons related to the peculiarities of this period.

It should be borne in mind that the funeral process of a loved one is a great stress for relatives. Increased bleeding can occur on this basis, and this can cause severe dizziness and even fainting. If there is any doubt in the ability to withstand this, then it is better to refrain from traveling, of course.

The opinion of the clergy in this regard

The priests to the question of visiting a woman in the menstrual cycle of sacred sites, the answer is:

  • A woman in this period comes bad blood, and therefore visiting her at the same time the temple is a manifestation of disrespect for God.
  • When visiting a cemetery, the evil spirits that leave a woman during menstruation will prevent the soul of the departed from leaving this world on their way to the Kingdom of Heaven.
  • A candle put by a “dirty” woman in front of an icon in the temple will burn to the glory of the Devil.
  • Using holy water will cause it to dry out.

Physiological explanation of regulation

Scientists have long studied the process occurring in a woman in the menstrual cycle. But how does the psyche and energy change with this is the Question, and it is with a capital letter. In the descriptions of clairvoyants, this looks approximately as described below.

Every month a woman gets the opportunity to be cleansed of negative energy accumulated in a specific time interval. But why does this happen with blood? Yes, because it is the location of human energy.

This period for a woman is accompanied by a decline in strength and a weakening of the emotional state. Simply put on her, apathy piles up. She does not want to do anything, think about anything and decide something. and such a state is quite logical. The menstrual period leads to a weakening of the energy envelope, making its owner easily affected by bad thoughts and views. Women are easily amenable to the evil eye, they are easily induced damage and any other magical actions fall on fertile soil.

But this period also passes, renewed, again full of strength and energy.