How to plan and conceive a girl: all known methods


Childbirth is a holiday for the whole family, especially for a woman. After all, so much energy, time was spent on carrying it, and now you can breathe a sigh of relief, that everything is left behind, and new efforts and worries lie ahead. For some, the sex of the child does not matter, for others it is important. And if the fathers almost always want the boy to appear, many mothers think about the ways of conceiving a girl. Especially those women who have become pregnant for the first time want this.

This is largely due to the peculiarity of communication with his child. Most women want to see their daughters beautiful. To do this, they buy the appropriate outfits for them, they like to braid pigtails for girls, and when they grow up, keep a secret with them. Men prefer to raise a child in such a way as to prepare him for life.

What determines the sex of the child?

The sex of the child depends on which particular sperm is able to fertilize the egg. But what is characteristic. in the female ovum there is only one type of chromosome - X, while in the male germ cells one of two types can be contained: X or Y. That is, when an egg meets a sperm cell that has the X chromosome, a girl is born (XX), and Y - boy (XY).

It turns out that the sex of the child depends entirely on the father, and the days of conception of the girl have nothing to do with it ?! In part, this is true and the role of the mother in this regard is practically minimized. But in women after conception comes the most crucial stage in her life.

At the same time, male sex cells have different properties:

  • Spermatozoa with the X chromosome are distinguished by an oval head, low movement speed and a long lifespan - about three days.
  • Spermatozoa with a Y-chromosome have a round head, they are very fast, but they live less - no more than a day.

But isn't a woman able to influence who will be born? Answer: yes, it can, but for this you need to correctly calculate ovulation (fertilization). In the end, the desired girl can get lucky and be born.

Are there any ways?

If a woman wants to become pregnant with her daughter (or everyone in the family adheres to this decision) and even has already chosen the approximate date of conception of the girl, then the specialists from the women's consultation center will be able to help in this matter. A knowledgeable doctor will tell you some ways of conception, from which a woman can choose the necessary option depending on the situation. But it is worth noting that it is not so easy to deceive nature and completely take control of the situation.

And moms and dads need to first understand something. The following methods do not give a result of 100%, and will only not much increase the chances of success. This is due to the fact that the whole process of fertilization proceeds in accordance with complex physical and chemical mechanisms that are difficult to expose to external factors.

Special diet

One of the ways to achieve the birth of a daughter is to follow a special diet for conceiving a girl. And you need to start it in a few months. The impact will not have a preference for those or other products, but the regularity of their use and the quality of the prepared dishes.

A healthy diet and lifestyle will not only allow you to give birth to the desired girl, but also the likelihood of various pathologies will be reduced to zero. This concerns not only women, if dad also wants to see a healthy child, then he should temporarily give up bad habits, which will improve the quality of his biological material.

The essence of a special diet is the creation of acidic microflora in the female body, which has a detrimental effect on the sperm with the Y chromosome. Whereas slower fellows are more tenacious. Now, in fact, the very diet of the diet for conceiving a girl:

  • Meat (beef, lamb or veal) in limited quantities. Some women try to do without him.
  • Unleavened pastry, including sweet.
  • Dairy products (cottage cheese, sour cream, milk, cheese) and eggs.
  • Vegetables and fruits.
  • It is recommended to eat nuts (hazelnuts, almonds, peanuts).

Now you should be familiar with what should not be in the diet. In particular, this applies to salted and smoked dishes, potatoes and legumes. Moreover, in any case, do not drink alcohol and completely give up cigarettes. And, of course, this applies to both parents, if they want the birth of a healthy girl in the world of God. In addition, "female" sperm are more susceptible to harmful substances.

A way to calculate ovulation for conceiving a girl

As it is now known, the sex of a child depends on the viability of the sperm. A woman can become pregnant regardless of the day of the cycle, however, conception can only be on one specific day. Actually, for this you need to keep an ovulation schedule. The very method of conceiving a female child was developed by Dr. Landrum Shetlzom, she glorified him to the whole world. There is practically nothing difficult in it, and the only difficulty lies in determining ovulation.

Those women who are accurately aware of the duration of the menstrual cycle, it is easier, because you can simply divide the value by 2. That is, if the cycle takes 30 days, then the final result - ovulation occurs on day 15.

In other cases, you can use special tests that are used to determine ovulation. Their principle of action is similar to those that detect pregnancy. The result is basically always reliable.

There are also calculators conceiving girls. Anyone who is good at “friends” with computer equipment can use it. This is a special software, with the help of which the most suitable time is chosen for sexual intercourse, so that a daughter is born. It is not difficult to find it - just enter the corresponding query into any search engine.

Thin calculation

In addition, you can resort to another method - the measurement of basal temperature. It is better to practice a little in advance to determine the very day of the "X" for a certain number of cycles. What is necessary regularly (preferably every morning) to measure the temperature of the anus, starting from the very first day of menstruation.

All data need to be entered in the schedule that will allow to calculate an ovulation for conception of the girl. As a result, by the end of the month, two phases can be clearly traced in it:

  • before ovulation - the temperature is 36.4-36.7 ° C,
  • ovulation - temperature 37.0–37.5 C °.

Moreover, the temperature, as in the latter case, will be maintained until the onset of a new cycle. Only it should be borne in mind that indicators may be influenced by several factors, including:

  • stressful situations
  • heavy physical exertion
  • the presence of colds,
  • taking alcohol or medications
  • proximity the night before.

If it is impossible to accurately calculate the onset of ovulation over a certain number of cycles, consult a doctor. Perhaps in the body of a woman there is a hormonal failure, due to which ovulation does not occur.

The essence of the method

Actually how to calculate the conception of a girl? To the probability of its occurrence was as high as possible, intimacy should be 3-4 days before ovulation. Immediately before the start of ovulation, as well as for three days after it is better to refrain from sexual intercourse. In extreme cases, sex must be protected.

Thanks to such a tight schedule, slower “female” spermatozoa will be able to survive, and some of them will definitely reach their goal. "Male" fellows will no longer be able to fertilize an egg.

Moon calendar

What is the lunar calendar? This is an invaluable assistant for many families who dream of a healthy and strong child. In addition, as experts in the field of astrology assure, the moon will help with the conception of a child of the desired sex. And for this you should choose the "favorable" days of the lunar calendar.

The way of conceiving a girl on a calendar of this type is not new, since there have been several millennia. It was successfully used by many ancient peoples to grow strong, strong and enduring warriors, beautiful heirs to the throne. In addition, the conception of the majority of historical figures, who are known all over the world, was made according to the lunar calendar.

What you need to know a woman

Every future mother, however, it concerns both parents, it is worth knowing that often the process of conception falls on the growing moon. It is during this period that the female body is the strongest, strongest and best prepared for fertilization. At the same time, if the ovulation process occurs after the full moon (second phase), then the chances of a successful pregnancy drop significantly.

It is very important how much a woman harmonizes with herself, with her body and mind. And all that is needed for this is to stick to a healthy diet, avoid stressful situations, which will save your nerves and more calmly react to various troubles. In this case, you can expect that the conception of the girl on the lunar calendar will run smoothly.

Rapprochement with nature will allow a woman to strengthen her energy. But only so that the calendar can give the desired result, you need to know how long the menstrual cycle lasts, and also when ovulation occurs. If necessary, this process can be transferred to the first phase of the moon. And only a gynecologist can help with this.

Desired sex of the child and his character

If the female gender of a child is so important, then the “favorable” days for this can be considered:

Also here are the days when the moon is in a certain zodiac sign:

According to many scientists and astrologers, that lunar day, when the conception took place, can have a significant impact. And his role will be as important as the birthday of the child. You can warn his character, referring to the usual calendar. It has 30 days, each of which is able to influence human life in a certain way. How it might look is shown below:

  1. You can conceive an active and strong child.
  2. Favors conception girls.
  3. A child may be born who has an explosive, uncontrollable character (earlier on this day the conception of warriors took place).
  4. The child may become lazy and he may have a passive attitude towards life.
  5. A baby may have a difficult fate.
  6. The most favorable, because children are born balanced and objectively assess the world around them.
  7. There will be a healthy and full-fledged child who will be successful in medicine or science.
  8. A complex fate can be added to a bad character.
  9. Better to avoid it.
  10. It is also an opportune time, since the child will inherit from the parents all the best.
  11. An active and healthy baby will appear.
  12. It is not enough to know how to calculate the conception of a girl, a positive attitude of parents is necessary. Only with this approach, the child will develop a good intuition.
  13. A child may subsequently develop a passion for bad habits (alcohol, drugs).
  14. The child will be protected by a strong guardian angel.
  15. Strong and uncontrollable character, which is more characteristic of boys.
  16. The nature of the child will be harmonious and livable.
  17. It is better to avoid alcohol, since the child will be not only an alcoholic, but also a swindler.
  18. The child will be hardworking and share individual charisma, which will allow him to become a pet.
  19. The boys will have the honor and courage.
  20. It is unfavorable, since the child may have a bad temper.
  21. The chances of a boy appearing are very high.
  22. Also contributes to the conception of a girl who is born strong and purposeful. Perhaps it will turn out very successful woman, almost in no way inferior to men.
  23. High risk of gene mutations.
  24. A healthy child can be born even for those couples for whom this is not the first attempt.
  25. Conception is favorable for conception, but the child may become lazy, slow, in addition he will have an unstable psyche.
  26. Fully favors the child: a successful and happy life filled with fame and wealth.
  27. Not the most suitable, since there are great risks of various diseases.
  28. The child will be lucky, at the same time lazy and carefree.
  29. It is better to absolutely avoid it.
  30. Not suitable for conceiving a girl or even a boy: the child will also be lazy and unadapted to life.

Thus, it is already possible to make for yourself the only correct conclusion, which will allow not only to determine on which days the feminine principle will be laid, but what character can be expected from your daughter. Of course, the most favorable lunar days for the birth of a full-fledged child are: 1, 6, 7, 10, 11, 14, 15, 16, 18, 19, 22, 26. Such qualities as strength and courage will be inherent in an adult; to succeed and good luck, and his health can be envied. This method is not worse than the calculator conception girls will achieve the desired.

But these days it is better to avoid: 4, 8, 9, 13, 20, 23, 27, 29, 30. In this case, the child will be more lazy, he will be uncompromising, even aggressively disposed. In addition, he can hardly boast of good health.

Slight reservation

For the most part, the method of conception in accordance with the lunar calendar is suitable for those people who are fond of astrology and are obsessed with faith in fate. Only it should be noted that the desired result is not always obtained and it’s not worthwhile to fully hope for this method. At the same time, the popularity of the lunar calendar is quite high, and this indicates its veracity.

It makes no sense to bother yourself how to calculate the conception of a girl, if all attempts do not turn out to be successful for a long period of time. It is better to leave all attempts to calculate the lunar days and visit the doctor. And the sooner this happens, the better.

Eastern folk technique

Several centuries ago, the Chinese invented a special table on which to conceive a child of a particular sex. The so-called Chinese calendar has several significant advantages:

  • easy to use,
  • You can determine the sex of the child regardless of the gestational age,
  • you can plan the desired gender,
  • on the assurances of the Chinese themselves, the accuracy of the method is up to 98%.

The table below.

As can be seen from the figure, the horizontal top line is the listing of all 12 months, and in the left vertical column is the age of the woman (18–45 years old). Eastern people believed that the sex of the child mainly depends on the mother, so the table takes into account the conception of the girl by the age of the mother.

The calculation should not cause questions. In the left column, the desired value of the woman is selected, for example, 21 years. In the top line, the month for conception is chosen, and on the intersection there will be the sex of the child. In this example it is a girl.

However, some women are not inclined to trust this method and regard it only as entertainment. Perhaps another table created by the Japanese would be useful for them. About this below.

Japanese technique

In Japan, in ancient times, the table was also used as in China, only its own and two of them. Drawings below.

First you need to combine between the month of birth of the mother and father. At the place of their suppression will be a number - a family figure. For example, a woman has this March, and a man has February, then the figure is 11. Now you need to use the second calendar. Conception of a girl or boy is determined directly by him. His example is below.

Here you need to pay attention to the vertical columns that contain months. Find your vertical column with the number 11. According to her, the most favorable time for conceiving a female child is in the month of July.

Favorable position

For some, this may seem strange, but there are special poses that also contribute to the appearance of the girl, not the boy. It is necessary to provide a shallow penetration that will allow male X-ray cells of category X calmly and without much haste to reach their goal. In particular, we are talking about such provisions as:

  • missionary position,
  • "spoon",
  • a woman is lying on her stomach, with her back to a man,
  • a woman in a position on top and also with her back to a man.

In addition to choosing the best posture for conceiving a girl, a woman needs to control herself a little and try to avoid a violent orgasm. As you know, thoughts are material, so it is worth trying at this time to visually imagine the desired future daughter.


There is no point in fully relying on all the methods listed above, since, as noted above, it is quite difficult to influence the whole process. And if, despite all the efforts, the boy was finally born, it is worth taking him, because you can say the nature itself gave the family the most precious things that can be in our life. The main thing is to love him as much as the desired daughter and fully dedicate all his parental love to him.

И до нее тоже дойдет очередь, и вероятно, в нужное время, снова воспользовавшись разными способами зачатия девочки по месяцам или прочими вариантами, вы добьетесь желаемого.

По овуляции

Методика основана на определенных особенностях двух видов сперматозоидов. The life span of X-spermatozoa is longer than that of group Y. If by the time of fertilization an egg in a woman’s body sperm of species Y are dead and the necessary ones remain of type X, the likelihood that the couple will have a daughter is very high.

In order to maintain the necessary sperm, sexual intercourse must occur four to five days before the egg enters the vagina, that is, before ovulation. This time is enough for the death of the sperm of group Y.

Note: The technique is effective if a woman has been following the cycle for a long time and knows the day of ovulation.

How to determine the day of ovulation

Method one - carefully consider:

If you know exactly the duration of your menstrual cycle, then divide it in half - the result will mean the day of ovulation. For example, for a cycle of 28 days, ovulation occurs at about day 14.

Method two - measure rectal temperature:

To obtain reliable results, it is necessary to carry out measurements for several cycles in a row, this will help eliminate the possibility of error. The graph should clearly see the two phases of the cycle - before and after ovulation. The temperature of the first phase varies between 36.3-36.8 degrees. The day when the temperature rises to 37.0-37.5 means ovulation. At this level, rectal temperature remains until menstruation, then decreases again.

Note: if the schedule for several months turns out to be blurry - without a sharp increase and decrease in temperature - this is a reason to visit the gynecologist, there may be problems with ovulation.

Method three - buy tests:

In any assortment in the assortment, special tests are presented to determine the day of ovulation. The principle of operation of such tests is similar to the use of pregnancy tests.

Note: when the day of ovulation is precisely set, sexual intercourse should be carried out four to five days before the desired date, this will help eliminate unnecessaryY- spermatozoa. For two days and for three days after ovulation, it is better to abstain from unprotected sexual acts, this period is most favorable for conceiving a boy.

Method one - we define “young” blood:

Human blood has properties to be renewed, in men and women, this process occurs with different cycles. Male blood is updated less frequently - every four years, female more often - every three years. It is enough to calculate - whose blood at the moment of conception was younger and more active. For this, the age of the future father is divided by four, and the age of the future mother - by three.

Example:the age of a man is 29 years old, if 29 is divided by 4, it will be 7.25. Multiply 7 by 4, it turns out that the last time the dad's blood was updated in 28 years - a year ago.

Mom's age is 27 years old, if 27 is divided by 3, it will be exactly 9, therefore, her blood is updated in the year of conception of the child. In this situation, you need to focus on the month of birth. For example, the month of birth of a woman is May, in this case the process of blood renewal will begin in the first half of April and will be completed by the second half of June. It is best to plan the conception of a girl for the next year after a woman has updated her blood.

You can carry out calculations by year. Add to the year of birth of the father by four, and by the year of birth of the mother - by three. For example, the year of birth of the future father, 1989, his blood will be updated every four years - 1993, 1997, 2001, 2005, 2009, 2013, 2017, 2021. If the expectant mother was born in 1990, her blood is updated in 1993, 1996, 1999 , 2002, 2005, 2008, 2011, 2014, 2017, 2020. The optimal period for conceiving a girl for the next year after the future mom's blood update.


The calculation is quite simple: (Dad's age at conception + mom's age) * 4/3 = ...

If a number is obtained with a remainder of 2 or no remainder, then this is a boy.

And if in the remainder of 1 - then this is a girl.

To produce division in a column, but not with the help of a calculator.

Calculation example:

(24 + 21) * 4/3 = 60 - this is my boy

(32 + 29) * 4/3 = 81 and 1 in the remainder is a girl

Note: Experts do not recommend planning to conceive a child in the year of the mother's blood renewal, since the chances of giving birth to a girl in this case are significantly reduced.

Method two - blood group and rhesus:

Determination of the sex of the child by the blood type of the parents

There are special tables that show the dependence of the baby’s sex on the group and the rhesus of the blood of two parents.

  • if the rhesus of the blood of mom and dad is the same - most likely you will succeed in conceiving a daughter,
  • if the rhesus of the couple does not match - most likely a son will be conceived,
  • if future parents have blood of the first or second group, then chances to conceive a girl are high.

Chinese calendar

Ancient sages most of their knowledge drew from the science of numerology. In China, a relationship was found between the age of the mother and the sex of the future baby. According to the wise, a woman at a certain age and in a particular month is able to reproduce into the world either a boy or a girl. For example, if a woman is 25 years old, she can conceive a girl in January, April, May and July.

Chinese baby planning calendar

Such a convenient table consists of only two parameters - the age and month of conception, at the intersection of which the child’s intended sex is indicated. According to statistics, in 90% of cases, the Chinese method is reliable.

Japanese baby sex chart

The technique is rather complicated, but also has the right to exist. Calculations need to be carried out on two tables. In the first, future moms and dads calculate the total for them using their birth months. In the second table, the sex of the child is determined by the resulting figure and the month of conception.

1. In the first column it is necessary to determine the figure that is the center of the intersection of the month of birth of a man (future father) and the month of birth of a woman (future mother):

In the first column of the table we find the number that coincides with the month of birth of the man, and the second - the number that coincides with the month of birth of the woman.

2. The number that you find at the intersection should be found in the second Japanese table in the topmost row located horizontally. This number will denote the column in which the name of the months of conception of the baby is written. Opposite each month there is a certain number of crosses in the “girl” and “boy” columns. So, the more signs (crosses) are in a particular graph, the greater the likelihood of having a child of either sex:

Japanese baby sex chart

For example: The future father was born in September, and the future mother - in May. The child was conceived in December. It is necessary to determine the sex of the child.

So, in the first table you need to find the number that stands at the intersection of the vertical - September and horizontally - May. The resulting figure is 9.

Next, figure 9 must be found horizontally in the uppermost first row. This column is the desired, but we are looking for the month of conception of the child, in our example - this is December. In the column “boy” the most of them are crosses (to look opposite December), therefore, according to the Japanese table intended for sex determination, a boy should be born.

It is better to use these Japanese tables for planning the gender of the future baby, and not for determining the sex, although no one forbids this. According to this Japanese calendar, for each pair of parents there is only 1 month (2 maximum) in a year in which the probability of conceiving a child of a certain sex is very high.

Conception girls using diet

It should be noted that this technique does not belong to the priority, but only increases the efficiency of other methods. The essence of the method is based on the fact that Y-chromosomes die in an acidic environment. To conceive a girl, it is necessary with the help of certain foods to create an acidic environment in the body of the future mother.

Two to three months before the desired date of conception, you need to adjust the diet.

The basis of the basics

The main principle by which you can conceive a baby, with the desired sex, is based on the fact that there are only two types of sperm: Y and X. It is the species that quickly gets to the egg and fertilizes it first and determines the sex of the fetus, ie . sperm X is a girl, and Y is a boy.

In this case, X-sperm cells are usually in the minority, they are less mobile, but more tenacious. So how do you get pregnant the first time girl? It is necessary to “tune” for X to be the first to reach the egg cell, and this is done like this:

  • increases acidity in the vagina,
  • the amount of male semen is reduced,
  • cycle is calculated day of ovulation.

Calculate ovulation

How to get pregnant girl on the time of ovulation? The essence of the method with the definition of ovulation is as follows: two or three days before ovulation, the highest probability of conceiving a girl. During this time, the species Y will die, and X will survive and wait for the maturation of the egg. Especially because by the middle of the menstrual cycle, the acidity in the vagina is higher, which sperm Y do not like.

After the third day preceding the coveted day of ovulation, attempts at conception must be stopped. This will give a chance to the "girlish" sperm to remain alone in the body of a woman.

To know when a girl will become pregnant after ovulation, you need to calculate or determine the day of her occurrence. This is done with the help of a special test from the pharmacy (the strip should be poorly visible), by ultrasound, by measuring the basal body temperature (record figures in the table). You should also observe the cycle of your monthly, keep a calendar.

Of the downsides of this method, they distinguish the fact that many days are wasted from the “fertility window”, and the attempts take months. But those spouses who need only a daughter will have to sacrifice time.

Vaginal Acidity

As already noted, the acidic environment of the vagina is detrimental to less hardy sperm boys. You need to know your pH level by applying special strips, and, if it is insufficient, start raising it.

Use of various pickles (cucumbers, tomatoes, sauerkraut) and citrus fruits will help. Also use the method of douching, but do it better only on the advice of a gynecologist. Sometimes, to help faster, combine both methods at once.

Genetic diagnosis method

PDG - pre-implantation genetic diagnosis, is the method that most accurately determines the sex of the future offspring, is used during the IVF procedure (in vitro fertilization). However, he was not invented to satisfy the wishes of potential parents to give birth to a boy or a girl. It is needed in order to avoid possible transmission of the disease, linked to the floor, from one of the parents, if there are good reasons.

After fertilization of the egg in a test tube, a few days later, doctors can understand the baby of what sex was conceived by artificial means.


There is another method used in medical institutions for special cases. By filtering either in a special centrifuge, chromosomes X and Y are separated in order to carry out artificial insemination (insemination).

If there is no risk of transmitting a hereditary disease, then applying PDG or sorting is considered immoral.

Popular methods of conceiving a daughter

For the sake of achieving the goal that people are not ready to do. Reviews on the maternity forums now and then enthusiastically tell of the wonderful methods of conceiving a boy or girl: “Food helped me!”, “I want to share how to quickly give birth to a little princess on the calendar!”, “Use the calculator, helped!”, “I can advise the wonderful table! ”etc. Consider the most popular ones.

Position at the time of conception

This method is not new, but widely used - posture during proximity affects the sex of the child. Since Y-sperm cells are more vulnerable and weaker, the more difficult their path to the ovaries, the less likely they are to get there. The most suitable position in this case, "face to face." Also practiced poses on the side, on the stomach, missionary.

Use shallow penetration, it is the most distant male seed from the cervix.

Orgasm, according to some people, can affect the birth of a boy or girl. If you get an orgasm, then be born a boy and vice versa.

Age range

What is the likelihood that the age of the parents affects the gender of the babies? Firstly, experts say that when a wife is older than her husband, they often have a daughter first or women after the age of 30 more often have daughters.

Secondly, in women and men, changes constantly occur in the body. The most serious restructuring occurs once every four years in the strong half and every three years in the beautiful one. Based on this, it is possible to calculate the sex of the fruit of their love. We divide the age of a man by 4, women by 3, who has a higher number, he “won”. For example, wife 29, husband 30 - 29: 3 = 9.6, 30: 4 = 7.5, so there will be a daughter.

Count by blood

This method, again, is based on updates in the body: the wife’s blood is updated every three years, the husband’s every four years. Whoever has newer blood will have a baby. It is very simple to calculate, for example, the future mother is 29 years old, she was born in the month of May 1987, father 30, he was born in April 1986. By 1987 we add three to a year, and by 1986 four to the present. It turns out that her blood was refreshed in May 2014, next time in May 2017, and in April 2014, next time in April 2018. This couple has the opportunity to give birth to a daughter until April 2018, because her wife’s blood is newer.

If one of the partners had large blood loss due to childbirth, operations, abortions, donations, this event is taken as a point of reference, not the date of birth.

Food, contributing to the birth of a girl

Researches of scientists show that the food consumed by the future mother 2-3 months before conception can influence the sex of the child. In the body of a woman planning to give birth to a daughter, there must be reserves of magnesium and calcium.

There is also a theory about the effectiveness of the French diet on the eve of the conception of a daughter. Observations on the fans of this food system have shown that if you eat foods rich in protein, as suggested in the diet, the level of estrogen (female hormone) will increase.

For ladies who want to get beautiful babies, you need to stock up on such foods: nuts, bakery products (yeast-free), pasta, all dairy products, millet and rice (cook porridge), vegetables (especially carrots, beets, sweet peppers, eggplants, onions), dried fruits, fruits and berries (citrus fruits, strawberries, grapes, apples), egg whites, boiled lean meat and fish. They recommend drinking coffee and tea, but without sugar.

It should reduce the use of potatoes and salt.

Folk ways of conceiving girls

Mania birth only daughter, the phenomenon is not new. In the old days, our grandmothers also passed each other folk ways, how to outwit the fate and give birth to the desired baby. What did they come up with:

  • Conception of daughters, in their opinion, is promoted by a young birch tree, and intimacy occurred under it,
  • the girls tied a regular thread on the right little finger,
  • in the cold winter months you can rather conceive a daughter than a son,
  • a week before going to bed with her husband, women drank apple or plum juice,
  • if intimacy occurred on a Sunday, Friday or Wednesday, as if they were expecting a daughter,
  • the potential age of the mother is odd, and the month of intimacy is even,
  • you need to put different women's things under the pillow: ribbon, hairpin, comb, mirror, etc.

They also say that if you sincerely and very, very much want a girl to be born, imagine what she will be in the smallest details: face, hair, voice, etc., the Universe will hear your request and answer you.

The probability of the appearance of the daughter will increase when it is a mutual desire. Of course, you can do everything without the participation of the father, but he, too, can make a contribution. For example, men are encouraged to wear tight underwear and pants, then he will have a daughter.

Eco method for conceiving a girl

The method of artificial insemination always gives a 100% guarantee of the sex of the unborn child. All because the conception of the egg of a woman takes place in the laboratory with the help of specialists. In this case, the doctor prescribes a course of medications that stimulate the development of the follicle. After these follicles have been formed, they are removed from the woman’s ovaries by a medic, and then in a favorable environment, the follicles are fertilized by the sperm of the future father. After a few days of finding the embryo in them, he is transferred and sits down directly in the uterus of a potential mother. It is at this important stage of the procedure that the doctor can predict the sex of the unborn child. Such a procedure involves planting a female fetus, which guarantees the conception of a woman by a girl.

Eco method for conception

But there is a downside to such a service - the high cost. Not every married couple can afford this luxury. And at the state level, such an operational procedure is carried out only according to strict regulations, for example, infertility or the risk of transmitting hereditary diseases to the male fetus.

Conception girls on the table

The actual question among future mothers is whether the tables that guarantee the predestination of the child’s gender even before conception are true. Как забеременеть девочкой подскажет таблица полов, которая популярна уже многие года и пришла в нынешнее время еще от древних китайских мудрецов. Поэтому методика предопределения пола будущего ребенка по таблице имеет право на существование и доверие со стороны семейных пар, мечтающих о зачатии и рождении девочки.

Таблица для зачатия девочки

This table does not require any complex calculations and mathematical tasks; to calculate the sex of the unborn child, it is enough just to know the exact age of the potential mother and the month when conception was made.

But there is one exception. - if the month of conception coincides with the month when a woman was born, then you cannot talk about a one hundred percent result.

Also, not always accurate results of planning the sex of the future child can be, if sexual intercourse and conception were held at the border of the transition from one month to another.

Erickson Method

You can increase the likelihood of getting pregnant by using the new and not yet well-known Erickson method. To do this, you need to find an experienced and competent specialist in this matter, which can be a difficult task, since this technique is still little known and not popularized among society.

In order to increase the likelihood of getting pregnant as a girl, the specialist receives the sperm of the future father and conducts special filtration in the laboratory.

The specialist identifies those sperm that move faster than others, as they are the male chromosomes. They are removed from the sperm, using special solutions for such manipulations. After that, the specialist inserts the sperm of the future father into the woman's vagina. As a result, the egg is fertilized only by spermatozoa rich in the female set of chromosomes.

This service is not provided in all cities, as few people still know about it, but every day more and more women resort to it, eventually getting the desired result.

Conception of the girl by blood

Asking what to do to get pregnant a girl, you can increase this probability, starting from the blood group of a potential mom and dad. To do this, you need to be able to calculate the estimated age of the updated blood cells.

If this year the blood of a woman has been renewed, then there is every chance of getting pregnant by a girl. If the blood has refreshed this year in a man, then the chances of conceiving a female fetus are minimal. In women, blood is renewed every three years, in men - every four years. If one of the parents has undergone any surgery that was accompanied by a blood transfusion, then the count should be taken from this period. To calculate the coefficient, speaking about the level of blood renewal, mom's age should be divided by 3, and dad's number of years - by four. The resulting number should not be fully taken into account, attention should be paid only to the decimal points.

Example: the mom's coefficient is 8.00, and the dad's coefficient is 6.55. So, comparing only the numbers 0.00 and 0.55, we can conclude that mom's blood has been updated better, this time is ideal for conceiving as a girl.

You can increase the chances for a woman to become pregnant by a girl if you rely on several methods at once, for example, conception of ovulation, a Chinese table and a certain diet. A big role in such a responsible business is played by faith in one’s own strength, a positive attitude and a great desire to become pregnant will speed up the fulfillment of desire.

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X and Y: a little about biology

After conception, it is possible to recognize the sex of a child only by ultrasound.

What determines the sex of the baby? In human genes, there are 2 types of sex chromosomes: X and Y. Women are born with a chromosomal pair XX, men - XY. Carriers of the genetics of the parents are the egg and sperm. The female cell contains only the X chromosome; spermatozoa are of two types: X and Y.

If the Y-spermatozoon meets first with the egg, then a boy will be born. The combination of two X predetermines the appearance of a girl. The question: “What if I want a girl?” Can be answered simply. It is necessary to make so that the X-spermatozoon is the first to reach the egg cell.

However, is it possible to influence this process? Many believe that it is possible if we take into account that spermatozoa of different types have distinctive characteristics. X-carriers are more viable. They can live in the reproductive organs of women up to 6 days. However, Y-spermatozoa are faster, although they retain the ability to live for no more than 24 - 48 hours.

Girl conception methods

Nevertheless, each of the methods has adherents who claim that it was thanks to him that a woman became pregnant with a girl at 100 percent. There are the most popular methods.

Blood is one of the most important components of the human body, therefore there is a theory that it affects the sex of the child. The gender of the future baby by blood is determined by calculating the time of its renewal according to the Rh factor and the group.

If you follow the method of planning the sex of children on the Rh factor, a child with a double X chromosome will be born in mom and dad with the same Rhesus. To conceive a daughter by blood type, you should use the following table.

According to the method based on the cyclical nature of blood renewal, in order for a girl to become pregnant, the mother needs to have younger blood. Calculate how much time has passed since the update of blood, it is possible on the basis of the fact that the female blood cells are updated every 3 years, and men - every 4 years.

An example of calculating the sex of the child: the expectant mother at the time of conception is 25 years old, and the father is 27. In order to find out the year of blood renewal, you must divide the age by 3 or 4. Next, you need to multiply the whole number from the resulting figure by the frequency of the update.

For a woman: 25: 3 = 8.33 and 8 * 3 = 24. For a man: 27: 4 = 6.75 and 6 * 4 = 24. It turns out that mom's blood is younger because it was updated 1 year ago. Consequently, at the moment there is a high probability of getting pregnant as a girl.

By the time of ovulation

The method of planning the baby’s sex according to the ovulation schedule is based on the characteristics of different types of sperm. To conceive a girl, it is necessary at the time of the readiness of the egg to fertilize in the reproductive ways of a woman to leave only X-sperm. The essence of the method is as follows:

  • you need to calculate the exact day of ovulation,
  • have intercourse 3 - 5 days before ovulation,
  • refuse sex or use contraception on the day of maturation of the egg and for the next 3 days.

This method ensures a high probability of successfully having a child of the desired sex. However, for the implementation of the plan you need to know exactly the day of ovulation. The table describes the methods for determining the day of ovulation.

According to the calendar

The calendar method for determining the day of conception of a boy or girl has long been used in Japan and China. According to the Chinese calendar, a woman is able to conceive a girl at the exact age and month of the year. However, you need to correctly calculate how old the future mother. To do this, it is necessary to calculate the age from the moment of her own conception (add 10 months).

Below is a Chinese table for women under 30. The "+" marks the months of the year that ensure the conception of a girl.

The Japanese calendar takes into account the time of birth of both parents. The favorable time of conception of the baby is determined using two tables. The first determines the ordinal number of the column, which will indicate the likelihood of a child of a particular gender. Table 1.

The numbers in the table are cyclical. Numbers corresponding to the mother are repeated every 4 lines, and according to the father - every 3 columns. For example, in May, the numbers are identical with January, in June - February, and so on. The second table indicates the most favorable months of conception, depending on the result:

  • 1 - October,
  • 2 - November,
  • December 3 -
  • June 4 -
  • July 5 -
  • August 6 -
  • 7 - March, November,
  • 8 - April, December,
  • May 9 -
  • June 10 -
  • July 11 -
  • 12 - August.

With the help of diet

Adherents of this method claim that for the birth of a girl you need to follow a certain diet for 4 months before fertilization. It should be eaten products that create in the future mother's body acidified environment. Principles of nutrition:

  • Enrich the diet with foods with calcium, iron and magnesium,
  • from meat to prefer veal and beef,
  • juice and soda replaced with tea, cocoa, mineral water,
  • fish is boiled or baked,
  • choose milk, sour cream and cottage cheese from dairy products, completely abandon cheeses and ice cream,
  • do not eat salty bread and crackers,
  • increase the consumption of semolina and rice porridge, eliminate corn from the diet,
  • reduce potato consumption
  • eat a lot of fruits and vegetables (except for tomatoes, cabbage, white beans, zucchini, bananas, melons, oranges, currants, apricots),
  • sugar replaced with honey, jam, jam,
  • have a variety of nuts
  • abandon dried fruits, smoked meats, convenience foods, margarine, yeast products.

According to the signs of the zodiac

The method of conception according to the signs of the zodiac is based on the fact that the moon has a great influence on pregnancy. During the month, the celestial body falls under the control of various astrological signs. Among them are male and female. Women are: Pisces, Cancer, Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio.

If fertilization occurs on the day when the moon is influenced by the desired zodiacal symbols, the likelihood of the birth of a girl increases. Equally important is the power of the sign of the future mother. The maternal beginning is most active 2–3 days before the birth of the future mother according to the lunar calendar.

With douching

Douching is used to create in the vagina an environment that is detrimental to Y-sperm, but safe for their competitors. For douching prepare a solution of 2 tablespoons of vinegar or lemon juice and 1 liter of water.

With the help of a sterile syringe treated with a solution of the vagina immediately before intercourse. In an acidified environment, the spermatozoa with the male gene become incapacitated, and the X-cells survive. However, when preparing the solution, it is necessary to observe the dosage. If you make the fluid too acidic, all the male cells will die, and the mucous in the vagina will get an acid burn.

Other methods

To conceive a girl also use the following methods:

  • People signs. For the birth of a daughter, some spouses attempt to conceive only on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. In the people these days are considered female, therefore, according to popular belief, a girl should be born. To strengthen the action of the people will help objects placed under the pillow. The future mother should put a small mirror, a red ribbon or a comb. It is also recommended to tie a normal thread on the little finger of the woman’s right hand, and the best time to get pregnant with her daughter is called winter.
  • Psychological training. Parents need to present in detail how their daughter will look: eyes, hair, smile. After sexual contact, the mother needs to close her eyes and draw a picture of what will happen during fertilization and pregnancy in her body. At the same time images can be abstract. Reproductive cells can be red lights, after which a small asterisk flashed.
  • Slavic technique. If you follow this method, to achieve the goal you need to start the process of conception only in even or odd months. In the case when the age of the mother corresponds to an even value, the day of fertilization should coincide with the even month of the year.
  • Correct posture in sex. It is believed that for the birth of a daughter you need to choose those poses in which the penis does not go deep into the vagina. The following positions are considered optimal: the woman is on top, the partners are on their side (the man is behind), the missionary position.

Is there a method with a probability of 100 percent to conceive a daughter?

Sometimes for parents, the birth of a daughter is the only option to have healthy offspring. How to conceive a girl 100 percent? If a couple has a risk of having a child with genetic abnormalities, they are recommended to turn to preimplantation genetic diagnosis. This method is the only one that provides a 100 percent chance of giving birth to a girl.

For fertilization, healthy female mother cells and father spermatozoa are selected. Female cells are fertilized in the laboratory. After 3 days, specialists perform a biopsy of the embryos. They look, which has a pair of X chromosomes, and it is selected for replanting into the uterus. However, this procedure is expensive and is performed in a few clinics.

Opinion of experts

However, the procedure is carried out only for medical reasons. After IVF, constant follow-up by physicians is necessary, as there is a chance of miscarriage or premature birth.

Of the simpler methods, it is best to calculate the timing of ovulation. However, in this case there is also the possibility of an error. The organism of each person is individual. Miscalculation for a day or two can drastically affect the fertilization process. Male sperm may be more viable, and female sperm may be very slow.

How to conceive a daughter

To conceive a child of a certain sex can help different methods. However, to reliably tell how to conceive a girl, giving 100 percent of the guarantee at the same time, none of them can.

Today, there is a single method that helps conceiving girls only - preimplantation genetic diagnosis. It is used only for IVF, and not any couple has the right to resort to it. The problem is that this is a method designed to eliminate the risk of transmitting the pathology associated with a particular gender.

A similar procedure is as follows:

  • the previously removed egg is placed in a specific reservoir,
  • it is fertilized by sperm, previously separated by a laser,
  • after 5 days make sure in the desired field of the embryo,
  • then the embryo is replanted of the desired sex.

The undoubted positive side of this method is the ability to examine the embryo for developmental abnormalities. However, many will be interested in the question, why is this method not widely used, for example, to conceive a girl? The answer lies in the fact that most states do not use this method for ethical reasons, and make an exception only in connection with medical indications.

The rest of the couples have to rely on other ways in order to find the baby of the desired sex. So, in order to calculate the favorable days for the conception of a girl, the spouses resort to both scientifically based and popular methods. Among the first are the following:

  • scientific method based on the distribution of chromosomes and the life cycle of sperm,
  • method based on the specifics of blood renewal, its group and the Rh factor.

Attempts to conceive a girl according to a table or a special calendar (Chinese and Japanese methods are very popular), as well as the use of a special diet are among the more “popular” ones. It is believed that certain products consumed by a woman before pregnancy may affect the sex of the offspring.

The scientific way of conceiving a girl

Biologically, the sex of the future baby is entirely dependent on the chromosome of the spermatozoon that fertilizes the egg. Recall that the egg is endowed with only one X chromosome, while the sperm have either X or Y chromosome, so only a man can affect the sex of the unborn child.

A popular and highly effective method to encourage a girl to be born is the proximity of a couple of days before ovulation.

This method is based on the specificity of the sperm, that is, on its survival in the vaginal environment. An important feature is that the sperm do not tolerate temperature readings in excess of 28 degrees. Getting into the body of the ladies, they can live in it no more than 4 days.

The mechanism of conceiving a baby of a certain sex is connected with this: Y-chromosomes die in a day, but the X-chromosomes successfully withstand a long stay in the fallopian tubes. But how to conceive a girl for ovulation? To conceive a baby, you must surely know the day of ovulation. For this purpose, it is necessary to keep an ovulation schedule for 3-4 months. The definition of ovulation itself is carried out by measuring the basal temperature or by conducting a special test.

Conception of a girl by ovulation is possible if you have sex 3 days before the release of a mature egg. These days, the sperm with the Y chromosome will lose viability and will not be capable of fertilization. This means that they will give way to X-linked sperm, which will ensure the conception of the baby.

Blood method

With the birth of a child of a certain sex and the blood group of mom and dad there is a certain relationship. This information, as well as data on the action of the Rh factor can be found in the antenatal clinic. However, there is another way that relies on the periods of blood renewal of future parents.

It is no secret that people have regular blood renewal. In ladies, this process happens every 3 years, and in the male half every 4 years. How can this affect the floor of a baby?

Считается, что у кого из пары при зачатии кровь «моложе», тот и установит пол малыша («моложе» кровь матери – будет дочка).

Но как рассчитать это? Чтобы расчет зачатия девочки был верным, следует количество полных лет матери поделить на 3. К дробной части числа необходимо добавить количество месяцев от момента рождения дамы до времени зачатия ребенка. Так, если возраст мамы 22 года, то при делении на 3, получается 7,3. That is, the residual part is 3. If the mother was born, for example, in October, and the conception took place in February, then 3 months should be added to 5 months. The result is 8 months - this is the age of the mother's blood.

Further, by analogy, the age of the father’s blood is calculated, but the number of full years of a man is divided by 4. If it turns out that the mother’s blood is “younger”, then a girl is very likely to be born. Nevertheless, there is one nuance that is important to take into account in this calculation: a change of blood also occurs under different circumstances. If parents had serious blood loss (surgery, childbirth), then the calculation is carried out from this moment.

Features of the diet

People who do not neglect popular methods should pay attention to nutritional recommendations. There is a separate diet, which should be followed for several months, so that the baby was born. For a successful subsequent conception of a daughter, you will need to exclude salt, meat, potatoes and sugar from the diet. At the same time, it is advised to lean on products enriched with calcium and magnesium:

  • eggs,
  • cottage cheese,
  • milk,
  • rice, millet,
  • hard cheese
  • boiled fish
  • fruits (excluding bananas, peaches),
  • vegetables (cucumbers, carrots, beets, onions).

Such a diet is believed to have a beneficial effect on the formation of an X-chromosome-friendly environment. Experts are quite skeptical about the fact that certain products are able to determine the sex of the offspring, but they do not deny: the quality, as well as the regularity of food consumption, can positively affect the process of conception. Future parents definitely should prefer healthy food.

Little about the process of conception

A woman has a uterus and two ovaries. When the hormone estrogen begins to be produced, the egg expands. Every month, the egg leaves the ovary (the moment of ovulation) and begins to move through the fallopian tubes. Her goal - the cavity of the uterus.

Some women may simultaneously produce several eggs. In this case, the sperm fertilize them all. If there is a connection in two eggs, then twins are born (in the case of the presence of three eggs - triplets). If the fertilized egg is divided into two, twins are born.

Usually the monthly cycle is 28 days. However, the number of these days may be less or more. Blood flow lasts about five days. The first day of bleeding is marked by the profusion of the discharge. Ovulation occurs in the middle of the cycle, on day 14. Its beginning can be determined by basal temperature. In the first half of the cycle, it drops. When the temperature rises sharply by 0.5 degrees, then ovulation has begun. A woman often feels tension in the lower abdomen.

Next, let's talk about men. They are responsible for the sex of the unborn child, as they possess the necessary set of chromosomes. Male sperm is stored in the testicles, which are packed in the scrotum. Their function: maintaining a constant temperature in the testicles. It is less than 36.6˚. The male hormone testosterone is responsible for the production of sperm and its accumulation. During ejaculation, approximately 3.5 grams of semen is released. This amount contains about 300,000 sperm.

In the process of conception sperm and egg are involved. The egg cell contains one X chromosome. The spermatozoid carries two chromosomes: X and Y. When a fusion occurs, the female chromosome connects to the male. As a result, the following combinations are possible: XX or XY. With the combination of the twentieth, a girl is born, with the xy - a boy.

Sperm X and Y are different in appearance and in capabilities. Type X has an oval head and great strength. Such spermatozoa live longer than X. However, in quantitative terms, X spermatozoa is smaller than Y.

View Y has a round head. It is characterized by great fragility, high speed of movement and short lifespan. Sperm Y more than X.

After the moment of connection of the egg cell and the spermatozoon (the moment of conception), the new unified egg cell begins its division. The result is a zygote. With it begins the development of the fetus.

If conception did not work out, then the shell of the wall of the uterus peels off. At this point, the woman begins menstrual bleeding. At this time, the woman is tormented by indisposition.

The first method: how to conceive a girl for ovulation

The time of onset of ovulation, the speed of movement of spermatozoa and their lifespan are taken into account. It is clear that male spermatozoa are very active, but not tenacious. A day after intercourse, they die. Female chromosomes are slower. But they have the ability to live for several days. If you have sexual intercourse on the day of ovulation, then you are more likely to have a boy. What days to conceive a girl? If you want to give birth and bring up a girl, you need to plan for sex a day before the expected ovulation.

Calculate the exact day of ovulation is easy. He divides the cycle in half. That is, for a cycle of 28 days, the day of ovulation is 14. For a more accurate determination of the day of ovulation, the basal temperature is measured. It is necessary to do such actions within several cycles in order to find out the exact time of the release of the egg cell as accurately as possible.

How to conceive a girl on ovulation

  1. The cycle begins to count from the first day of the bloody discharge. Throughout the cycle there are favorable and unfavorable days.
  2. The next four days are considered safe, you can not get pregnant at this time. If we take into account the 28 calendar cycle, it is impossible to get pregnant from 1 to 9 days. At this time, the woman feels a slight indisposition and some weakness.
  3. The next five days are considered conditionally safe. Due to the nature of the female body, ovulation can occur at different times. That is, conception these days is still possible.
  4. Next come the next four days, during which there is a high probability of merging XX, that is, getting a girl. This is justified by the good viability of the female chromosomes.
  5. The onset of ovulation and its first day. At this time, the egg has already matured and left the ovary. This is the most auspicious day for conceiving a child in general.
  6. After ovulation for 4 days it is very likely to get a boy. Since the activity of the Y chromosomes is very high.
  7. This is followed by four conditional safe days, due to the proximity to menstruation.
  8. The next five days are considered sterile for sex. Pregnancy just does not come. The only thing that a woman is experiencing at this time is pain and discomfort. Sexual intimacy because of this may not be her joy. Often for the female sex during menstruation there are flashes of irritability and aggression.

Painted method has good accuracy.

To summarize, to conceive a girl for ovulation is necessary:

  1. Minimize sperm count.
  2. Change the microflora in the vagina.
  3. Conduct conception before ovulation.

Second method: blood

Some people believe that the blood of the parents is responsible for the sex of the child. In this case, the youngest and, consequently, healthy blood is the winner. If mom's blood is younger, then a girl will be born. About dad is the opposite.

The essence of the blood update is as follows. In humans, the blood is completely renewed at regular intervals. For men, this period is 4 years, for women - 3. To determine which blood is younger, you need to divide the age of the father by 4, and the mother by 3. Who will have a smaller remainder, that blood and younger. The unborn child will have the healthiest and strongest blood.

Such a calculation is acceptable if there were not some dangerous factors in people's lives, which include:

  • Deep and strong injury.
  • Great blood loss.
  • The operation.
  • Miscarriage.
  • Abortion.

These factors bring down the blood renewal cycle. Therefore, for accuracy, the count should be made from the date of the factor.

The third method: the Chinese calendar

What days can you conceive a girl? The Chinese invented a special calendar that gave information about the field of the unborn child. Sages believed that a woman of different ages, in different months, can conceive a child of a certain sex. The calendar invented in China is also popular in our country. The table has the following rows, columns, and data. The age of the woman is reflected above, on the right - the likely month of conception. At the intersection of these two columns are the letters M and D. M is a boy, D is a girl. Accordingly, if you choose the age of the mother and the month of conception, you can get the sex of the unborn child. Using the calendar is simple. If there is a boy at the intersection, and the parents want a girl, then you need to choose another month for conception.

Fourth method: Japanese calendar

The Japanese calendar is a bit similar in its definition to the Chinese one. Only it consists of two tables. The first table is based on the date of birth of the parents. On top of it indicates the month of birth of a man, and the left - the month of birth of a woman. At the intersection of rows and columns given a non-random figure. It must be identified and remembered. You will need it for the second table. The month of conception is overwhelmed by the second table. There is also a figure on top of the first table. In the middle of the table there are columns, in them are red and blue crosses. Whose crosses more, that floor will appear in this pair.

Fifth method: according to the Slavic method

Here, the basis also lay calculations. If a woman wants a girl, she needs to wait for an even number of years and spend conceiving a child only on even numbers of the month.

Another interpretation. In order to receive a girl in the future, it is necessary to add the number of the month of conception to the age of the mother. It should get an even number. If odd, then it's a boy.

In addition, it is considered that it is necessary to conceive a girl only during the day. In this case, the whole initiative must come from a woman.

The sixth method: on a specific diet

Its meaning is that you need to eat only certain foods. Proponents of this method believe that food creates a certain environment in the body, which many influence the sex of the child. If a man eats only healthy food and gives up bad habits, the quality of his sperm will increase significantly. Also, if a woman leads a correct lifestyle, her chances of getting healthy offspring only increase.

General nutritional guidelines for conceiving a girl:

  • 4 months before conception, sugar, meat, potatoes and salt should be significantly limited.
  • Eating a woman needs food rich in calcium and magnesium. These elements can be gleaned from carrots, cucumbers, beets, onions, and some other vegetables.
  • You also need to eat milk, fish, fruits (except for bananas and peaches), any vegetables, eggs, seafood and rice.
  • Under the strictest ban all harmful products.

The seventh method: according to the method of Erickson

According to the method of the scientist in the laboratory carry out the analysis of sperm and the necessary filtration. For the birth of a girl from the sperm remove those sperm that noticeably move quickly. These are the male chromosomes. Purified sperm is inserted into the vagina. As a result, the egg can be fertilized only by female chromosomes. Accordingly, a girl will appear.

This is a new method. Not everyone can do it.

The eighth method: psychological mood

Maybe someone thinks it is meaningless, but the technique works. It is necessary to psychologically visualize the girl at the planning stage. Mom must constantly represent her baby. Her dreams should be completely immersed in the thoughts of the girl. Mom must, to the smallest detail, present the daughter: her hair, eyes, lips, height, character. We know that thoughts are material. And if you try, you can program your future daughter yourself.

Ninth method: lunar calendar

The lunar calendar was popular in the distant days. Many historical events took place according to the lunar calendar. On it you can choose the most optimal days for the birth of a girl. So according to the calendar, the moon passes every 2.5 days through the necessary female sign. Women’s signs include Taurus, Virgo and Cancer. It is also possible to get pregnant girl when the moon is in Capricorn, Fish and Scorpio.

Tenth method: blood test

The clinic determines the blood group and Rh factor. The analysis is given at the planning stage. After the Rh factor of both parents is compared. When a couple has a different Rh factor, it’s impossible to get pregnant for years. The situation is exacerbated by female negative rhesus, under the action of which sperm are simply rejected in the body. When the Rh factors are the same, then the birth of a girl will be more likely.

Some recommendations

  • A woman should not have an orgasm, otherwise the alkaline environment formed will kill X-spermatozoa.
  • Conduct conception a few days before ovulation. Male chromosomes will not survive until day X.
  • After ovulation, you can not go to sexual intercourse or need to be carefully protected. At the time of abstinence will need more than two days. If less time passes, then the Y chromosome will overtake X.
  • Try to make affection and prelude minimal. Reduce the percentage of arousal.

Another tip: to increase the acidic environment in the vagina and increase the chance of getting pregnant as a girl, you need to do acetic washing. To do this, two tablespoons of the liquid dissolved in a liter of water. The induced solution cannot be stored until use for more than two hours. It is advisable to use it immediately.

In what position to conceive a girl

To get the girl you need to achieve the pose of the least penetration. This category includes the following: “missionary”, “spoon”, the man is upstairs, and the woman stands with his back to him.

  1. If the fetus has a frequent heartbeat, then it is a girl.
  2. If a woman pulls on a sweet, then there will be a daughter.
  3. If the shape of the abdomen goes up, then it is to the female sex.
  4. If the expectant mother constantly wants to sleep - to the girl.
  5. If the fetus moves in the lower abdomen - then this is a princess.
  6. Mom sleeps on the right side - to the birth of a daughter.

If the sex of the child is vital for a couple, then you can use the pre-implantation genetic diagnosis, which is carried out during IVF. The sex of the unborn child will then be clear in advance, since the fertilization of the egg takes place in a test tube by a specialist doctor. But for IVF there must be certain indications. Neither all couples have this opportunity. In addition, IVF costs a lot of money.

The listed methods do not give an absolute guarantee that a girl will be born. And if, contrary to expectations, despite the efforts to the light, a child of the wrong sex appeared (boy) you should not be angry with God and be upset. Any child is the greatest joy and gift.

The table that helps conceive a girl

A rather reliable method for determining the best time for pregnancy for a daughter is the ancient Chinese table. It is very simple to use: you need to find in the scheme the full number of years of the mother at the time of conception, draw a line to the right and find the month with the symbol in the pink box. If you draw a line from the cell to the top line, you can find out the month to conceive a daughter.

Selecting the desired month in the table for planning your daughter, you need to calculate the date of release of the egg and try to conceive before ovulation. Taken together, the table and the calculation of ovulation will help with a high probability to get pregnant girl.

The difficulty of using the table arises if ovulation falls on the end of one or the beginning of another month, at the intersection of which cells of different colors - with the designation of a boy and a girl.

Calculator for conceiving girls

This page has an ovulation calculator online. Where can I make the calculation for the conception of the girl. Calculate the best time, you can even on the ovulation calendar. The scheme is approximate, since not all women conception can occur exactly in the middle of the cycle.

Sometimes pregnancy can occur even during menstruation. This is due to the maturation of 2 eggs in 1 month. One female cell comes out in the middle of the cycle, the second - at the end or at the beginning of the next.

It is scientifically proven that the day of intercourse directly affects the sex of the child. Therefore, if a couple wants to have a girl, it is very important to calculate ovulation with maximum accuracy, possibly using different methods for calculations.

An approximate ovulation calendar is depicted in the figure. Blue shows favorable days for conception. If a woman does not have the ability to calculate ovulation, you can use the depicted calendar to conceive a girl.

Before conceiving you need to think about the following points.

  1. On which days of the cycle does the girl feel increased sexual desire, increased appetite, unpleasant sensations in the lower abdomen or tingling in the ovary? These symptoms indicate ovulation. For pregnancy, daughter sexual intercourses should occur 1-2 days before the symptoms described above.
  2. Before the planned sexual intercourse to conceive a girl, sexual acts should be avoided for 1-2 days. This will help improve the quality of sperm.
  3. Do not abuse the number of sexual acts for conception. Several connections per day only worsen the quality of sperm, therefore they adversely affect possible fertilization.

How to use the ovulation calendar? Knowing the nuances described above, a girl can calculate ovulation and optimal days for conceiving a girl. For sexual intercourse should be chosen from the 8th approximately 12-13 days of the cycle. Длительность цикла и дата овуляции у каждой женщины индивидуальна, поэтому нужно ориентироваться на собственные ощущения. Важно, чтобы последний перед овуляцией половой акт состоялся не позже, чем за 2 дня до выхода яйцеклетки. Это максимально поможет снизить шанс беременности мальчиком.

Расчет зачатия девочки по крови

Gender of the child can be planned by the blood of the parents. Every few years in men and women biological fluid is updated. For women, this process occurs once every 4 years, for men - once every 3 years. For calculations, do the following:

  • divide the full age of the girl by 4 (for example, 29: 4 = 7, in the remainder 1),
  • the number of years men divide by 3 (for example, 32: 3 = 10, in the remainder 2).

In the example above, the blood of a woman was refreshed last (1 less than 2). In this case, a high probability of becoming pregnant daughter.

When calculating it is important to consider all the blood loss. After childbirth, surgical interventions, wounds with heavy bleeding, transfusions, the biological fluid is updated ahead of time. In this case, the countdown must begin to lead from the last blood loss.

Diet for conceiving girls

The French diet for conceiving a daughter was developed by scientists. For a desired pregnancy, you need to adhere to a dietary scheme for at least 4 weeks before fertilization.

The use of certain products significantly affect the sex of the baby at conception. This is due to the fact that the food eaten creates an acid or alkaline environment in the vagina. In an acidic environment, "female" sperm cells die when "male", on the contrary, are viable. Therefore, it is important for a daughter to become pregnant while eating products that create an alkaline environment in the vagina. These include:

  • apples, pears, pineapples,
  • strawberries, raspberries, peaches,
  • carrots, beets, cucumbers, eggplants,
  • fish, lean meat in small quantities,
  • cottage cheese, sour cream, milk,
  • almonds, hazelnuts, peanuts,
  • rice, semolina,
  • tea, cocoa.

To avoid pregnancy by the son, the following foods should be excluded from the diet:

In more than 80% of cases, the woman managed to get pregnant with the baby of the desired sex, adhering to the French diet.

Poses of spouses to conceive a girl

During sexual intercourse, to conceive a girl, it is important for a woman to avoid an orgasm. As a result of contractions of the muscles of the uterus, spermatozoa rapidly penetrate the cervix. Due to the fact that "male" cells are more nimble, orgasm helps in conceiving a boy, not a girl.

To pose for conceiving girls include such provisions:

  • on the side, the man lies behind the woman,
  • shallow penetration missionary position at the time of ejaculation,
  • a woman is lying on her stomach, a man is on top.

These and other poses with shallow penetration help to reduce the rate of penetration of sperm into the cervix. This is necessary so that by the time of fertilization only spermatozoa with the “X” are preserved in the small pelvis.

For a successful pregnancy, a girl needs to calculate ovulation with high accuracy, stick to the French diet and know suitable postures with shallow penetration. Together, all the methods described will help to conceive a girl with the maximum probability.