Secrets of dreams: what do menstruation dream about, their blood accompanying them, and is it worth to listen to such dreams?


In our dreams, blood sometimes appears in various forms. According to the interpretation of the majority of dream books for the dreamer, this can mean the appearance of questions about relatives, unfinished business of his ancestors, as well as family ties. In any case, if there are questions about what blood means in a dream, for a more accurate interpretation you need to recall the smallest details of the dream.

Blood dreams: own blood

If personal blood was seen in dreams, it means the arrival of close relatives in the near future. Moreover, their appearance can bring both positive and negative. In any case, you should not focus on the experienced feelings from the dream and build on them. In a dream you can dream your own blood. Dream interpretation meaning in it implies certain disassembly between the dreamer and his relatives.

If in dreams, for some reason, a person has bled to death, then he should prepare soon to solve the arising secrets and intrigues about his own kind. For example, there may be unexpected news of the presence of a cousin, uncle, or aunt. Also for the dreamer, expiration foreshadows the creation of new kinship.

If in a dream was seen own blood on clothesthen a close person will soon make some rash act. As a result, the dreamer's reputation will suffer or significant damage to wealth will be caused.

If a girl noticed in her sleep on her panties blood stains that are not associated with the menstrual cycle, this means the absence of serious plans for her second half for a shared future. Also, perhaps, the guy can change with other partners, intending to nevertheless soon tell the truth.

Blood from the mouth

If in a dream it was possible to see blood from the mouth, then the dreamer will soon have to defend his point of view in front of his relatives. You should also prepare for a dispute with loved ones.

If a dream dreamer had a chance to spit blood, then in the near future he may have various diseases. Therefore, after such a nightmare, it is recommended to be examined by doctors in the hospital in order to calm down or immediately take measures for treatment. Sometimes such spitting can be deciphered by the presence or appearance of a desperate situation, as well as the desire to justify oneself before anyone.

If a girl in a dream saw that her boyfriend is smarting with blood, then soon she will surely get to know her lover's relatives and friends. If the wife in her dreams saw a expectorant husband, then this indicates:

  • about the lie or insincerity of a spouse,
  • the second half began to change or plans to have an affair on the side.

It is recommended in this case not to quarrel with her husband, but to try to fix the problem that has arisen. It is best to perform an analysis of the situation, change the image, do physical exercise and devote more time to close relationships.

If in a dream a stranger coughs up blood secretions, then in real life it is recommended to refrain from new acquaintances and visiting questionable events for some time.

Blood from the throat indicates the appearance of harsh judgments that will soon break out in a burst of emotion during a serious conversation. This may worsen the dreamer's reputation in the eyes of the environment.

Virtually every dream book predicts in the near future for the dreamer the appearance of disagreements with relatives on the inheritance and division of some property.

Different parts of the body

If in dreams the blood has flowed from the lip, then the dreamer is tormented by a feeling of regret for the act or statement made the day before. The blood flowing from the gums indicates that the health and lives of loved ones are under threat. Therefore, the dreamer is encouraged to dissuade relatives to go on business trips and long trips. Children generally need to strengthen control.

The appearance of blood on the face in a dream is a good sign:

  • prosperity is expected to improve,
  • fate is preparing a good gift
  • businessmen can count on the conclusion of a bargain.

If you dreamed of blood on your head, then you should mentally prepare for a powerful obstruction from the authorities. Women will have to listen to claims from the second half about the poor appearance, as well as unsatisfactory housekeeping and parenting.

Blood flowing from the eyes - Soon disappointment in a loved one. Also, this dream can be interpreted as a deception in the near future, which will be perceived very painfully.

If the ear is bleeding in a dream, good news is expected, which will give impetus to completion on a positive note of some important matter. Also this dream may indicate receiving good news from distant relatives. For an unmarried girl, bleeding ears in a dream are a sure sign that her boyfriend is lying. Therefore, it is recommended to refrain from new acquaintances and weddings with unfamiliar people.

If blood flows in a dream from the navel, this is a bad omen. The dreamer in this case should expect the appearance of trouble in a loved one in the form of some disease or even the existence of a threat to life. For married men, such a dream speaks of adultery.

Dreamed menstrual blood

In many dream books, periods in dreams are a harbinger of purification, as well as a new stage in a career or life. If older people see periods in their sleep, then they will have many years of happy and painless old age.

For young girls, droplets from the menstrual cycle in dreams are a sign of good physical health. Also, such a dream is interpreted by the moral readiness to conceive a child.

And although menstruation is characteristic only for women, some men rarely can see it in their dreams. Dream interpretation explains such dreams as an unstoppable passion. Therefore, in real life, guys should start looking for a girl from their acquaintances that can cause strong uncontrollable sexual desire.

Unmarried girls who saw menstruation in dreams will soon have to meet a guy. And the lover has all the chances to become the legitimate spouse of the dreamer. For adolescent girls, such dreams indicate a willingness to start adulthood.