Gaskets "Naturella": types, manufacturer, reviews, photos


Night pads greatly facilitate the lifestyle of a modern woman. They provide a full night's sleep, allow you not to get up at night and in the morning to feel fresh and comfortable. Gaskets for night use are a separate group of gaskets, a feature of which is a longer form and properties that allow you to absorb a large amount of liquid.

Various manufacturers try to make their products more convenient to use, provide a breathable coating and even provide a pleasant smell. However, if using them you feel irritation or itching, then it is better to pick up other types of gaskets. Ideally, the gasket should not be felt and cause discomfort.

Advantages of Always Ultra Night Pads

Always panty liners are among the most popular personal care products used during menstruation, as they successfully combine price and quality. These pads with an enlarged long and reinforced inside provide one hundred percent protection against leakage during any position in sleep. It also arranges the outer covering of the gaskets of this type, their breathing surface allows avoiding redness and irritation.

One of the advantages of Always panty liners can be attributed to their secure attachment to underwear, as a result of which they do not clump up or move when moving. Although they are designed for sleep, it is nevertheless convenient to use them even during the daytime at the beginning of critical days, when blood excretion is most abundant.

Gaskets Libress

Night linings of this manufacturer have a soft surface and excellent absorbent properties. The wings reliably protect against excessive leakage during heavy discharge, and the elongated bifurcated shape of the gasket perfectly follows the contour of the body and reliably fits behind. Absorbable liquid in Libress pads turns into a gel, and the gasket looks aesthetically pleasing even when it is replaced.

Gaskets Naturella

Naturella Camomile Ultra Night are pantyhose sanitary napkins. Advantages of gaskets, distinguishing them from similar products of the same purpose, in the content of chamomile delicate cream - balm, protecting delicate female skin from irritations. The top layer of gaskets, which is directly close to the skin, is made of soft material, and the middle absorbent is made of natural fibers. Along the edge of the Naturalla spacers, there are special flower-shaped grooves that facilitate absorption, while the protective wings on the sides allow the gasket to be securely fixed on the linen and protected from leakage.

Kanpol postpartum breathable panty liners

Breathable puerperal bedding for Canpol babies designed for the postpartum period. Since during the first day after the last childbirth women may have discharge of varying intensity, this type of pads ensures perfect absorption, which fully justifies its purpose. Night cannon pads have an elongated and wide shape, and their fine structure does not interfere with the body in the prone position. The pads are securely fixed on the linen due to the wide adhesive strip.

Night linings Koteks ultra

Koteks night sanitary pads are used for heavy discharge on critical days. They have an ultra-thin structure, mesh upper layer and soft wings. For better protection against night flow, they have an elongated back. Advantages of Koteks night pads in the ability to quickly absorb moisture using the FAST ABSORB system.

Bella Nightwear

They are super slim hygienic night pads that can be used during heavy periods and during the daytime. The maximum elongated shape and wings reliably prevent leakage at night. Made on a special technology that allows the skin to breathe. The top layer of gaskets is made of silky drai mesh material that provides a comfortable fit to the body.

About the manufacturer

Gaskets "Naturella" produces the world famous company Procter & Gamble. This manufacturer has long been engaged in the development of personal care products for women under the brands Tampax, Always. But these products are expensive. Manufacturers analyzed the demand and needs of customers and decided to create a product of the average price category. As a result, in 2004, Naturella gaskets were developed.

The manufacturer has invested a lot of money in the brand. But the high-quality advertising campaign and the unique properties of the products almost immediately provoked large sales volumes.

Today, the “Naturalla” gaskets are being successfully implemented all over the world.

Products "Naturella"

In developing the Naturalla gaskets, the manufacturer wanted to create a product with the best properties and excellent protection. For this purpose, P & G has used natural gifts. That is why the packing of gaskets is painted in shades of green and has a chamomile pattern on the back side. This design decision focuses on the environmental friendliness of the product and its safety. Natural protection is an important characteristic that attracts naturalure customers (gaskets). Photos of the entire series of products are presented below.

Gaskets are created from ultra-soft modern materials using the latest technologies. Absorbent balls are treated with chamomile lotion, which provides reliable and safe protection for delicate skin.

The whole Naturella series is distinguished by simplicity and comfort. Gaskets are ideal for women who appreciate softness and tenderness. With the products of "Naturalla" a woman forgets about the possible inconveniences that arise during critical days, and feels easy.

Types of gaskets

Every year, P & G improves production technology and produces improved Naturalurela gaskets. The types of products of this brand exist today as follows.

Gaskets for critical days provide comfort and dryness during menstruation. Due to the unique shape, they reliably absorb moisture in any position and protect against possible leaks. Thus, a woman can continue with her usual activities and move actively. Linen will always be clean. In addition, these pads contain chamomile lotion that prevents irritation. Therefore, the products of "Naturalla" can be used by women with sensitive skin.

Gaskets for critical days "Naturalla" are produced in two series.

  1. Classic Camomile - they are designed for special protection. The pads have a delicate top layer with a floral print and a pleasant aroma of chamomile. This series is suitable for women with delicate skin. The classic line is represented by pads for the first days when you need reliable protection (maxi), for insignificant secretions (normal) and for a comfortable sleep on critical days (night). Night pads are large and provide dryness in any position.
  2. Ultra - this series is created for special care of the delicate skin of intimate places and careful protection on critical days. Gaskets are very thin and light. They are the ideal solution for demanding women who always choose only the best products. The Ultra series is also available in several versions: for heavy discharge, bleeding of medium intensity and for night use.

Naturala Panty liners are designed for daily use. Thanks to gentle materials and natural fillers, they give a feeling of freshness all day long. And most importantly - everyday pads are very thin and completely invisible under clothing. They are almost irreplaceable in the last days of menstruation and are able to help out with the first bleeding.

For active women, P & G launches naturella tampons. They are small in size, quickly absorb moisture and keep it firmly inside. Tampons contain natural fibers and are impregnated with camomile extract. For customers with different needs, Normal and Super tampons are available. The latter have a greater degree of absorption and are suitable for the first days of menstruation.


  1. Gaskets female "Naturalla" require frequent changes. Therefore, it is not profitable for girls with heavy menstruation to buy products of this brand.
  2. The top layer slowly absorbs the liquid. Because of this, there is still the possibility of percolation, which the manufacturer denies.
  3. In rare cases, allergies can occur.
  4. Not everyone likes the flavor. Many women when choosing gaskets pay great attention to their smell. According to customers, it is better to use hygiene products without fragrances, which often cause skin irritation.

Independent gasket testing

The manufacturer in the product description states the excellent quality and unique properties of the pads "Naturally". Independent experts tested the products of this brand and determined its compliance with state standards. During the research it turned out that the Classic pads absorb moisture only from the 300th drop. Although the top layer should absorb the liquid no later than the 9th drop. Thus, quite a lot of moisture is collected on the surface of the gasket, which can easily flow out.

Much better results were shown by the Ultra gaskets. They absorbed moisture 4 times faster. Experts praised the softness of the materials.

Customer reviews

It’s hard to find a woman who hasn’t tried the Naturalla pads. Product reviews of this brand are different. Most women are satisfied with the quality of the pads. They highly appreciated the softness of the materials, the delicate upper layer, compact size and convenience. Many people use the Naturalla linings all the time and consider them the best.

But there are a lot of negative reviews about the products. According to customers, pads badly and for a long time absorb secretions and always flow. For this reason, some women have irritation and itching.

Another major drawback is the strong smell. Many customers are annoyed by the rich chemical aroma that even comes from packed gaskets. According to women, such an additive provokes the development of allergies and some female diseases.

The only parameter that was highly appreciated by all Naturalla customers is low cost.


According to the manufacturer "Naturalus", the official website of which can be found on the Internet, produce products under this brand name at the enterprises - branches of the main company. The head office of Procter & Gamble is located in the USA. Production bases are located around the world. The manufacturer publishes exact information on where the Naturella gaskets are produced on each package of produced products.

The required qualities of protection has this product.

Product quality

During the menstrual period, an important aspect is the quality of products used in the delicate zone to absorb large amounts of fluid, which causes irritation of the skin and mucous membranes. The line of leakage products meets the most diverse requirements. The manufacturer offers soft classical products without fragrances, ultra-thin with a soft topcoat, nightly and daily, scented. They are intended for discharge of different volume and intensity. Thin wings allow you to securely fix products, to protect from leaks in the danger zone.

The composition of the sorbent includes dry lotion "Dermakrem", which prevents the aggressive effect on the skin of secretions, the surface of the product from leaks. The upper surface has absorbent grooves that allow the liquid to be absorbed and retained inside the absorbent filler. Unusually soft topcoat of hygienic protection does not cause discomfort associated with skin irritation during the period of wearing.

What is included

The inner layer, which absorbs, consists of natural hygroscopic fibers. The top layer is a material of natural origin. The body of the pads is impregnated with a lotion that reliably protects the skin from the aggressive effects of a moist environment.

The main ingredients of the protective agent are:

  • zinc oxide is a mineral filter with antiseptic effect,
  • Vitamin PP amide - improves local blood circulation, prevents stagnation,
  • dexpanthenol - contributes to the activation of the regenerative abilities of the epithelium,
  • aminoacetic soy acid - a powerful moisturizer,
  • extract of pharmaceutical chamomile - sedative,
  • Menthol of natural origin is a powerful antiseptic.

External parameters

The appearance of products varies depending on the characteristics of the goods inside. The main color concept is expressed in green colors of different shades. On the right side of the package there is a flower of one of the medicinal plants, whose properties and extracts are used to create a line of hygienic product.

There are pads green with chamomile or calendula. Each package contains a different amount of hygiene products, which is displayed on a horizontal line printed on the pack. Naturella gaskets can be purchased at any store, and their photos are displayed below.


Every product has its advantages and disadvantages, “Naturella” is no exception.


  • affordable cost
  • superior quality
  • use in the production of natural ingredients,
  • the presence of wide wings,
  • deodorizing effect
  • fine structure
  • the ability to follow the contours of the body.


  • the need for frequent replacement
  • aromatic monotony,
  • there are uncomfortable sports activities,
  • rarely, the appearance of an allergic reaction.

Any product has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Series "Classic Camomile"

This product is designed for delicate care of delicate skin:

  • Gaskets "Naturalla Normal" (with and without wings) - for discharge of medium profusion.
  • Gaskets "Naturalla" 4 drops (Maxi) - for reliable protection against leaks.
  • "Night Naturella" laying night, photos can also be seen on the Internet resource:

Ultra Series

More thin, easy and breathing line:

  • with scanty discharge - Naturalla Ultra Normal pads,
  • during the onset of menstruation - pads "Naturella ultra" Maxi,
  • for a comfortable, restful sleep - "Knight".

In this lightweight series, the Naturella gaskets are thin, with photos and specifications can be found on this page:

Series of gaskets "Classic Camomile"

Panty liners

"Naturalla" diaries are:

  • "Naturella" Plus - with a high absorption capacity, using durable materials,
  • "Naturella" Light - ultra-thin, changing configuration, following the movements of the body.

Daily panty "Naturalla" are flavored, without fragrances.

For those who prefer a more ergonomic way of protection, manufacturers have created hygienic means of varying degrees of absorption. By production materials of a natural origin, camomile extract are used.

Before you buy the “Naturalla” gaskets, you need to determine which products are right for you. Often, comparing with other positions of similar means of protection, many people are surprised at how much Naturella gaskets cost. The final cost depends on the trade margin of the network where this product is purchased. Buying on the Internet "Naturalla" gaskets, the price will be pleasantly surprised.

Customer Reviews

Opinions about the quality of the goods vary. The smell of fragrances and fragrances does not suit everyone. Sometimes not enough absorbency. Most women who have tried Naturella pads at least once do not change their choice anymore. Their subtlety, breathability and absorbency surpass many analogues.

Opinion of leading experts

"Naturella" pads, reviews gynecologist:

Alexander Nikolaevich Kukushkin, obstetrician-gynecologist, cms:

“Clinical studies have shown that the Classic’s Naturella line of pads does not have the necessary moisture absorbing ability to prevent the propagation of pathogenic bacteria. Ultra products have proven to be an effective means of hygienic protection during menstruation. It must be remembered that the frequent change of hygienic absorbents prevents from the development of gynecological diseases, toxic shock. "

Tampons naturella

Many women prefer pads tampons. Manufacturers also took care of this and created a series of these hygiene products from natural fibers impregnated with chamomile extract. If you are interested in how much you can walk with the Naturella swab, then the time does not differ from that set for all such personal hygiene items - 4-6 hours. Small and convenient products that can be bought at a lower price than from other well-known brands have already earned their fame among the fair sex and firmly entrenched in the market.

Get women's reviews on popular Libress pads.

Appearance and size

Women's pads Naturella Camomile Ultra Normal in shape and size are not very different from other options from the category "Normal". Они не расчитаны на обильные выделения, поэтому форма симметричная, без расширенной и удлиненной задней части, как в прокладках «Супер». Клеевой слой занимает 51% ширины прокладки, поэтому она крепко крепится к белью.

Верхний слой нежный на ощупь — он изготовлен из нетканного материала похожего на хлопок. Согласно надписи на упаковке, этот слой пропитан кремом для успокоения нежной и чувствительной кожи. It’s hard to say whether this is and how effective the cream is, but for sensitive skin we don’t recommend these types of gaskets - the less additives, the better. In addition, they have flavors that sometimes cause irritation and allergies. However, the fragrance is rather pleasant, floral and, according to reviews to Naturella Camomile Ultra Normal, some women continue to choose these pads just because of it.

Water Absorption - 1.3

Naturella Camomile Ultra Normal sanitary pads absorb surprisingly little. During the moisture absorption test, they were able to hold only 29.4 ml of liquid - this is the smallest volume in our tests. And this is despite the fact that according to GOST R 52483-2005, such gaskets must absorb at least 55 ml! If the standard was mandatory, they would simply not be allowed into the market. But since the standard is a recommendation, Naturella Camomile Ultra Normal pads are easy to buy.

They can not be called completely useless and unclaimed - gaskets fit in the days of scanty emissions, as an option Light. But we recommend to be careful - it is easy to get into an awkward situation with them if you put on critical days at the beginning.

Absorption rate - 1.0

In this test, we measured the time it took the pad to absorb 5 ml of the test solution. For most samples, the result did not exceed 9 seconds, and among them were a lot of shims that coped in 1-2 seconds (for example, Ola Classic Normal "Soft Surface"). But Naturella Camomile Ultra Normal and here with a huge margin went to the end of the ranking: its result is 36 seconds. It is easy to imagine what this means - a liquid that did not have time to be absorbed immediately can easily flow to the side.

Top layer absorbency - 1.0

The top layer of Naturella Camomile Ultra Normal is very poorly wetted and therefore reluctant to pass moisture. We dropped the test liquid onto the gasket and considered how much to pour before it absorbs the solution. The result was impressive - 22 drops. It could be said that there is no place worse, but Naturella Ultra Maxi absorbed even longer, with 24 drops. For comparison, most of the gaskets began to pass moisture with 1-2 drops, that is, almost immediately. Add that it was difficult to test the pads Naturella - drops were collected in a large puddle, which strove to roll from the surface to the table.

Moisture - 1.4

To determine how efficiently the pad retains moisture inside, we poured 30 ml of the test solution onto it and placed a load on top to simulate the load. Ideally, the liquid shouldn’t stand out at all, but from Naturella Camomile Ultra Normal we got as much as 16 ml! It should be scary to sit in these gaskets - the liquid is very poorly retained inside.

Fluid distribution - 2.6

The Naturella Camomile Ultra Normal Absorbent is made from a superabsorbent that turns liquid into gel granules. Such material does not distribute moisture very well - it is mainly collected in the center, which can cause local leakage. The advancement of fluid over the absorbing layer, you can see in the photo Naturella Camomile Ultra Normal.