Why the lower abdomen hurts and whines, and the period does not begin - the main causes of violations


It seems that all women are familiar with the situation when there is no menstruation, and pulls the lower abdomen. Although some patients ignore the visit to the doctor, however, the cause of this phenomenon must be found out in a timely manner. When pregnancy occurs, a similar feeling may appear in the initial period. But in the absence of pregnancy nagging pain in the lower abdomen and the delay of menstruation should alert any woman. A timely visit to the doctor will help to cope with the disease in the early stages of the disease.

The average period of the menstrual cycle is 28 days, and the period starts from the first day when blood discharge from the vagina began. Young girls do not immediately enter the phase of permanent term of menstruation. Therefore, during the first three years this period may fluctuate in one direction or another. But if after this time the cycle does not stabilize, the delay in menstruation may be caused by an ovarian cyst, so you should consult a doctor.

In addition, the doctor calls other causes of abdominal diseases, each case is unique. An accurate diagnosis can only be made after examination by a doctor, after passing tests and ultrasound.

To identify pregnancy, you must use the appropriate test. If there are two stripes on the test, this indicates a pregnancy has begun. It is necessary to appear in the antenatal clinic and get registered.

If the lower abdomen hurts, as in menstruation, then this must be taken seriously. In particular, if the delay period is 3–4 days, then it should be tested for the hormone hCG. This analysis will make it possible to clarify how firmly the embryo has fixed, but accurate information can be determined over a longer gestational age.

It is possible and an ectopic pregnancy, when the pain in the abdomen, as during menstruation, and the hormone hCG shows the presence in the body, it is necessary to undergo an ultrasound. With exacerbating pain and dark discharge, you need to consult a doctor, ectopic pregnancy is eliminated surgically.

In 20% of women, the so-called ovular syndrome occurs. As a rule, such pains are observed during the formation of the menstrual cycle, in young girls. Doctors do not consider this phenomenon as pathology, with time the pain disappears.

Pathology or norm

The first day, when blood is released from the vagina, is considered the beginning of the menstrual cycle. On average, it lasts twenty-eight days, but can vary from twenty-one to thirty-five days. If the monthly come on a day or two sooner or later schedule, this is normal. At the same time, the pains arising in the abdomen are not a violation.

In young girls, the cycle is established within three years. All this time, periods can begin with delays, accompanied by discomfort. Doctors attribute this to the hormonal changes taking place. Emotional upheavals, acute infectious processes, as well as contraceptives are just a few of the reasons why the stomach hurts a lot, and menstruation does not start at all. The cycle is inevitably broken in the presence of ovarian cysts and other structures. They are able to exist for a long time and inevitably affect the regularity of critical days.

Causes of problems

Experts cite various reasons why the stomach hurts, but there are still no monthly periods. Pain and the absence of critical days is a natural physiological process. But sometimes these symptoms indicate a serious pathology.

The first option, why the lower abdomen aches, and menstruation does not come - pregnancy. To confirm or deny it, you must pass the appropriate test. If there are two strips, the question of why the stomach hurts ceases to be relevant. Otherwise, everything is much more complicated. If the test does not show pregnancy, the stomach hurts as during menstruation, but they do not start, you can consider two reasons for this situation:

Ovulatory Syndrome

If the stomach hurts, and menstruation does not begin, perhaps it is ovulatory pain, which occurs in about twenty percent of all women.

Usually such a situation is observed when the cycle is becoming. With ovulation, slight bleeding is possible, which irritates the abdominal cavity. As a result, pain occurs.

Ovulatory syndrome is not considered a pathology and can not cause the development of other ailments. Pain may occur from any side, about two weeks before the menstruation, usually lasting for a short time. This is one of the features of the female reproductive system, which every girl should know about.

Cycle violations

If the lower abdomen aches and pulls, but there is no menstrual bleeding, it may be a failure of the cycle, which is absolutely safe. Even the most regular cycle throughout life can change several times. Such a phenomenon is caused by factors such as:

  • severe stress
  • constant loads
  • abrupt climate change
  • chronic fatigue, etc.

This problem does not require medical intervention, soon the monthly will begin on their own. If you wish, you can contact your gynecologist or endocrinologist. Modern drugs allow you to quickly cause menstruation and normalize the cycle.

Other factors

When the lower abdomen constantly aches, and there is no pregnancy, you should be examined to determine the possible cause of the violations. It can be:

  • gynecological diseases
  • cycle violations
  • diseases of the urinary organs,
  • pathology of the stomach and intestines.

The exact cause of the pain that occurs at the time when menstruation should come, can be determined only by a qualified doctor. He will diagnose and select a treatment regimen.

If menstruation should begin, but it is not, the culprit is stress. Any strong emotions have a direct impact on the cycle. At the same time, lowering abdominal pains are felt. The cycle can stray when flying to another country, as well as under considerable loads, constant nervous tension. With the elimination of all provoking factors, the body's work is quickly adjusted, and the cycle is restored.

If the stomach hurts like during normal menstruation, but they will not start at all, we can talk about the presence of serious pathologies:

  1. Vaginitis is an inflammation that affects the walls of the vagina.
  2. Endometritis - in this disease, the uterus mucosa is inflamed.
  3. Adnexitis is a pathological process occurring in the appendages and fallopian tubes.
  4. Infections that are transmitted during sex.
  5. Ovarian cyst, myoma.

To understand the reason for the absence of menstruation, you need to go to the doctor, who will definitely appoint a number of studies.

  • Diseases of the stomach and intestines

If you are waiting for menstruation to begin, but pain appears instead, you should check the work of the gastrointestinal tract. Cycle violations can cause:

  • inflammations
  • intestinal hernia or adhesions
  • appendicitis,
  • various neoplasms.

These diseases affect the functioning of the whole organism, which causes a failure in the reproductive system.

  • Diseases of the kidneys and bladder

Sometimes the stomach hurts before menstruation due to inflammation affecting the bladder or kidneys. Such illnesses can be identified even at home. As a rule, they are characterized by symptoms such as fever and discomfort when urinating. These diseases have a negative impact on the reproductive system, therefore they require mandatory treatment.

How to solve a problem

With violations of the menstrual cycle, women begin to take medicines and folk remedies. But drug therapy is not required in all cases. If the delay and pain are not exactly related to pregnancy, first you need to undergo a comprehensive examination, which will help to identify the exact cause of the problems. The treatment regimen depends on it. For example, hormonal disruptions are eliminated with the help of appropriate drugs. In this case, the doctor must take into account the age of the woman and her desire to have children.

To restore the cycle, it is enough to follow simple recommendations:

  1. Revise the diet, avoid hard diets.
  2. Stop smoking, alcohol and coffee.
  3. Rest regularly, more to be on the air.
  4. Add to your life moderate exercise.
  5. Avoid stressful situations and emotional shocks.

Minor pains occurring before critical days are quite normal. But if they become strong and are complemented by other symptoms, then we are talking about a pathology that requires mandatory treatment.

Precursors of menstruation

To understand why the stomach hurts, and the period does not start, is quite difficult. Especially young girls who are just beginning to get used to changes in the body. Even adult women are not able to distinguish the norm from the pathology, properly assess their condition and explain the cause of lower abdominal pain and the absence of menstruation.

With typical premenstrual signs women are well acquainted. Most often, on the eve of critical days, the following symptoms occur:

  1. Chest pain, engorgement, breast enlargement.
  2. Pulling pains in the lower abdomen and in the lumbar region.
  3. Weakness, dizziness, nausea, dry mouth.
  4. Severe swelling, excessive sweating.
  5. Upset stool (diarrhea or constipation).
  6. Irritability, tearfulness, mood swings.
  7. Insomnia, confusion, increased anxiety.
  8. Reduced sexual desire.
  9. Heart rhythm disorder.

This list can be continued, since PMS (premenstrual syndrome) is characterized by a huge number of signs, sensations and physiological abnormalities. Some women are lucky; they do not know at all that on the eve of menstruation they can pull their stomach hard, that critical days are painful, they start with a delay. But there are few.

Usually, each woman has her own list of common symptoms. Normally, they should not be more than 3-4, if the amount is exceeded, the ICP is severe.

Premenstrual phenomena may be accidental in nature and not pose a threat to health. If the ache, stomach ache and menstruation do not occur, a delay for a couple of days is considered normal. With a longer absence of discharge, it is advisable to see a doctor.

PMS lasts for each girl in different ways. However, it is important to know how many days before menstruation its manifestation can be observed. Read more about this in a separate article on ours.

Causes of delayed pain

Most women calmly treat pulling pains in the lower abdomen on the eve of menstruation. Some are saved by painkillers, others get used to and easily tolerate this condition, knowing that with the onset of menstruation everything will pass.

When the pain is not strong, and the condition does not worsen, you can not worry. Anxiety and concern should cause the overwhelming nature of the phenomena and the addition of other pathological symptoms.

The causes of pain and late menses are many. We can not exclude the presence of serious diseases and experiment with self-treatment. Diagnostics and therapy should be practiced by doctors.

Sometimes nagging pains begin even a week before the expected onset of menstruation. Therefore, it is very important to give them the correct rating. About why pulling the stomach a week before menstruation, read our article on the site.


If there is no menstruation, but the lower abdomen pulls and hurts, you may be pregnant. Lack of bleeding is one of the defining signs of fertilization. The uterus during menstruation is cleared. After this, active estrogen production begins. This hormone affects the endometrium and contributes to the growth of the mucous layer.

When a mature egg leaves the ovary safely, progesterone is included in the process. The hormone prepares the endometrium for attachment (implantation) of the embryo. During fertilization due to the tension of the muscles of the uterus can hurt the chest and abdomen.

Monthly can begin out of time in the absence of pregnancy. If the test is negative, and the unpleasant symptoms do not pass, there is a likelihood of inflammatory processes.

Inflammatory diseases

Late monthly and regular pain in the lower abdomen can signal dangerous genital pathologies. Inflammatory diseases affect all organs and tissues of the reproductive system.

Infection of the ovaries, inflammation of the fallopian tubes, ulcerative lesions of the mucous membrane and other diseases lead to infertility, miscarriages, ectopic pregnancy, the development of endometriosis and other complications.

Inflammations provoke bacterial infections and venereal diseases. Most often, women are diagnosed with gynecological diseases such as:

  • cervical erosion,
  • colpit,
  • endometritis,
  • cystitis,
  • salpingo-oophoritis,
  • adnexitis,
  • gonorrhea,
  • syphilis,
  • genital tuberculosis,
  • Bartholinite
  • cervicitis.

These pathologies are accompanied by monthly abdominal pain and regular menstrual delay.

Typical signs of infection also include itching, high body temperature, pain when urinating and intercourse, discharge with an unpleasant odor.

Symptoms may manifest and disappear suddenly. Sometimes women experience a sharp deterioration and severe pain in the abdomen a few days before menstruation. In such cases, an urgent need to consult a doctor and begin treatment.

Anovulatory cycle

Another reason for the violation of the cycle and painful conditions before menstruation is anovulation. This is not a disease. Help may be needed only when problems are identified with conception in women of reproductive age. In most cases, the occurrence of such cycles is the norm.

Ovulation in a healthy woman occurs on a monthly basis, but there are periods when the ovaries "rest", that is, the egg matures, but it does not form a yellow body. This is always accompanied by an imbalance of hormones.Such cycles can begin with menopause, pregnancy, lactation and hormone therapy.when ovulation is suppressed.

Anovulatory cycles in girls are observed in puberty. During such periods, abdominal tenderness on the eve of menstruation and slight delays are natural processes. Do not begin monthly about a week, but not more. When the balance of hormones is restored, there will be no problems with their lateness.

Diseases of the pelvic organs

Most of the pathologies of the female genital organs are diagnosed by a gynecologist. After the examination, it may become clear that the reproductive system is in perfect order, there are no problems in the genital area. But if at the same time the pain remains, there is no menstruation, the stomach hurts badly, the test showed a negative result, you need to contact a gastroenterologist, nephrologist or therapist.

Nonspecialist easily confused symptoms. Many women regard their condition as natural for the premenstrual period. In fact, late monthly and persistent nagging pain in the lower abdomen may not be associated with reproductive organs. High likelihood of developing diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and urinary system.

It is not necessary to exclude tumor processes in the pelvic area. Benign and malignant neoplasms are often localized in the ovaries and provoke the appearance of aching abdominal pain up to menstruation.

Sedentary work

Pain and discomfort in the lower abdomen occur with a sedentary lifestyle. Daily sedentary work adversely affects the work of the muscular and circulatory systems, causing congestion in the pelvis. It is harmful to women's health. Failure of the menstrual cycle is one of the unpleasant consequences.

If the working mode is not corrected, the pulling, aching pains in the abdomen and untimely periods can become regular and provoke complications.

In the body of a woman everything is interconnected. Any failure in the body does not pass without a trace and affects the general condition. Discomfort and delay in menstruation are observed with hormonal disorders and the negative impact of external factors. Postponed diseases, stressful conditions, chronic fatigue, climate change - all these are stimuli that affect the regularity of the cycle. Independently understand the nature of premenstrual pain in the lower abdomen and understand the reasons for the deterioration of health is impossible. Professional medical assistance is required.

Why the stomach hurts without menstruation

If the usual symptoms appear, and critical days are delayed by more than a week, this is an occasion to think about going to the doctor. The main reasons why this condition occurs can be divided into two groups:

  • delay due to various factors
  • reasons not related to such a condition as menstruation.

In the first case, the first suspected pregnancy (ectopic including). But there are other factors influencing the fact that the monthly did not start on time.

Natural pain during ovulation

Such a process is not a pathology, but a feature of the body, peculiar to 20% of women. During ovulation in the ovary, from which an egg cell emerges in this cycle, a slight bleeding occurs. Оно становится причиной раздражения слизистой и вызывает неприятные ощущения, а у некоторых – сильную боль. Этот процесс называется овуляторный болевой синдром и чаще всего наблюдается в первые несколько лет, когда менструальный цикл только устанавливается.

Причиной задержки может стать стресс или физическое, нервное истощение. Когда система женского организма дает сбой, репродуктивные органы не остаются в стороне.

In this case, the delay is accompanied by symptoms:

  • aggressiveness, irritability,
  • thirst for sleep or insomnia
  • headaches,
  • apathy.

Excess weight can also trigger a cycle failure. In such situations, a woman just needs to reconsider her lifestyle, more often be in the fresh air, do physical exercises and avoid stress.

Gives a similar effect hormonal or oral contraceptives.

Cysts (ovary, corpus luteum) and other neoplasms are capable of causing a delay. Here, without the help of doctors can not do.

Ectopic pregnancy

The woman is not insured against the occurrence of ectopic pregnancy. If the “interesting situation” has already become known, and the stomach suddenly began to hurt as if menstruation was approaching, this is probably the first alarming symptom.

If the fetus is in the fallopian tube, the discomfort is localized from the bottom, on the one hand. But if a cervical pregnancy develops, or the fetus is in the abdominal cavity, pain may also occur in the middle part of the abdomen. It is characteristic that these sensations increase with walking and in general, if the position of the body changes.

Other signs of ectopic pregnancy include:

To exclude or identify a particular type of ectopic pregnancy, you need to consult a doctor. Modern research methods (most often this ultrasound) will help determine the localization of the fetus.

Acyclic pains

Why does the stomach ache, menstruation does not start, and pregnancy tests are negative? Perhaps the cause of these sensations is not associated with the approach of critical days. Such conditions can cause pain:

  • pelvic trauma,
  • appendix inflammation,
  • inflammation of the genitourinary system,
  • inflammatory process in the intestines,
  • hernias of the lower spine,
  • neuralgia.

Each of these diseases is accompanied by associated symptoms. For example, inflammation of the genital organs - fever, cystitis or pyelonephritis - sharply during urination, and inflammation of the intestine - diarrhea and swelling. But it is impossible to make a diagnosis on your own, let alone treat it. The presence of additional symptoms should suggest which doctor is best to contact first: a gynecologist, a urologist, a surgeon, or another specialist.

Prophylactic methods

Change some features of the body, for example, how sensitive the uterus to the process of ovulation, of course, impossible. But maintaining the body in a state of physical and mental health will increase the chances that the menstrual cycle will pass without delay and less painful.

For this reason, a woman, especially having already faced a similar problem, is better to give up nicotine and alcohol, reduce caffeine intake, move more and be on the air.

The stomach hurts, and there is no menstruation - is it normal? Doctor's answer

If you go to the gynecologist with this question, he will not be able to give you a clear answer right away. To find out the reasons for the absence of bleeding, you must pass the diagnosis. First of all, the doctor clarifies the duration of amenorrhea. At the same time, the suspicion immediately falls on the fact that the patient is pregnant. After that, a gynecological examination is carried out on a special chair. During it, the doctor will take a swab for analysis to determine the state of your microflora. Further additional studies are appointed. In most cases, a single ultrasound examination is sufficient to ascertain the circumstances. However, the doctor may recommend that you donate blood to determine the level of hormones.

It is worth noting that in some cases, abdominal pain and the absence of menstruation is a normal physiological process. However, pathology cannot be excluded. Consider the main reasons why the stomach hurts, but there are no periods. There may be at least five reasons for this state of the body.

The onset of pregnancy in a woman

If you have a stomach ache, but there is no menstruation (the test is positive at the same time), then this indicates the onset of fertilization. During menstruation, the cavity of the reproductive organ in a woman is cleared. Next, the hormone estrogen begins to be actively produced. It affects the endometrium - the mucous layer of the uterus. Within a few weeks there is an increase.

After ovulation, progesterone takes effect. This hormone also has a beneficial effect on the endometrium, preparing it for implantation. If fertilization has taken place, the resulting set of cells is embedded in the loose mucosa. This process triggers further progesterone production. Because of this, the woman notes a delayed menstruation. In this case, abdominal pain results from the damage to the inside of the uterus. However, this symptom may indicate the threat of interrupting a new state. That is why you should consult a doctor.

The reason for the delay of menstruation - a tumor in the pelvis

It happens so that the stomach hurts, but there are no periods (but there should be). That is, a woman knows for sure that she is not pregnant. What is the reason for the lack of discharge in this case?

Doctors say that amenorrhea can be caused by a tumor process. At the same time, its most frequent localization is the ovaries. Various benign and malignant tumors can cause a delayed bleeding. Among the functional cysts can be distinguished follicular formation. It almost always becomes the reason that there are no periods. A woman feels a slight pain in the lower abdomen due to an increase in the size of the ovary.

Hormonal failure and the influence of external factors

The stomach hurts, and there are no monthly for a week or more. Why it happens? In this case, we can talk about hormonal imbalance. In most cases, it is caused by external stimuli. These include fatigue, illness, stress, climate change, and so on.

Most likely, the menstruation will begin independently. Moreover, if the stomach hurts, the contractile work of the uterus has already begun. However, to speed up the process it is worth contacting a gynecologist or an endocrinologist. With the help of modern medical products, you can quickly cause menstruation and restore the cycle.

Inflammatory process: adnexitis or metritis

Delayed menstruation and abdominal pain can cause inflammation. It usually affects the uterus. In this case we are talking about metritis or endometritis. The ovaries (adnexitis) and fallopian tubes (salpingitis) may also be involved. In more advanced situations, the disease spreads in several places at once. The most dangerous form of inflammation is peritonitis. When it affects the mucous membrane of the peritoneum.

Often, inflammatory processes of this nature occur after sexually transmitted infections. However, in most cases, the treatment was not carried out or was chosen incorrectly. An acute form of pathology is characterized by symptoms such as fever, weakness, and unusual discharge. Chronic inflammation is less pronounced, but it is a more dangerous enemy. In both cases, the woman has delayed menstruation and abdominal pain.

Invalid cycle day count: female error

Why does it happen that the stomach hurts but there is no menstruation? The reason may be that the cycle is calculated incorrectly. Quite often, women forget when they have had the last bleeding. This leads to the fact that the period of the next menstruation is calculated incorrectly. In most cases, it shifts by 7 days, since many of the weaker sex are exactly weeks and consider their menstrual cycle.

Pain in the peritoneum with a different character. Quite often, these symptoms give pathology of the intestine or bladder. Women take them for premenstrual symptoms and wonder why the stomach hurts and the bleeding does not start.

Women often face the fact that the stomach hurts and there is no menstruation - why this is so described in the article. This may be the norm or a sign of some kind of pathology. If you suddenly encounter this symptom, you should visit a medical facility as soon as possible. Early diagnosis of a particular pathology will help you quickly cope with the trouble. Follow the doctor's recommendations. Good health to you!

Menstruation cycle

The average cycle duration for women varies from twenty to thirty-six days. If periods start earlier or are delayed by three to four days, this is considered normal. In adolescent girls, the menstrual cycle is established for three years. Regular delays are possible.

At least once in a lifetime, every woman faces a situation where menstruation falls on an important event: a wedding, birthday, or a long-awaited vacation at sea.

The question arises: what medicine to use and what to drink in order to postpone critical days or call them earlier? So, gynecologists do not recommend resorting to such actions because, because of one time, it is necessary to restore the cycle and not the fact that it will pass without harm to the body.

The reasons for the delay of critical days

When you delay your period, girls first think about pregnancy, but this is not always the case. Sometimes it can be associated with diseases and quite serious. Therefore, in the event of such a situation, immediately contact a gynecologist.

Each menstruation is preceded by an unpleasant, pulling sensation in the lower abdomen. This is due to a change in hormonal levels before each menstruation. Production of potassium and magnesium decreases, pains become more palpable.

The reasons for which the lower abdomen hurts, but monthly do not begin:

  • The onset of pregnancy. If the test is positive and at the same time it hurts and pulls the lower abdomen, fertilization has occurred. Pain is provoked by a violation of the inner part of the uterus when a fertilized egg is attached to one of its walls. If you have very strong pain, you should immediately consult a doctor to exclude ectopic pregnancy or the threat of miscarriage. If the test is negative - repeat the procedure after a few days, perhaps the level of hCG is still low. If you again have a negative result, you can consider other causes of monthly delay.
  • Ovulation. Often, ovulatory syndrome is accompanied by such sensations, as if now begin menstruation. Every month one egg descends to the uterus for fertilization, on the right or left side. It depends on where the dominant follicle containing the egg has matured. In this regard, unpleasant pains are felt on the right or left side of the lower part of the abdominal cavity.
  • The restructuring of the menstrual cycle. In a woman’s entire life, such a restructuring can occur several times. The reason for this is absolutely any: from climate change to severe stress.

Other reasons

  • Strong physical exertion. If menstruation should begin - and there are none, remember, perhaps, the day before you subjected your body to physical exercises, in which the pelvic muscles received a strong load.
  • Improper diet or diet. A few days before the onset of menstruation, the body accumulates useful substances and elements to facilitate it. If a sufficient amount of vitamins does not enter the body, menstruation may be delayed.
  • Hormonal disbalance. Changes in hormonal levels may be due to stress, illness, or improper sleep patterns.
  • Gynecological diseases. If the stomach hurts like during menstruation, but they are not there - contact your gynecologist. Perhaps there are gynecological diseases that should be treated immediately.
  • Irregular sexual relationships. Girls who have already begun to have sex, but very rarely have sex, very often can experience discomfort in the lower part of the abdominal cavity. The female body is programmed to continue the race, if this function is not performed - failures in the cycle may occur.
  • Hypothermia In the cold season, you can freeze so that you do not feel the fingers or toes. This is a strong stress for the body and may delay the appearance of menstruation.
  • The simultaneous taking of several drugs can lead to hormonal failure and to the fact that they do not begin monthly.
  • Mechanical damage to the pelvic organs.

Symptoms that accompany delayed menstruation

  • Pulling and aching pains in the lower abdomen,
  • swelling and soreness in the mammary glands,
  • body temperature rise
  • aggression,
  • irritability,
  • insomnia,
  • prostration,
  • loss of appetite,
  • dizziness,
  • headache and nausea.

Preventive measures to relieve critical days

Of course, it is impossible to make changes in the body to relieve painful sensations during ovulation or menstruation, but it can be alleviated. This is facilitated by proper nutrition, refusal from cigarettes and alcohol, regular light physical exertion, lack of stress, walking in the fresh air and observing proper sleep patterns.

At least twice a year you need to come to the gynecologist and pass the necessary tests in order to be aware of the state of their women's health. If you neglect this - chronic diseases in the field of gynecology can not be avoided.

Such is the female fate: once a month to experience pain from ovulation, and then from menstruation. Someone is happy about her offensive and the fact that the pregnancy has not come, and someone is looking forward to her delay and long-awaited pregnancy.

Why stomach ache, menstruation does not begin

Shortly before the menstruation, the woman’s body is preparing for this process. The uterus must tear away the endometrial layer. For this, the sexual organ uses sedentary muscles. The contraction of the muscles of the uterus is transmitted to neighboring organs, causing spasm. In such a situation, the blood vessels constrict, and blood circulation in the organs of the small pelvis deteriorates. The spasm turns into pain, the stomach starts to hurt. The contractility of the uterus muscles is affected by hormones. The higher the progesterone level, the stronger the movement, which contributes to the appearance of severe abdominal pain.

The same hormones may be slightly disturbed. A woman's body is constantly affected by various factors, both internal and external. Under their influence, an imbalance of hormones occurs. Then there is a situation when the stomach hurts, there is no menstruation. They simply can not start. The delay can be quite long, until normal hormones. At the same time, doctors prescribe special drugs containing progesterone.

And some women take herbal remedies. Changed hormones - the main cause of delayed menstruation. But the stomach will periodically hurt. Many factors contribute to the imbalance. And some of them are not taken into account by the woman at all.

Nervous System Disorder

All processes of the menstrual cycle are regulated by the brain and the central nervous system. Under their leadership, the endocrine system, the ovaries, the pancreas, and some other internal organs produce hormones. With a constant load on the nervous system, the menstrual cycle is broken. Especially dangerous prolonged stress. Then the nerves adversely affect the entire body as a whole. Blood pressure rises, hemoglobin falls, headache annoys, body temperature rises to 37 degrees Celsius. In this situation, the stomach starts to hurt, there is a delay in menstruation. First, the nervous system upsets the balance of hormones. Secondly, it increases pain in the period of uterine spasms. In general, there is a situation when the stomach hurts, menstruation does not begin.

It is believed that with a strong short-term stress hormonal changes dramatically, menstruation begins prematurely, while the discharge is abundant. If a woman is in a stressful situation for a long time, there is a delay in menstruation, a stomach ache, scanty discharge, or none at all.

Delayed pregnancy

If menstruation is late for 10 days, in general, this is considered to be quite normal. It is impossible to eliminate the influence of all adverse factors, so the cycle may be somewhat lost. However, do not forget about the main reason for the delay of menstruation - pregnancy.

Strange sensations appear in a woman immediately after conception. But pay attention to them units. In addition, due to the individual characteristics of the organism, the first signs of pregnancy are similar to the symptoms of the premenstrual symptom. It is probably difficult to say whether there is a pregnancy or another reason for the delay should be sought. Just as before the monthly can hurt the stomach. Pain syndrome resembles the onset of menstruation, increases mainly in the evening, but by morning everything goes away, there are no menstruations again. Every day, such a condition as if menstruation is about to begin. The similarity of sensations associated with elevated levels of progesterone, but before menstruation, it falls, and during pregnancy remains at the same level. Therefore, the stomach hurts, there is no menstruation.

In this situation, you should consider some features:

  • Ovulation can occur not only in the middle of the cycle, but also towards the end. During fertilization, the body does not have time to fully reconstruct. Then he prepares for menstruation - pain appears, and for pregnancy there is no menstruation.
  • The pain that is increasing every day and there is a daub can indicate a breakdown or ectopic pregnancy. In this case, the test results may be ambiguous. Either the indicator is false, or the second bar is light. Многие женщины отмечают, что болел живот перед срывом беременности ближе к вечеру. Боль терпимая, напоминает ощущения перед менструацией, ноющего характера.

Если беременность благополучная, болевой синдром отсутствует либо выражен слабо в период, когда должны были быть месячные.

Воспалительные процессы в половых органах

Когда в организме женщины присутствуют воспалительные процессы, месячные приходят с задержкой. Иногда сдвигается их приход на целый месяц. In this case, there are other disturbing symptoms that are not of particular concern at the initial stage of the disease.

  1. Transparent discharge, similar to egg white. As the inflammatory process intensifies, droplets of blood appear.
  2. Aching pain in the lower back, in the lower abdomen, where the uterus, ovaries. Exacerbated in the place where the inflammation actually passes.

  3. Weakness, drowsiness, deterioration of health, nervousness, irritability.
  4. Increase in body temperature up to 39 degrees Celsius.
  5. Violation of the digestive tract. Intestinal problems as inflammation is transmitted to nearby organs.
  6. Frequent urination. Pain during inflammation of the bladder.

Inflammation can become chronic, which is even more dangerous for women's health. Monthly will come late, the nature of the discharge will change - it will be extremely scarce, then abundant. At the initial stage of the disease with correctly selected drugs, inflammation disappears in 5–10 days.

The cause of inflammation may be: previously untreated infection, sexually transmitted diseases, injuries, genital surgery, abortion, the presence of the intrauterine device.

Gynecological diseases

Various gynecological diseases can cause abdominal pain. It is impossible to independently determine the reason for the absence of menstruation in such cases. Symptoms are similar. And the treatment of various diseases has its own characteristics. So, to cause an abdominal pain can:

If there are no periods, the first thing to do is to carry out a pregnancy test, if during the cycle there was unprotected sexual intercourse. Moreover, a highly sensitive test should be used, and the analysis should be carried out with the morning urine. In girls, within 2 years after the beginning of critical days, the menstrual cycle begins to form, and there may be no critical days from 1 to 3 months. In this case, the pain may be present periodically. When women over 45 have no critical days and there is pain in the abdomen, menopause can begin this way. In any case, it is useful to consult a doctor.

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I was a little sad at the end, I wanted to say that there was a PAP. Author

And why do you still practice PPA? You know, read the forum, that the aerials are permanent, didn't you really know about it?

And why do you still practice PPA? You know, read the forum, that the aerials are permanent, didn't you really know about it?

I was so. It turned out to be a pregnancy.

Hello. Please help me with the question. My chest hurts for two weeks and pulls my lower abdomen, irritability as always happens before CD.However, at first the stomach was constantly pulling, and the last 5 days, as it were, cyclically, mostly before going to bed. is about to come. and everyone does not come. Delay is already 9 days. Can it be a pregnancy? Sexual intercourse unprotected intercourse, but interrupted him on time.

and tests what they say? I had both pregnancies up to 5-6 weeks with no signs at all. then toxicosis began. and so nothing hurt.

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and tests what they say? I had both pregnancies up to 5-6 weeks with no signs at all. then toxicosis began. and so nothing hurt.

And why do you still practice PPA? You know, read the forum, that the aerials are permanent, didn't you really know about it?

turn in the analysis of hCG and you will be 100% sure, I'm going to tomorrow, I also have a delay, although the PA protected was more than a month ago, and after it went on time, you still have an internal alarm, so to dispel doubts I decided to do an analysis

Take a test to start.
In general, somehow you careless about your own health. Well, well, condoms are not for you, you do not dare to take the pills (by the way, I, too, therefore condoms). But there are still funds.
Try the same novaring.
Or pick the right condoms. I was allergic to silicone.
And then you will finish it sooner or later with such protection
The spiral is not for you, probably, I understand you have no children.

If this condition is delayed, go to the doctor. My chest hurt and the cycle was naughty, in the end it turned out that the problem was serious. Cystic phymose mastopathy. It was treated mamoklam. It helped well, especially considering that there are no hormones in it, and at the heart of the concentrate is kelp.

I went to the doctor this morning - it turned out 4-5 weeks already.

Zdrastvuite u menya poxozaya problema.Do mesyachnix eze 1 nedelya, a grud bolit i niz zivota tyanet i kak -to deskomfortno ryadom ryadom s levim yaishnikom.Test delala s utra, nichego ne pokazal.Zikl ochen nepostachetnry, to help us, to help

So you can congratulate! At first, I also thought about such a gift of fate, but it turned out that mastopathy (((so thanks to Mammoklam and the possibility of treatment without hormones.

how old are you? will you give birth? Well, congratulations

I treated with mastitis with mastitis, and then calmly got pregnant and breastfeed the baby. No problems with hormones, because non-hormonal drug.

But here I am also sitting, I think, exactly the same as the author, only I still had the flesh-colored colors, and then everything, there are no monthly periods. I’m waiting for them, today my chest started to hurt, and my stomach was sinking 14 days ago. When I’m going to go to the doctor, from morning to night at work. Let's see what happens, don’t start, I’ll go to the doctor. And BT 37.7, and tests negative. All the time I have a cycle and a monthly glitch :(

damn, I can not. it would be faster or the period would have started or the stomach would stop hurting ((BT in the morning took the measure-37.2. who knows what to think.

Well, when such an outcome, and not more alarming and problematic.
With the chest now many problems. it’s not the first time I’ve heard about Mamocles, it’s necessary to take note, it’sn’t that Nobody is insured against mastopathy.

how old are you? will you give birth? Well, congratulations

damn, I can not. it would be faster or the period would have started or the stomach would stop hurting ((BT in the morning took the measure-37.2. who knows what to think.

Well, when such an outcome, and not more alarming and problematic.
With the chest now many problems. it’s not the first time I’ve heard about Mamocles, it’s necessary to take note, it’sn’t enough. Nobody is insured against mastopathy.

Here I also have such a problem for about a week.

LucyIt is good when such an outcome, and not more alarming and problematic.
With the chest now many problems. it’s not the first time I’ve heard about Mamocles, it’s necessary to take note, it’sn’t enough. Nobody is insured against mastopathy.
Mast malamitis is also treated + it has an effect on the regression of cysts. A good solution to women's breast problems in fact.

I do not have the same test situation yet, and I don’t know what to think might be due to spring.

Girls I'm pregnant))) we are so happy yesterday did the test)))

Girls I'm pregnant))) we are so happy yesterday did the test)))

Thank you))) we have been waiting for this moment for so long! For some reason I am also sure that I will have a boy.
Girls, never despair. Just know your time will surely come. That’s what happened to me.

Congratulations! It's great when it ends like this :) And I'm all on Mamoclame, much better already. But in general, I understand once again that jokes are bad with women's health.

Thank you))) we have been waiting for this moment for so long! For some reason I am also sure that I will have a boy. Girls, never despair. Just know your time will surely come. That’s what happened to me.

Congratulations! It's great when it ends like this :) And I'm all on Mamoclame, much better already. But in general, I understand once again that jokes are bad with women's health.

My chest has been aching for 2 weeks already, I don’t touch my nipples at all, pulling my stomach terribly, but the CD has 2 more days, not a single test shows 2 strips (3 pieces exhausted) made ultrasound today. Said inflammation is not all normal current m-echo is thick, that it is possible in the early period of pregnancy but the body is not visible yet.

That's for sure. You should not joke. And how quickly did you improve after you started taking Mamoclama? Long wait to understand helps or not?

I now also have a little sore chest and pulling the lower abdomen. delay of 6 days, test negative. I really want a child. Here I sit and wonder what to do or do nothing at all and wait until the monthly starts.

Hello girls Take a newbie to your company))) I read you and I understand that all the problems are almost the same)))

Good day! please tell me the cycle is not constant, my chest hurts for 12 days, smacks in the lower abdomen, but the menstruations never come, unprotected sexual intercourse was done 11 days ago in the evening, like the second strip no, and I already want the baby so only No way, I already have a panic with me, something is wrong.

I have a delay of 25 days, and my stomach and chest hurt

my chest hurts, and my stomach is very bad. I really want a baby. but I have a bend of the uterus

Please help me. I am 12, after a couple of weeks 13. Everything was fine, I didn’t feel anything at all, but my menstruation went. In the morning there was a brownish-brown discharge, and now (3-4 hours later) there is blood with them.

Hello girls I do not have 2 months of menstruation and my breasts hurt, there are no menstruations for 2 months already, at first the test was positive I made 6 pieces well, if I were pregnant, I would have been more inclined to watch the reason.

Hello girls I do not have 2 months of menstruation and my breasts hurt, there are no menstruations for 2 months already, at first the test was positive I made 6 pieces well, if I were pregnant, I would have been more inclined to watch the reason.

Please help me. I am 12, after a couple of weeks 13. Everything was fine, I didn’t feel anything at all, but my menstruation went. In the morning there was a brownish-brown discharge, and now (3-4 hours later) there is blood with them.

was not protected sex with a guy
now hurts lower abdomen
pussy comes out some sort of mucus forever
and monthly do not begin
what to do. just do not say that you are pregnant !!

was not protected sex with a guy
now hurts lower abdomen
pussy comes out some sort of mucus forever
and monthly do not begin
what to do. just do not say that you are pregnant !!

Hi Girls help!
It all started with a delay of menstruation and has already been going on for 2 weeks, the discharge of light brown color began several days then the discharge ended now the lower abdomen hurts, everything was aching in the lower right corner and now the entire bottom hurts and today the chest began to hurt and swollen! pregnancy tests were all negative last did 4 days ago!) what could it be

Hello girls. My right chest hurts and periodically aches the stomach like during menstruation, but I have 10 days delay, although my cycle is not constant. We haven’t been protected for a year now, but I couldn’t get pregnant. What happened with me.

Hi) I wanted to know if my stomach hurts terribly, and my breasts do not have menstruation, I can't seem to get pregnant (what is it? I can't bear my period anymore every month started earlier and earlier, but this month I don’t have to go, it's very scary to go to the doctor. help pliz)))))

Made the test negative, but no monthly. stomach hurts the same way almost constantly (((

Girls, I have a similar problem. It hurts the chest, pulls the stomach, the delay is 2 weeks, but it happens quite often, because I have endometriosis and ovarian cyst, we really want a baby, but everything does not work out (I have been undergoing treatment for 3 years, but without results. Did anyone have a chance to get pregnant with this?

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