How to cause monthly at home?


There is only one really effective and relatively safe way.

Monthly can be managed. Calling them ahead of time, for example, so that the first and most difficult days of the cycle do not coincide with an important event like a competition or wedding. Or still provoke their onset, when they linger not because of pregnancy (such experiments during it are deadly), spoil the plans and make you nervous. But even if you are not pregnant, once again think whether the game is worth the candle.

Why is it dangerous to cause monthly

To understand this, it is important to understand how the menstruation is arranged.

While the female body is going through ovulation, the uterus is preparing to accept the fertilized egg and create the most comfortable conditions for its further division and growth. Under the action of hormones (mainly estrogen and progesterone), the uterus mucosa - the so-called endometrium - becomes thicker, softer, more loose, so that the egg can catch and find food.

If the egg is successfully fertilized, it descends into the uterus and settles in the prepared loose endometrium - the development of the fetus begins.

If not, the egg cell dies. A thickened endometrium is no longer needed, and the body gets rid of it. First, the level of progesterone decreases dramatically, on which the nutrition of the mucous depends. Due to the lack of nutrients endometrium languishes, atrophies. The vessels that bind him to the uterus become thinner and eventually break. The onset of bleeding washes away the already unnecessary mucosal layer from the uterus.

At about the same time, estrogen levels increase. In this case, it causes the uterus to contract, pushing out all unnecessary things.

As you can see, you can call monthly only in two ways:

  1. Hormonal, that is, taking hormone-based drugs that will create conditions for rejection of the mucous membrane. This method is good if you are preparing for some important event and you have a couple of months left.
  2. Physical, that is, creating conditions under which the vessels connecting the endometrium with the walls of the uterus will burst.

Neither the first nor the second method can not be called absolutely safe. In the first case, you hit on the hormonal background, and the consequences of this are difficult to predict.

In the second, artificially causing rejection of the mucous membrane, you risk breaking large vessels and provoking uterine bleeding. Especially if there is a possibility of pregnancy.

Be sure to do a pregnancy test. If he shows two strips, do not take risks and go to the doctor!

Anyway, before you do something, consult with a gynecologist.

1. Eat oranges

Or any citrus fruits, as well as other fruits and vegetables, which contain vitamin C in abundance: black currants, broccoli, spinach, Brussels sprouts, red and green peppers ... There is an opinion on the Estrogen / Progesteron Levels Muscle that askorbinka can increase the level of estrogen and reduce the amount of progesterone. That is, it is possible that the endometrium will begin to die off, and the uterus will actively contract. And menstruation comes faster.

2. Drink ginger or parsley tea

Cook a small piece of peeled and finely chopped ginger root in a glass of water for 5-7 minutes. Strain, add sugar or honey to taste.

You can also make parsley tea: pour 2 tablespoons of finely chopped fresh herbs with a glass of boiling water and let it brew for about 5 minutes.

Both drinks can cause light uterine contractions. And this may accelerate the arrival of menstruation.

3. Take a hot bath

First, the high temperature will improve blood circulation, including in the pelvic organs. This means that the risk of uterine contractions and the chances of a rapid onset of menstruation will increase.

Secondly, a hot bath relaxes and helps relieve stress, which sometimes inhibits the arrival of menstruation.

You can also apply a warm compress to the lower abdomen. Even a working laptop will do.

4. How to relax

The meaning of this - to remove all the same stress. Take a day off, lie on the couch with a book, do yoga, do breathing exercises or use any other relaxation technique.

If you are a professional athlete, reduce the load: overstrain can also be the cause of delayed menstruation. Give the body a rest.

When to urgently seek medical care

If the induced menses are too heavy and it seems to you that you are losing a lot of blood, call an ambulance immediately.

Also, be sure to consult with the gynecologist if you find large blood clots on the pad or your period continues for several days and its intensity does not decrease. This may be a sign of various disorders that will require treatment.

Possible reasons for the delay

They are divided into two types:

  1. Evidence of the presence of pathology in the absence of pregnancy: oncological diseases, inflammatory processes, failure of the endocrine system, early menopause.
  2. Non-disease-related: pregnancy, after childbirth, women produce milk, and menstruation stops, diet, weight deficit, obesity, heavy physical activity, acclimatization during an abrupt change of place of residence, taking oral contraceptives.

Test negative

If the failure of the cycle happened once, and it is not related to pregnancy, and the duration does not exceed several days, then there is no cause for concern.

But do not rush to cause menstruation quickly, because it is much more important to find out the true cause of the delay.


The action of the drug is aimed at stimulating the production of progesterone and the development of the endometrium, as well as the suppression of estrogen. It should be taken from the 16th to the 25th day of the menstrual cycle.

The dosage is prescribed by the doctor individually. This is about 300 milligrams, divided into two doses during the day.

A gynecologist may prescribe a drug orally or vaginally in the form of capsules. After at least three days, menstruation begins.


At the heart of the homeopathic remedy is a medicinal plant. It is especially effective at stopping menstruation due to stressful situations, because it has a good sedative property.

The drug is taken once. For this, 7 granules are put under the tongue. After a day will begin the selection.

To achieve the maximum effect, it is necessary to refrain from chocolate, mint, alcohol, camphor, lemon, coffee, as they reduce the effect of the drug. During pregnancy and allergy to components, Pulsatilla is prohibited.

Progesterone Injections

The hormone affects the duration of menstruation. They begin with a sharp decrease in progesterone. If you use the shots, you can adjust the beginning of menstruation and their duration.

In practice, Progesterone is rarely used because of the negative impact on the psychological and physiological state of women.

Vitamin C

With the help of vitamin you can reduce the level of progesterone. As a result, the inner lining of the uterus will begin to flake off, which will trigger the onset of menstrual flow. For this you need to use at least 30 tablets, but the exact dosage is determined by the gynecologist.

If a woman needs to cause the onset of menstruation without harm to health, then this option is optimal. The main thing is not to drink an excessive amount of pills, otherwise it will adversely affect the well-being of women.

Folk remedies

There are effective ways to cause discharge at home during a delay:

  1. Parsley with ginger. A strong decoction of medicinal herbs consumed daily, two cups per day. This recipe is good if monthly stopped because of stress, overwork or hormonal failure. The course lasts no more than 2 weeks. Menstruation occurs in a few days.
  2. Ginger tea. Drink three times a day. With a rise in temperature and a feeling of anxiety, the dosage should be reduced.
  3. Sex.
  4. Physical exercise.
  5. Hot baths.

This method is suitable to start monthly in one day. This medicinal plant is used to induce menstruation at the right time.

From crushed rhizomes of devyasila prepare a decoction, insist it and filter. Drink no more than two days, as a result of the selection begins.

other methods

Not all methods are effective for calling menstruation and can be dangerous to the health and life of a woman. They should be used if there is a serious need to cause menstruation due to the delay due to hormonal failure, illness, stress.

Other ways that cause menstruation without pills:

  1. In half a liter of boiling water add 10 grams of bay leaf. Keep on fire for an hour. One reception is 200 milliliters of decoction.
  2. Drink a glass of milk for the night, after adding a few drops of iodine to it.

What to do if a woman has poor monthly periods? The information in this article.

Do I need to see a doctor?

With frequent delays and violation of the hormonal cycle, you should visit the gynecologist to identify the true cause. This is especially important if the delay was not caused by menstruation.

With the elimination of the underlying disease, the cycle of menstruation will recover. Only a full examination will help determine the cause of the absence of menstruation.

Why can there be a delay in menstruation?

Also, the delay in menstruation can occur due to nerve overloads and stress, vitamin deficiency, metabolic disorders, sharp changes in body weight. In all these cases, folk remedies for causing menstruation will be completely ineffective.

There are drugs that normalize the menstrual cycle and gently cause menstruation. However, all drug treatment should be prescribed by a specialist after a thorough examination and examination.

Is it possible to cause monthly during a delay?

Before independently causing monthly, it is necessary to identify the cause of the hormonal failure in the body. To do this, it is recommended to visit a specialist, as the delay may be a signal of the development of inflammatory diseases that require immediate treatment.

If pregnancy and gynecological diseases are excluded, then the onset of menstruation can be caused by folk methods.

Tip: if the monthly delay is a few days, then resort to stimulating methods is not necessary. Such a short delay in critical days is not considered pathology.

Hot bath

Quickly cause the arrival of menstruation by using a hot bath. To do this, you need to pour a couple of packs of table salt in water, and drip a few drops of iodine. Baths with the addition of chamomile flowers, honey or essential oils are effective.

Before taking a bath, it is necessary to expose the body to physical stress, which will result in muscle tone, and improve blood circulation. Press swing, jogging or general cleaning - exercise can be any. After taking a hot bath, it is recommended that you dress warmly, water treatments are desirable for the night.

Broth mint, chamomile and valerian

A decoction of mint, valerian and chamomile - a time-tested tool that helps bring the arrival of menstruation. Medicinal decoction is prepared according to the following recipe: 5 tbsp. dry chamomile inflorescences mixed with 4 tbsp. mint and 3 tbsp. dried shredded valerian root.

Dry herbal mixture is necessary to pour 1 tbsp. boiling water. The decoction should be infused for at least 2-3 hours. The finished drug is recommended to drink twice a day, for half a glass, until the menstruation begins.

Even simple chamomile tea can trigger the onset of menstrual bleeding. To do this, you need to drink at least 2 cups of tea several times a day, before the expected effect.

Onion Husk Infusion

The composition of onion peel includes elements very valuable for the body, such as iron, phytoncides, and also vitamins of group “B”. Therefore, an infusion of onion peels normalizes hormones in the female body, eliminating the delay of menstruation.

The secret of the effectiveness of onion infusion is as follows: the elements that make up the husk, cause the tone of the uterus, the walls of which begin to shrink, which is the cause of menstruation. Menstrual bleeding appears on average three days after receiving onion infusion.

To prepare the broth, you will need a husk of 3 medium onions, which you need to pour 4 tbsp. hot water, and cook half an hour over medium heat. Ready broth is cooled and taken half a cup a day before meals. This infusion also effectively relieves menstrual pain.

Bay leaf infusion

The composition of the bay leaf includes tannins, essential oils and useful organic acids, which provoke uterine contraction, and endometrial detachment.

For a quick call of the monthly you can prepare a highly concentrated infusion: for this, 10-15 g of a leaf of laurel pour 3 tbsp. boiling water, the resulting solution must be cooked over low heat for about 1 hour. After this healing decoction must be insisted for at least 4 hours. Ready infusion need to drink a half cup per day, preferably at night.

You can expect the arrival of menstruation in the morning. If the period of the onset of menstruation is not so critical, you can prepare a less concentrated solution: 3 bay leaves are poured 1 tbsp. boiling water. The resulting cooled infusion is ready to eat, it is recommended to drink it twice a day.

Decoction of nettle or tansy

The perennial flower tansy contains in its composition such useful substances as: vitamin “C”, camphor, organic acids and carotene, which not only have a positive effect on the work of the central nervous system, but also quickly stimulate the challenge of menstruation during a delay.

It is proved that with the systematic use of decoction of tansy, monthly come in time, the cycle is normalized without negative effects on the body. To prepare the broth, you need to bring 1 l of water to a boil, then add 2 tbsp. inflorescences of tansy. Boil the resulting solution should be about 10-20 minutes on low heat. The cooled drug is taken three times a day for half a cup.

Healing broth has a bitter taste, so it can be sweetened with honey or sugar.

No less useful for women's health plant is nettle. A decoction of nettle not only effectively normalizes the menstrual cycle, but also improves the flow of menstruation: the pain decreases, and the bleeding becomes less abundant. To cook a miraculous decoction, you need to bring to a boil 1 tbsp. water, then add 1-1.5 tbsp. dry plant.

The broth must be cooked on low heat for a quarter of an hour. The resulting decoction is taken in 100 g per day, several times a day.

A decoction is very effective in delaying menstruation on the basis of both nettle and tansy. For a quick call of the monthly need to mix 1 tbsp. nettle, and as much tansy. Herbal mixture is poured over 200 g of boiling water, and infused for several hours. The finished herbal medicine is used three times a day, a few tablespoons.

Cornflower Infusion

To accelerate the onset of menstruation, you can use the infusion of blue cornflower. The recipe is as follows: 10 g of a flower must be poured 150 g of boiling water, the resulting mixture must be infused for a couple of hours. Strained cooled infusion is recommended to use before meals for 2 st.l. three times a day, before the arrival of the desired critical days.

Attention! The plant contains toxins, which in large quantities can cause poisoning. Therefore, it is recommended to carry out a metered administration of a folk remedy.


The root of elecampane contains phytohormones, which are very similar to human sex hormones. Therefore, using a decoction of elecampane, in the body increases the amount of hormones that activate the beginning of menstruation. The broth is prepared according to this recipe: 1 tsp. 200 g of hot water is poured on the dry ground plant root.

The solution over medium heat is boiled for a quarter of an hour, then left to infuse for a couple of hours. To use the filtered broth should be 2 tablespoons. several times a day. You can cook a more concentrated decoction, then the monthly come the next day.

His recipe is as follows: 1 tbsp. ground root devyasila need to pour 2 tbsp. boiling water and cook for half an hour on low heat. Strained decoction is recommended to take twice a day for half a cup.

Pomegranate juice and citrus fruits

Pomegranate juice contains a lot of useful vitamins and minerals, one of which is vitamin "C". A large amount of this vitamin in the body causes the uterus to tone, which provokes endometrial detachment and the appearance of menstruation.

It is recommended to take 200 g juice several times a day. It is noticed that the frequent use of pomegranate juice improves health during menstruation.

The fruits of citrus trees are also rich in vitamin “C”, so their use in large quantities quickly provokes the arrival of menstrual bleeding. To monthly came the next day, you can eat whole 2 lemons or 2-3 oranges.

Tip! Людям, имеющим склонность к расстройствам ЖКТ, необходимо избегать чрезмерного употребления цитрусов.

Таблетки Дюфастон

Многие женщины из-за влияния внешних факторов сталкиваются с такой проблемой, как задержка месячных. Как вызвать месячные, чтобы негативное влияние на организм от лекарственного средства было сведено к нулю – вот в чем задача современной медицины.

Tablets "Duphaston" consist of didrogesterone, the structure of which is most similar to the structure of progesterone. The composition of these pills does not include testosterone, so you can not worry about the increased amount of male hormones in the body after taking "Duphaston". The dosage of the tablets should be calculated by the gynecologist, depending on the age and weight of the patient.

The instruction assumes that the medication should be started, on average, from the 10th day of the cycle to the 25th day. The regimen may vary depending on the duration of the menstrual cycle. To establish a regular cycle, it is recommended to take tablets from 3 to 6 months.

Postinor Pills

Tablets "Postinor" - a way of emergency contraception, effective in the case of unprotected intercourse in order to avoid unplanned pregnancy. In case of a delay, these pills can promptly bring the arrival of menstruation. However, they should be taken only by women with a stable menstrual cycle.

"Postinor" is not recommended to use often, as it can disrupt the work of the ovaries. And in the case of overdose funds are not rare cases of uterine bleeding. As a rule, two days after drinking 1 Postinor pill, menstruation occurs.

Drug Mifegin

If the delay in menstruation is associated with the onset of pregnancy, from which it is necessary to get rid of with medication, take the tablets "Mifegin". The drug causes the uterus to tone, the neck of which softens, which leads to the expulsion of the ovum.

This drug can be used if the monthly delay does not exceed 6 weeks. It is important to know that taking this drug is not allowed at home and without testing, ultrasound. The pills are taken in the hospital under the supervision of a doctor, in the absence of adverse reactions, the woman is sent home.

Drug Norkolut

“Norkolut” is a hormonal remedy aimed at correcting the menstrual cycle, effectively in the case of frequent irregular arrivals of critical days. The drug improves hormones in the female body, restoring reproductive functions.

This drug helps to cope with tasks such as:

  • Endometriosis,
  • Uterine fibroids,
  • Removal of pain during menstruation,
  • PMS,
  • Endometrial hyperplasia.

Take the drug in the second half of the cycle, a few days for 2 tablets. The exact dosage should count gynecologist. After stopping the use of the drug, menses occur

The hormonal drug “Norkolut” can provoke menstrual bleeding, more abundant than usual. If, after taking the remedy, critical days have not yet arrived, it is imperative that you visit a specialist to identify pathologies in the body.

The drug Oxytocin to improve the tone of the uterus

Oxytocin is an artificially created analogue of the human hormone, which in a short period of time brings the uterus to tone, which stimulates the challenge of menstruation. The drug is injected into the body through an injection or dropper.

The drug is used in the case when it is necessary to resolve the issue with the delay of menstruation as quickly as possible: the expected effect occurs within a few hours after ingestion. The uterus under the influence of oxytocin begins to contract hard, rejecting the endometrium, which leads to menstrual bleeding.

With an unstable cycle, oxytocin is taken as prescribed by the doctor in a nasal way, in the second half of the cycle and before the onset of menstruation.

To terminate a pregnancy, a hormone diluted in a dextrose solution is injected with a dropper. It is important to know that in this case the drug is used only in stationary conditions, under the supervision of specialists. Since non-compliance with the instructions, the hormone can cause a number of side effects: rupture of the uterus, anaphylactic shock or tachycardia.

Video on the call of menstruation with a delay

How to cause monthly:

Reasons for delaying menstruation:

The means used in the delay

A variant of the norm is delayed menstruation from 2 to 6 days. With a longer absence of menstruation with an excluded pregnancy, there are several options to independently establish a cycle:

  • use traditional medicine recipes,
  • take medication
  • sit in a hot bath (the arrival of menstruation is favored by increased blood flow in the pelvic organs),
  • make repeated sexual intercourse during the day (helps to increase the tone of the uterus and as a consequence the onset of "critical days"). Especially good effect gives a combination of the last two points.

Folk recipes

For many women, treatment with "grandmother's methods" causes more confidence than, for example, hormonal drugs. Considering infusions and decoctions of herbs as less harmful ways of invoking menstruation, women often put their health at great risk, since harmless-looking plants also have a number of contraindications that should be considered before treatment:

  • individual intolerance,
  • allergic to plant pollen,
  • toxicity,
  • pregnancy.

It should also be borne in mind that it is forbidden to change the recommended dosage of herbal preparations or fees, as well as prolong the period of treatment without the consent of the doctor - this can lead to disrupting women's health.

Infusion of three plants

Quite an effective remedy that, when used regularly, helps to normalize the cycle.

Pharmacy chamomile, mint and valerian root can be purchased at any pharmacy

  • chamomile - 4 tbsp. l.,
  • Mint - 3 tbsp. l.,
  • valerian (rhizome) - 3 tbsp. l.,
  • boiling water - 1 l.

  1. Mix all ingredients in the specified amounts and transfer to a thermos.
  2. Pour the herbs with boiling water, close the thermos and insist for a quarter of an hour.
  3. Strain the finished brew.

The regimen is 100 ml, 2 times a day before breakfast and before bedtime. Take the infusion until the onset of menstruation.

Bay leaf infusion

Infusion of leaves of laurel is a very effective remedy, it is allowed to use only healthy women without pathologies of the pelvic organs.

Some people use bay leaf to end a pregnancy, but it is strictly prohibited to do so.

  • bay leaf - 3 pcs.,
  • water - 250 ml.

  1. In a saucepan pour the pre-washed laurel and pour water.
  2. Bring the water to a boil and remove the container from the fire.
  3. Laurel to insist for an hour and strain the finished product.

Drink a glass of infusion 3 times a day before the onset of menstruation. Contraindications to the use of this tool: diseases of the heart, kidneys and liver, as well as a tendency to constipation.

Aspirin can cause menstruation because it dilutes blood well and makes menstruation less painful.

The method of taking pills:

  1. 2 tablets of the drug crushed into powder.
  2. Dilute crushed Aspirin in 100 ml of water (half a glass).

Drink the finished product 1 time a day before the start of menstruation.


In the pharmaceutical market of drugs, you can also find suitable means to trigger menstruation. These are mainly hormonal drugs that affect the work of the genitals.

The active ingredient of the drug is didrogesterone, which is similar to natural progesterone in its structure and function. In the absence of monthly periods in time, doctors usually recommend starting reception of Duphaston with a course within 5 days. Typically, menstruation occurs when you stop taking Duphaston or earlier. In the event that the monthly began before the end of the course, you should stop treatment.

Didrogesterone compensates for the deficiency of progesterone in the body, that is, it contributes to the "unfolding" of the second phase of the cycle

Contraindications to treatment Duphaston:

  • severe liver disease,
  • Dabin-Johnson syndrome (a genetic disease associated with impaired liver function),
  • Rotor syndrome (a milder form of Dabin-Johnson syndrome)
  • hypersensitivity to didrogesteron.

There are a large number of Duphaston analogs with a similar mechanism of action:

Duphaston is the safest drug with a minimal amount of side effects, recommended for women to normalize the menstrual cycle.

Postinor is a strong and effective hormonal remedy for the onset of menstruation. To cause monthly, it is enough to take the drug once. The active substance of Postinor is levonorgestrel - a hormone capable of controlling the phases of the female cycle.

Postinor is prohibited to take more than 1 time per month. With the constant intake of the drug, changes in the female body can begin that cannot be reversed.

It must be remembered that such pills for calling menstruation have rather unpleasant side effects.

Many women take Postinor as a means of getting rid of an unwanted pregnancy, but this drug does not give a 100% guarantee of contraception. In addition, due to a single high dose of the hormone, unpleasant side effects develop:

  • nausea and vomiting,
  • bleeding,
  • dizziness and headache
  • nagging or sharp pain in the lower abdomen,
  • upset stool
  • manifestations of allergies: swelling of the face, itching, rash.

Contraindications to receive Postinor are:

  • severe liver disease,
  • pregnancy,
  • age up to 16 years
  • lactose intolerance, lactase deficiency or glucose-galactose malabsorption,
  • hypersensitivity to the components of the drug.

To call for menstruation ahead of time, the use of the drug Postinor should be replaced by a lower-dose hormonal remedy to avoid harming the female body. The true purpose of Postinor is emergency contraception, for example, for rape.

Lemon and citric acid

The effect of citric acid on the female menstrual cycle is the effect of vitamin C on estrogen production. Acceptance of significant doses of ascorbic acid provokes compression of the inner layer of the uterus and the beginning of menstruation.

The ability of acids to cause bleeding has long been noticed, so eating lemons is one of the ways to call menstruation.

The recommendations are simple: you need to eat the maximum amount of lemons per day. Citrus can be replaced by other products containing a large amount of ascorbic acid: black currant, pomegranate, or just vitamin C tablets.

Ginger tea with lemon

Promotes the beginning of menstruation tea from ginger. Eat this delicious drink should not less than three cups a day for 3-4 days.

Already for a few days of taking this drink daily, you can spot bleeding

  • ground ginger rhizome - 1 tsp,
  • lemon - 2 slices,
  • boiling water - 300 ml.

  1. Lemon should be grind into mush and add ginger to it (1 teaspoon of chopped ginger takes about 5 cm of purified rhizome).
  2. Pour the mixture with boiling water and leave to cool (25–30 0 С).

Stalk and leaves of celery

Celery has a stimulating effect on blood circulation in the pelvic organs. For the best effect to use this plant is fresh, adding to various salads and smoothies in large quantities. After a few days of this diet comes menstruation.

Celery contains apiol, which by its nature can stimulate endometrial contraction.

The use of at least one papaya fruit per day stimulates the beginning of menstruation. Despite the fact that the effect does not occur immediately (it is recommended to eat papaya for at least seven days), this is a relatively safe and also very tasty way to normalize the cycle.

Papaya fruits contain a lot of keratin, the use of which will create suitable conditions for the beginning of menstruation.

The danger of forced acceleration cycle

It should be understood that if the absence of menstruation is not caused by pregnancy, then there are reasons for this. If the monthly is not always cyclical, and the spread is from 2 to 6 days, this may be a feature of the body. In the case when the delay is from 6 to 10 days, you can try to return the start date of the “critical days” to previous circles by yourself, but a visit to the gynecologist in this case is still the best choice.

Like any intervention in the body, accelerating the cycle can have negative health effects.

There are situations when an artificial effect on the arrival of menstruation is a danger to the health of a woman:

  1. The delay is not 10 days, but more (for example, 1 month). Without consulting a specialist, you can’t do here, since dangerous conditions such as an ectopic pregnancy can be the cause of such a failure. In this case, when trying to influence the cycle with medical or other methods, the woman may experience bleeding, and also possibly an incomplete removal of a fertilized egg.
  2. In the uterus of the woman is installed intrauterine device (IUD). When using drugs and herbs that stimulate blood circulation, rejection of the helix, bleeding and injury to the walls of the uterus can occur. The physician should advise on the possible delay of menstruation in the first months after the installation of the IUD.
  3. A woman has hemophilia (a disease that is based on reduced blood clotting) or has endocrine disruption (hypo- or hyperthyroidism, diabetes, etc.).
  4. The woman underwent long-term hormone replacement therapy.

It should be remembered that any intervention in the natural processes of the body from the outside, there is a violation of hormonal imbalance, the consequences of which are unpredictable. It is worth weighing the pros and cons before trying to influence the menstrual cycle.

Acceleration of the arrival of premature monthly

If during the delay of menstruation, pregnancy, physiological causes and diseases can be the cause, then the woman takes the decision to give menstruation a few days before the due date on her own initiative. So, the reason for the transfer of "critical days" may be:

  • long trip
  • participation in sports competitions
  • vacation at sea
  • a serious event, a banquet and other situations where the arrival of menstruation is highly undesirable.

You can speed up the cycle using several methods:

  • exposure to hormonal drugs that reduce the amount of estrogen,
  • heat effects on the pelvic organs, and as a result, increased blood supply to the genitals,
  • impact on the contractility of the uterus for rapid rejection of the endometrium.


To speed up the cycle, it is more recommended to use drugs with progesterone, as well as to call menstruation (Duphaston and its analogues). The peculiarity is that you need to choose the right date to start taking the medicine. So, if you start taking pills before ovulation, that is, on the 10–11 day of the cycle, this will cause the opposite effect: the hormonal drug will start lowering estrogen in the blood and delay ovulation by several days, thereby lengthening the menstrual cycle. Taking drugs after the ovulation process will affect the level of progesterone: an increase in the concentration of the hormone in the blood will accelerate the maturation of the endometrium and the “critical” days will come earlier. So, the reception of Duphaston (or Utrozhestan) should be started 3 days before the expected monthly rate of 5 days. If the monthly did not come, then most likely the woman is expecting a child. Taking the drug does not adversely affect the fetus and the course of pregnancy.

Recommendations for taking other hormonal drugs in order to speed up the cycle:

  • Norkolut - the reception should be started approximately in the middle of the cycle before ovulation, after 5 days the drug is canceled and menstruation is expected to come in 2 more days,
  • hormonal oral contraceptives (OK).

OK, they supply the necessary hormones, then this process ends abruptly (after the pill is stopped), causing bleeding

Onion Husk Broth

One of the most effective ways to shift the onset of menstruation by stimulating the decoction on the walls of the uterus. Amber color of the finished product indicates the correctness of its preparation and optimum saturation.

  • onion peel dry - 25 g.,
  • water - 1 l.

  1. Husk ground for faster cooking broth.
  2. The required amount of husk is poured with water, brought to a boil over high heat, then boiled over low heat for half an hour.
  3. The mixture is infused for 12 hours, then filtered.

Take a decoction of onion peel should be half a glass three times a day before eating food for 5 days. In that case, if the broth turned out too strong and has a brown color, then it should be diluted with boiled water.

Iodine bath

This method is suitable only for those women who do not suffer from hypertension.

  • bring a full bath of hot water
  • add 10 drops of iodine solution and two packs of salt to the water,
  • stir the water until the salt is completely dissolved.

Bath to take at least 20 minutes. For greater effect, you can pre-exercise. The tool is effective only at the end of the cycle, so you can call the monthly 2-3 days earlier.

Infusion of tansy

Effective, but far from harmless means to accelerate the cycle. The extract of this plant causes the walls of the uterus to shrink and contributes to the rapid rejection of the endometrium. Категорически запрещается увеличивать дозировку настоя во избежание плачевного результата, поскольку это растение само по себе токсично.

Лекарственные растения, в том числе пижма, представляют не меньшую угрозу при неправильном приеме, чем фабричные препараты, однако получить передозировку при их использовании значительно легче

  • цветки пижмы — 25 г.,
  • кипяток — 1 л.

  1. Залить требуемое количество цветков литром кипятка.
  2. Настаивать в течение часа.
  3. Процедить готовое средство.

Принимать настой пижмы для ускорения месячных следует по трети стакана трижды в день на протяжении 3 суток. Tansy and herbal teas and infusions prepared on its basis are abortifacient drugs that have been used for centuries. Before using these drinks you need to make sure that you are not pregnant to avoid fetal death.

Milk and iodine

When choosing this product, one should be aware of the toxicity of iodine when it is taken orally: only 3 g of iodine can cause irreversible consequences in the functioning of internal organs. At the same time, it is believed that the simultaneous intake of milk smoothes this harmful effect.

Folk recipe involves the following: add a few drops of iodine in a glass of milk and drink this tool every other day for a week to call monthly.

Traditional medicine methods are not always effective and can sometimes be harmful.

You should not risk your health and use this method: there is no absolute evidence that it really provokes the beginning of menstruation. But there are studies that talk about the detrimental effects of iodine on the body:

  • toxic damage to the gastrointestinal tract,
  • hormonal failure due to disruption of the thyroid gland,
  • iodine intoxication,
  • moreover, such a dose of iodine during pregnancy with the purpose of its interruption and call of menstruation threatens the birth of a child with terrible developmental disabilities.

Independent call first month

A variant of the norm is considered when the first menstruation in a girl occurs at the age of 12-14 years. But what to do if a teenager is already 14 and there are still no monthly?

Initially, you should assess the presence of secondary sexual characteristics:

  • increased pelvic volume
  • hair growth in the pubic area, as well as armpits,
  • swelling of the mammary glands,
  • the appearance of adipose tissue on the thighs and buttocks, as well as in the chest and abdomen.

If there are signs of the development of secondary sexual signs, the absence of menstruation is not a reason for panic.

The presence of these signs means that the girl's reproductive system is working normally and you should not interfere and accelerate the natural processes. In order to help the body and promote the onset of "gynecological age", the girl needs to follow several recommendations:

  • observe the principles of proper and healthy nutrition,
  • always enough sleep
  • avoid bad habits
  • not to be affected by stress.

If at the age of 16 years there are no monthly periods, you should contact a gynecologist for examination and to establish the cause of the pathology. The reason for failure in the body can be:

  • obesity or underweight,
  • severe stress
  • poor nutrition,
  • excessive exercise,
  • heredity,
  • endocrine system diseases
  • the presence of previously transferred infections.

According to the result of the necessary studies, the doctor may prescribe a girl Duphaston, specifying the course of treatment and the recommended dosage. Independent call of the first monthly duphaston without the appointment of a specialist and analysis is unacceptable. Otherwise, you can provoke a hormonal imbalance in the fragile body of a teenager, the consequence of which is impossible to predict.

Consequences of self-accelerating cycle

Intervention in the natural processes of the body can not go unnoticed, so you should not often carry out such experiments. Even in the case when pregnancy is excluded, independent management of the arrival of menstruation can adversely affect women's health:

  • The most common consequence of this arbitrariness is hormonal disruption. Usually this happens when you independently take drugs containing hormones without the supervision of a physician. The consequences of such a negligent attitude to health will need to be corrected within a year, and maybe not just one,
  • poisoning and intoxication of the body from overuse of popular methods of calling menstruation,
  • when you try to influence the acceleration of the cycle with the help of sports you can get bruises of organs and other sports injuries from excessive loads,
  • with prolonged exposure to heat on the genitals, you can cause heavy bleeding.

Women reviews

Girls, Hooray, they came, joy knew no bounds. But I just don’t know what exactly helped, but at first I drank a decoction from the husk, then I ate two packs of ascorbine, and then I brewed the decoction from the whole tibuli. And the next morning came darling, so I can say with certainty that EXACTLY HELPS. And the taste is very nothing compared to the decoction of bay leaf or elecampane


Yesterday parsley infusion sawed - effect 0, today I decided to try decoction of onion peel, so far only pain in the lower abdomen, I hope they ..


Girls. Proven way. Buy 5 bags of ascorbic acid powder (not available in all pharmacies, it costs about 4 rubles) for a glass of 0.5, dilute these all 5 bags and the next day, start. monthly! I experienced it myself, there was a delay of 3 months ...


I tell you what I did when I wanted to speed up my period by a few days. Having read the tips in different forums, I decided to apply everything right away for sure. Monthly were supposed to start on the schedule of the 28th, I started to do everything from the 19th, it was planned to adjust them to the 24th. So: - in the morning and in the evening I drank half a glass of chamomile, oregano, mint and valerian root infusion, - drank vitamin E in capsules of 6 pieces a day, - every day steamed in the bathroom half an hour before bedtime, - from 22 to 24 saw ascorbic 5 sachets per day, -24 and 25 drank a decoction of bay leaf - a rare crap. , and today, on the 26th, drank milk with iodine. She did not want to drink it, but nevertheless decided to try it as the last hope. As a result, today is the 26th and ... NOTHING. On the 28th of the month should begin on schedule. Probably, it all depends on the body. I did not manage to bring them closer with folk remedies, but I don’t want to drink hormones. Good luck to everyone, I hope that you will succeed!


Duphaston was also assigned to me, there was a delay in menstruation, an ultrasound showed that there was no maturation. The doctor prescribed Duphaston to drink somewhere 10 days, on the 5th day the ms arrived and I stopped. But as a drug, it came up to me, no PMS, no swollen body, good mood.


Probably every girl facing a problem cycle is faced with a delay. My cycle was always unstable, and the monthly ones came on time, then they were delayed. After a long break from taking oral contraceptives, my periods seem to have returned to normal, but one month they didn’t come .... a week passed ... I was already nervous, did a pregnancy test (anything happens) - the result is negative! second week ... run to the doctor! The gynecologist examined me and ordered me to take hormone tests. After putting me on, I had low progesterone and she prescribed Duphaston, if in a week they did not go. The third week ... nothing ... I was prescribed to take 1 tablet 2 times a day, for 10 days, but my period should come while taking and we stop drinking the tablets. I drank exactly 10 days, and the monthly went on day 3. Thank God. I already thought that they would not go at all.


I work with women who have taken postinor. Disadvantages: high risk of ectopic pregnancy, banned in Europe, fibroids, fibroids, cysts, consequences, many contraindications, miscarriage, endometriosis, a huge dosage of hormones, consequences for the body after it, the risk of possible uterine secretions. in a crisis service for girls who have taken postinor and other types of emergency contraception. 1. The drug has an abortive effect. Practically everyone regrets having taken the postinor, they don’t know what the effect was - whether the abortion occurred at an early period or not. 2. The drug causes hormonal disorders - starts this process. It causes a failure of the monthly cycles (delayed periods), introduces an imbalance in the hormonal sphere. 3. Affects the vascular system, causing thrombosis, weakens the walls of blood vessels. 4. Affects the liver and kidneys. 5. May disrupt metabolic and immune processes in the body. There are a lot of stories, statistics of unsuccessful cases of emergency contraception are kept.


Pulsatilla is not a beast, but a plant of the buttercup family, more precisely, a chamber. Take any homeopathic medicines for medicinal purposes, it is recommended after consulting with a specialist. As for the appointment, a number of factors are taken into account, including the constitution of a person and his behavior and character. Pulsatilla is considered a "female" medicine, it is recommended to crying persons, but not to all, but only to those for whom this drug is similar. Taking the drug, especially one-time is unlikely to lead to any deterioration, it simply does not work. In general, homeopathic treatment is an excellent alternative to medication.


Hormonal contraceptive Gedeon Richter Norkolut - The drug did not cause any discomfort. This drug was prescribed to me by a gynecologist. Because of all sorts of experiences in the fall, I lost the cycle. Rather, all menstruation stopped. I went to gynecologists, endocrinologists, did an ultrasound. Everything seems to be not bad, but nothing happens. In order to cause menstruation, I was prescribed this drug. I took it for 5 days, one tablet at night. A week after the cancellation of the drug, everything was fine.


Independently establishing a cycle for a woman is unnatural, so sooner or later it will lead to hormonal imbalance and other undesirable consequences. Before using any method of regulating menstruation, it is best to consult a gynecologist, as well as find out the possible harm from these actions. Even if there are no contraindications to the artificial challenge of menstruation, you should not abuse the frequency of such experiments with health.