Delay of menstruation with a negative test


The first and main sign of pregnancy is the delay of menstruation. Check the fact of conception is now very easy. Pharmacies available tests for home use. You can get the result in a few seconds. Despite this, non-standard situations occur - the delay of menstruation, pulls the lower abdomen, the test is negative. Can there be a pregnancy, what factors cause menstrual disorders other than conception?

The process of pregnancy

With the beginning of the first days of the menstruation of the previous cycle, a new egg appears. It develops within 12–16 days under the influence of the sex hormone - estrogen. The process ends with a rupture of the follicle, the release of the egg. The so-called ovulation lasts about 2 days in a woman’s body. The egg cell is found with the sperm cell, continues its development after fertilization autonomously from the female body. Free "floats" in the tubes of the uterus. These processes are regulated by the second hormone - progesterone. He prepares the uterus to attach the egg - thickens the endometrial layer, making it loose.

After 7–10 days from the moment of fertilization, the egg sneaks through the tubes into the uterus. There is fixed. In the process, the integrity of the endometrial mucosa is disrupted, a few drops of blood appear. During this period, a woman can see a daub of brown or pink color on her underwear or hygienic means. So is the implantation, the beginning of a full pregnancy. However, for a number of reasons - abortion in the past, gynecological diseases, the presence of the IUD, a weak sperm cell, the egg does not enter the uterine cavity, but is fixed in other parts of the genital organs. Most often it stops in the pipes.

In turn, progesterone remains at a high level, which ensures the normal development of pregnancy in the first 3 months. If it is insufficient, there is a threat of breakdown.

Approximately a week after implantation and not more than 16 days after ovulation, the time of menstruation should come. In the presence of pregnancy there is a delay. If there was no fertilization, progesterone decreases, estrogen rises again, menstruation and a new cycle begin.

The principle of the pregnancy test

The most common and affordable test for pregnancy in the form of strips. In addition to them, there are electronic, jet. They all act according to a single principle - they react to the hCG pregnancy hormone. A reagent is applied to the strip, and a reaction occurs in contact with urine. Then a negative test means one strip, a positive one means 2.

Each test has its own sensitivity. The higher it is, the greater the likelihood of a truthful result. From the first days of menstruation delay, you should choose a test of at least 10 units. If there are no monthly periods for more than 1 week, you can use a test with a sensitivity of 20 units.

For analysis it is recommended to use the morning portion of urine. In it, the concentration of hCG is the highest, by the end of the day it decreases significantly. The test is immersed in the urine for 15 seconds, spread on a dry surface. The result of the analysis is assessed within 1 minute. A weak second test strip indicates several options:

  • there is a pregnancy
  • there is a threat of miscarriage,
  • ectopic pregnancy,
  • Conception is not, problems with elevated levels of progesterone.

However, a negative test can also mean pregnancy.

Delay of menstruation, test negative - causes

The pregnancy hormone hCG begins to rise from the moment of implantation of the egg into the uterus. Taking into account the fact that it happens 7–10 days after ovulation, it is possible to do a pregnancy test from the first days of a menstruation delay. The test is negative during pregnancy is obtained for the following reasons:

  • low sensitivity test

  • The analysis was not carried out with the morning urine
  • ovulation did not occur in the middle of the cycle, towards the end, the hormone had not yet managed to rise.

External and internal factors constantly influence the woman's body, which can change the balance of hormones and provoke a delay. For this reason, ovulation may occur prematurely or somewhat later. In one cycle it is able to mature several eggs with a short break. In this case, a pregnancy test gives an initially false result. It should be analyzed again, a week later.

How to determine ectopic pregnancy

With delayed menstruation, a questionable test result, the woman fears ectopic pregnancy. This is a well-founded fear. Since the late assistance of specialists may result in the death of a woman. The internal bleeding opens, the condition sharply worsens. To determine ectopic pregnancy by the following features:

  • delay of several months,
  • pain in the lower abdomen appears,
  • pulls the lower back,
  • test negative or with a second fuzzy strip,

  • there is a general weakness
  • irritated intestines, manifested by diarrhea, bloating, rumbling, pain,
  • chest hurts
  • there are secretions of brown color, which gradually turn into bleeding.

The woman has dilated pupils, pale complexion, severe pain in the lower abdomen. The condition worsens to a loss of consciousness. Emergency ambulance required. Ectopic pregnancy is difficult to see during a gynecological examination. To identify it prescribed ultrasound.

Other causes of menstruation

If the pregnancy test shows a negative result repeatedly, you should look for other reasons for the absence of menstruation. Violation of the menstrual cycle occurs due to hormone failure. This is mainly due to an insufficient amount of progesterone. The reason for the delay may be trivial or indicate a serious pathology in the body.

  1. Difficult situation with menstruation, their delay, for 2 years after the onset of menstruation in girls is not considered a dangerous phenomenon. Unstable hormonal background from time to time fails. Then, when the menstruation is delayed, there is pain in the lower abdomen, pulls the lower back, increases the sensitivity of the chest, the psychological state changes. If there are no signs of menstruation, the monthly delay is not more than 1 month, you can live in peace. The same situation with an unstable cycle in women after 45 years. Then there is the extinction of reproductive functions.
  2. The second common cause of the absence of menstruation is a breakdown of the nervous system. The hormonal background of a woman is formed under the guidance of the brain, the central nervous system. Break the link, provoke a delay can: stress, nervous tension, scandals, quarrels, the syndrome of "manager", depression. Often there is a lack of menstruation for about 2 weeks. At the same time, there is pain in the lower abdomen, lower back, sleep is disturbed, self-esteem decreases, and mood swings appear. You can restore the cycle and avoid delays next month by normalizing sleep and rest, neutralizing adverse factors.

  3. A sedentary sedentary lifestyle often leads to a lack of critical days, a delay. With a reduced activity of the body slows down all vital processes. First of all, the blood circulation in the organs of the small pelvis is changed. There is a so-called stagnation. The situation has a negative impact on the health of a woman. Strong pulls the lower back, especially in the morning. Sleeping is impossible on the stomach. Back pains spread to the intestines, give to the sacrum. The absence of critical days causes pain in the lower abdomen, and quite intense. To help the body cope with the delay of menstruation, you need to start moving more. Recommended walks, warm bath. However, take a hot bath, when there is already a selection is not worth it. It threatens to bleed.
  4. Diseases not directly related to the reproductive system also cause the absence of critical days. Menstruation is delayed from several weeks to months. Influences the hormonal background high body temperature, viral infection, a serious disease of the gastrointestinal tract. The duration of the menstrual cycle affects the absence of critical days with medical drugs. So after strong antibiotics, menstruation is absent up to 2 months. Starts with the presence of severe pain. Pulls the lower back, there is a cramping pain in the lower abdomen. Some medicines alter blood coagulation. Initially, there are no critical days, then they go differently than usual. The nature of the discharge is changing - bleeding or scanty menstruation.

  5. The presence of the intrauterine device allows the woman to relax during intercourse. But it brings additional experiences. The two main reasons for the absence of critical days, the delay for an indefinite time, already make you very worried - ectopic pregnancy, inflammation. Excluding the first, the disease remains. At first, it proceeds with unclear symptoms. But women can recognize the pathology themselves. Appear specific transparent discharge during the cycle, accompanied by periodic lower abdominal pain. Pulls the lower back. Then droplets of blood are added to the secretions. The absence of critical days from 2 weeks to a month. Next month, the body temperature rises, the pain increases in the lower abdomen. Observed intestinal inflammation with rumbling, abnormal stool, nausea, abdominal distention. The general condition of a woman is deteriorating. Bleeding may occur.
  6. To cause a violation of the menstrual cycle, abdominal discomfort can abortion in the previous month, genital surgery, hormonal drugs. As well as diseases of the endocrine system, nervous, ovarian, kidney, liver, brain. In this case, the woman has to undergo a thorough examination, to pass tests.

Delay in gynecological diseases

If a woman suffers from lower abdominal pains before menstruation, the disease does not occur as usual. The loin then suffers from inflammation of the neighboring organs, circulatory disorders. Often, after a delay in a woman uterine bleeding opens. Possible causes of pathology are:

  • sexually transmitted diseases,
  • candidiasis,
  • thrush,
  • uterine fibroids,
  • cervical erosion,

  • cyst,
  • cancer,
  • endometriosis,
  • endometritis.

Some diseases the doctor diagnoses when viewed from a woman. However, there are those that flow hidden, the woman will have to pass tests, be examined. In the absence of gynecological pathologies, a woman's hormones, ovarian work, and ultrasound are prescribed.

The absence of critical days for 2 weeks in medicine is not considered a special pathology. This happens often due to the influence of banal factors - poor ecology, nerves, poor quality nutrition, unbalanced diet, sleep disturbance, heavy physical exertion and much more. Painful sensations in the abdomen appear on the eve of menstruation, are true signs of its early onset. Often the stomach hurts for reasons not related to gynecology. It is very difficult to decide for yourself why a delay occurred. Should go to the doctor for advice. So you can quickly guess the reasons for the absence of critical days, quickly solve the problem.

Common causes of monthly delay

Consider the reasons that fall into the general category:

    One of the most common causes is, of course, pregnancy. The test should be done only if the delay period exceeds five days. The test is purchased at a pharmacy, it is easy to do it yourself, and the result is usually quite accurate.

If the girls began the period of formation of the cycle. The first periods are a sign that the body is prepared to conceive a child. In the early stages of formation, the cycle is not yet stable, because the process of restructuring and maturation of the body is a long one. This period is characterized by the delay of menstruation and their different duration.

Anovulatory period. Gynecologists say that the ovulation process does not take place every month, because a woman’s body needs a short break. Anovulatory cycles may occur several times a year. This is an absolutely normal phenomenon, which can sometimes take a girl by surprise.

Also, menstruation can often linger from the transferred stressful situations. Important exams, tests, family problems or at work, other problem situations have a negative impact on the functioning of the hormonal system.

Power load Today, gyms are gaining great popularity, and many girls want to get everything at once in one trip. In one week, it happens that they also attend group trainings, and run ten kilometers on a treadmill, and work on different simulators for several hours, which ultimately leads to severe overworking of the body and delayed menstruation.

Excess weight. In patients with a diagnosis of obesity, the functioning of the sexual and endocrine systems is very often impaired. The menstrual cycle will return to normal as soon as you lose weight. For girls and women it is very important to keep track of their weight, not only for aesthetic purposes, but primarily to maintain a healthy body tone. There are 4 degrees of obesity, and even the first can cause problems.

Some girls often starve themselves, especially at a young age when the menstrual cycle is formed. The body of too thin girls sends a signal that the body weight is insufficient to carry a healthy child. It also disrupts the metabolism due to a lack of nutrients or vitamins, such a deficiency can also lead to a delay. Girls should remember that an excess of food is just as harmful to the body as a disadvantage.

Another reason is the abrupt climate change and the process of acclimatization. A woman's body is especially sensitive to changed weather conditions: the delay can be caused by a flight from a cold winter to a country of hot sun.

  • When breastfeeding. After the baby is born, the menstrual cycle does not immediately return to normal, especially during the feeding period. The cycle is most unstable the first year after birth.

  • There are other reasons for the unexplained genesis, why there is no menstruation and the test is negative. And it is not always worth raising a panic because of this, especially if the delay happens extremely rarely. The main thing - to understand the cause of this phenomenon, because it is not only your health, but also a possible healthy pregnancy in the future. It is worth remembering that if there are no menstruation for two or four days, it’s too early to worry.

    Medical reasons for delayed menstruation if the test is negative and the stomach hurts

    A common cause of delay, if there is no pregnancy, is hormonal disruption in the body. If the work of a single hormone is disrupted, the functioning of the entire chain is disrupted. Only a specialist can determine the cause of such failures, as well as assign the necessary treatment. There are many causes and diseases due to which the hormones are disturbed.

    Do not forget about the reasons of a medical nature, which may explain the delay:

      Polycystic ovary. This type of disease is one type of ovarian dysfunction. It manifests itself in the fact that the hormone production process is disturbed, as a result of which the menstrual cycle is also disturbed.

    Ovarian dysfunction. This diagnosis is now made to very many women by unscrupulous doctors, if they hear that the patient has a slight delay (up to seven days) and a negative pregnancy test. The causes of this dysfunction are many, among them the most common is thyroid disease.

    Gynecological diseases and various inflammatory processes of the genital organs. Inflammations can occur in the uterus, tubes and appendages and even in the bladder. Menstruation may be delayed due to tumors.

    Uterine Diseases. If you have a monthly delay, and the test is negative, then when you contact a doctor for advice, he will send you to a full examination. After all, it is very important in the early stages to confirm or exclude diagnoses such as uterine fibroids, endometriosis, adenomyosis.

    High doses of hormonal drugs (for emergency contraception) or abortion. These two aspects can not only cause a delay, but also completely disrupt and unbalance the flow of the menstrual cycle.

    Miscarriage - the process of natural abortion. There are situations when the egg is fertilized, but then developmental failure occurs. The reason for this may be a violation at the genetic level. A woman may not even be aware of pregnancy and its natural interruption, everything just looks like a delay of menstruation.

    Restructuring before menopause in the body of a woman. Biological changes occur at a certain age. Natural resources, which are aimed at the birth of children, have already been spent, and the delay of menstruation is quite natural. The so-called pre-menopausal period begins - menopause.

    Recent birth of a child. After childbirth, periods may not start for quite a long time, and when they start, they can be very unstable. All processes will return to the previous norm in the third or fourth month after delivery.

  • Прием некоторых медицинских препаратов. Especially when it caused unforeseen reactions in the body, provoking a delay in menstruation. This phenomenon happens very rarely, but it happens. Therefore, the doctor must know the exact list of those drugs that you have taken or are taking.

  • Symptoms of delayed menstruation with a negative test

    It often happens that a delay of three to five days is a signal that there are irregularities in the body, and most often these are gynecological diseases. Usually they have several additional symptoms. They are not easy to recognize, but possible.

    Visit the doctor is necessary if you have the following signs:

      A few days worried pulling, and sometimes acute pain in the lower abdomen and lower back.

    Monthly delayed by five to six days.

    Concerned about the discharge of brown or brown color with a sharp unpleasant odor.

    Discomfort in the perineum and the region of the labia, worried about itching and burning.

  • During intercourse or urination, there is discomfort or pain.

  • The cause of such pathologies can be several factors:

      Inflammatory processes in the body that have arisen with a strong hypothermia.

  • Infected infection (usually transmitted during intercourse).

  • The urinary tract and the reproductive system are closely interrelated, which means that any inflammation and disease in the kidneys or bladder can cause disruption in the reproductive system (delayed menstruation). These are diseases such as cystitis or pyelonephritis.

    When inflammatory processes occur in the body, the pulling pain in the lower abdomen, extending to the lower back, begins to disturb, the menstruation is delayed for five days. Of course, first of all, girls think that they are pregnant, but if the test is negative, then other organs should be examined. Body temperature can also rise and last several days.

    Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract have different manifestations and symptoms, but if a healthy balance in the work of the internal organs is disturbed, then this also affects the menstrual cycle. The reason for this may be such diseases: inflammation of the intestine, the formation of adhesions or hernia in it, tumors in the digestive tract, appendicitis.

    Sometimes the delay of menstruation and the negative test can not be directly associated with such diseases, but it has been proven that any inflammation and instability in the functioning of organs and systems in the body can slightly delay the onset of menstruation.

    If there are no periods for more than six days, it pulls and hurts in the lower abdomen, and the reason for this is gastrointestinal illness, then along with these there are several additional symptoms:

      Cutting back with aggravations.

    You are often sick and vomiting.

    There is diarrhea or constipation.

  • A few days the temperature is elevated.

  • What to do if the delay of menstruation, the test is negative and pulls the lower abdomen

    Doctors focus women’s attention on the fact that even if the pregnancy test is negative, and menstruation is delayed for six or more days, you should definitely sign up for a consultation with a gynecologist.

    You will be examined by a doctor, get professional recommendations, learn about the state of health of your body. You will be prescribed a course of treatment, after which all causes and unpleasant symptoms will disappear, and the disturbed menstrual cycle will be restored.

    It is very important to remember: it is absolutely impossible to take those medicines that have not been prescribed by a doctor! It is also very dangerous to use for treatment various folk recipes found on the Internet, because, firstly, medicinal herbs and recipes may have contraindications, and secondly, precious time will be lost when the ailment can be cured with minimal therapy. Only consultation with a professional will help you.

    Watch the video about the delay in menstruation with a negative test:

    Is it possible to cause monthly during delay

    How to cause monthly during a delay with a negative test? To do this, it is necessary to initially determine the reason for which the menstrual cycle is lost. Independently cope with this task is almost impossible. Only a doctor can determine the true cause. After that it is necessary to carry out all measures for its elimination.

    There are some ways that can help cause menses. To do this, the pharmacy has special pills, but experts do not recommend taking them. After all, certain processes occur in the body when necessary. If a woman intervenes, she can harm herself. These medicines have been developed exclusively for therapeutic purposes.

    What to do when you delay

    If a girl is having sex, and she did not have periods at the right time, then you should go for a pregnancy test. In addition, it is recommended to think about the reasons that could affect such a failure. If there is a delay in menstruation, and the test is negative, then you should definitely go to a doctor. It is especially worth visiting a doctor if you feel nagging pains, and your condition worsens.

    The specialist will conduct a survey, make an ultrasound, sometimes it is necessary to pass certain tests. If the reason for the delay was a disease, then it is necessary to immediately begin treatment.

    But in many cases it will be enough to reduce the load, change the diet, so that the menstrual cycle returns to normal.


    Nov 7, 2007, 5:07 pm

    There is a big divider about false positive tests. But it also happens that the test shows one strip, and in fact there is a pregnancy. Who so was, share your experience. Thank you

    Nov 7, 2007 at 5:15 pm

    Nov 7, 2007 5:49 pm

    I know two mummies

    tests were negative and there were no symptoms except delay

    , as a result, both were born

    Nov 7, 2007, 6:55 pm

    A®Nata, and how long were the tests negative?

    from the first day of the delay and somewhere else about 3 weeks after

    What to do?

    In addition to the test, for any delay, you must do an ultrasound and make an appointment with a gynecologist. In women, the question arises: when can an ultrasound scan show pregnancy? Experts say that from the 5th day. You should also take blood tests to establish or finally refute the fact of pregnancy. If the delay is 10 days, the test is negative, it is necessary to make an analysis for chorionic gonadotropin. About pregnancy say, if the concentration of hCG more than 25 IU / l.

    There are factors that influence the increase in this indicator in the absence of pregnancy. If a woman has a tumor in the body of the kidneys and genital organs, or she has taken hormonal drugs - the level of hCG can be more than 25. The same pattern is observed with a vesicular skid and a malignant tumor of the uterus.

    The result can be negative in the presence of pregnancy. It is important not to take medicine for 2-3 days before the analysis. Results may be inaccurate when analysis is done too early. For example, 3-4 day delay. You can do a second analysis on the 7th day of the delay. The second reason is an ectopic pregnancy. In order to exclude it (with a delay of menstruation), it is necessary to consult a doctor.

    The menstrual cycle can depend on many internal factors, such as temporary changes in hormonal levels, stress and illness, as well as external or environmental factors. The absence of one menstrual cycle is rarely a sign of a serious problem, but amenorrhea of ​​longer duration may indicate the presence of the disease. Here we will talk about secondary amenorrhea and its causes.

    What causes delayed menstruation, except pregnancy

    Pregnancy is the obvious cause of lack of menstruation and is the most common cause of secondary amenorrhea. Other causes are varied and may include conditions that affect the ovaries, uterus, hypothalamus or pituitary gland.

    Common causes of lack of menstruation:

    Separately, it is necessary to say about the last factor listed - the postpartum period. The fact is that almost all women know that there are no periods for a long time after birth. The duration of this period depends on many factors, in particular on whether the mother is feeding the baby or not. However, few young mothers know that the absence of menstruation for 1 year or more is called pathological delay, which requires medical intervention.

    What are the pathological causes of lack of menstruation?

    In order to get a more accurate result, it is necessary to carry out the test no earlier than seven days after the delay. In order to confirm the result obtained, it is recommended to re-test a week later.

    How does a test determine pregnancy?

    The basis of the pregnancy test is the calculation of the concentration in the urine of a woman's unique hormone hCG (that is, human chorionic gonadotropin), which is produced in female blood and urine after fertilization has occurred.

    If in the female urine the concentration of hCG will exceed the established critical level, the test shows a positive result. However, at the same time, there are cases when non-pregnant women also have the necessary amount of hCG in their blood. A woman needs to seek medical help as quickly as possible, since this phenomenon may be the first sign of a dangerous disease - for example, the development of a uterine tumor.

    • overweight,
    • greasy hair and skin
    • male pattern hair growth (excessive amounts of hair growth in the groin, above the lips, under the armpits and on the legs).

    However, such signs can be argued. So, for many women of eastern nationalities who do not experience monthly delays, such “excessive” hair growth is observed. In this case, it is an individual feature of a particular nation, and not a pathology.

    In addition to external signs, the main indicator of PCOS is an increase in the blood level of testosterone (male hormone). Exactly its excess leads to disruption of the menstrual cycle in a woman, which can lead to infertility, since at a high level of this hormone ovulation stops completely.

    But all is not so bad, since PCOS is completely curable. A gynecologist in lung situations may prescribe a course of oral contraceptives.

    Oral contraceptives lead the menstrual cycle back to normal.

    To date, there are many oral contraceptives, specially designed for women whose testosterone levels are elevated. Such contraceptives help not only to restore the normal hormones in a woman, but also significantly improve the appearance and completely eliminate monthly delays.

    In most cases, the menstrual cycle, with the use of oral contraceptives returns to normal.

    Do you often travel and work in shifts?

    The biggest delay was 2 weeks. Also, nothing bothered, just from the climate change was such ... In general, the test always showed me the pregnancy on the first day of the delay, on the 15th day there was always a clear second strip on the test! do another test from another company.

    If the doctor suggested that the reason for the delay is hormonal problems, then the woman goes to a consultation with an endocrinologist. She is also recommended to undergo a complete examination, including tests of urine, blood, ultrasound of the kidneys, adrenal glands, abdominal. If the disease is cured, the delay in menstruation will be eliminated by itself.

    Provocative factors must be eliminated in time, because with the right approach to treatment, you can restore the frequency of menstruation. For some women, it is enough to simply normalize the cycle by correcting the diet, creating conditions for rest, reducing physical exertion, since many do not know that the hormones are dependent on external factors.

    Natalia, with such a delay of menstruation, an ultrasound scan using a transvaginal sensor can detect pregnancy (07/14/2011)

    Good evening, Anastasia, unfortunately, it didn’t come to the ultrasound, on the night of Friday due to family circumstances I was greatly agitated, and by the evening there were slippery discharge with streaks. I did another test it is negative. In any case, drank duphaston. But the discharge became brownish and occasionally appear. Could this just be a coincidence and a normal failure, or should it be considered a threat. My gynecologist believes that in the past 2 weeks it makes no sense to go to her. (07/17/2011)

    Causes of delayed menstruation with a negative pregnancy test

    Symptoms with delay are purely individual. Some do not even notice that the next menstruation did not begin until they glanced at the calendar. Others suffer from indisposition, pain in the abdomen and lower back.

    Often women let everything go by itself, thinking that everything will “resolve” by itself. Buying a pregnancy test at a pharmacy and seeing a negative result, they take off all the stress, not even realizing that they may have a serious gynecological problem.

    Important! Do not self-medicate, as this can only aggravate the condition. In this case, a qualified gynecologist help is needed. The doctor will conduct the necessary examinations and prescribe the appropriate treatment, and if necessary, refer to other specialists (endocrinologist, gynecologist-endocrinologist, neurologist and others).

    Thus, not only pregnancy leads to a delay in menstruation. There are other reasons.


    Currently, every second woman takes any medications. But not everyone knows that some of the medications can lead to disruption of the menstrual cycle, in particular:

    • antidepressants
    • antibiotics
    • corticosteroids,
    • anabolic,
    • combined oral contraceptives (Lindinet, Janine, Yarin),
    • drugs that stimulate ovulation and improve hormonal levels (Klostilbegit, Duphaston),
    • cytostatics,
    • diuretic and anti-ulcer drugs,
    • means of emergency contraception (Zhenale, Postinor, Eskapel).

    Even the mindless use of seemingly harmless vitamins can lead to such consequences.

    If you associate a delay with the use of drugs, then discuss with your doctor the possible cancellation, replacement of the drug or dosage adjustment.

    Hormonal drugs affecting the menstrual cycle - gallery

    In response to stressful situations, which are quite a lot in a woman’s daily life (change of environment, work, experiences, family problems, lack of sleep, etc.), the body mobilizes and tries to fight this condition. And the first thing violated the production of hormones responsible for the processes in the reproductive system, and menstruation stops.

    In this case, it is necessary to try to distract from what is happening around, to reconsider your lifestyle, to begin to devote more time to rest, sleep at least 8 hours a day, more often be in the fresh air. The body needs rest.

    The presence of a spiral

    Delay of menstruation may occur if the intrauterine device:

    • was installed incorrectly
    • moved from her seat
    • sank into the cervical canal
    • fell out.

    The intrauterine device is often the cause of delayed menstruation.

    Many who have an intrauterine device, think that it was she who provoked the delay of menstruation. However, not every woman knows that the presence of a spiral does not guarantee that pregnancy does not occur.

    If you choose this method of contraception, then regularly visit a gynecologist to prevent possible violations.

    Overweight or low weight

    With overweight (obesity of any degree), a hormonal imbalance occurs, which leads to a delay in menstruation. The same thing happens with dystrophy. Estrogen fluctuations are observed in the body, the amount of testosterone (male sex hormones) increases, as a result of which hyperandrogeny develops, the processes of ovulation are disturbed, and the menstrual cycle fails.

    The critical threshold for the normal functioning of the reproductive system is 38–45 kg (depending on the individual characteristics of the organism). When indicators BMI (body mass index) below 18 increases the risk of a long delay in the menstrual cycle, which, in turn, can lead to serious consequences.

    If you have problems with weight, review your diet. Eat more raw vegetables and fruits that are rich in vitamins and fiber. Refer to a nutritionist for diet correction and normalization of body weight. The body should receive a daily balanced amount of protein, fat and carbohydrates. If the incoming substances are not enough, then he immediately begins to signal this.

    Lactation period

    Lack of menstruation during lactation is a normal physiological phenomenon, which is not a pathology. The reason is the increased production of the hormone prolactin, stimulating the work of the mammary glands. It inhibits the activity of the ovaries, as a result of which new follicles do not mature and an egg cell is not formed. The duration of this period in each case may vary, usually varies from 1 month to 1 year. If a year after birth, the menstrual cycle did not resume and did not become regular, then this is a reason to contact a gynecologist.

    Gynecological diseases

    The main reasons for the delay of the menstrual cycle are gynecological diseases. Частыми причинами становятся:

    • синдром поликистозных яичников - характеризуется резким повышением массы тела, жирной кожей, чрезмерным оволосением, вздутием, поносом и болью внизу живота,
    • оофорит,
    • adnexitis,
    • cysts of the yellow body,
    • adenomyosis,
    • endometrial hypoplasia,
    • salpingo-oophoritis,
    • hormonal disorders,
    • tumors,
    • cystitis (accompanied by a delay of 2 days to 1 week, as well as frequent urination),
    • various infectious and inflammatory diseases (thrush, endometritis, etc.) - while there are abundant (sometimes bloody) discharge of pink, yellow, brown or white, itching and burning in the region of the labia, dizziness, fever.

    Each of these conditions requires appropriate examination and treatment, so you should immediately consult a doctor to rule out one or another pathology.

    Menopause is characterized by the extinction of reproductive function and the gradual disappearance of menstruation. This condition is not a pathology and is considered a normal physiological phenomenon for women. The average age of menopause is 50 years, but this figure can vary from 35 to 60 years. Initially, menstruation becomes irregular, and then disappear altogether.

    Artificial abortion (abortion) and other causes

    Various surgical interventions, miscarriages, abortions can cause a failure in the menstrual cycle. When this occurs, a sharp hormonal adjustment of the body occurs, the inner layer of the uterus is damaged (endometrium). The process of restoring the normal functioning of the reproductive system takes some time.

    Women about menstrual problems

    Delays are normal if they are irregular. I had a delay of more than two weeks 2 months ago. Tests took place almost every day, and everything is negative. She finally got her period, and after they finished, I decided to check with the gynecologist just in case, as she considered it abnormal. The gynecologist said that everything is normal, and explained that this happens, it can be influenced by various factors - climate change, nerves, stress, lack of sleep, cold, etc.

    I did not have one and a half months with growth of 161 and weight of 47 kg. I was 25 years old. As soon as I got to 50, everything came.

    Menstruation is a cyclically repetitive process occurring in the healthy body of every woman. The delay in menstruation, many associated with the onset of pregnancy. What if the test shows a negative result? If fertilization has not come, but there is no menstrual bleeding, you should seek medical help.

    What is the menstrual cycle

    The process that provides reproductive function in each woman is called the menstrual cycle. The length of this period will differ in each case. Averageeits duration isfrom 23 to 35 days .

    For the reproductive function of the cerebral cortex. Information is transmitted to the pituitary gland, allowing it to produce hormones necessary for normal functioning of the ovaries and uterus.

    Menstruation is a cyclical process. The absence of another bleeding - a reason to think

    The whole cycle is divided into two phases, between which ovulation occurs:

    1. Follicular - starts from the first day of menstrual bleeding. During this period, the female body is preparing for a possible pregnancy. In the ovaries, the process of maturation of the new egg. The duration of this phase is 15–20 days.
    2. Luteal, or the corpus luteum phase - occurs after ovulation and lasts 12-16 days. Mature egg goes into the abdominal cavity. It is during this period that fertilization can occur if the female cell encounters a sperm cell. The cycle ends with the onset of the next menstrual bleeding.

    As a rule, most women have a fixed cycle time (28 days on average). Therefore, it is possible to easily calculate when the menstrual bleeding begins next time. A normal deviation of 2-3 days is considered. If there is a delay of more than 5 days, first of all it is necessary to do a pregnancy test. A negative result is a reason to consult a gynecologist.

    Why does not another menstruation occur? There may be several reasons.

    Drug therapy

    The duration of the menstrual cycle may be affected by certain medications:

    1. Birth control pills. Small deviations from the norm during the period of use of such medicines are considered the norm. For drugs that can provoke a delay in menstruation, include:
      • Diane 35
      • Novinet,
    2. Yarin,
    3. Lindinet
    4. Hormonal drugs (Duphaston, Cyclodinone, Clostilbegit). Medicines from this group should be used strictly under the supervision of a specialist.
    5. Emergency contraception (Escapel, Postinor, Zhenale). Bleeding may be delayed by 3–10 days.

    Medicine has a history of pregnancy even after taking emergency contraception. Therefore you should contact your local gynecologist.

  • Antidepressants, drugs for the treatment of oncology, as well as antibiotics. However, some experts in this regard have their own opinion. The absence of menstruation can develop against the background of pathological processes occurring in the body. The medications used, in their opinion, have nothing to do with. Some hormonal preparations can affect the reproductive function (Duphaston, Cyclodinone, Clostilbegit). Medicines from this group can be used strictly under the supervision of a specialist.
  • If the delay is observed on the background of drug therapy, no special action should be taken. The situation will recover after cessation of treatment with the listed drugs. But to inform the gynecologist about the situation that arises is still worth it.

    Drugs That Cause Delay - Gallery

    Means of emergency contraception Postinor

    Hormonal drug Duphaston

    Contraceptive pills Jess

    Intrauterine device

    One of the most popular methods of contraception in recent years is the intrauterine device. This device prevents fertilization, but does not protect against infection. As a result, the failure of the menstrual cycle can often occur.

    The presence of infection will indicate a discharge with an unpleasant smell and pain in the lower abdomen.

    In addition, the intrauterine device is often the cause of the development of intrauterine pregnancy. The test will show a negative result.

    The cause of failure of the menstrual cycle is often the intrauterine device.

    By the choice of the spiral should be approached with special attention. A suitable model should be advised by a specialist based on the anatomical features of the female reproductive organs. The device can be in the uterus no more than 5 years .

    If there is a delay in menstruation with the described method of contraception, you should immediately contact a gynecologist. The intrauterine device often leads to the development of serious complications.

    Neurosis and stress

    Examinations, problems at work, quarrels with relatives - all this can lead to a change in the hormonal background of the woman, and at the same time to the delay of menstruation for more than a week. Physical fatigue can also trigger repression of the reproductive function. Additionally, the following symptoms occur:

    • headaches,
    • weakness,
    • dizziness,
    • nausea,
    • sleep disturbances
    • rapid weight loss.

    40% of women professionally involved in sports, there are problems with reproductive function.

    In this case, women are shown good nutrition and rest. In the most difficult situations, you have to take antidepressants. The treatment is carried out by a therapist.

    As a rule, after the normalization of the psychological and physical state, the menstrual cycle is restored.

    Weight problems

    With the violation of reproductive function, many women are overweight. Menstrual bleeding comes irregularly or completely absent.

    The hypothalamus is a department of the brain responsible for the performance of all organs and tissues of the body, in particular for reproductive function

    With a weight of more than 100 kg, the hypothalamus (brain compartment) completely blocks the production of estrogen by the ovaries.

    Estrogens (female sex hormones) are normally produced not only in the ovaries, but also in the subcutaneous fatty tissue.

    Correct the situation will help correct weight loss program developed by a nutritionist. Treatment should be under the supervision of a gynecologist.

    Can not be called useful and sharp weight loss. The body perceives such a situation as exhaustion. In this case, female sex hormones begin to be produced in smaller quantities. Trendy diets can also lead to the development of avitaminosis, which also affects reproductive function. To solve the problem, you must start to eat fully.

    The period after childbirth and lactation

    After the baby is born, the female body must restore reproductive function. Therefore, for several months after childbirth, menstruation is absent. In most cases, no bleeding is observed and throughout the entire period of lactation (breastfeeding).

    There is a chance, though small, to get pregnant during lactation. Therefore, a woman who does not plan to conceive soon after birth, it is worth thinking about a good method of contraception.

    During lactation, reproductive function is inhibited, so there are no monthly

    Typically, the menstrual cycle returns to normal after stopping breastfeeding. However, experts do not recommend immediately planning the next pregnancy. Fully female body is restored only 2 years after childbirth. .

    Climax (menopause) - is the extinction of the reproductive function of women. For many, this process begins with the delay of menstruation for weeks and even months. Other unpleasant symptoms include:

    • sleep disturbances
    • dry vagina
    • excessive sweating
    • mood swings
    • pulling pains in lower abdomen.

    Menopause condition is not pathological. This is a normal life process. If the described symptoms do not allow a woman to lead a normal life, you should seek help from a gynecologist who will prescribe suitable vitamins and herbal remedies.


    Many pathologies of the sexual sphere can lead to impaired reproductive function. These can be fungal, viral, or bacterial infections. In this case, you should pay attention to the presence of such additional symptoms as:

    • general deterioration of health,
    • brown, pink, bloody, yellow or white vaginal discharge,
    • lower abdominal pain, lower back,
    • diarrhea (diarrhea),
    • itching of the labia,
    • fever,
    • frequent urination.

    The rapid deterioration of health, along with the lack of regular menstrual bleeding - a reason for immediate treatment to the gynecologist. The causes of this condition may be several - from ordinary thrush to syphilis or gonorrhea.

    The following diseases can cause a prolonged delay of menstruation (more than a month):

    1. Uterine fibroids. Endometrial benign tumor. Therapy is carried out by a gynecologist. Often shown surgical intervention.
    2. Endometriosis. The disease can cause both the absence of menstruation and abundant uterine bleeding. A typical symptom is pain during stool. Also observed frequent urination. The treatment is carried out by a gynecologist.
    3. Adnexitis. Inflammatory process of appendages. Characterized by yellow discharge with an unpleasant smell, abdominal pain, bloating.
    4. Polycystic ovary. Pathology leads to hormonal disorders and disruptions of the menstrual cycle. There may be delays from several days to a month. The specialist conducts hormone therapy. In the most difficult cases, surgical intervention is indicated.

    Medical abortion often leads to a long delay of menstrual bleeding (from a week to several months). The following factors may contribute to this:

    • hormonal disbalance,
    • adhesions,
    • infection, brought in during surgery,
    • stress,
    • damage to the uterus.

    After an abortion, a woman must be under the supervision of a physician. If menstruation does not occur within a month after surgery, the gynecologist should conduct an additional examination and prescribe appropriate treatment.

    Delay of menstruation

    First of all, do not rush to conclusions. After all, the test that you did may be faulty, for example, due to improper storage. Either you did it wrong. There may be many options. My advice to you, sign up to the gynecologist. And while you do not get to your doctor, buy another pregnancy test, just another company and repeat the test. If you are now faced with such a problem, as the delay of menstruation, in any case, do not take in head to worry. And do not ignore this situation, even if you have a long-awaited menstruation in a few days. In any case, a visit to the doctor is inevitable for you. Do not let the situation take its course.

    Causes of delayed menstruation

    And now the time has come when your period should come. Days go, and monthly all do not come. Naturally, you begin to worry. Run to the pharmacy and buy a pregnancy test. Remember that a pregnancy test is best done in the morning. It is also important to make it right, following the instructions. And so, the test is made and the result is ready. Negative. A few days later come the long-awaited periods. What are the reasons for the delay of menstruation? Let's take them apart. Of course, it also happens that after a delay, you still came during your periods, with a negative test result, and you later understand that you are pregnant. Yes. Sometimes it happens. Since in some cases, pregnancy may be accompanied by menstruation at the first time and even throughout its length. If pregnancy in your case is excluded, let's return to the question, what are the reasons for the delay of menstruation. The reasons, as we have said, maybe a lot.

    One of the reasons may be a violation of hormonal levels. Disruption of hormonal levels can occur for several factors. You will need to consult a doctor and conduct a proper examination. Since, the irregularity of your menstrual cycle, talks about the problems in your body. And you need the help of a gynecologist who will examine you and prescribe the necessary treatment.

    Also, the delay of menstruation, may indicate a pathology of the endocrine system. Pathology of the endocrine system, is one of the most common causes of delayed menstruation. Such a reason means the malfunction of the thyroid gland, as well as a disease of the endocrine system. To avoid the pathology of the disease, you promptly, in any case not postponing, you need to contact a gynecologist and pass all the necessary examination. You will also need to visit an endocrinologist. Who will conduct the necessary examination and consult you about your treatment.

    Diseases such as endometriosis, adenomyosis, fibroids, oncology of the body of the uterus or cervix, as well as inflammation in the appendages or the uterus and other diseases of the reproductive system in women, are also causes of the delay of the menstrual cycle. And here, of course, you can not avoid the help of a qualified doctor. As with such diseases you need timely, immediate treatment. Remember, health is paramount. Many girls do not like to contact a gynecologist. Thereby starting this and very serious problem. Understand, the gynecologist is first and foremost your friend, be he a woman or a man. If your doctor is a man, and for some reason you are embarrassed to go to him, you can change your doctor to another woman. And with any anxiety or ambiguity, feel free to contact your doctor for advice and help.

    Also, the delay of menstruation, can occur if you have such a problem as overweight. Obesity leads to dysfunction of the reproductive system and endocrine. Being overweight affects not only these systems, but also your body as a whole. You just need to go in for sports, if for medical reasons sports exercises, or how it does not affect your health. As you begin to lose weight, your menstrual cycle will return to normal.

    But you also need to remember that rapid weight loss also negatively affects your health. Do not harass yourself on an ongoing basis with grueling long-term diets. Since long-term diets and fasting, including, leads to disruption of the menstrual cycle. There is a well-known fact that girls, having brought themselves to a depleted state, lose the ability to become pregnant. So, cute girls, if you are overweight and you are going to lose weight, then lose weight correctly. Do not let your body deplete itself. Love yourself and treat yourself carefully to avoid irreversible effects.

    And if you have recently become a mother, then the disappearance of menstruation is a completely normal process in your body. Since after the birth of the baby, the body begins to produce prolactin, because of which it disappears for the time of menstruation in women. As a rule, if you are a nursing mother, the absence of menstruation process lasts longer than if you are not breastfeeding. In non-breastfeeding moms, the menstrual cycle is restored on average after a couple of menstruation periods.If you had such a joyful event as the birth of a small miracle, and your period did not immediately return to normal, then you should know that you have no cause for concern. This is a natural process of your body.

    Also, the delay in menstruation can occur due to a hefty physical load on your body. If you are professionally involved in sports or have work with extreme physical exertion, then you may also encounter such a problem as menstrual irregularities. Moreover, excessive loads on the body, affect the overall negative impact on your health.

    Delay of menstruation can also occur due to serious diseases. So if you have suffered a serious illness, and the menstrual cycle is brought down, do not be surprised. Neural strong shocks affect your body just as badly.

    Violation of the menstrual cycle has a detrimental effect on your body. There are cases when, due to constant disruptions in the body, women begin menopause, even at the age of 30 years. In this case, you urgently need to run to the doctor and pass all necessary examinations. Since not timely treatment can lead to infertility.

    We have sorted out the common reasons for the delay in menstruation. If you really have health problems, the delay in menstruation tells you about it. It is good if you do not have any health problems and the delay of the menstrual cycle is only, for example, due to a sharp change in climate. But if you encounter such a problem as delayed menstruation, with the exception of pregnancy, repeatedly, for your own good you need to make an appointment with a gynecologist. Pass the necessary examination and start treatment in a timely manner, in order to avoid irreversible consequences.

    This concludes my article. Be healthy. Do not run your body. Health is the most important thing we have. Love yourself and take care of yourself. Dear girls, just leave your feedback and comments on this topic.