Folk remedies that cause monthly


How to cause monthly during a delay? Monthly delay for 1 week is not considered to be something abnormal. A woman's body is a living complex system that is exposed to many internal and external factors. Rarely does anyone have a menstrual cycle that works like a clock, and her period comes daily. There can be several reasons to cause periods. The most common PMS. The woman is tired of the tension of the nervous system, pain and just waiting. A celebration is coming. Delayed monthly cross out all plans. There was an unwanted pregnancy, a woman just wants to cause periods for her breakdown.

The reasons for the delay of menstruation too much. From fatigue and pregnancy, to serious diseases, not only gynecological. The found out reason gives the opportunity to take measures, prescribe the appropriate treatment. Therefore, in any case, if you delay menstruation for more than 7 days, you should consult a gynecologist.

When you rush menstruation is not necessary

Menstruations begin at the age of 14 to 16 years. There is an early puberty, then the menstruation begins at 9 years. Within 2 years there is a restructuring of the body. The absence of menstruation for 2 consecutive months has no good reason to fear. After 2 years, the reproductive system should work out. A delay of more than 1 month is considered undesirable. The reason must understand the doctor. In this case, it is necessary to call monthly. The situation with the reverse restructuring of the body concerns women after 45 years, before menopause. The delay of menstruation in this case is considered normal. Gradually, menstruation will make itself felt with scanty secretions, or daubs. After that, it will disappear altogether. Calling monthly is not worth it.

If, in young women, the menstrual cycle is broken, menstruation comes late, you should visit a gynecologist. If there are no serious diseases, the doctor will prescribe drugs to call monthly.

Monthly Drugs

In the pharmacy, these drugs are sold without a doctor's prescription. The availability of drugs leads to mass unauthorized use without visiting a doctor. All of them are hormonal, can cause an imbalance of hormones in the body, and the monthly will not come. The doctor must determine which hormone is not enough, prescribe treatment.

The most common hormonal drug. You can call monthly for 1 week. The treatment plan is selected by the doctor, based on a preliminary analysis of hormones. Usually a woman takes 1 tablet 2 times a day. The duration of treatment is 5 days. If the monthly come earlier, the drug is canceled. It contains a huge dose of progesterone. The hormone provokes the appearance of menstruation. In the case of pregnancy, it is useless to cause monthly duphaston. Progesterone, on the contrary, will contribute to the consolidation of a fertilized egg. If menstruation does not come, the delay is not due to progesterone deficiency, not pregnancy, menstruation will also come. However Duphaston will not be able to eliminate the true cause of the delay. Perhaps a month later, the situation will happen again. A woman will think, than cause menstruation.

Hormonal drug. It is an analogue of Duphaston. However, some additional components are missing. Instead, Utrozhestan supplemented with plant substances. It is prescribed for individual intolerance to Duphaston. Can be used vaginally. The drug inhibits the production of estrogen, increases the amount of progesterone. It is possible to cause monthly 10 day treatment. After drug withdrawal, menstruation begins within 1 week. Some women have menstruation during the 10 days of treatment.

If menstruation comes first, the delay is caused by a lack of progesterone. The hormonal reserve has replenished, the system has returned to normal, the menstruation has begun. To prevent a similar situation in the next cycle, Utrogestan is taken from day 16. Delay menstruation will not. It does not help, if there are no periods, the delay is caused by pregnancy. Even if taken on a short notice.

Means causes monthly very quickly. It is a means of emergency contraception. Allowed to accept no more than 2 times a year. 2 doses of the drug are consumed within 72 hours after unprotected intercourse. The next day, another 1 tablet Postinora. The tool contains a large amount of the hormone progesterone. For the body is a strong shock. After 1-3 days begin monthly. Postinor can provoke menstruation, if the delay is caused by pregnancy. You can take a period of no more than 4 weeks. The woman will feel a deterioration of health, nausea, weakness, vomiting. Get rid of pregnancy, even for a short time at home is not worth it. In this case, cause monthly can a qualified doctor.

Funds are not available for sale. Delivered to the gynecological department. Used to conduct medical abortion for up to 10 weeks of pregnancy. Cause monthly can per day. It is necessary to accept 600 mg at once. For a woman, this threatens to worsen health, abdominal pain, vomiting, nausea, and other similar symptoms. It must be under the constant supervision of a physician. To provoke menstruation, the delay of which is caused by pregnancy, is not worth it on your own.

It is considered one of the most innocuous, affordable drugs. Although uncontrolled use can lead to negative consequences. Norkolut can cause monthly for 5-10 days. Treatment is prescribed for 10 days, 2 tablets. You can drink immediately, or 1 in the morning, 1 in the evening. Menstruation begins either in the process of taking pills, or 5 days after the cancellation. This is a hormonal drug containing progesterone. Contraceptive it is not. In some cases, taking Norkolut is indicated during pregnancy. Call monthly, the delay of which is associated with pregnancy, will not work.

A homeopathic hormone-free remedy. It is used in the event that menstruation, the delay is caused by a stressful state, stress of the nervous system. 7 Pulsatilla granules are absorbed. Call monthly can on the next day. If this does not happen, you can not repeat the pill.

You can call monthly folk remedies. Recipes for effective ways are handed down from generation to generation. After all, before such drugs were saved only.

Folk ways to call

With the adoption of traditional medicines the main thing is not to overdo it. Otherwise, instead of the desired monthly get uterine bleeding.

  • Comprehensive measures

It is necessary to replenish the enrichment of the diet with vitamin C. Eat lemon, parsley. From the plant to prepare the broth, the lemon can be added to tea. Increase the contraction of the uterus will help exercise the pelvic area. This does not mean that you should lift weights in order to thwart an unwanted pregnancy. Rotation of the hoop, fitness, even dancing is welcomed. At the end take a bath. Hot water will increase blood flow to the uterus. Such a complex impact should bring the onset of critical days. If there are no periods, and the delay is caused by a short gestational period, such actions can provoke bleeding. You will need emergency hospitalization.

  • Sedatives

Accepted if the delay in menstruation is associated with emotional stress, nervous overwork. Prepare a decoction of chamomile, mint, valerian root. Take 1 tbsp. spoon all the ingredients. Brew 200 ml of boiled water. Leave for 20 minutes. Use 2 times a day 100 ml. After what period will begin monthly, it is difficult to say.

  • Infusion to accelerate the arrival of monthly

Preparing the infusion of a mixture of medicinal herbs. They are taken in equal proportions - 2 tbsp. spoons.

  • Nettle,

  • Oregano,
  • Elecampane,
  • Rosehip
  • Yarrow,
  • Knotweed
  • Root pink rhodiola.

Pour a mixture of 1 liter of boiled water. Place on the day in a warm place. All content to be drunk in 1 day.

You can cook tincture of cornflower. 2 tbsp. spoons pour 200 ml boiling water. Insist for 1 hour. Take should be 30 ml 4 times a day. Cause monthly cornflower can be quickly. Literally in 1-2 days, critical days will begin. However, it should be remembered that cornflower contains toxins. If used excessively, the tincture causes poisoning. If the delay was due to pregnancy, there may be heavy bleeding.

Folk remedies can have a negative impact on the body, absolutely, like hormonal drugs when used alone. In the case of a long delay, you should consult a doctor!

How to cause monthly folk remedies?

There are many recipes of traditional medicine, accelerating the arrival of menstruation.

  1. It is necessary to mix four spoons of table valerian and chamomile, three tablespoons of table mint. Then brew the collection of a cup of boiling water, let stand under the lid. Drink half a cup in the morning and evening.
  2. It is necessary to mix two spoons of table oregano, knotweed, Rhodiola rosea, nettle, rosehips, elephant root, yarrow. Brew collection liter of boiling water. Let stand under the lid. Take the infusion throughout the day in small portions.
  3. To cause monthly, you need to eat, as much as possible fresh parsley. You can also drink the infusion of it with the addition of dill. To do this, grind the plants, brew with boiling water and let stand. Drink half a cup in the morning and evening. Menstruation occurs after three days.

  4. The most effective method to cause menstruation — to take a decoction of onion peel, which must be of a rich amber color. To achieve the result, you need to drink a decoction every day for two hundred and fifty milliliters.
  5. A good way is to take iodine-salt baths (it is contraindicated for hypertensive patients). Before the procedure, you need to get as much physical activity as possible. In hot water, you must add ten drops of iodine and two packages of salt. Take a bath for at least twenty minutes. Then you need to wipe dry, wrap up and go to bed.
  6. Brew two packs of bay leaf in ½ liter of boiling water. Let stand for sixty minutes under the lid. Drink at a time, usually monthly begin in a day.
  7. Helps cause menstruation while taking a large portion of ascorbic acid. You need to eat two grams of ascorbine or a whole lemon (contraindicated for stomach ailments and low blood pressure). The procedure can be repeated several times.
  8. Monthly quickly come when drinking milk with iodine.
  9. Elecampane is one of the effective means of accelerating the arrival of menstruation. The decoction of the plant can be drunk inside and cook baths with it. It is necessary to pour a cup of water a spoonful of a devyasil root spoon, then in a water bath. Let stand. Take ¼ cup twice a day. Typically, menstruation begins the next day.

  10. Well helps tansy. Brew a cup of boiling water two tablespoons of table flowers of the plant. Take three times a day. It is necessary to strictly observe the proportion, since its violation can lead to the fact that instead of using the benefits of the drug, the body will receive poison.


Artificial induction of menstruation using traditional medicine methods has a number of risks. You need to be sure that the delay in menstruation is not associated with the onset of pregnancy, otherwise medicinal plants can cause uterine bleeding. In addition, self-administration of agents that accelerate the onset of menstruation can reduce hormonal levels and lead to disastrous consequences, such as infertility.

We must remember that you can not regularly apply folk remedies.

If the delays are permanent, it is imperative to contact a specialist to solve the problem of violation of the cycle. And in no case should you interrupt unwanted pregnancies with such home methods. The consequences of such an abortion can be very dangerous for the body. If you do not want to give birth, you should immediately contact the hospital for a solution.

Folk remedies

What can help folk remedies in order to cause monthly quickly and ahead of schedule?
First of all, you need to make sure that this is definitely not a pregnancy. It is very important. In addition to the pregnancy test, if the delay lasts for more than ten days, it is desirable to pass the analysis for hCG, it will give one hundred percent correct result. You can undergo ultrasound examination of the uterus. In the case when the pregnancy is confirmed, in no case should you do any manipulations yourself at home, and even more so a micro abortion or, as it is called, a miscarriage! Such manipulations can lead to very serious consequences: from severe bleeding to death. Consult an obstetrician-gynecologist for help. At very early stages, he can prescribe a medical abortion, but under supervision and in the laboratory. However, even medical abortion, whatever it may be, has negative consequences for the woman’s body. Protect yourself from an unplanned pregnancy, if possible excluding unprotected sexual intercourse.

So, this is not a pregnancy, so you can ask for help from traditional medicine. It should be remembered that the girl's menstrual cycle obeys hormones, and the hormonal background of each woman is different, so folk methods may not work in all cases and not on every woman.

Herbs to call monthly, in addition to restoring the menstrual cycle, can beneficially affect the entire body. They can be collected for a walk, in the garden or buy at any pharmacy. The most common, though not very effective, folk remedy to cause menstruation ahead of time is parsley. It should be consumed in large quantities, adding it to all dishes. Can be combined with other herbs, making all kinds of salads. Parsley, in addition to the expected effect, will improve digestion, oxygen metabolism of the body, strengthen blood vessels and support the normal functioning of the brain. Supplement the reception of parsley can be a lemon and a decoction of yarrow with oregano.

Broth that would have gone monthly with a delay

Another common and fairly effective way to cause menstruation at home includes chamomile, mint and valerian root. Preparing a decoction that would have gone monthly from three parts of valerian root, three parts of mint and four parts of chamomile. To do this, the resulting mixture of herbs 15 minutes to insist, pour boiling water. Take before the onset of menstruation in half a glass in the morning and evening. This recipe for causing menstruation may not bring the desired result in case the delayed menstruation is caused by inflammatory processes of the urogenital system. It must be borne in mind that taking mint can cause heart palpitations in some people.

Herbs causing monthly prematurely

The next effective remedy is to quickly trigger monthly before the prescribed time, but it needs more herbs. So, it is necessary to take nettle leaves, oregano, rosehip, rhodiola rosea root, elecampane, yarrow and knotweed two tablespoons, chop and pour a liter of boiling water. Insist it for about twelve hours. Insist preferably in a thermos. All the resulting broth, but it should turn out about a liter, drink a day for half a glass. It should be noted that the yarrow contained in this recipe, the plant is poisonous and should be extremely careful in dosage. Part of this broth is nyasil, that is, its root to call menstruation can be taken independently. But more than 50 ml. it is not recommended to drink broth, as this may lead to uterine bleeding.

Onion Husk to Call Monthly

Perhaps the easiest, easiest and most affordable way to cause menstruation with a delay is the onion peel. Or rather, a strong broth of onion peel, about as for painting eggs. Having drunk one glass of this remedy, you can wait for the menstruation in a day. By the way, in the same way you can remove the pain during menstruation, as well as strengthen the immune system. A daily use of tampons with onion juice will help cure cervical erosion, only the juice must be fresh.

It is worth noting that with all its positive effects on the body, traditional medicine has contraindications, for example, one of the most common ones is intolerance or plant allergy . This is especially true of complex decoctions to call a quick monthly. Therefore, before taking it is necessary, at least, to familiarize yourself with the herbs in the broth and their effects on the body. It should be remembered that any medicinal plant in large quantities can become poisonous. Therefore, if a folk remedy to cause menstruation did not have the expected effect on the body, it is not necessary to increase the dose or prolong the reception. This can lead to disastrous results. Seek the advice of a doctor, he will pick up another tool.

Of course, not everyone trusts traditional medicine. Поэтому при уверенности в отсутствии беременности и имея совсем небольшую задержку менструации, можно попробовать принять горячую ванну,а затем заняться любовью и желательно не один раз. Горячая вода обеспечит приток крови к половым органам, а половой акт приведет в тонус матку, что может послужить причиной месячных.But this method must be used with great caution, because the bleeding that has opened can be very strong and it will have to be stopped by medication while lying in the hospital.

Monthly Pills

Not only folk remedies can help women in the absence of menstruation. Consider the pills and drugs that cause menstruation quickly and ahead of time. Pharmaceuticals also did not leave this problem without their attention. In pharmacies now you can buy a lot of varieties of drugs to call pre-term monthly, which will help in stimulating the menstrual cycle and cause monthly. Duphaston is the most well-known drug that causes fast-forced menstruation ahead of time and has many positive reviews. Taking this drug in two pills a day: one in the morning and the evening, you can trigger the onset of menstruation in about three days. The course of taking the drug to call monthly with a delay of no more than 5 days. Duphaston is indicated for use in premenstrual syndrome.

If you need a quick result, the homeopathic medicine Pulsatilla will be effective. The basis of the drug grass Chamber or sleep-grass. Only seven granules at a time and you can wait for menstruation. This drug that causes forced menstruation at home ahead of time will also help to normalize the cycle with scanty and painful discharge. It should be noted that the tablet is considered female and its range of application is very wide.

When there is a permanent sexual partner, taking birth control pills helps to establish the menstrual cycle and menstruation begins on a particular day. It is very comfortable and worthy of attention.
But it happens that menstruation does not begin for several months, in this case you should consult a gynecologist for advice. Of course, initially it is necessary to exclude pregnancy. Most likely, the doctor will prescribe an ultrasound or analysis of hCG, only after that a course of special hormones will be prescribed. This course lasts 3-5 days and during the week the menstrual cycle is restored.

Summing up

Now on the Internet you can find a huge number of drugs and popular recipes to call monthly, which supposedly help to cope with the problem of lack of monthly independently. When choosing any means you need to view reviews of people who have already taken it. This information can be very useful when choosing the most gentle method. Means such as iodine with milk, tansy, Postinor, huge doses of vitamin C, and others, can cause more harm to the body than good. For example, when taking a Postinor, the endocrine system can seriously suffer, and severe bleeding begins. Acceptance of this drug can only be justified by an emergency, because the destructive effect on the female body of a killer dose of hormones is in no way justified by a meager positive result.
Tansy if taken improperly can cause severe poisoning. If it is taken on a short term of pregnancy, tansy will harm not only the fetus, but also the female body as a whole.
Iodine with milk is a very dangerous remedy. Alcohol solution, which is usually used, when taken into the inside is very toxic. This cocktail can cause poisoning, swelling of the thyroid gland and many more unpleasant consequences for the body. Here are such useful tips about how you can cause premature monthly in the home.

It should also be remembered that any interference with the hormones of the female body can lead to unpleasant consequences. Therefore, before taking any medications and folk recipes for menstruation, you should consult with your doctor. It will help you choose the right tool at the individual level.

Even if the above means or drugs after self-administration gave the desired result, you need to visit the antenatal clinic. After all, the consequence of the menstruation was eliminated, and in order for the situation not to repeat, it is required to find and eliminate the cause. This is probably all the tips that we can give you about how to cause periods during a delay, quickly and ahead of time. You can also cause menstruation at home by taking special pills and drugs.
Be healthy!