Chinese tampons: doctors reviews


Few have heard of the existence of Chinese tampons. Some of them are endlessly admired, calling almost a panacea for all women's ailments, while others refer to their use much more restrained. Whose opinion is correct? Perhaps this question everyone must answer for himself. And the purpose of this article is to give an opportunity to compare feedback on phytoampons of both positive and negative nature.

Let's start with the "fly in the ointment", that is, consider the negative reviews of Chinese tampons. Then we oppose to them the comments of people who have a positive experience in using such gynecological tools, and finally we will study the opinion of doctors about this method of therapy.

Not so smooth or negative reviews of Chinese tampons

Indeed, the healing Chinese balls, despite their amazing popularity, have a number of opponents who actively share their negative experiences on the Web, discouraging the purchase of such products. Acquainted with such comments in more detail, you can see that it is almost always about either individual intolerance, or about the likely acquisition of counterfeit products, and sometimes the instructions for use are simply not followed.

I helped, but there is a big drawback

Marina Ryazantseva, 29, Moscow

“Fampaonin decided to try the tampons after the positive response of the woman who cured chronic thrush with their help. This sore did not give me rest for 5 years. Before menstruation, relapse is necessary. Nystatin, Flucostat, Pimafucin, etc. Tortured to be treated. From all the short-lived effect. Desperate, decided to take a chance, ordered. The itch during the application of the first tampon was terrible, I wanted to pull it out already, but overcame myself. Suffered all three days, with the second thing went easier. Passed the course of 6 tampons. If it were not for this discomfort, she would have commended, since for three months already the thrush “does not raise the head”.

I'll try something else ...

Anastasia Dubrovina, 34 years old, Voronezh

“I used Qing Gong tampons to adjust the cycle. In general, there are no special complaints, after passing the course of 8 tampons, the menstrual periods began to go more stable. But I will not buy them anymore, because their smell is unpleasant for me. I am very sensitive in this matter. Maybe I'll try other manufacturers' tampons. ”

There are doubts as a means

Ekaterina Ostapova, 23 years old, Yaroslavl

“I do not know why they are praised! Some kind of wrinkled packaging, the ball itself in the package began to crumble, and for complete happiness, while it was going to inject, a tampon was torn off the rope. Threw away. Whether fake, or people blindly conducted on advertising. I don't want to experiment again. I tried the Chinese balls Guyfey Bao ".

Unpleasant sensations, but if necessary, then necessary!

Olga Maksimova, 31 years old, Samara

“I bought the Wedge Point herbal tampons on the official website. For several years she lived in China - there they are sold in pharmacies. Therefore, there was no distrust. Treated ovarian cysts. I had to complete 3 courses in half a year. Positive dynamics, education decreased by 2 times, but during the treatment there was a stable feeling of dryness in the vagina. Had to douche often chamomile. Overall, the effect was worth it. I will continue to apply. ”

Did not fit

Irina Indienko, 45, Moscow

“Tampons Lacklife acquired from a consultant. I could not use it, although I really hoped to get rid of the uterus polyp. But the treatment was not strong enough - an hour after the injection, there was a strong burning sensation. I did not tolerate it, pulled out a ball, douched it with chamomile for a long time. Allergy sufferers like me should try with caution. ”

Good tool, I will advise

Marina Khazova, 25 years old, Moscow

“Treated with Chinese tampons Sunway polycystic ovaries. I was afraid that the case would end with an operation, I was looking for an alternative. I came across reviews on the description of the action of these unusual balls. Long thought, and then still decided to try. A course of 24 pieces removed the problem. Not even believe it so far. True, periodically there was a feeling of dryness, but for the sake of such a result it is possible to suffer. Discharges were in the form of white-yellow films. But after 5 tampons, they stopped altogether. I advise you to try all women. Really work! "

My experience with Chinese balls

Olga Savinova, 30 years old, St. Petersburg

“After 2 months of OK administration, terrible pains in the ovaries began, she lived on Spazmalgone. On the Internet, I have seen phyto-tampons reviews. Somehow by itself the desire came to try. She ordered 2 packs of tampons by Lou Li Meitan, that is, 12 things. After the first ball came out bloody mucus, some rags. It was disgusting. After the second and third - only white pieces. Doused with furatsilina pale solution. At the end of the course my pain went away. I think it was the tampons that helped. ”

For those who want to get pregnant

Julia Lisitsa, 34 years old, Stavropol

“I will tell my story. Married 8 years. All these years, unsuccessfully trying to get pregnant. I had continuous problems in gynecology: two ovarian cysts, chronic inflammation of the appendages, and constant antibacterial dysbacteriosis during treatment with antibiotics. In short, I have already begun to lose hope. Bad thoughts went to my head — I wanted to divorce my husband so that I could find a healthy mother for my children. And here the doctor, seeing my despair, half whisper advised to order Wedge Point tampons. I absolutely did not believe that some herbs would help. But still decided to try.

For the first time came out lumps of mucus interspersed with blood, the films are transparent. Even scared. Then after another 2-3 tampons of "rags" some came out during douching. But the feeling has gradually become better, the inflammations have stopped, the cycle has improved. About conception somehow did not think. And then one day - the delay. Considered that the cycle failed again. And in fact, our miracle happened - little Veronichka. So many years of stupid and painful treatment, but help came, from where it was not expected. ”

How I treated erosion

Irina Popova, 28 years old, Stavropol

“I learned about tampons 3 years ago and since then I have been using them regularly. Then the doctor delighted me with a diagnosis: cervical erosion. I did not obey his opinion and did not carry out the treatment prescribed by him. On the advice of my aunt I wrote out Chinese medical tampons Beautiful Life. After 5 balls of erosion, there is no trace. "

Unexpected result

Svetlana Aksyutina, 45 years old, Kazan

“Kleen Point's herbal tampons were given to me by a friend when I complained to her that I was going to clean up to remove a polyp. She advised not to hurry, said that they help and not from this yet. It was scary to use - I had a biased opinion about China. But decided to take a chance, really did not want to go to the hospital. On the first day, the lower abdomen ached, and the lower back was pulled (as during menstruation). She was afraid, but decided not to pull out. In general, on day 3, she pulled out a tampon, and on it were disgusting films of brown-red color, clots. I saw such a horror in the photo in reviews of phyto-tampons and did not believe that someone inside could have such filth. Sprinkled with chamomile - used it for almost 3 liters to wash everything well there. Many fragments of brown color came out. The pains stopped on the second day. It was treated strictly according to the instructions (24 pieces). The doctor at the reception did not believe the results! "

Believe it or not, check it out!

Galina Dylevskaya, 28 years old, Rostov-on-Don

“From adolescence suffered from irregular menstruation. By the age of 24, I had acquired a pretty bunch of sores in gynecology: endometrial hypoplasia, polycystic disease, erosion, grade 2 dysplasia, a small bend of the uterus. Needless to say, pregnancy in my situation has become something of a fantasy. On the advice of her sister, she decided to try out wedge point wedges for women. The first 3 times were secretions resembling pickled ginger, only yellowish (with bloody specks). And then everything was clean. Treated for 3 months. And a miracle happened - now I am pregnant, soon a little son will appear in our family. So, whether you want - believe, and want - check! ”

Menopause treatment

Svetlana Borodovskaya, 51, Samara

“Tampons began to be used on the advice of a gynecologist, who has been observed since the beginning of menopause. Suffering from hot flashes (showered up to 20 times a day), she became terribly nervous, there were irregularities in the heart rhythm, pigmentation spots went down her face, neck, hands. Thought all old age. So it was a shame. Life has become not sweet, because she has always been a healthy and beautiful woman, nursing herself. I decided to still use the advice and try these unknown tampons. There was nothing to lose and yet the doctor ordered. After 18 pieces, the situation began to improve: the tides are no more than 3-4 times now and not so powerful, the nerves have become calmer, my arrhythmia has calmed down. And the most amazing thing is that almost all the pigment spots disappeared or became much lighter. The only negative - periodically there was a feeling of dryness in the intimate area, it was necessary, before the tampon was inserted, to lower it for 1 minute into a warm chamomile decoction. But during menopause, this in itself happens. Great tampons, act! And chemistry is not in them. "

To read more Clean Point tampon reviews and read Beautiful Life tampons reviews, follow the links.

Opinion of medical specialists

The opinion of doctors is also divided. Some consider them banal quackery, appealing to the fact that they are not officially a drug, while others successfully apply them in their medical practice.

Irina Anatolievna Romanova, gynecologist (Moscow)

“Of course, like most of my colleagues, at first it was categorically negative about the use of oriental medicine products. After all, they are not officially recognized as a drug. However, practical experience is much more convincing than prejudice. I saw those who became pregnant after using these products, those who cured erosion, polyps, inflammation of the appendages, vaginal candidiasis. There are many such cases in my practice. Therefore, my opinion has changed dramatically. Frankly, I often advise women to try this method of treatment. The most important thing here is not to buy counterfeit products. ”

Victoria Andreevna Belova, gynecologist (St. Petersburg)

“I do not see any crime in the use of alternative medicine. In my practice I apply both pharmacology and naturopathy. I believe that this combination is especially effective. And about tampons: they stimulate superficial detachment of the mucous membrane, thereby starting the process of regeneration, they draw out toxins and bacteria. Very effective. It is especially pleasant to “carry on” pregnant women, who sometimes did not even dream of knowing the joy of motherhood, and the Chinese tampons presented them with this chance. You understand that all doubts dispel such results. ”

Victor N. Kozenko, obstetrician-gynecologist (Moscow)

“I believe only in official medicine. Nowadays, to be treated with herbs - some obscurantism. I believe that all these positive results are simply self-hypnosis. I don’t even want to listen when my patients start talking about Chinese things. There is a disease, there is a standard treatment regimen for it. Everything else is considered grandmother's tales. ”

Marina V. Vakueva, gynecological sister (Vologda)

“Recently we often advise our patients to undergo a course of treatment with herbal tampons. For women, it's just a godsend. The composition is natural, if you read it, there are only herbs. Such treatment is much safer, more effective and, more importantly, cheaper than the entire list of drugs that we have to prescribe. But who benefits from people being treated quickly and without complications? There will be nobody to treat! I used it myself more than once and advise my relatives. ”

A few words about herbal tampons

In reviews of Chinese tampons, you can find a fairly detailed description of them. However, we still use the information from the official sites and the data that Russian specialists give about the product.

In China, this tool appeared in pharmacies for a long time. A few decades ago, the government of the country was concerned with the problem of women's health and turned to traditional medicine. In the ancient treatises, a description of a herbal remedy was found, which not only cured a wide range of gynecological diseases, but also relieved women of the very cause of the disease. About fourteen years ago, tampons were put into mass production and they were actively advertised on television. The result was not long in coming; today, no more than fifteen percent of women face gynecological problems in the Middle Kingdom.

Reviews of Chinese tampons gradually began to reach our compatriots. Initially, they focused on the results of the representatives of the weaker sex from the Middle Kingdom, and then began to share their experiences in the use of this tool. In many cases, the results were simply overwhelming. Even doctors shrugged when an ultrasound scan saw a reduction in fibroids or a happy woman came to see them waiting for a baby who had been unsuccessfully treated for infertility for many years.

All this has generated many rumors about herbal Chinese tampons. Reviews of doctors can once and for all put an end to the dispute about the effectiveness or futility of this tool. Therefore, in our today's article, we will definitely turn to the opinion of experts in the field of women's health. After all, everything that is not recommended by them, automatically falls into the category of self-treatment and can cause significant damage to the patient.

What is a tool from China?

If we refer to the reviews of Chinese tampons left on the Internet by our compatriots, we can conclude exactly how they look. Usually, each tampon is individually wrapped and, when opened, looks more like a ball. From above it is wrapped in a kind of grid, which must be removed before use.

The tampon itself is a bag of herbs, which must be inserted into the vagina according to the instructions. Despite the fact that today there are several types of this product on the market, their composition is not too different. And in China, they are known under one name.

Each tampon has a long rope, which ensures its convenient and easy removal from the body. When buying this tool, be sure to pay attention to the integrity of the packaging, quite often this popular product is forged. This is evidenced by reviews of Chinese tampons containing information about the negative experience of buying goods through intermediaries. Therefore, some women strongly recommend not to risk their health and contact only the official suppliers of the drug from China.

Recommendations for use

Despite the fact that in customer reviews about Chinese tampons a rather wide range of their uses is indicated, it is worthwhile to carefully study the instructions in order to have reliable information about the problems for which this tool is indicated. In fairness it should be noted that initially the product is recommended for the prevention of various diseases. Women in China use it regularly, several times a year, in courses to avoid problems with their health. But as a medicine, tampons have performed very well. Reviews of doctors on Chinese medical tampons often give information that the tool has shown good results both in itself and in combination with the traditional scheme of treatment of certain diseases.

Indications for use means the following problems:

  • Inflammatory processes caused by various viruses and bacteria (chlamydia, urealism, and so on).
  • Cervical erosion of varying degrees.
  • Chronic cystitis.
  • Incontinence.
  • Polyps.
  • Cysts of different sizes.
  • Infertility.

On the official website of the manufacturer you can find information that the product is effective in myoma, as well as other serious diseases. Some reviews by gynecologists about Chinese medical tampons contain facts about how the remedy helped women with vaginal herpes, as well as the irregular and painful cycle.

Rules of application

Sometimes women complain that they applied the tampon incorrectly, which caused discomfort, itching and burning. Therefore, be very careful and use the tool only according to the instructions:

  • Be sure to wash your hands with warm water and soap before handling tampons.
  • Open the package, remove the mesh and unwind the rope.
  • After that, lower the tampon into the boiled water at a comfortable temperature for about thirty seconds.
  • Then gently push the herb ball into the vagina, leaving the cord outside.
  • The tampon should remain inside for three days, in the event of a strong burning sensation or pain, it should be removed immediately.
  • After three days, remove the tampon and douching the chamomile extract. In the process, pieces of the epithelium, clots (including bloody ones) may come out, and vaginal discharge may intensify.
  • The interval between procedures should be at least two days.
  • The course usually lasts about one month.

In the reviews of Chinese herbal tampons of gynecologists and ordinary women, there is often information about excessive dryness in the vagina caused by this remedy. I want to say that this side effect passes with time. But if it brings you significant inconvenience, then after soaking the tampon in boiled water, dip it in olive oil and only then inject it. This will soften the epithelium and make the procedure more comfortable.


You should not take the Chinese remedy as a panacea for all ills, it has a number of contraindications that must be taken into account before buying and using the product:

  • Tampons should not be used during menstruation, two days before and after it.
  • Avoid sexual contact for the period when the grass ball is inside you.
  • After extraction of the tampon and douching should take at least two hours before the resumption of intimate life.
  • With a strong burning sensation, always remove the remedy: sometimes herbs that are part of it can cause an allergic reaction.
  • During the period of pregnancy and breastfeeding it is forbidden to use a Chinese remedy. It is also contraindicated in virgins.
  • Refrain from drinking alcohol for the period of treatment.
  • Herbal tampons do not work well with birth control pills.

Doctors caution against the use of funds for certain diseases of the kidneys and liver, so be sure to consult your doctor before you buy tampons.

Variety of herbal balls

To date, the consumer can buy three types of funds that are produced in the Middle Kingdom. About each of them can be found in detail from the reviews of gynecologists:

  • Chinese Qing Gong Tampons,
  • Beautiful life,
  • Clean point.

Many women are interested in distinguishing one type of drug from another. In general, their composition is identical, but still the presence in the composition of certain herbs slightly changes the indications for the use of balls. Therefore, we will separately consider each tool in the following sections of the article.

Chinese tampons Clean point

Reviews of gynecologists about this product contain a lot of useful information, and if you add to them the enthusiastic comments of their patients, it becomes clear that the tool is very effective in treating many female diseases.

Chinese clean point tampons (reviews of gynecologists about them are quite flattering) are considered therapeutic and prophylactic at the same time. Originally it was intended to cleanse the body from various infections and bacteria. Therefore, in the process of treatment, women are very often faced with the removal from the vagina of various clots and mucus. Many ladies say that after the course of therapy, they feel unprecedented ease inside and even notice serious changes for the better in intimate life (multiple orgasms, increased sensitivity of the vagina and so on).

The composition of Chinese tampons Clean point (reviews of doctors and the results of numerous product tests carried out in Russia fully confirm the composition indicated on its packaging) includes more than sixty-nine herbs. Among them you can find such:

  • dragon tree resin
  • camphor,
  • strut
  • selected incense,
  • ginseng root and others

Tampons in production are the most severe quality selection, and their effectiveness is confirmed by many years of clinical trials.

In the process of treatment, women can get rid of a number of problems and diseases:

  • thrush,
  • inflammatory diseases,
  • genital tract infections
  • cervical erosion,
  • spikes,
  • infertility,
  • hemorrhoids,
  • menstrual irregularities.

It is noteworthy that these facts confirm the reviews of Chinese clean point tampons. Doctors were also more than once surprised by the results with which their long-time patients came to the reception. Often the effect was like a real miracle, in which it is quite difficult to believe a person working in medicine.

Interestingly, after the cleansing effect, which has herbal balls, and getting rid of the disease, women noticed other positive changes in their bodies:

  • strengthening immunity
  • improvement of complexion
  • normalization of microflora in the vagina and blood flow in the pelvis,
  • balance of the hormonal system
  • excretion of toxins
  • protection against infections and inflammations
  • normalization of the muscle tone of the pelvic organs.

However, the doctors themselves, in the reviews about the Chinese medical tampons Clean point, are not in a hurry to confirm this information, but still believe that this effect is not excluded.

Keep in mind that different diseases require different duration of treatment. We will tell you how many tampons you will need to purchase in order to get rid of your problems:

  • infectious and inflammatory diseases require one course of six tampons,
  • to cure erosion, thrush and cystitis, you will need from six to twelve herbal balls,
  • for hemorrhoids and adhesions, acquire eighteen tampons, the same amount will help you get rid of cystic changes,
  • Those who have “myoma” in their diagnosis need to conduct a course of twenty-four balls.

As a prophylaxis, it will be enough to use a tampon once a month four days after the end of menstruation.

Chinese tampons Beautiful life

Reviews of doctors about these products are quite common. Of course, specialists are rarely as enthusiastic as their patients, but they cannot but recognize that the result of using herbal balls is quite high.

A tampon is a small ball that does not exceed one centimeter in diameter and contains about sixty-three medicinal herbs:

  • carnation
  • myrrh,
  • stemona sessile,
  • Sophora yellow,
  • summer cypress, etc.

In the complex, all herbs help to stop the development of bacteria, kill parasites and absorb toxins. In parallel, they normalize the microflora, blood circulation, relieve inflammation and increase immunity. The use of tampons reduces the risk of recurrence of a disease, because the protective functions in the body increase.

From the reviews of Chinese tampons Beautiful life, we can conclude about the scope of their use:

  • vaginitis,
  • inflammatory diseases,
  • cytosis,
  • urinary incontinence,
  • inflammation of the bladder,
  • cervical erosion,
  • thrush,
  • premenstrual syndrome.

One package contains six herbal balls; sometimes you need to purchase several packages for a course. Most of all tampons will be needed for diseases of the small pelvis - thirty pieces. In acute chronic diseases, eighteen globs will suffice, and inflammatory diseases of the uterus will require treatment with twenty-four tampons.

Many women note that after one course they have noticeably improved their complexion and pigment spots disappeared. Particularly pleased with the similar effect of those girls who can not get rid of pigmentation after childbirth.

Herbal tampons "Qing Gong"

These balls are not much different from those tools that we have already described. They are produced in Hong Kong and have a similar composition of herbs. This product is not as well known in the Russian market as other types of tampons, but it is also gradually gaining popularity due to its effectiveness.

These balls are shown in a number of inflammatory diseases, including benign tumors. They have proven their effectiveness in lowering the uterus and weakening the vaginal muscle tone.

Numerous reviews of doctors and photos of Chinese tampons, which are posted on the Internet, give customers the opportunity to navigate, choosing a product, and correctly apply herbal balls. But do not forget that there are negative comments that also need to be considered when planning a purchase. In the next section of the article we will try to analyze information on the use of this product.

Reviews of doctors and patients: buy or not

If you begin to carefully review the reviews, you will find that most of them are positive. Women are excited to talk about how tampons helped them get rid of chronic diseases, and in some cases there was even a decrease of a few centimeters of uterine fibroids. However, among all this positive, there are negative comments. Women usually complain of allergic reactions and burning. However, this side effect is quite expected, given the amount of herbs included in the product. The fact that some component may be an allergic reaction, a woman may not even know herself. Therefore, be careful when starting to use Chinese balls. Some ladies are frightened by copious discharge and pain, which is accompanied by a course of treatment. But according to experts, without this, it is impossible to cleanse and update the body. After all, this is the main purpose of the use of Chinese tampons. Only after a thorough cleansing of the body is it possible to restore its protective functions and normalize metabolic processes.

What do experts say about the use of Chinese medicine? Unfortunately, there is no unity among gynecologists. One group categorically rejects any means of traditional medicine. Such doctors believe that herbal treatment should not be allowed in our enlightened age. They argue that each disease has its own treatment regimen and you should not go in search of alternative methods. Usually, it is these specialists who write off the effect of using Chinese tampons on self-hypnosis and do not even want to consider the fact that the remedy can relieve gynecological problems.

But other gynecologists do not forbid their clients to use the means of oriental medicine. They view them as an alternative and do not deny the effect that grass balls have on women. Doctors say that a remedy from China really helps to get rid of a number of diseases, including infertility. Gynecologists are amazed to record numerous histories of their patients, which cannot be called otherwise than miraculous healing. Therefore, if you want to buy Chinese tampons, then do not be afraid and be sure to try this tool. Perhaps it will bring you back the joy of life and women's health.

What is this tool?

The composition of the Chinese herbal tampons include only natural ingredients. Their recipe was borrowed from ancient manuscripts. In those days, there was still no trace of modern chemical drugs, so women used everything that Mother Nature gave them generously to maintain their health.

So, in the composition of Chinese tampons you can find the following herbal ingredients:

  • Grass of angelica and meadow core,
  • Myrrh oil and camphor,
  • Carnation and lilac inflorescences,
  • Resin incense,
  • Ginseng root,
  • Bark of acacia and pomegranate.

In the manufacture of Chinese tampons, other plant components can also be used, the proportions of which are carefully selected and calculated by modern Chinese specialists in the field of medicine. The use of this gynecological tool helps to restore healthy vaginal microflora, and also helps to improve the overall hormonal levels.

When using a tampon, there is a complete destruction of pathogenic fungi and bacteria, which are often the cause of the development of dysbiosis. In the treatment with tampons, a thorough cleansing of the female reproductive system from harmful toxins and toxins occurs, and also contributes to the rapid regeneration of mucosal cells of the genital organs. Due to this, the early healing of microcracks and other damage occurs.

Tampons also contribute to a noticeable normalization of the blood supply to the pelvic organs. In addition, it is possible to use this tool for preventive purposes.

Perhaps, many people know that disruptions in the hormonal system can most negatively affect the appearance of a woman. Such an imbalance is often the culprit of a noticeable deterioration of the skin of the face in the form of its excessive dryness or, on the contrary, increased lipid secretion. Also, the appearance of acne, as well as premature wrinkles and age spots. Since Chinese tampons contribute to the overall normalization of hormonal levels, after their regular use, many women have noticed an improvement in the appearance and condition of the skin.

Types of Chinese Herbal Swabs

Today, there are two types of Chinese herbal tampons on the Russian market. The first type of this popular female remedy is called Beautiful Life. Their use contributes to the rapid restoration and normalization of the menstrual cycle. The use of these tampons with heavy menstruation helps to normalize the amount of discharge.

This type of herbal tampon helps to heal such a popular female disease as polycystic ovary. In addition, tampons are used to normalize the microflora and the treatment of inflammatory processes. A cure for diseases such as bacterial vaginitis and candidiasis has been noted. The positive effect of their use is noted by many users.

For prophylactic purposes, it is sufficient to use one swab approximately once a month. When treating various types of female ailments, a specific treatment regimen is used. The disadvantages of this tool are, perhaps, the fact that the instructions for using Chinese herbal tampons are written in their native language, and the Russian or at least the English version is not attached. Nevertheless, the algorithm of their application is quite simple:

  • Before using the product it is recommended to thoroughly wash your hands and wipe them with a towel,
  • Carefully open the protective packaging of the tampon,
  • Pull out and gently straighten the cord,
  • Take a position that is convenient for you to install the tampon
  • Carefully place the swab inside the vagina.

If a woman suffers from dryness of the mucous membranes of the vagina, then before the direct introduction of the tampon should be kept in a glass of boiled water. Inside the tampon should be up to three days. Then it should be carefully removed and douching chamomile decoction. Reapplication of tampons is allowed only after a day.

The second type of Chinese herbal swabs are Clean Point. They are used as prophylactic agents that prevent the appearance of various inflammatory processes and tumors. Also, they are often used to normalize the microflora and mucous membrane of the genital organs. Often use these tampons in the treatment of the following pathologies:

  • Cervical erosion,
  • Endometriosis,
  • Ovarian inflammation,
  • Candidiasis,
  • Infertility,
  • Painful menstruation.

Important: when using tampons in no case should prevent the ingestion of pathogens.

These Chinese herbal tampons also do not contain instructions for use in Russian. Only Chinese variation is included in the package. However, they are used similarly to the previous view, so there should be no particular difficulties.

Pharmacological properties of tampons

If you decide to try the miraculous tampons, Chinese manufacturers insist on ultrasound of internal genital organs before the start of therapy and at the end of the course of treatment in order to identify the problem area and then fix the beneficial effect of the product on women's health.

Beautiful life and Clean Point are a line of vaginal tampons for women. Means are brown and gauze surface, made in the form of a small ball. This tool is not sold in a pharmacy. Medical herb is the basis of gynecological tools. Therefore, it is important to understand which active components are included in the tampons and what is the mechanism of their action:

  • Kushen has antipyretic properties
  • calamus draco promotes the regeneration of damaged tissue
  • Bornei camphor is a local analgesic,
  • Kontis Chinese is effective against pathogens,
  • Angelica Chinese favors the normalization of hormonal levels, inhibits the inflammatory process,
  • the spermatic stem has an antibacterial effect
  • Aralia Manchu helps to strengthen the body's immune forces,
  • Smilax smooth fights puffiness
  • dragon tree resin has hemostatic properties, and the core has a similar effect due to the high concentration of vitamin C,
  • incense is active against bacteria and viruses
  • myrrh has an antiviral effect
  • Clove has a tonic effect.

It should be noted that most of these herbs do not grow on the territory of Russia and are not used in gynecology.

When can tampons be used?

Women who have tested gynecological innovation can be divided into the following categories:

  1. Those who believe that this tool is absolutely useless.
  2. Women who did not find the beneficial properties of the Chinese novelty, but did not feel the negative impact during the use of vaginal means.
  3. Those who confidently declare high toxicity of tampons.

Важно обозначить, когда стоит применять китайское средство и при каких диагнозах:

  1. Endometriosis.Instructions for use suggests that the mucous membrane of the uterus stops growing under the influence of medicinal herbs. The active ingredients neutralize the inflammation of the internal genital organs.
  2. Cervical erosion. Active ingredients have healing properties.
  3. Thrush. The use of tampons favors the destruction of yeast-like fungi.
  4. Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).
  5. Inflammation of the bladder (cystitis) and urethritis.
  6. Uterine fibroids. Tannins help reduce uterine secretions.
  7. Hormonal disruptions (irregular periods).
  8. Infertility.
  9. Restoration of elasticity of the vaginal muscles.

Application features

The sequence of actions when using Chinese tampons is almost the same as when using the usual hygiene products during menstruation. It is worth considering the rules for the use of Chinese means:

  1. Mandatory thorough washing of hands to avoid possible infection with the introduction of a tampon.
  2. Do not forget that before you need to unwind the thread, designed for comfortable extraction of funds after the expiration date. If the tampon was inserted correctly, it will not be felt by you.
  3. Women suffering from vaginal dryness may moisten the remedy with cool water.
  4. The tampon is recommended to be worn for 3 days, which causes particular concerns on the part of many women.

It is important to consider the existing complications when the use of tampons is categorically contraindicated:

  1. A Chinese remedy can cause a miscarriage.
  2. The active ingredients pass into breast milk, which can have unpredictable effects on the baby.
  3. The composition of tampons provokes increased bleeding and increased blood pressure, so the period of menstruation is not the best time for therapy, and for hypertensive patients it is life threatening.

It is important to list a number of side effects, because manufacturers insist that these manifestations only seem to be negative, since we are talking about cleaning the body from harmful microorganisms:

  1. Vaginal discharge resemble pieces of paper. Manufacturers explain the occurrence of this symptom by the elimination of microbial degradation products.
  2. Pulling pains in lower abdomen. Manufacturers believe that the pain is due to the muscular contractions of the uterus, which is thus cleared.
  3. Itching is also not a dangerous symptom, as it signals the interaction of the vaginal mucosa with the remains of microbes.
  4. Scarlet secretions with large clots are a natural process of cleansing the body from stagnant blood. This process is normal only for women suffering from uterine myoma.
  5. Violation of the menstrual cycle occurs due to increased blood circulation. Manufacturers assure that within a short period of time after the end of treatment, the cycle is normalized.

It is necessary to apply Chinese tampons with great care, taking into account a number of adverse reactions of the body and contraindications. Consult your healthcare professional for prior consultation. Take seriously the purpose of this Chinese facility.