Monthly after taking Diferelin


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More about medication

Menstruation is controlled by the work of the ovaries, and it is tied to the number, gradual growth and decrease in the volume of sex hormones. These substances are dependent on the functions of the pituitary gland. But some of the women's diseases also have a hormonal nature. To suppress the activity of ailments, it is necessary to “turn off” their feeding with these substances. In order to use the drug diferelin.

The tool is an analogue of gonadotropin-releasing hormones produced by the hypothalamus. There are different concentrations of it, used to stimulate ovulation or to treat benign diseases of the tumor. But they all affect the menstrual function, that is, they prevent regular renewal of the uterine lining, giving rest to her and the ovaries.

Naturally, the functions of the organs will not recover quickly. And the reaction of the reproductive system to the drug may not be the same.

Are there any periods during treatment with Diferelin?

Dipherelin therapy for the disease should last at least 3 months. Injections are made during this time three times, and if it is decided that this is not enough, then the use of medication is stretched for half a year. Accordingly, six injections are given every 28-30 days.

Diferelin affects the body similar to the onset of menopause. That is, first this is an increase in the number of follicle-stimulating hormone, then its suppression, as well as LH, estrogens and androgens. The active substance accumulates in the body, because the state of the latter during treatment in the initial 3 weeks and over this time is different.

Monthly after dipherhelin injection can still come, although therapy is aimed at their absence. But this is a variant of the norm, the discharge can be scanty, it does not last long. And even after the second injection of the drug, menstruation is possible. In the future, throughout the application of funds allocation ceased. Moreover, the dryness of the vagina is noticed, which corresponds to the state of menopause.

Terms of recovery of menstrual function

The treatment with diferelin is given to many women hard. It is necessary to experience all the “charms” of artificial menopause, that is, bad mood, hot flashes, profuse sweating, vaginal dryness. Therefore, patients are looking forward to, when they come monthly after the injection of Diferelin.

The timing of the onset of the first menstruation varies from 2.5 to 6 months with injections of the drug with the lowest concentration. The ovaries cannot recover instantly after their activities have been suppressed for several months. It will take at least 4-5 weeks. Accordingly, the menstruation will begin no earlier than 2.5 months.

When using diferelin to stimulate ovulation, that is, 1 injection of the drug, the critical days may be no more than 14 days later. Sometimes this period is only a week.

After how many begin monthly after diphrelin, it also depends on:

  • From dosage medication. If it is 11.25, the effect on the reproductive system is even more severe. Then menstruation can come at the earliest in 4.5 months, or even a year later. But the latter is much less common
  • From the characteristics of the body. This refers to the individual reaction to the drug, as well as the age of the woman. Younger individuals recover faster.

What explains the delay in menstruation after treatment?

Particularly prolonged, alarming is the delay in menstruation after three injections of diferelin. In most cases, there should be no reason for concern. As already mentioned, a strong antigonadotrophic agent can significantly suppress ovarian function, and hence the development of the uterine mucosa. But in the treatment of endometriosis and fibroids, this is a plus, meaning that the medicine is working. Exhausting bleeding stops as the amount of rejected tissue decreases.

However, if the period without menstruation is delayed over a specified period, this may mean that the drug caused hypogonadotropic amenorrhea, that is, a violation of the functions of the hypothalamus and pituitary. The production of FSH and LH remains inadequate. Because of this, there is a slower maturation of the germ cell, the absence of its release from the ovary and, as a result, a deficiency of estrogens. Lack of LH leads to failure of the second phase of the cycle, that is, the lack of the required amount of progesterone. All this together means the impossibility of the development of the uterine mucosa, its rejection, that is, amenorrhea.

It is possible to detect it in the analysis of hormones, which will indicate the amount of these substances, as well as testosterone. If the diagnosis of gonadotropic amenorrhea is made, medication is needed against it.

We recommend reading an article on treatment with artificial menopause. You will learn about the reasons for the appointment of such therapy, the signs of artificial menopause, the drugs used, the state of the body after treatment.

The first menstruation at the end of treatment

The first menstrual periods after diferelin are usually insignificant in volume without obvious manifestations of PMS. This is natural, because the functions of the reproductive system are restored gradually. The ovaries produce sex hormones in the same volume at once, so the endometrium is also unable to grow to normal thickness.

There are also quite strong menstrual flow after cessation of drug therapy. This is also a variant of the norm, which is much less common.

Later on, on the second cycle, the features of the critical days roughly correspond to what the woman had observed before treatment. Of course, adjusted for a decrease in the activity of endometriosis and a reduction in the size of fibroids. Diseases provoke abundant menstruation, which now should not be, as well as bleeding in between.

With timely restoration of the work of the ovaries should not ignore the need for follow-up, the passage of ultrasound.

Indications for use

Diferelin has antigonadotropic action. In its composition, the active substance is triptorelin acetate. Mannitol, sodium chloride and water are used as additional components. Depending on the content of the active substance, three forms of the drug are released:

  • 0.1 mg intended for subcutaneous administration,
  • 3.75 mg and 11.25 mg for intramuscular.

The drug is sold in carton packs, where the vials with the means are located, ampoules with a solvent and a syringe with two needles. Due to different concentrations of Diferelin, indications for use depend on its dosage:

  • 0.1 mg used for infertility, IVF, to stimulate ovulation and ovaries, when planning pregnancy,
  • 3.75 mg prescribed for early puberty, in the presence of prostate cancer, endometriosis (proliferation of the inner layer of the uterine wall beyond the endometrium), with the fibroid of the penis before surgery, during artificial insemination,
  • 11.25 mg used in the formation of metastases in prostate cancer, endometriosis.


Regardless of the variety, Diferelin may not be used in the following cases:

  • individual intolerance of the active component,
  • the presence of pregnancy
  • breastfeeding period.

Among additional contraindications to the drug with a dosage of 3.75 mg and 11.25 mg emit:

  • prostate cancer, which depends on the production of hormones in the body,
  • condition of the patient in the postoperative period during removal of the testicles.

With care, Diferelin is used for osteoporosis (increased risk of fractures) and Stein-Leventhal syndrome (clinical and endocrine manifestations with the pathological development of the structure and functioning of the paired sexual glands).

Side effects

In the presence of female infertility at the beginning of the medication, an increase in the ovaries and pain in the lower abdomen are observed. In addition, common side effects are:

  • increased risk of leaching of minerals, salts from the enamel of the teeth and bone tissue,
  • painful sensations during intimacy
  • allergic reactions in the form of a rash, urticaria, severe itching, angioedema,
  • decrease in sexual desire
  • high blood pressure
  • nausea, vomiting,
  • gaining excess body weight
  • headache, joint pain, muscle pain,
  • high risk of osteoporosis,
  • reduced vision

The following additional side effects of the drug are noted with a dosage of 3.75 and 11.25 mg:

  • pain when urinating,
  • swelling of the mammary glands,
  • pain in the bones, metastatic, in prostate cancer,
  • heat,
  • violation of the menstrual cycle,
  • fast fatigue, depression, apathy,
  • decrease in potency
  • sharp pains in the lower abdomen and in the pelvic bones during menstruation,
  • spotting during early puberty,
  • obstruction of the ureters.

Instructions for use

Diferelin is used for subcutaneous injection or intramuscular administration. In the first case, injections are recommended to be done in the lateral surface of the thigh, the upper part of the shoulder, under the scapula, in the lateral region of the abdominal wall. Intramuscular injection is made in the lateral or outer thigh, abdomen or shoulder. Before you enter the injection, the selected area must be disinfected.

Diferelin 0.1 mg

Used in IVF programs in two versions:

  1. Short protocol. Enter subcutaneously in 1 bottle daily, starting from the 2nd day of the next menstrual cycle. At the same time perform the procedure of stimulation of the ovaries by chorionic gonadotropin. After 10-12 days, the treatment is stopped.
  2. Long protocol. Use 1 bottle from 2 days after the start of the menstrual cycle. Daily monitor the level of estrogen in the blood. After 15 days after the active use of the agent, the concentration of the hormone is reduced to the required level. Then it is allowed to carry out additional stimulation of the ovaries by chorionic gonadotropin. Apply Diferelin stop the day before the end of the procedure, the duration of which is determined by the doctor.

To prevent adverse reactions stimulate ovulation held in the hospital under the supervision of specialists. The effect of the drug is investigated using laboratory tests, ultrasound and other methods.

Diferelin 3.75 mg

The most common in use is considered a drug with a dosage of 3.75 mg. Many patients confirm the effectiveness of the substance and note its ease of use. Injections are made once a month. This is sufficient to ensure the flow of the active substance into the bloodstream.

During the period of use of the drug is prohibited to use oral contraceptives.

Injections with a dosage of 11.25 mg are given every 90 days. The duration of treatment is from 3 to 6 months. It is not recommended to use the drug for more than six months. Men are allowed to use the medicine at any time, and women - at the beginning of the next menstrual cycle.

How does the reproductive system affect

Active substance suppresses the production of sex hormones and acts on the body like menopause. At the initial stage, the growth of FSH occurs, and then the work of the ovaries is suppressed. Due to the accumulation of the drug in the woman's body, the first signs of menopause are felt:

  • excessive sweating
  • heat,
  • disruption of the central nervous system,
  • emotional imbalance
  • headache,
  • nausea,
  • sleepiness by day and sleeplessness by night.

Against the backdrop of a significant change in hormone levels disrupted vaginal condition: an increased dryness appears, the mucous membrane becomes thinner. During intercourse, a woman experiences discomfort, sexual desire decreases. A treatment that lasts for more than three months has a negative effect on the body. Artificially induced menopause adversely affects the condition and functioning of other systems.

Causes of prolonged menstrual irregularities

Recovery of menstruation depends on the individual characteristics of the woman’s body and the state of the ovaries. In rare cases, the normalization of the cycle occurs next month. For a long time, the work of the reproductive system was suppressed due to the introduction of artificial hormones. The female body is accustomed to the climacteric state. When the medication is canceled, severe stress appears, therefore, the ovaries cannot recover in a short period of time. It will take 60 days, and sometimes 12 months.

If more than a specified period has passed, and the cycle has not returned to normal, then it is worth contacting a doctor for a full medical examination. One of the reasons may be the development hypogonadotropic amenorrhea. Due to the disruption of the functioning of the pituitary and hypothalamus, the body has ceased to produce hormonal compounds on its own to normalize the cycle.

The egg cell develops and matures for a long time or does not go out of the follicle at all. High levels of estrogen and progesterone deficiency are considered to be the main cause of delayed menstruation upon the completion of Diferelin. After a detailed examination, the doctor adjusts drug therapy in order to restore the independent synthesis of sex hormones.

The nature of menstruation after applying Diferelin

The first menstruation passes without obvious signs of premenstrual syndrome. There is a small amount of discharge for up to three days. A month later, menstruation proceeds with heavy bleeding. This phenomenon is considered normal, but it should always be alarming.

A large amount of discharge is noted in two cases:

  1. Long recovery after use of the drugdue to which the endometrial layer grew slowly.
  2. Misuse of the medicationwhich resulted in the absence of a positive result and a relapse of the disease.

Diferilin always changes the consistency, number and duration of menstruation.

Pharmaceutical companies offer patients drug decapetilwhich has the same composition and mechanism of action.

On the use of hormonal drugs on the Internet you can find many reviews of women who treat infertility and are preparing for IVF. Almost all confirm the effectiveness of the drug, but also highlight its drawbacks: poor health during artificially induced menopause, sleep disturbance due to frequent flushes and increased sweating. At first, the normalization of the menstrual cycle is quite difficult.


The drug Diferelin is considered potent and effective. After its application, a simple rehabilitation method is required. A strong body will cope with the problem much faster than a weakened one. Proper and balanced nutrition, the use of vitamin complexes, a healthy lifestyle are the key to the normal functioning of the reproductive system.


Prolonged use of the drug leads to suppression of secretion of follicle-stimulating and luteinizing hormones. In this regard, an additional endogenous peak of luteinizing hormone is inhibited and a significant increase in the formation and recovery of the follicle occurs.

After the intramuscular injection is completed, the components that make up the medication are released as quickly as possible. The drug has no high bioavailability, which is only 50% for 30 days.

The drug Diferelin is available in the form:

  • lyophilizate intended for subcutaneous administration,
  • powder for suspension, which is injected intramuscularly.

The powder is white in color and has an excellent ability to disperse in the solvent included in the medication kit and form a clear solution that is practically free from particles.Lyophilisate has an excellent prolonged effect and has a white-cream or yellowish tint.

Triptorelin is the main active ingredient of the drug. One vial of liofizilat for the preparation of an intramuscular injection contains 3.75 mg of the main substance. There are also a number of auxiliary elements that enhance the impact of the main component and in the complex provides the necessary effect on the patient's body.

The drug Diferelin is used to treat the following pathological processes and diseases associated with them, namely:

  • the inability of the mature female organism to become pregnant naturally,
  • stimulation of the ovaries in combination with gonadotropins and follicle-stimulating hormones, for further artificial insemination using assisted reproductive methods,
  • malignant formation that occurs on the prostate gland in the male half of the population,
  • the early appearance of secondary sexual characteristics and the beginning of the menstrual cycle in girls,
  • female disease characterized by the proliferation of endometrial cells outside the uterus,
  • a benign neoplasm that has a connective tissue structure and occurs on the walls of the uterus.


In medical practice, there are no cases of overdose when using the drug Diferelin.

In most cases, therapy using Diferelin is quite difficult. This is explained by the fact that the patient is obliged to feel all the symptoms of menopause earlier than the period prescribed by nature:

  • bad mood,
  • increased sweating
  • tides
  • vaginal dryness.

For this reason, women are especially looking forward to the onset of menstruation after using Diferelin. The average values ​​of the period from injection to the first menstrual blood is in the range of 2.5-6 months. Such a long time is necessary for the ovaries to recover from the artificial suppression of their functioning.

In the first menstrual cycle after therapy, the blood discharge is scarce, and there are no manifestations of premenstrual syndrome. This situation is absolutely not surprising doctors, since the restoration of the entire reproductive system works gradually.

In some cases, menstruation may be abundant, but this is not a pathology. The second menstrual cycle is already becoming more similar to those of the month before the start of therapy.

The volume of menstrual blood after treatment with Diferelin should be under additional control. He can tell the doctor how effective the therapy has been, but even with a normal recovery process, an ultrasound of the ovaries is necessary.

Side effect

The use of the drug Diferelin can cause various side effects, which will be accompanied by the following symptoms:

  • excessive sweating on all parts of the human body,
  • pain in the abdomen,
  • sudden sensation of heat, accompanied by reddening of the skin and possible chills,
  • enlarged ovaries in size
  • pain in the area below the navel or perineum,
  • breathing becomes rapid and there are difficulties with it,
  • bleeding from the uterus,
  • copious menstruation, accompanied by significant blood loss,
  • irregular uterine bleeding that is not menstruation,
  • headaches,
  • dizziness
  • memory impairment
  • noise in ears,
  • bleeding from the nasal cavity
  • mood swings
  • the inflammatory process that occurs on the mucous membrane of the nose and mouth,
  • necrosis of the surface of the skin on the lower extremities,
  • trouble sleeping
  • decrease in desire for sexual intercourse,
  • dry vagina
  • pain and severe discomfort arising in the crotch and pelvis during intercourse,
  • chest pain,
  • muscular spasms
  • pain in the joints,
  • a sharp increase in body mass
  • nausea,
  • vomiting
  • discomfort and pain in the gastrointestinal tract,
  • general weakness of the whole organism
  • mental disorder, accompanied by a decrease in mood, an inhibition of motor activity and a violation of sound thinking,
  • soreness and swelling at the injection site,
  • severe redness of the skin, resulting from excessive blood flow to the capillary vessels,
  • hives,
  • itch
  • skin rash,
  • allergic reactions that are manifested by severe edema of the mucous membranes, subcutaneous tissue and skin,
  • blurred vision
  • osteoporosis.

special instructions

During the use of drugs belonging to the group of hormonal drugs, a decrease in bone mineral density can occur and the risk of fractures significantly increases. Basically, the decrease in bone mineralization occurs after the end of the course of therapy using Diferelin. In this regard, the drug Diferelin extremely carefully prescribed to patients with a history of osteoporosis or prone to its occurrence.

Before using the medicine Diferelin, you should know for sure that the woman to whom he was prescribed is not in position.

During the period of reception of the drug Diferelin, the risk of the development of a depressive state is significantly increased, accompanied by sudden mood swings, irritability, anxiety. In this regard, the person should be warned about the occurrence of a possible condition before the use of the drug. If you experience the first signs of depression, you should report this to your doctor as soon as possible. He will prescribe appropriate treatment to eliminate this condition as quickly as possible.

Use of the drug Diferelin can lead to ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome.

When using the medication, it is also necessary to take into account that each patient's body may react differently to the same amount of medication, therefore during the course you should regularly undergo an ultrasound examination, be monitored by qualified specialists and undergo a blood test for changes in estrogen.

In the case of a strong reaction of the ovaries to the drug should stop stimulating ovulation.

Elderly patients

The medicine Diferelin is also prescribed for the treatment of ailments described in the section “Indications” and for patients of more adult age category. During the period of use of the drug by older people should constantly monitor the general state of their health and the occurrence of possible side effects.

Pregnancy and lactation

Before using the drug Diferelin 3.75, you should make sure that the patient is not pregnant during this period.

It is not recommended to prescribe medication in different trimesters of carrying a baby due to the fact that the agent can provoke a sudden termination of pregnancy or cause the occurrence of any abnormal deviations in the child. Dipherelin drug is also not prescribed during breastfeeding.

Speed ​​reaction

There is no data on the effect of the drug Difrelin on the reaction rate. Due to the fact that during the period of therapy with the use of the drug, side effects sometimes occur, such as headaches, dizziness, vision problems, you should be careful when driving and doing activities with knitted mechanisms that require precise coordination and increased attention.

Drug and alcohol

In the period of use of various drugs, doctors do not recommend drinking alcohol, even in small quantities. Diphrelin is not an exception and the combination of this drug and alcohol can help to reduce its effectiveness and provoke the occurrence of side effects.

The average cost of the preprataDifrelin in the dosage of 3.75 mg is 8500 rubles.

Pharmacy holidays

In order to purchase the drug Diferelin, the patient must necessarily present a prescription, which was prescribed by the doctor after his appointment.

The following drugs are analogues of the drug Diferelin:

  • Buserin,
  • Buserin Depot,
  • Decapeptil,
  • Dekapeptil Depot,
  • Zoladex
  • Lukrin,
  • Lupride
  • Suprefact depot,
  • Eligard

Reviews of the drug Diferelin mostly positive, since it is this tool has helped many women become mothers. But it is necessary to use it only on prescription of a doctor, the self-designation of such a drug can harm the body.

Read comments 6:

Hey. Do not worry - daub after the first injection Diferelin Depot is normal. Even after the second injection, my daub was light — after the third injection and the subsequent M, they no longer came. This is the therapeutic effect - the hormonal background is completely changed, you leave for artificial menopause, and thus the growth of hormone-dependent neoplasms is blocked.
The state of artificial menopause is a separate song. be patient. Then, after drug withdrawal, everything will pass and the body will recover.
I bought the drug in the clinic clinic and then the rest of the times in a proven online pharmacy. Through the Internet came out much cheaper.

added after 4 minutes

I put injections in a row every month. I didn’t quite understand - they assigned you according to which scheme - 1 time every 6 months or 6 injections every month for six months?

Anna, I was prescribed according to the scheme: 1 injection every 28 days, and so 6 times. It turns out six months. You reassured me, I hope I’m going to limit the daubs, they won’t go to full monthly periods, a week long))
Can you give an online pharmacy address?

added after 2 minutes

Anna, have you already quit IR?

Sibiryanka, the first month of daub norm, I was warned about this but I myself did not have it. I put 4 shots

I, too, the doctor said that for the first injection of discharge is normal, do not worry

Sibiryanka, I was on Diferelin in 2015. I quit IC when performing stimulation on HRT. This output was prescribed by a doctor.
It is possible that you will be recommended an independent outlet without drugs.
I ordered Zhivik in an online pharmacy with home delivery. Not sure, however, that this pharmacy is in every city.

Girls thanks a lot. Called the doctor, she confirmed that monthly is the norm in the first injection))

added after 3 minutes

I hope the treatment will be effective. A bit scary from IR))

Indications for use Diferelin

The drug is injected into the woman's body as an injection. The main indications for prescribing Diferelin injections are certain forms of infertility. Especially often used drug in the IVF program during artificial insemination. In addition, doctors prescribe Diferelin injections for the treatment of endometriosis, cervical cancer, and rectum. As an additional drug for anticancer chemotherapy.

Under certain circumstances, the ovaries are not able to produce a full-fledged egg cell or control the processes of the reproductive system with the help of hormones. In this case, there is a need to "disable" this mechanism. Stimulate ovulation with an artificial hormone. Diferelin injections inhibit the work of the ovaries. With long-term treatment make them completely incapable. All processes of the reproductive system are controlled artificially. Often this therapy with a hormonal drug is used to treat infertility. When a woman decides on artificial insemination.

Diferelin prevents the growth of the endometrial layer. Simply put, during treatment with injections the body rests. The situation is similar to climax. And there are similar symptoms. Treatment with Diferelin injections is justified in the presence of fibroids, cervical cancer, when a woman has been suffering from debilitating bleeding for a long time. It is also used during the preparatory stage to remove uterine fibroids. Lack of endometrium reduces the amount of discharge during menstruation, in the future they disappear completely.

What are monthly from Diferelin

The treatment regimen is selected individually, based on the problems that need to be solved. Injections are administered subcutaneously, intramuscularly. The dosage of the drug is prescribed by a doctor. It can be 0.1 mg, 3.75 mg, 11.25 mg. Naturally, the state of the female body and the nature of menstruation are directly dependent on the concentration of the active substance. Usually, the treatment course is 3 months. In each menstrual cycle, one injection is given to stimulate ovulation. In some cases, the duration of therapy is extended by the doctor to 6 months. Then the woman will have to endure 6 injections of Diferelin.

What are the monthly from Diferelin? In the first menstrual cycle after the start of treatment, menstruation may appear very scarce, short. More like a daub. As such, there is no premenstrual syndrome, abdominal pain. The activity of the uterus is weak, it does not need to be updated. As early as the next month of treatment, a re-injection leads to the absence of menstruation at all. It should pay attention to the dosage of the substance. If it is 11.25 mg, menstruation may be absent from the first days of therapy. As a rule, menstrual flow is absent during the entire period of treatment. Does menstruation occur during Diferelin therapy? - Yes! But only at first, very scarce.

The effect of Diferelin on the female body

The substance affects the body like the beginning of menopause. Initially, there is an increase in follicle-stimulating hormone, further suppression of ovarian function. The active substance accumulates in the body of a woman. She feels the symptoms of menopause:

  • excessive sweating
  • tides
  • dysfunction of the nervous system,
  • mood swings

  • headache,
  • nausea,
  • dizziness,
  • sleepiness by day, sleeplessness by night.

The state at the beginning of therapy, and a few months later, is significantly different for the worse. Since the active substance accumulates in the body. Against the background of a significant change in hormones, the state of the vagina is disturbed - dryness and thinning of the mucous membrane appear, as in menopause. A woman may experience discomfort during sexual intercourse, decreased libido. Therapy for more than 3 months is dangerous with its consequences. Since artificially created menopause affects the work of other vital organs and systems. It may take years to restore normal menstrual cycle.

When menstruation is restored from Diferelin

The term recovery of menstruation depends on the individual characteristics of the organism, the state of the ovaries. Doctors may promise to restore menstruation next month, but this is rare. For a long time, ovarian function was actively suppressed, hormones were injected artificial. All this time, the body rested, accustomed to the state of menopause. The abolition of the drug again has a great stress on the body. The ovaries will not be able to recover in a short time, to fully perform their functions. At least it will take 2 months, maximum a year. The term is conditional.

At first, menstruation will be scanty, with a small amount of discharge. After 2 months, the monthly cycle should be fully restored. Thus, the period of the onset of normal menstruation with a full amount of blood varies between 2-6 months with the lowest concentration of the drug. In other cases, menstruation may be absent for several years. To restore the previous functions of the reproductive system, you may need a new amount of hormones. You should also consider the age of the woman. The recovery period for the monthly cycle of young persons is much less. Sometimes the delay of menstruation is present only 2 weeks. The body quickly returns to normal rhythm, performs its functions.

The main causes of long-term violations of the monthly cycle

If a lot of time has passed, more than the specified period, when the monthly cycle should be normalized, there is a place to be examined. Perhaps Diferelin caused hypogonadotropic amenorrhea. Disrupted the work of the pituitary gland, the hypothalamus. The body is not able to produce the necessary hormones. The ovum develops slowly or does not leave the follicle at all. Elevated levels of estrogen, progesterone deficiency are the main cause of lack of menstruation. The woman will have to undergo a hormonal examination, and then corrective therapy with other drugs.

What are the first critical days after taking Diferelin?

The first discharge always comes without obvious manifestations of premenstrual syndrome. Their volume is small, duration - no more than 3 days. From the next monthly cycle, the amount of discharge increases. In some cases, bleeding is possible. Experts suggest that this situation is also considered as normal. But an abundant amount of blood is always alarming. One of the reasons is that the body has been recovering for a long time after Diferelin, the endometrial layer was growing longer than usual. Hence a large amount of discharge. However, there is a lot of blood for another reason, when long-term use of the drug did not give the desired result, the problem came back with heavy bleeding.

Monthly from Diferelin always change the consistency, quantity, duration. A woman should not be frightened while using the drug. Уже после окончания терапии необходимо побеспокоиться о быстром восстановлении организма.First shown:

  • taking vitamins
  • good nutrition,
  • the right diet

  • calm psycho-emotional environment
  • healthy lifestyle,
  • deep sleep,
  • herbal teas to strengthen the immune system.

A strong body will be able to quickly deal with the problem. The monthly cycle after drug withdrawal will recover in a short time.