Why did your period start earlier than the week?


The stability of regular menstrual bleeding directly depends on the balance of hormones in a woman’s body. If the discharge comes every month at the same time with a certain interval of days, then we can say that the reproductive function is working normally. But sometimes women may notice that they came monthly for a week earlier.

This condition should definitely make you think about your health and, perhaps, go on an unscheduled visit to the gynecologist. The reasons for premature menstruation should be clarified with the doctor. Let us consider in more detail, under the influence of what factors such a malfunction of the reproductive system can occur, and how best to conduct a proper diagnosis.

General information

In gynecology, the normal duration of the menstrual cycle is the period from 25 to 31 days. Such a time frame is due to the fact that each woman's body has certain individual characteristics, therefore, regulatives cannot come to all the representatives of the weaker sex through a specific interval.

If before came monthly (a week or more), it can be assumed that there is a certain problem in the work of the hypothalamus and pituitary or ovaries, since these systems control the stability of the cycle. Under the influence of sex hormones, a process is launched, during which the endometrium undergoes certain transformations, after which it exfoliates.

Understanding why pre-menstruation comes, it is necessary to understand that during the whole time of discharge the reproductive system goes through three stages: menstruation, proliferation, secretion. For each specified period, sex hormones, namely estrogens and progesterones, are responsible.

Due to this, the follicular and luteal phase can be observed during the cycle. Responsible for the stability of the pituitary system. Analyzing the reasons, if the monthly came earlier by 10 days or a week, it must be said that on average the duration of discharge is from 3 to 7 days. During this time, the level of sex hormones is the lowest.

After the regulation is complete, the process of maturation of the follicle begins, which triggers the estrogens, which are also responsible for the proliferation of the endometrium. When the moment of ovulation comes, a yellow body is formed here. It starts to produce progesterone.

Further, since the organism prepares each cycle for the onset of pregnancy, glands begin to form in the uterine epithelium, due to which the fertilized egg can be implanted into the organ wall. If fertilization does not occur, the amount of hormone is reduced, and endometrial rejection begins. If you clearly understand the whole physiological process, then it will not be as difficult to establish the reasons why prematurely begin menstruation.

When a woman comes to a specialist with a complaint that her period began a week earlier, during the initial diagnosis the doctor will assume a number of factors that could trigger the onset of such a condition. Actually, both exogenous and endogenous causes can negatively affect the functioning of the reproductive system.

If monthly began a week earlier, this can be explained as follows:

  • There are physiological processes that adversely affected the reproductive system and menstruation did not start on time,
  • There was a failure in the ovaries,
  • Inflammatory diseases are progressing,
  • A tumor has formed in the main reproductive organ,
  • The patient has endometriosis,
  • There was an injury to the pelvic organs,
  • A woman for a long time is in a stressful state.

It is also worth saying that the diagnosis must necessarily be differential, since many gynecological disorders and pathologies are very similar in symptoms. It is important to understand that a girl may, for example, not be aware of the pregnancy, which may also be ectopic, and the bleeding will be similar to menstruation.

When a woman begins monthly for a week earlier, the causes of this condition must be found out. Do not think that everything stabilizes by itself. Disruption of the menstrual cycle can provoke various diseases, but they are better diagnosed and cured at an early stage.


Understanding why they came monthly before a week or 10 days, you need to understand for yourself that such a condition is a sign of a violation of the cycle. Doctors in the course of the examination will clearly pay attention to the presence or absence of other alarming symptoms. However, it is possible that a woman will have a short menstrual cycle, which is an individual feature of the body, but is rare.

Also, special attention should be paid to the nature of the discharge. Bleeding can be scarce or abundant, and if a short cycle alternates with a long period constantly, then it is possible that hypermenstrual syndrome will develop. In such a situation, doctors very often reveal that the patient's period began 10 days earlier.

However, it should not be ruled out that there may be other reasons for the development of this condition that need to be considered in more detail.


If the period came a week earlier, the reasons for this are not necessarily in the progression of a serious disease, but can only say that some physiological process occurs in the body. Initially, you should pay attention to the age of the patient. If she has puberty, the condition is considered normal, since the cycle is only set.

In adolescence, girls from month to month may vary the duration of discharge, as well as the duration. However, for some time the state should stabilize. In certain situations, the establishment of a cycle can take up to a year, but this does not mean that the girl should not regularly visit a gynecologist.

When menstruation came earlier, age plays a decisive role in the diagnosis. For example, if a woman is 45 years old or older, then such a state may indicate that she has a premenopausal period associated with a decrease in the production of female sex hormones and the extinction of genital function.

The state of menopause is a normal, natural physiological process, which can also be understood by the characteristic symptoms:

  • Women feel a sharp increase in body temperature, throw them into a fever, and then it starts to get cold,
  • Worried about sweating
  • The stability of the emotional state is disturbed, and there are problems with sleep,
  • The patient develops arterial hypertension, increases heart rate, and there are always headaches.

If, together with these symptoms, as well as according to age, menstruation began 10 days earlier, then you should not worry about your health status, since it is not possible to influence this process in any way. The only thing that a doctor can do is to prescribe hormone replacement therapy, which stabilizes hormone levels.

Understanding why menstruation began earlier, it is imperative to determine whether a woman’s ovarian dysfunction develops. This part of the reproductive system is the sex glands, which play a direct role in the regularity of the cycle. If there is a decrease or increase in the level of a hormone, it is possible that the discharge will start sooner or later.

If menstruation began earlier, which is associated with disruption of the ovaries, then the following symptoms will also be present:

  • Menstrual bleeding becomes frequent,
  • Excretions may be scanty or abundant,
  • There is a pronounced premenstrual syndrome,
  • There is no ovulation,
  • Infertility develops,
  • In the area of ​​the lower abdomen felt pain and discomfort.

It is said that ovarian dysfunction can develop not only because of the presence of gynecological problems. Violation often occurs in women who are regularly subjected to serious physical exertion, are under stress for a long time, have experienced emotional distress, follow a strict diet, change the climate. Under the influence of all these factors, it may happen that the monthly ones come 10 days earlier than expected.


If the period began a week earlier, the reasons for this may lie in the progression of latent inflammatory diseases. So, quite often, there is a lack of regularity in the cycle in the presence of adnexitis or endometritis. If there is any damage to the lining of the uterus, then menstruation may begin 5 days earlier, 10 days a week.

Adnexitis is a common gynecological disease of an inflammatory nature. Source:

In this case, certain symptoms will also be present:

  • The woman's body temperature rises,
  • Worried about lower abdominal pain
  • There will be highlights in the middle of the loop.

Each of these conditions individually or their complex should make a woman visit a gynecologist. During the examination, the doctor may palpate the abdomen, which will confirm the development of the disease if an increased painful syndrome is noted. In the absence of proper and timely treatment, the chronicity of the disease is not excluded, which can cause infertility.

Why came monthly before definitely need to find out with your doctor. This is especially true of those women who are in reproductive age, because it is possible that such a condition will be an indirect sign of the development of neoplastic processes in the uterus and ovary. Doctors often diagnose fibroma, which is capable of infecting various layers of an organ.

If the monthly ones went a week earlier if there was a neoplasm, then there was a lesion of the endometrium. Together with this will be the following symptoms:

  • Hypermenstrual syndrome develops,
  • Bleeding begins in the middle of the cycle,
  • There is a state of chronic anemia,
  • Woman can not bear pregnancy

When the doctor will try to figure out why menstruation began a week earlier, it is possible that he will diagnose cancer education in the uterus. In most cases, these pathologies are detected in women who are in menopause, when menstruation is no longer going. In this case, the patient herself will come to the doctor with a complaint that the regulatives have resumed.

The main feature of any oncology is that within a few years it can develop without characteristic signs. Already in the last stages, a woman may experience bleeding outside the cycle, as well as increase the level of pain in the lower abdomen. Therefore, it is not recommended to neglect regular visits to the gynecologist even after the age of 45 years.


If menstruation started 10 days earlier, the reasons may also be due to progressive endometriosis. This pathological process is characterized by the growth of the mucous membrane of the uterus beyond the reproductive organ and the functional layer. Definitely with this disease, the patient will have atypical brown discharge, menstruation will be unstable.

With endometriosis, adhesions are formed and menstruation occurs earlier. Source:

In addition, many women complain that discomfort is felt during intimacy, and the level of pain in the lower abdomen has become significant, and the symptom has become pulling in nature. If endometriosis extends far beyond the uterus, then the abdominal cavity may be involved in the pathological process, leading to the formation of adhesions.


It is unequivocal to say why menstruation began prematurely, even an experienced doctor will not be able to conduct a thorough examination. For this, the gynecologist will unequivocally prescribe to the patient that certain tests and examinations be carried out. In the first place, of course, you will need to be inspected in the mirrors.

Further procedures can be performed as follows:

If the period is 10 days ahead of time, the doctor will tell you the reasons for this only after interpreting all the obtained test results. A woman is advised not to immediately panic, and not to think that she is developing a serious illness. It is possible that such a reaction of the organism was caused with strong stress. However, if pathology is detected, a thorough treatment will be necessary.

The regularity of the menstrual cycle

Puberty girls begins with the moment they came monthly. The first day is considered the beginning of the cycle and usually lasts about 28 days.

For each woman, this indicator is individual and the duration of the menstrual cycle can be from 21 to 35 days.

Endometrium has the ability to change, that is, it can grow and thicken. Such transformations are determined by the content in the body of such sex hormones as estrogen and progesterone. With an increase in the hormonal level, the endometrial layer grows quite quickly and at the same time it is greatly thickened.

When the concentration of hormones is lowered, the endometrium is destroyed and the blood vessels of the blood system are damaged. The surface layer of the uterine membrane breaks down into small fragments and gradually they combine with the blood. Together they flow out and this phenomenon is called menstruation.

Monthly earlier than a week

In some situations, menstruation in a woman comes prematurely, and this happens for various reasons:

  1. Severe stress or emotional stress. Many women face such problems as stress, overwork and nervous tension. All this is reflected in the functioning of the central nervous system, which causes spasm and vasodilation of the circulatory system. The uterus's motor activity increases and the consequence is the rejection of its mucous membrane ahead of time.
  2. Violation of hormone levels in the body. A common cause of failure of the menstrual cycle is hormonal drugs, because they disrupt the production of female hormones. Spotting may begin prematurely after an abortion or miscarriage, which causes hormonal imbalance.
  3. Contraceptive use. In the event that a woman takes a pill for contraception, the premature onset of menstruation is considered a completely acceptable phenomenon. Over time, the body adapts to a new level of hormones and the cycle is gradually restored. Monthly at the girl can begin ahead of time and in the event that she accepts tablets of the emergency contraception.
  4. Woman's age. The instability of the menstrual cycle is most often observed during adolescence and usually within 1-2 years the cycle normalizes. Failures of the cycle can be observed closer to 50 years and this is a signal of the approach of menopause.
  5. Diseases of the genitourinary system. Many pathologies of the reproductive system are accompanied by the appearance of such a symptom as the premature onset of menstruation. The cause of this pathological condition becomes an inflammatory process of a different nature, progressing in the body. Menstruation often begins earlier with diseases such as a cyst, myoma or mycoplasma.
  6. Benign neoplasm in the uterus. When a benign neoplasm appears in the uterus, the hormone production process is disturbed, which causes a cycle failure. A woman may complain of symptoms such as aching pain in the lower abdomen, dark-colored discharge and blood clots.
  7. Injuries to the cervix or vagina. If the genitals are damaged, small brown vaginal discharge may occur. In addition, they may disturb the patient after a rough intercourse and an incorrectly supplied contraceptive.
  8. Increased physical stress on the body. Active physical education affects the female body as well as stress. Physical overstrain causes pressure surges, vascular constriction and increased uterine tone, which leads to the onset of menstruation ahead of time.

In some cases, the reason that the monthly went earlier may be compliance with a strict diet or fasting. The amount of nutrients entering the female body is reduced, and blood clotting is disturbed. The lack of fats and carbohydrates leads to the fact that the production of sex hormones is disturbed. As a result, fasting or a strict diet can lead to a complete cessation of menstruation.

Could there be a pregnancy?

The cause of menstrual irregularities and the onset of menstruation ahead of time can be pregnancy. After successful fertilization, the embryo attaches to the uterine mucosa, violating its integrity.

Это может спровоцировать появление незначительных выделений с кровью, которые получили название «имплантационное кровотечение».

Менструация отличается от такого вида кровотечения по характеру выделений. For menstruations, a gradual onset is characteristic, that is, in the first days the allocation is scanty, but over time their volume increases. Typically, menstruation lasts 3-6 days, after which it stops. When implant bleeding is observed scanty discharge, which ends pretty quickly.

Earlier onset of menstruation can be a sign of ectopic pregnancy, which is considered a rather dangerous condition. If you suspect such a pregnancy, you should seek medical help as soon as possible, because the risk to the woman’s life is too high.

On the video about the violation of the menstrual cycle

When do I need to see a doctor?

Be sure to visit a gynecologist woman is necessary in the presence of her gynecological diseases. In such a situation, the early onset of menstruation may be associated with an already suffered pathology or the conduct of ineffective treatment.

Do not postpone the visit to a specialist, and especially if the bleeding is accompanied by a deterioration in the general well-being of the patient.

How many days should go monthly? Read in the article about the duration of menstruation, discharge in normal conditions, causes of failure and how to restore the cycle.

Why pulling the lower abdomen before menstruation? Details here.

What to do?

No need to immediately panic if the monthly began a week earlier. This phenomenon is considered normal during climate change, stress or high physical exertion. It is important to observe the correct mode, eat fully, limit the consumption of fried and salty foods and walk in the fresh air as much as possible. In the event that nerve disorders cause the premature onset of menstruation, it is recommended to take sedatives or herbal-based decoctions.

Any hormonal drugs should be taken with increased caution, be sure to examine the attached instructions.

Irregular menstruation during the year, too much bleeding and the appearance of symptoms such as a rise in body temperature and severe pain can be the reason for the emergency treatment by a specialist.

The regular menstrual cycle is considered an important characteristic of women's health. The causes of premature onset of menstruation may be different, ranging from the most innocent and ending with dangerous pathologies. No need to panic and sound the alarm, but it is recommended to seek advice from a gynecologist.

What is the menstrual cycle?

The transformation of a girl into a woman begins with the onset of the first menstruation. In the period of maturation of the female body, when the girl turns 12-13 years old, puberty begins.

Monthly - This is a bleeding, called due to cyclical. Life processes are characterized by consistency at regular intervals. Such repetition is considered a sign of health and proper functioning of the body.

Menstrual cycle - This is the first sign of a woman's ability to have healthy offspring, so uniformity is important, since any disruption in the menstruation cycle, whether menstruation will be early or delayed, suggests that the body is sick or under stress.

In the female body there is an egg cell, a special body that, when combined with a sperm cell, gives rise to a new creature.

Menstrual cycle - the sequence of development and maturation of the egg, which takes about a month. Each woman has an extremely individual menstrual cycle, his duration under the influence of various factors can have a different number of days, usually it is within 20-35 calendar days.

The first day of the menstrual cycle - This is the initial time of onset of bleeding (menstruation). The whole process is considered to be the main evidence of a woman’s health and the possibility of fertilization, therefore any instability, early menstruation is a failure in the body.

Many women now have special menstrual calendars that help keep track of all irregularities in cycles and prevent early periods.

Can the monthly start early?

Proper hormonal production, normalized menstrual cycle - all of this plays a huge importance in women's health.

If it is found that the menstruation arrived prematurely, then you should immediately consult a doctor, because this way the body makes it clear with the help of the month that the body is sick and requires urgent diagnosis to detect violations.

There are a lot of reasons for the arrival of menstruation earlier for a week and they are distinguished by their different nature, therefore it is very important to determine the violation options

  1. Strong stress and excitement - such mental disorders physically do not seem to affect the body, but can serve to the arrival of menstruation a week earlier,

  2. Sharp weight gains and exhausting diets, abundant exercise - all this can lead to early menses,
  3. Acclimatization of the body to a new time zone in connection with the change of country of residence,
  4. Rough sexwhich can lead to tears and abrasions in the vagina and cervix,
  5. Bleeding can not always be monthlyespecially if they are early, there is a possibility that these are consequences of inflammation in the cervix,
  6. Early periods can be a sign of pregnancy.because a small amount of blood may appear during the implantation of the embryo,
  7. Oral contraception and other hormonal drugs can lead to disturbances in the hormonal balance, which can lead to an early failure of menstruation,
  8. Ectopic pregnancy and miscarriage often accompanied by early menstruation, because the situation in such cases for the female body is very dangerous,
  9. Often infectious diseases, sexually transmitted, can cause early menses.

Hazardous factors

External factors quite often can affect the violation of the menstrual cycle, causing early periods, but they do not carry much danger. Internal factors are a completely different matter, especially if such violations occur constantly.

Pathological causes of early menses, which can simply be called bleeding, are accompanied by a number of other symptoms.

Manifest themselves:

All this suggests that it is necessary to consult a doctor, because the following diseases can roam in the body:

Emergency contraception

If you need to drink emergency contraceptive pills, then you should prepare for the fact that there will be a violation of the menstrual cycle, most often manifested in the early menstruation.

Such medicines contain a sufficiently large amount of hormones, which, even with a single dose, may well disrupt regularity..

Menstruation may appear later than the term, but standardly, if the drug was taken during the first half of the menstrual cycle, then violations of the term 1-2 weeks earlier is quite normal.

Such a violation, though unpleasant, because it can not be accurately calculated, it is absolutely not dangerous and does not require treatment. In addition, it is necessary to take into account that the early menstruation can take place within a few months, until the body is fully restored from a huge dose of hormones.

The downside of most drugs are side effects. Often drugs cause severe intoxication, subsequently causing complications of the kidneys and liver. To prevent the side effects of such drugs, we want to pay attention to special phytoampons. Read more here.

Features of menstruation, if monthly came earlier

With the manifestation of early menstrual all the features of occurrence and occurrence will depend only on the reasons that influenced the failure of the cycle:

  1. Disturbances of the nervous system in relation to the early menses often cause sharp headaches and nausea. Symptomatology resembles pregnancy, but they have absolutely no connection with each other,

  2. Depression, mood swings and uncontrollable tearfulness - all these symptoms are very often manifested, if the monthly began earlier,
  3. There is no need to worry if insomnia began to develop during this period, since it is only a continuation of the symptoms. In general, there is no definite scenario for the flow of early menstruation, they depend only on the individuality of the female body,
  4. Usually with hormonal imbalance there are strong menstrual flow.accompanied by whole bloody clots
  5. Genital Infectious Diseases - one of their symptoms is pain in the lower abdomen and lower back during early menstruation.

Could this be a pregnancy?

Not only delay, but also early periods can speak about the birth of a new person. Such bleedings come and go quite sharply, therefore, in the correct sense of the word, menstruation is difficult to call them.

Early bleeding occurs due to endometrial damage when a future person enters the uterus, which provokes the appearance of blood.

Monthly as a sign of pregnancy differ in the following features:

  • short term - standardly it does not exceed one day,
  • the onset of menstruation no later than a week before the start of the expected period,
  • the distinctive color of menstruation is brown or pink,
  • the amount of bleeding is much more scarce than in a normal pregnancy.

To determine whether a pregnancy is the exact cause of the onset of menstruation, it is necessary to do a pregnancy test that will tell if it is present or to be examined by a gynecologist. There is no danger in such a menstruation, so no measures are required.

It is another matter if the pregnancy is intrauterine, since in this case there will also be bleeding and it can easily be confused with menstruation. Carefully look at the signs of menstruation, which will tell the exact symptom.

Monthly before 5 days

Violations of the menstrual cycle, there is a huge amount, so if the monthly began earlier than just 5 days, you should pay attention to the following things:

  1. Check the work of the reproductive system, the violation of which even in one organ can lead to early periods. A check due to a missed period of 5 months can tell about a passing disease, like uterine fibroids,

  2. A simple cold can bring down the work of the vegetative system and cause a disturbance in the blood circulation.That will lead to early menses,
  3. External factors, like acclimatization to a new place, often provoke a delicate female body to menstruation,
  4. 5 days of deviations from the cycle can be considered small, so it can often be provoked with the help of a strict diet and intensive exercise. During this period, the body loses a lot of essential nutrients, which provokes stress, and with it, menstrual disorders.

Monthly earlier is more than 7 days

The arrival of menstruation earlier for 7 days can be considered already a rather large deviation, so most often this problem has a provocateur, which leads to the appearance of a violation:

  1. Inflammatory processes in the uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries in addition to the timing of the onset of menstruation have abnormal discharge - blood-scarlet color with numerous clots. The alarm should be sounded, as they can be a symptom of quite serious diseases, such as endometriosis, fibroids and hypoplasia,

  2. During hyperexposure, the female body secretes a large amount of the female hormone, estrogen, causing hormonal imbalance. Gradually, there is a decrease in the amount of luteic acid. To give birth to a child with a similar problem is almost impossible. You can identify it with a blood test - manifested in obese women and hormonal contraceptive medications,
  3. Uterine bleeding and menstruation, which came a week earlier, are independently easily confused. Bleeding from the uterus is very dangerous because it is caused by genital tumors or injuries to the uterus.

10 days earlier

Standard menstrual cycle is established in adolescence, just a couple of years after the onset of menstruation.

At the same time, there are quite a lot of situations when monthly arrivals are 10 days earlier:

  1. Genetic predisposition - very often the 10 day deviation is inherited and cannot be changed. It is best to ask the mother, there was a problem of early menstruation, and to break away from this factor,

  2. Miscarriages and abortions often affect menstrual irregularities, causing early discharge of discharge,
  3. Sharp weight change - it doesn't matter if you dropped kilograms or scored, very often they are accompanied by the onset of menses for 10 days. It is provoked by improper nutrition with the absence of the necessary substances
  4. Inflammatory processes in the pelvic organs often provoke the onset of early menses. The list of pathological diseases is long and dangerous, therefore it requires medical intervention to restore health,
  5. Violations in the functioning of the liver, kidneys and other organs often leads to disruption of the cycle.

The appearance of menstruation for 10 days earlier is dangerous and therefore requires an immediate appeal to the gynecologist, since a significant disease can be identified.

Earlier for 2 weeks

The appearance of menstruation at 2 weeks earlier is dangerous and often manifests itself in the 21st century. Here you can not rely on a simple hormonal imbalance, because it often becomes a problem with the ovaries.

The main disease that causes such premature menstruation is anovulatory dysfunction, forcing the female body to produce testosterone instead of estrogen.

The launch of such a disease leads the body to a serious condition - ovarian resistance.

The ovaries will no longer respond to any hormones produced by the body, which over time will lead to the disappearance of menstruation or severe bleeding, accompanied by pain.

The causes of the appearance of menstruation at 2 weeks earlier are:

  • abortion or miscarriage
  • uterine tumor,
  • high blood sugar
  • thyroid problem and overweight.

Nature of menstruation

The presence of scanty discharge during menstruation does not indicate painlessness.

Often, even with very scanty periods, especially those that arrived prematurely, the following symptoms occur:

  • severe pain in the lower abdomen and lower back,
  • headaches and nausea
  • constipation or diarrhea.

The standard rate of blood discharge during menstruation is 70 to 150 ml.

If this quantitative indicator is less, the presence of the following problems is revealed:

  • hypomenoria,
  • tuberculosis,
  • problems with the urogenital system and reproductive surgery,
  • frequent abortions, scraping or breastfeeding,
  • depression or other nervous diseases,
  • intoxication or imbalance of hormones.

Scanty early periods have a non-standard color and appear slightly on the pad. Often provoke inflammatory processes.

A big problem for a woman is copious periods, which are painful with a lot of bloody discharge. Often they provoke anemia. For heavy periods, consult a doctor immediately, as there is a chance of uterine bleeding, and not early periods.

Symptoms of heavy menstruation are:

  • monthly go more than 7 days, daily blood loss is more than 200 ml,
  • severe pain in the uterus and ovaries,
  • the presence of a large number of bloody clots over 3 days in a row and the presence of intermenstrual discharge.

The reasons for the appearance of heavy monthly doctors call:

  • lack of vitamins due to failure to use a number of products,
  • medical abortion
  • problems with the gastrointestinal tract,
  • diseases related to the reproductive system,
  • regular intake of acetylsalicylic acid.

What to do if the monthly came early?

If the problem of premature menstruation is discovered, the first thing to do is to consult a doctor in order to undergo all the necessary tests to determine the cause of the appearance of early menstruation. Often, if the situation is not dangerous, the doctor himself will consult and give the necessary information about the treatment to restore the harmony of the cycle.

The problem of pathology is detected with constant violations during the cycle, and not with a one-time failure, because it can be caused by external factors. During this period, you should carefully monitor the discharge, their appearance and appearance, to notice violations.

In addition to drugs, it is possible to restore the menstrual cycle with the help of folk remedies. Sometimes a simple adjustment of the diet helps to get rid of the problem. The use of folk remedies should not be left to themselves, they are used only with the permission of the doctor.

Herbs, although they are quite effective healers, most often require other treatments to get rid of early menstruation, and they themselves are additional. The duration of the infusions should not be more than 2 weeks.

Doctors call wormwood, mint, lemon balm, parsley, water pepper, and tansy to get rid of early menstruation by suitable herbs.

  1. Decoction of wormwood It is prepared from 3 spoons of raw material per 200 ml of boiling water. Insists 3 hours, decanting. It is used 3 times a day, 50 ml,

  2. Lemon balm tea has a calming effect and is most suitable in cases of early menstruation,
  3. The combination of parsley and mint вместе создает настой, позволяющий восстановить менструальные нарушения всего за пару недель. Соотношение трав – 1 к 3. На одну порцию уходит 3 грамма сырья и 50 мл воды. Раствор пьется 2 раза за день.

The combination of drug treatment and traditional methods in the ratio makes it possible to eliminate irregularities in the menstrual cycle. Treatment cannot be carried out independently, the special permission of the doctor is required.

Cycle failure prevention

The harmony of the menstrual cycle is a factor in women's health, the violations first of all cry about failures in the body.

Therefore, it is important to observe the rules of prevention, which will help to avoid violations or notice in the early stages:

  1. Regular visits to the gynecologist at least once in 6 months - it does not matter whether there is a fear or shame to go to the reception, the doctor will be the first to inform you about the possible appearance of a dangerous disease,

  2. Keep a menstrual diary. There are colorful diaries and applications in the phone that will help to monitor the failures of the early menstruation,
  3. Do not delay the treatment of diseases of the endocrine and gynecological diseasesSince they are the main internal factors in the appearance of early menstruation,
  4. Proper nutrition with lots of protein, fat and carbohydrates. It should be excluded from the diet fried food, sweet flour desserts. If you keep the weight within the normal range, the problem with the violation of the menstruation cycle will not be affected,
  5. Permanent physical trainingThe most recommended are dances. Waltz, tango, samba - the type of dance is not important, the factor is the variety of movements and dynamics, as well as the release of hormones,
  6. Stressful experiences should be removed from life. Mental stress, depression often provoke early periods. Sex provokes a serious release of hormones and affects the cyclic mode, therefore it easily breaks it.

Violation of the menstrual cycle, even for a week - this is a serious test for the body and the first bell that should consult a specialist. Diseases of the reproductive system are dangerous and often lead to infertility, which undermines the health of the female body.

With proper prevention, diseases, including dangerous ones, are avoided and detected in time. If your period has appeared much earlier than the deadline, do not panic, but you cannot tolerate pain absolutely for sure. Severe pain along with copious periods can be the first sign of bleeding, not menstruation.

Miscarriage, uterine bleeding - this is not a complete list of problems that cause violation of the cycle. You should carefully look at the color of the discharge during this period, since the change in the dark color of the menstruation to lighter ones, like scarlet or pink, speaks of both pathology and that the woman is pregnant. Monthly can come early and smear.

It is not recommended to play in a similar way with health, especially if nature has given such an easy way to notice changes.

The reasons for the arrival of menstruation for 1 week ahead of time

For the female body an important role is played by the regular menstrual cycle. It signals the normal state of the reproductive system, the correct production of hormones in the body. If you find any irregularities or failures in the schedule of menstrual flow, you should pay attention to the condition of the body, and perhaps consult a doctor for a diagnosis of the causes of violations. The reasons for monthly arrivals a week ahead of time can be very diverse. So, if a woman does not know what to do, if the monthly came a week ahead of time, then for a start she needs to determine the cause of the early menstrual period, establish the physiological or pathological reasons for the failure of the monthly cycle she currently has. Often, without carrying out a special diagnosis of the causes of the onset of menstruation is 7 days ahead of time, simply can not do.

With regular normal functioning, vaginal discharge occurs in women every month, starting at 11-15 years old, and ends with the advent of menopause. The monthly cycle for different women may differ in the period, it is from 28-35 days from the day of the first menstruation to the beginning of the next one. Sometimes the cycle can be less from 21 to 28 days, with the individual characteristics of the organism. Duration of discharge from 3 to 7 days, may be scanty or abundant, red, include clots of dark color, more abundant in the first days of the cycle, decrease by the end and stop until the next start of menstruation.

During the establishment of a normal cycle, girls may have delays in the cycle or, on the contrary, discharge starts earlier, but after 1-2 years menstruation gets better and starts to occur regularly, without failures. Deviations from the cycle may occur at the start of oral contraceptive use, on the background of stress, travel, malaise for colds. Then the cycle re-adjusts its work. But with violations in the reproductive function of the body, menstruation violate its periodic cycle. Its causes may be different, but if this happens all the time, then you need to contact a specialist.

Why the monthly came early, the reasons for the early monthly

If menstruation is a week ahead of time, what could be the cause of such symptoms. Many causes can have an impact on women's health, against which menstruation can begin earlier than usual. These factors include the following:

1 Strong shocks resulting from unrest, stressful situations. Such conditions can not only affect the timing of the beginnings of menstruation, but also overall well-being.

2 Shortly before the expected monthly increase in physical activity. This phenomenon can bring the day of menstruation.

3 Drastic weight loss (strict, debilitating diet, disease) leads to changes in the cycle.

4 In the case of moving to another country, the body undergoes acclimatization (change of climate and time zone). As a result, the woman's body works in a tense rhythm, causing a premature onset of menstruation.

5 Rough and hard sex, as a result of which there is traumatized female genital organs (cervix, vagina) can cause bleeding or premature menstruation.

6 If the monthly premature, what can it say? Menstruation may be confused with bleeding from the uterus, which may be caused by uterine injury, the presence of inflammation, various neoplasms or diseases.

7 At the beginning of pregnancy, some women have a slight bleeding, which can be confused with the onset of menstruation. The reasons lie in the implantation of the embryo in the uterus, during which some vessels may be disturbed, leading to a slight discharge of blood.

8 The onset of menstruation ahead of time occurs as a result of ectopic pregnancy, as well as miscarriage. Such situations are considered quite dangerous, so it is necessary to urgently consult a doctor. In the presence of an ectopic pregnancy, surgery is required.

9 Often the answer to the question of why monthly periods can arrive ahead of time is very simple, especially if a woman uses hormonal OK. The use of oral contraception can cause an imbalance of hormones, which in turn becomes a cause of failure in the woman's menstrual cycle.

10 The onset of menstruation ahead of time often results from the presence of infectious diseases that are sexually transmitted.

Such jumps can be considered only in adolescence, when the cycle of menstruation has not yet managed to be established and be regular. If a similar phenomenon occurs in a woman of mature age, then this indicates the presence of certain pathological processes or external factors.

Monthly cycle in the body, what is, how are the monthly (menstruation)

To understand why the monthly came early, you need to know how the female body works, more precisely, how the monthly ones pass, what happens in the female body during the monthly cycle. Every month an increase in the sex hormone estrogen occurs in a woman's body, an egg cell ripens in the follicle, which bursts and the egg begins to move along the fallopian tube with the help of a fringe. When meeting with a spermatozoon, the fertilization process will occur. In place of the follicle, the corpus luteum appears and another hormone, progesterone, begins to increase, which affects the second phase of the cycle.

If there is no meeting between the sperm and the egg, the unfertilized egg leaves the body through the vagina during menstruation. Then the cycle repeats. This is the normal process of the reproductive system in the woman's body. At the same time, menstruation cannot begin earlier, since the duration of maturation of the egg cell and its output has the same time. Therefore, in violation of the timing of the appearance of monthly discharge, you should look for the reasons for this process. And if the monthly came 14 days before the desired date, then the article may be useful to read: why the monthly began earlier at 2 weeks, the reasons.

What reasons can be at the beginning of menstruation ahead of time for 1 week?

Sometimes it happens that critical days come 1 week ahead of time. A woman begins to experience a delay in menstruation, especially if the pregnancy is not planned, and there is no discharge in time. But even with the early onset of menstruation, you should think about and conduct an examination with a specialist, since the reasons for this may be different and even dangerous to health. Therefore, it is important to know what could be the reasons for the appearance of menstruation ahead of time, what could be the reasons for a short cycle of menstruation.

The reasons for the appearance of menstruation earlier than expected:

1 hormonal disorders. Hyperestrogenic - the body produces a lot of the hormone estrogen, ovulation does not occur and the woman can not get pregnant. The reason is the admission of hormonal drugs, tumors in the ovaries, cysts, and even excess weight. The doctor will be able to detect an excess of the hormone upon examination, confirming with a blood test. Conversely, the hormone progesterone is long in the body and disrupts its work. The phenomenon is not frequent, but can also be the cause of the appearance of pre-term monthly

2 pregnancy. At conception, a fertilized egg is attached to the walls of the uterus and because of this there may be bleeding that is bad for the fetus and can cause miscarriage,

3 inflammatory processes that occur in the uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes. This can lead to various diseases - uterine fibroids (benign tumor), endometriosis (inflammation inside the uterus), hypoplasia, underdevelopment of the genital organs. Requires treatment to a specialist and timely treatment,

4 uterine bleeding, when the uterus is injured or there is inflammation in the uterus, a tumor. The uterine lining is very tender and can be injured during intercourse, hence bleeding occurs, which can be confused with menstruation,

5 ectopic pregnancy, when the fertilized egg is not attached to the uterus. It requires urgent interruption, in the early stages of more benign ways, can cause bleeding and death of a woman,

6 emergency contraception in unprotected intercourse, taking medications may disrupt the cycle, frequent use of such drugs is not recommended.

7 often the reasons for which menstruation can start prematurely, is the use of oral contraceptives, or rather the use of hormonal contraceptive pills. The beginning of the use of oral contraceptives that affect the work of hormones in the body,

8 fast and strong weight loss, since the normal functioning of the body is disrupted due to a lack of nutrients,

9 stress, climate change, overwork, change of job, place of residence.

In any case, to establish the causes of premature discharge, you must visit a gynecologist. For the diagnosis, you may have to conduct an examination, to pass tests, but with this you should not delay, for your own health and peace of mind. In case of violation of the cycle should pay attention to the functioning of the whole organism. If you are worried about abdominal pain, migraine, nausea, dizziness, then you should immediately seek help from doctors. When a disease is detected, drug treatment is prescribed; all recommendations of the doctor should be followed.

Lifestyle cycle disorders

Examination by a gynecologist did not reveal any diseases in the body, which means that the reason for the violation of the cycle may be the lifestyle of the woman. Her work, for example, causes overwork or stress, frequent business trips lead to a change of climate and have a negative effect on the body.

To bring the menstrual cycle to normal should:

1 more rest, take breaks during work,

2 to be more often in the open air, to move more actively,

3 to go to bed at the same time, the duration of sleep is not less than 6-8 hours,

4 eat fully, correctly. Eat more vegetables, fruits, exclude spicy, fatty, stop drinking alcohol and smoking,

5 take vitamins, drink more fluids, herbal teas,

6 start playing sports, do exercises, swim,

7 under stress conduct a course of taking sedatives, try to avoid conflicts.

8 to experience more positive emotions, communicate with relatives and close people.

What to do if menstruation came 1 week ahead of schedule?

Very often, women, after they find out the reasons for the failure of the monthly cycle, they wonder what to do if the monthly periods did not come on time, if the monthly periods came 1 week earlier, how to fix the problem of a monthly cycle failure. In such a situation, it is very important for a woman to remember that if menstruation started earlier at 5, 6, 7 days, and such symptoms are first or rarely occur, then most likely the causes of failure of the menstruation cycle are physiological, and are associated with stress and physical overload. or another minor health problem. But if the reasons for the failure of the monthly cycle for a week, when the monthly began earlier by 7 days, are pathological causes (gynecological diseases, other diseases), then doctors recommend that you check with the specialist to determine the cause of the appearance of the monthly one week earlier than expected. term and proceed to further treatment of the problem.

Therefore, if a woman does not know what to do, if the menstruation began earlier, if there is a discharge a week before menstruation, then with regular irregularities in the menstrual cycle, it is necessary and immediately to consult a specialist. You should not postpone visits or hope for self-healing. After all, a positive effect depends on the prevention of the disease, as well as on the rate of its detection and the timeliness of treatment. It is important to maintain the proper functioning of the reproductive system in order to fully carry the fetus and its health. And this is the most important thing that a woman brings to our world - a new life that brings joy to mom and the people around her. Therefore, it is very important to take care of your health.

How are the periods if menstruation came 1 week earlier?

In such cases, the features of the occurrence of menstruation will depend on the reasons as a result of which the cycle fails. Provided that the failure occurred as a result of problems in the work of the nervous central system, the woman may experience other deviations in the general condition. Often, against the background of this problem, pain in the head also occurs. A woman may begin to feel sick, and this reaction is in no way associated with a probable pregnancy. There may be general changes in mood, a woman often cries, she has a feeling of depression, and uncontrollable tears occur. Some representatives of the weaker sex against the background of this develop insomnia.

Of course, it is possible to start menstruation earlier than a certain period, however, for each woman, this situation takes place differently, here the individual factors of the organism are an important factor. It is also necessary to understand that when hormone imbalance is observed an abundant discharge, in some cases accompanied by blood clots. But in the presence of an infectious disease, a woman has painful feelings in the lower abdomen, the lower back can hurt.

If the period began prematurely, can this be a pregnancy?

Separately, you need to highlight the situation in which the failure of the cycle caused by pregnancy. If a woman’s sex life is active enough, then there is nothing strange in it, even if it is protected. If there is a suspicion of pregnancy, it is first recommended to carry out a pregnancy test, which can be bought at every pharmacy. The test will be required in the following situations:

1 Monthly began 2-5 days earlier than the day needed for them,

2 The blood released during menstruation has a different color — brown or pink,

3 The abundance and intensity of discharge has become much less

4 Duration of menstruation decreased significantly in comparison with previous times.

If the pregnancy is confirmed, this kind of phenomenon results from the insertion of a fertilized egg into the uterine cavity.

What diseases can occur if menstruation started earlier for 1 week?


При наличии такого симптома в женском организме находится большое количество эстрогена. Происходит такое явление на фоне усиления нехватки в организме лютеиновой кислоты. В подобной ситуации полностью исключается беременность, так как большая вероятность полного отсутствия овуляции. A similar phenomenon may occur when taking medications that include tarragon, tumors in the female genitals (different types of ovarian cysts), and excessive weight. To identify the disease allows a simple blood test.


The presence of inflammatory processes in the uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes can manifest as bloody scarlet discharge with clots. This kind of discharge arises from such a possible disease as uterine fibroids, hypoplasia of the uterus, hypoplasia and glandular hyperplasia.

Bleeding from the uterus

If the onset of menstruation happened earlier than usual for 7 days, then it may well be that this is uterine bleeding, which is very life threatening. This phenomenon may occur as a result of the development of inflammatory processes, uterine trauma, the development of a tumor on the genitals.

Monthly premature and scanty vaginal discharge, causes

Regardless of the abundance of menstruation, they can be accompanied by painful sensations. There is no guarantee that if menstruation is rather scarce and started early, the woman cannot experience unpleasant painful symptoms. On the contrary, against the background of such a phenomenon, the following accompanying signs appear:

1 Constipation or diarrhea,

3 Pain in the head,

5 Painful sensations in the lower abdomen, may also be accompanied by scanty periods, which started 1 week ahead of time.

Allocations of scant volumes can occur in such situations:

1 In the presence of ovarian dysfunction,

2 After giving birth (may start earlier than usual and have a strange brown shade),

3 After the curettage procedure (removal of polyps, curettage for diagnostic purposes, abortion),

4 If there is a genetic predisposition

5 When there is an inflammation (in the uterus, ovaries).

Monthly for 1 week ahead of time and heavy discharge from the vagina

These are by no means all reasons during which menstruation may be observed prematurely, with scanty discharge. In itself, the violation of the menstrual cycle should cause reasons for alertness, and if the discharge began in large numbers and ahead of time, then you should definitely think about the reasons. Abundant periods for a week ahead of time may appear for a large number of various reasons.

A similar phenomenon may occur as a result of such reasons:

1 Diseases and inflammatory processes in the pelvic organs,

2 For menorrhagia,

3 If there are pathologies in the reproductive system,

4 With low hemoglobin,

5 The specific structure of the uterus or the presence of pathologies in it,

6 hormones imbalance,

7 During childbirth, abortion and menopause,

8 For diseases such as endometriosis or uterine fibroids,

9 Using the intrauterine device.

What should I do if my monthly period came 4, 5, 6, 7 days, 1 week or more?

If the reason for the appearance of menstruation is already known and the woman does not know what to do, if the period came 7 days earlier, if the menstruation started much earlier than it should have been, then the tips below can be useful.

In order to get rid of the problem, doctors recommend using such methods as:

1 Reduce the load, not only physically, but also morally. Often, many health problems occur on the background of constant stress,

2 Eliminate the uncomfortable situation in your own home, stop quarreling and regularly sort things out. The house should be calm, quiet and comfortable

3 It is recommended to eat only healthy and healthy food, you should not eat fast food and eat quickly,

4 Any hormonal preparations should be taken very carefully, having read the instructions before taking them. First of all it refers to taking birth control pills,

5 You should not worry too much, in the event that menstruation began early in time for only a day. Such a phenomenon in doctors is not considered a failure, since it fits within the normal range,

6 If a woman has such situations on a regular basis, it is urgent for the gynecologist to appear for an examination. If he asks to be examined, in no case should not refuse, because it is possible that the reason lies in the presence of a serious disease that requires urgent treatment.

If a woman does not know what to do, if the monthly came early, then in no case do you have to endure strong painful sensations, especially those arising against the background of heavy periods. It should be understood that with normal menstruation, the blood should have a dark color and almost not clot (not have clots). If there is a pathological process, then the discharge becomes scarlet, there are clots or pieces of rejected tissue in them. In this case, it is recommended to see a doctor urgently, as the reasons are often extremely dangerous.

What determines premature menstruation

The answer to the question of whether monthly can begin a week earlier is positive. Bleeding or daubing 7 days before the expected date does not always indicate a disease.

The causes of premature menstruation are rooted in stress and psycho-emotional stress. Nervous stress and physical exhaustion is familiar to almost all women.

Improper functioning of the nervous system causes spasm and dilation of blood vessels. As a result, the activity of the uterus increases, and the endometrium begins to reject prematurely.

Why else menstruation can start 1 week earlier:

  • Age. An unstable cycle is characteristic of the puberty period, but during 1–2 years, the monthly periods in adolescent girls should become regular. Subsequently, the cycle failures are observed to 50 years, which indicates the approach of menopause.
  • Hormonal drugs. Drugs containing hormones violate the natural production of female hormones, causing an imbalance.
  • Abortion or miscarriage. These situations provoke a hormonal surge, and menstruation begins much earlier or later than the usual period.
  • Contraceptive use. If a woman is protected from pregnancy with the help of oral contraceptives, monthly for a week earlier she goes because of the adaptation of the body to a new hormonal status. Menstruation begins prematurely even if a woman drinks emergency contraceptive pills.
  • Changes in climatic conditions and time zones. On flights on business trips and holidays in exotic countries, the female body responds with cycle failures - menstruation starts either earlier or later. How many days will have a deviation, it is impossible to predict. To fly and travel do not spoil health, to move over long distances should not more than 1 time per month.
  • Pregnancy. After fusion with the sperm cell, the egg enters the uterus after 5 to 10 days. At the time of implantation, intrauterine mucous tissue is injured, and scant spotting appears. Unaware of her interesting situation, the woman thinks that this time her periods began a week earlier. Although in reality scanty discharge for 1–2 days often speaks about conception and implantation of the embryo into the uterine cavity. In an ectopic pregnancy, when the embryo develops in the fallopian tube, monthly surges are due to pressure on the blood vessels. As the fetus grows, bleeding increases and severe pain arises from the side of the abdomen where the egg cell has fixed.

Abundant periods with clots that went a week earlier indicate a hormonal failure. Imbalance in the ratio of hormones - a common cause of premature menstruation.

Cyst on the ovary

The disease develops for various reasons - stresses, infections, abortions, overweight in the obesity stage. Monthly go earlier for 7 - 10 days, the woman is disturbed by pains in the lower abdomen and difficulties with urination.

Oncological disease develops on the background of obesity or hormonal disorders, but it also has a hereditary nature. In addition, fibroids are formed due to multiple abortions. Menstruation becomes irregular, there are frequent urges to use the toilet for a small need, the stomach is rounded.

Injuries to the internal genital organs

Minor bleeding that resembles menstruation, but appears 7 days before they begin, may occur after a rough intercourse or insufficient moisture of the vagina or due to improper introduction of the intrauterine device.

Mechanical damage to the vaginal tube or cervix with minor bleeding is not dangerous. But if the red discharge expires from the genital tract for a long time, it threatens with infection of the internal genital organs and the development of serious pathologies.

Inflammatory processes

The premature arrival of critical days in the presence of an inflammatory process is not surprising. The body responds with menstrual dysfunction for the flu and cold. Weakened by respiratory diseases, he does not complete his work.

Monthly after a cold can be long, copious, painful and with clots. They begin either 5-7 days earlier, or come with a delay.

Features of menstruation, which began early

How will go monthly, which began a week earlier, depends on the reasons for this situation. If the bleeding has opened prematurely due to stress, the woman will additionally have headaches, weakness, insomnia. When hormonal disorders, menstruation goes abundantly with thick inclusions.

Implantational bleeding in early pregnancy is scarce and short. This is not a true menstruation, but a monthly. Diseases of the infectious nature provoke premature bleeding with pulling pains in the lower abdomen and in the lumbar region.

The appearance of intermenstrual bleeding indicates the instability of estrogen during ovulation. The level of this hormone can increase dramatically or plummet. After the termination of normal monthly intermenstrual bleeding appears on the 10th - 14th day of the cycle. Its duration reaches 3 days. If the discharge goes longer and is accompanied by general malaise, it is urgent to contact a gynecologist.

As for implant bleeding, if a pregnancy is suspected, a test should be done and attention should be paid to the quality of the discharge. The norm for the future mother are:

  1. Scanty pink discharge.
  2. Liquid consistency detachable.
  3. Short duration - bleeding occurs within a few hours, but not more than 2 days.

Scanty barely noticeable bleeding in the middle of the cycle is a sign of ovulation. They do not cause anxiety, except that they stain the laundry. Treatment costs do not require ovulation.

What to do if the monthly went a week earlier

Why, in a particular patient, stable monthly periods suddenly arrived a week earlier, the doctor will be able to answer only after receiving the results of a comprehensive examination.

To study the situation in detail, a woman should go through the following procedures:

  • Blood test for hormones.
  • Vaginal smear.
  • Colposcopy.
  • Hysteroscopy.
  • Ultrasound of the pelvic organs.
  • Biopsy with the transfer of material for histological examination.

While the doctor does not tell you about the results of the diagnosis, you should not worry prematurely. It is possible that a physiological process had a negative effect on the menstrual function.

But if during the instrumental and laboratory studies a functional or organic disorder is revealed, the patient will receive a comprehensive treatment, the purpose of which is to correct the menstrual cycle.

Why monthly came a week earlier. The reasons for the beginning of the month before the term

Regular periods are a natural process in the body of a healthy woman, serving to cleanse the uterine lining of an unfertilized egg. In a healthy woman, menstruation occurs every 21-33 days. The intervals between periods depend on the physiological and individual characteristics of the organism.

Stressful emotional state

Many women faced a similar problem. Constant stress, nervous tension, fatigue affect the cycle. Nervous tension affects the central nervous system, it causes spasms and vasodilation.

Motor activity of the uterus increases and premature rejection of the uterine mucosa occurs. Subsequently what monthly can begin several days earlier. Even a little stress can cause this situation.

Onset of pregnancy

6-10 weeks after fertilization, the embryo enters the uterus. In the process of entering the mucous membrane is damaged and bleeding occurs, which a woman may confuse with the onset of menstruation. Spotting can talk about the onset of pregnancy, if they are rather scarce and last 1-2 days.

Ectopic pregnancy

It is important to know! Ectopic pregnancy is very dangerous and requires urgent medical intervention. The fetus begins to develop not in the uterus, but in the fallopian tube, which further leads to rupture.

Bleeding occurs due to the pressure of the fetus on the blood vessels and may be similar to the monthly. As the fetus grows, bleeding increases and is accompanied by sharp pain. In this case, an urgent operation is required.

Effect of contraception

If a woman starts taking birth control pills, premature onset of menstruation is the norm. The body will gradually get used to the new hormonal background and next month the cycle will be restored. Also, when using emergency contraceptive pills, the menstrual cycle is always lost.

When hormonal disruption occurs, secretions are accompanied by clots and can be abundant. This is one of the reasons why the monthly came a week earlier.

The body receives a shock dose of hormones, which causes early onset of menstruation.

Age changes

Cycle instability is quite normal in adolescence. Menstruation is the first 1-2 years are established and should not cause concern. The young body is preparing for future reproductive activity.

Usually by the age of 50, a woman also has a cycle failure, which means the approach of menopause and is also the norm.

Changing time zones and climatic conditions

Climate change or time zone have an adverse effect on the woman's menstrual cycle, may lead to a delay of menstruation or their premature onset. Transfers and flights should be made no more than 1 time per month.because climate change affects the health of the whole body.

The presence of diseases of the female reproductive system

Diseases of the reproductive system in many cases cause the onset of menstruation ahead of time. The reasons lie in the inflammatory process in the body of a different nature.

Diseases in which menstruation occurs prematurely:

These diseases show symptoms in the later stages. Therefore, the earlier onset of menstruation may not be the only sign.

The presence of a benign tumor in the uterus

A benign tumor disrupts the process of hormone production, under their influence the cycle fails.

In this case, the woman is experiencing:

  • pulling pains in the abdomen,
  • bunches appear
  • highlight dark color
  • the onset of menstruation ahead of time.

intermenstrual bleeding does not give the woman much concern and does not require treatment.

If a tumor is not detected in time, it will continue to grow and become malignant.

Trauma to the vagina or cervix

There may be a small bleeding due to mechanical damage to the cervix or vagina. They appear after rough intercourse or incorrectly delivered contraceptives.

In the case of the rapid disappearance of bleeding should not worry. But if it is repeated along with blood, an infection can enter the uterus and ovaries, which will negatively affect the health of the woman.

Excessive Exercise

High physical activity affects the body as well as stress. Under the influence of physical overstrain, the pressure rises, the vessels narrow and the uterus comes to tone, which causes premature onset of menstruation.

If a woman decided to play sports, then she should increase the load avoid similar effects.

Unbalanced diet (diet, fasting)

Excessive desire of girls to the ideal parameters are pushing them to go on hard diets, and sometimes starve. Such methods lead to quick results, but at the cost of health. The lack of nutrients disrupts blood clotting.

If the body does not receive the required amount of fat and carbohydrates, sex hormones are no longer produced.. In the future, monthly can stop altogether.

How is menstruation, if monthly came earlier

During the month depends on the reasons for which it happened. If stress is the cause, then the woman feels additional symptoms in the form of headache, weakness, insomnia. When hormonal disruption occurs, secretions are accompanied by clots and can be abundant.

Infectious diseases appear pulling pain in the lower abdomen, lower back. Implant bleeding is characterized by short duration and scarcity of discharge.

Короткий цикл или межменструальные кровотечения

It is important to know! В период между менструациями могут возникать дополнительные кровотечения. They occur because of a sharp increase or decrease in the hormone estrogen during ovulation.

You should not postpone the trip to the doctor, especially if the bleeding is accompanied by general malaise.

This phenomenon is not pathological in nature and occurs in 30% of women. Intermenstrual discharge appears 10-14 days after the end of menstruation and lasts up to 3 days.

Note! Such secretions are very scarce and hardly noticeable.

This phenomenon indicates the onset of ovulation. They may also appear on the background of a short cycle. Bleeding does not give the woman much concern and does not require treatment.

Is it possible to confuse menstruation and implant bleeding

It is important to know! Implant bleeding is different from normal menses. If a woman has an unstable cycle and menstrual flow is scarce, then they can be confused with menstrual periods.

As a rule, implantation bleeding occurs a few days earlier and has the following characteristics:

  1. Scanty discharge.
  2. Short duration from several hours to 2 days.
  3. The blood is liquid and has a pinkish tint.

A woman should be tested for pregnancy, if there is a reason.

When to visit a doctor

You should immediately consult a doctor if a woman has health problems in the gynecological part. In this case, menstruation may be associated with already suffered a disease or improper treatment.

You should pay attention to the amount of discharge of the total duration of menstruation. Increased body temperature and pain in the pelvic region can be symptoms of a serious illness. You should not postpone the trip to the doctor, especially if the bleeding is accompanied by general malaise.

Every woman faced with a situation where the monthly come prematurely. The reasons can be both the most innocent and requiring urgent treatment. To find out whether it is worth sounding the alarm, it is necessary to pay attention to the general state of their course and the characteristics of secretions.

What are the reasons for monthly can come a week earlier:

What does it mean if the monthly arrived 10 days ahead of time:

Monthly started a week earlier: possible causes. Disruption of the menstrual cycle:

The regularity of the menstrual cycle is the main indicator of the health of the fair sex. Every girl who has already established a cycle can calculate her monthly periods and find out the approximate date of the next menstruation.

But sometimes there are deviations in the female schedule in one direction or another, and this is alarming.

Why are premature menstruations and is it worth worrying about this? This can happen for a variety of reasons, which can be either harmless or serious enough.

Stress states

The most basic reason for the arrival of critical days is not on time. In a state of stress, the body's work is disturbed, which leads to a small failure. The pressure rises sharply, internal spasm arises, the normal functioning of the central nervous system is disrupted.

At the same time, contractions and dilation of blood vessels also occur in the uterus, the endometrium begins to tear away. A woman notices that her period came 5 days earlier or a week. Such an early arrival of menstruation, if the cause is stress, should not be alarming.

It is necessary to try to stabilize your emotional state, and everything will return to normal.

Hormonal disorders

There is another reason for early menstruation, but only an experienced doctor can determine the problem. Premature menstruation may occur due to prolonged exposure to progesterone on the body, although this is rare.

Another cause may be hyperestrogenia - a condition in which increased estrogen production.

This disease is accompanied by luteal insufficiency, the result may be a lack of ovulation and infertility.

This condition can be provoked by the presence of a follicular cyst, tumors in the ovaries, the use of drugs that contain a high amount of estrogen. A blood test is performed to confirm the diagnosis.

Repeated cycle failures are a reason to consult a specialist. He will determine the cause and prescribe the necessary treatment. Self-treatment in this case is unacceptable - this can aggravate the situation.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding

If the premature months do not last long and are scarce, then this may indicate that you are pregnant. After the onset of pregnancy, the embryo attaches to the uterus, the integrity of its mucous membrane is disturbed, and slight bleeding occurs. Discharge with blood that appears after conception is implant bleeding.

You can distinguish menstruation from implant bleeding by the nature of the discharge. Menstruation begins gradually. First, the allocation of scarce, then their profusion increases. Duration - from three days to a week. Implant bleeding will be scarce and will end soon.

After an artificial abortion or miscarriage, the cycle can also be broken. In this case, the recovery cycle occurs independently for some time. Sometimes a small medication may be necessary.

Breastfeeding can affect the nature of the menstrual cycle.


Means of emergency contraception provoke the arrival of menstruation earlier than the prescribed time. Such remedies should be used only in extreme cases, since their frequent use can lead to health problems. In addition, cause the early periods can and spiral, which is set incorrectly.

Injuries and diseases of the female genital

Spotting may occur due to trauma to the vagina or cervix. The reason is gross sexual intercourse or an incorrectly supplied contraceptive. In this case, a woman may think that her period began a week earlier. It is important to accurately determine whether it is menstruating or bleeding to avoid unpleasant consequences.

Bleeding that is not monthly can cause inflammation in the uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries. The appearance of secretions may be associated with endometriosis, myoma, hypoplasia or hypoplasia of the genital organs, glandular hyperplasia of the endometrium. Various sexually transmitted infections can also cause poor discharge, mistaken for menstruation.

Exercise and Diets

Excessive physical exertion can lead to premature onset of critical days. You should not be surprised if, after intensive training, your periods began a week earlier.

The same effects are possible after a rapid weight loss. The whole body suffers from a lack of nutrients, blood clotting is disturbed.

The causes of this condition may be different, but it can be identified only after the examination.

To promote the onset of premature menstruation can take certain medications, poisoning, poor nutrition. In addition, menstruation ahead of time can be observed in women who abuse alcohol, smoke or take drugs. It can also be caused by hereditary factors, serious malfunctions of the internal organs, cardiovascular disorders.

How are premature menstruation

Drowsiness, tearfulness, irritability, slight chest pain, etc. may occur. In inflammatory diseases, the process can be quite painful, while the pain is also felt in the lower back, hips, and groin area. Monthly ahead of time, the causes of which are hidden in hormonal disorders, accompanied by strong blood secretions with clots.

What to do when monthly come prematurely

Do not immediately panic! First of all, it is necessary to pay attention to the nature and composition of the discharge.

No need to worry if such a phenomenon has arisen for the first time, and the state of health remains normal.

Monthly ahead of time should not cause concern if there was a change of climate, a strong mental shock, physical exertion (if menstruation started recently).

In this situation, it is important to adjust your daily routine and eat properly, limit fat, sweet, salty foods in your diet, and spend more time outdoors. In case of nervous disorders, it is useful to take weak sedatives or herbal preparations.

If the period starts early, the discharge is not heavy and has the character of a normal menstruation, but the general tone is reduced, there is nausea, aching pain or other symptoms, then it is necessary for the doctor to appear soon, there is no need to call an ambulance.

Alert should highlight a large number of bright scarlet color without lumps. If at the same time the state of health worsens and a pre-unconscious state arises, it is necessary to consult a doctor - such symptoms are characteristic of bleeding. Before the arrival of the doctor, you need to lie down, apply ice to the lower part of the abdomen, try not to use any drinks.

See a doctor is necessary in the event that:

  • failures are observed more than a year
  • the period started early and lasted more than seven days
  • the discharge is abundant and requires frequent changes of hygiene products
  • in between the menses there are other secretions,
  • there is severe pain, weakness, fever.

To determine the cause of this phenomenon, the doctor will prescribe the necessary tests. Most often it is a smear, hormone analysis, an ultrasound examination of the female organs. In some cases, you may need an MRI.

The regular menstrual cycle is an important characteristic of women's health. If there are failures in this area, if they are not one-time, you should consult with the gynecologist to determine the cause of this condition.

Why monthly came a week earlier? Monthly ahead of time - is it a pregnancy?

Our article will introduce you to the most common causes of premature menstruation. You will also learn what affects the regularity of the cycle and whether the early menstruation is a symptom of a serious illness.

  • The female body is quite vulnerable, so even the slightest stress can lead to a failure of the menstrual cycle. But if women react to the delay of menstruation rather quickly, then they hardly pay attention to the early arrival of menstruation.
  • No matter how scary it may sound, but many women are more afraid of unplanned pregnancy than inflammation of the female genital organs. For this reason, ladies whose bleeding appeared before the prescribed period almost never go to the doctor
  • And they do, of course, this is in vain, because in most cases the body thus signals that not quite the right processes take place inside it. And if you do not try to understand the reason for this pathology, then quickly enough it can lead to more serious problems.

Can monthly start a week earlier?

Menstruation may start earlier due to CNS disorders.

  • Monthly - This is the process of rejection of the uterine mucosa, as a result of which not very heavy bleeding occurs. If the body is all right, then the uterine discharge will be slightly different in color from normal blood. This is due to the fact that they contain an enzyme that makes them a bit darker and prevent natural folding.
  • A completely healthy girl should have menstruation every 21-33 days. Of course, there may be some deviations in one direction or another, but this is considered to be a completely normal process. But if the monthly begin earlier than a certain period, then it is worth thinking
  • If a woman feels quite well, then the cause of the early appearance of the "guests" may be the failure of the endocrine system. It is proved that with proper development of events ovulation occurs approximately in the middle of the menstrual cycle. If a woman is attentive to her body, it will happen for 10-15 days after the start of the selection
  • But if the hormonal background of the woman is not all right, then there is the likelihood that the monthly will begin ahead of time. Therefore, if you have such problems, then in addition to the gynecologist, forget to visit the endocrinologist

Monthly came a week earlier, the reasons

Oral contraceptives can affect cycle regularity.

  • It is probably difficult to find a woman who would not know that the regular menstrual cycle is the main indicator of her excellent female health. Therefore, if he goes astray, then for most women it causes anxiety and concern.
  • Most often, women who are not very fond of a gynecologist and go to him only in case of emergency, begin to worry a lot. After all, if they regularly visited a specialist, they probably would have known that in some women, in general, are prone to such a flow of menstruation.
  • Of course, this is considered a deviation from the norm, but with a correct adjustment, the cycle is quite quickly tuned and allocations occur exactly on the calendar. If everything is fine with the hormonal system, and the menstruation still starts early, then you need to look for other reasons

Factors contributing to the late start of menstruation:

• Stressful situations. When we are nervous, an involuntary muscle spasm occurs and our blood pressure rises. All this has a negative impact on the central nervous system, and already it directly begins to affect the reproductive system.

• Oral contraceptive use. Almost all birth control pills contain huge doses of hormones. Once in the body, they can interfere with the work of female hormones for some time. All this can lead to the fact that the monthly begin prematurely.

• Bad cold. Any disease gradually reduces a person’s defenses. Against this background, a rather strong inflammatory process begins in the woman’s body, which disrupts the blood supply to the uterus. Because of such a negative impact, the menstrual cycle gets off and discharge appears a little earlier than necessary.

Monthly came a week earlier - pregnancy?

Unplanned pregnancy can also trigger premature menstruation.

  • Monthly may well help us understand that something is wrong with us. If they come before you wait for them, then this means that you need to be more careful about your health.
  • After all, although it is believed that premature menstruation is provoked by stress and hormonal problems, in some cases this pathology may signal that another life began under your heart
  • Fortunately or unfortunately, this possibility still exists. Bleeding, which began quite unexpectedly, cannot be called menstruation in the truest sense of the word. Just at the moment the embryo gets into the uterine cavity, partial damage to the endometrium occurs and this is what provokes the appearance of bleeding.

Signs of an unplanned pregnancy:• Menstruation began 2–7 days earlier than the prescribed period. • Discharges are pink or brown. • The number of lohies has decreased quite a lot.

• Monthly lasts less than usual

Abundant periods a week earlier, reasons

Heredity has a strong influence on the formation of the cycle.

Abundant monthly - a rather painful process, accompanied by sufficiently intense bleeding that can cause the development of anemia. How to understand that you have excessive blood circulation? Yes, very simple. If you have to change the gasket or tampon every hour and a half, then immediately contact a specialist for help.

Uterine bleeding is a rather insidious process, in which a woman may need emergency medical assistance. After all, if you do not try to normalize the condition of a woman, then this can lead to rather unpleasant consequences.

Symptoms of heavy menstruation:• Lochia is excreted for more than 7 days • Blood loss per day exceeds 200 ml • Blood clots do not disappear for more than 3 days • Very severe pain in the area of ​​the uterus and ovaries

• Regular appearance of intermenstrual discharge

Causal development of profuse menstruation:• Medical abortion • Problems with the gastrointestinal tract • Rejection of certain foods • Regular intake of aspirin • Lack of vitamins C, K, R

• Diseases of the reproductive system

Scanty periods a week earlier, reasons

Inflammatory processes in the reproductive system may well provoke scanty monthly

  • We all know that in the normal course of menstruation, approximately 70-150 ml of blood is released. If the amount of discharge is at least a little less than these indicators, then we can say that you develop hypomenorrhea. In addition to a sharp decrease in the number of lohii, their color also changes.
  • The discharge may be so scanty that only barely noticeable traces of pink or brown can remain on the gasket. In addition, women may experience severe headaches, general weakness, nausea and dizziness.
  • But with all this, such menstruation can begin at the right time and lasts from 3 to 7 days. Чаще всего причиной скудных месячных являться не совсем правильна работа яичников и гипофиза. Если эти два органа работают с нарушениями, то это незамедлительно приводит к негативным изменениям эндометрия

Факторы, влияющие на появление скудных выделений:• Frequent abortions and scraping • Tuberculosis • Urogenital trauma • Reproductive system surgery • Nervous system malfunction • Breastfeeding • Incorrect hormone therapy

• Intoxication of the female body

How to call monthly for a week earlier?

Try a high dose of ascorbic acid.

  • Every woman knows that menstruation has the ability to start at the most inopportune moment. For example, on the very day when you gathered your whole family to the water park or just on your birthday. Of course, such a natural phenomenon spoils the long-awaited holiday
  • To avoid such problems, some women try to calculate the beginning of ovulation as accurately as possible and try to cause menstruation ahead of time. But remember, this should be done only if you know for sure that you are completely healthy and not exactly pregnant. If you have even the slightest doubt, then it is better to abandon the plan.
  • Also do not forget that this is an emergency measure, which can be used in the most extreme cases. After all, if you regularly resort to such manipulation, then there is the likelihood that you will begin to have problems with women's health, which can later lead to infertility.

• Oral contraceptives. This method is only suitable for women who take birth control pills regularly. In this case, in order for menstruation to come earlier, you just need not to take a seven-day break in taking the drug.

• Hormonal drugs. The mechanism of action of such funds is quite simple. Once in the body of a woman, they minimize progesterone levels and increase the amount of estrogen. It is the latter that is responsible for the planned start of the menstrual cycle.

• Hot tub. If you do not want to take drugs, then try to simply increase blood flow to the genitals. To do this, make yourself a hot bath and lie down in it for at least half an hour. Enhance the effect of warm water can passionate and violent sex

• Herbal decoctions. Cook mint, chamomile and valerian and take 2 times a day for 3-4 days. Broth maximizes the tone of the uterus and this contributes to an earlier start of menstruation.

Why monthly went earlier for 2 weeks?

Genital infection can cause premature menstruation.

  • Unfortunately, the cases when monthly periods start 2 weeks ahead of schedule have become quite frequent recently. And, although women like to think that this is a banal hormonal failure, in some cases, problems with the ovaries can be the cause of such a pathology.
  • Most often, on this background, a woman develops two diseases that contribute to a rather short period between menstruation. Anovulatory dysfunction develops first. This disease reduces the production of female hormones and maximizes the production of male hormones. However, estrogen may not be produced at all. Usually, women with such a problem have rather male hair patterns.
  • If you do not begin to get rid of this problem, the condition may worsen and this will trigger the development of ovarian resistance. In this case, the body will produce all the necessary hormones, but the ovaries themselves will not react to them. Without proper treatment, menstruation may cease completely or appear rather unexpectedly in the form of rather heavy and painful bleeding.

The main causes of pathology:• Thyroid problems • Overweight • Elevated blood sugar • Uterus tumors • Miscarriage or abortion

• Fasting and, as a consequence, lack of vitamins and trace elements

What does brown discharge say a week earlier than menstruation?

The appearance of dark brown secretions can be triggered by strong physical exertion.

Discharge from the genital tract is a natural physiological phenomenon that helps a woman understand how healthy her reproductive organs are. If the mucus that emerges from the vagina has a light almost transparent color and does not emit any smell, then there is nothing to worry about.

But if you notice that they have begun to change their color and texture, then this is a reason to make an appointment with a doctor. Light brown secretions may appear due to bacterial vaginosis or cervical injury. Dark brown mucus indicates that coagulated blood is in the vaginal cavity all the time.

Causes of brown discharge:• Sharp climate change • Physical stress • Uterine fibroids • Endometriosis

• Blood coagulation disorder

Why menstruation started a week earlier

The menstrual cycle is a physiological phenomenon with a frequency of 1 every 21 - 35 days. How quickly the next bleeding will begin - after 3 weeks or after 5, depends on the individual characteristics of the organism.

If the monthly came a week earlier than usual, subject to their regularity, it is worth considering whether everything is in order with health.

1 Causes of premature menses

On the general condition of a woman can affect many factors. Many of them are the cause of such deviations. As a rule, they include:

  • Soul feelings. If menstruation began earlier, it is possible that regular stressful situations, certain life shocks are to blame. Such factors may make their own changes to the already completed cycle.
  • Excessive exercise. A common reason. If you regularly bore the body, especially during the period of ovulation, it will surely cause menstruation two, five, or even ten days ahead of time.
  • Weight loss. Perhaps due to excessive fatigue, nerves or a strict diet, the woman began to lose weight rapidly. Such phenomena can trigger changes in the menstrual cycle.
  • Hard sex Intimacy, in which there were rough movements, can provoke premature menstruation. In addition, in some cases it may be normal bleeding and no more.
  • Perhaps a bloody discharge is not what you think. Many women confuse uterine bleeding with menstruation. In this case, the cause of all uterine injury, inflammation, tumors or other pathologies.
  • Sometimes it is the future motherhood that can be the answer to the question of why the monthly came early. It seemed like this could be? In this case, on the contrary, there should be a delay. This is explained by the fact that at 6-7 weeks the embryo begins to penetrate the wall of the uterus. This process causes damage to the blood vessels, causing bleeding.
  • Ectopic pregnancy can affect the processes when arbitrary abortions occur. Such situations are very dangerous, it is necessary to provide a woman with immediate hospitalization and surgical intervention.
  • Many women use oral contraceptives to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Regular reception of them and leads to this imbalance.
  • Menstruations that started 5 or more days ahead of time can be the result of infectious diseases that are sexually transmitted.

Do not worry, and even more so to panic, if the early menstruation is disturbed by a young girl, during this period the cycle has not yet fully formed. You can also be calm at a later age, when the reproductive functions of women begin to fade.

Why do the periods last too long and is it dangerous?

2 Related symptoms

Features of early menstruation depend on a variety of reasons. For example, if such events are caused by disturbances in the work of the nervous system, then the woman will behave accordingly - she will become nervous, irritable, and tearful.

Often the menstrual cycle ahead of time can cause headaches. This may be nausea, which most girls take as a sign of pregnancy. In most cases, there is a breakdown, depressed mood, touchiness, tears for no reason. Some women may have a sleep disorder.

Menstruation may begin early enough often, and this happens in most women. It all depends on the state of health. The process is different for everyone. It is worth paying attention that when menstruations begin prematurely, there may be abundant discharge. If a woman observes blood clots, most likely the cause of all hormonal disorder. If the discharge is not so abundant, most often there is a pulling pain in the lower abdomen, which can be given to the lumbar region, perhaps the cause of the infection.

Causes of very poor menstruation with low blood

3 How to recognize pregnancy?

It is worth considering separately the case when menstruations started earlier due to pregnancy. Even with regular protection, if a woman leads an active sex life, then the probability of becoming pregnant does exist, even if it is insignificant. You should definitely get a pregnancy test in a pharmacy, if the early periods are accompanied by the following features:

  • menstruation could start 4 days ahead of time,
  • the blood changed its color - it is pale brown, or, on the contrary, bright pink,
  • the abundance of discharge has decreased markedly
  • menstruation lasts less time than usual, some 2-3 days, or just one day,
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    The above differences are evidence that fertilization has occurred and the fetus is implanted in the uterus.

    Why can monthly go 2 times a month?

    4 How many days did menstruation begin?

    Depending on how many days the menstrual period began prematurely, it depends on what was the main factor.

    The functioning of the female reproductive system is carried out by several organs. That is why, if one of them fails, the remaining processes may not go according to plan. It is necessary to consult a doctor, in the course of the study, diseases can be detected: from pathologies in the uterus to problems with the brain.

    1. 1. Menstruation came 5 days early or less.

    Why did menstruation start 5 days earlier?

    The female body is so fragile and vulnerable that such a deviation can occur due to a banal cold. Basically, such processes provoke disturbances in blood circulation.

    Monthly prematurely are often due to adverse environmental conditions. This can happen in the case when there is a need to urgently change the place of residence, to move to another country. As a result of acclimatization, the body is under stress, even if it is a trip for tourist purposes.

      So that your body is not “swarming” with parasites - add a couple of drops to the water ...

    Papillomas-a sign of the presence of parasites! My advice: drink 1 glass before bedtime ...

    After 2 days, forget about cigarettes! It will forever discourage after 2 days, forget about cigarettes! It will forever discourage desire.

    Small deviations can occur as a result of a rigid diet, when the amount of nutrients from food is noticeably reduced. The body is under stress, so menstruation is earlier than 5 days, is not a reason for panic.

    A slight deviation can cause emotional overload.

    1. 2. Menstruation began earlier in the week.

    If the monthly came a week earlier, and this situation bothers the woman more than once, perhaps the reason for this is hyperestrogenism. In this situation, the hormone estrogen is produced much more than necessary.

    In this case, there is a lack of luteic acid. It should be remembered that pregnancy is completely excluded here, because, most likely, it did not even reach ovulation.

    When the monthly began a week earlier, you need to look at yourself, perhaps the reason lies on the surface. Often this is due to overweight. It is enough to lose weight, and the cycle is normalized.

    But the reasons may be deeper and more serious, for example, the presence of various cysts and tumors on the internal genitals of a woman. To affect the processes may receive some drugs. To confirm the diagnosis, you need to pass a blood test.

    If your periods went a week earlier, perhaps the reason for this is inflammation. It can occur in the fallopian tubes, in the uterus itself, or on the ovaries. Selections change color and become scarlet, clots may be present. Such secretions may indicate the presence of myomas, endometriosis, or underdevelopment of the reproductive system.

    It is likely that the early menstruation is nothing but uterine bleeding that occurred after her injury, the development of inflammation or tumors.

    1. 3. Menstruation is 10 days earlier.

    The menstrual cycle, which came at an early age, can be restored and formed long enough, up to several years. But after that, the monthly for 10 days earlier is a frequent occurrence. A number of provoking factors can affect such deviations.

    Perhaps the genetic predisposition of a woman is to blame. If menstruation began earlier for 10 days, first of all you need to talk to the representatives of the female line - mother and grandmother, to ask whether they have been in such situations. Probably something similar was constantly encountered by close relatives. In this case, nothing can be done anymore, and it is impossible to influence the processes in the body. You just need to come to terms with this circumstance, because everything is caused by genetics.

    You should not be surprised if after an abortion or miscarriage, your period came 10 days earlier. Such troubles often entail disruptions in the cycle, while menstruation can begin as much earlier, and much later.

    Such a discrepancy may occur with the rapid change in body weight: the woman is very thin, or, conversely, gained a lot of extra pounds. The same situation occurs if the body does not receive the necessary amount of nutrients or there is an improper diet.

    One of the most common causes of this phenomenon in the menstrual cycle is inflammation. It can manifest itself in different ways. These are fibroids, endometriosis, malignant and benign lesions.

    The list of such deviations is quite large. The most dangerous thing in this situation is that a woman often simply ignores the situation and does not take the problem seriously. Every day the disease progresses. In this case, you must come to the clinic and as soon as possible seek professional help.

    No matter how surprising it may sound, but in some cases, this failure occurs due to problems with internal organs. That is why a woman is so important to monitor their own health. The situation can provoke problems with the liver, kidneys, nervous system and other organs.

    From this list, one can understand one thing: the sooner a woman goes to a doctor, the less negative consequences await her in the future. With some ladies, the timing may be noticeably longer. Monthly 2 weeks earlier - there is a serious deviation or even pathology. It is urgent to go to the gynecologist. The probability of detection of any disease is very high.

    5 nature of discharge

    Many people think that how painful they are during menstruation depends on how painful they are. But it is not. Even if the early periods are quite scarce, this does not exclude unpleasant symptoms and even pain. Very often at this time there is:

    • nausea,
    • headaches,
    • pain in the lower abdomen, which gives the lower back,
    • constipation, or vice versa diarrhea.

    Allocations will be scant for several reasons:

    • Some time after birth. In this case, they come a little earlier than the estimated time and have a non-characteristic pale brown color.
    • After the curettage procedure. This usually occurs after an abortion, or surgery, such as the removal of polyps.
    • In violation of the ovaries.
    • With a genetic predisposition.
    • During inflammatory diseases associated with the internal genital organs of a woman.

    Of course, this is not the entire list for which scanty periods can be observed. Each lady, in view of individual features, there can be many other reasons for that.

    By themselves, premature periods of pre-term cause wariness, but if they are also abundant, here you need to think seriously. By themselves, the discharge should not be excessively abundant, especially if there are clots. If such a process is still present, it may indicate presence:

    • spirals
    • hormonal failure,
    • postponed abortion, childbirth,
    • menopause,
    • endometriosis,
    • uterine fibroids,
    • female reproductive function pathologies,
    • inflammatory process or pelvic disease,
    • hemoglobin deficiency,
    • pathological abnormalities in the uterus.

    6 What to do in this situation?

    As with any anomaly, you need to act in one single way - to eliminate the root cause of the problem. It is very difficult to independently understand what was the reason for this, therefore a visit to a specialist is necessary in any case.

    First of all, you need to calm down and think about everything carefully. Возможно, причина не в серьёзных патологиях, может, женщина просто ведёт неправильный образ жизни, например, употребляет алкоголь, принимает вредную пищу, постоянно поднимает тяжести, не высыпается.In this case, it is enough to revise your mode and diet, and the rhythm normalizes by itself. For this you need:

    • To reduce the load, including not only physical but also emotional, to minimize regular stressful situations.
    • It is better to talk with family and provide a comfortable environment at home, it is better to leave disputes, forgetting to clarify the relationship. The house should be a real cozy corner where you can relax.
    • It is very important to review the daily diet and cooking. During this period, you need to abandon the convenience foods, snacks, sandwiches. Start cooking healthy foods with minimal amounts of fat and carbohydrates. Add more fruits, vegetables, lean meat, seafood.
    • Take hormonal contraceptives with great care. It is better to ask the gynecologist for advice before starting to take the drug.

    Monthly, which came only 1-2 days ahead of time, are not considered a failure. This is quite normal. If monthly menstruation occurs 3-4 days earlier, it is better to visit the clinic. It is not necessary to refuse detailed examination, perhaps, the doctor had certain doubts.

    No need to ignore the severe pain and bleeding, not reminiscent of menstrual. In the pathological state, the blood may be brown or scarlet, with numerous clots. Most often this suggests serious problems. With fainting, nausea, vomiting and dizziness, you can be very likely to say about the next motherhood. Otherwise, start treatment, take care of your health, rest more and get enough sleep.

    Perhaps every girl at least once in her life faced a similar problem. In some cases, such a situation can appear only once, then there is no cause for concern, perhaps the reason for this is quite harmless.

    Otherwise, if the system is observed from month to month, it is necessary to immediately consult a doctor. Early menstruation is a definite signal that serves to let you know that something is wrong with the body. In most cases, regular early menstruation talk about health problems, so it’s better not to delay the treatment.

    And a little about the secrets ...

    Have you ever suffered from problems with Menstrual cycle? Judging by the fact that you are reading this article - the victory was not on your side. And of course you do not know firsthand what it is:

    • heavy or scanty clots
    • chest and lower back pain
    • pain while having sex
    • unpleasant smell
    • urination discomfort

    And now answer the question: does it suit you? Is it possible to endure problems? And how much money have you already “leaked” to ineffective treatment? That's right - it's time to stop with this! Do you agree? That is why we decided to publish an interview with the chief gynecologist of Russia Leyla Adamova, in which she revealed the simple secret of normalizing the menstrual cycle. Read the article ...

    The regularity of the menstrual cycle is the main indicator of the health of the fair sex. Every girl who has already established a cycle can calculate her monthly periods and find out the approximate date of the next menstruation. But sometimes there are deviations in the female schedule in one direction or another, and this is alarming. Why are premature menstruations and is it worth worrying about this? This can happen for a variety of reasons, which can be either harmless or serious enough.

    Causes of premature menstruation

    Most women who have a problem of this kind are wondering why their periods came a week earlier. This plunges them into despondency, fear, bewilderment, they can be afraid to go to the gynecologist.

    Inspection with this disease is extremely important. After all, by means of hormonal analysis and examination, doctors can answer the question of why menstruation came a week earlier than expected.

    There are a number of major causes of premature bleeding:

    • Long-term effects of progesterone hormone on the female body. There is such a reason rather infrequently, but it can cause the appearance of menstruation a week earlier than the allotted time.
    • The presence of hyperestrogenia. From the name it becomes clear that the main thing here is the increased content of the hormone estrogen. The disease is associated with protein deficiency (little lutein). These factors can lead to anovulation and infertility,
    • If the premature blood flow came in the middle of the cycle, then many women may confuse them with the onset of menstruation. This "menstruation" is associated with the presence of inflammatory processes in the internal genital organs,
    • The presence of inflammation in the inner layer of the uterus - endometriosis,
    • The presence of a benign tumor in the uterus - fibroids,
    • Underdeveloped sexual system in women, in medicine called hypoplasia,
    • The presence of glandular immaturity,
    • Monthly began prematurely at conception. This occurs from day 6 to day 10 after the fertilization process of the egg, if the egg is attached in a specific part of the uterus. Bleeding in this case is implantational in nature, does not affect the condition of the fetus. Although it is believed that it can trigger an involuntary abortion,
    • Another reason why the monthly began earlier in the week is the change of time zones and climatic conditions,
    • Stress can also provoke the phenomenon of premature menstruation,
    • Some women after unprotected coitus have resorted to the use of emergency contraceptives that contribute to the disruption of the cycle. They can go monthly for a week ahead of schedule.
    • Ectopic pregnancy can also be a serious cause of critical days ahead of time.

    Only a specialist will be able to figure out the problem of why the monthly arrived earlier in the week. Therefore, an immediate visit to the gynecologist's office is recommended. Thereby you save your health and the health of your future offspring.

    If the monthly went one week earlier than the expected date, then carefully observe your general condition. If you have noted such phenomena as:

    • dizziness,
    • migraine,
    • breast pain
    • pulling pains in the abdomen,

    then you should immediately consult a doctor. But, if such symptoms are absent, the failure in the cycle is caused not by internal, but by external factors, such as overwork or stress.

    Early menstruation: implant bleeding

    Many women are very worried about why menstruation went much earlier (in 10 days) than it should have appeared. Others do not attach due importance to this and believe that if they did not arrive on time, then it is not so scary, much more dangerous if menstruation began with a delay.

    But this is far from the case! Menstruation, which went 10 days before the expected date, can be a very alarming symptom.

    Special danger is intrauterine bleeding.

    During pregnancy, these manifestations may indicate implant bleeding. It is caused by damage to the blood vessel during attachment of the embryo to the wall of the uterus.

    Signs of implant bleeding:

    • Be sure to check your basal temperature if your monthly period is 8–10 days ahead of time. Measure it must be right in bed after waking up. If her figure is lowered, it may indicate the conception of a child.
    • If you begin physical sensations, bringing discomfort for 8-10 days before menstruation: nagging pain in the lower abdomen, constant nausea. They may indicate imminent involuntary termination of pregnancy. A woman should immediately visit the gynecologist's office.
    • Daub, which began 10 days before the onset of menstruation, is colored dark brown, brown or pinkish. It lasts, as a rule, no more than a day.
    • Feeling of weakness, general weakness 10 days before menstruation. After the implantation of internal bleeding, the woman feels fatigued, she constantly tends to sleep. But this state quickly disappears.

    Monthly, uterine or implant bleeding?

    Some young women who are faced with a problem when their periods have gone 5–10 days ahead of schedule will not give it proper importance. While more adult women are well versed in the nature of menstruation and will immediately realize that something is wrong with the body.

    Is it possible to confuse menstruation with other types of bleeding that began prematurely? In fact, menstruation, implantation and uterine bleeding differ radically.

    How to distinguish types of bleeding ahead of time:

    • Monthly. Those menstruations that started with a preliminary daub are considered healthy, then the amount of blood released gradually increases. They all go in different ways, depending on the physiological characteristics of the female body, from 3 to 7 days.
      Menstruation should begin on time, and not earlier than 8–10 days of the estimated date.
    • Uterine bleeding. Copious bloody discharge, similar to menstruation, but occurred 7–10 days before the onset of the proposed menstruation may be uterine bleeding.
      Uterine bleeding can occur during menstruation. In this case, the selection will be too abundant, there is a weakness, up to loss of consciousness.
    • Implant bleeding testifies to the pregnancy. The fetus attaches to the wall of the uterus and eats the vessel. This is not every woman. It does not have negative effects on the fetus itself.
      Implantation bleeding from the very beginning has a small blood discharge and ends very quickly.

    If the monthly began a week or 10 days ahead of time, do not neglect the visit to the gynecologist. Only he will answer you the question why the monthly began to go at the wrong time. If similar health problems began, the consequences can be very different.


    If the monthly began a week earlier, it is quite an ambiguous phenomenon, which may indicate a variety of changes in the body of a woman. And most importantly, not always negative. So, even pregnancy can provoke a similar phenomenon, about the existence of which the woman does not suspect yet. In addition, the monthly can come 3 days earlier - this is quite natural, and there is no need to worry here.

    At the same time, if the monthly begin early in time for several cycles, you should not try to determine the causes of this phenomenon on your own. It will be correct to make an appointment with a specialist who, after conducting a comprehensive examination, will find the cause.

    If the monthly began a week earlier, it is quite an ambiguous phenomenon, which may indicate a variety of changes in the body of a woman. And most importantly, not always negative. So, even pregnancy can provoke a similar phenomenon, about the existence of which the woman does not suspect yet. In addition, the monthly can come 3 days earlier - this is quite natural, and there is no need to worry here.

    At the same time, if the monthly begin early in time for several cycles, you should not try to determine the causes of this phenomenon on your own. It will be correct to make an appointment with a specialist who, after conducting a comprehensive examination, will find the cause.

    Failure of the menstrual cycle

    It is necessary to sound the alarm and go to the doctor only in cases where the period starts earlier during several cycles.

    The reasons for this phenomenon are many, but the determination of the one that provoked, for example, menstruation 10 days earlier, should be carried out exclusively by a doctor. At the same time, prematurely begin monthly due to the following reasons:

    1. Nervous strain, stress. Serious shocks can trigger disturbances from the central nervous system, which, in turn, adversely affect any of the body systems. Menstruation may begin prematurely, however, after the elimination of a stressful situation and the complete restoration of the body, the cycle usually returns to normal.
    2. Cold. In the process of illness in a woman, blood circulation in the uterus can be disturbed, which inevitably leads to the fact that menstruation came 4 days earlier and more. This phenomenon is usually characterized by painful sensations and copious secretions. In the event that the patient also has a fever, it is imperative that you seek advice from a medical institution.
    3. Unprotected intercourse. As a result of sexual intercourse with an unfamiliar partner, a woman may face a number of sexually transmitted diseases, many of which require immediate treatment. And in order not to reap the fruits of their mistakes, it is better to come to a specialist in time.
    4. Climate change. A sudden move to an area that differs from a native region in climatic conditions may provoke a disruption in the ANS. The reproductive system of a woman is also included in its sphere of influence; therefore, such a phenomenon, when menstruation went a week earlier, is quite natural.
    5. Hormonal disorders. Most often, this phenomenon occurs during adolescence or during menopause. What was the reason that the monthly came earlier at 2 weeks or a week, you need to find out in the conditions of the medical institution. In the same place, an effective treatment will probably be prescribed, after which the monthly ones will come within the required period.

    Modern medicine allows almost accurately determine the cause provoking the occurrence of violations in the reproductive system of women. Hike to the doctor should not be afraid.

    Premature process

    It is impossible to say unequivocally how premature menstruation will proceed. It all depends on how much earlier they came, and, most importantly, on the reason that provoked such a phenomenon. That is why the problem of why the monthly arrived early is relevant.

    If the reason lies in disorders of the central nervous system, a woman, even if her period has gone earlier, may experience increased irritability, tearfulness, headache, etc.

    How long it will take the body to recover from stress is impossible to say, but it is quite possible to help it by contacting a specialist in time. As a rule, treatment begins with a comprehensive examination and the doctor's attempts to find out why stress has arisen. Therefore, it’s not worth hiding any data. From the data obtained directly depends on the diagnosis and the appointment of effective treatment. It takes about a month on average to fully restore the body after a minor stress.

    If menstruation was triggered by an infectious disease, the woman will certainly notice her pain, not only in the lower abdomen, but also in the groin and even the hips. Usually, this phenomenon is of a one-off nature and, if later on the menstrual periods proceed in the normal manner, no longer occurs.

    In infections with sexually transmitted diseases, pain can occur and menstruation occurs 10 days earlier in the course of several cycles.

    There is no need to reflect on why menstruation began earlier. It is important to immediately contact a specialist, because most sexually transmitted diseases, without receiving proper treatment, begin to actively progress. The consequence of this is not only a question of why menstruation comes earlier, but also persistent discomfort that a woman will probably feel.

    It rarely happens that menstruation began prematurely for no apparent reason. This may be a violation of blood clotting or blood circulation in general. Do not stop if the reason was not found in the reproductive system of women. It is necessary to be examined further, and then surely why the monthly ones came a week earlier will be clarified.

    First aid

    Faced with the fact that the monthly came a week earlier, first of all you need to calm down and think about what exactly could have provoked such a phenomenon.

    Of course, it is necessary to go to the hospital, but it will be useful to analyze on your own why the monthly ones started a week earlier. And if you think well, an explanation can always be found.

    If the reason that menstruation started 10 days or a week earlier is in the wrong way of life or poor nutrition, it is recommended to reconsider their attitude to their own health. For women who have been on a strict diet for a long time, it is advisable to completely abandon it and optimize their diet. After the body mass returns to its normal level, a healthy monthly period will appear.

    Lovers of significant physical exertion, in which menstruation stably begin 3-5 days earlier, it is also recommended to temper your ardor and give the body a break. The regeneration process will take not even weeks, but entire months! However, the result in the form of the normal functioning of the reproductive system is definitely worth it.

    Further neglect of the needs of the body can lead not only to complaints that menstruation began earlier than 10 days, but also to serious health problems.

    In the event that the disturbance is caused by a hormonal failure or an inflammatory process, one should not expect immediate results from the treatment carried out.Monthly can go after a few months, but if the treatment is carried out correctly, it is definitely worth waiting for their arrival.

    If monthly, for example, came 4 days earlier than once, do not panic and sign up for all sorts of examinations. You need to think when the monthly began to come 10 days earlier.