Using broth onion peel to call monthly


Infusion of onion peel is used to treat the following pathological conditions:

  • with painful periods,
  • arthritis, rheumatism,
  • systemic lupus erythematosus,
  • in the absence of menstruation,
  • ulcerative colitis,
  • hay fever,
  • dry, productive cough,
  • bronchial asthma,
  • skin diseases (psoriasis, atopic dermatitis),
  • viral infections, SARS, flu,
  • angina pectoris
  • tumors in the mammary glands,
  • heart disease, blood vessels,
  • allergic reactions
  • pyelonephritis, cystitis,
  • convulsive syndrome
  • hypertension,
  • atherosclerosis,
  • stroke, heart attack,
  • retinopathy
  • thrombosis, varicose veins,
  • erosive and ulcerative diseases of the mucous membrane of the mouth and upper digestive tract,
  • ovarian cancer, colon,
  • endometriosis,
  • burns, frostbite,
  • wrinkles
  • fungal lesions of the nail plates,
  • hair loss, dandruff.

Some recipes of alternative medicine:

decoction of onion peel in the absence of menstruation (amenorrhea).

Cook 2-3 tbsp. spoon scooped onion peel brew a liter of boiling water. Infusion bring to a boil and turn off the heat, leaving on the stove for another 15 minutes. Cool, filter, drink ½ cup, twice a day, 30 minutes before meals. This broth is also used when delaying menstruation. If during the monthly scanty discharge. The resulting decoction for menstruation can act a day after admission,

In boiling water pour 4 tbsp. spoons of crushed husk, breathe evaporation for 3-5 minutes,

with painful periods.

Prepare the husk with 2 kg of onions, brew 3 liters of hot water, put on a quiet fire and boil until the broth becomes saturated red. Cool, filter, consume ½ cup twice a day (in the morning, in the evening) on ​​an empty stomach. The course of therapeutic treatment of 1-2 weeks, such a decoction for menstruation begins its "work" after 24 after administration. You need to be careful in taking, as the decoction for menstruation can be harmful to health, cause bleeding,

from productive cough.

Husk from 10 onions brew a liter of boiling water, put on a slow fire and boil until there is ½ of the volume. Cool, filter. From a strong cough ─ consume 2/3 mugs three times a day, add cough solution with honey. From wet cough, with sputum discharge, you will need to consume half the volume of broth than for a strong cough. Also, cough can be consumed onion tea, for this cooked broth is added to black tea, should be drunk throughout the day. Infusions consume until the complete disappearance of cough,

decoction of onion peel for fungal infections.

For these purposes, prepare the tincture. Need 8 tbsp. spoons of husk pour ½ liter of vodka or medical alcohol, defend for a week in a cool, hopeless place. After that, filter, lubricate the affected areas 2-3 times a day. Another recipe, you need to soar your feet in a strong, hot onion solution, for 20-30 minutes,

dry, old natoptysh.

Fill a 200g glass container. crushed raw materials, pour 9% of vinegar. Defend for 14 days in a hopeless, cool place. Filter the resulting mixture to the calluses, fasten with plaster and bandage on top. Such a compress is left for the whole night, for the morning to steam up the legs in hot water and remove the coarse skin,


Despite the fact that there is a benefit in the husk, there are contraindications to its use. Harm from the reception she can bring to persons with the following conditions:

  • harm to the use of onion peel is applied to persons with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract,
  • harm to use for persons with allergic reactions,
  • It is not recommended to use for the treatment of onion decoction to persons who are on a strict diet,
  • contraindicated in case of hypersensitivity to one of the components
  • damage to the use of increased blood clotting, as quercetin contained in onions can thicken the blood,
  • harm in the use of onion peel in combination with potent drugs.

It is worth noting that it is possible to consume onion decoction during fetal bearing, but it is better to consult a specialist. Benefit gives way to negative consequences if you consume a decoction
together with alcohol.

Features of the female cycle

Women know and anticipate the onset of critical days. Any female body has its own individual mode of functioning and features. Deviations and anomalies will help identify generally accepted standards of women's health.

On average, the cycle duration in a healthy woman up to 45 years old is from 24 to 28 days. A cycle deviation of up to five days is allowed. The reasons that can cause a deviation from the norm, can be very diverse: excessive excitement, climate change, failure of the biological clock and so on.

Menstruation lasts from three to seven days, they are accompanied by blood discharge and spasms in the lower abdomen. Excretions may be moderate or abundant., spasms also come in different strengths - it all depends on the individual physiology of the woman. In the case of excessive bleeding and painful cramps, it is better to turn to a gynecologist.

In cases where it is necessary to cause premature menstruation, to restore the disturbed cycle or to provoke menstruation after a delay, you can use traditional medicine, among which onion peel is leading in this matter. For menstruation, calling them or reducing painful cramps, according to some representatives, there is nothing better.

Useful broth

Universal properties of the husk known since ancient times. Initially, the tool had a cosmetic use. But a little later, it began to be used to treat various diseases:

  • allergies
  • dermatitis, fungal diseases,
  • food poisoning
  • varicose veins,
  • catarrhal diseases and infections, bronchitis and pleurisy.

In addition, this decoction is used to strengthen and grow hair.

The versatility of the tool is determined by the unique chemical composition. It includes a lot of useful components, such as:

  • vitamin C,
  • vitamin groups A, B and E,
  • flavonoid quartzetine. This substance is a natural antioxidant. It is this which gives an immunostimulating and anti-inflammatory effect during treatment,
  • carotene is an effective assistant in the fight against the aging process in the body,
  • iron, calcium, potassium salts,
  • phytoncides - vegetable biologically active components that inhibit and suppress the growth and development of harmful bacteria and fungi,
  • flavonoids - plant active substances that, once in the human body, have a positive effect on enzymatic functions.

Medicine on guard of health

Recipes for healing broth and methods of its use - a great many. Among its most popular applications are:

  • delay in the menstrual cycle,
  • bleeding call,
  • irregular cycle (decoction stabilizes it and leads to normal),
  • regulation of spotting,
  • amenorrhea - lack of discharge.

We can say that onion peel decoction for menstruation has a stabilizing effect. It stimulates the walls of the uterus, affects in a certain way the hormones of the female body. Broth helps only if the problems were not provoked by any other pathology. In any case, you should first see a doctor.

When violations of the menstrual function means provokes intense contractions of the walls of the uterus. In other words, the decoction causes the uterus to tone, and bleeding will begin within a day. Onion infusion should be strong, about as for painting eggs. It is still not worthwhile to prolong the intake of broth or increase the dose in case of failure to achieve the desired result - any medicine in large doses can cause a side effect.

The daily volume of infusion is not more than one and a half glasses. Side effects with excessive reception of onion broth can be severe bleeding. It is impossible to stop the bleeding without the intervention of a doctor; in such cases an ambulance should be called. An interesting fact - the usefulness of onions for the sexual function of both women and men has been known since ancient times. Fresh juice was used to trigger menstruation and enhance male potency. Onion decoction contains a lot of useful and unique qualities that make the tool an indispensable tool in the treatment of a number of diseases.

Recipes infusion

To call the menstruation alcohol tincture is not suitable. It is more expedient to use a decoction. For its preparation, you need to take the usual onions, in it there are more components necessary for women's health than in sweet lettuce.

The sequence of actions for preparing the decoction is as follows:

  • take the removed husk with 3-4 large bulbs,
  • per liter of boiling water - three tablespoons of chopped husk. Pour it with boiling water and bring to a boil,
  • Leave the decoction for 20 minutes for infusion. The finished product has a red or dark brown color,
  • then onion decoction must be filtered. Take twice a day 100 g for 20 minutes before meals.

Usually the drink begins to act on the next day. If the decoction did not help and the delay did not stop, then it is imperative to consult a doctor for advice. Onion decoction copes well with painful menstruation.

To do this, remove the dry husk from 2 kg of onions, chop it and pour three liters of cold water. Put the mixture on the stove, bring to a boil and boil for at least 30 minutes. The decoction should be saturated brown. Cool the drink at room temperature, strain through a sieve or several layers of gauze. The resulting decoction taken twice a day for 20−30 minutes before meals in the amount of 100 g

If you are concerned about erosion of the cervix, you can try onion swabs. Onions grate on a large grater (before this, pour boiling water over the grater). Put the resulting mass in several layers of sterile medical bandage and tie it in a knot so that not a single drop of onion juice is drained.

The resulting tampon must be gently inserted into the vagina, while leaving the edge of the bandage outside. The first few minutes will feel discomfort, but it is natural. If a strong burning sensation begins, the tampon should be immediately removed. If nothing interferes, a tampon can be left overnight. In the morning it should be completely dry, with a visible stain from erosion. The recommended course of treatment with onion tampons is one month.

Additional Information

Treatment of onion peel without proper control can seriously harm and lead to severe bleeding, which can only be stopped by surgery. This can be avoided only after consulting with a specialist. It is necessary to clarify the need for the use of folk remedies, the permissible dose and the duration of the course of reception. To exceed the dose or terms recommended by the doctor, it is not in any case.

More often instability of a monthly cycle is caused by hormonal failure.. Onion decoction will help to cope with this, having a beneficial effect on the reproductive system. If the delay is not caused by pregnancy, the decoction will cause menstruation, otherwise it will harm the health of the mother and fetus. Before you prescribe onion medicine itself, you need to make sure that the reason for the delay is not in the occurrence of serious pathologies. Only then will the onion peel decoction be useful and not dangerous if the menstruation is delayed.

Not once heard about the decoction of the husk and its effect on the female cycle! Three months ago, she moved in with her husband to another mainland. A change of belts made itself felt - for two months there was no menstruation or even a hint of them! Made an infusion, drank for two days. Bleeding started on the third day! A little more abundant than before, but I was glad!

My mother worked at the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry. From her often heard about the usefulness of the broth of the onion peels. I was saved more than once by an infusion. Spasms during menstruation were such that fainted! And after a couple of cycles in a row took a little bit of decoction, the spasms began to bother less and less.

Often worried about the irregularity of the cycle. I just didn’t try it — I ate dill in bunches, drank milk with iodine, tea with aloe juice, took packs of ascorbicas. Nothing helped. I heard from a friend that she drank a strong decoction of the husk during hormonal failures. I tried it and it worked! The only negative is the first day of heavy bleeding. But on the second day everything was normal.