Tanning during menstruation


  • Can I go to the solarium during menstruation: for and against
  • Is it possible to visit the tanning salon during critical days
  • What is dangerous sunbed

One of the activities that can prevent menstruation is a visit to the solarium. However, many women believe that visiting a tanning salon during menstruation is not only not harmful, but also useful. Arguments can be made both for and against visiting a tanning salon in this state.

The use of tanning beds

Psychological benefits of a visit to the solarium during menstruation is beyond doubt. During menstruation, many women suffer from low mood or its drops. In this case, a pleasant, soothing procedure will undoubtedly help restore psychological balance.

Many women note that warming up in a solarium reduces pain in the stomach and lower back, which are often accompanied by menstruation.

However, on this the dignity of visiting the solarium with monthly ends. Doctors definitely do not recommend it, and for good reason.

Harm tanning

Sunbathing in a tanning bed is not a completely safe procedure; its abuse even in its normal state can lead to unpleasant consequences - what can be said about menstruation when the body is weakened. Female organs are especially vulnerable at this time: increased UV irradiation can lead to the development of gynecological pathologies and even to infertility. Visiting the solarium during menstruation is especially dangerous for women who already suffer from mastopathy, cervical erosion, endometriosis and other gynecological diseases. However, such women should not attend a tanning salon at all.

We should not forget that the tanning bed is a warming procedure, therefore, it can increase bleeding. For the same reason during the month is not recommended to take a bath and visit the bath. Even if ventilation works well in a solarium, the skin still heats up when tanning.

Increased bleeding caused by a visit to the tanning salon, will inevitably worsen the general state of health, will cause an increase or decrease in pressure.

As for the main purpose of visiting a tanning salon - a beautiful tan, with monthly it is almost unattainable. Due to the unstable hormonal balance these days the tan turns out to be uneven.

If you still want to visit the solarium on critical days, you need to follow certain precautions.

You can go to the solarium for 3-4 days of menstruation, but in the first two days this can not be done. 2 hours before the procedure and 3-4 hours after it you need to take a shower. In the solarium is better not to use a pad, and a tampon. You need to put a hat on your head, cover your nipples with special circles, and protect your eyes with glasses that are given in showrooms.

At the slightest deterioration of well-being, it is better to refuse this procedure.

What is the harm tanning during menstruation

During the menstruation period, all women in the body undergo various changes. The level of hormones decreases and menstruation begins, which, under the influence of heat, can provoke severe bleeding. These days, doctors do not recommend bathing, visiting baths and saunas. This also applies to stay in the solarium.

It is harmful to walk to the solarium during menstruation because:

  • The amount of discharge increases. It is known that the amount of blood released during menstruation depends on the ambient temperature. The hotter and hotter the air, the faster the blood flows through the blood vessels. Therefore, you should abandon the tanning procedures in the solarium for the period of menstruation.
  • The body of a woman in the period of menstrual bleeding is highly vulnerable to various kinds of negative effects.
  • The sensitivity of the skin increases.
  • The production of melanin in the skin is minimized.
  • The general state of health can worsen, as the loss of blood affects the health of the woman. You may feel dizzy, fall or jump up pressure, feel a strong weakness.
  • Having chronic diseases can give a complication. These include cervical erosion, mastopathy, adnexitis, cyst, endometriosis and other gynecological and endocrinological diseases.
  • The tan will be uneven. Since the level of hormones in the period of menstruation varies greatly, it can affect the uniformity of tanning. Often, women develop skin pigmentation, pustular diseases and changes in skin tone during menstruation. Therefore, sometimes you can notice the uneven sticking of tan. To restore the balance of the skin, in such cases, it is recommended to give significant attention to protective equipment.

Recommendations for a safe visit to the solarium

The solarium is popular for a long time. This is an excellent remedy for acne, dermatitis and some types of rashes. There you can fill the lack of vitamin D, which ensures the normal functioning of the body. And what can I say about the even golden tan, which gives each woman additional attractiveness. To get a beautiful tan, you should follow a number of the following rules:

  • If you begin your period, it is better to postpone a visit to the solarium for another time, at least on the last days of menstruation,
  • If a woman feels a little unwell (blood loss is dizzy, stomach aches), it is recommended to abandon the procedure and not risk your own health,
  • Water procedures should be carried out 2 hours before or 3 hours after it. During procedures, it is better to use a tampon instead of a pad, and then replace it with a pad. For hygienic purposes, it is better to leave the underwear on the body.
  • It is recommended to cover vulnerable areas: nipples - stikini (special circles), put a hat on your hair, put on lip hygienic lip. Contact lenses must be removed and special glasses for tanning should be worn.
  • It is recommended to use cosmetics as much as possible. Funds for tanning in a tanning salon are different from those used to get a normal sun tan. Artificial tanning is considered softer and harmless than natural, as it has a lower degree of radiation. Tanning equipment does not emit harmful UV waves. On the eve of the tanning bed, it is advisable to clean the skin so that the tan is even.


On the question of whether it is possible to sunbathe in the solarium during menstruation, the answer is simple: it is not desirable and everything depends on the woman’s body. It is not necessary to sacrifice your health for beauty. After all, this is not a trip to the sea, when during the holidays come monthly. A visit to the spa can be postponed for a couple of days. All the same, in one procedure, creating a full-fledged even tan will not work, and a short break between sessions is unlikely to affect the overall tan quality.

Ignorance of whether it is possible to visit a beauty salon during menstruation led to the unexpected, and sometimes. As for the solarium and lumbar massage, as well as weight loss apparatus, they should also be avoided, but for different reasons.

Cilia should be increased no later than 12 to 24 hours after visiting the tanning bed. . Getting into a similar situation, the girl believes the reason is that she has increased her eyelashes during menstruation.

Do not even think about how to swim during menstruation without a tampon. Gaskets while visiting the beach are not the best option, use Tampax or Ob. . Is it possible to go to the solarium during menstruation.

Is shugaring allowed during menstruation, or should you wait with the procedure? . It can cause inflammation. You can not also attend the next 12 hours swimming pool and solarium.

We recommend reading the article on tanning during your period. From it you will learn about the dangers of the procedure for a woman during menstruation, recommendations for a safe visit to the solarium.

Massage during menstruation is not a vital necessity, and patients, when pursuing beauty, should think about the consequences of their rash actions. . Is it possible to go to the solarium during menstruation.

The use of ultraviolet light

In addition to the aesthetic appeal of tanning, according to professional cosmetologists, it eliminates acne, treats psoriasis, various eczema and dermatitis. The big plus is the fact that, under the influence of ultraviolet rays, more vitamin D and the hormone of joy - serotonin are produced.

Despite the fact that the filters do not let the most aggressive rays of the spectrum C pass through, this procedure is safe only for absolutely healthy people. How to be on the critical days when they coincide with the schedule of visits to the solarium, is it possible to sunbathe during menstruation?

Solarium during the period

Still, most gynecologists and specialists are 90% inclined to believe that you cannot go to the solarium during your period. This is not so critical and urgent, you can always skip it, otherwise rebuild the schedule. But the neglect of this recommendation can lead to very disastrous consequences.

Possible complications when visiting the solarium during menstruation

Critical days and so complicate life enough: pain in the lower abdomen, lower back, increased susceptibility of the endocrine system, breast, skin, nausea, weakness, headache. What is the harm from sunburn during menstruation? Solarium on monthly days can lead to:

  • A sharp drop in blood pressure. The condition is characterized by dizziness, nausea, spontaneous weakness up to loss of consciousness.
  • To more pronounced pain during menstruation.
  • Increase the amount of discharge. Exposure to high temperatures leads to overheating of the body - blood circulation increases, therefore, the bleeding increases. No wonder they warn that in such a delicate time, one should avoid prolonged exposure to the sun, hot baths, visits to saunas. Even the presence of ventilation in the solarium is not able to protect against excessive abundance of secretions.
  • To the occurrence of any infection, as it creates a warm favorable environment for the growth of bacteria.
  • Violation of the monthly cycle. Excessively abundant discharge may occur in the next month, or, conversely, too scarce. Perhaps the complete absence of menstruation.
  • Allergic rash, pigment spots (vitiligo), irritation and inflammation of the skin leads tanning bed during menstruation. But the fact is that the natural dark pigment melanin in this period is produced much less and the skin may inadequately respond to exposure to ultraviolet rays.
  • Pityriasis, which is common in people living in hot climates. There is a possibility that a yeast-like fungus, which interferes with the synthesis of melanin, will begin to progress just after tanning. Also can grow papillomas.
  • Violation of the female genital organs. Perhaps the development of pathologies, serious gynecological diseases and even infertility.
  • The complication of existing gynecological diseases: endometriosis, fibrous mastopathy, cyst, cervical erosion. The condition can be complicated.

These manifestations can be attributed to the side effects of tanning, because they do not occur at all, but the likelihood of manifestations exist. Definitely we can say that you should not go to the solarium in the presence of gynecological infections and diseases. If you are confident in your body and health, then for safety consult with a leading gynecologist who can give specific recommendations.

Do not rely only on reviews, for example, girlfriends who have not had any negative reactions after UV rays. It’s not a fact that inflammatory processes have not started, which will make themselves known in the future.

How to prepare for a solarium?

An unequivocal answer to the question - is it possible to visit a tanning salon with monthly periods - does not exist. It happens that the situation can not be delayed and if you are still going to go to the solarium during menstruation, then it is worth considering some of the nuances. To reduce the risks of negative consequences, you should take into account:

  • A visit to the salon in the midst of the discharge is best avoided. Wait, when their number decreases slightly, for example, you can postpone the hike for 3-4 days of menstruation.
  • Immediately before the procedure, use a tampon, and after it change the tampon to the gasket. This will help avoid the occurrence of the inflammatory process.
  • For sufficient skin hydration, water procedures will be useful 2 hours before exposure to ultraviolet rays and 3 hours after. Immediately take a shower is not worth it. Hot skin can be restored to normal with a cream after sun with a cooling and moisturizing effect.
  • You should not use standard tanning creams. Give advantage to cosmetics designed directly for artificial tanning.
  • Secure the delicate areas: lubricate the lips, apply a sticker on the areolas and nipples, put glasses on your eyes, a cap on your hair, and leave the intimate area in underwear.
  • Use plenty of fluids. After a session and taking a shower, try to avoid physical activity and take time to rest in the supine position in order to avoid the discovery of heavy bleeding.

Beauty, of course, requires sacrifices, but it is not necessary to sacrifice yourself to such a great sacrifice, because a tanning bed is not even a trip to the sea. You can walk at different time intervals. Anyway, after one procedure, a full-fledged even tan will not work, and a short break is unlikely to have a significant impact on the quality of tan in general.

Should I refrain from visiting the solarium on critical days

Doctors gynecologists recommend, if possible, still transfer the procedure to the solarium for another time. The reason for this is the deterioration in health, which is observed in many women after they visited the tanning bed.

While taking an artificial tan, the entire surface of a woman's body heats up as much as if she had sunbathed for several hours under the scorching sun. Such overheating of the body provokes the acceleration of blood flow through the body, and accordingly the amount of discharge from the girl will increase significantly.

If during the monthly discharge the girl is too abundant, you should not risk and run to the solarium on “these very days”, trying to decorate your body with the desired tan as soon as possible. Such actions can trigger the opening of bleeding.

What can threaten to get artificial tan during critical days

In addition to increasing the amount of discharge from a woman, a tanning bed can bring the following troubles.

  1. To provoke dormant diseases - these include mastopathy, endometriosis, cyst, cervical erosion, etc. If you visit a tanning bed during menstrual sudden changes in temperature, disturbed state of rest - all this can cause aggravation of these ailments.
  2. Lead to a sharp deterioration in well-being - an already exhausted body due to blood loss, suffers even more from temperature jumps, overheating and often as a result of this increased blood loss. This can make a woman feel bad, she risks getting high blood pressure, dizziness, and nausea.
  3. Solarium on critical days allows you to get a not so attractive result as when visiting it on ordinary days - the period of menstruation is accompanied by the release of hormones in the female body, which leads to the appearance of pigment spots on the skin, a rash of various types, etc. All of this in aggregate may affect the quality of the tanning received by the woman, and in some cases the tan may not be applied at all.
  4. Solarium during menstruation can worsen the course of thyroid diseases - UV rays provoke the development of the disease, which fall not only on the skin, but also under it. This effect, however, is possible only when visiting more than once a month.

How to protect yourself from unpleasant consequences when getting tan

Many girls are wondering - is it possible to go to a tanning salon if menstruation periods are poor and do not particularly affect the daily flow of life?

Even if this is the case, then it is better to play it safe and sign up for the procedure on the first day of the menstruation or on the last day, when the amount of discharge is minimal compared to the other days of the cycle.

Going to the solarium can bring a lot of fun. But do not forget that there are rules that must be followed if a woman goes to the solarium during menstruation:

  • Replace the pad before tanning with a quality swab. But be careful, because the increased secretions during tanning under the artificial sun can provoke stagnation of blood in the vagina, which threatens the occurrence of the inflammatory process in it. After completing the procedure, change the pad again,
  • no later than 4-5 hours before the procedure, take a shower and wash your body thoroughly so that the tan is even more even. Also do not forget to cover the skin with special protective cosmetics designed for tanning,
  • Do not forget to put on the lips before tanning hygienic lipstick, which prevents the skin of the lips from ultraviolet radiation. Also do not forget about the special glasses for eyes that you need to wear. If you wear contact lenses - during the procedure, they must be removed.
  • tanning in a tanning salon can only be taken with UV protected nipples - for this, special linings should be issued in the cabin. Во время критических дней не стоит избавляться от трусиков перед началом процедуры – они также будут хоть и слабой, но все же защитой от ультрафиолета.

Is it possible to go to the solarium with the monthly each girl decides for herself, judging by the state of her health and depending on her point of view. But we outlined the warnings.

How to make a trip to the solarium safe and effective

The representatives of the weaker sex want to always look beautiful and well-groomed. One of the ways to get a beautiful skin color is a tanning bed. This is a quick and inexpensive way to get a tan. It helps to eliminate acne, skin rashes.

Is it possible to attend a tanning salon during menstruation, a question that interests many women. Of course, it all depends on the body of each woman. Beauty requires sacrifice, but you should not sacrifice your health because of sunburn, which can be postponed.

How to get a beautiful tan

  1. In the period of menstrual discharge, refuse tanning,
  2. Hike salon can be moved to 5-6 days of menstruation, if you need a tan,
  3. 2 hours before taking ultraviolet rays, take a shower and 3 hours after,
  4. Cosmetics need to use special for artificial tanning,
  5. During the tanning use a tampon, after the procedure, put on a pad,
  6. It is recommended to protect sensitive areas: stick sticks on the nipples, put a hat on your hair, smear lips with hygienic lipstick, wear special glasses on your eyes. Contact lenses should not be used, for hygiene purposes, intimate area should be covered with underwear,
  7. Do not sunbathe, if you feel unwell, dizziness, nausea.

In conclusion, I would like to say that in one procedure in the salon you will not achieve a beautiful tan. Therefore, it is better to wait until the end of menstruation and go sunbathing in full without harm to health. We wish you all a golden tan!

Is it possible to go to the solarium with monthly

There have long been debates between medical scientists about whether a woman can go to a tanning bed with a monthly basis. The result of numerous experiments and studies has shown that if a girl has a weak immune system or someone diagnosed with pelvic organs pathology in her family, one should attend tanning sessions only after a full medical examination. Just say, you can walk to the solarium during menstruation or not, only a qualified specialist is able to. After all, even physicians find it difficult to foresee the body's response to UV exposure.

A successful result after attending a tanning session is possible only if all the nuances and precautions are strictly observed. For those who are still wondering whether it is possible to go to the solarium during menstruation, it is worth noting that with a certain exposure to ultraviolet radiation, the skin heats up and the body temperature rises accordingly. This may cause heavy discharge during this period.

Because of the risk of overheating during this period, ladies should refrain from steaming out their feet, taking hot baths and going to the bath or sauna. Based on these factors, it can be concluded that attending artificial tanning sessions is undesirable during critical days. After all, the main goal of the girl is to get a beautiful skin tone, and not to acquire diseases that can continue to disturb her for a long time.

The problem from the point of view of cosmetologists, dermatologists

It is known that under the influence of sunlight the skin not only gets an attractive chocolate shade, but also becomes “cleaner”. Thus, the vitamins that the skin gets in the tanning process, contribute to the improvement of its condition. For example, the risk of skin diseases is reduced, as well as acne and acne. It should be noted that it is possible to visit the solarium during menstruation only after a medical examination, as well as if the state of health during the critical days allows you to lead a habitual way of life for a girl. To give a golden hue to the skin, do not forget about these rules:

  • If a girl feels at least a little unwell in her period, then a visit to the solarium should be postponed to the last days of the cycle.
  • Hygiene procedures should be carried out two hours before the session and not less than three hours after its completion.
  • Before the session, the gasket must be replaced with a tampon or a menstrual cup, and after the session it should be replaced with a sanitary pad again. In this case, it strongly recommends that the lower part of the linen be left on itself (on the basis of compliance with the rules of personal hygiene).
  • Areas that are most susceptible to UV light need to be covered. Hair should be hidden under the cap, on the lips, apply a balm or hygienic lipstick, and on the nipples special stikini (self-adhesive circles). You can not come to the session in the lenses and, especially, with glasses. Without fail, the eyes must be hidden behind special glasses, which are issued before the start of the procedure.
  • In order for a tan to lie evenly, you need to clean the skin with scrubs or other cosmetics.

Therefore, the equipment for obtaining such a tan has a sparing effect on the body. Due to this factor, the girl has the opportunity to sunbathe for a short time without harm to health.

Cons visit tanning during menstruation

However, not all of the fair sex easily endure this period and can easily go on such a desired procedure for them. After all, some girls feel extremely badly on critical days, and besides this they have diseases that prevent them from enjoying a quick tanning session. It is necessary to refrain from visiting the solarium during menstruation for girls who have:

  1. Chronic diseases of the pelvic area. In this case, a sharp change in temperature can cause aggravation.
  2. Predisposition to frequent changes in well-being during critical days. Indeed, due to the increase in temperature, the girl may experience a pressure jump, after which it is possible to increase the intensity of discharge.
  3. Tendency to change hormonal levels. With this option, a woman can get an unsatisfactory result in the form of an uneven tan. And besides, on the skin may appear rash, age spots, etc. In the simplest case, the skin tone may remain the same.
  4. Diseases of the thyroid gland. The girl increases the risk of exacerbation of the disease. But this is more common in those who abuse their tan during critical days.

Now, when the question of whether it is possible to go to the solarium on “these” days, has become clear, it should be noted that a satisfactory result can be obtained only by adhering to such rules:

  • The skin should be clean. A few hours before going to the salon you need to wash off the makeup, and then take a shower with cool water.
  • You should not think about sunburn, if you recently had a procedure for hair removal, peeling or steaming the skin.
  • Do not apply to the skin means that are usually used when you are in the open sun. For an artificial tanning session, you need to purchase a special cream or milk that will protect the skin from the negative effects of ultraviolet rays.
  • After the procedure, be sure to apply the product after tanning. Doctors insist that girls need to wait out the first days of the menstrual cycle, when the discharge is abundant, before going to the cosmetology salon.

It is worth noting that an increase in temperature has an adverse effect on the body on “these” days, so if a woman is sensitive to such fluctuations, then she is strongly advised to postpone her visit to the salon until her health condition stabilizes. If a nausea attack is already in the cabin during the procedure, it is urgent to inform the staff who will provide first aid before the arrival of the doctors.

Opinion gynecologists

In addition, a sharp change in temperature can cause an increase in blood pressure, which has all the chances to provoke extensive bleeding.

Loss of a large amount of blood can cause dizziness, nausea and vomiting, as well as fainting or a previous state. It is noteworthy that these symptoms, which are associated with the appearance of bleeding, are only able to be stopped by specialists through surgical intervention or urgent medical treatment. If the girl does not complain of abundant discharge or painful sensations during the period of critical days, then the doctors admit that it is even good for the skin to tan for a short time. Consequently, for those who are interested in whether it is possible to sunbathe in the solarium during the “red” days of the calendar, there is good news. In order for the procedure to pass safely, it is necessary to adhere to the following recommendations:

  1. Calculate the correct time to visit the cosmetology office. Doctors say that the most favorable months to visit a tanning salon are March and November. At this time, our body is especially difficult to tolerate the absence of solar heat and light.
  2. When planning sessions, it should be noted that the most favorable course duration is twelve procedures.
  3. It is not necessary at the first trip to the solarium to bask under ultraviolet light for a long time. It is better to spend the minimum amount of time under the lamps on the first day, and then gradually increase it.
  4. When tanning is prohibited to exceed the minimum dose, which corresponds to the type of skin. The salon consultant, as a rule, knows about the nuances of artificial tanning and will calculate this dose individually.
  5. During the critical days between sessions, you should take a break of several days (depending on the state of health of the fair sex).

Why you should not sunbathe in the solarium and the sun?

So why you can not sunbathe in the solarium during menstruation:

  1. The amount of discharge increases. Each woman's menstruation takes place in different ways, but not only genetics, but also the surrounding temperature affects the amount of discharge. With its increase, the blood flows more actively through the vessels. Therefore, during menstruation it is worth refusing to go to the bath and solarium. Even if an air conditioner is installed in the room, the bleeding will not be less abundant.
  2. Impairment of well-being. Blood loss affects the overall condition of the body. Weakness, increased pressure, or dizziness may occur.
  3. Uneven tan. During the period of menstruation, hormones fluctuate in the female body, so many people notice the appearance of a rash, pigment spots or change in skin color these days. So a trip to the solarium during menstruation can turn into an ugly and uneven tan.
  4. Complications of diseases. If you have gynecological diseases, such as cervical erosion or mastopathy, they can worsen.

This also applies to tanning in the sun. Even if the monthly fell on vacation, no need to despair. It is better to wait a few days and not sunbathe, than later a whole vacation to be treated and suffer from unpleasant consequences. Using a tampon on the beach increases the likelihood of inflammation. If it is not possible to use a sanitary pad, the tampon must be changed more often than stated in the instructions, and always after bathing.

The body of each person is individual, and some girls believe that during the period of menstruation you can go sunbath. However, if no problems were revealed, this does not mean that they will not be next time. Do not put your health at risk for a moment of desire.

It should also be borne in mind that there are certain contraindications, in the presence of which it is absolutely impossible to visit a tanning bed with monthly:

  • general weakness
  • painful sensations
  • heavy discharge
  • diseases in the field of gynecology (mastopathy, cervical erosion, endometriosis, adnexitis, diseases of the thyroid gland and others)

Tips for safe visits

Of course, you should not completely abandon tanning, because it not only gives a golden tan, but also has other advantages: compensates for the lack of vitamin D, relieves acne, dermatitis and other rashes. To get a beautiful tan and do not harm your health, it is recommended to adhere to the following rules:

  1. If menstruation begins, it is better to postpone the visit to another day when it is already over. If you are adamant, and menstruation does not stop you, then you need to choose the most recent days of menstruation, when the discharge is scarce and almost over.
  2. If you feel unwell (abdominal pain, dizziness, weakness), you should refuse the procedure.
  3. Take a bath or shower should be 2 hours before visiting the solarium or 3 hours after that. It is undesirable to remove the lower part of the laundry for hygienic reasons.
  4. Be sure to cover the vulnerable areas. Stick the stick on the nipples - these are special circles, put a hat on the head and apply a protective balm on the lips. Contact lenses are recommended to remove before the procedure and wear protective glasses for tanning beds.
  5. It is necessary to apply cosmetics to the maximum. Special lotions and tanning creams are different from those that are designed to get a regular tan in the sun. Artificial tanning is more benign than natural, because it has a lower degree of radiation. It is advisable to clean the skin the day before the visit to the tanning bed to get a more even tan.
  6. It is recommended to hold 10-12 sessions with a break of at least 1 day. It is better to start with short intervals (from 3-5 minutes) and gradually increase the duration and power of the lamp.

Summarizing, we can say that to visit the solarium during menstruation is undesirable. Do not sacrifice your health in the name of beauty. A visit to the salon can be postponed for several days and get a beautiful bronze tan without damage to health.

The myth or reality of harm tanning during menstruation

Scientists who and IARC conducted a study of the effect on the body when using devices for artificial tanning since 1992. As a result of the observations, it turned out that if a person has weak immunity, hereditary or acquired pathologies and other health deviations, one should resort to artificial sunburn without medical necessity with caution.

The reaction of the body of women attending a tanning salon at the beginning of the cycle is also ambiguous. The result of artificial tanning can be beneficial only if all the recommendations for preparing for the session were followed.

Opinion of cosmetologists-dermatologists

Minor fluctuations in the level of estrogen and progesterone occur throughout the cycle, but the peak is in the first days of menstruation. This negatively affects the condition of the skin, pimples appear, scaly areas, and this affects the evenness of the tan, pigment spots can form. In most cases, they occur as a reaction of the body to ultraviolet irradiation during hormonal adjustment.

There is a possibility that due to the low level of melanin, the production of which almost stops at the beginning of the cycle, it will not be possible to tan at all, and the skin will receive only burns or irritation.

Opinion clients cosmetology salons

In the cold season, the topic “Is it possible to sunbathe in a solarium with monthly periods” is always relevant. On forums, women actively leave their feedback. Two-thirds of clients complain of deterioration of health, dizziness, darkening of the eyes during the procedure. There are cases when menstruation is resumed a few hours after tanning. Often, girls complain that the tan comes off in 3-4 days. Only 10% of women who left feedback on the forum were satisfied with the result, but they sunbathed for 3-4 days from the beginning of the cycle.

Recommendations for visiting the solarium with monthly

Sunburnt person is associated with health, lack of fatigue and good mood. This is the impression that women want to recreate and go to the solarium. But there are several rules for visiting cosmetology centers not only during menstruation.

The solarium brings the most benefit in November and March. At this time, vitamin D deficiency is most acute, and the summer sun is still far away. Sessions are recommended to do a course of 12 procedures carried out through the day. Start with a minimum time spent on the platform of the solarium. Then, during 3-5 visits, the session duration and lamp power gradually increase until the MED is achieved - the minimum erythemal dose that corresponds to the skin type. For the period of monthly do a few days break.

Instructions when using a tanning bed is as follows.

  1. The skin should be clean. Two hours before the session, you must remove the makeup and take a shower, finally rinsed with cool water. It is recommended to use gels instead of soap.
  2. You can not visit the solarium after a sauna, hair removal, mechanical or chemical peeling.
  3. Before the session, remove contact lenses, all jewelry, including hairpins, and hair is removed under the cap. This will prevent burns and will not leave unburned areas on the body.
  4. It should be applied to the skin cosmetic with the property of protection against ultraviolet radiation in the solarium, and not from the sun.
  5. Во время процедуры глаза должны быть прикрыты очками с чёрными толстыми стёклами, а соски – специальными кругами небольшого диаметра (стикини). Губы покрывают гигиенической помадой.
  6. По окончании сеанса на тело наносят крем после загара. Душ принимают не раньше чем через 3 часа.

Посещать солярий при месячных разрешается в те дни, когда выделения уже идут скудные. At the time of the session, the woman should use a tampon, which is changed to a gasket immediately after the procedure, and must be in underwear. It is very important to get out of the tanning salon immediately, as soon as there are the slightest signs of deterioration of health - dizziness, weakness or darkening of the eyes. Subsequent presence on the platform can be hazardous to health.

Positive aspects of artificial tanning

For more than 20 years, World Health Organization experts have studied the effect of artificial tanning on the human body. It was determined that in reasonable doses, this procedure is quite safe for people without problems with immunity.

Also, do not forget about the increase in the level of vitamin D in the body from ultraviolet rays during the acquisition of tanning. It is also possible to get rid of some skin diseases. Tanning positively wags on the amount of secreted hormones of happiness.

All this is of course good, but is it possible to go to a solarium with monthly periods? During this period, the female body is especially sensitive to external factors.

Harm from a sunbed at menstruation

  1. The increase in external temperature leads to the fact that the woman increases the amount of discharge. It is unlikely that a 2-minute tan will have time to have a sufficiently significant effect on the body during menstruation, but it will not be over-insured.
  2. The female body during menstruation becomes more vulnerable to external influences, which means that an intense tan can do more harm than good.
  3. Any gynecological diseases can be exacerbated.
  4. You can go to the solarium during menstruation, and therefore wonder why the tan came out uneven. Due to hormonal imbalance, pigment spots may appear on the skin. Uneven discoloration of the skin will only be noticeable due to sunburn.
  5. There is a risk of chloasma (increased pigmentation of the skin, usually on the face).
  6. To achieve the desired level of tanning will be problematic. To tan, a woman needs melanin, which practically does not stand out on critical days. For this reason, it is possible to attend a tanning salon during your period, but this is ineffective.

How to protect yourself with monthly

If it was decided to ignore all the recommendations and go for an artificial tan, then you need to listen, at least to some rules. To avoid problems when visiting a solarium, it is advisable to follow simple recommendations:

  • dizziness, weakness or feeling unwell suggests that you cannot go to a tanning salon right now. Monthly pains are also better at home;
  • protection of vulnerable parts of the body should be maximized. It is necessary not only to remove the lenses and wear special glasses, but also to hide the hair, cover the nipples and apply special lipstick to the lips,
  • for artificial tanning special cosmetics are used, which are different from those that are applied to the body during sunbathing under the sun,
  • two hours before the procedures you need to wash and remove all makeup,
  • You need to sunbathe in a tampon and underwear (hygiene requirements), but immediately after the tanning bed you will need to change the tampon to the pad. This is due to the fact that due to the heat, monthly discharge has started to flow more abundantly, which should not stagnate and cause inflammatory processes.
  • if, however, tan is required right during menstruation and cannot be postponed, then it is better to postpone the procedure to the last days of menstruation.

So is it possible to sunbathe in the solarium for menstruation, if you follow the recommendations above? It is possible, but it all depends on the individual characteristics of the organism. Therefore, consultation with a gynecologist in this regard will not be superfluous.

Usually, the doctor says that excessive heat is harmful to the body on critical days and there is a risk of exacerbation of certain diseases. Usually, the gynecologist asks in surprise whether it is possible to wait 5 days so that the monthly periods are over and then continue to visit the tanning salon. It is worth thinking about.

In custody

To summarize, I would like to say that you can sunbathe in a tanning bed during your period, but this is undesirable. If, however, it does not work out for some reason, then you should follow the rules of visiting a tanning salon and go to it on the 4th day of the cycle or later. In this case, a quick, beautiful and even tan can not count.

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