Is masturbation allowed during menstruation?


Quite a few girls and women are embarrassed to turn to their gynecologist with such a delicate question, how is it allowed for them to masturbate during their periods? From the outside it may seem that on “these” days there is absolutely no time for self-gratification, and it is allowed to suffer a little. But nature thinks the opposite, and over skeptic days, a significant hormonal metamorphosis occurs in the body. As a result, you want sex even stronger and more often than it happens on ordinary days.

Is it allowed or impossible?

The answer will be pleasing and promising. Yes, on skeptical days, you are allowed to engage in self-satisfaction, but only if you do not experience discomfort, pain, or other discomfort.

The fact is that a rare woman is experiencing menstruation without a aching back, pulling the abdomen and tingling ovaries. Those who have avoided similar symptoms can fully enjoy masturbation both before and later of the indispensable monthly bleeding.

And the pleasure that they receive will be several times more powerful and sharper than usual. It may sound overwhelming, but the process of masturbation, which will occur on “these” days, suffers painful cramps and improves well-being, a feeling of happiness arises, depression and stress disappear.

It turns out that the benefits of such a "hobby" are truly enormous, or rather:

  • increases the number of the hormone of happiness - serotonin,
  • improved sexual relations with a sexual partner, from the fact that a woman masturbates as she likes, and can share the skill with her man,
  • many unpleasant signs of premenstrual syndrome are removed, such as: tension, crappy well-being, pain and other things,
  • orgasms experienced during full-fledged sex, become more bright, sharp and intense.

How is “this” positive?

Making sure that there is nothing shameful in such a similar lesson, it is necessary to determine where it is more comfortable.
settle down and exactly how to satisfy yourself.

The bed is not an option because menstrual blood stains hopelessly not only textiles, but also a mattress. It would be more appropriate to stay on the bidet, toilet, in the shower or directly in the bathroom.

You should caress yourself only if there is no tampon in the vagina, and it is allowed to do this with the support of sex toys and your own fingers.

And it is absolutely not necessary to penetrate one or the other very large in the vagina.

Hormones will help and in this, and it will be quite primitive to pry the labia or clitoris.

The following precautions are allowed to recommend the following:

  • don't do anything to cause heavy bleeding,
  • Do not abuse self-satisfaction during menstruation and immediately after such
  • do not replace self-satisfaction with full-fledged intercourse with a man; on the contrary, over time you will develop an obstinate disgust for sex in the aggregate.

Some amusing facts

Knowing that stopping menstruation is allowed only through pregnancy, women have adapted to have a vigorous sex life without interruption to unpleasant "scarlet" circumstances. In addition to the clear benefits for physical and psychological health, self-satisfaction also enriches the sexual skill, allowing you to increase the level of relaxation in the aggregate.

All this contributed to the fact that scientists were very tightly engaged in comprehending whether masturbation is allowed during and later periods.

In addition to the correct result, the following was revealed:

  • A woman does not like to discuss the fact that she satisfies herself, even with the closest
    girlfriends. But she is not averse to learning new tricks on the Internet - in relevant forums and virtual acquaintances,
  • For self-satisfaction, you should buy a specific lubricant, which is sold in sex shops and even in some pharmacies. The fact is that ordinary saliva, which girls most often use as a lubricant, can contain bacteria that provoke yeast infections,
  • By the way, it is not only women who masturbate. In the wild, squirrels, walruses and female monkeys satisfy themselves in a similar way. The latter went even further: they use smooth sticks that enhance the sensations,
  • There is a judgment that during such caress testosterone production increases, which causes the appearance of acne on the skin. Yes, this happens, but very rarely, and only if the tier of this hormone is abnormal initially,
  • Scientists and spouses from the Rutgers Institute confirmed that a woman is able to satisfy herself even with the power of thought, primitively presenting exactly how and where she masturbates,
  • Ladies involved in sports, can get a similar orgasm while doing individual exercises that lead to the tension of the hip muscles.

Finally, we consider the question of whether it is allowed to masturbate with a warm shower during menstruation. There are no direct contraindications to this activity.

The only thing that is allowed to recommend, so it does not send a tight stream of water is true in the vagina, bleeding menstrual blood.

As in the case of standard self-satisfaction, pay more attention to the clitoris and labia.

We hope our advice and recommendations will help you in this task. Be healthy and quick!

Is it possible to masturbate during menstruation

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Summing up, it is worth noting that sexual intercourse during critical days has a lot of pros and cons. All of them need to be considered and discussed with a partner. In addition, it is desirable to rely on the opinion of the gynecologist. If the doctor recommends not to risk, it is worth listening to.

Women most often refuse intercourse during menstruation, although it is for them that intimacy is more important during this period. Due to the active production of hormones, sexual desire will be very strong, and sometimes even those who have previously considered this to be inappropriate will welcome sex.

Sexual intercourse during menstruation has several positive aspects. First of all, sex during this period is able to get rid of unpleasant sensations, spasms, as well as relieve irritability. During orgasm, the uterus begins to actively decline and leads to a decrease in swelling. As a result, the pain at the exit of blood discharge will not be as severe.

In addition, intercourse during menstruation can reduce the amount of fluid leaving the female body. Sometimes right after sex, the critical days end. This results from the fact that during an orgasm, and especially strong, the uterus can be so reduced that it causes the accelerated bleeding. As a result, the body of the partner will quickly get rid of the endometrium and the exit of menstruation will be completed.

But even if there was no orgasm, critical days will end soon. This is due to the fact that during sexual contact there is a natural massage of the genitals. The uterus is reduced and cleared of everything that has accumulated in it.

The third important factor that affects the reduction in the amount of secretions during menstruation is the presence of prostaglandins in the male seminal fluid. They affect the blood vessels, which leads to a reduction in bleeding.

Expanding opportunities, getting more vivid sensations, as well as getting closer to your partner can also be attributed to sexual relations during critical days. Without complete trust, a woman will not agree to such experiments, so this experience can be considered a kind of test. If the partner agreed to have sex during menstruation, then she completely trusts her lover.

As for the brighter sensations, they are primarily due to the increased level of certain hormones in the blood of a woman, due to which the uterus becomes more sensitive, and abundant secretions create good moisture. Due to the significant blood flow to the genitals during critical days, the vagina becomes narrower, which will be a plus not only for a woman, but also for a man.

But all this has a downside, which is associated with high risks. A woman can get maximum pleasure after intense arousal, but it does not exclude serious consequences, for example, the development of the inflammatory process. This does not happen in every case, but the probability is very high.

In modern medicine there are no contraindications to making love during critical days, if all the rules of hygiene are observed. However, it is precisely their ignoring that becomes the main cause of problems.

Ajar cervix is ​​ready to take in everything, including bacteria that can get from the external part of the genitals or sex toys. Of course, a lot depends on the state of the immune system, which can easily overcome the infection. That is why sexual contacts during menstruation are contraindicated for women who have a cold or any other ailment associated with a decrease in the functions of the immune system.

And yet, most often when using barrier contraception and compliance with all hygiene requirements, complications do not occur. Couples who expect that the presence of bleeding will save the partner from unwanted pregnancy should reconsider their approach to this issue. There is no guarantee that conception will not occur.

Interesting facts about the process of self-satisfaction

There are a number of interesting facts about the masturbation process:

  • Experienced scientists have proven that self-satisfaction affects the female body only positively. During these manipulations in the body, a huge amount of the hormone of happiness (endorphin) is produced, and during menstruation it helps to significantly reduce the possible pain during this period,
  • the use of saliva instead of specialized lubricant can provoke a violation of microflora and cause the development of unpleasant diseases,
  • not only females are engaged in masturbation, squirrels, walruses, deer females and some monkey species also indulge themselves,
  • conversations about the procedure of self-gratification help not only in relieving emotional tension and in finding out something new for oneself, but also support the general state of the body in good shape,
  • girls who are engaged in sports activities, can feel the peak of bliss during the exercise of any exercise with a load on the hip muscles,
  • it is enough for some women to imagine the process of self-satisfaction in order to receive the highest pleasure,
  • the girl, masturbating, has the opportunity to know her body better, to become more relaxed in bed with a partner, to plunge into a state of complete relaxation and, in general, to improve her sex life.

Opinion of qualified specialists

Since it has been proven that the process of masturbation is able to reduce pain present during menstruation, improve emotional state and relieve tension, these manipulations, from the point of view of experienced doctors, are positive and even useful. It is known that during critical days the process of self-gratification becomes twice as pleasant, depression and stress recede, and the peak of pleasure comes much faster than on ordinary days.

But there are also some factors, during the presence of which masturbation during menstruation is contraindicated:

  • too much bloody discharge
  • tingling around the ovaries,
  • severe pain and cramps in the lower abdomen,
  • general deterioration of the body,
  • present feeling of discomfort during and before menstruation.

Recommendations for the proper conduct of this procedure

If there are no contraindicated factors for self-gratification, then there are a number of certain recommendations that will help improve the self-gratification process during critical days:

  • self-satisfaction should not occur on the bed - such manipulations can contribute to the contamination of bed linen. Therefore, this procedure is best done in the toilet, shower or bath,
  • if a tampon is present in the cavity of the vagina, then it should be removed or transferred to masturbation for another time,
  • This process requires the purchase of specialized pharmacy grease,
  • fingers can be used for satisfaction, as well as sexual devices,
  • very often, to achieve an orgasm, external manipulations with the labia and clitoris are sufficient, without complete penetration of toys or fingers inside the vaginal cavity.

Precautions during the self-satisfaction procedure:

  • do not perform actions that could cause an intense hemorrhage,
  • be careful in your actions,
  • do not often engage in masturbation in a period of time
  • do not use saliva instead of a special lubricant - it can contribute to the development of unpleasant infections,
  • Do not try to replace full-fledged sexual intercourse with an orchestra with masturbation. Such actions after a certain period of time may cause a woman to aversion to the process of intercourse.

Based on this article, it becomes clear that women's experiences with self-satisfaction are in vain, as experienced experts have long confirmed that such manipulations do not cause a negative impact on the female body. And to the common question: “can girls masturbate during menstruation?” There is one answer - “yes, it is even considered very useful, in this period, occupation”.

Interesting facts about the masturbation process

There are many interesting facts about the self-gratification procedure known to all:

  • Many medical studies have shown that masturbation can cause a lot of positive changes in the female body. For example, at the time of this process, there is a development of a certain hormonal element - endorphin (the hormone of happiness), which favorably affects the elimination of pain during menstruation,
  • Communicating with other people on the topic of masturbation helps relieve tension, improve the emotional state of the girl and helps her emphasize something new and interesting for herself,
  • Female representatives who are professionally engaged in gymnastics or similar sports, are able to get an orgasm when performing exercises with a load on muscle tissue in the urogenital system,
  • If salivary fluid is used for the procedure of self-satisfaction, and not special lubricants, it is possible to introduce into your body unfavorable bacteria which, soon, will provoke the development of diseases of the genitourinary system,
  • There is a kind of girls who are able to feel the peak of bliss only by presenting such manipulations with their body,
  • Humans are not the only creatures in nature who themselves enjoy sexual pleasure. Scientists who observe animals have noticed that they have repeatedly noticed the process of masturbation in squirrels, walrus, deer and some monkey species,
  • Regular self-satisfaction helps a woman feel attractive, learn about existing erogenous zones, become less shy and more passionate in bed with her partner.

Does masturbation affect menstruation?

In order to learn more about the positive and negative properties of such a delicate process, it is necessary to figure out how the process of self-satisfaction affects the menstruation. First of all, it is worth noting the positive qualities of such manipulations, the product of which stimulates the production of the hormone of happiness, improves the general condition of a woman, relieves pain and eliminates the uncomfortable sensations present. However, one should not forget the bad sides of such an intimate occupation. The fact is that at the time of menstruation, the reproductive system of a woman is exposed to excessive danger, and the probability of provoking the development of unfavorable diseases, at the time of sexual intercourse, increases significantly. It is very important to observe the existing precautions at the time of masturbation and to observe the existing rules of hygiene. It should also be remembered that masturbation during menstruation, namely in their first days, is prohibited, since such a procedure and careless movements can cause more menstrual periods, and uterine bleeding, and worsen the general health of the fair sex.

Opinion of doctors

Surveys of medical workers have shown that 95% of all specialists have a positive attitude towards the process of self-satisfaction on the days of menstruation. Such an opinion is substantiated by the fact that according to the results of numerous studies and anonymous surveys, women represent only positively about the results of this process, noting the improvement of well-being, elimination of fatigue, pain and discomfort.

However, qualified doctors note several conditions in which masturbation is prohibited:

  • excessively intensive periods,
  • pain stabbing in the area of ​​appendages,
  • strong pain and cramps in the lower abdomen,
  • feeling unwell, weakness, tiredness,
  • pain with pleasurable manipulations,
  • the presence of discomfort before, during and after menstruation.

Recommendations for proper self-satisfaction

If there are no contraindications to masturbation, then we can study some recommendations of specialists that will help improve the result of this delicate process and prevent the occurrence of possible unpleasant consequences:

  • immediately before masturbation, you should thoroughly wash your hands and genitals with water and means for intimate hygiene,
  • in order not to harm the vaginal mucosa - use specialized lubricants sold in any nearest pharmacy,
  • It is not recommended to start pleasuring yourself in bed, since such actions will contribute to the pollution of bed linen. As a rule, during critical days, it is better to masturbate in the toilet room, shower or bath,
  • if there is a tampon in the cavity of the vagina - remove it from there or transfer the procedure of gratification to another time,
  • You can caress yourself with your fingers, or with the help of special sex toys, previously thoroughly disinfected,
  • to get an orgasm, it is not necessary to use the vaginal cavity, a lot of bright sensations can be obtained at the time of sexual games, in which the effect of caressing objects and fingers comes only on the labia, anal opening and clitoris head.

Precautionary measures

At the time of self-satisfaction with monthly it is necessary to adhere to the following rules, warning unpleasant consequences:

  • Before starting the procedure, all hygienic procedures should be carried out, which will prevent the introduction of adverse agents into the body,
  • It is forbidden to make sudden movements that may contribute to the occurrence of uterine hemorrhages,
  • it is not recommended to indulge yourself too often during the period of critical days,
  • it is strictly forbidden to use salivary fluid instead of a specialized lubricant (infection is possible),
  • It is not recommended to abuse masturbation. Excessive self-satisfaction can provoke aversion from the opposite sex and natural sexual contact with him.

The result, which can be summarized after reading this article, is the following: it is not only possible to masturbate, but, in some cases, even useful. The only thing to consider before such a delicate procedure is the general state of health and the amount of secretions present. Do not forget about the rules of intimate hygiene and other recommendations that have been described above.

Self-satisfaction and menstruation

Humanity, in most cases, considers masturbation a shameful affair. Specialists in this field act as advocates of self-satisfaction and nature is in solidarity with them.

Judge for yourself, as it has long been noted, quite often, many women on special days have an increased excitability. It is easy to interpret this process physiologically - on critical days, there is a significant release of hormones in the body, as a result, sexual desire increases. Therefore, there are no direct prohibitions of masturbation during menstruation.

The only thing worth considering is the hygiene of hands or items for self-satisfaction.

In addition, in the protection of masturbation on special days, there is a physiological feature. This means that when a girl gets an orgasm, increases blood flow to the pelvic organs, the frequency of uterine contractions increases, the organ clears up faster, thereby bringing the end of menstruation closer.

With self-satisfaction on critical days, a woman can relieve abdominal cramps, thereby reducing painful menstrual flow.

By the positive sides of masturbation can be attributed to the neutralization of nervousness. The thing is that during the process of satisfaction hormones of pleasure and happiness enter the female body - endorphins and serotonin. This invariably entails emotional stability and a feeling of joy, and this is worth a lot. Especially menstruating for many women, are the cause of mental distress.

In addition to all the above, it is worth noting the influence of female masturbation on the relationship with the sexual partner. The whole secret lies in the deep knowledge of your body after the process of your own satisfaction.

A woman better understands personal desires and will be able to prompt her sexual partner, from which she will be well. A satisfied woman is a happy woman.

And as a nice bonus, increased attention of the man, because the idea that the girl caressed herself will not leave him indifferent for sure.

What not to do during masturbation during menstruation

According to statistics, many women masturbate up to 3 times a week. And as already mentioned, the break for periods does not have to be done.

Self-satisfaction helps you feel more confident and happy. Especially if a woman is lonely, she sometimes needs to relieve tension.

However, some of the nuances should be considered, so as not to harm their health.

When masturbation during menstruation is undesirable:

  • In the special abundant critical days it is also worth refraining from self-satisfaction, otherwise you can trigger bleeding.
  • Eliminate completely self-satisfaction if the girl feels unwell. Especially if the pain is pronounced and is localized in the abdomen.
  • To avoid infection of the body, it is necessary to observe intimate hygiene and wash hands before masturbation. When special toys of an intimate nature are used in the process, it is better to be additionally protected by a condom.
  • The venue for self-satisfaction to choose closer to the water in a secluded place. It is better to give preference to the bathroom.
  • It is necessary to refrain from deep vaginal penetration with your fingers or sex toy. During menstruation, it is better to stimulate the external genitalia.
  • If a girl is self-satisfied using water jets, do not direct the shower directly into the vagina.
  • Everyone knows that at the moment of arousal a lady has a natural lubricant that helps better penetration. In the period of menstruation, all the lubricant mixes with bleeding and loses its properties. Therefore, for masturbation requires additional intimate lubricants. In such cases, it is better to buy these products than to use saliva. It harbors yeast-like fungi that can disrupt the vaginal microflora.

In conclusion, summarize:

Masturbation is not a shameful affair. Even on the contrary, with the help of it a woman starts the work of the brain, and this is the center of the whole organism.

Menstruation are not exceptional days when you cannot engage in self-satisfaction. You just have to approach this matter with your head. Simply put, masturbation is a guarantee of health and good mood, so do not be shy about your desires.


Facts about masturbation that are interesting to know.

Masturbation is a process of self-satisfaction, which has a positive effect not only on the state of human health, but also on the state of his psyche. Therefore, further it becomes necessary to consider interesting facts that most directly relate to this process:

  • Monthly masturbation is a process that aims not only at self-satisfaction, but also to significantly reduce pain in the process of menstrual bleeding. This is due to the fact that in the process of satisfaction, the happiness hormone is produced, which directly affects the reduction of pain sensitivity during menstruation,
  • if a woman uses saliva instead of using a special medical lubricant, then this can provoke the growth of pathogenic microorganisms, and as a result, the disruption of the normal microflora of the vagina,
  • not only the fair sex satisfy themselves, but also squirrels, walruses and some species of monkey breeds,
  • when a woman starts talking or thinking about masturbation, it helps not only to distract and relieve stress, but also positively affect the general health of the woman,
  • if a woman is interested in sports, then she can enjoy not only during masturbation, but also in contact with a variety of sports equipment or gear,
  • in some cases, the most sensitive women can simply dream up in order to achieve a high orgasm. In this case, even without resorting to physical affection and self-satisfaction,
  • if a woman masturbates, she is more relaxed, can indulge in various fantasies in bed with a partner, as well as discover many new sensations and emotions for herself.

What do experts think about this?

If a woman masturbates with menstruation, then, as is well known at this period, the process of self-satisfaction can significantly reduce pain, improve emotional mood, and also effectively eliminate a bad mood. Therefore, this process can be called not only harmless, but also one that can bring a lot of pleasure and positively affect the health of the woman as a whole.

Also, many experts are inclined to think that during menstruation masturbation becomes more pleasant, and also effectively eliminates stress attacks and significantly eliminates depression. As for the peak of bliss, in this period it is reached much faster than in a month when menstruation does not begin.

However, it is not always a question whether masturbation during menstruation has a positive answer, since some contraindications are still available:

  • bleeding that is marked by significant blood loss,
  • very strong pain or tingling sensations in the ovaries,
  • antispasmodic attacks, which are particularly intense,
  • very weakened general condition
  • very severe discomfort that may occur before or throughout the entire menstrual period.

How to make masturbation during the menstrual period

If a woman has an urgent need for self-satisfaction during the period of menstrual bleeding and there are no contraindications for this, then the process should be carried out according to the following simple recommendations:

  • the menstrual cycle is due to a fairly heavy bleeding, therefore, in bed to masturbate is not recommended from the concepts of hygiene. Thus, it is better to do it in the bathroom or over the toilet, or in extreme cases it is worth making a bed with a waterproof diaper in order not to dirty it,
  • если вы используете такие защитные средства, как тампоны, то во время самоудовлетворения средство необходимо извлечь из влагалища или же перенести сам процесс на другой более удобный момент,
  • if you do not want to face the occurrence of any infection in the vagina, it is better to abandon the use of saliva, and give your preference only medical grease,
  • Is it possible to masturbate with monthly special devices? - Yes, you can, but you can also use your fingers for this purpose,
  • Very often, it is possible to achieve high bliss completely without penetration into the inside of the woman's vagina. In most cases, it is enough to simply carry out simple manipulations with the woman's clitoris or labia.

What does the public think about this?

Not all people believe that sexual self-satisfaction during menstruation is normal. Some people consider this to be completely abnormal, since during this period even nature itself provided for a certain abstention from sexual intercourse. However, as we have already figured out, there is nothing terrible and all the more shameful in this satisfaction, since masturbation is a normal biological process of human self-satisfaction.

With regard to sexual contact during menstruation, it is also considered normal, as sometimes there are situations when waiting is simply impossible, because, for example, a meeting falls on this period of time and the monthly periods in this case are not a hindrance.

If the situation is different and partners have time to wait out the menstruation period, then they can experiment and enter into sexual contact during this period of time, since the hormonal surge adjusts them specifically for experiments, sometimes even the most unpredictable.

As for doctors, they are also divided in opinions, some consider that there is nothing terrible in masturbation and sexual contact during menstruation, while others consider it unhygienic and generally unacceptable.

What precautions should be taken during masturbation during menstruation

In order for masturbation during menstruation to bring you a lot of pleasure and not harm your health, it is necessary to observe the following precautions:

  • it is necessary to refrain from sudden movements that can cause intense bleeding,
  • it is necessary to perform actions very carefully and slowly,
  • masturbation should be limited in frequency, as frequent self-satisfaction is also not recommended,
  • it is necessary to use a special medical lubricant, since saliva disrupts the normal microflora of the vagina,
  • You should not strive to constantly replace the usual sex with masturbation, as this can provoke the fact that a woman develops a certain aversion to the usual standard sexual relations with a partner.

Based on all the above, we can conclude that masturbation during menstruation is a normal process, which has practically no contraindications. On the contrary, when practicing self-gratification, a woman increases her mood, produces more happiness hormones, and also significantly reduces pain during menstruation. Therefore, masturbation during menstruation is a normal process, which is not contraindicated, but recommended by doctors to maintain the normal state of sexual health of a woman.

Self-satisfaction on critical days: Pros and Cons

Having come to the gynecologist for a check-up with the question: “Is it possible to masturbate when menstruation take place?” - in the recent Soviet past you would have made a lot of trouble for yourself. In modern society, the issues of sex and self-satisfaction are much more loyal. Many books have been published on this subject, scientific films have been made, and even scientific research is being conducted. By the way, it was science that decided the issue of female masturbation with menstruation in a positive way.

Yes, scientists loudly declare that it is possible to engage in all kinds of self-satisfaction for a woman during this period, and even more than that is necessary. It's all about serotonin - the very hormone of happiness, which is produced by the body upon reaching orgasm.

In addition, enlightened minds found that masturbation during critical days can bring many benefits to the female body:

  • help relax the lower abdominal muscles,
  • reduce pain,
  • improve mood,
  • markedly reduce the amount and intensity of discharge,
  • remove puffiness
  • remove pain in the back and joints,
  • strengthen the orgasms received from high-grade sex with a partner in the future.

But on the other hand, few ladies at this stage of life can even think about self-satisfaction. Of course, if the general condition leaves much to be desired, then the time for sweet agony should be slightly moved.

In general, those who have avoided unpleasant premenstrual symptoms may well be pampered with a moderate amount of intimate caresses, but subject to the following rules:

  • You can not use for self-satisfaction directed by the jet of water, as well as sex toys, designed for deep penetration.
  • Pay most attention to the labia and clitoris.
  • During intimate comfort for lubrication, instead of saliva, special spermicides, ointments and gels should be used.
  • Do not masturbate if a tampon is inserted into the vagina.

There are absolutely no other contraindications other than the above and above. Is that you can recommend to resort to self-satisfaction during the shower or bath, so as not to stain the vaginal secretions bedding.

Among the myths and legends only a bit of truth

So, it turned out that official medicine is quite acceptable and sometimes even welcomes masturbation classes, of course, if they do not become obsessive, they do not prevent a woman from living fully and do not harm her health. However, the myths about such a pleasant pastime still live and even every year become more and more large-scale.

  • Failure of menstruation while losing weight. How to be?
  • Delayed monthly 10 days - how to cause monthly?

Let's try to understand them:

  1. Masturbation can cause menstruation. Theoretically, of course, such a probability exists, and no qualified doctor will argue with that. However, in practice, this is extremely rare. Statistics claim that only one percent of women are subject to this phenomenon. Therefore, does masturbation affect menstruation? The answer will be: no, rather than yes.
  2. Critical days for women are a reason to give the body time to rest. In fact, to treat menstruation, as to anything given to us from above, it is not necessary. First of all, monthly bleeding is a physiological and natural process. Of course, if you suffer from unpleasant symptoms, cramps, pain and nausea, it is better to abstain from sex. But if you feel at a height, you can satisfy your needs.
  3. They talk about masturbation only concerned, maniacs and people with psychological problems. In reality, scientists have found that a woman can have fun even with one thought about the process, presenting the place and small details in colors.
  4. Self-satisfaction with sex toys during menstruation can lead to ruptures in the vagina, thrush and other unpleasant consequences. And this is perhaps the only at least believable rumor. Indeed, many aggressive objects for carnal pleasures can damage the hypersensitive walls of a woman's vagina during the period of critical days. In addition, in time to notice the gap and bleeding is not all under force. Exit: leave all aggressive objects for the postmenstrual period.

According to modern science sexology, dozens of myths about masturbation were born out of the imagination of our ancestors, brought up in a period when there was “no sex” in the country and even thoughts about something like that were punished at the state and party level. Today, one can speak on such topics quite freely. And if something is very interesting or incomprehensible, there is always the opportunity to consult a sex therapist.